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Earl Merritt and wife were busi
ness callers in riattsmouth Monday,
and also visited friends there.
Frank Mrasek was looking after
some business in Nehawka last Mon
day, also meeting his many friends
Tommy Troop of southwest oi
town was visiting in Plattsmouth last
Saturday morning, looking after
eome business matters.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Seybolt were
in Omaha last Saturday visiting a
dental parlor where Mrs. Seybolt was
having some dental work done.
Albert Bartlett sick with the
grippe for a number of days the past
week but with the beginning of this
week was better and was out again.
Mrs. Lloyd Lewis has been at
riattsmouth during the past week,
caring for her mother, Mrs. B. M.
Godwin, who is very ill at her home
Mrs. Addie Park is in charge of
the Murray public library during the
month of March, keeping the rooms
open and looking after the exchange
of books for borrowers.
Charles M. Read who has been suf
fering from sinus trouble for some
time, accompanied by the family phy
cician. Dr. K. W. Tyson, visited a
rpecialist in Omaha regarding the
Mrs. Victor Wehrbein has been
having a siege of the flu which has
kept her in bed for some time. How
ever she has been showing good im
provement and is able to be up and
about again.
Earl Merritt has an ad in today's
Journal calling attention to the fact
that he is prepared to do your paper
hanging and painting. Spring is near
at hand and now is the time to have
your work done.
Thomas Tilson and son Burr were
in Xehawka last Monday looking
Bible School
Sunday, March 12th
"Peter Delivered from Prison"
Acts 12:5-17.
We study today One of the out
standing experiences of this remark
able man. All the circumstances and
events in this narrative are thrilling
and momentous; every detail is slgylfan in his unregenerated state is
niflcant. First, we notice the parties
in the plot to kill Peter; Herod
Agrippa I, grandson of Herold the
Great, then the clan of the Phare
sees, both of these start the persecu
tion of the Christian church, who
had a space of some eight years of
-peace, and was growing strong. The
leader of the church at Jerusalem the first martyr of the apostles.
When Herod saw it pleased the peo
ple, he decided to give them another
"show." So he ordered the arrest of
It being the preparation for the
Tassover when every Jew was busy,
Herod promised them a great treat
the next day, and the expectations of
the people were at high pitch. What
a great time they would have the
next day, when they would see the
head of another Christian roll in the
dust, as they had a few days before.
Il was all the talk as they ate the
passover; no one slept that night
but Peter and the watchmen.
Xext we see what takes place on
the part of God and the church.
First, we take note of Peter as he
prepares for his last night, chai led
to two soldiers. He says his prayers,
commits his soul into the hands of
God, undresses and bids his watchers
goodnight and goes to sleep.
Thus every child of God goes into
the night, and in the morning says
David: "I laid me down to sleep; I
waked, for the Lord sustained me."
Ps. 3:5). The blessed assurance
that God never sleeps nor slumbers.
The castle of Antonia with Peter in
it is well guarded and protected; the
watch of sixteen soldiers sees to
that. ;
In another part of Jerusalem is a
band of earnest disciples keeping a
watch night; they are much trou
bled, they have lost their leader and
are about to lose another on the
morrow. They do the only thing
they can do, take their trouble to
the Lord in prayer. Had they pray
ed for James? We don't know. Are
they praying for Peter's release?
Hardly! There was no escaping from
Teter's prison. But God can givj
Peter comfort and sustaining grace,
to die as a good soldier of Jeau3
Christ. All night petitions go up
to the throne of grace.
Does God hear and answer prayer?
