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MONDAY, NOV. 4. 1929.
The farmers of Cass county have al
ways found the best of treatment
from this old and well known poul
try and produce establishment and
we are always glad to serve the peo
ple of this community.
Special Prices
Wednesday Thursday
November 6-7
Hens, per lb 18c
Springs, per lb.... . .170
Ducks, per lb 160
Cox, per lb 120
Poultry suffering from roup or
colds not accepted.
Peoples' Produce Go,
125 So. 4th St. Telephone 134
Plattsmouth, Nebr.
Sales Promotor
Now Figure in
the Show Game
for Sale!
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Noyes are ex
pecting to leave in the near future
for Arizona, where they will spend
the winter for the benefit of Mr.
Noyes' health who has been a suffer
er from asthma and heart trouble
for a number of years. They had ex
pected to leave on Wednesday of this b a. Harris, Well Known Promoter, land, 12 acres alfalfa, running wat- Fine Program Enjoyed at the Reeu-
, Mynard Club
Holds Enjoy
able Meeting
80 acres, new improvements, good
bad roads, they decided to defer the
day of departure until there is a
change in the weather conditions.
They are highly esteemed pioneer
Tenor on Stage
lar Meeting Held at the Com
munity Building.
The Plattsmouth friends of B. A. -U acres, splendid improvements. The Mynard Community club held
citizens of this community and their Harris, well known sales manager 30 acres prairie hay. All land has Its regular meeting on Friday even
host of friends will be glad they and promotor, will be interested in been see(je(l down to sweet clover and in' ct- 25- Mrs- Sherman Cole led
have decided to try a warmer cli- learning that Mr. Harris is now fea- . , , ---- u & spirited singi-g of "America the
mate this year and will look forward turlng as manager of Francisco j "u,t;it "uw jji-ui--- Beautiful," with Mrs. Elbret Wiles at
to tneir return noping mat Dy spring nocna, winner or me ixeorasKa uiv- mg guuu ciups. uoou small orcnara. the piano. After a short business
Mr. Noyes will he mucn improved lsion or me Atwater-Kent radio Three miles sonth of nnst niKr a-nA session, f hp mr-mitt w v v-n
1 .-. U -.-.-. ,1 . V. -. I - -n r I . . I . ' '
unu greaujr ut-uemcu ujr iUI j,- auuuiuu. UA m o frnm crror.l T.. t cU C. C. SDane erand Mrs Jnhn Vnllprv
fa..-. -u au" - r .ZT" -.7" " " '
ant change. Louisville Courier.
Appeals from
Award in Louis
ville Accident
4 4 4
Ashland Gazette
Doris and William Oliver have the
whooping cough.
Mrs. Jim Fidler was a Lincoln
visitor Monday evening.
Mrs. William Kitrell sepnt Friday
evening with Mrs. Ellen Berge.
Miss Leona Roberts spent from
Wednesday until Sunday with Mrs.
Bert Mooney.
Mr. and Mrs. Hendrickson of
Council Bluffs spent Sunday at the
Vyrle Livers home.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Armstrong
spent Sunday evening with Mr. and
Mrs. Wyman Sawyer.
Mrs. Emma Calder spent Sunday
afternoon at the home of her daugh
ter, Mrs. Bert Winget.
Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Graham spent
Saturday and Sunday in Omaha with
Mr. and Mrs. Chas Lesh.
Mr. Harry Long and mother, Mrs".
Viola Long were dinner guests Sun
day at the Robert Long home.
Mrs. Lynn Clay and two children
of Lincoln spent from Tuesday until
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Bert Win
get. A number from this vicinity went
to Plattsmouth Monday as witnesses
in the James Alloway and Frank
Ross law suit.
While working at the sand pit last
week Wesley Wagoner had the mis
fortune of getting two bones broken
in his hand, while coupling cars.
Mrs. Henry Streight and daughter,
Mrs. Maggie Jackson of Omaha. Mrs.
Silas Clark of Aurora and Mrs. Kieth
ley of Omaha spent Thursday with
Mrs. Viola Long.
Miss Pearl WJnget visited over
the week end in Fremont with her
aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Will
McCreary. Mrs. McCreary's maiden
name was Rita Rager.
Mrs. Harry Henton went to Platts
mouth Saturday to visit her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. William Oliver, Sr. She
was accompanied home Sunday by
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Young.
