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the Plattsmouth Journal
Entered at Postoffice, PlatUmouth, Neb., as second-class mail matter
MRS. R. A. BATES, Publisher
Subscribers living in Second Postal Zone, 2.50 per year. Beyond
600 miles, 13.00 per year. Kate to Canada and foreign countries.
13.50 per year. All subscriptions are payable strictly in advance.
Weeping Water
P. II. Miner was a visitor at the
home of his son, James Miller and
family near Talmage last Sunday.
Mrs. F. II. Gorder and Miss Helen
Gorder were Sunday visitors at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Win. Byers at
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Dinger were
in Lincoln last Sunday visiting at
the home cf Mr. and Mrs. Fred Olle,
an uncle and aunt.
E. E. Leach and Andy Snyder,
both of Plattsmouth were in Weep
ing Water Tuesday looking after
some business for a short time.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Pool were in
Lincoln Saturday, when they met
their daughter, Miss Eloise Pool,
who teaches at Diller this year.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hough of
Piattsmouth, were Sunday visitors at
the home of Mr. Hough's sister, Mrs.
Ross Hains at Hotel Rest Haven.
The Oldham Produce company
have arranged to enjoy the news
and have added the Plattsmouth
Journal to their list of newspapers.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Fitzpatrick
and daughter Eileen, were in Ash
land Sunday to spend the day with
Mrs. Fitzpatrick's father, W. E. Pal
jieter. E. M. Van Every of Lincoln was
ipcndin Inst Sunday afternoon and
evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Van Every, the gentlemen being
Camp Fire Girls held their regular
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Theatre . Nebraska City
Sat., Sun., Mon., Tues.
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Matinee Sunday, 2:33
Balcony, 20c
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greatest sUow. Kegular low admission!
meting Tuesday evening at the home
of Hazel Johnson, when they discuss
fcu plans for their flower and garden
project for the summer.
Guy Buchanan and family of near
i;jhawka were visiting last Sunday
at the home o Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Askew, Mrs. Buchanan being daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Askew.
Mesdames Win. Flaischman and
Clifford Pearson" of Elmwood were
callers in Weeping Water Tuesday,
visiting friends for the day and look
ing after some business matters.
Russell Van Every who is attend
ing the state university, was visiting
in Weeping Water over !he week
end, guest at the home of his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Van Every.
Th Eastern Star Kensington was
entertained Tuesday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. Fred Rehmeier with
Mrs. Rudolph Bergman as assistant
hostess. The afternoon was spent i in
piecing a quilt for the Masonic Home.
P. II. Miller was looking after
msiness matters in Omaha Monday
.vhile Pete looked after the cream
station, tnit Tuesday P. H. Miller
looked after the business and Pete
urove to Tecumsoh to look after some
The presidents and project lead
ers, of the extension clubs of the
Weeping Water district met Monday
afternoon with Mrs. Neil Munkres, at
her home to plan their part in the
coming Achievement Day . program
to be held at.Nehawka.
Clifford Jones and family of Lin
coln, the former son of Mr. and Mrs.
A. H. Jones of Weeping Water, where
Mr. Jones is an employee of the
Burlington in the Lincoln ticket of
fice, were guests in Weeping Water
for the day last Sunday at the home
of his parents. '
- . Fred Kroehler of near Weeping
Water was in Plattsmouth where he
purchased a - new 1939 Ford V-8
which he drove home. Mr. Kroehler's
birthday occurred last week and he
enjoyed the occasion by giving' a
sreial dance to his friends at the
Murray hall Friday of last week,
the date of his birthday.
L - ' ftf t10 namh,0 R ' Qf thia
j place, were in town over week end.
jMr. Knox has taken up television
iind at present will return to Vir
ginia where he is sent out to demon
strate television machines. He has
found the work to be extremely in
teresting:. Mrs. Knox will remain
with her parents, at Humboldt, for
the present.
Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Vo;.ott. Jim
Wolcott, Miss Betty Wolcott, attended
j a dinner Sunday at the Frank Cook
,home near Alvo Sunday. Other guests
were Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wolcott,
Lincoln. Mr. and -Mr3. Merton Nor
ris. Omaha. Miss Margaret Davis, and
;Miss Alice Davis, Lincoln, Mr. and
Airs. Oeoge IJonemcicr, Elmwood;
Ilenry Dixie, Lincoln, and Mrs. Joan
Carter, Weeping Water.
