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Nehawka Department!
Prepared ia the Interests of the People of Nehawka and Surrounding Vicinity Especially
for the Journal Readers.
W A flick is ilrilline a well on Usome
tlie p:a t on the O street road where
Mr. Herold Kimlon lives.
Alices Clara Shumaker anil Dori3
Magney will teach at the Nebraska
City schools the coining year.
Leo Switzcr was looking after
Are You Reading
We are prepared to furnish ou
an excellent well. We have the
well machinery ready for service
Sec us if you are needing a well.
business matters in Weeping
Water last Monday, making the trip
via the auto.
L. R. Snipes of Weeping Water, the
county agent, was at the home of
Fred Shumaker, Judging cattle one
day last week.
Mr. J. D. FuClos the contractor, is
making some substantial changes in
the porch at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. II. B. Stone.
Verner Lundberg was a visitor at
Omaha last Sunday where he and
Miss Ruth Ilarshman were the guests
of friends for the day.
C. D. St. John was a visitor in Un
ion last Monday where he delivered
a load of mill stuffs, consisting of
flour, meal and bran.
Mr. and Mrs. E. It. Kendel were
enjoying week end visitors of Miss
Irene Craig and Earl Towner of Lin
coln who drove over for the day.
Messrs. Miller and Gruber who
have just completed the placing of
Harry Knabe pig club met last
we?k and selected delegates to the
state fair who will act as judges for
livestock there from the club and
will be accompanied by Superintend
ent L. V.". Burby of the Nehawka
Miss Veeda Metzger of Springfield
was a visitor in Is'ehawka a guest at
the home of Miss Doris Magney and
Clara Shumaker they all being room
chums at the state university. The
two young ladies returned home of
Miss Metzger and visited for a num
ber of days this week.
Last Monday Miss Melvlna Lud
wig of Bethany was a visitor here
and arranged for the beginning of
the school which she is to teach at
Maple Grove, southwest of Nehawka
and returned to her home after mak
ing arrangements for school open
ing and for a boarding place.
J. II. Steffen and family who have
been on an extended visit in the
They are GOOD!
Easlrieh 5 Laurence,
Nehawka, Neb.
v- "V
-.vo are furnishing re
Iir; liljr tirt.i at lower prices the mail order houses
irs putting cut inferior
gods for. This good only
for a limited time, so you
had better set what you
want while they are going.
Se the list of prices below!
United States &. Racine Tires
the riof on thr house of Mr. Gruber "West going from here via auto to
are now at vork on the porch of Mr. I Denver and Colorado Springs where
Miller. they spent some two weeks, return-
Misses Hope and Esther Saint John j ed home last Saturday evening and
were visiting in Weeping Water and ' were greatly pleased with their trip
attending the ball game between Ne-j but admit that Cass county and Ne
hawka and Weeping Water last Sat-' hawka look pretty good to them,
unlay. j Edward Woods the painter, J. F.
A. W. Propst, Bruce Wolf, Charles DuCIos the carpenter, and E. J.
Hathaway. II. J. Miller and Earle Kruoger the agriculturalist, were
and Roy Hathaway of Union were in loc king after some business matters
attendance at the ball game here last and taking in the sights last Sunday
Sunday. evening in Omaha. By the way, Mr.
Win. James and Fred Nutzman lost his auto number, which
wore delegated to the state conven- is 2-2756, after leaving Union and
tion of republicans from Otoe coun
ty which convened in Lincoln last ;
Henry Feltes the painter and Ed
Woc: Jiis assistant were decorating
the office of Dr. J. W. Thomas last
week and making things look much
brighter. j
Messrs. A. J. McNatt and A. T.
Cam. bell from near Rock Bluffs were
visitors in Nehawka last Thursday
(oiuine to do some trading at the
Nehawka mill. J
Paul Applegato. mayor of Factory- !
as it got dark could not well ilird it.
Mr. C. D. Keltuer has been enjoy
ing a visit from Ji is nephew and
neice. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Daglish of
Fort Wayne. Ind.. for the past week
who drove from their home to here
and after having enjoyed an excel
lent, time, departed last Monday
morning for their home going via
Chicago where they will visit before
reaching their home town. Mrs. Dag
lish will return in October for an
other visit.
vilic, was a visitor in Nehawka last i
oize flu'JU; lookinc after some matters of busi- :
Size Z2s3'2 13.75 j ness for the day.
Size 32x1 18.30 It is reported that a new garage
19 251 will become one of the things of Ne-
Size 33s4 ...
