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For State Representative Troy L. Davis
Troy L. Pazis has accepted the nomination "on the rer
j.ul.iioan ticket for Representative, lie is a product of Cass
countv, hainir lived in the countv all his life. He has been
en-a.-ed in farming ami business and has been very success
ful in his line, lie is known for his honesty and integrity.
For Stale Senator Andrew F. Sturm
r . , .
.InJrczi' F. Sturm, who has been nominated by the re
I'ublicans to the office of State Senator, is a man highly es
teemed in this county. He has been engaged in the lumber
and grain business at Xehauka for the past thirty-five years,
lie is a man of good education, possessing a strong personal
ity and thoroughly equipped to represent the people of Cass
county in the Senate, he having served in the Senate two
terms anil given general satisfaction.
For County Clerk George R. Sayles
George R. Sayles. candidate on the republican ticket for
County Clerk, was. born on a farm near Cedar Creek, in Eight
Mile Grove precinct, and has been a resident of the count-f;-
forty-rive years. He received his education in the public
schools ami the state university. He has filled the office of
Clerk for one term and is entitled to a re-election, as he has
made good in the oftiice. filling and performing the duties
with integrity anil efficiency.
For County Attorney A. G. Cole
. . (7. Cole, candidate on the republican ticket; has filled
the office of County Attorney for two terms and has the rec
ord of securing more convictions with less expense to the tax
pavers than any of his predecessors. Mr. Cole is a good
lawyer and is faithful to the interests of the county, which is
very important, as all the county officers go to him for legal
advice and all the business of the county is conducted in line
with his decisions from a legal standpoint.
For Register of Deeds Mrs. Edna D Shannon
Mrs. Edna P. Shannon, who has been nominated by the
republicans for this important office, was born and raised in
Cass county, is a graduate of the Weeping Water high school,
and has had eight years of business experience and four years
in the office of Register of -Deeds, which she has filled to the
entire satista ction of thf'pfJrons of the office. Mrs. Shannon
is entitled to a second term on her record alone.
For County Treasurer Will T. Adams
Will T. .ldams. who has received the nomination on the
republican ticket for Treasurer of Cass county, is well and
favorably known to a large number of the voters, having tilled
the office of Deputy County Clerk for the last four years.
He i- well acquainted with the tax list, it having been his duty
to make it up for certification to the Treasurer's office during
the past four years, which of itself would qualify him for
the position. He has lived in Cass county for almost a life
time and. has been engaged in farming school teaching and
other lines of work. He solicits your support and. if elected,
will fill the office to the best of his ability.
For Sheriff C. D. Quinton
C P. Quinton. who is the choice of the republicans of
Cas county for the important office of Sheriff, has demon
strated what he can do. There is no office in the county where
experience is so much needed as in the office of Sheriff par
ticularly is this true in these times of lazv enforcement. Mr.
Quinton was raifed in Cass county and grew to manhood on
a farm near Avoca, Nebraska. He has filled the office of
Sheriff several terms and has never failed to enforce the law
without fear or favor.
For Commissioner, 2nd Dist. C. F. Harris
C. F. Harris is the republican nominee for Commissioner
in the Second district. He was horn on a farm 57 years ago,
in the state of Virginia, and came to Cass county when 19
years of age. For some time he worked in the clothing store
ot C. K. Wescott at Plattsmouth, later purchasing a farm in
Liberty precinct, where he has engaged in farming for a long
time. He has held numerous positions of honor and trust hi
his precinct and in the county. He. has filled one term as
County Commissioner and has filled it well, having been a
tireless worker for the interests of the county and tax payers.
He has been a constant booster for good roads at a nominal
cost of construction. The voters will do well to see that Mir.
Harris i rscturned for another term.
For Commissioner, 3rd Dist. H. R. Schmidt
. A'. Schmidt has .lived in Cass county for 41 years, in
the neighborhood of Murdoch and has worked at fanning,
being later engaged in the contracting business, at which he
has been successful. He has assessed Elmwood precinct for
thirteen years with the very best satisfaction. If elected to
the office of Commissioner, he will give the people the very
best service of which he is capable.
For County Surveyor Fred Patterson
Fred Patterson has filled the office of Surveyor so long
and is so well known over the county, that it" is. needless t.6
say anthing other than that he is a' candidate, for "Ve,-election.
Prepared Exclusively for The Journal.
W. A. Taylor and wife were visit- I work robbers entered the office of the
ing in Nebraska City last Saturday , Fran-. Bros. I-u?uber company of Un
making the trip in their auto. ion and ransacked all of t he drawers.