The Gable store wiii;h has been
established for some time in Weep
ing Water, was disposed of the first
of this wek to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Meeske, who have moved here from
their former home at Wisner. This
couple v. ill mako their home here
and have already moved to Weeping
Water to take over the business.
As delegates to the Woman's club
aistii t convention at Auburn Tues
day of thi3 week were Mesdames
J Vevia Jcnen, Ray Ncrris. Lloyd Beh
rens of Weepin
Water and Mrs. Scott
McGrew of Louisville. Mrs. Jones
is treasurer of the club at Weeping
u ater.
Rev. W. D. Lenker, Ivan Baker,
Mrs. Thimcan and Mm rMwi vtt
A. Alt
Patrick were in Omaha Friday at
tending; the M. e. church confer
ence, and Mrs. Thimgan and Mrs.
Fitzpatrick were especially, interest
ed in the talk by Madam Ho, of China
who talked before the Foreign Mis
sionary department of the conference.
Drives to South.
Charles Edwards who was for
merly linotype operator for the Weep
ing Wator Republican while it was
being published by Charles' V. Seeley,
but who has been unemployed since,
Thomas Walling Company
Abstract! of Title
4 Ption 324 Flattflmoutn A
departed last week, having told his
friends he was going to South Da
kota, and it was supposed that he
had gone there, but it seems that his
auto had some of the traits of the
airplane of Wrong Way Corrigan, for
when it stopped for gas and oil the
auto was away down in Texas. He
wrote a letter to his landlady, Mrs.
Rainey, advising of his arrival in
Texas. It is to be hoped he will
find profitable employment there.
Doanc College a Cappella Choir.
Weeping Water people had the
rare privilege Wednesday evening of
hearing the Doane College a cappella
choir and Madrigal club at the Con
gregational church. This organiz
ation never fails to please its aud
iences. Unfortunately the weather
man's prediction for snow came true.
The landscape was beautiful with
snow laden shrubbery and trees, but
streets were sloppy and highways
bad for driving. However these young
people are undaunted by weather
conditions, rather they seem to wel
come them as obstacles to be over
come by giving of their best. The
college messengers sent out from the
oclleges to sing their way into the
hearts of the people are always a
source of inspiration and pleasure.
Here From New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Jameson
and son, Robert, of Schnectady, New
Vork spent the week end with Mr.
Jameson's rarents, Mr. and Mrs.
Homer Jameson and other relatives.
From here they will go to Arcadia,
Nebraska to visit with Mrs. Jame
son's parents, after which Mr. Jame
son will go to St. Louis to attend to
business for the General Electric
company. Mrs. Jameson will remain
in the state for a longer visit.
Fonr Birthdays Celebrated,
s Four birthdays were celebrated
Funday evening, with Miss Betty
Wolcott as hostess. Sixteen guests
were entertained at a 6:30 dinner
after which the evening was spent
in visiting. All reported a most de
lightful evening. Those whose birth
days were honored were Mrs. Har-
ley Thursland; Mrs. Harlan Gibson,
J. Paul Fowler and Robert Wolcott,
of Lincoln.
Here From Mikey, Idaho.
Charles Munday who has been
with the government in Idaho, where
he has been serving as a-baker, ar
rived in Weeping Water, late last
week and has taken 'charge "of the
baking at the CCC camphere. Mr.
Munday comes well recommended
and will make his home at the camp.
P. E. 0. Holds Meeting:
Chapter BT, P.E.O. held their
regular meeting Friday afternoon at
the C. C. Baldwin home with Miss
Jessie Baldwin and Miss Maude
Baldwin as hostesses. Mrs. H. A.
Crozier presided.
The program committee. Miss
Helen Gorder and Miss Maude Bald
win presented a "Dutch surprise,"
with five girls and one boy taking
part. Four were dressed as Holland
ers and one as an American. At the
close of the program a little Hol
lander presented each guest with a
Celebrate 25th Anniversary.
To celebrate their twenty-fifth
wedding anniversary Mr. and Mrs.
