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VOL. NO. xxxviu.
NO. 8
From Monday's Dally.
Last Sunday at the home of his
daughter. Mrs. Charles Creamer,
was celebrated the passing of the
Sth birthday of Mr. George W.
Shrader, who was born in Taswell
county, Virginia, and where he liv
ed for the first twenty years of his
life, removing later to the west and
locating in Cass county in 1S64,
where he has made his home ever
since. There were some 272 people
to greet this aged American at the
home of his daughter. A sumpticus
repast served in cafeteria style was
one of the features of the day. The
vision of the future wa.troa&-with
Mr. Shrader when he settled in Ne-l.r'-
ka then a almost leaHwaa -prairie
and which he seen in the future to
be a garden fit for the abode of any
one. His faith was rewarded wnen
VUC. Jii? laid W MA. J A . ' CA 1 W t V w i - u , . A 4
over a strip of country devastated by!a?on- J1'. V PUnfy V
one of the most blighting of hail i f"fe IJ ' ar??.d n5, Gft V
storms, there was produced one of "all. 6; Hayes. 20, Holt. 10, Knox
the most elaborate feeds which could!,5 Lincoln. 19; Loup. 10: Nance. 4;
be im-ined Otoe, 4; Perkins, 6; Pierce, 20;
The B. P. O. E. band was pres-! Richardson. 2 ; Stantcn, 5; Washing-
cnt and dispensed excellent music
. ,c;
during the afternoon and was a por-
tion oi an excellent program which
was a ieature oi tne aiternoon. le-i
gt around among the crowd and dis-!
tribute cigars and well wishes for all i
the friends who came to make the i
anniversary of his birth one of picas-
ure for themselves and for their hon
ored friend.
There were present his relatives,
neighbors and triends and members
of the Grand Army of which he is a
member, and the Masonic order, of
which he has been a member during
his lif
The birthday cake which was bak-
ed by his daughter-in-law, Mrs. II. 1
H. Shrader. was a unique one in pat- ;
tern and consisted of three rows en- i
cricling the cake of candles telling
ot his age. j
The special table for this host was
occupied by the guest of honor, Un- church. During the service the choir
cle George, V. A. Taylor, who was 0f the church gave a number of se
niaster of ceremonies; Joseph Shra- j lections.
der. Z. IV. Shrader. X. H. Isabel and . The bodv was laid to rest at the'
Wm. Kennedy, and was placed in the Oak Hill cemetery, the pall bearers
drawing room of the homo. being selected from among the busi-1
The remainder of the large crowd ness men of the city and were H. A.'
with the plates piled high with the Schneider. Frank M. Bestor, "William'
best things to eat. found comfort- 1 Schmidtmann. H. M. Soennichsen, R. :
able places where they could eat and W. Knorr and Guy W. Morgan,
visit with friends. Following the re-1 Among the relatives here from
past the program was given, the "out of the city were George Hatt, of
first number thereon being given by . Buffalo. X. Y.. and Mrs. J. T. Clark. .
a gnat granddaughter, little Allen
Murphy, who came from Chillicothe,
Mo., to attend this celebration. This
little miss also gave a very enter
taining dance as well.
The program was continued by
the opening address by the Rev. W.
A. Taylor of Union, followed by a
few numbers from the Elks band.
-.!!, .,.,, r.or, onnriotD,! Tho
first address being given by the Rev.
Gooddell. pastor of the Christian
f-hiirrh at Murrav. This was well re- 1
ceived. it being a short history of ,
Mr. Shrader teling of his coming!
, " j mw
here and intersperced by a number
of very amusing stories which added
to the good nature of the assembled
neighbors and friends.
The large crowd then sang "Pass
Me Not. 6 Gentle Saviour." Hon. R.
B. Windham reviewed the experi
ences and his acquaintance with Mr.
Shrader and told of their visiting
the national encampment together
at Vicksburg. Miss., some years ago.
"With more music by the Elks band,
then followed the address of A. E.
Stepheiison of Omaha who spoke:
more directly in reference to the
Masonic order of which both are
members and said that the number
of people present was a certification
of the excellent character of this ex-
f-llpnt man. Hon. W. B. Banning of
I'nion, followed in an address in
which he complimented the people
who had gathered and extended to
Mr. Shrader the wish that he might
see many more happy birthdays.
