The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, October 31, 1929, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    THURSDAY, OCT. 21, 1929.
Oc plattsmoutb journal
Entered at Postoffice, Plattsmouth, Neb., as second-class mail matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Subscribers living in Second Postal Zone, $2.50 per year. Beyond
;ot miles. $3.00 per year. Rate to Canada and foreign countries,
$3.50 per year. All subscriptions are payable strictly in advance.
Today is Navy Day. We enter upon
the eighth year of Navy Day cele
bration. The American people stead
ily have been impressed with the sig
nificance and importance of this -oc
casion, and never in the history of
the republic was its observance of
more importance than in this year of
We Increasingly have grown as a
people to have a better understanding
I of the purposes of the navy, what It
means, or should mean, to the Nation
At last Albert B. Fall has reaped
the full harvest of disgrace and pun
ishment which he sowed by his crim
inal actions. He has been found
guilty of receiving a $100,000 bribe
from Edward L. Doheny, oil magnate,
while sitting in the President's Cab
inet as Secretary of the Interior, as
a consideration for the lease of Gov
ernment oil lands. For once an oil
case Jury refused to be swayed by
sentiment. Neither the melodramatic
four-and-a-half-hour appeal by Fall's
Albert B. Fall has been convicted.
Kraut and spare-ribs are in order
Yum! Yum!
Senator Norris is right to the front
in Washington.
L-t no guilty man escape!" But
many of them do.
Is thp tariff bill to be thrown over
board? It looks it.
. :o:
Don't nuarrel with the cook until
after you have dined.
Don't be too sure you are right,
bi-fore you make a -mistake.
One may as well take it easy, next
yar all the politics you want.
Home training and home rule are
the factors of national safety.
, :o:
Now is the time the wiseheads
make th ir Christmas selections.
If you are easily bored don't get
into the habit of talking to yourself.
It Is a little early for politics, but
the election next year will be a hot
McKelvie is Hoover's candidate to
beat Norris, and he may do it, no
Some people who are virtuous, and
yet unable to get rich, feel that they
are doubly cheated.
Anybody with a good voice has a
chance to be a radio announcer. Oth
ers can sing or speak over the air.
California s suicide rate is IS per
cent above the national average,
Florida will have to go some to rival
Some Senators want to make it a
crime to buy whisky. Yes, and why
not make it punishable by death to
borrow it from friends.
A Chicago woman says her hus
band pave her a dime a day to run
the house. She didn't tell how much
she saved out of it, however.
:o: :
Is politics worth while? That is a
question often asked. It is for each
persons to make his own answer, af
ter considering all of the facts.
Often a fly buzz-
Don't get too gay.
ing around.
Trade at home and you know what
you are buying.
Doheny homes next. If they dare
to prosecute him.
Diligence wins even when to
misguided purpose.
Thanksgiving not far off, and the
price of turkeys advancing.
Aotning succeeds so well as suc
cess. It Is like a trump card.
:o: v
Human nature is a good guide.
More followers
would be better.
We can not do without our politics.
but they can be made respectable.
Don't think that a man takes every
fool's advice because he ask3 yours.
Our merchants have Btocked up
with a view of a big fall and winter
The massacres in Palestine of Jew
ish settlers arousing the indignation
of civilization.
Money is what talks in these-election
days and there are republicans
in Nebraska that want Senator Nor
ris defeated, but not by McKelvie.
Rodney Dutcher reports that one
of the chief results of the Shearer
naval investigation is a greatly in
creased sentiment of Congress for
having the government build all of
its warships in its own naval yards.
Our merchants are already getting
ready for Christmas only two
months in the distance.
A fortune awaits the genius who
can succeed in crossing the homing
pigeon with the umbrella.
The greatest height above sea level
is not so great as the greatest depth
that has been probed below it.
Never mind if business does grow
a little dull during the summer. Just
see how the nation is improving its
golf stroke.
A- research institution for promo
tion of aviation is to be founded at
Akron, Ohio. Lighter than air craft
will be specially considered.