In the last watch of the night God
Is getting busy; an angel is receiv
ing orders to release Peter. He is
1 a!i A t-i -l
there on time emer uuiocctj auuii
wakes Peter. Awakening the sleeper, I
after some business. Burr has ac
cepted a position with the Clarence
Hansen garage as mechanic and ex
pects to go to work in a short time.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Creamer who
recently moved from the Mrs. Mary
Mast place southwest of Murray to
a farm southeast of Murray, were
visiting their neighbors, Mr. and
Mrs. W. O. Troop last Monday morn
ing. Mrs. Esther Rhoden, teacher o.
the Mount Hope school who was so
seriously ill that she was not able
to teach school last week, is now
better and was able to take up her
school work the beginning of this
Martin L. Ruby of McCook, called
to Mynard by the passing of his
grandson, Martin Fred Ruby, coming
to attend the funeral and burial, was
also visiting while here with a num
ber of friends in Murray and Platts
mouth. With the moving of Mr. and Mrs.
Ray Creamer out of the neighbor
hood their daughter. Miss Dorothy,
a student in the Xehawka schools,
is staying with Mrs. Clara Murdoch
for the remainder of the school year
and attend the school.
"Eugene Fitch and family were
guests at the home of Mr. and Mr?.
Earl Merritt last Saturday, later go
ing to Plattsmoutli to look after
business matters daring the after
noon. Edward Lewis of Union was
also a guest at the Merritt home for
dinner the same day.
W. II. Porter of Union was a visi
tor in Murray Monday, coming to at
tend the sale of James Miller, which
had been advertised for Monday of
this week, but after finding there
was no sale as advertised, as Mr. Mill
er had secured a fr.rm and conclud
ed to remain and farm for himself.
There were also many other people
who came to attend the sale and were
disappointed and like Mr. Porter had
to return to their homes. ,
Lesson Study!
By L. Neitzel, Mnrdock, Neb.
the angel orders him to dress and
follow. Prison walls and keepers
cannot hold God's children. Think of
Jeremiah, Daniel and others. We
have an all-powerful God, who is
able to deliver.
a real type of Peter chained in pris
on; there i3 no power on earth that
can free him but the Almighty God
and it takes the combined power
of God and man to get out of the
power of Satan, who is reluctant ti
give up his victim. In this case God
did his part and Peter did his part.
The rsult was a man free and will
ing to serve his Master.
Peter was a good sleeper, one the
mount of transfiguration, in Geth
semane and in prison. The soldiers
were also good sleepers. We marvel
at the simple way in which Peter
was set free. But trust God he in
variably finds a way of escape.
We go with Peter to Mary's home.
It's the upper room, the Pentecostal
chamber, the first Christian church.
The watchful Rhoda is the first to
hear Peter's voice. Was she expect
ing Peter? Was she to guard against
interruption? We do not know, but
she filled her place and done her
work well; as a good watcher, she
did not sleep.
Peter could pass an iron gae, but
was halted at a little wooden gate.
Knocking brought no response; nor.
is Rhoda believed by the prayer
group, but she goes and brings the
evidence. This would be proof that
I rayers were not offered for Peter's
release. God always gives more than
we ask for.
The company is amazed when they
see Peter, who briefly relates his re
lease from prison, and takes his de
parture; we are not told where he
went, but assuredly he left the city.
This happened only 14 years after
Pentecost. Peter's work was not
done. Cod had much work for him
Returning to Herod, who could
not put on the promised show, he
packed his grip and stole away to
Caesarea, ashamed to show himself
to the people. In this same year
came his end; 54 years old, he was
eaten of worms, and in five days he
was dead, just as his grandfather
had died. Peter could go on and
sing, with Ira D. Sankey:
"Under his wiags, I am safely
Tho' the night deepens and
tempest's j;row wild;
Still I can trust Him; I know
He will keep me;
He has redeemed me and I
am His child."
Peter could relate this experience
for the fetrengtheains o his brethren
in later years,
Arch Poynter, who had negotiated
to secure a residence In Weeping
Water, someone else getting the
place he had in view, was not able
to move to Weeping Water and still
remains a citizen of Murray.
Nominees for Town Board
With the terms of two members of
the town board expiring May 1st,
a total of six have been nominated
as candidates at .the April 4th elec
tion. Those selected by the caucus
held last week are J. A. Scotten and
Earl Merritt, incumbents, George E.
