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MONDAY. NOV. 4. 1929.
Alvo News
Earl West and the family were
over to Lincoln on last Wednesday,
where they were visiting for the day
as well as looking after jsome busi
ness matters.
Simon Rehmeyer who has been
purchasing ear corn and having fill
ed his crib, shelled it out last week
and now has the crop ready for all
who may desire t ohaul in ear corn.
This repeated filling and shell ing
of the crib corn by Mr. Rehmeyer 13
a great accommodation for those who
have a little more corn than crib
The rains of the past week have
materially Interfered In the comple
tion of the spreading of the gravel
cm the road leading to the DLD north
of Alvo, and at the same time put the
road both north and south in very
bad condition. With the return of
some good drying sunshiny weather,
however, the roads can be gotten into
condition for the closing in of the
winter season.
New Rules to
Govern Basket
ball Tourney
Entertained for Sunday.
On last Sunday, Mr. and Mrs.
-Simon Rehmeyer entertained for the
day and dinner and they with their
guests enjoyed the day most splen
didly. There were there for the occa
sion Fred Rehmeyer and family of
Weeping Water, Chris Rasmussen
and family, also of Weeping Water,
Mrs. Andrew Rehmeyer and daugh
ter May of Omaha.
Select Two Good Men.
In the selection for the petit jury
for the fall term of the district court
to be held in Plattsmouth, the selec
tions from Alvo were Frank L. Ed
wards and W. J. Althouse, and win
E.-ve in this capacity. The selections
are as good as could have been made
and no one can help but admire the
honesty of these two gentlemen in
the settling of the cases which ir.ight
come before them.
Schools Are to Be Reclassified
the State Before Annual
State Classic
Stock Hauling
I have a station at Greenwood for
Hauling by Truck service. We will
give special attention to your needs
day or night. Very careful handling
cf Stock and Goods. Call Phone 40,
Greenwood, cr Murdock, for best of
service. Your patronage appreciated.
Need of 'Iron' 7
in School is
Told Teachers
That there be not more than 32
District Tournaments for Class "C"
schools only, on February 2S and
March 1. Of this group, the Winners
and Runners-cp to be eligible to
compete in the . Regional Tourna
ments. Class "A" and "B" schools
also to be eligible to compete at the
Regional Tournaments: that there
be not more than 16 Regional'Tour
naments. These tournaments to be
held on March 7 and 8; the Winners
and Runners-up of each Regional
Tournament to compete at the State
Tournament; this group of 32 teams
eligible to attend the State Tourna
ment, to be classified into "A" and
"B" -Classes and to compete on March
13. 14 ?nd 15, for their Class Cham
pionships. Under the above plan all Class
"C" schools are those schools with
a total enrollment of 100 or less:
Class "B" schools, all schools with
total enrollment of 101 to 25V;
Class "A" schools, all schools' with
total enrollment of over 250.
The above plan further indicates
that this will meet with the approval
of z. vast number of schools that had
asked for classification cn basis of
enrollment. Thus the first round of
tournaments will find schools com
peting on an equal bsis. This plan
of admitting the winners and run-l.ers-up
to the Regicnals will . pro
vide a means for approximately 64
of the strongest. Class "C" schools
t'. compete for honors with the Class
"A" and "B" schools -in the Reg
ional. The Regional Tournaments
should find approximately 04 Class
Santa Fe, X. M., Oct. 30. Santa
Fe soon will witness the largest and
strongest -funeral procession ever to
wend its ' way through the narrow
streets of this old city. The bodies of
212 soldiers are to be reburied in
the National cemetery here.
Superintendent G. W. Rose of the
National cemetery Tuesday received
orders to request bids on receiving
and burying the bodies of the Amer
ican soldiers which will be disinter
red from the cemetery at Fort Apache
In eastern Arizona. The bodies are
those of veterans of the civil, Spanish-American,
Mexican and Indian
Millions of
Aid in Lift
Reason Ship
Sank Undeter
mined as Yet
Number of Persons Dead in Lake
Disaster Is Set at Sixteen
After Hearing.
Kenosha, Wis. A federal inquiry
failed to ascertain Wednesday the
reason why the steamer Wisconsin
sank, but it fixed definitely at six
teen, the number of persons who died
in the wreck.