An automobile manufacturer says
touring will be done at 100 miles an
hour in ten years. Drivers apparently
are going to slow down a little.
George Bernard Shaw tells that he
is going Just the opposite way to
that he was brought up as to social
customs. This is indeed thrilling.
Now Increasing evidence comes
that the senate raid on financial rack
eteers is to be thorough. But the po
litical racketeers will be undisturb
Now Germany is in the midst of
stormy politics, the nationalists mak
ing a sharp campaign to upset the
war treaties. They will likely lose
-the maintenance of an adequate smooth counsel, Frank J. Hogan. nor
the atmosphere of invalidism sur
rounding the defendant, was permit
ted to weigh in the balance against
the grim, gray facts of Fall's crim
inality. Five years have elapsed since the
Fall-Doheny-Sinclalr scandals were
exposed and, though the processes of
Justice have been exasperately slow,
the outcome has been an impressive
victory for honesty In public office.
Doheny alone of the three main con
spirators has escaped the ignominy of
a criminal conviction. Sinclair is in
a jail cell. And now the man through
whom they corrupted the Govern
ment, the one denounced by the Unit
ed States Supreme Court as "a faith
less public officer," is branded a
felon. Finally, the valuable Teapot
Dome and Elk Hills oil reserves, il
legally leased by Fall, have been re
covered by the Government.
It becomes appropriate, now that
the worst Government scandal since
the Credit Mobilier affair in Grant's
administration has been cleared up,
to bestow a wreath on the tomb of
Robert M. La Follette. It was that
modern Rienzi who tore the veil
from the oil Bcandals and revealed
their putridity to a nation loath to
believe what they saw. He was forced
to work against the most powerful
and persistent opposition that ever
confronted an investigator, and he
accomplished his task despite a pub
lic apathy that must have crushed
any man who lacked La Follette's
great fighting heart.
Too much cannot be Eaid for the
public service rendered by Senator
Walsh of Montana, who pieced to
gether La Follette's case, or for
Messrs. Roberts and Pomerene, spec
ial counsel for the Government, who
have labored so ably and so success
fully to bring the oil culprits to Jus
tice. :o:
naval strength
The recent conversations between
the President and England's Prime
Minister give to this celebration this
year an added significance and im
portance for the consideration of the
people. The American public heartily
Is in favor of the principle of limit
ing navies by international agree
ment in accordance with fixed ratios
which do not leave the United States
subordinate to, or weaker than, other
countries on the seas. This, since the
Washington Conference, has been the
policy of this Government. We are
willing to stand by the 5-5-3 ratio
fixed by that conference; we are will
ing to abide by the policy expressed
in that conference in the following
We approve limitation of arma
ments by international agreements.
We repudiate the reduction of arma
ments by example as unwise and
Perhaps the President and Mr.
MacDonald did not give to this state
ment of policy its fullest weight and
significance. But the American peo
ple understand it and adhere to it;
and it is one of the purposes of Navy
Day to emphasize this thought and
In the schools and in the churches,
if possible. It is desired that the real
interests of the American Navy shall
be explained, extolled and extended
by a teaching that shall reach every
American heart, a teaching which
shall proclaim of our navy that it
shall be second to none, the equal of
the strongest on the face of the earth.
to the end that the national defense
shall be made secure.
Vat pn pad and prica roar fun. SUtp
to McMillan for hooetf grading, hlshrit
prices. Prompt cash rrfnrtu. LargeM direct
receiver of Northern Furs. Over 50 years
in the for business.
Price List and Shipping Tabs!
V Address
s - RJJ-. '
Petition for Appointment of
per horse power with
not one cent extra cost!
9-3 S
Just one of the 15 sensational
improvements offered exclusively
Let us tell you we're enthusiastic about the new 1930
"Red Line" Delco-Light. It's the greatest plant we've
ever seen and ever hope to sec. We have some of
these plants and we want to show them to you. We
want to tell you how the 1930 "Red Line" Delco
Light gives you more watts per horse power, and
14 other radical new improvements at not one cent
extra cost.
