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NO. 15
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Richard Hatt, Four-Year-Old Son of
Mr. and Mrs. John Hatt, Has
Very Narrow Escape,
From Thursday's Daily.
Last evening: while Richard, the
little four-year-old son of Mr. and
Mrs. John Hatt. was olavinsr on Vine
street in front of his home, he had '
a very narrow escape from death and
it was only through the quick work
of Ben Wiles, who was driving an '
auto on the street, that the boy es
caped serious injury.
Mr. Wiles was coming: v.-est on
Vine street, having just passed the
intersection when the little boy dart- j
ed out from around the Hatt car that
was parked in the street, and ran
into the path of the oncoming car.
Seeing the danger, Mr. Wiles turned
his car toward the curb and ran up
on the curbing and striking the lit
tle boy squarely,, and as it was the
front of the car struck him a giant-
ing blow that felled him to the pave- there at 10:2S Tuesday evening, fol
ment. 1 lowing a long illness due to heart
Richard suffered severe bruises of , trouble,
the side and arm and on the head j jir. Shaffer, who was a genial and
but nothing serious as he was able : whole souled gentleman, has made
to be around this morning as usual a hpst of frunds during his resi-! have permitted the boy scouts, the
and feeling only a little soreness as dence in the county and who share Y- c- A- anrt some other organiz
the result of the accident. I with the wife and familv the trrief ! ations to establish camps upon the
The accident drew a large number :
of people as it was thought at first j
that the boy was dangerously hurt.
Mr. Wiles was entirely blameless in '
the matter and it was only his quick
ness that saved the lad.
Burlington Officials Take Up Hatter
of Men Now at Shops Being
Released from Yards. -
From ThrrBdays Dallv ....... .
Iast evening at the request of a
number of the Burlington shop of-
county and city authorities as" well '
as other citizens to discuss the mat-;
ter of the men now w erking at the I
Burlington sliops enjoying more lib-j
erty by going and coming a3 they
It was stated by the representa-
tives of the railroad that there are
new m the neighborhood of 300 men ;
at tne snops ana mai some oi iiiese
at lea-1 wish to enjoy the privilege
of pomp and coming as they wish.
instead of being compelled to remain
confined in the shop yards as they
have been eince they arrived to take
n.- i.iav Ul iuc .u. Bt.iuf,
av in which th 1 ,,ent of malia for manr 'ears and is ; Citizens of Weeping: Water. Accomp-.-'"i.,
me of the well known salesmen in . , . v- PlaC.
The excellent w
affairs "have ben conducted here
and the lack of any hostile action,
has been very pleasing to the city
government and to the railroad com
pany as well and certainly reflects
credit on the men who are out on
strike, and it is desired to maintain
this same condition.
The :nc-?ting night wa in the
nature of one to sound out the wn
timent r:s to whether it would be
advisable to make ary change in the
present manner of handling the sit
uation. Any change, for the present
at least, was not advised by Mayor
Johnson and Chief Barclay.
The meeting made no definite de
cision as to the releasing cf the
present Burlinirton employes, but the
fact remains that the rresent state
of af-'nirs will probably be changed
in a few weeks at least if the strike
is not Fettled before that time.
Frank Vallery, the rustling real 0T0E AND CASS ROADS
estate man, has completed a num- j EEST IN 3,000 STATES
ber of deals in the last few weeks
over which he is feeling well pleas-) "Otoe and Cass county dirt roads,
ed. In these deals Mr. Vallery was t maintained as they are now. are the
associated with J. W. Chilton, the j best we saw during our 3.000 mile
North Flatte land agent. Among the : automobile trip East." said Robert
trarsations was the sale of a ranch ; Cohen yesterday afternoon upon his
f 2,010 acres in Arthur county to ' arrival home from Canton, O., and
Gus Myers of Weeping Water, for'Niacara Falls, N. T.
Iowa land and city property and a j "Concrete and asphalt highways
cash sale of 480 acres of land to D. ' were plentiful in the eastern states,
G. Williams, countv clerk or Arthur
county, one eight room residence and
three acre tract in Plattsmouth,
known as the Charles Hitt property.
Ed S. Tutt of Murray has also clos
ed a deal with the firm for the pur
chase of a section of land in Arthur
county which is near one of the best
bass lakes in the state and which
greatly pleases Ed.
