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    3COI7DAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1938.
Business called Arnold Schliefert
to Omaha last Wednesday.
Fred and Chris Stohlman trans
acted business in Lincoln last Mon
day. Miss Mary Murphy went to Omaha
last "Wednesday morning to spend a
few days with her brother, John
Murphy and wife.
John A. Stander and Rome friends
spent part of last week at Bridge
port, where they enjoyed some very
successful duck hunting. -
Miss Margaret Bergman, who is
taking a Nurse Training course at
the Clarkson hospital in Omaha.
was able to spend Thanksgiving day
with home folks.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Haws and
Elmer Salsberg and wife of Omaha.
were Thanksgiving day guests at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Virtus
Haws at Clay Center, Kansas.
John Bergman and wife of Platts
mouth were guests at the Frank
Bergman home near Manley last Sun
day, attending church services at St.
Patrick's Catholic church here.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Rauth were
et York over Thanksgiving day, be
ing guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. A. F. Rauth, where they enjoy
ed a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast
Oris Schliefert. John Carper and
John C. Neumann were called to
Plattsmouth last week for jury ser
vice. They were able to be home on
Thanksgiving day, however, and
again on Sunday.
August Krecklow, who has been
feeling poorly for many weeks, is
now considerably better and able to
get some sleep at night, which he
could not. do prior to the improve
ment of his condition.
The state bank examiners were in
Manley last Wednesday, going over
the books of the Manley State bank,
which they found in splendid shape.
Both Mr. and Mrs. Rail are experi
enced bankers and bookkeepers and
keep their records in first class con
dition. Guests at Theo. Harms Home
Thanksgiving day guests at the
Theo Harms home were Mrs. Henry
Peters and daughters Evelyn and
Aletha, William Birkman and family
and Julian Birkman and family, all
of the vicinity of Talmage, and Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Peters of Nebraska
City. . ..
Eetmion of Army Nurses
John C. Rauth and wife, and Wal
ter Mockenhaupt, wife, son Billie
and Daughter Anna Marie, were in
Omaha Thanksgiving day, where
they were guests at the home of Miss
Lillian Tighe. sister of Mesdames
ICauth and Mockenhaupt.
While in Omaha, Mrs. Rauth met
and was accompanied home by her
friend and former fellow army nurse,
Miss Anderson, who is now a resident
of Quincy, Illinois. The two enjoyed
a very pleasant reunion and recount
ed incidents of their days of service
with the American army overseas a
score of years ago.
AMSTERDAM, N. Y., Nov. 24
(UP) A mother and her five chil
dren, huddled around an oil stove
while the season's most severe snow
storm howled outside were killed
when the stove exploded. The victims
were showered with flaming oil. They
were Mrs. Carrie De Rose, 27 and
5 children, the oldest 9.
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Poultry and
Lower F.Iain SL Phone 94
Mrs. Anna Earl is visiting at the
home of her son, Dwight Earl and
Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Wright spent
last Sunday in Weeping Water with
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Jlite.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Vinson of
Lincoln werein Eagle last Saturday
evening visiting relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sexson of
Ravenna spent the week end with
Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Sexson.
Miss Marian Axtell of Lincoln was
an overnight guest last Thursday of
Rev. and Mrs. Donald Springer.
Mrs. Carrie Stower has been visit
ing near Palmyra with her sister-in-law,
Mrs. Slye since last Thursday.
Mrs. Bertha Wulf and Mrs. Carrie
Daugherty of Lincoln visited Mrs.
Pauline Ollerman Sunday afternoon.
Voyal Wall and Dwight Earl who
are husking corn near Hamburg,
Iowa, spent Sunday with home
Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Jones
last Thursday were Mrs. L. E. Jones,
Mrs. Charles Sweet and Mrs. Lucy
Williams of Palmyra.
Mrs. George Reitter and Miss
Freda Reitter motored to Omaha last
Sunday. While there they called on
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Havens.