As you know, we're the authorized Delco-Light
dealers in this locality and nobody else around here
can possibly show you this Mechanical Marvel. So
don't let anyone fool you. Stop in at your first
opportunity and let's talk things over.
Weeping Water, Nebraska
Telephone 31
Just phone or drop us a card and weTl bring EMco-
lt your home foe a night dtmommiiou
Also Manufacturers of Electric Water Systems
Made and Quaranucd by Delco-Light Company, Dayton, Ohio.
The New York World commented.
in a melancholy vein, on the British
Labor Government's refusal to grant
asylum to Leon Trotzky, who seems
to be persona non grata everywhere.
It was not a criticism, in the usual
acceptance of that term, but gen
uine regret that a great British trad
ition has disappeared a tradition
which had inspired admiration for
England tmong liberals the world
over. It was an epitapn on UDerai
ism, not on British liberalism alcne.
but on that fine quality of humanity
which had distinguished England.
The world said, on effect, that the
age of liberalism is dying, and frank
ly grieved therefore.
A London paper, the Star, takes
the world to task .and, in what seems
to us a peculiarly unhappy tu quoque
spirit, asks if the United States would
admit the Russian exile. Let us plead
guilty. We have seen our Govern
ment close its doors against Karolyi,
and we remember that, in a braver
day, we welcomed and acclaimed that
other Hungarian, Kossuth.
Radicalism Is storming up the
world, young, assertive, growing.
Conservation is here, powerful, com
manding, winning and losing alter
nately in the parlous field of politics.
But the liberal and his creed are van
ishing, under all the flags and some
thing splendid is passing.
Colonel Lindbergh's fame and re
putation have been enhanced through
his recent association with major
archaelogical endeavor. He has in
the very recent past enabled scince
to look the hidden remains of a past
civilization the Mayan.
Deep in the Central American
jungles lie the ruins of remarkable
cities and temples of this ancient
race, and these jungles have been ac
counted to be the most impenetrable
on earth. But already notable finds
have been made; that there are oth
ers is a foregone conclusion. These,
located from the air, may now be ap
proached and examined by the arch
aelogist who will thus be compelled
to cut a pathway to them.
From the air may be discovered
any ruin of importance. The rest be
comes comparatively easy. We may
look forward to invaluable revela
ploratione to the uncovering of
cities and temples of a mysterious
people who in dim ages maintained
a civilization of exceptional magni
tude and Importance, whose relics
now remain buried in the dense Jun
gle growth of the Central American
:o: . . .
During the first half of this year
railway earnings were $663,000,000.
Being an increase of $101,000,000.
Automobile have not made the In
roads feared. This increase is evi-
dence prosperity yet abides in the
Think how awkward the average
young man would be today in as
sisting his young lady friend to
mount a horse, yet that was a nec
essary accomplishment of the aver
age young man of thirty years ago.
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty. ss.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Ruth
A. C. Beverage, deceased.
On reading and filing the petition
I of Alph M. Beverage and Richard
K. Beverage praying that adminis
tration of said estate may be grant
led to R. C. Hltchman, as Adminis
Ordered, that November 8th, A. D.
1929 at 10 o'clock a. m., is assigned
for hearing said petition, when all
persons interested in said matter
may appear at a County Court to be
held in and for said county, and
show cause why the prayer of the
petitioner should not be granted; and
that notice of the pendency of said
petition and the hearing thereof be
given to all persons interested in
said matter by publishing a copy of
this order in the Plattsmoutb Jour
nal, a Be mi-weekly newspaper print
ed in said county, for three success-
1 ive weeks prior to said day of hear
Dated October 14 th, 1929.
(Seal) ol4-3w County Judge.
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, ss.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Jo
seph C. Ellington, deceased:
To the creditors of said estate:
You are hereby notified, that I
will sit at the County Court room In
Plattsmouth, in said county, on the
Sth day of November, 1929, and on
the 10th day of February, 1930, at
the hour of ten o'clock in the fore
noon of each day to receive and ex
amine all claims against said estate.
with a view to their adjustment and
allowance. The time limited for the
presentation of claims against said
estate Is three months from the 8th
day of November, A. D. 1929, and
the time limited for payment of
debts is one year from said 8th day
of November, 1929.
