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Of) tfio Democratic Ballot
at the November Election You Will Find
the Name of
H 71
Candidate for County Treasurer.
Your Support Will Be Appreciated.
from Thursday's Daily.
Misses Etheland Golda Scarbor
ough departed this morning for
Rockport. Mo., where they will en
Joy a visit with relatives and friends
for a few days.
' koou yieius. ... , i
r Albert Seiker and wife were guests L. D. Iliatt of Murray came up
-t the home of A. F. liauth last Tues- i this morning and departed on the
iuay for the day. . ... !" ,irlin";n raf 0h-
Miss Julia Sherman 01 L.ouisvnie i nere i.u sjicui a it iiuuia ai me
was a visitor at the home of Mr. and j wholesale houses. J
Mrs. Fred Kreckldw for a few days r. L. Propst and wife and Mr. 1
fluri'nir last week. and Mrs, Joe Sindelar of Omaha will;
1 1 depart torn
ir'.iwaT-fi and PhiliD Flemmiug were
i,.in laat Thursday and with
'good yields
Secretary F . B. O'Connell of the
American Leeion relief committee
lias liWd a report with State Land
OomnvF-ioner Swansnn. secretary of
board of educational lands aDd funds.
The rtpTt is for six months ending
June 30th.
The committee ha3 received a
total of $31,250 in installments from
the t--i::te board cf relief of world
war vfttrans.
At the Prst of the present yeir the
reik'f committee which disburses
XhU 5-voey had ?9.12i on hand. In
addition it received $12,500 from
th? : t:Xe. $2 in interest and S45 in
the form of a returned check, mak
in : t"t:il of 421.700.
Th committee issued 573 vouch
ers for f 21, 561. Ie;-.vir a balance of
$145 on :ard Jur.e 30th.
The actn-il expense of administra
tion was $547 or 2V2 per cent Jor
over'.u-.: !. Tor the previous six
months the overhead was G per cent,
but the rtlitf committee was just
getting well organized during that
Same Old Story, but a Good One
Mrs. Mahala Burns, Savanna, Mo
relates ai experience, the lik of
which has happened in almost every
neighborhood in this country and
has been told and related by thous
ands of others, a3 follows: "I used
p. bottle of Chamberlain's Colic and
Diarrhoea Remedy about nine years
nco and it cured me of flux (dysen
tery). I had another attack cf the
fp.nia complaint three or four years
ago and a few doses of this remedy
cured mo. I have recommended it
to d"??m of people since I first used
it and shail continue to do so, for I
know it is a quick and positive cure
fcr bowel troubles." Weyrich & Had-raba.
Tiinlic has been publicly indorsed
by more veil-known men and wom
en than any medicine on earth. F.
G. Fricke & Co.
Lansing. Mich.. Auir. 3. The en
tire rrmy of Ford Motor company
employes will be thrown out of work
urJesas Ford obtains nev coal ship
ments within fourteen days, his rep
re?entatives told the fuel committee
here today.
In addition to the Ford plant,
with its vast number of workers,
the Dodge, Chevrolet and Studebaker
plant would be tied up through loss
of their gas, which Ford supplies.
Phone 145
Country Drive and Live Stock Hauling!
- "s -
l Open for Business! I
Our Cleaning and Tailoring Shop
is Now Doing Business
- nit
Kbnhtdm? M teg-
- r 1 1 acn I iil.ii
3 xmiTfflN
AW. & f 8 i I ' .1 a AC
Amy Goodman was looking a
some business matters in i laus
mouth last Thursday, driving over in
his spring wagon. .
A. F. Fauth and wife with their
little one were the guests at the
home of August Stander and wife last
Sunday for dinner.
Mrs. Fred Krecklow was a visitor
in the country last week, assisting
in the cooking at the home of John!
Shcllhorn where they were doing tne
summer threshing.
Miss Leda Fleischman who has
been visiling in Omaha for some
time with friends, returned home
last Wednesday evening, after hav
ing an excellent time.
Walter Mockenhaupt and family
were guest 3 at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. C. E. Mockenhaupt and were
pleased the company of their
cousin. Miss Allbee of Lincoln who
i3 a guest of Miss Sue Mockenhaupt
tomorrow for Denver via the
! ;:iito route and expect to spend the
rext two weeks there with relatives.
County Commissioner Fred Gor
der returned this afternoon to Weep
ing Water to assist Mrs. Gorder in
h-r journoy to Montana where she
will visit at tne home of bor broth
er. Howard Tool at Freeport.
John Rrooks departed this morn
ing for Cmahi where he will visit
today with friends and will depart
tomorrow for Ilonolula, where he
v;ili make his home in the future.
