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    JHUESDAY, JULY 13, 1822.
Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity JEspeeifclly for the Journal Reader-
If any of the re&rters of the
Journal knoT- of any social
fcTent or item of Interest In
tills Tlclnity. and will
lime to tills office, it will ap
pear under this lieacHr jr.
jant ell newslteajs Editor
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Walter Propst and wife were vis
iting west of Murray last Tuesday
c. D. Ouinton was looking after
some official business in and about Shrader were blown from the house
considering the sowing of buckwheat
and planting the ninety day variety
of corn to replenish the available
stock of food supplies.
" Mrs. W. B. Virgin who has been
sick at the home of her two daugh
ters, Mesdames C. M. Reed and Hob-
i ert Burr, is reported as being much
improved and it i3 hoped that she
will soon be herself again.
Mrs. LeRoy Jarvis of Omaha was a
visitor in Murray last Sunday being
a guest at the home of her parents.
M. G. Churchill and wife, and also
J coming that she might .attend the
funeral of Mr. J. B. Seyboldt.
Geo. Small who is working near
Louisville with the road grader wa
a visitor in Murray for a few days
during the first portion of the week
on account of the wet weather pre
venting his working on the roads.
Wm. Highfield of Plattsmouth,
representing the Nebraska Gas &
Electric Co., was down last Tuesday
lodking after making some repairs in
the lines here which were made nec
essary by the storm Monday evening. J
T A A.. I - I - - fTvic- "
I. A. OCOlltU Vii UUS) ItUnL X ucs-
) I day, placing the railing back on the
i porch of the residence of Dr. B. F.
to the house in which he lives by ! Brendel, which was knocked oft" by,
the 6torm and also at the place : falling limbs of the trees which were
where he has his carpenter shop.
The screens at the home of H. H
Funeral cf Long Tine Resident of
Cass County Eeld Tuesday Af-
ternoon at 2 O'Clock.
people in the district who received
the worst damage are feeling the The funeral pervices of the late j
loss and while they are taking a Mrs. Frederick Engelkemeier occur-;
most optomistic view of the situa- red on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock
tion and are planning to plant other from the Evangelical church of J
crops and raise as ruu'a as the late- Eisrht Mile Grove and was conduct
ed by the Rov. Rhode, pastor of the
church, the service baing in both
English snd German. The burial was
in the family lot in the cemetery
ness of the ?ea?on will permit.
Get Yc-r Orders in
Our raspberries will soon be ripen
ing. Better get your orders in. Mrs. near there."
II. c. Long. jl4-tfv! Emilie Wilhelmine Engelkemeier,
; Kirthoff. was born on June 20,
United Presbyterian Notes ' isso, at Lutte, a village of the prin
Eev Paul Calhoun, pastor of the ' fipulity of Lippe-Detmold. now a
Central United Presbyterian church confederate state of the German re
of Omaha. and Superintendent of public. She was baptized and con
Minions for Omaha Precbvterv, con- firmed in the Evangelical church at
ducted communion services at the : Lemga, to which parish her native
Mrrray church" on Sabbath. July 9. : village belonged. The departed re
PirA rniinc venule and one vonnz . fided in and near Lutte up to her
child "were" baptized, iiv? united with1 twenty-fifth year, when her deceased
Murray last Tuesday,
Phillip Lambert had his new wash
and cob house turned around by the
'storm cf Monday evening.
Stephen Copenhaver 'and family
were visiting at tbe home of Art
Copenhaver and John Ferris here
la.-5t Sunday.
Frank Vallery of Plattsmouth and
family were visiting and looking af
ter some business matters in Murray
last Tuesday afternoon.
Charles Ilitt of Plattsmouth was a
visitor in Murray the first of the
week, looking after some business
matters for a few hours.
Harry M. Frans and L. J. Austin
of Union were business visitors in
Murray last Tuesday, coming to get
a load of threshing coal
J. j
Tutt last Tuesday afternoon
Frtd Patterson of Plattsmouth
was a visitor in Murray last Tuesday
coming down to consult with Dr.
Gilmore regarding his health.
Dean Austin and Charles Garrison
of near Union were in Murray get
ting threshing coal last Tuesday as
they have no supply at Union.
I Ern Carroll and family of near
Union were visiting in Murray last
Tuesday, being guests at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Carroll.
J. A. Scottcn has some injury done
and in many cases hammered out by
the hail of last Monday evening.
the cUurch on profession cf faith.
one on re-profesion of faith, and
Feven were admitted en certificate.