Mrs. E. H. May and son, Ormond,
motored to Palmyra last Sunday af
ternoon and visited at the home of
her father, Charles Gray, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. George Trunkenbolz
visited the latter part of last week in
West Point with their daughter, Mrs.
Robert Schumaker, -Mr. Schumaker
and son.
Mrs. Mack Williams spent a week
in Greenwood with her sister, Mrs.
John Stradley and other relatives.
She returned home on Wednesday of
last week.
Mrs. Verne Waldon of Valley vis
ited from Thursday until Sunday
with her mother, Mrs. Mattie Hamil
ton. Mr. Waldon and daughter, June,
came for her on Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Milford Axe and children, Mr.
and Mrs. Harold Piersol and children
and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Piersol of
Lincoln were guests at the home of
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. W.
Piersol on Sunday.
William Muenchau, who has been
drawn to serve on the jury, reported
at the court bouse in Plattsomtuh
Monday morning. He returned home
on Tuesday, but will have to report
again next Monday morning:
Mrs. Isabel Jack, Mrs. Everett Mor
ten, Mrs. S. H. Palmer, Mrs. Donald
Springer and Miss Dorothea Keil mo
tored to Lincoln and heard E. Stan
ley Jones deliver an address at the
Nebraska Wesleyan chapel last Wed
nesday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sutton came
from Fremont last Sunday evening
for their daughter, Maria Mae, who
has spent the past two weeks with
her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
ward Francke. Mr. and Mrs. Sut
ton have recently moved from Colum
bus to Fremont.
Birthday Party
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rudolph, Mr.
and Mrs. J. L. Wall and Mr. and
Mrs. George Mayer went to the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Umland last
Friday evening, where they helped
Mrs. Umland celebrate her birthday.
The evening was spent at cards.
0. E. S. Kensington
Mrs. Clarence Slosson was hostess
to the ladies of the Kensington at
her home last Wednesday afternoon.
The guests were Mrs. M. E. Boren,
Mrs. Mary Lanning, Mrs. Guy Jones
and Mrs. John Peterson.
During the business meeting plans
were made for a luncheon which will
be served December 14 at the home
of Mrs. Floyd Dysart.
Refreshments were served follow
ing the social hour.
W. C. T. TJ.
The local Union met at the Metho
dist parsonage with Mrs. G. H.
Palmer as hostess last Friday after
noon. Mrs. J. W. Horch was a wel
come visitor.
The members answered roll call
by telling something for which they
were especially thankful.
The "Thanksgiving" . theme was
also used as the lesson topic. Mrs.
Springer gave a whistling solo as a
special number of entertainment.
The hostess served pumpkin pie,
topped with whipped cream and
We will appreciate phone calls
of news Items rrom our reaifers.
Thomas Wallicp Comnanv
r '
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4 Phone 824 - Plattsmouth
M-M-M"M"I"1"II"I-M' I-I-
Elmwood News
R. M. Dennis was a brief business
caller in Weeping Water last Tues
day. The volunteer fire department met
Monday evening for their regular
business session.
Mrs. Guy Clements returned home
last Sunday from a visit of several
days with friends in Omaha.
Tcny Xeilson and wife of Lincoln
were guests Monday at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Penterman.
George Eiderrciller and family
spent Thanksgiving day at the home
of Mrs. Wm. J. Hayes, mother of
Mrs. Eidermiller.
The family of Mrs. Floy Buell as
well as Mrs. Lucy Lyle were guests
at , the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eldon
X. Starke Thanksgiving day. A fine
dinner was enjoyed.
Mrs. Lillian Muenchau has pur
chased one of the striking new Buick
cars and B. I. Elements is driving a
new 1939 Chevrolet, both of them
very fine looking vehicles.
W. E. Maxfield, of Weeping Wat
er, service man for the Lincoln Tele
phone and Telegraph company, was
doing some work on the lines of the
company here one day last week.
Frank W. Lorenz and wife and
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Johnson were
guests at the home of friends in
Council Bluffs Thanksgiving day,
returning home that same evening,
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jones of
Omaha, accompanied by Mr. Jones'
mother, who resides in Pasadena,
California, but is visiting at the home
of her son in Omaha, were guests at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Greene Sunday of last week.