Fred J. Allen entertained thirty-two
guests at a. dinner at the Hotel Rest
Haven Sunday evening. The guests
were served at eight small tables,
ind pastel colors, and Easter decor
ations were used, making the tables
very attractive. After dinner the
tables were used for playing bridge,
when Henry Mogensen and Mrs. Har
old Wiles proved to be the winners.
Undergoes Serious Operation.
W. E. Maxfield a trusted and long
time employee of the telephone com
pany, making his homo in Weeping
Water has been troubled with an in
ward goiter, and wishing to be free
from the suffering and inconven
ience of the growth, went to Lincoln
where at the hospital the growth
was removed. Dr. Kunkel of Weep
ing Water accompanied the patient
and'"; assisted in the delicate oper
ation. Many Properties Change Hand3.
It has been several years since so
many 'houses in this town have
changed . hands. -Leo Christmas has
bought the Wade property, in the
For Prompt Service Beverse All
Calls to Market 3541
The Fort Crook
Rendering Works
Ft Crook, Nebr.
block south of the new school house,
and has moved his family into their
new home. Mrs. Wiles sold her home
on the hill and bought the property
west of the Kunkel hospital, and is
nicely located there. Ben Olive and
Mrs. Ben Rich have made a deal,
which has resulted in the Olives now
being owners fo a large modern home
located on twenty-eight acres of land
on the southwest edge of town and
Mi-3. Rich becomes the owner of the
Olive's former home near the Men
onitc church.
Everyone Working.
Weping Water is filled with work
men. Taking a walk Monday we no
ticed a large force of men at work
digging for the new sewerage sys
tem, just one block south of Main
street. At the new auditorium every
one was as busy as a swarm of bees,
with the cement mixer going and
cement being poured on all sides.
At the new school house work is
progressing rapidly, and everyone
was busy. Linemen are in town also
stringing new copper wjres for the
power and light company. The U. S.
Engineers quarry has again opened
up for work, and every man in town
seems to be busy.
Weeping Water Garden Club.
The Weeping Water Garden club
met Friday evening with Mrs. L. P.
Wolcott, with twenty members pres
ent. Mrs. H. C. Wilkinson presided
at the business meetng and the min
utes of the last meeting wer read
by Mrs. V. Barton, secretary, after
wheh the meeting was turned over
to Mrs. J. L. Ranney, chairman of
the program committee, who intro
duced Sigveld Jensen, florist and
gardner, who talked on "The Prun
ing of Plants,"- and illustrated by
showing the different methods used,
and also told when to prune. He
also told of the different methods
of propagation. Seeding, grafting,
cuttings and layerings were all ilus
trated by sanvples so that all were
abl to understand better the sim
plicity of each method.
As the last meeting had been post
poned a double treat was in store
for those present, as Rev. G. S. Hunt
and Mrs. L. P. Wolcott talked on
"Rock Gardens." As both are en
thusiastic rock gardeners, they
presented many interesting ideas. Mr
Hunt talked on the "Relation of the
Lily Pool to the Rock Garden" and
read "The Legend of the Water
Lily." The guests were then invited
to the dining room where they were
served with- Sandwiches, cakes and
coffee, and a social hour was enjoy
ed before leaving for home.
Stephen Buzzell, 7G, for a num
ber of years a resident of Platts
mouth, died Monday at his home at
5744 South street, Lincoln, after an
illness of some duration.
Mr. Buzzell while a resident here
was manager of the Nebraska Tele
phone Co., and' operating their local
exchange, then located on the upper
fioor of the Wescott building. While
here he was married to Miss Exa
Critchfield of Weeping Water, a sis
ter of Mrs. George M. Porter of Lin
coln. Mrs. Buzzell preceded her hus
band in death.
The family have lived in Lincoln
ince 1914 and where Mr. Buzzell
was married the second time.
There Is surviving, his wife,
Nellie; two sons, Dow of Hastings
and Frank of Lincoln; two daugh
ters, Mrs. Janet Hillier of Filley and
Mrs. Exa Ramey of Lincoln; ft
brother,;. Frank of Chicago; a sister,
Mrs. Mary Houston of Butte, Mon
tana and six 'grandchildren. Fun
eral services were held at Lincoln
this afternoon at Roberta chapel,
Rev. J. W. HcndeiFon in charge.
