The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, December 29, 1938, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    THURSDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1938.
Roy Mullis and fafaily were visit
ins at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
H. H. Becker last Monday.
On Christmas day Mr. and Mrs.
Thil F. Rihn were in Plattsmouth,
guests at. the John Alwin home.
Mrs. Mollie Garrets departed last
Mcnday for Kansas City Mhere she
will visit with relatixes for a few
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Porter were
entertaining for Christmas and had
as guests Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. Keedy
of Ashland.
Moss McCarroll and wife spent
Christmas day at the home of rela
tives of Mrs. McCarroll at Lawrence,
Kansas, returning home Monday.
Messrs. Grant and Schuyler Hack
enberg of Mynard were guests at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. P. F.
Rihn Monday of this week.
Henry A. Chilcott and wife were
dinner guests last Sunday at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer With
rcw, they being parents of Mrs.
Frank Bauer and sister, Miss
Anna were in South Omaha last
Sunday, where they were guests at
the home of Mrs. John Chase, a
sister of Frank and Anna.
Thomas Chapman and wife, who
pre engaged in business at Lexing
ton, Nebr., were guests on Christmas
cay at the home of Mrs. Chapman's
parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Whit
wrth. Henry H. Becker was hauling wood
to Plattsmouth last Monday as was
also Ray Becker, who is to move to
the county seat the latter part of the
week to take up his duties as regis
ter of deeds early in January.
Tat Roddy and wife of Beatrice
spent Christmas clay in Union as
.wests at the home of his mother,
Mrs. Ida Roddy, where a number of
c.her members of the family were
also gathered to en;oy the day.
George A. Stltes, wife and daugh
ter, Miss Gwen, were in Avoca last
Sunday, guests of Mrs. Edwin Ter
rell and husband. Mrs. Terrell is
r.cther of Mr. Stites. They spent
Christmas with the mtoher and hus
band. A. J. Ross and Wife Entertain.
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph J. Ross of
cast of Nehawka, were host and hos
tess at . their country, home Christ
mas day and had as guests Frank
Martin and wife, Wm. Jourgesen and
familj', George Martin and wife, and
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Martin, who
with others, in all Kome twenty-seven
were celebrating the occasion, enjoy
ing an especially delightful Christ
mas dinner. .
Entertain Friends.
Mr. and Mrs. George Pollard had
a number of friends with them on
Christmas day when they entertain
ed with a very delightful day of
visiting a fine Christmas dinner.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
Fred L. Hild of Murray, Mr. and
Mrs. F. A. Hansen and family and
Mesdames irenry Pollard, mother of
George. Mrs. Henry Wolfe of Avoca,
mother of Mrs. Pollard.
Visited with Father in South.
Charles Land and family were
down to Warrenburg, Mo., where he
found the father feeling fairly well
and while he would like to come
back to Cass county for a visit he
stlil prefers to remain where the
weather is not so cold during the
Passing Her Natal Day.
Mrs. W. A. Taylor was passing
her birthday anniversary last Mon
day and was receiving congratula
tions and enjoying a fine dinner ten
dered by her daughter, Mrs. C. W.
Hobark and daughter. Miss Marjorie,
at which the entire family of the
daughter were present. Mrs. Hoback
and daughter Baked a very fine cake
which was rcrved at the dinner, and
it was excellent as the writer can
testify. Their neighbors, Mr. and
Mrs. Orville Hathaway also provided
a nice cake and a3iwell provided a
list of delicious eatables which in
themselves wouM make a complete
dinner and which was also augment
ed by a list of good things provided
by Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Rihn.
Passed Eighty and Three.
W. L. Hoback last Friday rounded
out 83 years and 13 feeling pretty
well thank you. He is enjoying fair
health and loves to meet his friends.
In the summer he loves to meander
down along th? riverside and try
his hand at fisting.
Meets Seyere Accident.