Enjoyed Thanksgiving in Lincoln
Mary Talhurst, of Lincoln, was
hostess on Thanksgiving day to a
number of friends and relatives. A
f ne dinner was served. Those, present
included Donald Gonzales, who is at
tending the University of Nebraska,
and his mother, Mrs. Emily Gonzales,
cf Elmwood. and Harry Talhurst, of
Raymond. In the afternoon the en
tire group attended the football game
at Memorial stadium and watched
the Cornhuskers ring down the cur
tain on the 193S football season.
They Played Contract Bridge
Members of the M.. I. B. C. (More
Intelligent Bridge .club) gathered at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Emil
Rosenow Monday evening for a spir
ited session with the pasteboards,
engaging in competition with mem
bers of the older club for supremacy.
Again the old timers came out with
the long end of the score and added
to their lead for season's play, estab
lished in the first games. A delicious
lunch was provided for both the
winners and the losers.
Thanksgiving at Williams Home
Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Williams and
Mrs. Carl Schneider had as guests on
Thanksgiving day Mr. and Mrs. J. R.
Reeder and twin babies of Platts
mouth; Mis3 Anna Williams, who is
teaching at Brock and Carl Schneider
of Lexington, where he is engaged in
I usiness. A splendid dinner was serv
ed and all enjoyed the family re
union. Taken to Lincoln Hospital
Lorenz Albers, who resides west
and south of Weeping Water, has
been in poor health for some time
and seemed to be getting in worse
shape as time went on. He was taken
to the Bryan Memorial hospital in
Lincoln where he could receive the
benefits of expert medical attention.
Visited in the West
Dr. and Mrs. Meyers Totman de
parted last Tuesday morning for
Scotia, Nebraska, being accompanied
by Mrs. O. E. Liston. After a short
visit there they proceded on to Den
ver, where they left Mrs. Liston to
spend Thanksgiving day with her
eon, James, at Evergreen, Colorado.
Mr. and Mrs. Totman went on to
Pueblo, where they had Thanksgiv
ing with friends.
Thanksgiving in Omaha
While Morri3 Penterman and wife
looked after business at the Penter
man store, the parents, Herman Pen
ttrman and wife and Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Penterman drove to Omaha
to $3
5Cc per 100 lbs. fcr Hogs!
For Prompt Service, Reverse
Calls to Market 3541, Omaha
The Fort Crook
Rendering Vorlts
on Thanksgiving day and visited first
at the home of Harry White and
later at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Lottis Meadows, of Benson. The two
Omaha ladies are sisters of Messrs.
Herman and Edward Penterman.
A fine dinner was enjoyed at the
Meadows home and the party return
ed in time for Morris Penterman and
wife to go to Lincoln for a portion
of the day, being evening .dinner
guests there.
Called from the West
The Rev. Hawkins, pastor of the
Christian church, accompanied by
Mrs. Hawkins, departed last Monday
lor the western part of the state,
where they were expecting to spend
Thanksgiving day with relatives of
Mrs. Hawkins. Mrs. Sylvia Mc
Laughlin, an aged member of the
congregation passed away, and the
funeral was set for Wednesday after
noon, and a call sent out for Rev.
Hawkins to come back and conduct
rhe funeral service, which he did.
A more complete account of the
death of Mrs. McLaughlin appears
elsewhere in this issue of the Semi
elsewhere in this issue of the Journal.
Wabash News
Mrs. Sherman Hardaway was ob
serving the passing of her birthday
hi a very quiet manner last Wednes
day, receiving the congratulations
and best wishes of a number of her
John C. Brown has been spending
some time at the home of his daugh
ter, Mrs. A. B. Stroemer of Alvo,
and enjoyed his Thanksgiving day
dinner there.
