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THURSDAY, MAY 4, 1939.
Weeping Water
The City Market lias secured tUe
services of Ellis LaRue as a salesman
at the market.
Clair "Wolfe, editor and printer,
who has been driving a Chevrolet, ex
changed it last week for a Ford.
Pete Miller, Jr., has been kept to
his bed on account of an attack of
flu has not been working for a
number of days.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lien, Robert
Lien and Miss Marion Lien, all of
Fairbury, were Sunday guests of Mr.
and Mrs. C. S. Lien.
Wm. Dunn was looking after some
tfusiness matters in Weeping "Water
Tuesday of this week, driving down
from his home in Omaha.
Dr. and Mrs. L. N. Kunkel spent
wo days last week in Omaha, visit
ing with relatives and enjoying the
"Golden Spike" celebration.
Mrs. John Jourgesen early this
week made the purchase of the
Mayme Hillman cafe from her sister
and will operate the eating house in
the future.
Mr. and Mr3. Walter A. Cole who
have been visiting for the past few
weeks with freinds and relatives in
Lincoln, returned to Weeping Water
last Sunday.
Rev. S. I. Ilanford of Lincoln, for
mer pastor of the Weeping Water
Congregational church has been very
ill at his home for the past two
weeks at Lincoln.
P. II. Miller, who has been feeling
rather poorly has during the present
week been taking a vacation, spend
ing the time with his daughter, Mrs.
Martin Johnson at Siebert, Colorado.
If some enterprising citizen would
find a use for dandelion blossoms he
certainly would get rich with such
in abundant supply of material free
for the asking. It doesn't require
rain to make them grow.
Pete Miller last week made a trade
for a new car, getting a Ford V-8
which he is liking very much. He
has been driving a Model A coupe
which has given him good service,
but he wanted a later model.
Ross Shields and wife with Mr.
and Mrs. George Olive as their guests
were down to Nebraska City last Sun
day to sec the pretty apple blossoms
and found they had arrived a little
too early as they were not in their
full bloom.
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Meeske, of
Wisner, came Saturday and spent
the week end with their son. Art
Meeske and family. Oh Sunday they
ell took the trip over the "blossom
trail" to Nebraska City and other
points south of here.
Sunday was a delightful day for a
car ride and it found many of our
people taking the "blossom trail"
which led to Union, Nebraska City
md other points. Among those who
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VJ Plattsmouth
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a Ugh 0
enjoyed the trip were Mr. and Mrs.
Ole Olsen who were accompanied by
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Ranney and Miss
Margaret Ranney.
Miss Jessie Baldwin, home agent
at the Cass County Farm Bureau of
fice here was in Plattsmouth Tues
day attending a hearing on the con
troversy over payment of the appro
priation for carrying on the exten
sion work in Cass county.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood were
down from Lincoln Saturday and
Sunday and while here they did some
work on their garden and pool, get
Ling them ready for the summer as
Wood reports that they will
probably return home in about three liquor store of Wilber Long, however,
weeks. J was moved from the Spancer Mar-
Miss Agnes Rough was hostess tohall building to the new building of
!he Friendly Ladies Wednesday of
this week at her home, where they
blayed contract bridge and enjoyed
the evening very much. At an appro
priate hour Miss Rough took her
guests to a cafe for a delightful
Mrs. Ole Olsen, was received as a
member of the state board, and Rev.
j. S. Hunt was elected as a member
of the Doane visiting committee at
;he state church conference held at
Fairmont last week. Mrs. Olsen was
assistant moderator at this year's
Robert Love, grandson of Mr. and
Mrs. Ernest Jamison, son of Hazel
Love, who makes her home in Florida
left his home in the south and went
to New York City where he se
cured a position caring for a golf
club and writes to his grandparents
here telling of his success in the cast.
The Woman's Welfare club held
Iheir regular meeting Monday after
noon at the M. E. church, with Mrs.
L. J. Lane, Mrs. Terry Rector, Mrs.
W. R. Rector and Mrs. Ben Boyce
ns hostesses. Quilt piecing took up
the hours until time for the fine
lunch which was served late in the
Go to Plattsmouth to Work.
