The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, March 20, 1939, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    XAECH 20, 1939.
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Honor Mrs. Murdick
Mrs. Perry Murdick of Benton Har
bor, Michigan who la here visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. H.
Wescott, was the guest of honor at
an informal party tendered her at
the pleasant home of Mr. and Mrs.
William Heinrich at 1207 Main
street. A small group of friends and
neighbors were present.
U The evening was spent in playing
cards and visiting among the group
Mrs. Heinrich served refreshments
at the conclusion of the party.
From Thursday's Dally
Enjoy Dinner Party r
Wednesday evening Mr. and Mrs.
W. C. Soennichsen entertained at
dinner Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Racusin
of Omaha, as well as Mrs. W. E.
Rosencrans and Miss Mary Rosen-crans.
Presbyterian Federation Meets
The various circles of the First
Presbyterian church met for a joint
meeting at the Fellowship rooms of
the church on Wednesday afternoon.
A very large attendance was present
it being the last one of the year.
The financial standing of each circle
was reported and the result showed
that each circle had gone over its
During the afternoon election f
officers for the various circles was
also held. The officers selected for
each circle are as follows:
Circle 1: Chairman. Mrs. Leonard
Stoehr; missionary chairman, Mrs.
Wiley Sigler; secretary, Mrs. Anton
Trilety; treasurer, Mrs. Dow Arm
strong. Circle 2: Chairman, Mrs. Henry A.
Schneider; missionary chairman,
Mrs. Bertha Shopp; secretary. Miss
Caroline Baird; treasurer, Mrs. Rob
ert Cappell.
Circle 3: Chairman, Mrs. H. F.
Gansemer; missionary chairman, Mrs.
Richard Beverage; secretary, Mrs.
Henry F. Goos; treasurer, Mrs. Glen
Circle 4: Chairman, Mrs. Searl S.
Davis; missionary chairman, Mrs.
Clayton Cross; secretary. Miss Helen
Hunter; treasurer, Mrs. John Bauer.
Circle 5: Chairman, Mrs. William
Schmidtmann, Jr.; missionary chair
man, Mrs. C. H. Martin; secretary,
Mrs. Raymond Larson; treasurer,
Mrs. Carl Ofe.
Following ihe meeting refresh
ments were served by a group of
the women.
W. N. Brink as the hostesses. After
the business meeting the ladies en
Joyed cards and In the bridge games
Mrs. Henry Starkjohn was winner of
high and Mrs. Frank Rebal low.
Special prizes were awarded Miss
Marie Fitzgerald and Mrs. Berlette.
There were fourteen present and one
Circle No. 2 met with Mrs. Wal
ter H. Smith who was assisted by
Mrs. Ernest Bintner and Mrs. E. G.
Ruffner, with fifteen members in
attendance. Mrs. Frank Mullen was
winner in bridge and Mrs. Ed Ulrich
at pinochle while Mrs. Mullen was
awarded a special prize also.
Circle No. 3 met at the club rooms
in the church with Mrs. Cyril Kallna,
Mrs. Tom Kratchoville, Mrs. R. Ot
terstine and Miss Theresa Hemple as
the hostesses. The ladies enjoyed a
white elephant sale and in which
much interest was shown. Miss Mary
Hobscheidt was awarded the special
prize. Fourteen were present.
Wednesday Afternoon Club
The Wednesday Afternoon bridge
club met at the home of Mrs. Neville
Hodson. Two guests. Mrs. W. S.
Eaton and Mrs. Martin O. Webb, were
Mrs. George Jaeger was the win
ner of first prize, Mrs. Theodore Ptak
At the .conclusion of the party re
freshments were served by Mrs. Hod-
terestingly by the ladies. Mrs. J. M.
Roberts was the leader of the study.
G. R. Birthday Club
Mrs. James Ault had the G. R.
Birthday club members at her home
yesterday afternoon in honor of the
birthday of Mrs. Fred Haffke. Mrs.
Walter Higgins was assistant hos
tess. The afternoon was spent in
playing games. Delicious refreshment
carryng out the St. Patrick theme,
were served.
Thursday Afternoon Bridge Club
Mrs. John Sattler, Jr., served as
hostess to the Thursday afternoon
bridge club at her home yesterday
The first prize was won by Mrs.,
Carl Ofe, and second by Mrs. W. V.
At the close of the party refresh
ments were served. The table decor
ations were of the St. Patrick's day
St. John's Circles Meet
The St. John's altar society circles
met Wednesday in three very inter
esting meetings with good attend
ance and the greatest interest shown.
Circle No. 1 met at the home of
Mrs. I. C. Kociare with Mrs. John
Blotzer, Mrs. T. Brlzendine and Mrs.
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Double Surprise Party
At the home of Mr. and Mrs
Ceaser Baumgart Sunday afternoon
was celebrated the eighth birthday
anniversary of their son Billie and
the eleventh of their daughter, Betty
Mae which was a complete surprise
to them both.
The two large birthday cakes,
baked by their grandmother, Mrs.
Will Renner, were the table center
piece which were attractively decor
ated in the St. Patrick color scheme
bearing eight and eleven glowing
Young school mates of the two
guests of honor helped them cele
brate their anniversaries. The after
noon was spent in playing games of
various kinds and the unwrapping
of the handsome gifts which they
received with much joy and appre
ciated very much.
At an appropriate hour refresh
ments were served by their mother
consisting of . birthday cake Jello
with whipped cream, cookies and
colorful candies. Those helping in
the serving were Mrs. Ed Baum
gart, Mrs. Norman Renner and Mrs.
Will Renner.