Carl Richart and Will O. Schewe,
of near Murdock, were in Wabash
last Wednesday looking over the crop
conservation and soil erosion projects
here, as well as meeting many old
Carl Jensen was able to return
home last Sunday from Lincoln, at
which place he spent several weeks
in the hospital following a serious
auto accident. He made a business
trip to Plattsmouth the fore part of
the week.
Most Enjoyable Thanksgiving
Mr. and Mrs. Lois Schmidt had as
guests at their Thanksgiving day
dinner Postmaster Roy Goerthey and
the children, which'-' included Miss
Geraldine,- the beauty shop operator
at Murdock.
Children Home Thursday
Mr. and Mrs.' Warren T. Richard3
had their children, with the excep
tion of a son who is living in Port
laud, Oregon, at home Thanksgiving
day and all enjoyed the feast that
had been prepared for the occasion.
Those present included Ralph Rich
ards and family and Howard Rich
ards, of Lincoln.
Now Beady for the Snow
The snow fence is now all up and
ready for the first snowstorm of the
season. Each year there is an in
creasing amount of this to erect, as
the roads must be kept open to ac
commodate our modern day mode of
travel. It has taken the maintenance
crew some time to get the fence up
and ready.
BATHURST, West Africa, Nov. 26
(UP) Eleven persons were burned
to death today when a Junkers plane
of the German Lufthansa Airline
crashed in the Bathurst airport.
The plane hit a palm tree in tak
ing off. The plane was making a trial
flight from Germany to Dakar.
JOHNSTOWN, Pa., Nov. 26 (UP)
A. 14-year-old "child bride" wife
of a former mill worker now on re
lief gave birth today to a 6 pound
6 ounce baby boy in a Johnstown
hospital. Both the mother, Mrs. Lucy
Moreno and the child were reported
"doing: nicely." The father is 33.
We are featuring some
dandy coats in blue, gray
and green. All wool, and
latest style. Priced at
$15 to $25
. UUhana fll IS1 1 Itt CAtintA O
Elmer Hallstrom haQ county busi
ness to transact in Plattsmouth Wed
nesday of last week.
Mrs. Carl O. Zaiser visited in Lin
coln last Monday, having business
matters to look after there.
Montie Lum visited in Omaha Sun
day, returning home Monday by way
of Lincoln, where he had business
matters to look after.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralphp Moreley, who
reside at Nebraska City, were guests
at the home of Ralph's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Ed Moreley on Thanksgiv
ing day.
Hilbert Nutzman, who has been
working for the past several months
near Dunbar, was home Thanksgiv
ing day and enjoyed a fine visit with
the home folks.
The A. Z. Thomas family of Shen
andoah enjoyed their Thanksgiving
dinner at the home of Grandfather
W. H. Bogaard. Clyde Bogaard, of
Otoe, was also present.
Dr. Brendel had three truck loads
of cattle taken to Omaha Monday
and Tuesday went in himself to see
the cattle sold. He received a very
fair price for the shipment.
Elmer Hennings and family were
guests on Thanksgiving day at the
home of the mother of Mrs. Hen
nings, Mrs. John Gauer, where they
enjoyed a fine visit and an excellent
Fred Marquette, who has had
some corn stored in his cribs, ac
cumulated through various small pur
chases from time to time, had the
same shelled Friday afternoon and
Miss Dorothy Gollner, who is em
ployed in Lincoln, was a guest at
home over Sunday and returned to
Avoca again for Thanksgiving day
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Gollner.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Ted
Barnes was made happy last Thurs
day when the stork brought them a
fine baby daughter, who has been
named Joan. She weighed eight and
a quarter pounds on her arrival.
While Floy Mahr was driving a
few miles south of Avoca, he had the
misfortune to lose control of his
car, which crashed into a bridge with
the result that the car was damaged
badly. It was fortunate indeed that
the young man did not sustain ser
ious injuries.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Maseman and
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Massman went to
Lincoln last Sunday to visit Carl
Maseman, a traveling salesman out
of Lincoln, who has been seriously
ill for some time. They found him
improving and continued reports are
that he is now well on the road to re
covery. Entertained for Thanksgiving
Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Brendel enter
tained at their home in Avoca on
Thanksgiving day. Those present in
cluded Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Mar
quardt, Fred Marquardt and family
and Mrs. Caroline Marquardt.