The crew of workers who have
been manufacturing the federal sani
tary units here for some time past
and have all orders filled in this
viciniFy departed for riattsmouth
where they will under Cass Sylvester
is superintendent and Chas. Hula as
salesman, continue to build the units.
The workers whom they are taking
with them are Ward Doty, Wm. Gus
3ett, Glen Stratton and Frank Tomp
kins. Visiting at Eome Now.
Miss Cleo Jamison, daughter ot
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Jamison, who is
a professional nurse in Chicago is
at this time taking her vacation and
is visiting here with her parents as
well as meeting her many friends.
She will remain for some time for
a much needed rest.
Has Wonderful Plant Here.
From time to time we have men
tioned the new locker system of
Knude Jensen who Tuesday invited
the writer to go through the plant.
Tn the first compartment we entered
there were seme ten or a dozen tar
Lasses of beef in a temperature of 34
Jegrees. where they were bing chill
rd. We then visited the next sec
tion, the old chamber where the tem
perature is 10 degrees above zero.
in which is situated the locker com
partment. of which there are 136,
each capable of holding a quarter
of beef or a like amount of other
meats or vegetables. In this compart
ment all good are frozen and remain
frozen and there is no chance for de
terioration. Before placing the goods
in these compartments they are
placed in what is called the quick
freezing department where the tern
perature is 15 degrees.below zero.
Mr. Jensen will move the old re
frigerator and build a corridor lead
ing to the cooling room in the rear
o the store.
Enjoying Trip in East.
Rev. W. D. Lenker and wife. Rev.
Lenker being "pastor cf the Weeping
Water and Methodist churches, ac
cepted an inivtation of his brother
Frank Lenker and wife of Garden,
Idaho, while on their way to Eliza-
bcthville,' Pa., to accompany them to
the old home in the east where they
had not visited for a number of years.
Last Sunday Prof. Rodgers of Lin
coln conducted the services at both
the Nehawka and Weeping Water
churches, while the Girl's Glee club
of Wesleyan University will conduct
the services the coming Sunday.
City Board Grants Licenses.
At the meeting of the city council
last Monday among other things
which came before them was the
granting of licenses for the sale of
intoxicating drinks which were al
lowed to L. A. Wiseman, Wilber Long
and Guy Hopkins. They all have been
Ungaged in the business before. The
Knude Jensen.
Work to Begin at Once.
Carpenters have arrived with plans
for the new buildings which are to
be constructed by the Mennonite
churches as the headquarters of the
church of the state at Weeping Wa
ter. The object is to get the work
well along so that the state meetings
can be held early in August.
Weeping Water Garden Club
Weeping Water Garden club met
Friday evening at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. S. J. Ambler with a good
attendance. Mrs. 11. C. Wilkinson
presided at the business meeting,
when plans were discussed for the
spring flower show to be held in May,
and a report of work done at the
curve of Gospel Hill. The corner
was leared of rubbish and weeds and
spirea and iris have been planted,
and other planting is to be done
Mrs. S. J. Ambler read a paper on
the subject of "Annuals," and gave
many practical and useful sugges
tions about plants and .vines.
Carl E. Day gave an Interesting
talk on Gladiolus as they are grown
on a large scale in Florida, where
he and Mrs. Day spend half of each
year. He explained how they are
planted, cultivated, irrigated and
3hipped to city markets. Mrs. Ambler
then invited the guests to the dining
room, where they were served with
coffee, doughnuts, cakes and sand
wiches, after which there was a plant
The next meeting will be a May
.lent i 1 1 AT- nnA Hf.. o: . 1 J T
"v" ' ' "cu"
t'U US liOSlS.
Again They Return with Honors.
