The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, October 12, 1922, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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    THUr.ZDAY, OCTOBEH 12, 1922.
Saves You 30
The wholesale price of shoes have been advanced
jus.t recently over 20?c. At the same time we are offer
ing shoes at a discount of lOo from former prices, which
makes a saving of 3O?0 to the purchaser. This is nearly
one-third the price of the shoes. Better come in and se
lect your pair before the stock is broken.
-uiSS UOimie was a uaiiuj at.
lur home in Weeping Water for over
it- vt:l: end.
Walter L. Anderson of Lincoln was
a visitor in Union last week with
A; unity C. L. Graves.
Mr. Lemuel rS:irritt who is attend
ing school at Omaha was a visitor at
lu..i.o for the week end.
Cecil York and wife were visiting
at The home of friends and relatives
in P'attsi.iouth last Sunday.
John Hobscheidt of near Murray
r.m! John Tinner of this place were
visiting in Lincoln last Thursday.
Mr.-.! John Sawyer has been quite
k for some time, but is reported as
l . ing niuch improved at this writ
ing. Ir. Ace DeMoss of Omaha has been
ti e guest at the home of Mr. and
Mrr-. Eugene Austin for the past few
A. C. Anderson and Dan Anderson
were looking after some business
matters in Union last Monday after
noon. J. II. Ruhlman shipped a carload
of ho.T3 to the South Omaha market
lat week which netted him a very
tiiTy sum.
Nick Frederich of Murray was a
visitor in Union last Monday after
noon coming down to look after some
business matters.
Orville XcQuinn and wife with
their littel one were looking after
mme busircss matters in Nebraska
City last Monday.
Sheriff C. D. Quinton had business
in Union three successive days ex-tf-n'i
toe, from latFridy. until Mori
t'.iy of this week.
Miss Gladys Hall, on of the teach
ers in the Union Rchonls. was a visi
tor a? her home in Plattsmouth for
over the week end.
Miss Aneie MrCarril who i5? at
tending srhoo! at ULniversity Place.
v.; a vi.-rer for over Sunday at the
hom-- of her parents.
At the IJaptisf church the coming
r !:: viil be the regular sc-r-virer.
to whl'-h all are invited to at
t':d and participate in.
Mr.-. H. H. Tlan k departed last
Monday for Concordia, Kan., where
-,, v.-;H visit at the home of her pco-pi-
for some three weeks.
Mr. V.". L. Haver.ridcre of Lincoln
hns ben visiTing in Union and was
r.ssisMr.g in the work at the store of
A. L. Lee ker Monday.
Attorney C. L. Graves was enjoy
in a very plep.sant visit last Sunday
trT. his daughter and husband. Mr.
M.d Mrs. ilarry Royal of Lin'-oln.
Mrs. Mary Taylor and daughter.
Miss Rachel of University Place wore
ig Type Foland-Cnina
I have a fcv,r boar pigs weighing about one hun
dred and fifty pounds farrowed last spring from Design
er and High Joe parentage.
Head your herds with one of the large type hogs
and 3rou'll reap a good reward.
Four mile3 northeast of Union.
ELS m.
-:- -:-
The Unsurpassed Dbrt!
We have taken the agency for the Dort automo
bile which is a great car for but a small amount of
money. The Dort is showing some wonderful records
and is well worth many more dollars than it costs.
We are selling the Dort Touring delivered
at $935.00, and the Dort Coupe delivered at
' $1,195.00.
Come See Us for a Demonstration and We Will Prove
the Worth of This Wonderful Car
The Auto Man
Prepared Exclusively for The Journal.
guests at the home of Miss Elsie Tay
lor from last Friday until Monday.
Will Lewis and family from north
of Nehawka were visiting in Union
last Sunday being the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. J. C. Snavely for the day.
Misses Naomi Maugay and Alice
Todd both of whom are attending
the state university at Lincoln were
visiting with the folks for the week
Last Scnday the Rev. and Mrs. H.
H. Planck were guests at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gerkings for
the day, outside the services at the
A letter from Dan Lynn and wife
who are Excelsior Springs. Mo., is
to the effect that they are both en
joying excellent health and are hav
ing a very good time.
The large steel tanks which are to
be used by the Missouri Pacific for
their water supply arrived and were
being unloaded at the local yards
last Monday afternoon.
