The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, July 31, 1922, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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    MONDAY JULY 31. 1922.
Big ' Basket Sale '
Clothes H
ampers $1.25
Waste Baskets, Fancy Baskets, Shoppers, Vanity, Lunch and in
fact every kind of basket that you might want is on sale at
The Journal Office This Week
- Special Sale on Stationery at
Regular 50c and 75c Grade!
"Let's Go" Clearance Sale in Plattsmouth All This Week.
Number of Vacancies in Delegates
and Committeemen and Wo
men Over State Reported.
Honoring Mr. and Mrs. W. G.
Brooks am! children a number of
their friends hel l a delightful picnic
at tee Hoy Atwell farm on Wednes
day afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Brooks
will leave next week for the lahcs
in Minnesota und will leave to take
up their residence at York some time
next month.
Those who attended were Mr. and
Mrs. V.. G. Brcokj and family. Mr.
and Mrs. Frar.k Bartling and fam
ily. Mr. and Mrs. I). W. Livingston
and family. Mr. and Mrs. George
Lathrop. Mrs. It. It. Wefssmiller and
son. Nebraska City Press.
Mrs. Frank Sebatka, Sr., was a
passenger this morning for Omaha
u-aa In Ionic Sifter
I.I ill IV. i" UV ' - J I - " -
some matters of business.
On ths OemsorafiG Ballot
at the November Election You Will Find
the Name of
tmt mm mrm.
Candidate for County Treasurer.
Your Support Will Be Appreciated.
Ef.f ..I I.. I II I UU
3J ZAllKJ U Lbily
by the
C. B. & Q. R. R.
Machinists, boilerinakers,
blacksmiths, sheet metal
and electrical workers,
70c1 per hour.
Helpers for these crafts,
IT per hour.
Passenger car repairers
and inspectors, 70 per
Freight car repairers and
inspectors, -C3C per hour.
To replace men on strike against1 de
cision of the United States Railroad
Labor Eoard.
Special attention given to training
young men with or without experi
ence in mechanical work.
Transportation, board and lodging
free. -'.
Call on cr write to Master Mechanic,
C. B. & Q. R. R., Plattsmouth, Neb.
From Friday' Dally.
At the auction sale held at the J.
E. Mason garage on lower Main St.
yesterday afternoon the Ford car
which was offered for sale was pur
chased by Mrs. Evan Noble for the
sum of $68 and was a real bargain
for the purchaser.
. c "
You'll "Encore" This
Community Clearance Sale
just as soon as you "listen in" on the timely bargains being offered
in every line.
Here are some new items we did not have room for in our big ad: -
33 Men's knit 4-in-hands, broken lots from line sellins up AQn
to 95c. They go at tC
73 genuine Cheney silk 4-in-hands, reversible. Regular AQn
dollar values. They goat OC
64 twotone Grenadine 4-in-rfands, in beautiful shades and QOn
designs. Values to $1.75. They go at
IT'Don't forget those fine dress shirts we are selling at 98c.
C. E. Wescott's Sons
Under the primary law of 1919
. and which governed this year at the
i election as relating to the election
I at the polls of the delegates to the
county and state conventions as well
.as the members of the political cen
. tral committees, the voters of Cass
county picked those they desired to
fill the positions. The vote was very
' light in every precinct and in many
I cases there were ties that made a
. drawing necessary by the canvassing
board that issued the certificates of
election to the successful candidates.
'The county convention will be Au
gust 8th. he result of the election
for these offices was as as follows:
Delegates to the republican coun
ty convention:
Tipton precinct II. K. Frantz, J.
A. Gardner, Mary L. Gardner, all
i of Eagle.
Greenwood precinct Carl D.
Ganz. Chas. D. Buckncll. of Alvo.
Salt Creek Mrs. Vcdah Hall,
Florence Armstrong, Greenwood.
Stove Creek Rev. Hay, William
Kunz, C. H. Cobb, B. L. Clements,
Elm wood. .
Elmwood Harold Tool, Albert
Pool, Murdock.
South Bend A. D. Zaar, South
Weeping Water Ed Pankonin,
Herman Wegener, Weeping Water:
Louisville Charles E. Noyes, C.