Veryle Livers, Oscar Dill and
Clyde Haswell drove to Meadow
Grove Saturday for a short hunting
trip. They returned home Sunday
evening reporting a good time.
Mrs. Tillie Henry of Ashland spent
Friday and Friday night with her
ri3ter, Mrs. Emma Calder. They
r.ppnt Friday evening at the Bert
Winget home, accompanied by their
brother, Oscar Zaar.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Fidler and fam
ily have moved into the new house
recently erected by the Sand com
pany. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Carnicle
will move into the Jacob Carnicle
house vacated by Mr. and Mrs.
The many friends of Mr. Paul
Hazen of Meadow, f but a former
South Bend resident, were sorry to
hear of his misfortune in losing the
sight of an eye recently from an ac
cident while working at the cement
plant at Louisville.
Mrs. Chas. Countryman of Lewel
len. Neb., spent Saturday night and
Sunday at the Wm. Oliver, Jr., and
Harry Henton homes. Mrs. Country
man will be remembered as Miss
Alice Oliver, and was a former teach
er in the Oak Grove district.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Mooney enter
tained at dinner Sunday in honor of
their fifth wedding anniversary, Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Stander and sons,
Charles, Harold and Herbert, Mr.
and Mrs. L. J. Roeber and sons.
Kenneth and Leonard, Mr. William
Barker and Miss Leona Roberts.
Mr. Harris with his vocalist, Mr.
Rocha and the accompanist and
friend of Rocha, Theodore Reyes, ar
rived in Omaha Thursday from
Grand Island, where Mr. Harris has
had his protege for several weeks
and are appearing at the Orpheum
in Omaha this week.
The two musical artists have lit
tle- or no knowledge of English and
Mr. Harris is the official mouthpiece
for the talented Mexican beetfield
wnrVfip wVin l nnur Jinvino" rila nn.
, ... , . rt . a t ....... "
uncom Jtirm xaKes 10 toun awara portunity to bask in the light of the
Made in the Death of D. F. theatre. Mr. Harris, while very
Jacobs at Louisville. fluent with the English is lacking
in spanisn ana nis conversations
... l . u i. : i i i a i
From Saturday's Dally wnu ma auibin are largely cuiiuneii
rv,- firct tin., in o nmhr nf ' me sign language.
V V -- - V -.FX, w I T" . X. - t J L V L
days the office of the clerk of the dis- tuLS" luJL "Z
mil turn i wua; " I discovered hv Mr Tlirris whn was
Other Bargains in Cass
County Farms See
t. h. mimm
by the firm of Green & McReynolds,
plumbing and heating contractors of
Lincoln, from the award made by the
iilenard, the oldest son of Mr.
and Mrs. Chas. Hitt living south of
town, who was badly cut about a
week ago when a pony he was rid
ing, ran into a wire fence, is im
proving. Richard as riding his pony
to scnooi wnen four stray dogs be
gan to bark and nip at the pony.
The horse became frightened and
ran into a wire fence and the bov
was badly cut about the arms and
in connection with this was staging
a radio program by local people and
rnnnlnp" chnrt nt ttia tolant frty tJio
state compensation commissioner in h ,. ,,,, f ttlo
the claim of Mrs. Tillie Jacobs, widow Mexican with the unusually nower-
or u. x jacoDS, ior me aeaui ui " ful tenor voice and sernre.l the
husband at Louisville on May ., youne man for a number. His selec
1929.. Itions eiven in Snanish nroved a real
The defendants named in the ap- hit in the Scottsbluff area and Mr.
1 ir Tan-Ko Uormon W , j , . i . I "
ijcai a. i c ia, """" i riarri.i ueiermineu iaai 11 uossiDie ne I ir v. -
i i. i i r a .l p. o- . I -b "j i-"
i aunuum .n . -. -iii . wuum beiure a. large opiiuriuniiy ior He was taken to the Kehrnslrn
a punuersuip. i ue piaiuuus ow-s- itocna ana wnicn nas now come 10 hnenitoi fu.- v,0 - -;,i f
ll,t V, ---J .to- - ,- o-nlnvii hi- I ' " "'fc -mucin.
iuc uCau noo ... i- CUiF.u,v ullu. n , , , , return ihn
- 1 1 1 a & I . . . . , I ' - ' 1...