Mr. Lee occupied Rev. Calhoun's Om
aha pulpit.
The Women's Missionary society
will hold its regular monthly nieet-
inr on iTiuay aiiernoon. ouiy 11.
broken by the Monday night's storm
Among those suffering otherwise j
tnan xrom crop io& on t Saboattl, jliy 16. Sabbath
Timm .and family whose roof was not ; . . . , . T11 T.,.., tn,-ir,.
the best and blew off allowing thei'";; rC,ia- t...-
J. E. Wiles and wife of near house to be flooded, all but a single , 7.30; It hoed tjiat
Plattsmouth were visiting at the room, during the storm Monday eve-1 Fv jaeph Clears -- .t tor of th.
home of the latter's parents, Mr. , nine. I om ci,ia ' ov,r-i ' nV. 'ii-.n w in h
Minford last Tues-
Frank Schlictemeier was a visitor!
.present nt that time t; make an ad-
111 1 idiuuiuuiu iuoi -"""""J ! dress. Mr. Mecr3 1 a young man
noon wnere ne went to set-ure umc; ,v . . th ; .
and Mrs. G. M
Philip Keil and family were visit-
nA I rmlr i -n rr offer' hnci'nacQ Til t . -v. t n f 1-m onH Vl?t"Crl fl Til 'A Tl !
afternoon, making the trip in their the farm and assist in the work
auto. there.
C. R. Troop- of Plattsmouth was a J Henry C. Long who has started to j
visitor in Murray last Tuesday and , the western portion of the state last'
was looking after some business : Mondaygetting as far as Omaha nnd ;
matters at the farm southwest of; thinking that it would be safer toi
Murray. await until later, ana ccing so aa-;
George Brinklow and son. George, J vised by some Omaha people, return-j Conc?t Sat-Uicay Evening
and Forest Bachman of Plattsmouth ' ed home Monday evening. 1 There has been r.rrr.ngsd for
husband, Fred Engelkemeier, wno
had in the year 18 72 come to tlie
land of the noble free, to the land
that offered him and his energy many
un'ioidopportunities. returned to his
r;ntive land in 18T5 and there the!
two young people pledged their love 1
nrd duty until death should them!
Mrs. Harry Todd will be hostess and P2?l. They came to the United States j
Mrs. W. 3. Sn.ith will lead the meet- rnd came west to rchraska, settling;
iur The women of the community --It. Pleasant precinct, Cass coun
are 'cordially invited to attend. ; ty, and there amid the scenes of
The regular service will be held peae and quietude tr.ey spent many
01 the years of their livs very hap
pily, in fact thirt y-eight years with
jut an interuption of a short stay
in Plattsmouth, and in 1P13 they
decided to remove from the farm to
: the city to res'de and enjoy the rest
that they were entitled to by the
' years of labor and thrift.. Sorrow
c?.me to Mrs. Ensrelker.ieier in Feb
) ruary. 1P1C, when her beloved was
1 called away from the scenes of his
1 earthly activities and left her to con-
Efflake Your E&oney
en Cream!
Pasture and forage will furnish good feed for the
cows, and you can turn the same into profits by get
ting the best there is in the milk and cream. We
have the Lilly, Primrose and DeLaval Separtors, which
is a good paying proposition for any farmerwith more
than two cows. See us for prices, and ve will guar
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son oar ware
L. PETRSOri, Manager
TToto k Wir "P. t -rrrcx i n
T,c-m cf horse", good ones, wagon! t;"?ue her P8th alone. It was in 1920
-nd too buccv. like new. Mower and :;tI' ana iter juunges.1 uaugu
hay rake. V.Till sell cheap for cash.
ilenry C. Long. tf.
were visiting in Murray and at the J j G. V. McCracken. the druggist, j -one
r,- 1 rsrinklow farm east or town on last and who also deals in giais, wa.- r.-.pi ; rav en
",1" Tnesdav. Wettv busy last Tuesday, supplying i under the auspices of
01 i-iaiibu.uiu were w.u ------ m ,n 0,.rr.i f-.m tho s,.- ,.ik r
tne nome 01 Jir. anu irs. o. - , " v- - r I -v, .;,T., r h. , ; v,, Mfnr
i th
Worth Whiia Insurance
We are offering you worth-while
insurance in whatever field you may
desire. We are agent for the follow
ing well known companies:
Equitabie Life Ins. Co., of Omaha:
American Old Line Life Ins. Co., of
Lincoln: National Fire Ins. Co., of
Hartford. Conn.: State Farmers Ins.