Because the chief officer went
down with the passenger-freight boat
Tuesday morning off this port, Fred
Men. government inspector at De
troit, said he did not think it likely
the cause of the disaster could be as
certained. Ke did learn" from Harvey
Lyon, the pursuer, that there were
75 aboard. Of these, 15 died, 19
were injured and 40 were unhurt.
Disposing of testimony affirming
the seaworthiness of the boat, the
inquiry turned to the work of res
Oil-Croesus Buying Bargains Stead
ily; Close Exchange Friday,
Saturday for Best.
New York, Oct. 30. A gigantic
concentration of the country's most
powerful financial forces, headed by
the J. P. Morgan and Rockefeller
interests, threw buying support into
the securities market Wednesday and
brought about one of the most im
pressive rallies on record.
The action effectively checked the
waves of hysterical selling.
Prices of scores of issues on the
New York stock exchange rallied $5
to 40 a share, with similar recov
eries on the New York curb exchange
and other leading securities markets,
and in the prices of bank stocks and
other unlisted securities.
New York stock exchange sales to
taled 10.727,320 shares. Total curb were 3,809,200 shares.
See Crisis Past.
Governors of the New York stock
exchange, apparently acting on the
theory that the stock market crisis
had passed and that confidence had
been restored, ordered the exchange
closed on Friday and Saturday, and
elayed Thursday's opening until
This action was taken to. give
brokerage house employes a much
needed rest.
Johnson City, Tenn., Oct. 30.
Three officers were wounded, one
seriously, near here Wednesday af
ternoon when their automobile was
riddled by bullets fired from ambush.
The officers were Sheriff J. B.
Worley of Washington county. Sher
iff Sam Coin of Unicoin county, and
Deputy W. M. Barnett of UniToin
county. . ,
Barnett was shot through the
body and physicians here held little
hope for his recovery. The other
two officers were only slightly
Talk of Pros
perity is Called
Harmful to All
Senator Robinson Comes to Front
With Own Theory Regarding
Plunge of Prices.
Washington President Hoover
and other "prophets and high priests
of American prosperity" were blam
ed Wednesday night by Senator Rob
inson, of Arkansas, the democratic
leader, for the stock market plunge
and for failure to take prompt steps
to check it.
In a written statement, the demo
cratic spokesman said confidence
would return and stocks would re
cover, but he laid the beginning of
the trouble to the "repeated optimis
tic statements" of Calvin Coolidge,
Herbert Hoover and Serretarv Mellon
John D. Rockefeller, sr., patriarch in the reDublican DrosDeritv cam-
of American financiers, emerged from naien
"If the foundation of the belief of
ruined investors was faith in the
strong position of American indus- j
try," he said, "it is also true that
the nrnnhets nnil YA&h nriccte of
r i i j
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:z f1 K jfcJFVf Eancy Chocolate Covered Cherries AH '
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a retirement of IS years Wednesday
to support banking interests to bring
order out of chaos in the securities
Rockefeller Buying,
Mr. Rockefeller issued a statement American prosperity, represented by
setting forth that he and his son, no less personalities than a former
Til? A ?TTTT DFITT??D Linko brand
rand. 41
34-oz. jar jl ,
cuing. From Capt. Alfred Christo-
"C" schools, 136 Class "B" schools n-herson of the Kenosha coast guard
and 40 Class "A" schools, or a total came a simply told story of how he
of 240 to 250 teams competing in and his men working with fishermen !jQhn D. jr.. have for some days been president of the United States, the
the Kegional Tournaments. t rom
this group, 32- teams of the strong
est calibre should emerge to com
pete for State Championship Honors.
It is possible under this plan that
a team might compete in three tour
naments; however, the vast majority
of teams will not have over two
tournaments of competition. Thi
should meet with the approval of
school men wh6 have indicated their
desire that the number of tourna
ments be limited. In designating the
large number of District . arid Reg
ional Tournaments the Board indi
cated that this plan will provide ac-
f I1I7 flj Finest quality virgin oil.
lLii V jlLs 4-oz. table bottle
23c i
More Thorough and Disciplined
Teaching Probably Greatest
Aid, Educator Declares,
Kearney, Oct. 31. American
schools need a little in their educa
tional systems, said Edgar V. Knigh
of the University of South aCroIina
during his address before the district
teachers' convention here on "The
Danger of Fads."