As the time rolled on he group
were homeward bound, happily
enjoying the occasion and wishing
the two guests many more happy
Those present were their school
teacher Miss Lucille Meisinger, Joan
Traudt, Tressa Orlene Koukal, Dar
lene Traudt, Ruth Ilolman, Ethel
Mae and Doris Jean Bethel, Dona
Faye Parriott, Faye Robinson.
Charts Grosshans, Wilbur Morris,
Max Holman, Junior Robinson, Don
ald Tasler; Cousins Wilbur Claus,
Eunice and Edward Baumgart, Rich
ard Renner; Brother Herbert; Mrs.
Ed Baumgart, Mr. and Mrs. Will
Renner; their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
C. Baumgart and the guests of honor
Billie and Betty Mae.
Prom Friday's Dally
Have Interesting Meeting
the Woman s Auxiliary of the St.
Luke's parish met on Thursday after
noon at the home of Miss Mable White.
A very good attendance was reported.
The business meeting1 of the after
noon was taken up with the study of
India which was discussed very in-
K. B. Club Meets
The K. B. "club met last evening
at the home of Mrs. Roy W. Knorr
for their semi-monthly meet. One
guest, Mrs. Lowell S. Devoe was pres
ent. Laura Meisinger was the winner of
the first prize; Mrs. John Wolff, sec
ond, and Mrs. James Bulin, third.
Refreshments were served at the
close of the party by the hostess.
Murray Home Study Club
The Murray Home Study club met
Thursday at the home of Mrs. F. T.
Wilson, following a very delightful
covered dish luncheon which was at
tended by a large group of the mem
bers. The devotionals were in charge of
Mrs. George Parks and the meeting
presided over by Mrs. Stewart, the
president of the club.
The members also joined in the
flag salute as a part of the program
of the meeting.
Mrs. G. H. Gilmore was the leader
of the lesson and gave a most inter
esting talk along the lines of the
club work.
The club then elected their offi
cers for the year, those chosen be
ing: Mrs. John Farris, president;
Mrs. R. W. Tyson, vice-president;
Mrs. Edward Austin, secretary-treasurer.
Mrs. J. F. Brendel as-in charge
of the study hour and. presented Mrs.
Julian Pollard of . Netiawka, who
gave a very fine review of the book.
"The Yearling." by Marjorie Raw-
lings. Mrs. Pollard is a very able
reader, holding her audience's in
terest keenly. It was a rare treat
for the club to have such an excep
tionally fine reader and the members
feel very grateful for Mrs. Pollard
presenting her fine review.
Methodist Circles Meet
The three circles of the First Meth
odist church met Thursday after
noon as follows:
The Gleaners circle met at the
home of Mrs. Val Burkel on Vine
street, a large number being in at
tendance. Mrs. Homer Sylvester,
Mrs. S. J. Million, and Mrs. Rhoades
were the associate hostesses.
Mrs. George Brinklow led the de
votions and Mrs. Fred Howland was
the leader of the afternoon program.
The subject of the program was
'Faith" and a very interesting dis
cussion was enjoyed along the lines
of the topic.
Two of the children gave a de
ightful part of the program, Joan
Hall, in songs, and Billy Howland,
in readings.
The hostesses served delicious re
freshments at an appropriate hour.
Mrs. George Hall entertained the
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Dorcas circle with Mrs. Cleo Capper,
Mrs. Fred Bourck, Mrs. E. M. But
tery, and Miss Mildred Hall asso
ciate hostesses.
The meeting was presided over
by the chairman, Mrs. Pete Carr.
Mrs. Harry White led the devotionals.
A general business discussion was
Following the business session, a
program was given. Mrs. Fred
Bourck and Mrs. O'Bryan had charge
of the program. A number of con
tests were played during the after
noon. Junior Devoe, son of Mr. and
Mrs. L. S. Devoe, rendered three se
lections: "Prayer," "Sweet Song of
Long Ago," and "Silver on the Sage."
His mother served as accompanist.
Following the program refresh
ments were served by the hostesses.
The Naomi circle met at the home
of Miss Wilma Pickard with eighteen
members present. Mrs. Joseph Wiles
led the devotionals which preceded
the business meeting.
Mrs. Edgar Newton presented a
talk on "Paul," a Bible character,
that was enjoyed by the members.
Following the meeting refresh
ments were served by the hostesses:
Mrs. Carl Grosshans, Mrs. Zella
Traudt, Mrs. Lora Kieck, and Miss
Wilma Pickard.
From Saturday's Daily
Jr. American Legion Auxiliary
The girls of the Junior American
Legion Auxiliary were entertained
very pleasantly on Friday afternoon
at the home of County Treasurer and
Mrs. John E. Turner, a business and
social meeting being enjoyed by the
group and their sponsor, Mrs. E. G.
The business session was very in
teresting and at the close the mem
bers were treated to a dainty lunch
eon served by Mrs. Turner and
daughter, Dorothy Jean.
Those attending were: Betty Gayer,
Janet and Ruth Westover, Dorothea
Mae Duxbury, Shirley Walling, Dor
othy Jean Turner, Catherine Strick
land and the sponsor, Mrs. Ofe.
Walter Brittain, former council
man, who was defeated for re-election
last year in a three cornered
battle in the fifth ward, is now a can
didate for his former post at the
coming April election.
Mr. Brittain has filed a petition
and acceptance with City Clerk Al
bert Olson, for, the nomination for
councilman from the fifth ward by
petition and Is now actively en
gaged in campaigning for the office.
Mr. Brittain will oppose Council
man E. O. Vroman who is a candi
date for re-election this spring.
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