W. B. Banning, who has been
looking after his political Tences over
the county for the past few days has
met a host of his friends and many
other new acquaintances.
Mrs. J. E. McCarroll and two
daughters. Misses Fannie and Angie
were guests last Sunday at the home
of relatives at Hamburg. Ia., they
driving over in their auto. -
W. A. Harding of Bethany was a
visitor in Union on business last
Menday afternoon and was in con
rultation with the board of directors
of the Union elevator company.
Miss Jane Hallifeter. who i tak
ing nurse training at one of the hos
pitals in Omaha, was a visitor here
for a few days last week being the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Lynde.
W. L. Taylor with his three sons.
William. Wilson and Garrett, and
Mrs. Almond Taylor all of Omaha
were visiting in Union last Sunday
ar:d were guests at the home of
Eisio Taylor.
Joseph Lidgett and wife are in re
ceipt of a letter from Harry Leech,
who is at present at Colorado
Springs. Colo., saying that he is get
ting along very nicely and with
m'jch gain in his health.
Little Pat Roddy who is a boxer
of no small repute had the misfor
tune to get one of his hands injured
in a friendly bout last week, but
with careful nursing it is expected
to be all right again soon.
The coming Sunday evening the
services at the Baptist church will
be of a musical character and will
he well worth while hearing. A cor
dial invitation is extended to all to
Union, Neb.
come and hear this excellent service.
John Heiss, who makes his home
here during the. winter, and who
works on farniB during the remain
der of the year, was a visitor here
for a Bhort time last week and de
parted for a time and will work un
til after corn picking then will re
turn here for the winter.
Mrs. M. J. Burbee has been enjoy
ing a very pleasant visit for the past
few days from her daughter Mrs. D.
S. Gibson of Missouri Valley. Iowa,
and who was acompanied by her
daughter, Mrs. Ida Wittem and also
another daughter. Miss Margie Gib
son all of Missouri Valley.
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Younker who
have been making their home near
Ogalalla. arrived in Union accompan
ied by their two babies and have been
visiting at the home of Mr. Yonker
for a few days and last Monday eve
ning went to Plattsmouth where
they are visiting at the home of Mrs.
Yonker 's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.
M. Buttery.
Mr. and Mrs. Granger McAllister
of Long Beach. Cal., who were child
hood friends of Mr. and Mrs. Mont
Robb in the east, arrived in Union
a few days since and have been vis
iting at the Robb home since. Mr.
McAllister is a cousin of Mrs. Robb
and Miss Caroline Walbridge. They
Lave been making their home in Cal
ifornia for some years and formerly
lived in South Dakota and visiied
there for some time and while there
purchased a new car which they
drove to Union in and will, follow
ing their visit here, make the trip
hor.fc on the Pfcific coast in it.
For Sale, a Covr
Wo have for sale a fine Holstein
heifer. Inquire of Joseph Lidgett.
Union. Nebraska. ol2-tfw
Has Excellent Entertainment
The fall festival which was held
rt the Baptist church by the Baptist
Young People and the ladies of the
church was one well worth attend
ing and was a success in every par
ticular. A worth while program was
presented which was both entertain
ing an dinstructive and the feed was
more than can be told of as it had
to be tasted to get the excellence of
the good things which were there to
eat. The ladies net'ed about fifty
dollars for the church.
Much Politics Here Today
Union i.s having her shcre of polit
ical speeches today, there having
be-on in the early morning R. B.
Howell, who is cspirint to the U. S.
senaiorship. Charles H. Randall, a
candidate fcr governor. In the after
noon the silver toneued orator of
other days and still r most powerful
speaker- was. ia the city, and i there .w
no reason why any one in this vil
lage should not know the state of
Robert Willis Very 111
Albert Willis of Weeping Water
was a visitor in I'nion last Monday
afternoon looking after some business
matters and in conversation with the
Journal inan raid that bis father,
Robert Willis, was making progress
toward3 recovery very slowly at the
hospital in L.inoln where he has un
dergone a number of operations aris
ing from a case of blood poisoning,
but it is hoped he will progress more
rapidly in the future.
Make Change in Oil Wcrk
Albert Eaton has resigned the po
siiton as representative of the Stand
ard Oil company in Union and has
ac'-eptoel a position on the road main
tains which he held before. The po
sition of mrnagcr of the oil company
has been filled by Mr. Ed Morris,
formerly of Nebraska.