He said the present condition of
Nebraska which was like a garden,
was the fulfilling of the vision which
Mr. Shrader had of the future of this
country. He said that one only ap
preciated the fact of this country be
ing a garden after he had taken a
ride in an airplane over the coun
try" when it was clothed with its
summer garments.
The Journal representative then
folowed with a report of the meet
ing, telling of the ages of some twenty-two
of the older of the crowd, ap
proximating some 1,591 years, and
the oldest being the guest of honor,
while the youngest was George Alex
Hull, five months old and, named for
"Uncle George." He also extended
the thanks of Mr. Shrader to the as
sembled throng for the very pleas
ant day which they had given him.
The singir.g of "Blest Be the Tie
that Binds. concluded the program
and with the visiting of the many
friends and the personal extending
of congratulations of friends and
well wishes for the future, conclud
ed a perfect day. Mr. Shrader and
especially his daughter, Mrs. Chas.
Creamer, wish to extend their thanks
to the people who made this day one
of pleasure for this excellent citizen.
Twenty-Seven Counties Were Raised ,
and Ten Reduced by State
Board of Equalization.
Farm land assessements of twenty-seven
counties were raised and
those of ten counties reduced by the
state board of equalization and as
sessments, at its meeting Wednesday,
leaving fifty-six counties unchanged
Irom the figures reported by them.
In consideration of this net in
crease in farm land valuations, the
board decided that there was no
good basis for the objection filed by
railroad companies to their own as
sessments as being higher in propor
tion than on lands, and their request
tor a decrease below the valuations
placed on their property two months
ago was denied.
Following are the counties which
have been raised, the percentage of
increase being indicated for each:
Banner, 14 per cent; Boyd, 3;
Brown, 5; Buffalo, 10; Cedar, 15;
Cherry, S; Cuming, 9; Custer. 4;
Those whose farm land valuations
. n , - . T,
ota. 2; Furnas. 4; Jefferson. 6;
; " . ' ; '
4; barPr ; j nomas .
frrm Monday- Dally
Yesterdav afternoon the funeral
service of 'the late Jonathan Hatt
,vas held from tne st Luke's Enisco-
Dai church and attended bv a large-
number of the old friends and neigh-J
bors to share with the familv the
deep grief that his passing has
brought on the community,
The services were beautiful and
simple and the rector of the church,
Father V. S. Leete, celebrated the
funeral ritual of the EDiscooal
of Lincoln, brother and sister, and
Guy Clark and wife of Lincoln.
From Monday' Daily.
The residences occupied by a num
ber of the men who have remained
u 1 i vie ijunington. snooB
iu"ne, f tjie Bh?pv 5raf
rJlIwfl111. an,d
"f"s wi B trimmings oi yei-
noi. t.cniiiji mill II IlUUllllgb Ol
ow paint and the lettering, "Scab."
' the lett
The painting was not
t'"' dwellers in the he
ot discovered by
houses until the
morning after the painting and
therefore the person or persons do
ing the work were not discovered.
From Monday's Dally
William Rice and wife of this city
departed this afternoon for Weep
ing Water where they were called
to pay a visit at the home of their
daughter, Mrs. John Fitzpatrick, and
to interview the fine little daughter
that arrived at the Fitzpatrick home
Sunday. Grandpa Rice is feeling
highly elated over the event and
( could hardly wait until the train
bore him to the side of the new
1 -
Tne most exquisite line of birth
day and gift cards to be found any
where! At Journal office.
Former Plattsmouth Young Man i3
Joined in Bonds of Wedlock
at Harrisbnrg, Pa.
The announcement has been re
ceived here by the father of the
groom and other relatives and friends
of the marriage on Thursday, Aug.
3rd, of Miss Lulu Myrtle Ernst and
Mr. Joseph George Creamer, the cer
emony occurring at the Lutheran
church in HarrisburgL
This wedding is the outgrowth of
a romance of war time daj-s when
the groom was in service and his
bride employed as a stenographer at
a number of the army camps where
Mr. Creamer served and from this ac
quaintanceship formed in the dark
days of war, a warmer feeling de
veloped that has resulted in the
young people deciding that they
would make their lives as one in the
Mr. Creamer has since his dis
charge from the service in the early
part of 1919, been engaged in the
automobile business at Harrisburg,
Pa., where Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Ernst
parents of the bride reside, and for
the past year Miss Ernst has been
stenographer at the auto plant of
Mr. Creamer.