Xickles, E. S. Tutt, Font T. Wilson
and Robert Weston.
Eents Farm; Calls Off Sale
James B. Miller, who has been
farming a few miles west of Mur
ray, after being unable to locate a
farm for the coining year, concluded
to hold a sale of his equipment and
had the Journal print bills for the
same. A few days later he was able
to rent a farm near Talmage and
so called off the sale which was to
have been held Moncfay. On Tuesday
Frank Mrasek moved his goods and
farming implements to the new loca
tion. Honored Their Daughter by Dance
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lutz honored
their daughter, Miss Marie, last Fri
day, which marked her birthday an
niversary, by giving a social dance
at the Murray hall. A large number
of young people of the community
were present and a fine time was
had by all.
Old Blue Crossed Eiver
Lloyd Lewis had a hunch to try
his luck in hunting fox and taking
the dog of his son, Robert, known
as Old Blue, they scared up a fox.
As the trail grew warmer the fox
took for the ice on the Missouri and
headed for Iowa. Old Blue, undaunt
ed, followed close behind and soon
both were lost to sight in the tall
corn state. How the chase came on
no one knows, but the dog had not
returned three days later. Mr. Lew
is first thought to insert a want ad
in the paper, but knowing Old Blue
could not read, he concluded to let
the matter drop.
Working on Well Again
The Layne-Western company .that
is under contract to supply a well
for the new waterworks system in
Murray, is again working1 on the' old
well which proved insufficient on a
pumping test. The well was 20
inches in diameter and cased. Now
the casing will be pulled and the
size increased to 4 0 inches in diam
eter, as well as 40 feet deeper. Tho
experts of the company believe this
should bring an adequate water sup
ply to meet all tests. By enlarging
the size to 40 inches they will be
able to go through the rock strata
that was encountered at the bottom
of the present one and which pre
vented going deeper with the 20
inch shaft.
The company is under contract tc
supply the city with a well of ade
quate water flow and a prolonged
pumping test will be made before ac
ceptance by the town board.
Moved to Nickel Place.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray John Frizzel
and son Henry of Weeping Wa
ter came over and moved the house
hold goods and farming machinery
of Ray Creamer and family to their
new home for the summer, the Wm.
Xickle estate over beyond the high
way. Mr. Creamer is son-in-law of
Mr. and Mrs. Frizzle.
Have Car "Mixup Sunday.
Last Sunday just before the clos
ing of services at the Christian
church. Earl Lancaster having his
car parked in the street, there came
1 nomas Walling Company
Abitracti of Title
Phone 524 - Plattsmouth
DON'T put off insuring
your property another
day. Do it now, delays
are sometimes costly.
Scarl G. Davis
Platts. State Bank Bldg.
a car from the west driven by a
woman and one from the east driven
by a man, both moving at a fair rate
of speed. There was not enough
room for the car going east to pass
between the parked car and the other
auto and the brakes were applied,
the car skidding into the parked car
of Mr. Lancaster, tearing off the
spare wheel and damaging the fen
ders and swerved into the other car
coming up the hill. Thre were no
personal injuries and the damage to
all the automobiles was not great,
but still will cost somewhat to put
the cars in condition again.
Move to Murray.
Mr. and Mrs. X. C. Deles Dernier,
who" haveb een farmine the past few
years a few miles southwest of Mur
ray, not being able to secure a farm
for the present season, held a sale
recently, disposing of the farming
equipment and recently moved to
Murray, now being located in the
Mrs. Jennie Jenkins nronerty on the
north side of Main street.
Sale Is Called Off.
James B. Miller, making his home
a few miles west of town, where' he
has farmed, was not able to retain
the farm and after making an effort
to secure another farm and not suc
ceeding in getting a place decided to
hold a sale and discontinue farming
until such a time as he might secure
a farm. Bills were posted for the sale
which was to have been Monday,
March 6th. However late last week
Mr. Miller was able to secure a farm
near Talmage and called the sale
ofT, and while many came to attend
there was no sale.