H. M. Frans and fon, IUrold. and
wife were visiting and looking? after
some business matters in Omaha last
Saiurday. v j
Edward Slocomb and John Thomas
of near Murray were looking after'
some business matters in Union last j
Monday afternoon. i
Miss Mary E. Foster who is asso- j
ciated with the schools of Omaha was
dumping the contents on the lloor
with the evident intent of getting
pome money. However, they failed in
this respect, b.u did succeed in get
ting a few matches and as well as
trough tobacco for a few smokes.
Indians Have a Blowout
Last Monda afternoon a party of
All. of the pupils in the primary
room have been very interested in
the making of black cats and witches
lor Hallowe'en decorations.
Mary Donnelly Robb, who has been
absent for some time because of ill
ness, is improving and we hope to
have her in school again soon.
The sixth grade has completed the
study of the New England states and
are now studying the middle Atlan
tic states. They make maps of the
"Who said Kellceg's Com
Flakes? Oh, goody, Jane,
bet we're going to have
KELLOGG S tor our sup
par, 'sen we won't die Ami"
a visitor at the home of her parents ,;(.;irjnjT rnion aT1(1 Messrs Bur-
l.vo Indians had a blowout while! sect ions of the United States as they
leave it totheldddies to
in Union last Sunday
Mrs. H. II. Planck after having
spent some three weeks at the home
of relatives and friends at Concordia,
Kansas, arrived home last Saturday.
Miss Anna Baur departed last Sat
urday for Oak Park, III., where she
will visit for some time at the home
of her sister, Mrs. Owen and hus
band. Rev. Planck of the Baptist church
of Union was a visitor in Omaha last
Saturday where he was looking after
some business matters for a short
Earl Merritt has just completed
the painting of the home of Harry
Frans and is at this time papering
the home of John Armstrong south
of town.
R. D. Stinc? and family were en
joying a very pleasant hour in Ne
braska City last Sunday evening
when they attended the movies at
that place.
Rev. Y. A. Taylor was at Wabash
last Sunday where he conducted ser
vices at the Baptist church both
!-.rr ana liiirucc equip them with a
r.t-w tire. Messrs Joe Wnu willoway i
r.r.d Young-Man-AfnrM-of-His-IIorsc-, J
vife and son P
:'or their homo in Oklahoma
tudy them and thus become famil
iar with the map.
The Terman Groug Test of Mental
Ability which consists 'of ten parts.
picis. ieuoggs um maize
. ....... l.w.t ,--..f- I. t n I- . 1 n
i ivo, 1 ..en ueparted ' An si " -.. i mn.i m,
; lorniat ion, nest answers, wora mean-
Will Send Workmen
Uncle Geoige Eaton, who recently
returned from a stay of considerable
time at his silver mine in Kentucky,
reports a good opportunity to find
ing, logical selections, arithmetic,
sentence moaning, anologies. " mixed
sentences, classification and number
series. The total time required for the
t(st was twenty-seven minutes. I
Miss Ellis took a group of her
..i.t,. .... I.;.... i.w. T..,irt,. , ......
the white metal in largo quantities. 7" " "u " u.,, ,
7i, . K.-.... .1, , ... the wonderful color of leaves with
which old Mother Nature is clothing'
brought with him on his return
p. quantity of bloom, or the first out
crnppings of the ledge bearing ore.
He will soon send Messrs. H. II.
P.eeker of Union and W. J. Partridge
of Weeping Water who will blast
-way the lace of the mountain in or
der to reach the precious metal.
her treesThe very enjoyable evening
was finished by eating their apples
or. the picnic grounds. They are plan
ning many more hikes and would be
glad to have other girls accompany
them if they care to.
Last Friday at 7:30 the freshmen!
and "sophomores gathered at the
school house and walked out to the
home of Harriett Cheney, where the
Sister Dies in Des Lloines
Mrs. M. Lynde received word last
Sunday of the death of her sister, freshmen srave the sonhnnmrps n Hal
Miss Clara Clinckenbeard of Des lowe'en party. They were met at the
Moines, where she has made her gate by ghosts who led them around
1 -ome for some time. Miss Clinken- the house, down through the dimly
morning and evening and had a very. Lei rd formerly resided here and has lighted basement and -ipstairs where
enjoyable meeting. i '. i,rn a resident of Des Moines for they were allowed to sit down and
Dr: W. M. Barritt and wife were some fifteen years. The remains were
spending the week end in Omaha. :
having departed for that place on last ,
Saturday evening and returned home
on Sunday afternoon. !