The young people will enjoy a
short honeymoon trip and then be at
home to their friends after Septem
ber 1st. at the home in Harrisburg,
that the groom has awaiting the
coming of his bride.
Mr. Creamer is a son of C. L.
Creamer of this city and a brother
of Mrs. A. H. Duxbury, and was
brought up here where he made his
home until responding to the call of
his country in the World war.
Tentative Arrangements for Matches
With Tommy Gibbons and Bob
Martin are Made.
Andy Schmader, Cass county's super-artist
with the padded mitts, is
being discussed as the probable op
ponent oj Bob Martin, the A. E. F.
champion, in a bout at Aurora, 111.,
on August 18th. and where Mana
ger Jack Lewis is at present look
ing over the situation. Another of
the fights projected for the near fu
ture is one at Lincoln under the aus
pices of the American Legion in
which Andy will be scheduled to
meet Tommy Gibbons.
These two boxers that the Cass
county man is being matched with
are among the best in the broad con
fines of the country and should make
two of the best matches of the heav
ies that have been seen in the cjoun
try. The host of devoted Schmader
boosters here are confident that An
dy is the equal of any of the heavy-
weights and they are anxiously
awaiting the matching of the Gib
bons and Martin bouts.
This morning at 7:30, T. H. Pol
lock, wife and daughter. Miss Alice,
departed in their Lincoln touring
car for the west and for an outing
of some duration in Colorado. They
expect to make their first stop at
Arapahoe for a day's visit with Chas.
A. Patterson and wife and then a
day's stay at Cheyenne Wells, Col
orado, at the ranch of Mr. Pollock,
where they are putting in a 640
acre tract in fall wheat. From there
they will go to Piedra, Colorado,
350 miles southwest of Denver, to
the ranch of J. K. Pollock, and join
Jim there in his vacation in the
pleasant coolness of the mountain re
gion. Jim has written very favorably
of the fishing in that locality and
the members of the auto party are
anticipating a pleasant time snag
ging in the mountain trout and other
of the mountain fish. Bear is also
reported as being plentiful in that
regjon as well as smaller game and
should make some good hunting,
which Mr. T. H. Pollock Is looking
forward to with much pleasure.
Sunday morning at 8 o'clock the
stork made a visit to the home of
Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Bennett and left
in their care a fine little daughter,
who is doing very nicely as is also
the mother and it is needless to say
that the occasion has been one of the
greatest of pleasure to the proud
father of the little lady.
At the strike benefit dance Satur
day evening at the K. S. dance plat
form, a number of prizes that were
held over from the K. S. festival
were drawn and James Newasek,
with Xo. 251, won the gold watch,
while Adolph Koubek won the cam
era, with No. 414 and the chickens
donated by Mike Sedlak were drawn
by Pauline Janda with No. 29.
Saturday evening tl: members of
the Bates family enjoyed a very de
lightful visit from an-oid time friend, '
Tiprf Riimspv. who WHS for a num-!
ber of years employed by Col M. A. j
Bates on the Grant Cj'y fMo) Times.!
j and who was a boyi.oo l friend of ;
'.Tom and Robert Bates, publisher of'
the Journal. Mr. Rumsey is at pres- ; representatives ei .rany rtauic cic
ent located at Geneva. Keb., and be-! gates to State Convention
ing in Omaha took ti e opportunity
of dropping down for :i call. It was
u most pleasant occasion and recall
ed the pleasant days tiown in "Old
Missouri" when all vere interested
in the newspaper game there.
,,. . '
Cass Connty Repnb-icans Le-et t:
Conrf House and ITame their !
Delegates to State Meet.
From Tuesday's iai:y.
tTTp Pnss countv r'Ti'jblicans were
in session this niorni.i? at the court ot' J- p- Falter the convention was
house to act on the matter of se- i requested to name twenty delegates
lec-ting their delegation to the state aml ese v"ere to he apportioned
convention at Lincoln next week and janion- slle various precincts ot the
a verv enthusiastic meeting was stag- ! county and as each of the precincts
ed but the delegations from the west . Aver1 called the delegate was named,
portion of the county wre unable to : The list of tho-sc sifted to repre
be in attendance and this convention ! sont thy Cjs county democracy to
as well as the other two were decid
edly shy on members from the west
ern precincts.