Mrs. Hillard Grnssman, who has
been at the St. Catherino's hospital
at Omaha for the past two weeks,
was able to be brought home Tues
day and will recuperate hero at
home. Mrs. Grassman had a very
severe operation and has milled In
excellent shapo from the effect of
the operation and will now bo able
to recuperate among the members of
the family circle.
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- y
Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Walton and
daughter, Mary Louise, of Onawa.
Iowa, former residents of Platts
mouth came down Sunday morning
and attended church with Methodist
friends. The rest of the day was
spent with associates who are en
gaged in work on the river and Mon
day morning Mr. Walton returned to
Onawa where they lived before com
ing to Plattsmouth. Mary Louise re
mained here visiting with friends
as she had been active in Epworth
League and Standard Bearers of the
church and president of her high
school class which are seniors now.
Mrs. Walton returned Tuesday to
call on more friends here and a
few hurriedly got together a covered
dish iunch and surprised her at the
home of Mrs. Howard Davis where
she had been invited for the noon
hour. It proved a very happy affair
and with regrets that we are no
longer permitted to have the fellow
ship and inspiration of Mrs. Walton
in our meetings we bid her God
speed as she left to call for her
daughter and return to cook the
evening meal for her husband at
their home in Onawa.
B. B. Worthan of this city re
ceived a message Monday evening of
the serious illness of his brother.
Grant Worthan at Scottsbluff and
immediately left early Tuesday morn
ing for the bedside of the brother,
but was tinable to reach thtre be
fore the brother passed away. Mr.
Worthan was a son of the late John
and Eliza Worthan, pioneer residents
of Scottsbluff.
Funeral services will be held on
Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at
B. B. Worthan of this city, who is
row the only surviving child left
out of a family of thirteen children,
nill attend the funeral of his bro
From Tuesday's Daily
Walter Furlong, Jr., age 9, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Furlong, un
derwent a tonsile?tomy operation thi3
morning at the office of one of the
local physicians. The young man
came through the operation very
well, his parents being with him dur
ing the ordeal,
Mrs. Robert L. Seil, of Lebanon,
Pennsylvania, arrived Friday evening
for the funeral services of her
brother, the late Vernon T. Am, Sr.
Mrs. Seil was here several months
ago to visit at. the Arn home.
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From Monday's Dally
Miss Agnes Muenster spent the
week end at Millard. Nebraska with
her sister.
Marriage license was issued here
Saturday afternoon to Edward Erwin
of Union and Thela L. Wall, of Ne
braska City.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sedlak and
family had a3 a week-end visitor and
guest their son, Thomas Sedlak of
Sedalia, Missouri.
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Steciman of
Sioux Falls, South Dakota were Sun
day visitors at the home of Mrs. Mary
Knofilcek and family.
Mrs. Ralph Coburn and son, Ron
ald of Omaha were Sunday visitors at
the home of Mrs. Coburn's grand
mother, Mrs. Frank Lepert, Sr.
Herman Reichstadt was in Omaha
today where he was taking treatment
at the office of his brother. Dr. Emil
Reichstadt, he having not been well
for the past several days.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Horsak and
son, C. J. Horsak, spent Sunday at
Council Bluffs, la., where they visit- !
ed with a number of friends and
From Tuesday's'Dartj
Henrietta Sanderson of Lincoln
was in Plattsmouth spending the
week end with her cousin, Mis3 Pearl
Staats. .
Dr. and Mrs. T. V. Ryan were In
Shenandoah, Iowa Sunday ( where
they spent the day visiting their
many friend.
Misses Alice and Mildred Peterson
of Sedalia, Missouri were week-end
guests of their sister and family, Mr.
and Mrs. Elmer Stoehr.
Miss Geraldine Scully, supervisor
of nurses at St. Elizabeth's hospital,
Lincoln, and Miss Helen Woolcott
spent the week-end at the William
H. Wookott home.
From Wednesday's Dally
Mr. and Mrs. George Trotter and
daughter, Beverly were visitors and
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clell Gan
semer at Murray Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan C. Haith and
family motored to Omaha last eve
ning where they spent the time with
their many friends and relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Reed of Bur
bank, California, who have been
here visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Ivan
Taylor, parents of Mrs. Reed and
other relatives and friends, depaied
this afternoon for their homes.
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