Punfjiin nTi.1 Vr?. Vlnvrt Hardinc.
who have been stationed at Camp
Lewis, Washington
for some time
past, are here enjoying a visit prior
to going to Camp Bennington, near
Columbus. Ga., where Captain Hard
ing will be stationed in the future.
The Harding family have been at
Falls City visiting with the sisters
of Mrs. Harding, Mesdames G. II. and
J. W. Falter, and they were accom
panied here by Mr. and Mrs. John
Blank Books at tha Journal Office.
Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Nolting and
daughters, CI race and Ellen, Mrs.
Katherine Nolting and Mrs. Will
Nolting. returned from Norfolk Mon--
day, where they visited with Mr. and :
; Mrs. Henry Wendt, the last named
j being: a neice of Mrs. F. W. Nolting,1
and Mr- alld Mrs- August Steppat of
cariock. s. D., Mrs. Wendt beine the
eldest daughter of Mr. Steppat. The
visit was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
Misses Grace and Ellen were house
guests Saturday and Sunday of Miss
Lena Fohlnian of Fierce, Neb.
Druggist and Well Known Resident
of West Portion of County
Dies From Long Hlnes.
The friends over Cass county have
been shocked by the news of the
death of J. A. Shaffer, drugerist of ,
Alvo, which occurred at his home
tnat his passing has occasioned,
Tiie deceased was aged sixtv-two
years ani leaves besides the "wife,
OT1f snn r w Phnfrr nf r-,rt Wnrth
Texas. A brother, Ned Shaffer, lives
at Denver and two sisters, Mrs. Wil
liam Chumald and Mrs. John Gor
man in Illinois.
Mr. Shaffer was a schoolmate of
Eli Manspeaker of this city back In
their old home in Bedford. Fa., and
a great friendship has existed be
tween the two since they located in
Cass county.
James Thomas. Representative of
TJ. S. Rubber Co., Claims he
From Thursday Deny,
James Thomas, salesman of the
T-nited Slates Rubber COmpanv of
0:raha. and who was arresteu a few
daVR t Xehav,-ka bv William
Greb state deputv sheriff, while at
Nebraska city yesterday gave to the
s hjs vieTVS of ,h? cage and n
timated that a damage suit might
result of the after affects of his treat-
m tin t n t tl a VioTwla r f t Vid ctoto tv i n
Mr Thomas, who has been
a resi
HiU lerritorv. stnterl that be was at !
a garage in Nehawka when he was
j:pproached and asked to show a mo
tor car license, there being none on
the car at the time.
He states that he drew the certifi-
rate from his pocket and showed Itlpanied by their band, were here to; lSi t to JiadPen and m thenar
to the state deputy. An argument advertise the forthcoming fair thatjlo5-. Mr. Maasen ca:ne to i iaus
r.rosc'and he alleys that the state is to beheld in that city on Septem- : mouth, Nebraska, n make Lis lioak'
deputy slapped hint in the face and
then hustled him into a car and took
him to Flattsmouth where he was
lined $1 and costs.
He also claims that the evidence
. presented by the state was erroneous
and that he did not resist the offi
cers or the arrest, but was merely
discussing the matter when struck,
and is indignant over the treatment
. Thomas consulted an attorney and I
i intimated that he intended to prose
I cute the matter in the courts.
w-e enjoyea nemg over the Ne-
braska highways more than the
others," he continued. "Iowa roads
were very bad, going and comine
We traveled all dav Tuesday thru
rain and mud. I was surprised to
find there were no storms on this
side of the river." Neb. City Press.
From Thumdar's Ia.ny.
Raymond Smith, son of Mr. and
Mrs. H. W. Smith, who has been at
Omaha for the past few weeks hav-
treatment given for an injured
hip, returned home yesterday to re
main for a short time. Raymond still
has the limb irt a cast and has to
use crutches to get around and hopes
to be able in a short time to have
the full use of his limbs.
Five room house and six lots on
Chicago avenue. Phone 519-J.
Fontanelle Tract Set Aside by Sec
retary Stuhr Application Ac
cepted From Owners,
Secretary Leo Stuhr of the Ne
braska department of agriculture
i has established a state game reserve
and bird refuge upon 2,543 acres
comprising the Fontanelle tract be
tween South Omaha and Dellevue.