Getting' in Good Work
Attorney J. A. Capwell of Elm-wo'-.d
who is the democratic candi
date for the position of county at
torney was a visitor in Union last
Monday and was meeting the jeople
her as well as posting hi3 large
eards. Mr. Capwell is an excellent
young n-an and if elected should
make a good county attorney.
School Notes
Dorothy Foster was absent from
school for one-half a day.
There was a fire drill last Monday
for the first time this year.
The picture of the class of 1922
is now in the assembly room.
The study of hills and mountains
was taken up by the third grade.
The Cass county teachers insti
tute will be held at the same time.
All the pupils were out of the
building in one and one-half min
utes. The second and third grades have
started their note books for the
The first grade pupils have been
singing Mother Goose rhymes for
One day last week Mrs. Nickles
and Jane Patterson visited the pri
mary room.
Marjorie Gibson of Missouri Val
ley, Iowa, was a visitor in the pri
mary room last Thursday.
Mary Donnelly Robb of the inter
mediate room was absent from school
on Modnay because of illness.
Physical examinations were given,
which consisted of the testing of
eyes, ears, nose, mouth and throat.
School was not dismissed Friday
Septenber 29 for the county fair, but
those who wished to go were excused
School will be dismissed Friday,
October IS, ho that the teachers may
attend the district teachers associa
tion meeting in Omaha.
This being the last week of the
first month of school, the pupils of
the grammar room are preparing for
their monthly examinations which
will take place on Friday, October 6.
I We can. famish you Hank bocka
most any kind at Journal office.
of Wafcash, Nebr.
Charter No. 1132 in tie State of Ne
braska at the close of business
September SO. 1922.
Loans and discounts t 51,452.04
Banklntr, furniture and
fixtures 2,860.00
Current expenses, taxes and
interest paid 7,355.67
Due from National
and State banks..! C,G5.37
Checks and items
of fxclange 4."
Currency l.-tTu.OO
Silver, nickels and
cents ."lii.OO'rtv loan bonds
lieM as casl: re-
serve 2.000.00 10,409.92
.$ 72,077.63
Carital stock i-aid in $ 10,000.00
Sw.1'1.-- fund 5,000.f0
Undivided profits S,0a7.19
individual c'eponjts
subject to check.. 29,284.71
linn- certificates of
deposit lM-24.79
c r s rl.t'CKS
outstanding llC.f'O IT. 425.50
I nit- to National and Slate
banks ' nine
Vines and bills rediscnuuitd :nue
Tills payable none
1 irj-os iter's guaranty fund... ."itji.'jt
I 72.077.6i
jM.ite i.f Nebraska 1
1 m.custer ejoumy j
I. Tl ll:!!er, cb.-!.;.t of the above
d -nr.!; . I-;:.-y swear inat me
ill. s.:ite:.v 'it is a correct and true
of l' r . ort maw to the State
l'u. " f nanki.'i.
TilKO Mil.LKil.
Att-'-t: Cashier.
; i. TI-i"M.A S. yirPftor.
t. M. THOMAS, Director.
Subscribed and rwern to before me
this fill day of October. 192.
I'. A. -V TIIItiaEX,
(Sea'.) Notary l'ublic.
i!v c-om Mission xpl:es ya'- 14. 1323.)
Ships at New York Stripped of Li
quor Supply British Ships
Kay Transfer tc Canada.
New York, Oct. 10. Every bottle
of l-quor on four American passen
ger vessels in port were removed to
day andT orders from the shipping
board so that the dry agents and custom-;
men will have nothing to do but
c; erk the inventory and cart the
wire and whisky ff to the army base
in Bruokiyn for storage. 'John D. Ap
pleby, zone dry chief, said the co
operation given the shipping
board officials under -the Daugherty
bone dry ruling on ocean liners made
unnecessary any such conduit as a
raid or a search."
The stenmers President Polk and
President Roosevelt were the first to
go dry. Between 4.000 and ,000 bot
tles of ir.toxiccnts have been taken
of." the President Poik r.nd almost as
large a quantity from the President
RooseveK. Mr. Appleby said. The
,st.v).-s aboard the President Arthur
end Susquehanna' also were removed.