"More thoroughness and bet
ter standards," he asserted, "is
our greatest want."
Changes may mean progress, he
went on to say, but then again they
may not. There are many complaints
now that standards have been low
cred and the value of discipline de
"It seems the fashion, he
stated, "to believe now that a
thorough and systematic knowl
edge of a subject is likely to
crush the student's initiative.
The word 'obedience' has become
unfasionable. The student who
rebels against doing anything is
commended for his independ
ence. . . T
"It may be seriously questioned.
whether the modern educational doc
trine for freedom has not been car
ried to a dengorous extreme," he said
adding that "probably the greatest
heed of American students at thi
time is for more thorough and dis
ciplined teaching.
"The ideals governing educa
tion today are reflected in adult
life tomorrow. If the ideals in
schol lack virility, it is not rea
sonable to look for robust ideals
outside of school. t
"Perhaps modern education needs
to have injected into its theory and
practice a little iron," he mused in
Friday Dr. Knight speaks at the
Holdrege division of the teachers'
Chicago, of course, still has a
"murderer's row," but a postcard ad
dressed to the Cubs will not reach It.
Household Goods
One Electric Washer; 3 good Pianos
(one a player) priced from $50 to
$200; 4 Kitchen Cabinets, $7.50 to
$20; 5 Kitchen Ranges, $12.50 to
15; 3 Laundry Stoves, $4.50 to $10;
4 Duofolds, $12.50 to $20; one Bed
Davenport, $20. Beds, Dressers, Mat
tresses, Springs, etc.
Ghrist Furniture Co.
Telephone 645
and guardsmen at Racine saved
Launch Is Imperiled.
While a packed hearing room lis
tened intently, he explained that
twice the launch in which he went to
the rescue had been imperilled by
the huge waves as first a rope tossed
from the Wisconsin and then the
underwear of a survivor became en
tangled in the propellor.
Guided by flarest on the sinking
ship after receiving its SOS, the
launch drew up alongside the Wiscon
sin, he said, but had to move away
cessible tournaments to every team Us it nearly was crushed beneath the
in the state at a minimum distance I larger ship. ,
of travel. While there are more I "They threw us a line, and we got
tournaments, yet it will reduce the it all right, but the end got in our
Hze of each ' individual tournament,- wheel. I hollered to get it away from
enabling each local center to better theme, afraid It would spill-the whole
accommodate the teams aod.crpw.d outfit. Finally the propellor cut the
purchasing sound common stocks and secretary of the treasury and the for-
would continue to do so as "there mer secretary of commerce, now prec
is nothing in the business situation ident, contributed by unduly and re-
to warrant the destruction of values peated optimistic statements to the
that has taken place on the exchange creation of enthusiastic, if not f ren-
during the past week." zied ventures in stock.
Leading New York bankers held Savs Steps Inadecmate.
tender tips. No. 2 can JC
two short informal conferences in
the offices of J. P. Morgan & Co
again Wednesday,, but apart from a
"The good faith of these gentle
men may not be impugned except
insofar as their zeal is justly attrib-
ider, small. 2 cans
and- reimburse nnancially to. a
greater, extent the . expenses of these '
line but we did not have much power
because part o f it was wrapped
teams. This plan should eliminate, around the shaft. The boat just about
early, the poorer teams, yet provide
a means for the stronger .teams to
continue competition. It provides
also. a fair and just method for the
small school to compete for Class
"A" honors.
Censure of
Bingham is With
held by Norris
got thrown on top of us so we ran
"I reasoned this way: 'If we go
alongside we might pick up a half
dozen men and some might drop off
while jumping.' I said, 'I guess I'll
hang out. If she goes before day
light we'll get some. I had judged
by the way she rolled she would hold
out until morning.' " State Journal.
Omaha Announcement by Sen
ator Norris of intention to run for
renomination as a republican brought
professions of support and opposition
from members of the republican party
in Omaha. Some republicans, who
said they did not want their names
in print, said this was an opportune
time for an outstanding democrat to
Eesolution Not Introduced, Pending
Conferences of Mutual Friends:
May Bring Explanation.