Jean G. Jones and his five music
contestants attended the district
meeting at Fremont and again re
turned home with honors. Each con
testant had prepared a musical num
ber much more difficult than that
which they had played or sang at
Peru, and each won higher honors,
with the exception of Tom Moulden,
bass singer, and that was because
mere was no higher rating than
superior, which he had received at
Peru. Weeping Water is indeed
proud of these young people who
have represented our school and with
such high honors at both Peru and
at Fremont. Mr. Jones is doing some
excellent work along musical lines
with our young people, and he is to
be congratulated on their success
iney were Tom Moulden, "Bando
lero"; Maurice Shirley, "Oh Lovely
Night"; Junior Sloan, "Give a Man
i Horse He Can Ride"; Trombone
solo, Lyman Lorensen, "Castles in
the Aair"; Cornet solo, Dorothy
Everett, "Hazel."
Reunion of Church Workers.
The members and friends of the
Congregational church enjoyed a cov
ered dish dinner at the church at
the close of the morning service Sun
day. At two o'clock reports of the
itate conference held at Fairmont
were given by Mrs. C. E. Tefft and
Mrs. Frank Marshall, delegates, after
which Rev. Merle Adams, of Lincoln,
state superintendent talked on "The
Program of Progress" which is being
presented to the Congregational
churches of the state.
Jean G. Jones presented Lyman
Lorensen, who played a trombone
solo and Tom Mouden who sang. Both
used the numbers which they had
Siven at the Fremont music contest.
Miss Helen Gorder gave a report
of work done in the primary depart
ment of the Sunday school, and Ray
Wiles a report of the finance commit
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aTrax? cornea well
Wm. Sporer had his potatoes plow
ed over Monday, they doing nicely,
being some six inches high.
James H. Browne and wife of
Omaha were visiting in Murray Mon
day, meeting many of the old time
Workmen are still busy this week
making the alternations at the Mur
ray Garage, which has greatly added
to the convenience at this place of
business. ,
Quite a number of the farmers are
now at the task of planting their
corn and with the passing of time
more and more are getting after the
annual task.
Mr. and Mrs. George Nickles were
down to Nebraska Cit last Sunday en
joying seeing the apple blossoms
find as well meeting with many
friends who were visiting there.
Alfred Nickles and Im mother,
Mrs. Mary Nickles, both have been
feeling quite poorly. Miss Bertha
is however, up and able to care for
the sick ones and the housework.
Otto Schafer, since being kicked
by a horse has not been feeling the
very best and while he has been re
ceiving medical attention seems not
to progress as much as he would de
sire. Earl Merritt has been papering
and decorating at the home of Eu
gene Fitch southwest of Murray. Mr.
Merritt will paint for George Nickles
th coming week after which he will
go to Omaha to paint a house for
Uncle W. W. Cobel.
M. G. Churchill, whose birthday
fell last Sunday, April 30th, was
down to Nebraska City visiting a
friend, they both having birthdays
on the same day, consequently they
celebrated the same by enjoying a
very fine dinner together.
A program of old time music in
costumes of a quarter century ago
and a melodrama will be given at
the United Presbyterian church in
Murray, Friday evening. May 12 at
S o'clock. Light refreshments will be
served. The public cordially invited.
Admission 10 and 15 cents.
47 Year Old House Being Razed.
The house which belongs to Mrs.
Susan Berger, where Henry Heebner
has been residing being in the way
of the new highway grade is being
torn down by George Berger and Mr
Crowford, was built some 47 years
ago, in 1892, hy Robert Adams and
was first used by Edgar Marks for a
butcher shop.. For many years it has
been used as a residence, and for a
time M. G. Churchill used it for a
barber shop. Mr. Heebner has had
the garage in the rear fixed up for
a resdience and is living in it it.
Back to Old Time.
During the time when Rev. Kinney
was preaching at Murray, Lousiviiie
and Weeping Water the time of the
Bible school was changed to 11:00
o'clock, but with the moving of Rev.
Kinney to Louisville about a week
ago, it lias been thought best to have
the time of Bible school put back
to its former schedule at 10:00 a. m.
All who are attending Bible school
at the Christian church are asked to
take notice.
Shipping: Calves to Chicago.
John Noddleman was shipping a
consignment of his cattle to Chicago
last week and had them delivered to
Plattsmouth last Sunday night for
shipment by Frank Mrasek.
Entertained Neighborhood Club.
Mrs. Parr Young who is a member
of the Neighborhood -dug west of
Murray was hostess to the other
members at her home Wednesday of
last week. A large number were in
attendance and a most enjoyable time
was had.