Mr. Brooks has been here visiting
with his father, John Brooks, for
pome time.
Lyman Borgravo of St. Joseph,
Mo., who has been here for a few
(i:sys vibiMng at the homo of Dr. and
Mrs. C. A. Marshall, departed this
morning for his home. Mr. Borgrave
a brother of Mjts. Sarah Turner
The country sewing club of Man- of th;s city and an uncle of Mrs. C.
ley held a very profitable meeting:- luarsnau.
at the home of Mrs. Wra. Ileebner I '
lait week at which some excellent j rr,-m Friday s Dally,
work was dene and also were very ! Herman Ross of near Union was in
pleasantly entertained by Mrs. Heeb- ta today attending to some bus
mr j in; ?s matters of importance.
At this time there are plenty cars ! Louis Frederich of near Cedar
for the transportation of wheat and j Crok was here today for a few hours
much of what has been threshed has looning aiter some matters at tne
been shipped. The threshing is get-
ling pretty well along and other
courl house.
Lowell Dutton of Kansas City is
hero to spend a few weeks at the
home of his grandmother, Mrs. S. E.
NfEIwain and family.
I County Commissioner Fred H.
I Gorder was here today for a few
wiso than the occasional rains has
been very satisfactory.
Mr. Roscoe Owens who is at the
Saint Catherine hospital at Omaha
and where he underwent an opera
tion for appendicitis.1 ia reported as , hc-urs winding up the work of the
getting along rather slowly and monthly session of the board of com
while improving is not getting well
cs ranidiv as would be desired
W. S. Putney, wife and daughter
The new home of Louis Gaebel i wra of Cedar Bluffs, Neb., are here
which is under construction is pro- i : a visit at the home of Mr. and
greasing rapidly at this time, the ' Tlrs. Claude C. Smith and family for
building bing enclosed and is now i a short time.
being plastered and will be ptished Joe Tubbs. one of the old residents
to completion as rapidly as can be ; of the county, was in the city from
done in order that it may be ready! l is farm home near Mynard, this
lor occupancy before the winter.
1 !ng the first time in three months
that he has found time to get Into
the county scat.
Sells Auto Supplies
R. Bergman who has in the rast
carried a line of auto supplies and
lias a dispensory for gasoline, has
closed out his line of the new garage
mm Mr. Westley Lane, ,who last
Mick moved the filling station to
the new garage and will be equipped j
to supply the trade in this line. Mr.)
Lane will also keep supplies for au- Manv a woman endures with noble'
tos qnd accessories to accomodate all i ationce the daily misery of back
kinds of cars as well as being pro-j?cl'c. pains about the hips, blue,
pared to look after the needs of car 1 nrvous 3pells. dizziness and urinary
owners in this ' line. Mr. Bergman J disorders, hopeless of relief because
will in th? future not carry the line;?he doesn't know what is the matter.
Valuable Advice for Readers of the
Plattsmoutlx Journal.
which he has in the past but will
devote bis energies and space to the
other lines in his business.
Entertained For Friend
Miss Anna Rauth entertained last
Thursday afternoon for her friends
in honor of Miss Eleanor O'Brien of
Cedir Creek, who is visiting with
friends in this neighborhood for a
few days. The afternoon was spent
in game. music and was concluded
with a most enjoyable lunch of ice
cream and cake. Miss Anna proved a
most pleasant entertainer. Those
present to enjoy the occasion were
Miss Eleanor O'Brien of Cedar Creek
the guest of honor, Misses Bernice,
Marie r.nd Ileen Carper. Thelma Ru
ty, Dorothy and Nellie Otte, Mar
garet and Acnes Slieehan. Ada and
Rachael Fleischman. The day follow
ing also Misses Dorothy and Nellie
Otte entertained in honor of Miss
O'Brien at which time there was a
most pleasant time had by the same
littio friends.
Graduates at Sinsinawa
Last Friday at the college at Sin
sinawa. Wis.. Miss Agnes Stander,
who has been attending school at
that place graduated with honors,
and became Sister Alexine of the
Dominican order. Mi. and Mrs. Au
gust Stander departed last Wednes
day evening to be present at th cel
ebration of the graduation. On their
return they also visited for a short
time at Omaha with friends.
It is not true that every pain in
the back or hips is trouble "peculiar
to the sex." Often when the kid
neys pet congested and inflamed,
ci?cli aches and pains follow.