Organize Young Peoples Club
The young people of the Avoca
Congregational church, which in
cludes the young married couples,
were gathered last Sunday evening
at the church, where they organized
a Young Peoples club, elected officers
and made other arrangements for
their work during the coming win
ter. Ban Nail Through Hand
Wayne Wesseli, 2-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. George Wesseli ran a
nail protruding from a board thru
his hand when he fell while at play
about the yard at the home east of
Avoca. When the little fellow cried
out, his mother ran to him and found
the nail protruding from the back of
his hand. She grasped the board and
it required all the strength she could
muster to pull the nail out. A doc-
Given in conjunction with the
12th District American Legion
and Auxiliary Convention on
WED. NOV. 30
Starting at 9:00
Legion BIdg. Plattsmouth
of Nebraska City
Per Couple - - 50
"Wrong Way" Sweater
Joan Fontaine, lovely leading
lady In RKO Radio's production of
"Gunga Din," sets a new style In
Hollywood "with the Corrlgan
"wrong way sweater. No matter
which way the sweater is worn it
"gets there," Miss Fontaine de
clares. Worn with the back in front,
it has a high neclf line, fastening
wJtt one button at the side back. Re
versed, It may be worn with a V
neck-line and wide revers. Or It may
be fastened at the front instead of
the back, preserving a high neck
line all around. The triple changes
make it suitable for wear, with
slacks for sport or with a suit for
casual occasions.
tor was called and the wound dress
ed and the lad seems to be doing
very nicely at latest reports.
Sustains Broken Hip
Mrs. E. R. Straub, 6 8. while about
her household duties, had the mis
fortune to slip and fall, sustaining a
fractured hip. She had to be placed
in a cast and will be confined to her
bed for some time.
Spent Thanksgiving at Adams
Accepting an invitation from rel
atives at Adams, Louis Carsten, Sr..
Fred Carsten and wife, Mr. and Mrs.
Calvin Carsten and Ted Ruhge drove
to that place, where they enjoyed a
very pleasant visit and a magnificent
dinner on Thanksgiving day.
Mrs. Bachel Everett Entertained
Mrs. Rachel Everett, daughter
Leona and son Silas Everett enter
tained at a pleasant family dinner on
Thanksgiving day at their home in
Avoca. Among those present to en
joy the occasion were Mr. and Mrs.
Edwin Terrell, the latter a sister of
Mrs. Everett, and the Charles W.
Everett family of Weeping Water.
Visited in the West
Rev. and Mrs. J. M. Kokjer de
parted early last week for Crete, at
which place a daughter resides, and
where they were guests at Thanks
giving dinner. Later they continued
on to Franklin, wtoere they spent the
week end at the home of their son,
who is a teacher in the schools. From
Franklin they continued on to Ber
trand, where they are now visiting
TOKYA, Nov. 25 (UP) Ninety
Japanese geisha girls went on strike
today. The pirls picketed their quar
ters demanding higher wages and
shorter hours for their work' as tea
house entertainers.
How much money would
it take to replace your
If fire took your home to
night? How much have
you invested in Furniture,
Clothing, Dishes, Rugs,
etc?. Could you stand it?
Insure for Safety
y (ft
If v w 1
. ir - 1 !
- Plattsmouth (
PARIS, Nov. 26 (UP) The Duke
and Duchess of Windsor have been
invited ofTically to visit England and
have told their friends they are likely
to go in March, it was learned today.
The question of granting the Duch
ess a royal title, as demanded by the
Duke remains to be settled. It wan
learned that certain ladies of the Brit
ish court have been exertinp- strong
pressure against granting the title.
However, Prime Minister Chamber
lain is erpected to mediate and fiind
a solution.
Used cars, livestock, nousenofd
goods all can be sold through
inexpensive Journal Want Ads.