While topping a tree, sawing off
a large limb, Garrett Taylor was
krecked from the tree, falling come
20 feet, lighting on his feet, but with
tco much shock, the limb of the tree
following him crushing him to the
ground. He is at the hospital where
he is receiving treatment and it is
feared there will have to be a plate
placed in the shoulder to keep it in
place during the haling process.
Improving Nicely Now.
Mrs. Elmer Withrow who has been
at the St. Mary's hospital in Nebras
ka City for some time but who re
turned home last week, has been
showing good Improvement since her
return home which is very encour
aging and it is expected she will
soon be well again.
Mrs. C. E. Withrow Not So Well.
Elmer Withrow was over to Pal
myra last Sunday, Christmas, going
to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
C. E. Withrow and specially his
mother, who has been very sick and
is still seriously ill.
ound Patient Improving.
Roy Becker, accompanied by his
mother were in Omaha Monday to
visit Mrs. Roy Becker who has been
at the hospital since the birth of
her babies, and very seriously ill.
She is now showing good improve
ment. Home From Hospital.
H. W. Griffin, who has been in
poor health for many months, was
taken with a severe attack of appen
dicitis some weeks ago and was taken
to an Omaha hospital where he un
derwent aft operation. He was able
to return home last Friday and has
continued to improve. His many
friends are pleased at his rapid re
covery. At. A. L. Becker's Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Becker had
as their guests the entire family last
Sunday, Christmas, where a very fine
dinner was served. Those present
were Henry H. Becker and family,
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Hoback, John
Becker and wife of Plattsmouth, Mr.
and Mrs. Ray Becker, Roy Becker,
Otto Ehler and family and Mary
Mr. and Mrs. John Banning Entertain
Christmas day was a gladsome one
at the home 'of Mr. and Mrs. John
Banning at Alvo when they enter
tained the other members of the Ban
ning family. Those present were Mr.
and Mrs. W. B. Bannig of Union,
their son, Hallis of Lincoln, Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Peters of Nebraska
City, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baning
and son Lucean and Miss Pearle
Baning, all of Union.
Weeping Water
Russell Van Every who is a stu
dent at the University of Nebraska
was spending his vacation at home
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Van Every.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Gibson
were pleased with a Christmas call
from Mrs. Thessie Wall and son, Don
ald Kelley of Elmwood. Mrs. Wall is
a cousin of Mrs. Gibson.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Bickford and
the kiddies were in Union last Sun
day, Christmas day, where they were
guests for the day and a fine dinner
at the home of Mrs. C. F. Morton of
Mr. and Mrs. John Wishart were
spending last Saturday and part of
Sunday with relatives in Lincoln,
returning home in time for a de-1
lightfirl dinner at the home of a
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Askew were
host and hostess at their home on
Christmas day, guests being Mr. and
Mrs. Benjamin Gibson, Mrs. Gibson
being a daughter. Virgil Sudduth
and family of near Murray and Guy
Buchanan and family and their son,
Lawrence Askew of Weeping Water.
Miss Edith Clizbe entertained at
her home on Christmas and had as
her guests. George Clizbe and wife,
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde White and Miss
Betty Clizbe as well as Mrs. J. J.
Meier and daughter, Jean. They ar
ranged to meet again at the home of
Mrs. J. J. Meier in Lincoln on New
Year's day.
Boyd Mayfield who is attending
school in Lincoln was spending the
Christmas season at the home of his
parents, J. R. Mayfield and wife and
in company with his sister, Miss
Lottie Mayfield, who is at home were
down to Nebraska City Monday eve
ning attending- a show in the eve
ning, also being accompanied by
Miss Betty Ost.
Entertained for Christmas Dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. S. D.. Litten were
host and hostess at their home in
Weeping Water last Sunday. Christ
mas day, when they had as guests
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Biager, Mrs. Bin
ger being daughter, also another
daughter. Mrs. L. J. Prokrop and hus
band of Gridley. Kansas, who were
spending the holidays here, -Mr. and
Mrs. Jack iBolz of Weeping Water
and their grandson, Ralph Binger, of
Lincoln. Monday, which was consid
ered a semi-holiday, the above friends
were guests at the home of G. R.