Then help the weakened kidneys
Don't expect them to get well alone.
roan's Kidney Pills have wonvthe
praise of thousands of women. They
rre endorsed at home. Read this
! IMattsmouth woman's convincing
Mrs. S. L. Cotner, Marble street.
rave the following statement Febru
try 23. 191C: "I am glad to recom
mend Doan's Kidney Pills, for
Vnow from personal experience that
they are a remedy of merit. I have
t.ken Doan's on several occasions
for backache and kidney trouble
r.i:d they have always done me good
Doan's have been used in our family
for a long time and the results have
been very satisfactory."
On May 13. 1920, Mrs. Cotner
said: "The cure Doan's Kidney Pills
made for me has lasted."
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't
r.imply ask for a kidney remedy
.et norm s Kinney 1'iiis tne same
that Mrs. Cotner had. Foster-Milburn
Co., Mfrs., Buffalo. N. Y
Ilany Viit Omaha Den
Last Monday which was Cass and
Otoe county night was well repre
sented by Manley people when a
largo number of people from this
community attended the celebration
of initiating the candidates. They al
ways take a good natured man for
the entire initiation and Rollin Coon
was selected and the remainder were
permitted to look and acquire the
mysteries of the degrees. Among
those to attend the celebration were
W. J. Rau. Herman Rauth, William
Hcfcner, Westley Lane. Jack Shee
han, Venie Rockwell, Rollin Coon,
Lawrence Earhart. Robert O'Brien,
Waltsr-XVBrlen, Frank Stander, Dan
Bourke, Hans Nelson and Howard
Young men, handy with carpen
ter tools, for permanent employment
on car work rate, 47c to G3c per
hour, depending on ability. Time and
one-hair after eight hours. Call on
or write to Mastpr McVhanic, C, B.
& Q. R. R., Omaha, Neb. ' 0
Tarlae renders the body vigorous
and elastic and keeps the mind
clear and energetic. F. G. Fricke &
An extensive line of high . class
stationery on hand at all times at
the Journal cSice.
Another bad accident occurred at
the bridge two miles south of town
or Wednesday afternoon about 4
o'clock when a "baby" Overland
.-:iit into the ditch. The car was
coming from the cast and was oc
cupied by a young traveling sales
man, hi3 mother and father.
The son and mother were riding
in the bark seat and th father was
driving. He did not notice the turn
quickly enough and In negotiating
it put his foot on the gasoline feed
and went off on the west side of the
bridge. The car turned completely
Tho lady received several severe
cats and the young man several se
vere bruises, one on the left arm.
The car was badly wrecked.
The father and mother were taxen
on into Lincoln by a tourist car and
the young man waited until a large
truck came from Lincoln to take the
car in for repairs..
Several suit cases tied on one of
the fendera were submerged in the
water and clothing badly damaged.
The parties were from Cedar Rapids,
Iowa, but did not wish names print
ed. Some one said: "Who will be
next?" Elmwood Leader-Echo.
Guaranteed Till Next February
St 50
JAfor the box
This is not a work sock, but a fine grade lisle dress hose. It
comes in black, blue, brown and gray. If you paid 35c apiece
for these sox you would be satisfied, but you get 6 pair for
$1.50, with a written guarantee of no holes for 6 months. Can you
beat it?
C. E. Wescott's
Has Lead of 6,879 Votes with 222
Precincts Out Long i3 Still
Confident of Victory.
Department of Commerce Sends Out
Interesting Census Figures on
Causes of Blindness.
Cause of Appendicitis
When the bowels are constipated,
the lower bowels or large intestines
become packed with refuse matter
that is made up largely of germs.
These germs enter the vermiform
appendix and set up inflamation,
which is commonly known as appen
dicitis. VTake Chamberlain's Tablets
n-K cry nnnfl.l i i A 1 - r r. r vaiii tA'Aia
regular and you have little to fearNj
St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 3. Every
factor that political experts base
th?ir opinions on indicates tonight
that Senator James A. Reed has been
nominated by the democrats of Mis
souri to be their standard bearer In
Xovemberv to succeed himself.
With 222 precincts missing out of
the 3,848 in the state. Senator Reed
was leading Breckenridge Long of
St. Louis, former third assistant sec
retary of state in the Wilson ad
ministration, by 6,879 votes. The
vote In 3.G26 precincts stood:
Reed. 189,321; Long, 182,442.
In order to overcome this plural
ity in the remaining precincts it
will be necessary for Mr. Long to
lead Senator Reed by almost thirty
one votes in each precinct. In the
last loO precincts reported from the
less densely populated parts of the
state the total number of voters to
the precinct has not equalled thirty
one. Sixty of the 222 precincts are lo
cated la St. Louis county, outside of
St. Louis city. In the sixteen pre
cincts that have already reported
from St. Louis county. Long had an
average lead over Reed of only
three to the precinct. In the re
maining precincts from out state,
reports show that the democrat vote
was light and Mr. Long's only hope
to muster enough votes to wipe out
the senator's lead would be in a
heavy vote from the remaining
country districts.