Witness my hand and the seal of
said County Court this 7th day of
October, 1929.
(Seal) ol4-3w County Judge.
State of Nebraska County of Cass,
. By virtue of an Order of Sale
issued by Golda Noble Beal, Clerk of
the District Court within and fox
Cass county, Nebraska, and to me
directed,' I will on the 9th day of
November, A. D. 1929, at 10 o'cloek
a. m. of eaid day at the south trout
door of the court house In the City
of Plattsmouth. Nebraska, In said
county, sell at publie aucClon to the
highest bidder tor cash the follow
ing real estate, to-wit:
Lots 3 and 4 In Block 9, In
South Park, an Addition to the
City of Plattamouth. Caas coun
ty, Nebraska, and Lot 9 In Block
59 In the City of Plattsmouth,
Cass county, Nebraska
The same being levied upon and
taken as the property of J. B. Hen
derson et aL defendants, to satisfy a
judgment of said Court recovered by
The Plattsmouth Loan and Building
Association, plaintiff against said
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, October 4,
A. D. 1929.
Sheriff Oass County,
and Notice on Petition for Set
tlement of Account.
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, ss.
In the County Court.
In tfie matter of the estate of
James T. Reynolds, deceased.
To the creditors of said estate:
You are hereby notified that I will
sit at the County Court room in
Plattsmoutb, in said county, on the
8th day of November, 1929, and toe
10th day of February, 1930, at 10
o'clock a. m. of each day, to receive
and examine all claims against aald
estate, with a view to their adjust
ment and allowance. The time limit
ed for the presentation of claims
against said estate is three months
from the 8th day of November, A. D.
1929, and the time limited for pay
ment of debts is one year from said
8th day of November, 1929.
Witness my hand and the seal of
said County Court, this 11th day of
October, 1929.
(Seal) ol4-3w County Judge.
A Chicago mall order firm, finding
that there was a good deal of "traffic
congestion" about the mirrors in its j
plant, discovered on Investigation
that the average girl employe spent
I no less than six minutes a day using
One day when I was feeling
I didn't know just what
to do
To get the gloom to pass
Until I heard a darkey say:
You kin chase de clouds
An hab sunshine eb'ry day,
Mistuh Red Bird in de tree
Keeps a-tellin' you an me
He am happy as kin be,
Care won't hang aroun' by
An' you'll lose 01' Trubbel,
While you's gettin your .
row hoed,
Or am reapin what you
You kin lighten up your
All de ghosts am sure to
If you make a graveyard
An' de whistlers bye an'
May be angels in de sky,
Flyin' all aroun up high,
the District Court of Cass
County, Nebraska
John A. King,
T. K. Juergens and wife,
Mrs. T. K. Juergens (first
real and true name un
known); J. A. Stark and
wife, Elizabeth Stark;
John Bachi and wife, Elisa-
John Bachi and wife,
Elisabeth Bachi,
In the County Court of Cass coun
ty, Nebraska.
State of Nebraska, Cass county, aa.
To the heirs at law and au per
sons Interested in the estate of Athal-
lah Bauer, deceased:
On reading the petition of Frank
Bauer. Administrator, with the will
annexed, praying a final settlement
and allowance of his account filed in
this Court on the 9th day of October,
1923. and for assignment of resi
due of eaid estate and for his dis
charge as administrator with the will
annexed .of aald estate;
Sealed proposals will be received
by the City Clerk of Plattsmouth,
Nebraska, up to 8 o'clock p. m.,
Monday, November 11th, 1929, for
furnishing all labor, tools, material
and equipment, and constructing an
overhead crossing over the C. B. &
Q. railroad tracks on Granite street.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, and all ap
purtenances in connection with said
structure, exclusive of grading and
graveling, at which time bids will
be opened and acted upon by the
city council at the city hall.