G. Mayfield, Louisville.
Avoca Ray Norris, Weeping Wa
ter; B. Wolph, Nehawka.
Mt. Pleasant Frank Johnson,
Weeping Water; E. M. Ruby, Weep
ing Water.
Eight Mil Grove Wm. Schnei
der. Cedar Creek.
Nehawka R. C. Pollard, E. M.
Pollard, Nehawka.
Liberty J. D. Bramblett, Nellie
Branmblett, Union;
Rock Bluffs, first J. W. Ed
munds. B. A. Root, Murray.
Rock Bluffs, second John It. Bee
son. Plattsmouth.
Plattsmouth precinct S. O. Cole,
A. A. Wetenkamp, Mynard.
Weeping Water, 1st ward J. J.
Meier, C. E. Tefft.'.
Weeping Water, 2nd ward James
Teegarden, II. A. Crozler.
Plattsmouth. 1st ward Mrs. W.
A. Robertson. II. A'. Schneider.
Plattsmouth, 2nd ward P. CI
Hansen. J. II. McMaken.
Plattsmouth, 3rd ward O. C.
Hudson, Thomas W. Glenn.
Plattsmouth 4th ward G. L. Far
ley. Plattsmouth 5th ward None
The members of the republican
county central committee selected
were as shown below:
Tipton precinct J. A. Gardner,
May L. Gardner, Eagle.
Greenwood precinct J. A. Schaf
fer. Mrs. Claire Bornemeier, Alvo.
Salt Creek John Mefford. Mrs.
William Armstrong, Greenwood.
Stove Creek L. A. Tyson, Mrs.
G. G. Douglas. Elmwood.
Elmwood Albert Pool, Mrs. Har
old Tool, Murdock.
South Bend A. D. Zaar, Mrs. A.
D. Zaar, South Bend.
Weeping Water precinct Chris
Johnson. No woman elected.
Louisville precinct C. G. May
field, Mrs. Florence Noyes, Louis
ville. . '
Avoca A. W. Hollenberger, Clara
Marquardt, Avoca.
Mt. Pleasant F. E. Woods, Ce
dar Creek. No woman.
Eight Mile Grove Louis Mayfield,
Louisville. No woman.
Nehawka precinct R. C. Pollard,
Mrs. Edith Palmer, Nehawka.
Liberty F. H. McCarthy, Mary
Becker, Union.
Rock Bluffs. 1st O. A. Davis,
, Lucy Sporer. Murray.
Rock Bluffs, 2nd Arthur Troop,
! Mrs. Wm. Wehrbein.
Plattsmouth precinct A. A. Wet
enkamp, Mrs. L. L. Wiles.
Weeping Water, 1st ward C.E.
Tefft. Edith Clizbo.
Weeping Water, 2nd ward II. A.
Crozier, Anna Hart.
Plattsmouth, 1st ward Dave J.
Babbington, Marie Kaufmann.
Plattsmouth 2nd ward Nelson
Jean, Mrs. J. II. McMaken.
PlatTsmouth, 3rd ward George
Born, Mrs. E. H. Wescott.
j Plattsmouth 4th ward J. C. Pet-
, erson,Mrs. G. L. Farley.
Plattsmouth, 5th ward None
! elected. ,
The democratic list of delegates to
j the county convention that will meet
in this city, Tuesday, August 8th,
, is as follows:
Tipton precinct Henry Snoke, Ed
Carr, Eagle.
Greenwood Mrs. George Curyea,
L. D. Mullen, Alvo. (
Salt Creek Cort Lemon, Aaron
Failing, Greenwood.
Stove Creek L. F. Langhorst, J.
A. Capwell, Elmwood.
Elmwood Charles Schaefer, Mur
dock. South Bend William Richards,
South Bend.
Weepirig Water precinct None
Center Dan Bourke, Manley.
Louisville W. H. Heil, Louisville.
Avoca Elmer Hallstrom, Avoca.
Mt. Pleasant P. A. Hild, Mynard.
Eight Mile Grove P. A. Horn,
Cedar Creek.
Nehawka John Wunderlich, Nehawka.
Liberty W. . B. Banning, J. T.
Reynolds, Union.
Rock Bluffs, 1st L. II. Puis, P.