Work Waiting on Material.
The work on the new community
building for which the excavation has
been completed in Weeping Water
is being delayed on account of the
inability to secure the needed ma
terial for the work on the 'founda
tion. Workmen employed on the
building are very anxious to work as
the unforseen unemployment is mak
ing it hard on them during this se
vere weather.
Hold Christmas Exercises.
At the Congregational church last
Thursday was held a very novel and
interesting program for the Christ
mas season. One feature was the
chorus of more than 50 voices. The
first Christmas was very ably pre
sented and those who had gathered
to enjoy the program were more
than pleased at the way the program
was presented.
Mrs. Mary Dunsmire Entertains.
Mrs. Mary Dinsmire was hostess
to a number of her friends at her
home Christmas day a.nd had as her
guests Mr. and Mrs. George Clizbe,
Mr. and Mrs. John Wishart, Mr.
and Mrs. H.' A. ITenderson. Miss
Maude Mullens and Frank Bailey.
The guests all enjoyed the fine eve
ning and excellent supper which was
Four Generations Celebrate.
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Spen
cer J. Marshall on Christmas day
they entertained relatives, their par
ents and as well their son and wife
and grandson. There were there for
the occasion Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mar
shall of Douglas, parents of Spencer
Marshall and as well Nissley Marshall
and wife and their little son, making
four generations present.
Spends Christmas in Iowa.
Mrs. Thomas Murtey was a guest
of her daughter, Mrs. Vera Loslaka
of Shelby, Iowa, going over about 10
days ayo and returning last Monday
evening. Mrs. Murtey enjoyed a very
fine visit and was happy to meet her
granddaughter Anna who has been
making her home in Chicago where
she is overseer of two fraternity
apartment houses who was visiting at
the home of her parents and was
there at the same time as Mrs. Mur
tey and also enjoyed meeting her
granddaughter, Dorothy who was
also liome from school. The weather
report which told of the temperature
going to be 20 degrees below zero,
caused Mrs. Murtey to return home
sooner than she had intended and
then the sun came out and the weath
er settled down.
Mrs. Annie Nelson Passes.
Mrs. Chris Nelson has not been in
her usual health for some time past
was taken suddenly ill last Friday
and hurried to the Bryan Memorial
hospital where the seriousness of the
cace seemed to warrant an immediate
operation from which the patient
passed away last Monday morning at
4:10 a. m. The remains were brought
to Weeping Water by the Hobson
funeral home and the funeral held
at that place Wednesday afternoon
at 2:30. The funeral was held at the
Congregational church of which the
deceased was a member for many
years. Burial was at Oakwood ceme
tery, conducted by Rev. Hunt, pastor
of the church. The husband pre
ceded the wife in death about ten
years ago. There remains to mourn
the passing, the mother and two
sons Milton and Talma, who farm
the place and Miss Ella, who also
co-operates with the brothers in their
farming operation.
TOKYO. Dec. 28 (UP) The Na
tional Mobilization Council today ap
proved six drastic imperial ordi
nances, invoking additional sections
oi' the mobilization law.
Under the ordinances the council
may control wages and working
hours, restrict dividends and profits
and requisition factories, lands and
commodities for war purposes.
Dec. 28 (UP) More than 100 per
cons were forced into 20 below zero
temperatures here early today when
one of the worst fires in the city's his
tory destroyed two hotels, two bar
rooms and two cafes. No lives were
lost but property damage was esti
mated at nearly $100,000. Numerous
persons were treated at hospitals for
exposure but physicians said no one
was injured seriously.
Stuart Chappell wt'
Granville Heebner ha
Marvin Edmonds wt
visiting here for some t
return to his studies X
school at Faribault, Mini
Last Thursday Mesdame.