As I am quitting farming. I will
offer for sale at Public Auction at
the farm located 3 miles west and
: mile north of Plattsmouth, on
the Cedar Creek road, on
Thursday, Dec. 1
beginning at 1:00 o'clock p. m., the
following property, to-wit:
Two Head of Horses
One black horse, 12 years old, wt.
1700 pounds; one sorrel mare, 7
years old, wt. 1500 pounds.
Seven Head of Cattle
Two" Holstein cowa, giving: milk;
one Guernsey cow, giving milk; one
16-year old heifer; two 2-year-old
Holstein heifers; one Holstein calf.
Farm Machinery, Etc.
One Peter Schuettler wagon; one
hay rack and truck; one truck
wagon; one P & O wide tread lister;
one 8-foot disc; one Deering mower;
one walking cultivator; one 3-sec-tion
harrow; one walking plow; one
elevator (horse power) with der
rick; one hay rake; one brooder
stove; one 250-egg incubator; one
60 gallon hog waterer; one Myers
hay track and carrier; five rolls of
cribbing; two sets of harness; 60
feet of 4-inch drain tile; one new
pe-aa seDarator: two f.O-gallon oil
drums; one kitchen range: one heat-
ig stove: one dining room set; one
breakfast set: one small ice box. and
many other articles too numerous to
Terms of Sale
Terms are cash. No property to
be removed from the premises until
settled for.
Walter P. Tritsch,
REX YOUNG. Auctioneer
' Ae we have decided to quit farm
ing, we will sell at Public Auction
on the Chris Metzger farm, one-half
mile south of the Murray swimming
pool, on
Monday, Dec 5
beginning at 10:30 o'clock sharp,
with lunch served by the Ladies
Missionary Society, the following de
scribed property, to-wit:
Six Head of Horses
One sorrel horse. 11 years old.
wt. 1700 lbs.; one black horse,
smooth- mouthed, wt. 1400 lbs.; one
grey mare, smooth-mouthed, wt.
1500 lbs.; one grey horse, 4 years
old, wt. 1400 lbs.; one grey colt,
lVfc years old. wt. 1000 lbs.
Five Head of Cattle
One Guernsey cow, 7 years old.
freBh; two Holstein cows, 7 years
old, to be fresh in December; one
Holstein cow, 3 years old. to be
fresh in January; one extra good
roan bull, long yearling.
Poland China Gilts
Five good Spotted Poland China
gilts, weight 200 lbs. each.
Farm Machinery, Etc
One John Deere 2-row lister; one
John Deere 2-row cultivator; one
John Deere 2-row go-devil; one Van
Brunt seeder; one Hoosier grain
drill; one John Deere 7-foot binder;
one John Deere 4-section harrow;
one harrow cart; one John Deere
wagon: one John Deere 8-foot disc;
onp McCormick 11-foot hay rake;
one Deering 5-foot mower; one Jenny
Lind walking cultivator; one .New
Departure walking cultivator; one
Emerson sulky plow; one Case gang
plow; one 3-row stalk cutter; one
single row lister; ojie garage, size
12x20 feet; one hog house, size
10x36 feet; one brooder stove; one
brooder house, size 8x8 feet; one
feed erinder: one Refrew cream sep
arator; one . scoop end gate; one
pump Jack; one steel gate. 14-foot;
50 steel costs: one Louden hay fork
and rope; two sets of harness and
collars; one feed bunk. 16-foot; one
load in er chute: one set disc trucks:
one Prairie Home incubator. 400
egg capacity; some barb wire, also
corn crib wire: doubletrees and
other articles too numerous to men
Household Goods
Some household goods will also be
included in this sale.
Terms of Sale
Cash on all sums of $25.00 and
under. A credit may be arranged
with the Clerk of Sale on sums over
125.00. Any credit tsould be ar
ranged with Clerk of Sale before
purchase is made. All property must
be settled for before removal from
the premises.
Mrs. J. H. Faris,
REX YOUNG. Auctioneer