Visits in Lincoln.
Elbert Keil was a visitor in Lin
coln last Sunday with a friend. He
reports no snow there, while it was
snowing here quite lively. As El
bert came toward Murray there ap
peared much snow and he found it
necessary to stop and put on his
chains in order to get home. It is
hoped that the moisture in the re
cent snows will insure a bountiful
crop for the coming summer.
The new Self-Seal envelopes with
Hammermill cabinet stationery. A
special price during February, in
cluding printing of name or initials.
Ask to see them.
Journal Job Department.
Poultry Uanted
Friday, Saturday
Hens, all sizes, St 14d
Stags and Cox, lb . . . 10c
Leghorn Hens, lb 10c
CREAM, No. 1, today. .24c
EGGS, today, doz 14p
Cream and Egg-Prices Not Guar
; anteed May be More and
Might be Less
Hides, per lb. . 5 c
Horse Hides, each $2
Sheep Pelts 25 to 75 6
You Can Save Money on
by ordering before the rush!
Phono 2SS-J, Plattsmouth
There have been several
small fires in Plattsmouth
recently ! How about you
Even a small loss costs
more than insurance for
many years. Ask us about
rates today!
Etta-Belle Beauty
Shop Moves to
New Quarters
Move to Former Suite Occupied by
Dr. Molak in Soennichsen Build
ing A Neat Shop.
From Monday's Dally
The new quarters arranged In the
Soennichsen building for the Etta
Belle beauty shop, which are now be
ing made ready for use and today
the moving and arranging of the
rooms were being made under the
supervision of Miss Etta Nickles, the
The new shop is next door to the
former location on the second floor
of the building and is a very light
and attractive place both for the
operating rooms and the cozy waiting
Tones of Ivory furnish the color
scheme of the settings, the .work
tables, chairs and all being in this
The floor of the operating room is
a very attractive tint of ivory and
brighter colors of linoleum and in
the waiting rooms a checked pattern
of red adds to the brightness of the
Colored cushions on the ivory
chairs adds a very pretty touch to
the rooms.
Venetian blinds are to be placed at
the windows and complete a most at
tractive and comfortable shop for
both the operators and the patrons.
It is expected that in the next
few days the arranging of the office
will be complete and will be a fine
addition to the attractive places of
business in the city.
Miss Marie Vallery, well-known
young lady and clerk at the Ladies
Toggery, is showing consideip.ble im
provement at her home after having
Spring Gs Pere!
I am Ready for Your Paperhanging
and Interior Decorating!
Work guaranteed the very best ! You
can get in touch with me either at
the lumber yard or my barber shop.
Murray, Nebraska
Suits, Hats, Coats, f?Ap
Dresses, Robes each U
Skirts, Blouses, Trousers, 35
Any 2 Garments listed Above
2 for 75 c or 3 for $1
2-pc. Dresses, White, Fur Trims,
Velvets may be added for a small
additional charge. Special Friday
Saturday, Hats, 150 with orders
of $1 or more. 425 Main. Tel. 196.
I J. Howard Davis
X Attorney at Law &
b Plattsmouth i
The Happiest Serial
of the Airwaves
A true-to-life story
cf a real life family
12:00 Noon
Mon. thru Fri.
suffered from a severe attack of flu
and grippe. Miss Vallery is able to
be up and around, and expects to
return to her duties Wednesday or
In the County Court of Cass Coun
ty, Nebraska.
To all persons interested in the es
tate of Rachel Shrader. deceased. No.
Take notice that a petition has
been filed for the probate of an In
strument purporting to be the last
will and testament of said deceased,
and for the appointment of Cappia
Chriswisser as Administratrix with
will annexed thereof; that said peti
tion has been set for hearing before
said Court on the 24th day of March,
1939, at 10:00 o'clock a. m.
Dated February 23, 1939.
(Seal) f27-3w County Judge.