Co., of Omaha; The Home Ins. Co., of
New York; "The Underwriters, of New
York; National Automobile Ins. Co.,
of Lincoln; American Old Line Ins.
Co., of Lincoln.
We can also handle your real es
tate both in cash "sales and ex
changes. BRENDEL & KNISS
Heal Estate and Insurance
nirg, was looking after the matter; west side 0 Murray buildings were
of his insurance in Plattsmouth last ; nearly all broken by tue nan.
Tuesday afternoon.
T. M. Patterson and W. E. Ros
encrans and son, C. A. Rosencrans
of Plattsmouth were looking after
some business matters in Murray
and vicinity last Tuesday.
Frank P. Sheldon of Nehawka wa3
Dr. E. S. Furay r nd Rev. V . A.
Taylor of Union were visiting in
Murray last Tuesday, driving up to
see the havos wi ought by the ?;.rm
which swept this section la?.t Lcn-
I their health to California, the land
j of perennial sunshine. There she liv
1 cd puite contentedly, enjoying the
1 beauties of nature in the city of
: Beach till God called her to
: her home above. She calmly felt
j asleep on July 1st. when night was
j t"rawing near, bringing her years of
' life to 72 years and 10 days. The
! c:.ue cf the death of Mrs. Engelke
meier was enlargement of the heart.
A week prior to her death the Rev.
1 Wynneker of the Zion Lutheran
cpurc-n or L.03 Angeles visited ner
which v. ill Ve given at Mur-
Saturdav night of this week.
the Oommuii-
These special
ir.ment life of of Murrav ate berornmir
mere popular and ar? worth while in
every rerpect. The committee having
the r'Tram in'hand has secured the
jc:e .,rcr,e,ira 01 nru. v ua is, t j prepared to go to ner
.','1.. , VTJU W L - ' V I . 1-'J
tc This will be a worth !
day night. They were meeting with j while concert and will be greatly ap-
the many" fricnis
Rev. Taylor
a visitor in Murray last Tuesday while here
afternoon while on his way to Platts- ! Messrs and Mcdpmes W. II. Pul
mouth where he was looking after
some matters of business.
Messrs J. S. Snaveley and Stephen
Copenhaver. of Union, were in Mur-idays since r.t Los Angeles and whose
ray last Tuesday morning, called here
ty the severe storm to see how ser
ious the destruction had been.
Col. W. E. Jenkins picked up at
his home and placed in a box 117
birds the day following the storm
last Monday, and thinks there are
more of them which he did not find.
Messrs. Hugh Minor and Herman
Royal of Saint Joseph drove up on
their car last Sunday to attend the
funeral of the late Mr. J. B. Seyboldt
and returned home in the evening.
W. B. Banning and County Com
missioner C. F. Harris of Union were
visiting n Murray last Tuesday
morning coming to see the storm and
to look after some business mat
ters. Fred Warner was a visitor in com
pany with his family at Plattsmouth
last Tuesday afternoon where they
were visiting with friends and also
looking after some matters of busi
ness. Many of the people who suffered
loss by reason of the storm are now
New Arrivals in
Child's one-strap kid stock slippers, sizes 2Yz to 5. $1.35
Child's one-strap brown kid pumps, sizes 5 to 8. . 1.60
Infant's soft sole kid shoes, black, brown, white. . .90
Misses' patent one-strap pumps, sizes 1 1 Vz to 2 . . 2.75
Misses brown kid pumps, -sizes 1 1 Yi to 2 2.95
Women's and Misses' brown oxfords, fancy per
forated tip and trimming. 3.85
Men's and Boys Dress and Work Shoes
of Quality
oenniobsen A Go,,
Telephone No. 12.
Murray, Nebraska.
A. Gansmer and Wm. Puis, Sr., at
tended the cf the late Mrs.
ireriated bv all who shall be fortun-
at3 enor.Th to hear'them. The fol-
is the prograia which will be
Father's home, and who also con-
durtd the devotional service before
the body was started on its journey
hack to the old home in Nebraska
for interment.
Fred Engeiucr.:
who died a few
funeral wa3 Ycl'l at th? church vest
of Plattsmouth, the Rev. Rhode de
livering the funeral oration.