This is the second reserve of the kind
established under the legslative act
of 1921. The first reserve comprises
200 acres near Fairbury. However,
the state law designates every school
section and every other tract of edu
cational land owned by the state and
the Halsey and Cherry county forest
reserves as game and bird reserves.
There are 2,009 acres in the two for
est reserves so designated.
The Fontanelle tract, in the bend
of the Missouri river, is owned or
controlled in the main by Dr. Har
old Gifford of Omaha. By them it has
been retained in its natural state and
the owners intend it to remain in
that state. It is rich in flora and
fauna and is much visited by natur
alists and scientists. The owners
land with the understanding that all
rules and regulations against the
molestation or removal of plants,
trees and animals shall be observed.
Secretary Stuhr commends the
ownerr, of the land upon their fore
sightedness in providing for the tract
of woods and park land in its natur
al state instead of permitting it to
be platted and sold as lots or farms.
Eventually the tract may become a
part of what is to be a state park
The tract includes what is known
as Child's Foint and low land that
was formed by accretion from the
river. Chief Game Warden George
Koster and Dr. Gifford visited the
land Wednesday and posted more
than a dozen signs provided for by
the state law. The Burlington rail-)ca.l
road company track runs thru thejness of the day.
land but the railroad has included
all its right of way in the reserve.
Secretary Stuhr will appoint one
or more special game wardens to pa
trol the land. He will appoint some
one recommended by the owners and
the appointment will carry no salary
from the state. In addition the land
will be visited frequently by deputy
state game wardens who will make
an inspection to ascertain whether
the game laws are enforced.
month Yesterday.
Fi om Thursday b IaMy.
Yesterday afternoon a number of
the Weeping Water boosters, accom-
ber Sth to 30th. inclusive.
The fair has onlv been In exist-.
ence for the past few years and has
rapidly grown in favor until it is
one of the events cf the year in the
It was the custom for many j-ears
to hold a real fair in Cass county,
and the grounds of the association
were located near this city, but for
jthe past thirty years there has been
) nothing doing and the scene of form -
er activities along this line is buried
in a field of grain. -
The citizens of Weeping Water f nesota ; Henry, living in Montana,
started the ball rolling for a county ! Mrs. Julia Neil, Oinaha; Emil of Ta
fair three years ago and they have ' coma. Wash., and Mrs. Celia Lancas
made it a very pleasing success and! ter of Flattsmouth. She is also sur-
while cramped for room and the
proper buildings they are endeavor
ing to give the people the best kind
of a fair and live stock exposition
From Friday's Dally
Yesterday afternoon at the office (
of Countv Judce Allen J. F.eeson. oc- i
curred the marriage of Miss Bessie he has been lor a snon nine reeup
Kearns and Mr. Llarold E. Lockhart, 'erating and seeking relief for his
uol i inis city- me weaaing wasii-""' : '
very Wiet and attended by Mr. and ! Mr. Fearlman leaves a wife, two sons
I Mrs. C. H. Buffington. the latter be-
I in a sister of the bride. Both of the
young people are well known here,
the bride having made her home
here for her lifetime
a and is a daugh -
Mike Kearns and
ter of Mr. and Mrs
the groom has made his home here5'earB residence here. It was only a
for the nast ccrorni mnntbc nT,H i o few weeks ago that Mr. Fearlman
young man of industry and worth in
tho community.
From Thursday's Daily.
Yesterday afternoon at the court
house, Braughan Stephenson and
Miss Jean Ray, both of Omaha, were
married at the office of County Judge
Beeson, the ceremony being perform
ed in the usual accomodating man
ner of the genial judge.
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A number of the C'.iss county peo
ple who now reside in the vicinity
of Grant, Neb., on ) tst Sunday en
joyed a real treat in a big dinner
e home of W ar: n Wiley, near
go. The day long be very
pleasantly remembered by those who
attended. Among tl.o.-e who were
present w ere: Varr -n Wiley and
family, Lloyd Gapen and family of
Palisade, Neb.; Jam . Mrasck, Ma
jor I. Hll, Rex Young. L. H. Fuls
and family and John Reiko, all of
Grant, also Al Bartl-tt and Jasper
Queen from Murray, Raymond Hild
from Mynard.
.Gather at Weeping: Water to Enjoy
Day in Fraternal Visit of the
Members of Family.
From Friday's Dally.