Hold Family Gathering.
The children and families of L. C.
Hoschar were gathered at his home
east of Murray last Sunday for the
day and a very fine dinner. Those
present for the occasion beside Mr.
and Mrs. Hoschar were Dan Hoschar
and family from west of town, Mr.
and Mrs. Isaac Addeman of LaPlatte,
Wm. Hoschar and family Fred Robb
and wife, Margaret Hoschar M.
Staats and James Hoschar.
We can rurnfsn you wTTTi Rub
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hew poorly vmir atomach oftea lmir out too
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her sas. heartburn. nausea, paiu or tour
storaarb.. You feel tour, lick and upset all orer.
lortor say never take a laxative for stomach
pain. U is dUngerous and foolish. It take those '
little b'.ack, ub!et called Be'!-sn for Indices'ica
to make the excels stomsck fluids hsrtale&s. relieve
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feet Relief Is so quirk it Is asuzinf and ona "
pakaf proee it, Ait for eU-!JU for Inrilgf stlon,
1101 ITE1S.
Victor Clarence, has purchased a
pickup truck to go to the country
after poultry which he has found a
very good practice while the farm
ers are so busy.
Miss Augusta Robb, postmistress at
Union was in attendance at the state
convention of the Nebraska postmas
ters at Norfolk Tuesday and Wednes
day of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Pell of Omaha
were down to Union last week visit
ing for a short time with their son,
Loy Pell on the farm and with their
daughter, Mrs. Victor Clarence.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Freeman and
-,on of Avoca were visiting last Sun
day evening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Ed Midkiff, Mrs. Freeman be
ing daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mid
kiff. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Peters of Ne
braska City Were in Union last Fri
day and were joined by Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Banning, all going to Omaha
where they attended the Golden
Spike celebration.
Rev. V. A. Taylor who has been
kept to his home on account of ill
health for some time past was aiie
to be down town for a few moments
last Monday, feeling slightly better,
but still very poorly.
, Mr. and Mrs. H.' V. Griffin and
daughter, Mr. Schumaker and wife
and daughter were over to Green
wood last Sunday visiting for the day
and enjoying a fine dinner with John
Griffin and wife, uncle and aunt of
II. W. Griffin.
Mrs. Charles Atteberry and chil
dren were in Omaha last week visit
ing relatives from-he latter part of
the week until Sunday when Mr.
Atteberry drove over after them.
They enjoyed the Golden Spike cele
bration while there.
Taul Applegate has been busy dur
ing the past few weeks shearing sheep
which takes him to distant points.
During the past two weeks he has
zeen working near Nebraska City
but was able to return home Sunday,
for part of the day but was anxious
to get back to his work Monday
C. E. Vi throw, publisher of the
Palmyra Items, father of Elmer
Withrow of Union, who a short time
ago lost his wife, is continuing to
publish the paper, although handi
capped by having to do all the work
himself. He was visited last Sunday
by. ; his son, Elmer ( Withrow and
Frank "Bauer." Elmer and Frank then
went to Nebraska City where they
enjoyed viewing the apple blossoms.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Morris and
family were down to Nebraska City
last Sunday attending the funeral of
the mother oi a sister-in-law of Mr.
and Mrs. Morris, she being mother
of Mrs. W. J. Morris who has made
her home at Nebraska City. She pass
ed away Friday of last week, the fun
eral being held Sunday and inter
ment at Wyuka cemetery.
D. Ray Frans received last week
the sad news that his uncle, Judge
Henry "Frans of St. Joseph, was very
poorly and drove down to see the
uncle, whom he found very poorly,
with 76 years to his credit and not in
the best condition. The uncle was
greatly pleased to have his nephew
come to see him, they enjoying the
visit very much. Mr. Frans says he
does not remember seeing more cars
on the road as he came back Sunday
evening when the sightseers were
viewing the apple blossoms.
Entertained for Birthdays.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Pike enter
tained at their -country home last
Sunday evening at a very fine birth
day supper honoring the birthdays
of Mrs. John Klimm and Mrs. J. C.