oi tt. Cj. raiiKonin as suo-coniraciui i Aiier iue ciose 01 me receni saies iHttpr mrt rf inaf wooir
- .1 V. A-- A rt A Atycr r JP. I in VSc Ww KT TIo- to ntii.n -1 .....
aim i v ii i in x-. v. nun own .ii iiua inj iii i iihi i ij i iii mi. iv i f i i . j r r nnrl u vnnnp'pr con .'t
Cf-.n 4 V. a 41 i f Vi J ci . iinfallVii V) nma at CI ran A Tclnnrl nnrl ect. I . . . . . .
ouu .i i. me mac w. "j uvviuiiiiu. "."" v.... .... m.. i not iar oil wnen tne accident oc
death. That the deceased failed to cured the entrance of Rocha into curred with a team and waenn TTi
exercise the proper precautions ana me Aiwaier-i.eni contest in wmcn team likewise becamp frltrhteneii nni
that in his death the plaintiffs should the young man won first place for he had all he could do to control
presented a very interesting program
The stage had been decorated in
keeping with the harvest and Hal
lowe'en season, and the first num
ber was a spooky song sung by the
pupils of the Eight Mile Grove
school, accompanied by their teacher
Miss Vivian Livingston. As an en
core they sang a marching song. The
little folks sang exceptionally well
and showed the fine training given
them by their teacher. Lela May Hike
gave a recitation, "September," In a
pleasing manner. Misses Dorothy
Yost and Barbara Spangler played a
duet on the piano. These little ladies
showed a very satisfactory advance in
their musical studies. Mrs. C. C.
Barnard read "The Mystery of the
Autumn Leaf," an article quite ap
propriate to the season of the year
Misses Fern and Pearl Spangler, two
young ladies from the neighboring
community of Weeping Watre, play
ed a beautiful duet. Mrs. S. W. Cole
read "A Rhapsody on Corn" which
expressed some splendid thoughts
about this great mid-west . product
Richard Cole gave a humorous read
ing. One of the most' enjoyable num
bers was an instrumental quartet by
Mrs. Roy Cole, piano; Mrs. Clare Fer
ris, violin; Mrs. Elbert Wiles, flute;
Mrs. S. W. Cole, cello. The audience
then gave a number of "Household
Helps," which were both humorous
and helpful. A quartet composed of
Richard Livingston and Louis Sack,
Mynard, Charles and Russei Living- 6.5 Weddings for Each Divorce Grant-
v i) lJiL!ji
Die highest nride
J low price suit
With our Allied buying power,
we have packed more VALUE
than ever into our $20 Bill line.
If price is any object, these fine
Suits will surely interest you.
Marriages in
Nebraska for
Year Increase
ston. Weeping Water, sang a song
not be held responsible but that the the state contestants and is now them while his oldest boy was be- about "0ur NeedinS Good Old Back-
liability if any existed should be on awaiting the national contest at
H. E. Pankonin and the firm of A. O. M-nicago on xoveniDer pna ana aiso
Anderson & Son. iaing a iryoui ior tne urpneum.
Thu p wna hear nt Tiii!avlllft Mr. Mams wiiue nere was very
and Plattsmouth in September and enthusiastic over the possibilities of
anaiu mauc u j kixtz vuui cucatuu i i - - - , , . . . ,
ing injured. Nehawka Enterprise.
and in which he found that there
was no liability on the firm of A. O.
Anderson & Son and assessed the
liability of Green & McReynold3 and
II. E. Pankonin, in the sum of $15
per .week for a period of hun
dred and fifty weeks and with an ad
ded penalty of fifty per cent for past
due payments, dating from May 25th,
It will be remembered that Mr.
fact of his lack of educational op
portunities as he has the natural
gift of voice and an appreciation of
bone," which their hearers liked so
well that the young men had to re
spond with an encore.
Mis Marie Kaufmann of Platts
mouth, then took the audience on a
trip to Europe via the moving picture
route, .which the travelers enjoyed
ed in Year's Time: Mark
Better Than Nation's.
Miss Doris Noyes returned on Wed
nesdav of last week from the AT V.
hospital in Omaha, where she recent- verv mucn. wnne tne screen ana
lv underwent an oDeration for annen- camera were Deing arrangea, -uis
dicitis. She made splendid progress "y -oie ana Airs, i-mert w lies piay-
and trained raDidlv and stood the trio ea some nveiy marcnes.