Washington, Oct. 31. An over
night -truce was in effect tonight win
as mutual friends of Senator Eing- District Court Clerk Robert Smith
nam iLonn.) and . Norris (Neb. J strong Norris supporter, who orposes
sought to bring about an understand- him in the primary or the election
ing between the two which would Many shining lights of the repub
prevent presentation of the Norris lican party have not always support
resolution proposing sensure of Bing- ed the republican ticket
nara- Former Congressman Jeffries said
Senator Reed (rep., Pa.) voluntar- he was for S. R. McKelvie
uy intervened today-when the Ne- "it's a republican row." said Ar
braska senator aame into the senate thur F. Mullen, democratic national
chamber with his resolution asking committeeman. "Let them settle it."
condemnation of Bingham for .his ' 'i'm not for Norris, but I believe
relations witn tne Connecticut juanu- . he can lick any candiadte," salcl
lacturers' association of the tariff j George W. Pratt.
legislation. ... Mayor Dahlman opined that "Nor
No Sign of Recession. - Iris will be a "hard man to beat
Neither ol the principals would
discuss the proposal tonight, pending MICHAELS0N TO DODGE CHARGES
runner comerences witn rrienas, out
the Nebraskan by withholding his Washington, Oct. 30. Further
resolution snowea nis intent to give action will not be taken against Rep
any predictions for
maha Bee-News.
the fu-
brief statement expressing approval Utable to the desire for that Partisan
of the stock exchange closing. They political advantage which is so often
made no official comment on the day's derived from real or fancied business
developments. - conditions. Had the democratic party
Reports received by bankers indi- been In Dower when the slumo on
cated a distinct improvement in the tne stock exchange occurred, the
situation, but they again declined to ruinous results would have been
charged by republican leaders to the
financial policies of the administra
Whatever cause may have con
tributed to the trouble it must be
admitted that neither the president,
the secretary of the treasury, (the
greatest since Alexander Hamilton,!
we are told), nor any other leader
or agent of the administration took
adeauate steps to prevent the col
lapse which they should have known
must follow the orgy of speculation
stimulated by their utterances: nor
were any appropriate steps promptly
taken to stay or check the recession
when it passed belof the same eco
nomic level the level established by
the due and proper influences of the
capital involved and the earning!
Talks of Farm Problem.
After calling attention to troubles
of the agricultural and other indus-
A A Q Sifted Early June. Sxeet,
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A-. i. ruLse anywnere. o large boxesfccw jj
St. Paul's ' Evangelical Sunday
school will hold a bazaar and food
sale in The church parlors on Satur
day', Nov. 9. Lunch will be served.
Fremont Man
Finally United
with Family
Had Tried for 6 Years to Gain Ad-
ittance to TJ. S. of Mother
and 4 Children.
Where You Wait on Yourself
Telephone No. 42
Fremont After striving
M. Alired . Michaelson (R.) of Illi
nois in connection with charges he
brought liquor into the port of Key
West, nearly a year ago, it was an-
the Connecticut senator an opportun
ity to make a statecent of explan
ation to the senate. Norris indicated
he would prefer not to present the
resolution if Senator Bingham would nouueed late Wednesday bv the De-
explain. - partment of Justice
Uespite the day of conferences, Michaelson was tried and ocauit-
there was no Indication that Bing- ted by a federal jury at Jacksonville
ham would recede from his position, about six'mcnths ago when his bro-
He would sav onlv that out of re- tner-in-iaw, v alter Craram. a Chi
snect for his friends In the senate he cago coal dealer, testified he had ar
had the matter under consideration. ranged for bringing the liquor into
Woric.V.W VUiA .-..tne states in .Micnaeison s trunks.
c,.,,. , ' - Gram.m a few weeks ago pleaded
Mnn n: rbnit-mnn nf the InHicinrv ""1' A" '-"-"ec "S":auy maue
- - rft Incrainet Mlrhaolsnn
lw T. I V. 1 .1 i.j Ts 1 I - lJlJKJ
He was fined
mittee which investigated Bingham . t f r, hinr t.d
and which committee, the Connect!- ment cf Justice ofScials say, the case
cut senator contended in the senate.
was studied. Following Gramm's
was "framed aeainst any friend of pIea and sentence, it was decided to
the administration." drop the Michaelson matter.