This work to be done in accord
ance with the plans and specifications
now on file with the City Clerk and
in the office of Bruce Engineering
Co., Omaha. Nebraska, and adopted
by the Mayor and City Council on
October 14th, 1829, which plans and
specifications are hereby referred to
as a part of this notice.
Bids will be made out on proposal
forms furnished by the City Clerk
and shall be accompanied by a cer
tified check on a local hank in the
amount of five per cent (6) of the
bid. as evidence of the good faith of
the bidder.
The city reserves the right to re-
To: T. K. Juergens and wife, Mrs.
be, granted and that, notice of. . the
pendency of said Petition and the
T. K. Juergens (first true and real hearing. tueror oe, given to aju per
name unknown) and John Bachi sons, interested La said" matter by pub-
and wife, Elisabeth Bachi.
It la hereby ordered that you and
all .persons interested in. said matter Meet any and all bids.
may. aad 4o., appear at the County . The work shall be completed on
Court to be held in and tor said or before January 1, 1930.
county, on .the 8th day of November,! - The Engineer's estimate of cost is
A- P., 19 29. at ten o'clock a. m.. tolas follows: Structure complete, ex
sow' causa, if any there be. why the elusive of grading and graveling,
prayer of the petitioner, should not $19,000.00
' ' Mayor.
A Phil Maurer
The worst months for
in the
fatalities, statistics prove, are the last
powder, lipstick, and rouge before the two of the old year and the first ten
looking glass. of the new year,
One's impulse, on hearing this, is
to make some sort of wisecrack. But
on second thought, perhaps no wise
crack is called for from any self-
EiiffiHpnt malfl. FYir offer nil th
, TT71 i. T-J- ixl 1
pnan who pokes fun at the flapper who ""ft wtu" aaQ1 ytt wani Kellogg
Ready, You Bet
You and each of you are hereby
notified that on the 23rd day of Oc
tober, 1929, the plaintiff, John A.
King, filed a petition In the District
Court of Cass county, Nebraska,
against you and each of you, which
cause appears on Docket 4, page 230
of the records of the Clerk of the
District Court of Cass county. Ne
braska, the object and prayer of
which petition is to foreclose mort
gages recorded in Book 47 at page
273 and in Book 47 at page 274 in
the Mortgage Records of the Register
of Deeds office in Cass county, Ne
braska, and a decree forever barring
you and each of you of all the rjght,
title or interest and equity of re
demption in and to the following de
scribed land, to-wlt:
The East half of the South
east quarter (E SE) of Sec
tion 20 and the West half of
the Southwest quarter (W
SW) of Section 21. all in
Township 12, Range 10, East of
the Sixth P. M., in Cass coun
ty, Nebraska
and for the appointment of .a receiv
er to take charge of the aforesaid
ILahipg a cony of this order In the
Plattsmouth Journal, a aemi-weekly
I newspaper printed in said county.
tor three successive 'wee&a prior to
said day of 'hearing.'
In witness whereof. I have here
unto set my hand and the seal of
said Court this 9th day of October,
A. D. 1929.
(Seal) ol4-3w County Judge.
and Notice of Final Settlement
of Guardianship Account
Notice on Petition for Set
tlement of Account
In the County Court of Cass coun
ty, Nebraska.
State of Nebraska, Cass county.
To the heirs at law and all per
sons interested In the estate of
Charles Anderson, deceased:
On reading the petition of O. K.
P err In, Administrator with the will
annexed, praying a final settlement
and allowance of his account filed In
this Court on the 16th day of Octo
ber, 19"29, and for assignment of
residue of said estat and for his
discharge as the Administrator with
the will annexed of said estate;
In the County Court of Cass coun
ty, Nebraska.
In tha matter of the Guardianship
of Asbury Jacks. Incompetent, now
State of Nebraska, County of Cass,
To Silas Jacks, Florence Elliott.
Dora Trively.i George Jacks, Myrtle
Jacks, Leta Jacks, Ruth Cram. Don
ald Jacks, Velma Elliott Dooley,
Floyd Elliott. Mildred Elliott and
Lila Jane Elliott, and all other per
sons interested in the estate of As
bury Jacks, Incompetent, now de
ceased. .''