Yesterday at the city park at
Weeping Water was held the annual
reunion of the Wilt family, one of
the largest in the county and which
has contributed much to the making
of the county and n;.ic in the years
that they have resided here and in
Mills county, Iowa.
The day was ideal and there were
250 members of the family to respond
to the notice of the meeting and to
participate in the more usually
pleasant occasion.
One of the featured of the day was,
of course, the fine picnic dinner serv
ed in the pleasant shade of the park
and which was certainly one of the
most delightful that the family has
enjoyed for years.
During the course of the rfternoon
a program was enjoyed, .short talks
being given by Mayor Troy Davis of
Weeping Water, who is one of the
members of the family, as well as
Mrs. Charles Finch of Kansas City,
who is here visiting at the home of
her father, Thomas Wiles and family.
Other members of the family aided
in the pleasant occasion with musi
selections that adiled to pleasant-
In the election of the officers it
was decided u retain the present
ones :n their positions, they b?ing
Ray Wiles of Weeping Water, presi
dent; Luke L. Wiles of Flattsmouth,
secretary, and Thomas Wiles of
Flattsmouth, treasurer.
On voting the place of holding the!
next year s meeting it was decided
to have it at Flattsmouth where a
large number of the family reside
and the residents of this community
will serve as the hosts for the com
ing year.
There were members of the family
prcsent from Omaha, Nebraska City,
yracure. f;ienwoo;i, and Tabor, la.,
and a large number from the cen
tral portion of Cass county.
llrs. S. Fetor Hansen was a native,
of Germany having been born at Fet-!
erdor, Fehmarn. on March 26. 1S51.I
and residing there for her girlhood
days. She was married on July 7,
1S75. to Mr. Mndsen and in the
land was joined a year later in 1S85
by Mrs. Madsen and the family have
'since made their home here in this
j city. For the past fifteen years the
departed lady has been a confirmed
! invalid and on Wednesday evening.
August 23. at her home in this city,
she departed the mortal life. The fu- !
neral services were held at the St. j
'Paul's Evangelical church on Satur-
! day, August 26th. and the body laid
: to rest in Oak Hill cemetery. She
, leaves besides her husband, five child
Iren, namely: John of Luverne, Mm-
vived by one sister. Mrs. Mathew
Schoemann of Bloomfield, Nebraska.
From Fridays Daliv. '
The announcement, was received
here in a message from Omaha .that
Ike Fearlinan, retired capitalist, and
former Flattsmouth resident, died
yesterday at Colorado Springs, where
. e ana win, hoiu ui vc iU
Omaha and one daughter who re
sides in Sedalia, Missouri.
The death will bring many re-
'rets from the old friends who know
ithe family so well in their many
jwas here and at that time his weak
ened condition was very noticeable.
In their hour of grief the family will
receive the deep sympathy of the
friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Streight of
this city have received a message
from their son, Harold Streight of
Oelwein, la., announcing that his
wife had been taken to the hospital
in their home city for an operation
for appendicitis and from which she
was recovering very nicely.
From Friday's DalJj,
The visit here last evening of Jas.
E. Hart, secretary of Hie state bank
ing board, was the occasion of a
meeting to determine just what could
be accomplished in the way of a set
tlement of the affairs of the Living
ston Loan Sr Building association,
which has for several months been
under the supervision of the state
banking board as the result of the
discovery of irregularities in the ac
cotuits of the secretary, C. G. Fricke.
The amount of the irregularities
covers the amount of $70,000. and in
order to save as much as possible to
the stockholders and those who have
made investments in the loan and
building association, the officers have
been noii.g all possible to secure a
sottlement that would insure the
eventual payment of all the investors
rather than take the chances of a re
ceivership that would result in the
receiving of only a small part of the
amount that the mon and women of
this community have invested here.
At a meeting held several months
pgo the stockholders voted to allow
the officers and directors to carry on
the work in the hope that in a short
tiiii" the affairs of the company could
1 e cleared up and the investors pro
tected and as a pari of thi3 plan.
Mr. F. E. Shlater was selected as
secretary in succession to Mr. Fricke.
Since the meeting, the presidnt, H.
21. Soennichsen. Mr. Schlater and the
cirectors have been checking up the
books and accounts and preparing to
secure sis good a settlement as pos
i iLle.