Hurray Loses Game
Last Sunday the ball team from
given :
On to Panama. March Mackie-Beyer
Frat rrnity Overture Mackie-3eyer
Rio Nights Waltz Fif.her-Thompson
Flute Solo Mn?. Zlbert V.'iler
March of the Brownies Sutton
Til-?' ilit rorcria Ivpr
w!, 7-, " urmnnrnv h"":r and Miss Rose Engelkemeier
Stand By March Frazee '
i To mourn the death of this good
! mother there remains nine children:
Henry and August Engelkemeier of
Cass county, Mr. Rose Ragoos of
Garber. Okla.; Julius, Mrs. Pauline
i Kraeger, La Porte, Colo.; Mrs. Ann
; Kraoger. John and George Engelke-
Msrtha, Seiection : Fiotow
i Violin and Flute Duet
tcrr being:
mcri?r, Mrs.
Springfield enme to Murray and tried x;ul"f "-'" -----
out the issues with the Murray team L Mc-dames Arthur Troop. E. lies
in a game on the lo-al ground with Own, March Atom,
IarchMackie-Beyer: rf311Df, in miany, Gustave Ker-
; choff, Alpe, Kansas; Julius Kirchoff
thP .nmc hv one run. the score be- Commonwealth J
ing Springfield, 15, Murray. 14.
of Long Beach. There are twenty-five
irrandchildren and three sisters and
three brother?. The brothers and sis-
Mrs. August Engelke
Bertha Waaamsn. Mrs.
Augvst Schafme:tor, the last two
Hetum the Jewelry or Suffer
At the time of the death of Mrs.
of riainviev.-. Neb., and Henry, re
siding in Germany.
C. A. Trent, one present and we j
nd at the Christian ; house, and the r-rtv is known. This ' i i
have secured Mr. C. -as a keepsake which my beloved t PKHN HFWS KNTPN
Plattsmouth. a verv .,..,.,, Y ,i ,v,t:-?. NLilJOiJfi liLlIO ItUILO .
Hand Writing on the Wall
This will be the lesson for
coming Sunday a
Bible school we
E. Whitaker of
close student of the Bible and the ; and if this i3 untied to me within a?4
week ii questions will be asked; but f
in case it is not we will have thei'J'-rv
guilty party arrested, fcr we know j
who it was who took the necklace.) Robert Fitch was
If you want to get in clear, better
be in a hurrv about it. We are not
Card of Appreciation going to wait long.
The manv kindnesses which ti e C A. TKLNT,
people of Murray and vicinity have jC-2T. Murray, Nebr.
CAlCilUCU I un UVAftlUfi, Lit V i Li Li C11U
times as they fcome to us to freighted
with all the problems of'commercial
ism, rociety and the family as well
as the church. Come, hear this fine
speaker and enjoy the lesson.
By Special Correspondent 4.
at the time of the death and burial '.
of our beloved father, Mr. J. B. Sey-
boldt. was so kind and coming from jv HI H CACU'ni'CH nPC
do what ;v 1 HUl.iUili-U UfiUUi.
the friends who desired to
they could in this season of stress
with us. that we feel we cannot con- i
vey to them the heartfelt thanks fcr j A
their though tfulness and kindly acts, ;
in a manner in which we desire.
The thoughtful care of our crops, ' -.
jthe looking after the home in our;.
absence, the desire to serve our be- A
loved father and the tokens of love!.?.
and respect, the ministrations at the j ,,.. .....
time of his death and the funeral.
We are wishing that the troubles j
whicn come to us all may lie few for
all you. our friends. Accept our
thanks and be assured of our appre
ciation for ycur kindnesses. Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Seyboldt; H. II. Shra
der and family.
Saturday evening. July 15.
Music by Craig's four piece
orchestra.- Usual admission.
Everybody Come
Murray in Vortex of Storm r
ins nurncane. attendant with a I
devastating hail, which swept from!-, 0 1? cyrn t
. 10.00
a Murray visi
tor Tuesday.
Willard Jerroset was a Union vis
itor Tuesday.
Andy Campbell was a Murray vis
itor Tuesday.
Gus Splitt attended the ball game
Sunday at Union.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hull spent the
1 day with Mrs. Hull's parents at Rock
; BlufTs.
A. J. McNatt and son, Julian,
, were calling on friends in Union
Mr. and Mrs. L. Jerroset enter
tained a jolly bunch of yiung folks
Saturday evening.
