The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, November 10, 1938, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1938.
Henry H. Better was in Omaha
Monday of this wc(k delivering a
lead of wood to a client.
George A. Stites was in Omaha
Monday of this week, returning with
his daughter. Miss Gwen who had
spent Sunday at home.
Miss Augusta Robb, Union post
mistress, was a visitor in Platts
mouth last Saturday looking after
prme business matters for a short
Mrs. W. II. Porter was risking
with friends in Nebraska City the
past few days and while there was
also looking after some business
Rue H- Frans and family of Syra
cuse were guests for the day and
a very fine dinner at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. David Kends.ll at their
country home last Sunday.
Mrs. Vesta Clark of Plattsmouth
wa3 a visitor over Sunday at the
heme of her sister. Mrs. Rosella Clark
and family where both ladies enjoyed
a vist and the very ne dinner.
Matthew Midkiff and family of
Avoca were guests tor tte day last
Sunday at the home of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Midkiff. All enjoyed
a very pleasant visit and an excel
lent dinner.
Glen Hoback was called to Elm
wood last Sunday o care for the
Missouri Pacific station during the
absence of the regular agent. B. E.
Sumner, who was c?.l!ed to Penrod.
Kentucky where his father is serious
ly ill. Mr. Sumner as accompanied
1 his brother. I. S. Sumner, agent
at the I lattsmouth Missouri Pacific
Enjoyed Visit in Country.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L Becker and
their daughter. Mary Becker were
guests for the day last Sunday at
ie country home of Mr. and Mrs.
Otto Ehlers, Mrs. Ehlers being daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs- A. L. Becker. All
enjoyed a pleasant visit and an excel
lent dinner.
Visited Daughter in Omaha.
Mrs. W. X. Barritt and sister.
Mrs. Etta Bryan, who makes her
home with Mrs. Barritt. were guests
in Omaha last Sunday and staj'ed
for a longer visit with Mr. and Mrs.
Lynn Kammerstrom. w ho drove down
fcr the guests. Mrs. Hmmerstrom
being daughter of Mrs. Earritt.
P. F. Eihn Better.
The condition of P. F. Rihn, who
was so seriously ill and was in an
Omaha hospital for some time, is
making good improvement at hi3
heme here in Union- Mr. Rihn has
been visited by many friends and
has been showing good improvement
during the period he lias been home
This is excellent news for his host
of friends.
To Entertain Auxiliary.
Miss Augusta Robb will entertain
the Woman's Auxiliary of the Epis
copal church at her Lome Friday of
this week. The ladies are! looking
forward to the gathering with much
Postponed Meeting Saturday.
The Woman's Christian Temper
ance Union which had been sched
uled for Friday of last week, on ac
count of very bad weather was post
poned and has been set for Satur
day afternoon. November 12th when
the gathering and program which
had been prepared will be presented
at the home cf Mrs. J. D. Cress. A
Thanksgiving service will be fea
tured. Home for Short Yirit,
Miss Ruth Morris, daughter of
Mr. -and Mrs. C. E- Morris, a studer
at the state normal sraool at Peru,
was home for a visit with the folks
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tiosa? IT 11X751 EE G5oE:
over Sunday. Bernard Morris, her
brother, drove her back to school
early Monday morning. At the gath
ering at the Morris home Sunday Mr.
and Mrs. Olin Morris of Murray were
also present.
Visiting Friends in Union.
Jack Chalfant, wife and family
of Burlington, Colorado, arrived in
Union last Monday and were guests
for a number of days at the home
of friends.
Entertained for Sunday Dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Schumacher
were host and hostess at a fine din
ner at their -some in the north part
of Union last Sunday when they had
as guest3 for the day Mr. and Mrs.
H. W. Griffin and two daughters and
son Paul of Union, Mr. and Mrs.
Mickie McFaden and Russell Arnold
of Plattsmouth.
Meets With Severe Accident-
While Russell Crawford was with
a good deal of lexerity clearing the
top wire of the fence which he did
not really clear, for a barb of the
wire came in contact wtih a por
tion of his anatomy as he went over
the fence. The impact was quite
severe and the doctor and not the
tailor had to close the gaping wound,
not in the pants, but the anatomy.
However he is getting along fairly
well now.
American Eed Cross Eoll Call.
The American Red Cross member
ship drive starts Nov. 11. 193S.
John C. Samp. Red Cross field
representative for Nebraska met with
county chairmen and roll call chair
men from Cass. Otoe, Richardson
and Nemaha counties at a dinner at
the Grand Hotel Friday evening.