W. H." Harding, the new manager
of the Farmers' Elevator company
at Union, arrived from his home at
Bethany and took charge of the work '
here on Thursday of this week.
Alex Eaton and family will occupy
the house which was vacated by Mr. '
and Mrs. John Sawyer, they having
moved into the place as soon as Mr.
and Mrs. Sawyer vacated the place.
Fred Born who is at this time
working in Auburn was a week end
visitor in Union returning to his
work that of conducting a picture
show at the southern city last Mon
day afternoon. j
Elmer McGowan and family, who'
have been spending some three weeks l
at their old home in Kentucky, ar-1
rive! hnmp lnct 5ll rtrt Q ,irnnin t irwl i
report having had a most enjoyable
time while gone.
Mr. and Mrs. Pa il Rongist, andi
Me?dames Hamilton and Jennie'
Wiley of Omaha were over Sunday j
A Gathering of Friends
ret after the excitement of being in
t iken to Nebraska City where two company with ghosts, witches and
brothers make their home and tlie Jack O" Lantern?.
funeral held at that place where also A number of amusing games were
:!k interment was made last Tues- played. One of them was carrying
day. Mr. and Mrs. M. Lynde and D. potatoes on a knife from one end of
B. Lynde were in attendance at the the room to the other, and in thi.s
fnueral. j game the girls won. Other games
j tested our thinking power, while we
j noticed some depended on athletic
' mi -.-m
Last Sundav at the pleasant liorae!1""1'--, ga"1(s ore au rpat-.v
r.t Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Snavelv were ' ''i0'1-- After the games, Hallowe'en
-nthered a number of friends and ranls we,rf mne-d for partners to
r latives who celebrated the event e sophomores declare the
vr-rv pleasanilv, thev all having in ! 'rf?hmen a jolly group with which to
tho n.-isr lllMile t'oeir Immn in Viririni;i I"'1. as well .IS WOTK.
- ....... ...... ... V.... ... ,
the occasion of tlie meeting was more
, pleasant as they recalled many hap
, pollings in the east. There were pres
ent: Mr. Norman Copenhaver. bet
known as Grandpa Copenhaver;
S. A. Copenhaver and wife. Charles
j Swan and family. John Farris and
family of Murray and Thomas Fraz- and family of Syracuse.
Legil Notice
We recently frtund abandoned a
Hodge Brothers touring car which
visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. V f brought to our garage in Union
V. L. Stine for over Sunday driving i -"nd are holding the same here for
down in their auto. j the coming and demand of the own-
Messrs, and Mesdames C. E. With- fr- This car will bo held for thirty
row and Charles Sweet of Palmyra 'L'lJ'.s and if not then called for and
were visiting with friends and rela- 1 proved to be the property of the one
fives in and near Union last Sunday. I ' manding same, will be sold ac
YVhile here they were guests at the ( ording to law for the purpose of
home ot Mr. and Mrs. Elmer With- 1 I:'ing the storage, advertising and
row. j other expenses which may be incur-
Cedric York, who has been em- '"'1 in i's care and disposal.
P'oyed with the Missouri Pacific, was' DOWLER BROTHERS,
a visitor in Plattsmouth for the week I n2- ltw Union, Neb.
end and on his return went to work
picking corn and is able to make
more money at this work than on
the railroad.
Mr. and Mrs. Noble Lehr. who
formerly made their home in Union
but at the present are residents of
Sidney. Ia.. were visiting for a short
tinr? last Sunday afternoon with
friends and acquaintances in Union,
having made the trip in their auto.
Edward Wallen and wife of Pal
myra, the former county commis
sioner of Otoe county, were spending
a short time as guests at the home
of Rev. and Mrs. II. H. Planck and
departed "for their home last Mon
day morning after a very pleasant
Chester D. Austin who has been
with the Missouri Pacific at U'nion
for some time has been asked to look
after the business for the company at
Wabash in the absence of Mr. Will
Langhorst, who is at Lincoln, ac
companying Mrs. Langhorst. who is
receiving treatment at a hospital in
that place.
This coming Friday there is to be
a meeting of the B. Y. P. U. which
will be held at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Elmer Chapman and will be a
meeting of the Bible class of Mrs.
Charles Garrison. Some very unique
and pleasing features will be Intro
duced for the mere fun of the meet
ing. The meeting will take the form
of 'a Gypsy party and, prizes will be
given for the best make up. Better
be studying the matter over and win
a prize.