James M. Teegarden of Weeping
Water madP chairman of the
convention and II. A S. hneider of
,t,ic ri.r s,.,wt,rv. nr.! ther. n p .
at once started in to !o business. On
motion of C. E. Tefft of Weeping
Water a committee was appointed
consisting of seven members to se-
fnnvenlinn nnrl in order pnrh I
-r.j. rT rniinlr -r,.?c-Vt o A a-
miatolr f o"T-i-.t.T! t rl in 1 h o fl ft f-a
Uon ' Plattsmouth.
Chairman Teegarden named as the ? The convention listened to a cum
committee. C. E. Tefft. Weeping Wa-i ber, f lhf ,m al .democrats present
ter; Hon. E. M. Pollard. Nehawka; ;ni1 ,he democratic stanclard bearer
B. A. Root. Murray: A. D. ZarrJ si3t s"aor, ; Banning of
South Bend; G. L. Farley. Platts-' , Puk of Murray, candi-
mouth; F. H. Jof-son. Weeping ! ate lor representative; Miss Mia L.
Water, and Will S. wriMkamp. My-!"- trdldtevf co"!!ty treas'
nard to draft the tentative list of .'? ri MrS- Katherine Minor, can
delcHter i ,Ja,e for register of deeds, were
Wliile'the committee was delib-; ;!n-f? tnosf Present to instill the
t,-,, tr, iho r- nf fihifr Onin- i enthusiasm for the coming campaign.
ton. the convention indulged in a i
general discussion of party politics
nd shortly before 11 o'clock the
nmmittre submitted the following
list which was" adopted by the con-
idopted by the con -
official delesates to
tion: E. M. Pollard.
J. II. McMaken. W.
ver.tion as the official
the state oonven
H. A. Schneider.
S. Wetenkamp. B. A. Root, C.
Tiiff f T A t Tnno-anlr Tl Tt Wnl nil
H. Johnson. Harold A. Tool. H.' K.
Frantz. Miss Florence Armstrong.
Mrs. J. D. Bramblett. B. I. Clements
r:ri n r-.n,
The leaders of the party including
State Senator A. F. Sturm, proceeded
up with the' discussion I the,('ourse .of which he rave the re
of the day and urging 1 ruWican mismanagement of the state
to stir things
n T 1 o tcciioc r fro nnn nrcr-
the members of the party to get in , real exposure and urged the dem
tt, ch.n- u Vo-rmhr ofrats to soo that the state was plac-
The convention took no action as
to naming a county chairman, leav
jir.g that to the county committee atP60?168 moDey-
its next meeting
From Monday's Dally.
Yesterday afternoon the Merch
ants base ball team of this city drop
ped a close game to the Glenwood
team by the score of 4 to 2 and af
ter one cf the best games seen in
the Iowa city this season. Up to
the last inning the score stood 2 to'
Glenwood team, but in the fatal
ninth two runs were tallied by the
Iowa team that put the locals in
the email end of the score.
Connors pitched a good game, but
the breaks of the battle went against
the Plattsmouth boys and resulted
in their defeat.
From Monday's Daily.
This morning Court Reporter L.
L. Turpin was called to Nebraska
City to take the evidence in a case
filed by County Attorney George
Heinke against Dr. Cashner in which
it is claimed an illegal operation on
a Miss Dewey was performed. The
young woman on whom the alleged
operation was performed, died and
the legal department has filed charg
es against the physician.
From Monday's Daily.
This morning Sheriff C. E Quin
ton officiated at the sale of the O. K.
garage building in this city which
was sold under order of the district
court. The building was bid in by
Fred E. Bodie, receiver of the Bank
of Cass County, for the sum of $20.-
000 to protect the claim of the bank
in tno f - 1 1 t t 4ii A crnipn t rV'ha-ri ra
! no other bids offered.
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... . T ,
Convention Optimistic.
: Prom Thursday's Daily.
' The countv convention of the dem
ocratic party ns?embled this morn-!
j ing at 10 o'clock at the equity court)
j room in the court bouse in response'
' t . i tliA -all ri' tlio -miTitr -"Itjrlr rinfl :
in compliance with the primary law.
The convention was one of the
most optimistic in nature that has
ben held in recent years and em-
! braced the leaders of i hp old time de-
a1 sprA-iing
e convention also had
of the ladies, even
r.iore so i.'isn tlicir republican rivals
across the hall.