British Boats'-itay Transfer
London. Oct. ''10. The London
morning newspapers give consider
ate prominence oday to the ruling
of Attorney General Daugherty. in
Washington prohibiting liquor on
vessels within American waters,
printing interviews with shipmen,
reports of the general feeling in the
shipping trade, details of liquor sales
cbonrd liners, and speculations upon
changing the ports of destination in
tht- event the ruling is upheld and
enforced. It is stated that a meeting
or the members of the North At
lantic conference will he held in Lon
don this week at' which the whole
question will be discussed.
The Daily Telegraph quotes an of
ficial of the Cunard liner in Liver
pool ns saying the British steamship
operators stand to suffer a big loss if
they are unable to sell liquor aboard
their vessels, and that it would be
better for them to divert some ships
to Halifax or other northern ports
than to lose the profits from the sale
of intoxicants.
The latest reports from the Mercy
hospital in Chicago state that Miss
Helen Esrenbercre'r, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs F. G. EgenT.erger, who was
operated on theirs some time ago for
an a-utc attack of appendicitis is
doing very nicely. Miss Egenberger,
with Miss Betty Ptak, is at the Mer
cy ho?pital taking nurse training
nnd while there only a short time,
Miss Helen was taken sick.
Democratic Candidate for .
S!a!e Senaicr
(2nd District)
lYour Support Solicited
ls' Vt- . (, k'r f
Many of Our Modern Decorations
and Gaines Come from Centur
ies of Superstition,
The one eeaEon of the year, that is
a reminder of the mysteries and su
perstition cf the past age3 is that of
Hallowe'en with its strange combi
nation of th observance of the early
Christian holiday and the pagan su
perstitions and which to the present
day Is made an important part of
the observance of this occasion cn
October 30th.
To celebrate the pasring of Hal
lowe'en and the season preceding the
present elay residents of the United
States have called all cf the mystic
ea'j.'fms and devices to aid in mak
ing the occasion one of marked in
terest. The black cats, witches and gob
lins have become very popular in
the decorations for Hallowe'en and
!n the Icte years mask3 and-caps in
keeping with the strange vierd cer
emonies have cotae into use. To as
sist the host or h:)3tes3 in the deco
rations for the Hallowe'en party
the Journal has arranged for a larse
and very handsome rtock of the
newest designs in caps, masks, puper
streamers in orange and black, fanry
crepe paper in the tiesigns of the
sonr-on and special favor holders for
the Ilr.l'owe'en 'uncheon as well as
the crnnmcntal nnpkir.s bearing the
proper tles'gns. There ran also be
found here the pumpkin lanterns
and the cut-out witchei and blacl:
cats that are so popular in tl.e deco
rations of the season.
Remember when 70U are arrang
ing fcr th Hallowe'en party to call
anJ look over the stock here to se
cur3 the beet and the latest tht the
market affords in the fancy designs
in the paper lines.
As we gather together at the be
inning of a new year's work, it is
I with a consciousness of the rhsence
j cf cne ?ister, Lelia Dwyer. She has
r.ns-vcrcd her Master's summons and
is now at home with Htm. hue
wss a si.-ter who cherished the ideals
o the P. E. O. Sisterhood and ex
emplified them in her own life.
Being for many years a member
many of U3 will think of her as an
older sister, and we will continue
to mi?s her as we assemble as sis
ters, but her home-going will bring
to U3 no shadow.
"Shadows! No need of shadows
When f.t last we lay life's bur
dens down;
Shadows! No need of shadows.
When at last we gain the victor's
We. the members of Chapter J..
of tie P. E. O. Sisterhood, extend
to 11.:- sorrowing family our deepest
and sinccrest sympathy, and as her
sisters w? join with them in the
e-he risbing of her memory.
"While we would so gladly lighten
the burden of their sorrow, we can
only commend them to the love of
the One who has "prepared a place"
for her and has now "taken her un
to Himself."
' "CM, n frtll r-1 n facile.
Ah. slumber sweet and blest!
From which her spirit wakened
In His dear smile to rest!
Roir.ember ye who loved her.
And ofttimes for her weep
All they with Christ shall rise again
Who in Him 'fall asleep'."
There is no entertainment that of
fers as varied a field to the lover of
literature as does a good book, and
thrro is no gift or remembrance that
serves the purpose of a masterpiece
r.f the minds of the world.
We have the best of the fiction
f elds on our shelves and at the low
est prices that brings them within
the reach of all.
James Oliver Curwood. master of
the literature of the northland, is
h:re with an array of his wonderful
characters in "The Courage of Marge
O'Doone." "Back to God's Country,"
"Nomads of the North," "The Gold
en Snare," "The River's End and
"Isobel" and all of these are offered
at 75c each.