Kruger and Lyle Kruger v
Plattsmouth looking after somt
ping and also visited with Harr
and' Mary Kruger just before they
departed for Oklahoma and Texas
for the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. George Bucholtz of
Syracuse entertained at their home
cn Christmas day and had as guests
Lyle Kruger and wife of Nehawka,
Fred Geade and family of Nebraska
City, Harry Bucholtz and family of
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Sturm
entertained at their home last Sun
day when they had as guests the
Yeiser family of Omaha as well as
Victor Sturm. Suzanne Yeiser, who
has been visiting her grandparents,
returned home with the family.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Drennen en
tertained a number of friends for the
day and dinner last Sunday. Those
present were Mr. and Mrs. Rolland
Sutton and the kiddies, Frank Burke
and family. They had an extra large
turkey to grace the center of the
Stuart Rough departed Monday
morning for Los Angeles where he
will stay for some six weeks and en
joy the milder climate on the coast
after which he will continue on to a
point in Texas. At Los Angeles he
will visit a son and in Texas will
visit with a daughter.
Miss Ruth Palmer who is teaching,
is home for a time, it being her va
cation and as well Quinton, her
brother, who is attending srhool at
Lincoln, also is home with the par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. James M. Palmer
The mother is quite ill and during
the vacation is being nursed by the
American Legion is Santa Claus.
The American Legion gave a very
worthwhile Christmas program at
the Nehawka Auditorium when they
also had a Christmas treat and Santa
Claus which provided treats for the
kiddies and also to many of the
Thomas James Bobbitt.
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Bobbitt were
blessed last Friday, December 23rd
by the arrival at their home, a son
who has been named in honor of the
father. All are getting along nicely.
It being difficult to secure a nurse,
the kindly neighbors came in and
supplied the want.
Vemer Lundberg's Entertain.
Mr. and Mrs. Verner Lundberg
entertained at their home last Sun
day, Christmas, when they had the
members of the family as guests for
the day and a fine dinner. Those pres
ent were the parentsoof Verner, Mr.
and Mrs. Ole Lundberg and Mrs.
Anna Harshman, mother of Mrs.
Lundberg and daughter, Miss Ella
Harshman as well as Roy Harshman
and wife and Harold Dodson and
Christmas at Lorton.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Steffens, parents
of J. H. Steffens and Mrs. Albert
Anderson entertained Christmas day.
Their son J. H. Steffens and family
and Albert Anderson and family went
to enjoy the occasion and also meet
other members of the family.
At Gilbert Edmonds Home.
Christmas was a very enjoyable
day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gil
bert. Edmonds as there were many
of the relatives of this estimable
family present and enjoying the fam
ily gathering. Marvin Edmonds,
brother of Gilbert whose home is at
Faribault, Minn., where he is a stu
dent at Shattuck military school with
his lady friend, Miss Ida Fern Hall
Btrom were among the guests, also
Ivy King of Lincoln and Mr. and
Mrs. Kelley Edmonds of Nemaha.
The day was greatly enjoyed and a
fine dinner was served.
Very Pretty Church Wedding.
Last Sunday following the morn
ing services at the United Brethren
church. Rev. Small united in mar
riage Miss June Peck and Mr. Marion
LaFollette, the latter of Weeping
Water. This church building was
built fifty-two years ago, and has
been used for church services and for
Bible school, for the meeting of the
different societies of the church and
many other purposes, but this is the
first marriage eremony which was
been performed in it. It is nice
though waiting for fifty-two years
that this sacred ceremony was per
formed the church. The church is
located five miles north of Nehawka
and the same pastor minsters to the
church in town.
ing the.. . - rtoif with rela
tives in Omaha and Elgin.
Mr3. J. B. Peterson returned to
Hastings the first of this week with
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Spahnle for a
Floyd Hursh came from Grand
Island and spent Sunday and Mon
day with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. B. Hursh.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sutton and
daughter,' Maria Mae, of Fremont,
were week end guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Francke.
Mrs. Mary Wachter was in Lin
coln over the week end visiting at
the home of her daughter, Mrs. T.