For the position of chairman, D.
o. liwyer was named as the presid-
(,mt'cr nnd lrs- p- J- Flynn act-
" i ivuu iuc usa ui naui-
ing the various delegates to the state
convention was taken up. On motion
t:ic state convention to oe neia ai
Omaha is as follows:
Eel Carr. Eagle; G. P. Foreman,
Alvo; Walter Paiiing, Greenwood;
I T t - T 1 11 1 S T
J- 1 L.aiigiiorsc, wnnvoou; j. r.
' lJ Murdock; William Richards,
i Poutli Iknd; Dan Bourke, Manley;
i C. Spanglor, Louisville; Mrs. B.
I C. nrquardt. Avoca; F. J. Hild,
jMynard; Mrs. P. E. Tritsch, Murray;
! W. D. 'Wheeler, Plattsmouth; G. W.
Weering Water;
Joseph Corley,
' V. CC P j n g WatCrC Col.
M. A. Bates,
I ' lattSmOUth;
Mrs. P. J. Flynn,
L. F. Langhorst of Elmwood was
present at the convention and the
fral suggestion heard among the
; legates was that Mr. Langhorst
; f,u.,,u,u '
' --''t5 :
I infr, 'es
rln F
' should act as the head of the com
i::iiUT 1 ii l 11 f ruuui iui i lit lum-
sentiment for Mr. Langhorst
I grew vy uuunus aim in ine c-iiisiiik
l:ours of the convention he was unan-
I iniously named for the position of
- cudirnidii.
Henry R. Gering of Omaha, one of
j t!i old time sc rapping democrats,
' was at the convention and was call
. ed uTton for n few remarks and in
th old time scrapping
i ed back in the safe and sane manner
J of conducting the expenditures of the
Kmm Monday's Daily.
This morning Judge Wm. Weber
was busy dispensing justice with
open hand to all comers and seeing
that the scales of right were justly
balanced an.l as the result offenders
of the law were given fines and trim
mings. A complaint was filed by C. L.
i Spiriel against W. Renner in which
', the plaintiff charged the defendant
with having struck him and after
I hearing the evidence in the case the
judge nanded down a line or ?o and
costs amounting to SS.50 which the
defendant paid and was released
from the charge.
Glen Hoazland of Omaha who was
apprehended Saturday night suffer
ing from an overload of the juice of
corn, had deposited with Chief Bar
clay t he sum of -13to cover a fine
of $10 and costs for being intoxicat
ed and the court, in the absence of
the defendant, ordered it paid over
to the treasury of the city.
The country home of John Warga,
Sr., south of the city was the scene
of a very pleasant party on Thurs
day evening in honor of Miss Agnes
Kahoutek of Omaha, who is spend
ing a few weeks here. The evening
was spent in playing games and
dancing 'and at an appropriate hour
a very delightful luncheon was serv
ed. Those attending were: Misses
Hazel Sullivan, Olive Fulton, Mabel
Troop, Clara Mumm. Josephine Van-
ek. Anna Jirousek, Nettie Spangler,
Marie Hutchison, Rose Warga, Sta
zia Warga. Helen Pilney, Pauline
Newasek, Ann Martic. Messrs. James
and William Gouchenour, Vern
Hutchison, Glen, Sam and Elmer
Fitchorn, Vincent- Pilney, Joserh
Novatnc-y, George Mumm, Joe Van-
1 rn.Tac Tnlin o A 1 Vii "W n -
. ga. Mr. and Mrs. Martic and the
i guest of honor. Miss Kahoutek
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From Tuesday's Dairy.
Late yesterday afternoon at the
University hospital in Omaha, Lester,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Taylor of
this city, was operated on for ap
pendicitis which he was stricken
with quite suddenly. The young
man was hurried to Omaha yesterday
afternoon and operated on as soon
as he arrived at the hospital. While
he whs not yet thoroughly out of the
effects of the operation last night it
was thought that he was doing as
well as could possibly be expected
under the circumstances.
Work cf Placing in Water Lines and
Bath Houses for Companies
Now Being Rushed.
The site of the camp of the Ne
braska national guard on the Each
farm east of the Burlington station
is now a busy one as the various
groups of workers are carrying out
their part in making the camp as
comfortable as possible and getting
it in readiness for the first detach
ments of the guard that will arrive
on next Sunday morning and at once
enter on their military program.
Captain Poteet, ia. charge of the
advance work of preparing the camp
is kept verv busy with the plans and
the procuring of supplies that are
needed by- the workers and he will
be or.e of the busiest men in town
until the soldiers reach here.