Plans for conducting the roll call
were discussed.
Mr. Samp had interesting charts
giving both national and Nebraska
rating as to membership. The aver
age for the United States is 4.S7 per
cent. For Nebraska, only 3.7 per
cent of the population. Also Nebras
ka ranks 12th in the midwestern
area of 17 states. Nebraska being
the lowesi of the surrounding states.
! South Dakota having 4-S per cent,
j North Dakota 5.5 per cent: Iowa 5.2
j per cent; Kansas 4.7 per cent; Colo
j rado 4.2 percent and Wyoming sec
!ond in the United States with 10.6
! rer cent, led by Nevada with 10.9.
j Cass county stands loth in the
i state. What can it Jo to raise its
membership in the county and state?
While we are on the honor roll there
are 19 counties in Nebraska so rated
jand Cass is loth. Let us make it
j higher with this roll call. Nebraska
should not be below the Dakotas or
i Wyoming or Kansas,
f Paul Armstrong of Auburn out-
lined a very complete preliminary
j work for his own area in Nemaha
j county, organizing each school dis
j trict in the county. All ministers
gave support for rolf call Sunday,
Nov. 6.
Harold Seller and Harold Gurske
of Falls City, announced the hope of
(doubling their roll call in Richard
! son county.
j Cass county chairman told of the
j county's work in life saving, first aid
(Stations and classes and sending of
delegates to the national conventions.
Advocated year around publicity of
the county work.
Wm. Pitzer, host chairman, of Otoe
county, told of the need of a fund in
each county for emergency. Arthur
Barstler. postmaster, suggested that
postmasters in each county be made
captains for roll call.
Lillian Kiersey and Amalie Weiler,
Dunbar. Roscoe Blankenship, Auburn
and Mrs. Cecil Towers represented
their respective communities.
Otoe county chapter announces its
goal 1,000 members.
j Cass county chapter announces its
j goal 1.000 members tor 1933.
j Roll call for 193? was S20. Not
so far to go to make it 1.000.
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Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Minford were
called to Omaha one day last week
to look after some business matters.
Phillip Keil and eon were in
Plattsmouth last Monday morning
looking after some business matters
and visiting with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. George E- Nickles
were in Plattsmouth last Saturday
evening attending the last rally of
the voters of the democratic party
before the election Tuesday.
Lucean Carper, local hardware man
and Clyde Wilson, traveling salesman
for John Deere company went duck
hunting last Sunday morning, but
were unable to get any ducks.
Miss Esther Rhoden, a teacher of
the school near the home of John
Campbell and family is to have a
plate lunch at the school house
which has been set for November
18th. ltw
John Sheard. who is living in the
old building formerly used as a
grocery store, has been replastered
in part by J. A. Scotten after which
Mr. Sheard with -the co-operation of
the wife papered it.
George E. Nickles. county chair
man of the democratic county cen
tral committee was out in the west
ern part of the ounty Monday eve
ning looking after business before
the opening of the polls Tuesday.
The campaign has b:.n a busy one
fcr Mr. Nickles.
New Work Shop in Murray.
Lester Wunderlich. who has been
working with his brcther-in?law, Jo
seph F. Knecht at South Bend, in
the oil and gas business at Weeping
Water for some time past, came to
Murray and arranged with the Phil
lips Oil company operated by Joseph
Martis to operate a repair shop in
Murray in connection with the ser
vice station. See his ad in another
column. Lester is an excellent workman-
Visited with Mother Sunday,
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Brubacher and
daughter, Beverly were in Platts
mouth last Sunday, guests for the
afternoon and evening at the home
of Mrs. Edward Brubacher, mother
of Gussie. The mother as well as the
guests enjoyed the visit very much.
Gave Entertaining Program.
The Murray schools sponsored a
very entertaining evening when they
put over two plays, one by the pri
mary department and another by the
intermediate department. Besides the
playlets, the large audience played
bingo and other interesting games
which kept all in a good humor the
entire evening. Among other fea
tures was a Punch !nd Judy act
spensored by Professor Green and
Byron Warlick. The receipts will be
utilized fcr the decoration of the
school rooms for which no other pro
vision has been made.
Jesus Keep Me Hear the Cross.
Those who attended the services
at the United Presbyterian church
last Sunday were mere than delight
ed at the number which the new
quartet of young mn sang, when
they featured this special number.