The members of the board of di
rectors and the officers have met
with Mr. Fricke and his legal repre
sentatives and the former secretary
has placed at the disposal of the of
ficers of the asociation, all his prop
erty and business interests, consist-,
Ing of his home and two other pieces
ff residence property, his coal busi
ness and book accounts as well as
his interests in an Iowa farm and
his stock in the building & loan as
sociation and small funds in the bank
o his credit, and to this the sum
cf $12,000 has been raised from oth
er sources to be applied by Mr.
Fricke on the amount of the short
age that has been discovered by the
accountants of both the loan and
building association and Mr. Fricke,
to exist. The total of the amount that
will be available to apply on a set
tlement of the shortage will be $45,
o0 end which results in preventing
an entire loss to the investors.
With this sum, which it is expect
ed to have placed in the hands of the
board of directors of the Livingston
Loan x Building association, with
the deeds and other papers trans
ferring the property of Mr. Fricke, it
will leave something like $30,000 to
be made up from the profits of the
It was stated that the result of se
curing a settlement will be that the
investors of the association will in
a later time realize the full amount
of their investment altho the short
age will result in the certificates be
ing set back for some time and the
loss of interest for the holders, but
it will ultimately result in every one
getting back their investments.
The officers of the Livingston
Loan & Building association have
been working hard to secure the best
possible result for their friends and
associates and it seems that if the
present program is carried out that
it will be the best possible result.
The settlement will take every re
source of the retiring secretary, Mr.
Fricke. when it is transferred over to
the building and loan association.
Lincoln. Aug. 30. T. S. Allen,
chairman of the democratic state cen
tral committee, authorized-the state
convention to name an executive com
mittee of twenty-two, consisting of
these fifteen men and seven women:
J. S. McCarty, Lincoln; C. J. Camp
bell, Lincoln; Arthur F. Mullen, Om
aha; Mrs. H. J. Bailey, Omaha; E.
A. Coufal. David City; J. R. Swain,
Greeley: Mrs. Alice Brooke, Hast
ings: Fred Ashton. Grand Island;
Dr. Jennie Callfas. Omaha; John W.
Cutright, Fremont: W. H. Smith,
Seward; H. S. Dungan, Hastings;
Mrs. C. S. Clayton, Lincoln; Lee
Huff, Omaha; E. Placek, Wahoo;
Mrs. Anna Gray Clark, Ogallala;
W. M. Somerville. McCook; Miss
Maude Gillespie, Rushville; I. J.
Dunn, Omaha; M. H. Weiss. Hebron;
W. J. McNichols, Lexington; Miss
Edna Willis, Central City.
Another couple of the young peo
ple of this city have decided to take
up life's journey as one in the fu
ture, Mr. Verner Seydlitz and Miss
Rebecca E. Marquett, both from
Plattsmouth, being united in mar
riage in Omaha on Thursday after-
I rrnn Tho vnii n tr npnnlp n re wel 1
known here where they -have resid
ed for a number of years.
From Friday" Dally.
Misses Dorothy Gray and Clara
Brewster, head of Camp Brewster,
near Omaha, arrived here this morn
ing to enjoy a short visit at the E.
H. Wescott home and this evening
will be dinner guests at the home of
Misses Grace and Virginia Beeson.
The guests will be the girls who have
been at Camp Brewster the past sea
son, namely Ruth Shannon. Alice
Louise and Helen Wescott, Virginia
and Grace Beeson and Janet Bajeck.
Country Home of Mr. and Mrs. Glen
Perry the Scene of Most De
lightful Gathering;.
From Frlday'a Daily.
Amid the pleasant surroundings of
the Glen Ferry home, south of this
city, was held last evening the picnic
of the Order of the Eastern Star and
for the occasion the ladies had as
their guests, the members of their
families to partake of the delightful
treat prepared in the picnic dinner.
The Perry home is one of the most
attractive in Cass count- and the
large lawn was found an ideal place
in the pleasant evening for the gath
ering of the Stars and their families.
There was a delightful informal
ity in evidence at the picnic that was
appreciated by everyone and It was
with real regret that the home going
hour was reached and the pleasant
gathering disbanded.
MENTSARRANGED Tennis Club Prepares List of Matches
that Will Mark the Handicap
Tournament in City.