Lincoln, Nov. 1. Ranked beside
the other states of the union, Ne
braska is shown to be pretty near
normal in the matter of marriage
and divorce.
A department of commerce report.
just issued, states that in 1928 this
state had 9,932 marriages, or 7.05 to
every 1,000 of population. This is an
home very well. Her grandfather.
C. G. Mayfield, went after her in his
PASSES TO TTP.R REWARD car. She is gaining in a very satis
factory manner and will soon be able
As the tired child pillows its head to resume her duties as secretary to
on the bosom of its mother and sleeps Judge Robert J. McNealy in his law
after a day b activities, so another offices in Louisville. Her many
Jacobs was killed while working in death mother In Israel has found rest friends are much pleased to know
Aa"",c "ctjr ' -, ... increase of 1.3 per cent over the pre-
Among the entertainers of the I . voq oo
-.v-.nma- ' a nolr rT Lri trona wnln I "
- rj "" .TI decrease for the nation as a whole
v ii , , . ,, tl,m.M00 Even with that increase, however,
great amusement of the youngsters.
After a Hallowe'en lunch of pump-
the construction of a cess pool at on the bosom of her Savior, after a that the operation was successful I kin pie, doughnuts and coffee, the
Louisville on May 24th, he having long and well-spent Christian life. and that she is making such favor- Marge crowa wenaea meir wty uumc
just recently arrived at Louisville As the sun's rays were shining on I able progress. Louisville Courier.
and was engaged by Mr. Pankonin to Sunday morning to cheer and bright-
tlon's average is 9.85 ceremonies to
every 1,000 population.
Better Than Nation.
For every divorce in Nebraska last
year, there were 6.5 marriages. The
greater ration of divorce to marriage
than the country as a whole. Iowa
had one divorce to every five mar
riages. Iowa had 2 6 marriage annulments
in 1928 against 30 in 1927. Nation
ally there were 4,226 annulments in
1928 against 4,255 in 1927. Cali
fornia accounted for the largest num
ber of annulled marriages with 1,
441 in 1928, compared to 1,629 In
1927. Omaha Bee-News.
-o-l f1l-o- that author pvpnin. I ' c '""E
r'.i:: " :? cr r - united states couid boast o omy
do this work, he being the sub-con
tractor on the job.
en the earth of mankind, came the
setting of the sun for Mrs. Minnie
Huffman,, that took her thru the por-
Crum Thurid-Vi Daily
Father Stanley P. Jones and Mrs.
Jones and the children are leaving
Friday morning at 6 o'clock by auto
marriages to every divorce.
Nebraska's total number of di
vorces was 1,538. That was an in
crease of .2 per . cent from the year
previous. Per 1,000 of population,
the number fo divorces was 2.22
Only 28 annulments took place in
lbU-acre uplanu farm, lays very
tals of eternity to alide with the fine, all in cultivation, some 30 acres
Savior whom she loved so well and in pasture and prairie hay, 5 acres
Mexico City Gen. Antonio Rlos Berved so faithfully. alfalfa, nicely located, close to three
Zertuche. former chief of police in Minnie Keturah Hawker, was born gooa marKet towns, anout tne center ror Muscatine, lowa, wnere a atner the state during 1928, compared with
Mexico City, narrowly escaped death September 9tn, 186, at Briagewater, wiue cuumy. rseurassa, nines jones is io -ue c nurse ui a a,sc 33 the year before.
by assassination Friday at his hav- Somersetshire. England, and passed J graveiea roaa, iair set oi iarra episcopal parisn at mat piace. me
ienda near Monclova in the state of away. Oct. 27. 1929. puuaings. win sell at a real oar- new cnarge is one or tne very nnesi
l 1 - m 1 . -r i a t . 1 1
rhiiilr. Twr. hniictci T.i0r-Ofi hi When thirteen vears of aee she ana on gooa iavorame terms, in eastern lowa wun a large ciiurcu
ht -rt thra nth-- tninV hia ,it- with her narenta came to America. rice -i,wu. -an give possession
mobile of seven nlstol shots fired bv locating at Burlington. Iowa. Here March 1st if interested phone Bel
" I avlia 1 vn M I ii
4K- -ccollo-t I cVi onnf nnad litr cHn-Dlnn crrn riiifit I c.u voo
n r 1 T-l.- I l.J l J. I.... U. f.nm lh titirh onhnnl ot oltv I - XV XT , I tllVCJ,
ucuciui iiiua ia asiug iiiciius iici j iu6 n-u- mu i i-.ov l-oi.Of. t pi-ttc TCeh
lo uigH lue luemueui iu give mill I -v ictv jcoid iaici nicu -.1
. . . i I . j -. i . XT
guarantees oi saiety gave tne name ems, inoveu io -iu. uuuijr, ncuiw Hillard Orissmin and chil-
and parish and a splendid parish
home for the rector and family.