34. onnn'a" which will be located in the
2ize 4lXx U.UU, !)u51(,;ns pf Mr W- A Hick3 aml will
T'Tl.'?e tires are guaranteed but1,f? eonducted by a man from Omaha
Will Trade 1916 Ford
Will trade a 19 1C Ford touring
car good running . condition for a
cow. must be good and a Jersey pre
ferred. Box 245 Plattsmouth.
ti:e prices cannot be assured for any
great length of time. Come early.
Lundhsrg Garage
Nehawka -:- Nebraska
Mrs. Emma Burdick of Omaha, a
sister-in-law of Mrs. Nick Klaurens, 1
and Mr. Henry Gruber, was a visi
tor here with her brother and sister
Death Claims Infant Daughter
After an illness of only a few days
little Charlotte Margaret, aged 3S
days, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. E.
O. Johnson, died on their arrival at
the Methodist hospital at Omaha.
! where? she was taken for treatment.
w ." k to the house which has been
o.-cupied by M. H. Grifiin, while he
1 ;is moved to the hotel and restau
rant which he has. Horace Griffin
moving to the house where Mr. Kil
burn has been living and Mr. A. B
Rutkulge is moving to the new house
which he has been having completed
Has an Excellent Herd,
Last' week II. C. Young, who Is
.! '-sey breider, having a herd of cat
('..- of the Jursiy strain. D. C. Young
.if., and daughier Catherine, H. 1
l-'-.ui of the agricultural college of
Illinois and Rav Morgan, assistant
'.i re. visitors in Nehawka and in
i n . ted the h-rcl of C. W. Stone, who
is the man who has the only herd of
! , -i-ys in Cas county and was told
1 v these geut bsncn that they were
i i" best which had been viewed irt
state of Nebraska.
Two Games to Ccme
ball teaia of Nehawka
I '.;'." the Union ball team at the Un
i-.-.i giounds on Friday of this week
i Iving Old Settlers" day and a good
; a is looked for. For Sunday they
!'!".v :i date with the All Stars of
(ma ha and this game is looked for
. r.l to with much interest as both
. i.js are hooked up about right.
; fi
Some Chickens Sure
W. GrifT:r! has some Rhode I
R .1 chi'-k.-ns which are laying
o age ci live months and which
1 ; c. ni.!ers as being pretty good
lie thinks the strain as one of the
1 ' t all around chickens which he
Lar.dled. He however, is put in
-hade by a flock of Mr. A. B
ibdCL'. who lias a flock of Minor
v.hi.h are producing at the age
three and a half months.
1 .
last week and was taken to Omaha
by her brother in his auto last Sunday.
At The (Sift Store!
Tiiis is the place to buy gifts that last, gifts that you can't
go wron on, as we stand back cf every piece of goods sold
at this store. We carry a full line of Kitchen, Mantel and
Alarm Clocks on hand, so now is the time to come in and look
them over. Also a new assortment of Rings, which has just
come in, consisting of Diamonds, Rubies, Saphires, Pearls,
Klc. All watch, clock, jewelry and spectacle repairing is fully
Norris Building,
Nehawka, Nebraska
Dr. U. Thomas was called in absence
of Dr. Thomas of Nehawka and' did
everything possible and as a last re-
; sort had ad vised taking to the hospi
tal where the specialists said that ev-
; erything had been done possible and
; that they could not have afforded any
. relief had the little one been at the
.hotel. The friends of Rev. and Mrs.
Johnson extended every help possi-
; ble and did all possible in the hour
i of their affliction. The funeral was
j held from the home last Saturday
i evening, tre Rev. C. I. Rose, pastor
of the Methodist church of Weeping
i Wat r officiating. The interment was
; made in the beautiful Mt. Pleasant
cemetery. The sorrowing parents
i have the sympathy of their numer
; ous friends ia this citv and commuu
: ity.
Plowing Outfit For Sale
Case 10-2O tractor, with a three
I ooitom Case plow. R. C. Pollard,
phone ,S, Nehawka, Neb. a!0-2w
special for this Week!
tf n
Ladies' Oxfords
Black or Tan reduced to
Three Younr Lads
1 Last week. T. E. Fulton the "vil
: lago blacksmith," celebrated his 66
'birthday anniversary and says he is
leeling pretty good, thank you. The
coming month Mr. Morris Pollard
will also celebrate his birthday,
which is also 66, and the month fol
lowing Geo. Tate will have one as
I well, it being the same 66. The boys
are running lifr. s race pretty even
ly and are a jolly set of boys at that.