Will Make Home in Milford
Mr. and Mrs. John Sawyer whrt
have just returned from a visit at
Des Moines where they visited for
some time, departed last Tuesday for
Milford where they will purchase a
home and make that their residence
in the future.
Will Serve lunch Election Day
The ladies of the M. E. church will
serve lunch on election day from the
Farmers' store at which time they
will also have a bake sale at the
same place. The ladies cordially in
vite the public to be present and en
joy the delightful luftcheon which
they will serve.
EavQ. Taffy Pull Tuesday
The members of' the Vhoi'r of the
Baptist church met last Tuesday for
rehearsal and' after the practicing
hadTjeen' completed the members en
joyed a taffy pull in which all joined
with a good deal of zest and as a result.-'
bad a most pleasant time. "
Robbers Visit Lumber Yard
RqlliewTiere 'bet.weeh last Saturday
Visited Friends at Omaha
Last Saturday evening Mr. and
Mrs. .1. A. Bauer departed for Om
aha v-'iere they spent the week end
with iriends and were the guests
while there of Mr. and Mrs. John
Chase and while there attended a
meeting conducted by Evangelist
Lewis, who was assisted in the con
ducting of the meetings by Mrs. Lew-i.-
who is also a church worker. They
are conducting their meetings in a
large tent.
Passing- cf an Excellent Woman
Miss Mary Jane Johnson was born
at Gault, Canada. June 13. 1S52, and
there married Mr. David Burbee, Oc
tober S. 1S73. to which union there
were born ten children, five sons
and five daughters, who have all been
claimed by death with the exception
of W. O. Burbee and H. L. Burbee
of Union, and Mrs. Jessie Gibson of
Missouri Valley. Iowa, who remain
to mourn her death. February 1SS0,
the family came to the United States
ard have made their home here ever
since. Three. years later they came to
Plattsmouth to make their home,
coming to Union some four years ago
to make their home with her son
Herbert L. Burbee and has remained
here since. In early lifeMrs. Burbee
unite d with the Baptist church and
has been a devoted and consistent
member since. She passed away at
the Methodist hospital at Omaha. Oc
tober 2.r at the age of 70 years, four
months ami 12 days. The funeral
was held from the Baptist church in
Union, the interment being at Oak
Hill cemetery at Plattsmouth, Octo
ber 27. The services being conducted
by the Rev. V. A. Taylor. In the
pas. ing of Mrs. Burbee a truly good
woman and a faithful follower of
the Master has been taken from our
midr,t. This has been a truly great
loss to the two sons and their fam
ilies and to the daughter who resides
at. Missouri Valley and her family.
They have the sympathy of their
many friends here and elsewhere.
School Notes
The third grade has begun
character study of the Indians.
Harriett Leach was absent ' from
school last week because of illness.
Latin tests' were given "to the Soph
omores and 3unlors" last Wednesday.
Te past week was observed ' as
lest week in the high' School and sev
enth and eighth "grades. ": "'
The turning bars have been used
more this ycar'than i it all of the
years they have been on the school
The candidacy of ex-Governor
John H. Morehead for congress ap
peals strongly to the voters of the
First district on account of his suc
cessful administration of the state's
affairs, his generally progressive ten
dencies and his standing as a man
and citizen.
What the people of this city want
is someone to represent them at
Washington that will look at all
questions from the viewpoint of the
average man and woman who asks
for nothing but a "square deal."
They want someone who will vote to
hold down public expenditures, op
pose ship subsidy grabs, and refuse
to take dictation from the higher
ups who get all their political inspir
ation from the Atlantic seaboard.
Mr. Morehead 's record shows him
to be just that kipd of a man. When
he was governor, he reduced state
taxes, abolished the mileage book
gran, consolidated departments so
as to eliminate useless job-holders,
and paid his own expense when trav
As one of the largest fruit grow
ers in the middle west and the man
ager of farm properties on a large
scale. Mr. Morehead is directly in
terested in productive industry and
understands the difficulties under
which agriculture and horticulture
are now laboring.
He will oppose a sales tax or any
other attempt to transfer the expense
of government from the shoulders of
the rich to those of the poor. He fa
vors an exemption from income tax
tip to $.".00O on heads of families
with a higlier rate on great incomes
like that of Secretary Mellon, which
is estimated at $50,000 a day.
Mr. Morehead has declared him
self unequivocally as against any
amendment of the Volstead prohibi
tion enforcement law. Lincoln Star
Poland-China black fnale hog. Call
telephone 4101 if knowing where
abouts? of hog.