The many friends here in this city
are regretting very much to see the
very able rector and his family leave
this city and during the present week
the Jones family have been guests at
Reno Is Gretna Green.
Nevada became a mecca not only
for divorce, but for marriage during
the year 1928, the record shows. A
California three-day notice law in
fluenced many couples to hie for
While the rest of the country re
ported a net decrease of 1.5 per cent
oi nis atacKer as jesus verauzco dui -a, sue cauie wnu lueiu i-hub iul dren Tnneline in.1 Ttnbhie were
did not explain the attack further. them until they were called home. Mphwic th mt fw rinvi to
He was a close friend of the late November 21st, 1883. the deceased
uenerai uoregon ana was nmea was unitea in marriage iu juseyu Grassman, Richard Hitt, who aws of the greatest loss In the departure by the western commonwealth.
a number of the homes of the mem- I in marriages, Nevada turned in a 73
bers of the St. Luke's parish here and I per cent Increase. A 54 per cent In-
Grapes, $1 per bushel, also grape
Juice, 75 cent a gallon. Bring con
tainer. Call C. Carlman farm, 4213.
chief of police immediately after the Huffman, "who passed to the Great injured some days ago
former president was assassinated in Beyond, Jury -tn, 1919.
July last year. He conducted the in- Four children came to bless this
vestigation which led to the etecu union. They are John of Plainview,
tion of Jose Leon Toral for the mur- Nebraska r Daisy, Lillian and Wil
der of Obregon and resigned his po- Ham who still reside on the home
lice post some months ago. I place, five and one half miles south
east of Elmwood.
TREASURER IS ARRESTED When quite young Mrs. Huffman
united with the Congregational
Flint, Mich. Bunnell G. Bowles, church of which she was a faithful
Genesee county treasurer for the past member until called to meet her Sav-
seven years, was under arrest on a ior and the dear ones gone before.
charge of embezzlement Friday while I Mrs. Huffman was a quiet unas-
state officials were earring a special! sum woman, who was ever ready to
audit of his books at the request of I lend a hand of assistance in alleviat-
the board of supervisors. ihg pain or sorrow. In her quiet way
Bowles appeared before a special she did what she could for the corn-
committee of the board of supervisors fort of others. Be it said of her, she
Friday morning and denied there has fought life's battles as best she
were any irregularities. He refused could, leading a life in conformity to
to resign. He was arrested after his the teachings of her Master, and she
interview with the committee on a has entered Home to be with those
complaint charging him with con-lwhom she loved and lost awhile and
verting $494,000 county funds to his to be with her Savior whom she
own use by placingfhe sum in his loved and served so faithfully.
personal bank account. Arraigned She leaves to mourn her departure
Friday afternoon before Justice her two daughters, her two sons and
Frank W. Cain. Bowles demanded I their wives, one grandchild, other
an examination which was set for relatives, and a host of friends.
Nov. 8. I The funeral services were held at
the Methodist church Tuesday after-
FILES TO COLLECT NOTE noon conducted by Rev. J. A. Klein,
pastor of the church. Music was fur-
From Saturday Dan I niahed by Mrs. Harry Tolhurst, Miss
An action has been filed in the Lubertha Klein, Wm. Skeen and Ken-
office of the clerk of the district neth Boyd, with Mrs. Ghy Clements
court in which the Farmers & Mer- at the piano.
of the family. In their new home
Father and Mrs. Jones and their fam
ily will carry the very best wishes
of the host of friends in tne community.
The American Legion at Elmwood
met in reerular session Thursday, Oct.