Preparing For School Opening
Following the state fair will be
the opening of the s hools of Nehaw-
i ka. Ju t now one of tlu busies is in
the. hands of the Lundberg Garage
lot lining placed in excellent (ondi
!ion for the surv-; io which it is to
giv. The following s the roster of
teachers for fh cotr.lng year: L. W.
Bui by. superintendent; high school
teachers. Misses 1 1 lot) Owen. Lenora
Nosirnberpcr and Florence Wright;
rj-adi-s, Charlotte Gralf, 3 and -4;
Waff! Steinmeier, f and 6; Hazel
Scott, T and S. Krma Graff will look
after the primary.
is just the thing to make your baking easier. Corns
in and see our stock of pie plate?, casseroles and
Established 1888
Has an Excellent Time
Last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. George
Sheldon and their daughter, acenm
far.icd by Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Kirk
pp trick and W. A. Norris, accompan
ied by Miss Evelyn Wolph and Mr.
Pen Olive of Weeping Water, were
guests ar- the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Pollard of Omaha where they all en
joyed an excellent picnic dinner and
counted the day well spent.'
Meets With Serious Accidsnt
Charhs Hall, the miller, who
vcrks with Mr. C. D. St. Jchn. while
wing a sack after filling, had the
riiiUirtune to strike his left arm
r.itli the needle, which is partly
l.r.ife as well rs a needle, ami cut a
:ry ugly gash in the arm and with
the added result that a large artery
v.'ss severed. The blood spurted some
f. i feet high and it was with diffi-
(u'ty that he and Mr. St. John couToH
t the How of blood stopped until
" fi'ld bo gotten to a doctor. Mr
H:lt started for the office of Dr
'. hoims with the blood streaming as
1. 1 went and before he had traversed
two blocks he had, it is estimat-
1. lost a quart of blood. Dr. Thorn
; soon had the wound under con
trd. The wound is getting along
i n !y now but Charles does not want
i-i'.vmore of these experiences.
Play Tvro Ball Games
The Nehawka team played two
v r r xciti!i primes of ball last week
rtt" nt Wee pi n.7 Water last Satur
d1;,- iu which tVy lost to Weeping
Yaicr by a score of 5 to 0. Many
I "ojiic- from Nehawka were in attend-
r " and were greatly interested In
i'i" gme. Mi.icli has been counted on
this .name but they were honked up
ag'iti-st. too strong' a proposition
Still they have little to regret for
with the same combination Platts
mouth went down under a shower of
srores to the tune of 14 to 0. The
eth-r game was with the Omaha
..-'. t:ib!r ns in v.hi'h the visitors won
by a score of 10 to 6. H. W. Griffin
f tarted pitching for the locals, but
en account of setting bit by a bat
; r:d two very hot balls on his arm
had to forego the finishing of the
i'a me.
The democratic state committee
;i"t following adjournment of the
!.te convention last night and elect
d Thomas S. Allen of Liuroln state
chairman. J. J. Tooley of ISroken
Row, secretary; Dr. P. L. Hall of
Limoln. treasurer, ami J. C HyrnVa
i T Columbus and Mrs. A. C. Shal
lonbcrgcr of Alma, vice chairmen.
Sixth district' delegates ucci-ptod
ihe l'-si nation of C. W. Real of
Tirokeii Row for the short term for
( oTi-rri '-s ami nominated Will Mau-
pin of Geriag in hia place for that
term. Mr. Maupin accepted.
Young men. handy with carpenter
torH, for permanent employment
rate, 17c to 6.1c per hour, depend
ing upon ability and experience, with
pay at rate of time and one-half
alter eight hours' work. Call on or
write Master Mechanic, C, R. &
Q. R. Ii.
Hs a Gecd Wheat Yield
John Gorder and Charles Bestor
of Plat tsmouth who are in the West
near Burlington, Colo., looking after
the harvesting and marketing of the
iormer's wheat crop, are renortiiur 1 ftpl strong, have good appetite
very satisfactory yields and from 120 n'l digestion, sleep soundly and en
acres which they cut they report a Jn' uso Burdock Blood Bitters,
yield of 40 bushels to the acre. Fig-! tke fami'y tystem tonic. Price,
uring from this with the amount yet!'1--0
to cut'they think Mr. Gorder's entire
irop will amount to 10,000 bushels
and thia is not the worst feature of
the matter either.
ITrom Monday faliv
Mrs. Will Nolting and sister, Misg
Elizabeth Tschirren, were among
those going to Omaha this morning
j where they wll spend the day visit
ing with triends.
Herman Spies departed this after
noon for Trinidad, Colo., where he
expects to enjoy a two weeks' visit ,
there at the home of his son, E. L.
t Spies and family. I
Pa., who has been here visiting at
the home of her brother, John Ruth- j
erford and family, returned this
morning to her home in the West. !