In the County Court of Cass Coun
til. Nebraska.
To all persons interested in the
estate of William Leesley, deceased.
No. 3389: '
Take notice that a petition has
been filed praying for administra
tion of said estate and appointment
of Margaret Leesley as Administrat
rix; that said petition has been set
for hearing before said Court on the
17th day of March, 1939, at ten
o'clock a. m.
Dated February 15, 1939.
(Seal) f20-3w County Judge.
Notice is hereby given that at the
annual meeting of the Stockholders
of the Plattsmouth Loan & Building
Association held at the office of said
Company on the 3rd day of January,
1939, pursuant to call, the following
Amendment to Article 8 of the Ar
tides of Incorporation, recommend
ed by the Board of Directors at their
regular meeting held on December
16, 1938, at which a quorum was
present, was adopted, to-wit:
"ARTICLE VIII. The highest
amount of indebtedness to which
this corporation may at any
time subject itself, shall not ex
ceed fifty (50) per cent of the
Capital Stock actually paid in."
Dated at Plattsmouth, Nebraska,
this 31st day of January, 1939.
Attest: President.
State of Nebraska 1
i as.
County of Cats j
By virtue of an
Execution Issued by C. E. Ledgway,
Clerk of the District Court within
and for Cass County. Nebraska, and
to me directed, I will on the 25th
day of March, A. D. 1939, at 10:00
o'clock a. m. of said day at the south
front door of the court house, in the
City of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, in
said County, sell at public auction
to the highest bidder for cash the
following real estate, to-wit: '
The undivided interest of Her
man M. Smith in Lot nine (9)
in the Southeast Quarter (SE1 )
of the Southwest Quarter (SW
M) of Section twenty-nine (29)
in Township eleven (11) North,
Range thirteen (13) East of the
6th P. M., in . the County of
Cass, Nebraska, containing sev
enteen (17) acres, more or less,
The same being levied upon and
taken as the property of H. M. Smith
et al, defendants, to satisfy a judg
ment of said Court recovered by H.
M. Soennichsen, plaintiff against said
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, February
15, A. D. 1939.
Sheriff Cass County,
f20-5w . Nebraska.
7t the District Court of the
County of Cass, Nebraska
Frank E. Petet,
Charles E. Leighty, et al
E. Leighty, and Jennie E.
the heirs, devisees, legatees, personal
representatives and all other persons
interested in the estates of Charles
E. Leighty, Jennie E. Leighty, John
C. Hammond. Lucinda Billings and
Spenser S. Billings, each deceased,
real names unknown; and all per
sons having or claiming any interest
in and to Lot one (1), in Block one
hundred sixty-six (166) in the City
of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, real names
You and each of you are hereby
notified that Frank E. Petet filed a
petition and commenced an action in
the District Court of Cass County,
Nebraska, on the 3rd day of March,
1939, against you and each of you.
tne ooject, purpose and prayer ot
which is to obtain a decree of court
quieting the title to Lot one (1), in
Block one hundred sixty-six (166)
in the City of Plattsmouth, Nebras
ka, and for equitable relief.
You and each of you are further
notified that you are required to
answer said petition , on or before
Monday, the 17th day of April, 1939,
or the allegations contained in said
petition will be taken as true and a
decree rendered in favor of plaintiff
and against you and each of you ac
cording to the prayer of said peti
tion. Dated this 3rd day of March,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
m6-4w j
In the County Court of Cass Coun
ty, Nebraska.
To the creditors of the estate of
William T. Richardson, deceased.
No. 3383:
Take notice that the time limit
ed for the filing and presentation
of claims against said estate is Juno
26, 1939; that a hearing will be
bad at the County Court room in
Plattsmouth on June 30, 1939, ut
ten o'clock a. m. for the purpose of
examining, hearing, allowing and
adjusting all claims or objections
duly filed.
Dated February 21. 1939.
(Seal) f27-3w County Judge.
In the County Court of Cass Coun
ty, Nebraska.