Among the 75c specials that the
Journal book store is offering at this
time are the works of Thomas Dix
on: "The Clansman," "Comrades,"
"The Foolish Virgin." "The Fall of
a Nation," "The Leopard's Spots,"
"The Victim." "The Traitor."
Zane Grey, with western stories of
fascination and filied with the strong
and turid spirit of life that has made
the romance of the desert and plain,
are also found here with the low
price of 733 per volume. "The Lone
Star Ranger," "The Last Trail."
"TCen Ward 4n the Jungle," "U. P.
Trail." "The Spirit of the Border,"
"The Man of the Forest." "Riders of
the Purple Sage." "The Light of the
Western Stars," "The Desert of
"The Inside of the Cup" and "A
Far Country," written with the
charm of Winston Churchill are al
bo offered at 75c per volume.
One of the season's best sellers is
"The Sheik" by llall. from wMch the
photoplay was produced and is also
offered at 75c.
The rawest of the best Belters,
"Thi3 Freedom," by Hutchison, ajt
thcr o "If Winter Comes," is here
and ready for your book shelves at
52.00 a volume.
Harold Bell Wright of well loved
romances of real life has.. offered to
rhe public "The Calling of Dan
I Matthews." "The Re-Creation ef Bri-
i an Kent." The Shepherd of the Hill"
at the low price oj 7ic, while "Hel
"rn of the Old House" Is priced at
$2.00. .
Saturday, Oefeber S4fh, 192:
tm w: ?rs n n s
Peanut wfysfeer 40c 3b.
Our Balk Chocolates, Assorted Flavors ere day enly
Box Candies of Aii Kinds!
(Johnstcns. Bunte and Gardrer: Gculd.)
This is the day to remember your friends with a Box
of Candv of soms sort.
pF3 A,
Merchants' Ball Park
Sowa School for
Plslfsmoufh High School
The local team has won its firat two games. Come
out and help make it three.
Friday, "Oct. 13th
3:30 P. rVl.
Admission 35 and 25c
From Wednesdays fatlv.
The ladies of the Maccabees held
a very pleasant meeting last eve-;
ning at their lodge rooms and which
was attended by a large representa
tion of the membership of this rapid
ly growing ladies fraternity. The
earlier part of the evening was tak
en up in the work of the lodge, there i
being three candidate initiated into
the order and the ceremony was one
of great irapresslvecess as the offi
cers of the local chapter adminis
tered the work.
Fo'lcwing the work the members
of the lodge were entertained at a
Hocial hour in visiting and a general
good time and at which refreshments
were served by the committee.
Charles S. Stone was In the city j
yesterday from Nehawka to spend a j
few hours looking after some mat- !
ters of business.
Robert Kroehler returned to Oma- ;
ha this morning to resume his work
there in the Nebraska ttate medical
Lose anyttingl Find anything?
Try a Journal want-ad.
The fiaSn St. Garage
Wc Overhaul and Repair All Makes!
Charge Batteries! Do Welding!
Full Line of Accessories, Vesta Batteries,
Oils and Greases!
Telephone 394
Lower Main Street
the Bsa?
Prom Wertnexrta v s rll.
Last evening Cass chapter, Ordr
of De Molay. held their cKction of
officers for the ensuing term and a.,
master councilor. Fred J. Warren
was elected for his third term to this
position. The other officers t-lecte.l
were: Raymond Rebal, senior coun
cilor, and Otto Trilety, junior coun
cilor. With the coming of the inolt-r
weather the mecib-.-rs of the chapter
pre planning greater activities for
the season. The other oftVe-r.? of the
ehapter will le arpointed Iht by
ths master councilor.
Yesterday afternoon the !".clfes cf
the St. M:ry's Guild of the Si. Luke's
rhr.rch were v-ry p;e?sar.'.M- enter
tained at the home of Vrs. R. A.
Bates, and who was assi.-te.i! in en
tertaining Ly Mrs. T. B. Btes. The
very cozy home was filled l y a lrve
number of the of tii" Kf.:itty
and the time f-pent in the plying of
the bury needle and Borlal conversa
tion. At a suitable hour a very de
licious luncheon was served by th
hostesssH and which added to the
pleasures of the afternoon.
f3 PI
and Trucks!