The tennis fans of the city met
last eveningr at . the office of James
Kuykendall to arrange the plans for
the forthcoming tennis tournament
and a number of those who have been
interested in the game were present.
The following schedule of matches
was arranged for the first round of
the tourn&ment:
Ray Larson-Jess Warga, Edgar
Wescott-George Perry, Eugene Lis-ter-T.
M. Patterson, L. Sprecher-E.
C. Harris, Rev. H. G. McClusky-G.
E. DeWolf, E. A. Fricke-E. H. Wes
cott. E. A. Wurl drew a by; B. C.
Doolan-Robert Walling, Alfred Cal-vert-John
Brim, R. W. Knorr, a by;
Hilt Martin-Leslie Niel, Estes Williams-Claire
Hudson, Rev. John Calvert-James
Kuykendall, R. P. West-over-R.
G. Campbell, John Calvert,
Jr.,-W. G. Kieck, George Fetring
Harley Cecil.
There will bo twenty-seven match
es played and there are still two va
cancies in the list of entries that can
be filled and which the promoters
are anxious to have some one enter
in them. Those who desire to enter
can call either Ray Larson or Rev.
John Calvert.
It is desired that the first games
be all played by Wednesday and ci
ther the Larson or Kuykendall courts
can be used at any time that is con
venient to the palyers.
Ir1 The "Go-Getters!"
Nowadays the young man who pro
vides himself with an education looks
ahead, saves his money and shows per
sistent and consistent determination to
get ahead is called a "go-getter."
"Go-getters" get an education and
use it ; they earn money and save it ; they
are hot on the trail of success and are
bound to overtake it. This bank wel
comes the accounts of "Go-getters," and
takes a direct personal interest in every
young man who wants to get ahead.
Edward M. Wellman Unable to E . ' y
From Operation Was Populn?
With His Associates.
Attorney Edward M. Well man. .'
grand master of the grand lodir-v
F. & A. M. in Nebraska and for
years a resident of Omaha.
Thursday afternoon at Paxion .
morial hospital following an op v
tion Thursday morning.
Elected to his post us grand rr: -
ter last June. Mr. Wellman wa i
21' J degree Mason, past master of -braska
lodge No. 1 and a Kni''.t
Templar. He also was a member
the University and Happy Holl v
Mr. Wellman was a native of Iowa,
moving with his parents while still
a boy to Scotia, Neb. He was married
to Miss Ida Cook of Scotia. After
graduating from the law school of
Michigan university, he moved t
Omaha, where he maintained law of
fices in the Omaha National bank
building. The family residence is at
2110 South Thirty-third street.
Family of Four
Besides his wile, Mr. Wellman Is
survived by two sons. Phillip, 21.
student at the University of Nebras
ka, and Edward. 1C. Central hii;b
school student; and a daughter. Mr?.
Gene Vaughan.
Mr. Wellman was held in especial
ly high esteem by his associates and
"He was one of the squarest. fin
est examples of moral and clean liv
ing I ever knew," said Lewis E.
Smith, deputy grand secretary of
grand lodge A. F. & A. M.. who was
grand master of the lodge w hen Mr.
Wellman was deputy grand master.
"No man of my acquaintance- ever
was held in as high respect by all
his acquaintances. He was of excep
tional keenness and worth."
Styled "Wonderful Man"
Frank Wilcox, secretary of Ne
braska lodge No. 1. described Mr.
Wellman aB a wonderful man along
all lines.
"He went out of Lis way to do nets
of kindness," said Mr. Wilcox. "Hla
absolute squareness and sterling
sharacter were known not only in
Omaha, but through the state as
Slater, Mo., Aug. 31. Five ar
rests, the first In the western Mis
souri district, for alleged interfer
ence with the mails were made here
by O. A. (Buck) Lindsay, deputy
L'nited States marshal.
The five men arrested, who latr
were taken to Kansas City, were
Leo F. Winkle, chairman of the fed
erated shopcrafts in Slater; Barny
Mayfield, chairman of the machin
ists organization; J. W. NkhoN,
striking machinist and picket; Em
mett Toad, a stationary fireman, and
E. L. Johnson, brakeman.
As the men were boarding a train
for Kansas City, Todd Is said to havi
endeavored to act as go-between for
Winkle and the shopmen by carry
ing a message from Winkle to tl
members of his craft. He was arrest
ed and put on the train with tl:
Federal Reserve