"Jesus Keep Me Near the Cross. The
quartet is composed of Prof. Green.
John Faris. Dale Long and Dale
Wohlfarth- While they have not
practiced very much together the
rendition of this hymn was excel
lent. Hallowe'en. Was it Fun or Not ?
Well it looks both ways, but still
the people of our neighboring town
v.ere also wondering. Last week on
the ill fated Monday night. Hal
lowe'en while the boys were at their
pranks a merchant who seemed
nettled or otherwise at the pranks
the boys were playing and fearing de
signs on his property loaded a gun
with salt and at an inopportune time
shot, the charge catching a young
man on his south elevation as he
was making to the north, and a job
for the doctor was the result. Many
took sides in the maUer and a bit of
very intense feeling was generated.
HoTever the shooter paid the doctor
bill. All hope this is the end of the
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Weeping Water
Ralph Binger who is employed in
Lincoln was a visitor at the home of
his parents last Sunday and was
here again Monday evening.
Rev. Kenneth Baker of Omaha was
a visitor for a few dars at the home
'of his uncle. Judge W. D. Baker and
family during the past week-
Crushed stone is still being haul
ed to the site of the new comuunity
building which it is expected will
be started within a hort time.
C. II. Gibson was in Omaha last
Tuesday where he went for a truck
load of potatoes and other articles ii
the grocery line for his store here.
Election Day Henry Snell was se
lected as one oi me election juages j
and Mrs. Snell had to look after the I
work at the station during his ab-!
Rev. Harold Baker, pastor cf the
Methc-dist church at Valley with the
wife and children were enjoying a
visit for a short time at the home
of the parents of Rev. Baker, Mr. and
Mrs. W. D. Baker.
Miss Bonna Lee Baker, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Baker, who is
teaching her third consecutive term
at FetoryviIle school southwest of
Unibrt. v.-as a visitor at the home of
her Barents over the week-end. i
Pete Miller has been picking hy
brid ccrn for Lloyd Ranney. but with
the recent rain and snow delayed the
work and he was working in the
stone quarries for a few days. He
will return to the coin picking as
con as the weather clears.
The north side election polling;
i'lflLC W OO a a lid Jjwviww i J.i. --
Cole Motor company show rooms,
while the south side polling place
was in the rear of the store of Clin
ton Wilkinson. The polling places
were crowded a large part of the
Mis. I. R. Marklarid was hostess
to her Foresome last Wednesday eve- i
ning at her home, Contract bridge
was played. Those present were Mes-
dames Andrew Olsen and I. R. Mark- i
land and Misses Agues Rough and ;
Anna Hart. They enjoyed a delight- !
ful 6 o'clock dinner.
Enjoyed Visit with Relatives.
Mrs- A. J. Lawthor of Weeping
i Water has been ejjoying a visit
from her children an families dur-!
ing the past and prent week. She
was greatly pleased when her son.
Veree Lawthor and family and Mr.
and Mrs. Levi James, all of South
Dakota arrived last week and have
teen visiting with the parents. The
guests are farmers iu South Dakota
and having the farm work now off
j their hands and securing some neigh
ibcrs to look after th? stock conclud
ed to visit the parents. They also i
i visited at the home of Miss Mayme
Hillman and 'other relatives and
friends. They will remain for the
present week.
Visited Sister Here.
Before departing last Tuesday
Stuart Rough, brother of Miss Agnes
Rough was over to see the sister be
fore going to Iowa City, following
his early vote. He will visit for sev
eral weeks at the home fo his daugh
ter, Mrs. H. J. Dane and family. Mr.
Rough expects to remain in Iowa
until the end of the month.
School Diaiuissed.
Miso Snell. daughter of Mr. and
'Mrs. Henry Snell is teacher of the
school south of Weeping Water
known as "Casrade" ind the scholars
were given a holiday when the elec
tion officers of Weepiug Water pre
cinct occupied the s.hool room for
the holding of the election Tuesday-
Showing Good Improvement.
Chris Rasmussen. Nho was employ-
ed with the preparing of hybrid seed !
corn at the station of Lloyd Ranney j
when he fell and fractured three ribs, j
which put him out of commission.
'has been showing gocj improvement
end is able to be about a little with
care butn ot as yet able to return to
his work.
Makes Good Pavement.
The pavement in front of the va-
Icant lets just east of the Anna Hart
grocery has been in very bad cond:-
tion with many breaks ia the pave-
ment. but since it ha3 been purchased
by the Binger Lumber Co., Mr. Bin -
ger has made a very good pavement
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Weeping Water Loses to Valley.