M. Peterson and family.
Supt. and Mrs. Boren and daugh
ter spent Saturday with relatives in
Lincoln and Sunday with Mr. Bor
tn's parents in Fairmont.
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Earll and
children spent Christmas day with
Mrs. Earll's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Will Buecher, near Chenney.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sexson of
Ravenna and Mr. and Mrs. All
bright spent the past week end with
Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Sexson.
Mrs. Elvin Umland, who under
went an operation in a Lincoln hos
pital recently, was able to return
home last Sunday afternoon.
Holiday guests of Mrs. Isabel Jack
and son are her daughter, Miss Olive
Jack, of Kansas City, and sister,
Miss Jennie Olson, of Chicago.
Miss Edith" Robertson arrived
home the latter part of last week
fiom Merriman, where she teaches,
and is spending the holiday season
Mr. and Mrs. George Hoffmeister
and daughter of Weeping Water
spent Christmas day with Mr. and
Mrs. Will Hudson and Mrs. Anna
Mrs. Margaret Brown and children
left Monday of this week for Grand
Island, where they will visit several
dnys with Mrs. Brown's sister, and
family. ' '
Mr. and Mrs. Russel Colbert, of
Omaha, and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ger
hard spent Monday of this week with
Mrs. Sophia Gerhard and Mis3 Jennie
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Morrison and
family of Gandy arrived last Satur
day and are visiting Mrs. Morrison's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Scat
tergood and other relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Busker of Akron,
Iowa, arrived Saturday evening and
visited until Monday with Mrs.
Busker's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.
W. Adams and other relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Jones and Jack
and Mrs. Anna Klietsch were enter
tained at dinner last Sunday at the
home of Mr. Jones' sister, Mrs. Chas.
Sweet and Mr. Sweet in Palmyra.
Roy Beach, who enlisted in the
U. S. Navy last fall, came from near
Chicago, where he is stationed, last
Thursday. He was only able to re
main at home until Monday of this
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kennedy
and family of Omaha and Mr. and
Mrs. Willard Gillespie of Lincoln
visited on Sunday at the home of
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harley
Guests on Christmas day at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Oberle
were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Oberle and
daughter. Sherry Lee, of Lincoln,
Kynard Ketelhut of Nehawka and
Agnes Ketelhut.
Mrs. S. E. Allen enjoyed having
the following members of her fam
ily as her guests on Christmas day:
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Allen and
daughters and Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
Allen and Jack, of Lincoln; Mr. and
THE TOTAL fire loss in
the United States during
1937 was over 8 million
less than in 1936, but the
staggering total w a 8
$234,720,094 or over
nine dollars for every
second of the year!
Scarl S. Davis
Plaits. State Bank Blsifl.
lthouse and family
Mrs. R. B. Morgan.
ence West, who teaches
ublic schools at Meadow
rrived home Saturday and
pend her vacation with her
ts, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde West
other relatives.
rs. Martha Cooper came out
from Lincoln last week end, where
she is spending the winter with
her daughter, Mrs. Tarley Hoham.
She plans to return to Lincoln again
on Wednesday of this week.
The interior of the house occu
pied by William T. Sack was quite
Ladly destroyed by fire and water on
Tuesday morning of this week. The
fre seemed to have started around
the chimney and spread to the par
titions. Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Magnuson
and daughters were the dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Will Hudson
last Thursday. The Magnuson fam
ily were en route from Alliance to
California, where they will make
their future home.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Peterson, Mr.
and Mrs. Chas. Trumble and Lloyd
end Mr. and Mrs. W. B. ifursfc
motored to Lincoln last Sunday and
enjoyed their dinner with other
members of the family at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. John McMeen.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schwegman,
Mr. and Mrs. August Schwegman.
Louie Schwegman and Mr. and Mrs.
Claude Gerhard and daughters were
rmong those who gathered at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Rex Reardon
in Lincoln on Christmas day for a
family dinner.