R. L. Propst and wife who have'
been enjoying a short outing at
Denver and other point3 in the west, J
where they motored a rew weeks ago,
returned home yesterday afternoon.
Ludwig Miller, wife and family,
were here over Sunday visiting at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad
Meisinger, parents of Mrs. Miller
and with other relatives and friends.
Miss Clara Pate of Marietta, O.,
who has been here visiting at the
home of her aunt, Mrs. Martha, Bau
meister and with the John Ruther
ford family, departed this morning
for her home. I
G. A. Holcomb and wife who have (
been making their home here for the ,
past year are preparing to leave fori
Canada where they will make their j
home for the present at least and will i
locate in Manitoba.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Menchau and
children of Eagle came down yester
day for a visit here at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Smith, parents
pf Mrs. Menchau and Mr. Menchau
returned home yesterday while the
family will remain here for a longer
P. M. Meisinger. one of the well
known residents of the vicinity of I
Cedar Creek was here Saturday for
a few hours looking after the week
end trading and incidently called at
the Journal office to renew his sub
scription for another year and for
a very pleasant visit.
"Litrtn, yoa Mazit, you
go on an' play and don't
bother me very much
'til I get all dona eating
thie Kellogg'M Corn
Flake tor lanchl Say,
I bet your mouth water
tohen you watem n
eatin' these big mouth
tula of. Kellogg' good'
From Tuesday's Dally.
Verne Hendricks is visiting at
Grand Island at the home of his
undo. W. F. Chalfant and wife.
Mrs. P. A. Horn was a visitor in
Randolph, Iowa, for the past few
days, returning home this morning
on the early morning Burlington
Ed Bornemeier and wife of near
Elmv.ood were here Sunday visiting
at the home of Mr. ami Mrs. Geo.
H. Stoehr, former residents of that
The perfect child-food
serve with fresh h uit !
Let the little folks eat as often as they like and aa
much as they like of Kellogg's Corn Flakes wonder
ful summer food for every member of the family!
Just what little and big stomachs need to thrive on
best during the hot days; an ideal food to take the
place of the heavy meals whip hmpset health, make you
sluggish and take the joy out of life!
Kellogg's are so extra delightful in summer with
fresh fruitsfor breakfast, for lunch, for "snacks."
Try Kellogg's Corn Flakes as a dinner
dessert with fresh fruit and cream!
Insist upon Kellogg's Corn Flakes in the
RED and GREEN package that bears the
signature of W. K. Kellogg, originator of
Corn Flakes. Hone are genuine without it I
iff Ji'JSi i3
Also mkcr cf KELLOGG'S KItUMELES and KELLOGG'S BRAN, cooked a&d krutltd
ft I I I Mf-I .i..M..;..t..i..i..,,l, )..i , m.
Canning Demonstration
The Woman's club near Louisville
met Wednesday, August 9th for a
canning demonstration. About 16
ladies were present. Corn, tomatoes,
beets and apples were canned using
the pressure codker and sterilizer
The meeting was held at Mrs
Blume's. All her garden had been
hailed, out so the other women brot
vegetables and had them canned and
at the close of the meeting all the
canned vegetables were given
Mrs. Blume. A generous spirit, w
say. xnis ciud win meet lnursaay
September 21, at the home of Mrs.
Henry Gaebel for instructions on
how to exhibit at the state and
county fairs.
Tour of Cass and Otoe Counties
August 10th, the Nebraska State
Horticulture association visited the
following farms. A 43-acre new or
chard near Union,' belonging to W,
B. Banning. This orchard was plant
eu in iyi7 ana consists or i,4uu
trees. Mr. Banning only lost
trees the first year. He also has an
8-acre old orchard which produced
him above labor cost ?60 an acre
one year. ?S0 another ana uu an
other. They also visited the 80-acre
orchard belonging to the University
of Nebraska, near Union. Here they
have a three-quarter acre farm model
orchard, also 20 acres of orchard
planted with fillers and 20 which
they cultivate. This is an experi
mental and demonstration orchard
rhe next stop was in Otoe county
n orchard rented by Mr. V al Key
ser. Here we tound an experimen
isinir dry spray Bordeaux mixture
ind no spray. In ten years Mr. Key
er has sold $14,600 worth of apples
from this ten acre orchard. The next
orchard consisted of 40 acres plant
ed in 1917 and owned by the Loess
Lund company. This was all in red
clover. From hero, they went to
Arbor lodge for lunch. After lunch
i splendid program was given by R
Howard. J. J. Smith, Morton
Steinhart. R. S. Herrick and Dean
Looks Like Spring Was Here
Emory Kilburn who has made his
Your ad will carry punch if yo
; write it as a plain "selling talk" in
i stead of trying to fuss it up with
! frills and exager&tioS.
home in east. Nehawna, moved last Blank Book- ax the Journal Office.