E. Ruffner, Murray.
Rock Bluffs, 2nd W. D. Wheeler,
Plattsmouth precinct J. F. Wehr
bein, Plattsmouth.
Weeping Water, 1st ward J. I.
Weeping Water, 2nd ward None
Plattsmouth, 1st ward J. P. Fal
ter. Plattsmouth, 2nd ward Mike
Plattsmouth, 3rd ward Mike
Hild, P. P. Meisinger.
Plattsmouth, 4th ward None
Plattsmouth, 5th ward None
The democratic central committee
for the campaign was chosen as fol
lows: Tipton precinct Ed Betts, Mrs.
F. Lanning, Eagle.
Greenwood G. P. Foreman, Mrs.
J. D. Foreman, Alvo.
Salt Creek W. E. Failing, Elsie
Marvin, Greenwood.
Stove Creek C. G. Bailey, Mrs.
John Gonzales. Elmwood.
Elmwood Wm. Bourke, Mrs. Eu
na McIIugh, Murdock.
South Bend William Richards,
South Bend.
Center Dan Bourke, Mrs. John
Routh, Manley.
Louisville W. II. Heil, Mrs. Mary
Group, Louisville.
Avoca Max Straub, D. Cecil
Copes, Avoca.
Mt. Pleasant P. E. Spangler,
Sarah Spohn, Weeping Water.
Eight Mile Grove P. A. Horn,
Mrs. P. E. Tritsch, Cedar Creek.
Nehawka H. L. Thomas, Mrs. F.
R Cunningham, Nehawka.
Liberty L. G. Todd, Lydia Born,
Rock Bluffs, 1st Dr. B. F. Bren
del. Miss Margie Walker.
Rock Bluffs. 2nd Albert Wheel
er, Mrs. Georgia Creamer, Murray.
Platts. precinct Mable Rummcll.
Weeping Water. 1st ward Thom
as Murtey, Mrs. George Towle.
Weeping Water, 2nd ward Mrs.
Fred H. Gorder. No man.
Platts. 1st ward Dr. J. S. Liv
ingston. Mrs Henry Herold.
Platts.. 2nd ward Mrs. John
Gorder, No man.
Platts.. 3rd ward F. J. Libershal.
Mrs. P. J. Flynn.
Platts.. 4 th ward Mrs. Lena
Droege. No man.
Platts., 5th ward None elected.
The progressive party vote out
si. le of riattsmouth was not a vital
one and the delegates and commit
tee from the various precincts was
only scattering and the delegates are
as follows:
Greenwood precinct S. C. Boyles,
South Bend J. L. Carnickle, So.
Rock Bluffs, 1st W. F. Nolte,
Platts., precinct Louis Leiner.
Platts., 1st ward Mrs. Mable Ofe.
Platts., 2nd ward A. F. Knofli
cek. -
Platts.. 3rd ward C. E. Whittak
er, Mrs. Grace Sperry.
Platts., 4th ward -C. A. Johnson.
Platts., 5th ward Frank Sebatka.
The county committee members
chosen were:
Greenwood Mrs. II. Bornemeier,
South Bend H. P. Long. South
Liberty Mary Becker, Union.
Rock Bluffs. 1st W. F. Nolte,
Mrs. Louisa Vallcry, Mynard.
Platts., precinct Louis Leiner.
Platts.. 1st ward A. L. Tidd,
Mrs. Mable Ore.
Platts., 2nd ward A. F. Knofli
cek. Mrs. Frod Lindeman.
Platts..3rd ward C. E. Whittak
er. Mrs. Grace Sperry.
Platts., 4th ward C. A. Johnson,
Eleanor Schulhof.
Platts.. 5tl ward Frank Sebat
ka, Cressie Ilackenberg. y
Kinney's Special Poultry Prices!
Poultry Wanted!
A car load of live poultry wanted
to be delivered at poultry car near
the Burlington freight house, Platts
mouth on Thursday, August 3, one
day only, for which we will pay the
Cash Prices
Hens, per lb 17c
Springs, per lb Market
Old Cox, per lb 6c
Beef hides, per lb 10c
Horse hides, apiece $3.00
Remember the date. We come to
buy and will positively be in Platts
mouth on the day advertised, pre
pared to take care of all poultry of
fered for sale.