It was understood that Norris
felt that Bingham should explain to
the senate both his ' views over the
use of a salaried employe of the Con-
neticut Manufacturers' association to
help him in writing the tariff bill,
and also clarify his statement that
Norris had "framed', the lobby com
mittee against him: World-Herald.
WEEKLY FOR $100,000
New York, Oct. 3i. Declaring it
published a picture and article in
which it was stated he wore a beard
to "confuse people." Albeit Hirsch-
field, artist, has entered a $100,000
James Doyle, one of the employes J variety it was revealed Thi,
of the Burlingtonwas at Omaha to- iy' vanely. " as revealed Thurs
day where he was called to look af
ter some ' work there for a short
tide., returning horn this afternoon.
Phone yenx Joh Printing
!To. 6. Prompt service.
order to
tripe: Pnhincnn enirl t Vi rp tifirt Tippn a
for SIX I Afnr(ine.a in t h r niirr-liacinf nmvpr nf '
r ji tt5 - p r
eel States, til lilliner, wno came iieie "PnnMniPA will return ami stocks
from Poland in January, lyzt, was win recOYer so that their price3 will
Wednesday reunited with his wife h. fa, riatinnhin tr nr-tiui
and four children, one of whom he Talues These conditions and results,
Had never seen. howpvpr. mav bpst. hp nrnmnteri hv
LnaDie to understand ingnsn, on- Frank recoenition of the certaintvi
tner, upon landing in America, gave thaf nnprvtif.n wil snprsP(1(1 rprk-
answer to a question concerning his iessness in business affairs and that
Situation Said
to he Serious
stitute the -ultimate aim of An
gora's systematic persecutions."
Greece Charge Violation of Lan
sanne Treaty To Ap
peal to Leajrne
family which led immigration offi
cials to believe he was single. Later
when he applied for the right to have
his family enter the country he was
informed that the records showed him
to be a single man and the applica
tion denied. He then sought to get a
certificate of marriage, but the new
Polish government refused to recog
nize records made under the old gov
this may seem some shinkage in the
volume of business transacted for a
considerable time." State Journal.
Athens The Turoc-Grecian dis
pute is assuming a more serious
aspect in consequence of the difficult
ties the Angora Government is said
to be raising against Greek vessels
traversing the Dardanelles and the
Bosporus by the application of "un
justified formalities." The Christian
Science Monitor's representative
learns from a semi-of5eial source
that the Greek Government will
shortly apply to the League of
Grand Island, Neb. With East St
Loufs, 111., officers failing to find his
body or automobile, the belief is
Stowing mat me buiaae uuie irii uu .. nrntPtin ntminct n
n immigration visa was obtained - f "" Iar alleged breach as well as against
r. TTnitcH 5tatpa vprnmpnt by paul J- Hartsough, local automo- th seizure r,f r,rfr nrnr,o-t,v.c
A. A UA r.v.w - - " I , . , - , , t " V' 1 . V
and thru efforts of the Polish coun- "lie aeaier was a noax. which is said to be wholly contrary
sul Bittner's marriage record was . -ueanwmie aumonues ait ; ceuiei- to jhe accords existing between the
finlW .crtificH Thl hnwpver. d rt '"S "vuSauuu uu d uijcmuus tv,o countries.
not end Bittner's difficulties. Money chanic, employed by Hartsougb, and These measures against the Greeks
which he sent his family for trans- on a Iost can About two weeks ago are considered to be arbitrary and
nortation expenses was lost but was tlttllsouBu yusieu a s,iSn m ms. m- inegai. it is cieciarea. necatice th
ir,, ot,h fmmii cpvpra 1 weeks later. mecnanic wanteu, anu, ac- conventions nave .ijstinctly ruled cut
s the family concluded preparations coraing 10 ouiceis, xie mreu a biraus- inis mmiv ol estimating tne proper-
fnr fVio Innrrsv r,np ftf thp Children I L " 11";' " ! -i" o.-c l"u.:i 1 ' -
became ill and further delay resulted. caunt in an" "F",11?? Xl
.ii a. liniiici auu iiir ivui l vi
finii nrriv0H ir, vr,rk last Fri- " nao a good car, tne man is s-reeue
Lincoln, Nov. 1. Thirty-one addi
tional arrests for game law violations
which were made during the closing
days of the-pheasant season, were re
ported Friday by State Warden Frank
O'Connell. The season closed Thurs
day evening.