Club Work Humming:
Miss Jessie Greene, state club
leader from the Extension Service
College of Agriculture, was in Cass
county August 7th and 8th. Many
of our girls' clubs held meetings and
gave their demonstrations and Miss
Greene criticized ' them and gave
many helpful suggestions. She was
much pleased with the splendid in
terest that is being shown by tne
earns. We are planning to send
two Home Economics teams to the
tate fair and sometime in the near
uture we expect to have our try out
to see who will be the lucky teams
to represent cass county ai me
state fair.
MaDle Grove cooking and baking
club of Nehawka met at the home of
Irs. B. Wolph and served a. lunch
eon to the Camp Fire girls, of which
the cooking and baking club are al
io members. The luncheon was all
prepared and served by the five club
girls under the efficient leadership
of Miss Evelyn Wolph, the local
leader. The table was laid for six
teen and Miss Greene and the coun-
; ty agents were among the guest3.
After the luncheon. Mrs. Paul
Wolph's clothing club team from
Avoca gave a very fine demonstration
on "Making Attractive Kitchen
Aprons." The rest of the afternoon
was spent in songs, yells and helping
the cooking and baking team work
out a demonstration. The club try
out to see who can go to the state
fair will be held in about a week,
probably August 19th or 21st. So
every club work hard and be ready.
The clubs which will be represented
at the try-out will be as follows:
Sewing club, Union, Mrs. L. R.
Upton, leader; Merry Stitchers, of
Union, Miss Faye Hansell, leader;
Tatapochen Hot Lunch club. Union, j
Miss Newman, leader; Maple Grove:
Cooking and Baking club, Nehawka,
Evelyn Wolph, leader; Jolly Farm
Girls club, Weeping Water, Mrs. J.
M. Ranney, leader; Jolly Workers
club, Avoca, Mrs. Paul Wolph, lead
er. Watch papers for time and
place of meeting.
The baseball team representing the
village of South B.uul. journeyed
down to Cedar ("reek on Sunday, last,
engage the fast team of that place
and met defeat at the bauds of Man
ager Bob Stivers' fast players, the
score being 9 to S. The game was
not as snappy as others that have
been played on the Cedar Creek dia
mond but was enjoyed by the large
crowd very much.
When baby suffers with eczema or
some itching skin trouble, use Doau's
Ointment. A little of it goes a long
way and it is safe for children. 60c
a box at all stores.
Krom Wednesday's Dally.
The eastbound trains over the
Burlington were very much belated
today. No. 6, due here at 8:14 a. m.,
not arriving until 10 o'clock, and
No. 24. due here at 1:12, did not
arrive here until after 2:15. No. 24
did not make the trip, to Pacific
Junction but stopped here and made
the return trip to the metropolis.
There was no information available
as to the reason for the delay of the
Accounts owing, and note! pay
able to the firm of E. G. Dovey &
Son are for sale. Prospective pur
chasers may examine same and tile
their offer with the undersigned, of
fer being subject to the approval of
the court.
Attorney For Receiver.
Constipation causes headache, in
digestion, dizziness, drowsiness. For
a mild, opening medicine use Doan's
Regulets. 30c a box at all stores.
C. B. & Q. R. R.
At points in Illinois, Wisconsin.
Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska.
Machinists, boilermakers
and blacksmiths, 70 per
A few helpers for these
crafts, 47 per hour.
Passenger car carpenters
and repairers, 70 per
. hour.
Freight car carpenters
and repairers, 63 per
To replace men on strike against de
cision of the United States Railroad
Labor Board.
Young men who have finished their
arm or other work for the season
apply at once, before it is too late,
or positions as helpers in the car
and locomotive departments where
every opportunity will be provided
to enable you to qualify for posi
tions paying higher wages.
or further particulars and trans
portation, if accepted, call on or
write Master Mechanic. C. B. & Q.
R. R., Omaha, Nebraska. I
.1 A
if v
Mr. r vo
Ljif life
i :vx j -v..'. &f-i o
Hard to fit?
flRE you tall, short,
thin, stout so that
you can't be fitted in an
average suit? We can fit
you in better-than-aver-age
Society Brand Clothes
in the style that looks
best on you.
$35, $40 and$45
C. E. Wescotfs Sons