Will Hutchison and family spent
J. Sunday with Mrs. Hutchison's par
4. ents, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Campbell.
Joe Beil and wife of Plattsmouth
and Ray Campbell and family were
guests at the Grandpa Beil home
James Fitch and wife entertain
ed at dinner Sunday, Joe Campbell
and family, R. H. Fitch andGrand
ma Fitch.
Julian McNatt and sisters, Gen
eva and Emma, and Mr. and Mrs.
A. J. McNatt were visiting at the
Fred Beil home Sunday. -
Miss Freda Hill, who has been
spending her vacation at Platts
mouth at the home of her grand
a number of Cass enuntv towns in its . Gcod refrlrEiTttOr at .
rath and making a strip of from one; Table. 6 chairs, buffet 29.50. P-rents. Mr. .and Mrs. Richter. will!
to four miles in width across ore of ,pour Q clressers, $9.50 to
the most fertile portions of the coun- I n 1 A 0T,n
trv that the sun ever shone rnrnn J t ne 0t;K aaV-npoi- .
found Murray directly in its path
and pelted and battered it with its
trees and houses besides destroying
crops for miles each way had not
spent its entire force or fury when
it leaped the Missouri river and be
gan on the productive farms of
The 6trip extended from near the
t rr i enter Mrh nehnnl lhrre this fnll Thli !
on eft! oun lady has made a great record j
iwo Verms Hartm beds, e?.aa b.uU , passed with the highest honors. She
Eed sprint. $1 to 6.50 is a daughter of Mr. and Mr3. Wes
Oak rockers' $2.50 to 8.50 !Hi11-
One malleable 6-hole range 30.00 . ,
One larre base burner 9.50 j
Two good used mattresses 0.0U
The above goods have been left atj,
Sm !
western portion of the county, being io:ir Furniture Store opposite court a
1 Louse, Plattsmouth, and are priced jt.
rig-iit for quick sale. Come early. ' v-
very strong at Greenwood and miss
ing Murdock just slightly, coming
through Manley and the intervening
country to Murray and east to the
river, where it left the state. The
width of the storm wrecked strip on
the Kansas City and 'Omaha roads,
extended from John Hobscheifs on
the south to Gien Perry's on the
north, a distance of four miles. The
-Ohrisi & Ghrist-ji
Flattsnoutii, Kebr. .
Specialist on Swine and
Cattle Diseases
m. 6. L. TAYLOR
Will xeceiye calls at resi
dence, Murray. Phone No. 50
Saturday Ugh9 Ms IBth5
there will be given a fre concert at Murray, by the
IViyrrsy'CokTsmunily Ciub
A good time is assured all who attend and there will
be no charge. A cardial invitation is extended to all.
The Colo Orchestra
will furnish an excellent program.
m mm mmmiB
The excellent business which has come to us, and are
assured that it has been because of the very close prices
at which we have sold our merchandise and the cour
teous treatment which we have extended to the public.
1 Remember we are here to serve you to the best,
and are willing to do our best in this line.
The service store that serves the best.
& Pub,
SiWif Hgfet
JULY 22, 1922
There will be one of those enjoyable "Old Fashioned
Dances, given at the Peterson Hall, Murray, Neb. A
very enjoyable time assured to all1 with the f best cf
music and courteous treatment.
Corns and Enjoy a Pleasant Evening!
Threshing oa!!
Did you ever think about your threshing coal?
You all know the coal strike makes it) impossible to buy
any coal from the mines, but we were fortunate to have
cur bins filled before the strike.
We handle the Franklin county nut coal, which can
not be beat for threshing coal. Our pricei are right.
Better look after your needs before it is all gone, as our
suppty will not take care of all our customers.
Phone: Office, 19
Residence, 51
Farmars Elevator Company
Fistula-Pay When Cnixl
mild systam of trmJrat that cm Flla
tlm. without a Mnrt nrrlcal opratla. N
CJjioroform. Ethar or other KDrai anasatbaua
mmot. A ear g-aarntad 1n cry eu accat'd for treatment, and no manar
paid antll curad. Write for book on Rectal Liease. witn nann-a and tatimail tm
af bioto tban 1,000 prominent people who hare been permanently cured.
OS. K. K. T A Kill", SunatHam, retra Tnt Bld(. (lUa UUtf.). OUiHi. VXM.
lat. M. a. Jataaatn. Mxttaal Uinotac "