The Weeping Water high school ;
football team joorncyed to Valley j
last Saturday wher? they engaged (
the Valley high school team in a
game of football whuh Valley was j
able to win by the score of 12 to 0. j
Unloading Lumber. j
Jack Bolz and Paul Ward, em- j
ployees. of the Binger Lumber corn- j
pany were busy Tuesday unloaJing ;
and delivering two cars of lumber to i
the grounds of the Weeping Water j
public schools, which is to be used j
in the construction of the new school j
building which is now in process of j
! erection.
Married at Manley Churh.
Mrs. Creda Johnson, formerly Miss j
Creda Baker, but who has been single j
for a number of years since the pass- i
ing of her former husband and S. L.
Chadwick, an officer at the Weeping
Water CCC camp, were united in
marriage at parish home of St. Pat
rick's Catholic church in Manley last
Saturday. The newlyeds will make
their home at Albion in the near fu
ture where the groom has a very
ini:e home for tne pride ana nim-
self. The many friends of the couple
! are extending fecilitations-
Elmer McReynold departed last
Monday morning for Florida where
he expects to spend the winter in
the warm climate.
Mrs. Earl Cox has been troubled
with a toothache and was taken to
Weeping Water where she had the
refractory molar removed.
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin McReynolds
end daughter, Mirs Lanna and son
Elmer were guests for the day last
Sunday with friends in Elmwood.
j Miss Ruth Ann Sheldon, a student
at the state university was a visitor
at the home of her parents. Mr. and
Mrs. George C. Sheldon over the
week end-
Bobbie Wunderlich, a student at
the state university desired to see
the Nebraska-Kansas game, so drove
to Lawrence, Kansas last Saturday
i and enjoyed the game and then came
jto Nehawka for the night and visit-.
ed with the folks over Sunday be-!
fore returning to his school work.
Laverne Steffens. a student at
Doane college at Crete was a visitor
at home over the week-end and was
taken back Sunday afternoon by his
parents, accompanied by Betty Ross
and Dean Nutzman who are students
at the University of Nebraska at Lin
coln. Have Great Football Game.
Some three years ago the Hardy
high school, in the hustling little city
nestling among the bluffs of the Re
publican river in the western part
of Nebraska, organized a six-man
football team and have not lost a
game since their organization. Nc-
, hawka, knowing this challenged them
to a game and last Saturday after
noon they clashed at Nehawka. the
Hardy team winning 26 to 6. There
was a large crowd present to wit
ness the contest, including the entire
teams of Plattsmouth nd Syracuse,
coming to see the trick done.
Enjoyed Fine Duck Hunt.
R: F. (Mac) Cunningham has
been rather hungry for duck for the
Sunday dinner and sallied forth early
with a number of his friends, going
over to the Missouri river, where he
was able to bag nine, one a big black
drake with a golden glow about his
neck and a few white spots on his
face. 'When the bird had been re
covered. Mac found a band on his
eg containing "S3" No. 631,119,
v.hich according to the code of th?
government meant that the duck had
been released from who knows
where and had flown to the Mis
souri river where it was bagged by
Mr. Cunningham. Mr. Cunningham
is to send the aluminum band to
the department of wiid life at Wash
ington. D. C.
Attend Louistilie Meeting,
j Mr. and Mrs. John K. StefTens and
j Mr. and Mrs. George C. Sheldon were
jover to the, republican gathering at
, Louisville last week where they en-
thit raises the resistance
joyed the business session and the
very fine banquet which was served.
There they met the republican candi
dates and as well J. li. StefTeris met
hi3 old friend. John Ledgway with
whom he served, as a juror years ago
and had not met since.
Celebrated Passing Event.
Yes. Clarence Hansen was 39 years
of age on Monday of this week and
of course the wife knew of the mat
ter and so arranged a very pleasant
evening at the Hansen home with a
very fine supper and a goodly num
ber of the friends of Clarence were
present. They played cards for the
evening and all extended best wishes
to the guest of honor.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hite cf Weep
ing Water visited at the C. O. V." right
home last Sunday.
Don Shelton is now employed at
the Walberg Service Station. Charles
Price was formerly employed there.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Thomson
r.nd sons of Palmyra called at the
J. L. Wall home Thursday of last
Mr. and Mrs. Will Ossenkop of
Walton were dinner guests on last
Monday evening of Mr. and Mrs. W.