Yesterday Col. Amos Thomas of
the i:Uth infanctry, Capt. Haggerty,
adjutant of the regiment, Lt. Col.
R. It. Douglas of the 134th, together
with Lt. Col. McDaniel. Instructor
attached to the guard from the
U. S. army and Major Pryne of the
17th infantry at Fort Crook, who
will have charge of the work of the
instruction of the officers of the regi
ment, were here and spent a few
hours looking over the camp, rifle
range and the general terrain of this
locality in which the troops will have
to work out their various military
One of the" programs of the drill
schedule thit will be of interest is
the fact that a general review of
the regiment will be held each af
ternoon by the commanding officer
and which will be a very interesting
spectacle for the residents of this
city and vicinity.
From Monday's Dallv.
Yesterday F. A. Jones and wife of
Rukin. Nebraska, arrived here to
spend a short time here at the home
of Mrs. J. T. Baird, mother of Mrs.
Jones, and they were joined here by
Misses Caroline and Estelle Baird,
who will accompany them on an
auto trip to Minnesota to spend a
few weeks in the lake region of that
George Hatt, who was called here
by the illness and death of his broth
er, Jonathan Hatt, returned this
morning to his home in the east. Mr.
Hatt has jus"t been on an extended
visit to the South and New England
and came frcm Buffalo, New York,
to this city and will now return to
his home in Detroit.
Have You Any Uncollected
A law suit
brought out some
unpaid loan made
1922, with compound interest to the
sum of $304,840,332,912,685.16.
Is there any money you have failed
to collect through keeping sums of money
constantly idle either at home or in your
Bank every dollar you do not actual
ly need. Idle money earns no interest!
The First National Bank
Member Federal Reserve
Select Delegates to State Meeting
and Discuss Party Affairs at
Meeting Here Today.
From Tuesday's Dally.
The delegates to the county con
vention of the newly born progres
sive party held their sessions in tin
auditorium of the public library this
morning vhile the democrats and re
publicans -were holding forth in the
court house. There were some ten
delegates present at the meeting and
A. L. Tidd. the county chairman,
presided over the meeting while ('.
E. Whittaker acted as the secretary
of the meeting. The convention had
one lady delegate prescM.
The greater part of the time wa
taken up in the discussion of what
should be the policy of the Cass
county delegation at the state con
vention and in the general discus
sion. Chairman "Jim" Edmisten. of
the state committee, came in for
more or less criticism from a num
ber of the members of the convention
as to his attitude in regard to t he
fusion of the progressives witli the
two old parties. Curtailment of the
powers of the state chairman w us
urged by C. E. Whittaker, II. P.
Long and A. F. Knoflicek.
In the discussion cf policy for the
party, Mr. Tidd pointed out the
failure of the plans to make a suc
cess of the fusion candidates and
stated that the party if it was to re
sult in anything wortfi while must
stand for definite ideas of its own
regardless of other parties.
W. F. Nolte of Mynard thought
that the party should take recogni
tion of the balance of power theory
as between the two parties and urg
ed the withdrawing of Arthur Wray
as senatorial candidate. Mr. Tidd on
the other hand stated that as Mr.
Wray had been named as the party
candidate he thought it was up to
him to remain in the race as long
as the party had asked him to ac
cept its leadership.
The delegates to the state con
vention that will be held at Lincoln
next week were as follows: W. F.
Nolte.-Mynard: U. P. Lone Gout'u
Bend; A. H. Oehlerkine. Elmwood;
Mrs. Mabel Ofe. A. F. Knoflicek. A.
L. Tidd. C. E. Whittaker. Louis
Leiner, A. H. Duxbury. Mrs. Grace
Sperry, Plattsmouth; G. F. Wilson,
Elmwood, and Mrs. Pauline Young,
From Tuesday's Dullr.
This morning was one of the most
delightful of the summer season and
the mercury hovered at 55 degrees
and made it very pleasant for the
citizens of this community who have
suffered from the torrid weather ot
the last few days. The change in the
weather over Sunday was very ac
ceptable and last night the use of a
coat was rot uncomfortable on the
street. It was a reminder that the
summer days are 6oon to be num
bered among the things of the past.
Attorney C. E. Tefft and uon, Shel
don, J. M. Teegarden, F. 11. John
son, J. J. Meier and 11. A. Crozier
were among the Weeping Water cit
izens here today to attend the re-
j publican county convention.
in California recently
startling figures. An
in 1897 had mounted