On reading the petition of John W.
Elliott, Guardian of Asbury Jacks.
an incompetent person, and now de
ceased, praying a final settlement and
allowance of his account filed in this
eourt on the 16th day of October,
1929, and for his discharge as such
It is hereby ordered that you and
all persons interested in said matter
may, and do, appear at- the county
hesitates in front of every mirror
is usually the man who says, "Now
Alice would be a doggone nice-looking
girl if she'd only primp up a lit
tle bit once in a while."
In other words, the primping is
done for the men's benefit, and the
men Seem to like it. So why should
the men kick about it?
A young fellow said to me the oth
er day, "I am under obligation to no
one." He is mistaken. Every man or
woman is under obligation to his
family and his friends to make the
most of his opportunities. The world
expects a certain amount of each per
son, and if he fails to deliver he has
not met nis ooiigation. we au owe a
debt, and its payment can be made
only by being a good citizen.
it "right now." You do not want
to have to "tune her in." You want
it ready to act at once.
Ever Ready
as the Receiver and S. R.
It is hereby ordered that you and
premises during the pendency of thlsl persons interested in said matter I court to be held in and for said eoun-
action and for equitable relief. may, ana ao, appear ai me wuntyity, on the 16th day of November, A.
The plaintiff further offers Arthur M-ourt 10 oe nam in ana ior saia coun-m. 1829. at the hour of ten o'clock in
cy. on me jloiu oay ox riovemoer, a.
D. 1929, at ten o'clock a. m., to show
cause,' if any there be, why the
prayer of the petitioner should not
be granted, and that notice of the
pendency of said petition and the
hearing thereof be given to all per
sons interested In said matter by
publishing a copy of. this order in
P T 4. 4V : 1 i.lnVlru-V in thA fornnoon or as soon I tne riaiiBmoutn journal, a semi-
V VXLLlr DLb iiviUrBb LUC XLUUiClUClib I
I aw An aw a em A haaI m A a ItAfl
Park as surety for said Receiver and
the plaintiff offers Otis Richards as
his surety.
"You and each of you are further
notified that the plaintiff will call up I
for hearing his application for the
appointment of a Receiver on the
16th day of December, 1929, at ten
store. Hear them and know how
well they work. 'There is none to
excell them.
See us for whatever you may
need in Machinery, Repairs,
Stoves, Implements and Har
ness. At your service
W. H. Puis
Dealer in Hardware, Supplies and
John Deere Implements
Phone 33 Plattsmouth, Neb.
thereafter as counsel can be heard I wekly newspaper printed in said
nnri hi a Rriv will ho ftnnnlnt-1 counry, ior inree successive weeKs
ed unlesfi irood and sufficient cause Prior to said day of bearing.
can be shown that such Receiver In witness whereof, I have here-
shnnid not h snnnintAd. and thatlio wt my hand and the seal of
Arthur Kellogg will be appointed as 1 nIs 16tn 4&7 01 ctober'
such Receiver.
You and each of you are hereby
notified that you are required to an
swer said petition as aforesaid on or
before the 18th day of December,
His Attorney.
A. D. 192.
(Seal) o21-3w
County Judge.
Big game hunters testify to the
swiftness of a lion when angry. It
charges at a speed unequaled by any
other animal, often leaping the last
100 yards of its charge In about three
the forenoon of said day, to show
causa, if any there be, why the pray
er of the petitioner Bhould not be
granted, and that notice of the pen
dency of said petition and the hear
ing thereof be given to all persons
interested in aald matter by publish
ing a copy of this order in the Platts
mouth Journal, a semi-weekly news
paper, printed In said county, for
three weeks prior to said day of hear
In witness whereof, I have here
unto set my hand and the seal of
this court this 15th day of October,
A. D. 1929.
By the Court.
County Judge, Cass county,
(Seal) o21-3w
When William Pox gets his educa
tional movies into universal use.
every first grader will know how to
bisect the eternal triangle.