B. Hursh.
i'rs. George Reitter was hostess
to tie ladies of the Trinity Luth
eran Aid at her heme last Thursday
Mrs. Emma Judkins spent the
latter part of last week with rela
tives in Lincoln. She returned home
last Sunday.
Mrs. I. R. Dana, of Lincoln, was
in town on Tuesday of this week,
looking after the renting of the Alt
house property.
Mrs. Alfred -Thomson of Palmyr3
f.pent Wednesday of last week with
her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Caddy and family.
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Peterson, of
Lincoln visited last Sunday after
noon w-ith Mrs. Peterson's mother,
Mrs. ry Wachter.
Floyd Hursh came from Grand In
land Saturday evening and visited
over Sunday with his parents. Mr.
end Mrs. W. B. Hursh.
Mr. end Mrs. George Hoffmeister
and daughter of Weeping Water vis
ited last Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Dwight Earl and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Trumble
spent Sunday in Havelock with
their daughter. Mrs. Charles Dobeck
and Mr. Dobeck and children.
Miss Horsh and Mrs. Su-?.-n
Roelofsz of Lincoln w-ere guests
cf Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Allen several
days the latter part of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. 11. May enter
tained at dinner last Sunday. Mr.
May's sister. Mrs. John Broening. Mr.
Eroening and son. Robert, of Ben-,
Mrs. Paulizie Ollerman went to
Lincoln Wednesday of this week and
will visit several days with Mrs.
Bertha Wulf and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd
Guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. C.
Oberle last Sunday evening were Mr.
and Mrs. Will Ossenkop. of Wal
ton and Mr. and Mrs. V.. B.
Coach William Ptacek. Georee
Trunkenbolz. Ralph Ransford. Dick
Underwood and Vernon Lonsrman
were among those from Eagle who
attended the Kansas-Nebraska foot
Lall game at Lawrence, Kansas,
list Saturday.
Hoving Days
Friday and Saturday were moving
Jays for several families in this
community. Mr. and Mrs. L. W.
Picrsol moved into the house they
recently purchased, known as the
Axe property on Friday of last
reek. Ernie Thomas and family
His keen scent makes him a star
performer on the field. Keen ed;es
make Star Sins le-edre CUdn star
performers en your face:
famous since lssa.
r r t J
r Jr-
moved into the property v.-uated by
the Picrsols. Mr. and Mrs. H. T.
Sexfon. who have lived north of
town for many years, rr.ov-.d Satur
day into the Althouse property.
Eoyal Neighbors Mest
The members at tho Royal Neigh
bor Evergreen Charter No. 117". i:i t
at the home of Mrs. E. H May on
Fnday evening of last we k.
One new number. May, was
taken in during the meeting.
The npxt meeting will be with
Mrs. Ed Gerhard on the first Friday
f D.-cemler.
Death cf Jay Adams
Word reahed Ea:ri tbo first part
of tins week that Jay Acims had
passed away at his houw- in Pho-nix.
Arizona. Mr. Adam3 lived in Emlc
fr many years. He received his edu
cation here and later was in the
lutr.ber business with hu father.
Jr-hn Adams, who is now also a rei
t'e:it of rhncnix. Besides hi3 fath'.r.
he is survived by his wife and daugh
ter. Methcdist Aid Meets
The Methodist Aid mot at th
rhurch par!rs with Mrs. P. H. Rt
hostess last Wednesday afternoon.
On'.v throe members were ab;nt.
Mrs. Ira Stall was a we-bome visi
ter. Mrs. Isabel Jack gave a vers- In
teresting review of the Missionary
During the bu.-iness srs-ion. thr
j president. Mrs. Jones-:, appiirmd the
committees for the annuiil bazaar t'
he held the latter part of November.
All other necessary p'.an.-j for the
lazaar were completed.
The hosiers served delicious) re
freshments of date take ar.d coi'ee.
TORONTO. Ont. (UP) Automo
bile thieves are reaping a rich har
vest here. They have stolen 1.230
cars, valued at apprt-xima'ely $ 7 5 .
0n0, so far thii year, an increase of
30 over last year. All except 33 of
the cars have been re-.overed.
MONTEREY. Cal. UP) Babe t tu
d:' Moo, 1 C-year-oId high school girl,
has received her private pilot's li
te use. She won her li.ense wit bin a
month after taking her first lesson.
?1 of which were soloinr.
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