Mr. and Mrs. Osborn McNurlin
autoed down from 'Central City and
spent Sunday with the former's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. R. D. McNurlin.
The other side of Lincoln they
had the misfortune to go into the
ditch, but neither one of them with
the exception of a few bruises, were
They were driving along with two
cars coming toward them and never
noticed a car that was backing out
of a driveway. The driver didn't
seem to notice them, but was look
ing the other way. Osborn said he
thought he was going to hit the car
square on the side, so took the ditch.
Th bank was steep so the car did
not turn over, which was fortunate
for them.
Osborn raises fancy Poland China
hogs as a side line to his prosperous
restaurant business and called on
several Poland China raisers on his
way down. He visited R. W. Port
er fine herd and others near Avoca
l and Nehawka on Sunday. He will
I make an exhibit at the state fair
this fall and expects to get some
good premiums.
They returned home Monday af
ternoon. Weeping Water Republican.
The Same Everywhere.
The editor of Paisa Akhbar, a na
tive newspaper of Lahore, India, says,
"I have used Chamberlain's colic and
Diarrhoea Remedy many times among
my children and servants, for colic
and diarrhoea and always found it
effective." Weyrich & Hadraba.
Mrs. A. W. Dameron returned this
morning to Lincoln after a short vis
it here at the home of her sister,
Mrs. Peter Herold and family.
Every dollar paid for Tanlac is
monev well spent. F. G. Frlcke &
Phone 145-
AH Kinds of Hauling
-Country Drive and Live Stock Hauling!
Tanlac is a family medicine, as
good for children as it is for grown
folks. F. G. Fricke & Co.
J. II. Tarns and wife, who have
been visiting with relatives at Wall
Lake. Ia., returned home yesterday
after a most delightful outing in
the; Iowa farming country and feel
much benefited by their outing.
State of Nebraska, County of
Caps, ss. '
By virtue of r.n Order of Sale
issued by James Robertson, Clerk of
the District Court within and for
Cass county, Nebraska, and to me
directed, I will on the 3rd day of
September; A. D. 1922. at 10 o'clock
a. m. of said day, at the south door
of the court house in Plattsmouth,
in said county, sell at public auction
to the highest bidder for cash the
following property, to-wit:
Lot numbered five (5) in the
southwest quarter (SWU) of
the northwest quarter (NWU)
of Section thirty-two, (32)
Township twelve (12) North,
Ransre nine (9) east of the 6th
P. M., in Cass county, Nebras
ka; also the west one-half
(W) of Lot fifteen (15) and
all of Lots numbered sixteen
(16) to twenty, (20) inclusive,
in the Village of Greenwood,
Cass county, Nebraska; also
Lots five (5) to eight, (8) In
clusive in Block nine, (9) in
Ryder's Addition to the Viljage
of Greenwood in Cass county,
x Nebraska, except the north sev
enteen (17) feet of said Lot
eight (8)
The same being levied upon and
taken as the property of Forest D.
Clymer. Mary A. Clymer, Ernest B.
Stewart, Lena Stewart, Fred Ether
edge. Ray Rouse and Minnie Rouse,
defendants, to satisfy a judgment of
said court recovered by Marine Sav
ings Bank, a corporation, plaintiff,
against said defendants.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, July 28,
A. D. 1922.
s Sheriff, Cass County,
6 6
for a long pants suit for the boy you'll win. Many of these
suits sold for $25 and $30. They are mostly coarse rough ma
terials, but well tailored, and just the think you will buy for
school later on. Sizes 32 to 37. Let's Go see 'em.
"Let Go" of $17.35 or $23.85 .
These two lots of broken sizes are the ranges of suits sell
ing recently from $25 to $40. Mostly young men's models,
both single and double breasted. Some excellently tailored
suits in the lot. Also a few nice cashmeres for conservative
"Let Go" of $34.75
We will trade you as good a suit of clothes for this amount
' as you'll care to own. These are broken lines from our best
grades of clothing. Nothing better in the way of looks, wear
or construction. Many Kuppenheimer suits in the lots.
There are so many suits in these four groups it would be
impossible to describe them, so "let's go" see them. There is
something to suit every taste in color, design of tailoring or
SsaTSmall charge for alterations.
Philip ehi