Brewster Keeps Lead
From early morning until late af
ternoon the precincts that reported
rerved to reduce the senator's lead
little by little, until at one time it
was cut to slightly more than 6,300.
In the last fifty precincts to report,
however, the senator's column took
a brace. Despite eed's lead, Breck
enridge Long tonight told the Asso
ciated Press that he was still confi
(L?lit of victory and that he believed
the official count, which begins to
morrow, will be favorable to him.
Attention was directed to the fact
that several thousand national
guardsmen are on strike duty away
from home, and that this probably
would be a factor increasing the
absentee vote.
With approximately three-fourths
of the precincts in the state reported,
R. R. Brewster was maintaining a
10,000 lead ove William Sacks for
the republican nomination for Unit
ed States senator. The vote, with
2,835 of the 3.848 precincts in Mis
souri tabulated. stood: Brewster,
74.6G7; Sacks, 64,126; Barrett, 32,
298; McKinley, 24,764; Proctor,
24,534 and Parker 10,791.
Washington, Aug., 3. The De
partment of Commerce announces re
sults of the inquiry into the causes
of blindness, made in connection
with the 1920 census.
Schedules or questionnaires, were
mailed to all persons reported in
1920 as blind. Of the 52,567 blind
enumerated, there were 40,913 who
returned these schedules. Of these
35,788 reported the cause of blind
ness. In 13,816 or 36.6 per cent of these
35.7SS cases from whom the cause
was reported, the blindness was
caused by some specific disease of
the eye such as cataract or glaucoma;
and in 5,623 cases or 15.7 per cent
it was the result of some general dis
ease such as measles, meningitis, or
scarlet fever. Accidents accounted
for 5,913 cases or 16.5 per cent of
the total. There were 1,429 persons
in- number whose blindnses was caus
ed by explosives or firearms.
Cataract, the leading cause, was
reported by 4,896 or 13.7- per cent.
Glaucoma, which ranked next, was
reported by 1,932, or 5.4 per cent.
Atrophy of the optic nerve was giv
en as the cause of 1,756 or 4.9 per
Ophthalmia neonatorum, or "ba
bies' sore eyes," was reported by 1,-
193, or 3.3 per cent of the total num
ber reporting. There ha3 l;"-n a
marked decrease in the relative
amount of blindness due to this !is
ease is indicated by recent statistics
of admissions to schools for the
blind, which show that only 14.7
per cent of the new students 2dmit
blind fro mophthalmia, as against
2 4.2 per cent of the students then at
tending who had entered in previous
years. This decrease reflects the more
general adoption of scientific meth
ods of treatment ,and especially the
routine use of silver nitrate drops in
the eyes of infant3.
The campaign to eliminate tra
choma appears also to be meeting
with success, as trachoma and "sore
eyes" (which is usually in fact tra
choma) together were reported by
only 3.0 per cent of the total for
1920, as against 5.2 pe rcent
From Friday's Dally.
The morning trains on the Bur
lington were running away off sched
uled time today due to the fact that
a cave in on the tracks near Mela
on the Omaha-Ashland line made
necessary the sending of all traffic
by the way of Louisville and Ore
apolis and thence on into Omaha and
back over the main line. No. C was'
delayed for several hours on. this ac
count and the westbound train No.
15 was delayed at Pacific Junction
for some time owing to the confusion
caused by the necessity of using the
single track between Oreapolis and
Omaha for all traffic.
To the
The operation of BURLINGTON trains', from
the first day of this strike, ha3 been possible
only because of the large number of officers,
employes and volunteers from every depart
ment who have been working day and night
at their posts of duty. It is due to the extra
ordinary efforts of these men that your com
munity has been supplied with food and other
essential needs. The sense of justice of the
residents of your community will determine
the measure of their appreciation of the ser
vices of these men who have stood between
them and the suffering sure to follow the at
tempted tie-up of train service.
Vice President - Operation, C. B. & Q. R. R.
We pay $36.00 full time, 75c an
hour spare time selling hosiery guar
anteed wear four months or replaced
free. 36 styles. Free samples to work
ers. Salary or 30 commission
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sity, you can sell it easily. Experi
ence unnecessary. Eagle Knitting
Mills, Darby, Pa.
Accounts owing, . and notes pay
able to the firm of E. G. Dovey &
Son are for sale. Prospective pur
chasers may examine same and file
their offer with the undersigned, of
fer being subject to the approval of
the court.
Attorney For Receiver.
Lose anything? TinLr anything ?
Try a Journal want-ad.
35 years
Coates Block
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Farm Loans!
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