To all persons interested in tho
estate of Edward H. Spangler, de
ceased. No. 3352:
Take notice that the Administra
trix and Administrator of said es
tate has filed their final report and
a petition for examination and al
lowance of their administration ac
counts, determination of heirship, as
signment of residue of said estate
and for their discharge; that said
petition and report will be heard be
fore said Court on March 24, 1939,
at ten o'clock a. m.
Dated February 25, 1939.
(Seal) f27-3w County Judge.
In the County Court of Cass Coun
ty, Nebraska.
To all persons interested in the
estate of Christine Burkel, deceased.
No. 3339:
Take notice that the Administra
tor of said estate has filed his final
report and a petition for examina
tion and allowance of his adminis
tration accounts, determination of
heirship, assignment of residue of
said estate and for his discharge;
that said petition and report will be
heard before said Court on March
17, 1939, at ten o'clock a. m.
Dated February 15, 1939.
(Seal) f20-3w County Judge.
State of Nebraska 1
By virtue of an
County of Cass
Order of Sale issued by C. E. Ledg
way. Clerk of the District Court
within and for Cass County, Nebras
ka, and to me directed. I will on the
25th day of March, A. D. 1939, at
10:00 o'clock a. m. of said day at
the south front door of the court
house in the City of Plattsmouth,
in said County, sell at public auction
to the-highest: bidder for cash . .the
following real estate, to-wit:
The Southeast Quarter (SEU)
of Section fifteen (15), Town
ship ten (10), Range thirteen
(13), East of the 6th P. M., in
Cass County, Nebraska
The same being levied upon and
taken as the property of Hugh La
Masfer, et al. revived in the name of
Inez H. LaMaster, Executrix of the
estate of Hugh LaMaster, deceased,
defendants, to satisfy a judgment of
said Court recovered by Willis Brain
ard, plaintiff against said defend
ants. Plattsmouth, Nebraska, February
16, A. D. 1939.
Sheriff Cass County,
f20-5w Nebraska.
Estate No. 3392 of Ida P. Inger
soll. deceased, in the County Court
of Cass County, Nebraska.
The State of Nebraska. To all per
sons interested in said estate, credi
tors and heirs take notice, that Anna
Leach, owner of the hereinafter de
scribed real estate, and interested as
such, has filed a petition herein al
leging that Ida P. Ingersoll died
intestate on the 7th day of Septem
ber, 1900, being a resident and in
habitant of Weeping Water, Cass
county, Nebraska, and the owner of
the following described real estate,
Lot 15. in Block. 9 of C. C.
Burr's Sub-division-of Lots 9,
10, 15, 16, 18, 23, and 26. in
the Northwest Quarter of Sec
tion 36, in Township 10 North,
Range 6. East of the sixth Prin
cipal Meridian in Lancaster
county, Nebraska
leaving as her sole and only heirs at
law the following named persons, to
wit: Effie I. Carter, whose maiden
name was Effie I. Ingersoll, and Hat
tie Ingersoll, daughters of said do
ceased; that no application for ad
ministration has been made and the
estate of said deceased has not been
administered in the State of Nebras
ka; that the prayer of said petition
is "Wherefore, your petitioner prays
that an order may be made fixing a
time and place for hearing upon this
petition; that notice thereof be given
in the manner provided by law; that
upon such hearing and upon the
Court finding that the allegations of
the petitioner's petition are true.
that the Court may enter its decree
determining the time of Baid decease,
ana determining who the heirs of
the said Ida P. Ingersoll were, their
degree of kinship and right of de
scent of the real property of which
the said Ida P. Ingersoll died seized.
and for such other relief as may be
equitable in the premises."
You are further notified that sail
petition will be heard before thn
County Court In the court house at
i'lattsraouth, Nebraska, at the hour
of ten o'clock a. tu. on the 24th A r
of March, 1939.
Dated this 24th day of Febrmrv
1930. . L
(Seal) t27-3w County Judite.