Snavtly. Among those present were
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Snavely, son, Carl
Snavely and wife, Mrs. John Niday
nnd daughter and a number of their
friends. A most enjoyable evening
was spent and congratulations ex
tended the honor guests.
Baptists Hold Election.
The Baptist rhurch and Bible
school last Sunday held an election
of officers for 'the church and Bible
school as well as listening to a very
ible and eloquent address by their
pastor. Rev. Stevens of Omaha. In
the election of officers we were not
able to get the li3t but learned that
Mrs. Jennie Frans who has been the
church clerk for 50 years was re
slected to the office.
Attempted to Steal Automobile.
Jchn Fitzgerald, who sports a
Packard auto and a good one at that,
nearly had his car stolen over the
week-end. He had it in his garage
lown town and the attempted thieves
had pulled the staple which was used
to loeck the garage but after having
yotten iuto the garage were unable
to start the car without a key and
made their .getaway, leaving the car.
ToUn wag very thankful they had not
taken the car, which is nearly new
and cost a lot of money.
Business called Nelson Berger to
Nebraska City last Thursday.
Matt Miller of Nebraska City was
looking after business in Nehawka
last Monday as well as visiting a
number of friends.
Mrs. George Sheldon who has been
in Los Angeles on account of the
death of her father, L. C. Todd, ar
rived home Monday of this week.
Quinton Palmer who is attending
chool at Lincoln was enjoying a visit
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James
M. Palmer for over the week-end.
John W. Murdoch and wife were
in Omaha Thursday of last week
looking after business matters and
enjoying attending the Golden Spike
Mark Burton, who has been kept
home for the past week with a severe
attack of rheumatism was out again
Monday and went to the school house
to take over the work there.
Miss Jean Burton has accepted the
position of secretary and stenograph
?r to George Sheldon at the Sheldon
factory, having started her work
there the first of last week.
Julius Ruhmann was called to
Omaha and Plattsmouth Thursday of
last week to look after some business
and while in Omaha was enjoying
the Golden Spike celebration.
The Trunkenbolz Service station
which is operated on a lease by
Grover Hoback and sons, is having
a new grease rack installed, to facil
itate the handling of the work at
the station.
Mrs. J. J. Pollard was In Omaha
last Friday morning and remained
until Sunday evening when Mr. Pol
iard drove up for her. She was visit
ing friends and relatives and enjoy
ing the Golden Spike celebration.
J. H. Steffens and wife were over
to Lorton in Otoe county Monday of
this week where they enjoyed a visit
it the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. Steff
;nts, parents of John. John was also
assisting his father in work at the
Herman Smith was in Omaha
Monday securing repairs for a pump
which he was Installing for N. M
Tucker. While working on the in
stallation Mr. Smith mashed one
ringer but went on working just the
Mrs. A. F. Sturm was over to Om
aha for a week's visit with their
daughter, Mrs. John Yeiser and Tam
ily, where she enjoyed a fine visit
and remained over Sunday, as well
as attending the Golden Spike cele
Olaf Lundberg who has been home
for the past more than a week and
kept to his bed on account of sick
ness, was able to be up last Saturday
and Monday of this week came down
to the office, but only to rest as he
rrrew weak and tottery on his legs
during his illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bucholz were
visiting last Sunday at the home of
the parents of Mrs. Bucholz, Mr. and
Mrs. Lyle Kruger. In the afternoon
they drove to Nebraska City where
they viewed the appleblossoms and
report thousands of cars from up
state visiting the orchards to view
the blossoms.
R. C. Pollard and family were
down to Brownville and Peru last
Sunday viewing the apple blossoms
of the orchards in that section. They
tell of theb lossoms being more ad
vanced than they arc here. Mr. Pi-
lard tells of receiving word from
their daughter at North Platte whi-h
nays they are to have a like celebra
Junior-Senior Banquet Tuesday.
The "customary getting together of
the two higher classes as the school
year comes to a close, was held last
Tuesday with a banquet at the base
ment of the M. E. church, the moth
ers of the junior class serving.
Entertains Busy Workers.