CHUNGKING, China, Dec. 28 (UP)
The Chinese government partly
with the aid of United States and
British loans i3 undertaking an al
most unprecedented mass transfer of
industrial resources into the unex
ploited provinces of western China.
Millions of dollars worth of machin
ery and equipment, hundreds of
thousands of laborers, many hun
dreds of skilled technicians and engi
neers are moving westward as Jap
anese bayonets cut off China's great
coastal commercial areas.
The movement may be one of the
most significant developments of the
far eastern struggle which recently
resulted in mounting Japanese re
sentment against the United States
and Great Britain because of finan
cial aid to China for purchase of
agriculture and industrial machinery.
HENDAYE, Franco-Spanish Fron
tier, Dec. 28 (UP) The first phase
of Generalissimo Franco's "end the
war" offensive was completed today
and he prepared the second drive to
"change the map of Catalonia."
Insurgent dispatches claimed con
tinued successes along a 60-mile
front which gradually was shaping
into a huge triangle. The apex was
aimed almost directly at the loyalist
capital, Barcelona and it was design
ed to cut Catalonia into halves.
The northern wing of the insur
gent army of 300,000 swept across
the Montsech mountain range south
east of'Tremp. The southern wing
was reported only 30 miles from Tar
ragona on the Mediterranean coast
54 miles south of Barcelona. In
surgent communiques said hundreds
of loyalist soldiers were being cap
tured daily along with huge stores of
usable equipment and munitions.
IF you had a fire, how much
would you lose? Is your fire
insurance enough to take care
of any loss ? Are you sure t
Millions of dollars are lost ev
ery year because of insufficient
Make sure we'll help you.
Come in, write or telephone,
llo obligation.
Co Attorneys
for Changes in
Parole System
Would Base Action on Probability
of Reformation of the Persons
Making Such Requests
LINCOLN, Dec. 28 (UP) Justice
Fred W. Messmorc of the Supreme
Court predicted in an address last
night that semi-Judicial administra
tive bureaus and commissions even
tually will be brought under indirect
control at least of the integrated Ne
braska State Bar association.
He spoke at a dinner which con
fluded the annual convention of the
Nebraska County Attorneys' associa
tion. Judge Messmore said control of
administrative agencies would regu
larize procedure in boards similar to
the National Labor Relations board.
He indicated it might be achieved
hy a licensing system and by requir
ing that at least one member be a
practicing attorney.
Maynard M. Groshans of York
va3 presented as the new president
of the county attorneys, succeeding
County Attorney Wilfoer S. Aten, of
Holdrege. Norris Chadderdon of
Holdrcge was chosen president of
the Nebraska County Judges' asso
ciation. Other officers of the two groups
County Attorneys: William Lam
me. Fremont, and Emil J. Eret, Crete,
vice presidents; William Keishan.
Albion, secretary; John Gewacke,
Ceneva, treasurer.
County Judges: A. H. Durbury,
Plattsmouth, vice president; Robin
Reid, Lincoln, re-elected secretary.
The county attorneys urged re
form of Nebraska's parole system,
including a system of classification of
inmates on the basis of segregation
according to the probability of re
formation, with trained treatment of
each inmate.
ROME, Dec. 27 (UP) France may
be disposed to make certain non-territorial
concessions to Italy concern
ing Djibouti, observers believed today.
French sources said the French note
delivered yesterday contained three
main divisions but ro specific state
ment: about Djibouti.
They, therefore, believed France
might, without, yielding any land
make arrangements which would facil
itate the use of important French
Somaliland ports by Italians.
LINCOLN, Dec. 27 (UP) Gover
nor Cochran annouiKcd today he will
address the annual Jackson day din
ner in Los Angeles January 7.
He spoke two years ago at a sim
ilar banquet in San Francisco. Demo
crats throughout the nation will ob
serve the occasion with dinners. The
governor will fly to California, leav
ing Lincoln Friday afternoon. Jan
uary 6. He will lose only one-half
day from his offi.e.
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laubt tie pobtuiaiked by Lec. 21, 13b.