The 31 hunters arrested paid fines
totaling $396 and $113 in damages.
Eleven of the arrests were for hunt
ing without a permit, seven for
shooting after sunset and six for
shooting pheasants outside cf those
counties in which the season was
opened. The others were varied in
fractions of the law.
- Atlantic. Ia.. Oct. 30. Donald
Minor of Atlantic has been elected
master councilor of the newly formed
district association of De Molays. or
ganized recently when representa
tives of Red Oak. Creston and At
lantic chapters met here. Gerald Rey
nolds of Red Oak was named senior
councilor and Dale Custer of Creston
was elected district junior councilor.
Howard Lorenzen was appointed
scribe for the district.
I ..,..,i i, v. mL.i Itn assure Ki!ih navn-ert
-tt- .i atq ,i.0 Vilr1rpn Mar- icvwicu iu i.tx 1 c oaiu, v-uuiu mo .
Jfm t! tel Mi,hel eiLht- " amuel $2,000 a week. When a young worn- Thus Greece has deposited in ad-
A' L'vpn and Mosko Ber six an employe remonstrated against his vance with the International Flnan-
Aron, seven, and Mosko Ber, six, th ff. Mrs Hartsoueh clal Commission C 500.000 for that
ctnivHci thru their first dav in an presence in tne onice, urs. riartsougn .......
! V. 1 CTA Tniirnll I
resort to reprisals.
! discharged
Vtpp linchanrl Hut thrit nicrht a new
, ' - " - i r. .i:,..- t.
Velie rnr disa Tinea rerl tnether with U,CT" ienv- i.,-i:uf mui ap
L, , .. ' . , reprisals as an international illegal
Stockholm An airplane Dignt n.o ti.,i rt latL '""" lu prcvciu
- . . I ItlUlU lu ioiniiii, uiu "J- ,. ,., , . ; ,I 1, J ; .. . I
V, -r,rl from Swpflen PY .1. i. i humuuh.- U) llll-
u.ui.u i. vv ' ' - - i mh IliPLL Ul Lilt: Ldl - I; . ... . l . . . . .
way of Siberia. Kamchatka. Alaska Tal hank(.rs Ml(1 it wolll(1 take ""' . "A"" ,u l"e
-v. .. v... a-o,l. Z . :. . . . ol me .ear r.uii.
anu-ew iofms pwutu "-" " , . I months to unravel all the entangled Tt u renorted that the te-ct r.f tin
fnh 4 TA- n-lnn IJ i-t Tt" t I T fTi n Ci fl III f ' . . . . I ' " "
-"uV1' wu,6",.!' "a,":r ,J 7 Z1 Claims, mru mortgages ana otner letter to the League is bt in? prepared
t n o nvmcr on nnoi i r i n hii. i n lu.. i i a z. t r-.,,i .n rv v a i. . ..... .
bankers have recovered some of their sidered probable that in conse-iuence
cars, but are minus six of them
southern Tirovince of Scania. Count
Hamilton is a descendant of Scottish
noblemen who settled in Sweden sev
eral centuries ago.
The Swedish, army flier, Goesta An-
dree, has arrived at Cape Town,
South Africa, on his flight from
Stockholm. Andree. flying a Brit
ish' plane, hopped off from the Swed
ish capital on Sept. 19. and stopped
t oCnenhagen. Berlin, Cairo, Knart-
tum, Victoria, Nyanza and Living
stone. After overhauliug his macmue
he will return to Stockholm by th
same route.
Plate supper and program given at
of this application, (he Lengue will
take over the solution of the Creo-
Turkish dispute in its entirety ns it
did in the Grcco-Bulgar incident.
The parers report new and grave
District 42, Tuesday, Nov. 5th. Ev- seizures of Greek estates in Constan
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Mauley" News Items
I have a good registered Red Poll
ed bull for sale and a good one
Manley, Neb.
Cream Station
I have taken ever the Cream
Station cf the Omaha CoH
oicrairc Co.. and am located at
my home in Manley across from
the Blacksmith shop.
Highest prices paid for Cream.
Produce and Esss. Most cour
teous treatment to all.
Anton Auersvald
Manley, Neb.