The Busy Workers of the Ne
hawka Methodist -church were gath
ered at the home of Miss Imo Heeb
ner Thursday when she entertain
ed them at her country home where
all enjoyed the fine meeting and
made plans for a very active year's
Many Attend District Meeting.
Many of the members of the I. O.
O. F. and the Daughters of Rebakah
lodges of Nehawka will attend the
district convention of the two or
ganizations to be held at Avoca Fri
day. Visited at Greenwood.
Tommy Mason, one of the rural
cariers out of Nehawka with the
family were in Greenwood last Sun
day visiting friend3 and while there
stopped at the hatchery of W. H.
Amusements Entire Week.
The Junior-Senior banquet was on
for celebration Tuesday evening.
while the Busy Workers met at the
home of Imo Heebner Wednesday eve
ning, with a meeting of the farmers
at the home of Henry Thiele Thurs
day evening, the district meeting of
the I. O. O. F. at Avoca on Friday
with a farmers meeting at Lincoln
on Saturday, caling for a number of
instructors and students of the Ne
hawka schools on Saturday, making
the week pretty well filled.
Enjoyed Sneak Day.
The senior class of the Nehawka
high school with Supt. C. E. Stimbort
and Mr. Phillips as sponsors took
their annual sneak day and going
where they wished visited sonic
larger town and were shown the
working of such towns in their busi
ness and industrial activities. All
necccssary explanations to the import
of what they saw was given by their
sponsors and those whom the class
Visited With Friends Here.
Mr. and Mrs. George Cooney of
Nebraska City, the former a brotln-r
of Mrs. Mark Burton, Waller Mc
Guire and wife, also of Nebraska City
and Mr. and Mrs. John J. Stones of
near Murray were guests for the day
last Sunday at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Mark Burton where all enjoyed
a very fine visit and an excellent din
ner. Early to Bed and Early to Kise.
The playlet which the Woman's
club is to put on will be held at
the auditorium Saturday night. May
6th. There has been much prepar
ation for presenting this play, which
is to be given for the benefit of the
public schools and the Nehawka pub
lic library.
Brother Bodgers Speaks.
A man by name of -Rodgers, from
Lincoln, t a Christian and a teacher of
one of the rural schools near Lincoln
as in Nehawka to conduct the ser
vices at the Methodist church last
Sunday, as Rev. W. I). Lenker acccpt-
3d an invitation given by a brother
who was going back to Pennsylvania,
old home of Mr. and Mrs. Lenker
md the brother to visit the old home.
Therefore Mr. Rodgers came and
ared for the services at the church in
Entertained at Sunday Dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lemon were
host and hostess to the four families
who enjoy Sunday night suppers and
a pleasant evening at each others
home, which last Sunday chanced to
be at the Frank Lemon home where
they were joined by the families of
Herbert Kunts, Albert Anderson and
Nelson Berger. A most pleasant eve
ning was had and a fine dinner with
a number of pleasant games of rai ds
during the evening.
Held Rummage Sale.
The two churches of the United
Brethren faith, the one at Nehawka
and theo ther known as Liberty
church, held a sale of gift goods, or
things which members and friends
donate, which was condu ted last
week by Rex Young, which resulted
in a good sum of money for the
Oiirl M. Balfour Poorly.
Carl Balfour who was Ftrickcn
with a serious illness some time ago
which rendered him blind, has shown
some improvement but still remains
In very poor condition at his home
southwest of Nehawka. Mr. and Mrs.
A. G. Cisney were over to visit him
LINCOLN. May 3 (UP) An appli
cation by the Eastern Nebraska Pub
lic Power district to change Its head
quarters from Tecumsch to Syracuse?
will be heard May 2d, State Engineer
A. C. Tilley said today.
Tillry said the district's application
to change Its boundaries to exclude
municipalities of 1.500 or over in
cluding Falls City, Humboldt, Platts
mouth, and Nebraska City will also
be heard on that date.
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IN TEN years automo
biles have killed M0BE
than six times as many
as were killed in the
World War. Be protect
ed with adequate depend
able automobile insur
Scarl 5. Davis
PlatU. Staiej Bank 0:da-