(Political Advertising)
... 1
Following is the Republican Ticket
to be voted on at tile Novembej
election in Cass county, Nebraska
State Senator, 2nd Dist.
A. F. STURM Nehawka
State Representative, 6th Dist.
TROY L. DAVISWeeping Water
County Clerk
R. SAYLES Plattsmouth
Register of Deeds
EDNA D.' SHANNON Tlattsrn'Jb
County Treasurer
WILL T. ADAMS Plattsmouth
County Sheriff
County Attorney
A. G. C0LE 'i-l-iMattsmouth
County Surveyor.
Commissioner, 2nd Dist.
EDE P."irAriRlSrl'T7;
Commissioner, 3rd Dist.
Last Thursday morning George 9' RrM
U evening and Monday- hiofnfng'of this tion'of apples.''
Rieke and Beulah Pell spoke to the
high school on the care and IJ.reserva-
Yp,ur support o each. of. the forest
ing candidates at the polls on elec-
ihetf are never tough qrleaifaeryj
Put a bowl of KELLOGG'S Com Flakes and a bowl
of imitations ia front of any youngster! Then see
KELLOGG'S disappear! Try the experiment yourself!
It's great to know, the difference in corn flakes the
difference between the genuine and the "just-as-goods"
! Kellogg's have a wonderful flavor that would
win your favor by itself but when you know that
Kellogg all-the-time crispness! Well they just make
you glad! Kellogg's are never tough or leathery or
hard to eat!
Kellogg's will snap-up kiddie appe
tites something wonderful! And, our
word for it let the littlest have their
fill just like Daddy must have his!
You'll never Idinw furor p1 .r-.r...1?
TAASTED II corn flakes can be until you eat
w"- II --ttt t nnrc t V,,,, ,;n ir
MB I W W A. V JL W All JtVJLXU W lilt
lASftn II KELLOGG nackatre because it is RED
EI AICES and GKEEN! look for it!
1 1 m m at Mr m m jw.w t
Alto Balers of KELLOGG'S KRUMBLES and KELLOGG'S BRAN, cooked and knimbled
Three years ago we all had auto
mohiles one in every home.
Farms were being equipped with
water and lighting systems.
Many wore silk shirts and stock
ings. Prosperity was on all sides on
the farms in the homes in the
stores -in the hanks.
Somebody has treated us like pros
perity was a crime.
The republican platform called for
President Harding announced it as
a policy. '
A republican senate demanded it.
For two years we have had it.
For two years nothing has been
done to make times ease up. No ef
fort has officially been made.
Big corporations are said to be
prospering. The Standard Oil. with
its 400 per cent dividend, the Ar
mours and other packers, but not a
drop of prosperity is yet filtering
down upon the western farmer and
merchant. Our western banks are
still calling for liquidation.
And the remedy is to tell those in
power you don't like it. Gering
A healthy man is a king in his
own right; an unhealthy man an
unhappy slave. For impure blood and
sluggish liver, use Burdock Blood
Bitters. On the market 35 years.
$1.25 a bottle.
Ten acres close in. Also tix room
cottage, city water, electricity, tele
phone and two lots. Rents for
per month. Price. $1,4 00, on easy
o2S. 3d 3sw It. B. WINDHAM.
Full blooded Barred Rock cock
rels, $1.50; pullets $1.00. Mrs.
Will Copple, Alvo, Neb. ol5-Sew
WM. F. R&GE, M. G.
General Practice!
Special attention given to deep
seated diseases of Lungs, Kidneys,
Stomach, Liver, Intestines, Rec
tum, Etc. All latest Serums and
Lymphs used when indicated.
Union, Nebraska
Telephone 31
Saves You 30
The wholesale price of shoes have been advanced
just recently over 20. At the same time we are offer
ing shoes at a discount of lOty from former prices, which
makes a saving of 30o to the purchaser. Thisisnearl
one-third the price of the shoes. Better come in and se
lect your pair before the stock is broken.
The Unsurpassed Dort!
We have taken the agency for the Dort automo
bile -which 'is a 'great car for but a small amount of
money. The Dort is showing some wonderful records
and is well Worh many more dollars than it costs.
We are selling the Dort Touring delivered
at $985.00. and the Dort 'Coupe delivered at
Come ' See lis for a Demonstration and We Will Prove
"the Worth of This Wonderful Car
-r Jr- m
The Auto Man. -:-
Union, Neb.