24, and elected officers for the com- partment or commerce show,
Washington, Nov. 1. Iowa kept
pace with the rest of the nation in
showing a decrease of marriages for
1928, but reversed the general trend
toward increased divorces, figures re
leased today by the United States De-
chants Bank of Ashland is the plain
tiff" and William Reiser et al., the
defendants. The suit is for the col
lection of $4,500 alleged to be due
on a note made by the defendants,
which note was made and delivered
to Eddie S. Dean and by him later
sold to the plaintiff bank.
Enterment was made in the Elm-
wood cemetery. Elmwood Leader-
Near home of John T. Porter
northwest of Murray. Notify John T.
Porter, Murray, or D. B. Porter,
Union. ltw
Registered two-year-old Shorthorn
bull, $125.-- Elbert Wiles, Platts-"
mouth, Nebr. o28-tfw
Always something: of interest in
the Journal Want Ad department
Buff Orpington roosters for sale.
S. T. Gllmour. n4-tfsw
Phone you news to the Journal
SLIPPERY streets, a skid,
a swerve, and the fist of
fate sends yonr auto thru
the fence. An inevitable
You may hit a pedes
trian or another
anto. You may have
a serious financial
loss or law suit un
less insured.
Complete automobile insur
ance secured from this
agency will keep you out of
trouble. Phone today!
Searl S. iavis
Farm Loans and Lands
ine year, as follows:
Commander Emmett J. Uook.
Adjutant Spencer M. Leger.
Finance Officer Guy L. Clements.
Chaplain Oscar Bates.
Activity Officers Thor Boyles, Or-
lev D. Clements.
The Legion boys have tneir ciud
room nicely fixed up with walls ana
ceiling nicely painted and a new stove
has been purchased. The boys expect
to have some enjoyable meetings tne
coming year and hope all ex-soldiers
of the world war will come into the
Tocr.-n nnp hundred per cent, and
make the Elmwood post a real live
wire post.
Regular meetings will be neia on
the third Thursday of each montn.
In spite of the fact that its di
vorces decreased by 3.5 per cent from
1927 to 1928, however, Iowa had a
The editor called to the Dr. 1.
Van Fleet, who is at the St. Eliza
beth's hospital at Lincoln, as a result
of Injuries which were received when
he was hit by an auto several weeks
ago. The doctor is doing as well as
could be expected with injuries of so
serious a nature. He said that he ex
pected to be released from the cast
which has kep him bed-fast for many
days about the first of this month.
The doctor has been- in the min
istry for many years, was presiding
elder for many years and served his
church in many important offices.
He has especially been active in
building churches in his charges and
was a large contributor to them. He
has done a wonderful work and his
friends wherever he has been are le
gion. The editor with these many
friends are hoping for his complete1
recovery and that he will soon be
able to be about as usual. He has
been especially good to the children
and we were greatly impressed with
the beautiful flowers sent by them
from his neighborhood as an appre
ciation of what he had done for
them. Elmwood Leader-Echo.
Lost Disc wheel with 32x6 U. S.
tire attached. Tire almost new. Lost
on Louisville-Greenwood road Thurs
day, October 24. Reward to finder.
Louisville, Neb.
Charles McGuire, Jr., departed this
morning for Omaha after a visit
here with his parents and taking
treatment for his health which has
been poorly.
i i i i
Thomas Walling Company
Abstracts of Title
Phone 324 - Plattsmouth
T-.T..Ti ...
Prom Fridays Dally
T.nat eveniner C. E. Hartford of
this city received a message irom
Mrs. Hartford, who for the past sev
eral davs has been at Boone, Iowa,
at the bedside of her father, A. Bel
ter, announcing that the fatner naa
Dassed away late yesterday aiter-
noon. ine aeain 01 wr. jeitc -naa
nnt unexDected as he has been very
poorly for months and at his age of
eighty-two years there was very lit
tle hope of his recovery. Mr. Hart
ford' expects to leave this evening j
for Boone to Join his wire ana re
main over for the funeral services
which will be held Saturday aner
noon. In her bereavement Mrs.
Hartford will have the deepest sym
pathy of the many friends in this
Phone your news to No. 6..
calls for good gloves and mit
tens, and we are keeping up our
reputation for handling: good,
heavy stock.
You'll find the best mitten you
can buy is the cheapest when the
last load is elevated. Price range
as follows
Mitts 51.75 to $Z25
Gloves $2.00 to $2.35
"Boss" "Fairfield" "Winona"