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Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
If any of the readers of tbe
Journal knoT of any tioclal
event or item of interest In
this Ttclntty. and will mail
lime to this office. It will ap
pear under tbla bpadin?. We
want all newsitems Kditob
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ilr. and Mrs. M. D. Brown, of
Plattsmouth. were gue6ts at the
Herder home in Murray for the
Thomas Hansen was a visitor in
Plattsmouth last Tuesday, where he
was looking after some business
matter? for a short time.
Mike Hvs. the efficient blacksmith
closed his shop last Tuesday and
was not
come. You will be abundantly re
paid for the effort in attending.
Mrs. Joseph Mrasek, who has been
visiting for some time past at the
home of her father, Mr. Sam Kline,
at Lamonl, Iowa, returned home a
few days since and reports that
things are looking very nicely over
there. Mrs. Mrasek enjoyed the
visit with the folks very nicely.
Last Monday Alt Gansmer, mana
ger of the Farmers elevator, shipped
two car lod of very fine cattle to
the South .Omaha market, and for
which he received $9.55 per hundred
and a very nice price considering
that they cost less than six dollars
per hundred to purchase the same.
Miss Mia Gering, of Plattsmouth,
who is a candidate for the position
j of cotmty treasurer on the democrat
ic ticket, and accompanied oy ner
sister. Miss Barbara Gering, were in
Murray the morning of the Fourth,
Miss Mia getting acquainted with
many of the voters of this little city.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hallis and
j their babe. Miss Mary Margaret
Walling of Plattsmouth who with
'Miss Eleanor McCarthy were guests
of the Hallis family, and the Scotten
children were all spending the af
ternoon of the Fourth at the river
east of Murray where they went to
W. B. Banning of Union and who
sistant hostesses. All members of
the society are urged to be in at-
i Wheat in Southeastern Part of State
f Hipening Well and Good Yield
j Expected Corn Good.
An excellent condition of corn,
; fair to poor condition of small grain ;
j crops and potatoes particularly in
Suffers Serious Accident 5 the southern half of the state, a ,
Mrs W T Milburn of Platts- 5nt second crop of alfalfa and more
mouth who has 'been visiting at the than usual damage from hail are the ;
leading features of the semi-monthly
report or trie iseurasKa uepanmeni i
of Agriculture and Bureau of Agri- j
cultural Economics (formerly Bu-1
reau of Markets and Crop Esti-!
; mates ) .
i The condition of corn is general
l ly good throughout the state. The
! fields are free from weeds and in a
, it n-i - ! good state of cultivation. The pre-
ue" I01L u-crc xV. j liminary estimate of acreage will be!
Our raspberries will soon be ripen-j made in the regular July report,
ing. Better get your orders in. Mrs. : Considerable of the winter wheat
II. C. Long. jl4-tfw in the southeastern quarter of the
j state will make go;d yields in spite j
Celebrates 62nd Eirthdav ! of 1115 early and rapid ripening of !
home of her son. Mr. Ernest Milburn,
had the misfortune to nlip, fractur
ing two of the hones cf one of her
ankles. The doctor reduced the frac
ture and returned the unfortunate
lady to her home in Flattsmouth,
where she is getting alonr as well
as could he looked for.
Harvest is Near!
Just a few days away at most, and have you made
reservation for your BINDING TWINE? This is im
portant! Do not delay the matter of getting the neces
sary twine fcr 3rour harvest, as it may be hard to get a
little later. We carry both McCormick and Deering
twine which we sell at right prices.
If you are in need of a new binder, see our McCor
mick, Deering and John Deere lines.
Peterson Hardware Co.
E. L. PETERSON, Manager
at the Christian church
A fine little girl is announced at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bev
erage, having arrived on June 30th.
Of course there is joy at the home ; is by the way candidate for the po?i
and things look bright for the happy ' tion of state senator, was a visitor
parents. ! in Murray, last Monday, coming up
A. D. Rhoden who has just got-1 to consult with his partner. Mr. G.
ten at the harvesting question, is ; E. Nickles, about some of the busi-
running two binders, getting at it ness matters of the lumber comppny
for the first on the Fourth. He has of which both gentlemen are inter-
properly celebrated the Glorious
i.'mirt i n r i ' tinmp in i miuMuuuiu. i iui iuc vu m; i
Ernest Hinkle. the popular garage , seventy acre3 ana au ueaa ripe, anu.ectea.
mm, after the press of business had! of a good quality. Mrs. James Kelsey, of near Shen-
pasfed. went to Omaha, where he! J. W. Tilson and family spent thejandoj.h. Iowa, has been visitins for
celebrated the Fourth during the I Fourth at the home of Thomas some days past at the home of her
evening. Tilson, where the men folks put the sister, Mrs. Henry C. Long, and was
j Gruter and wife, with their day in working in the harvest fields, accompanied by Mr. Kelsey. Mrs.
,1 ; n p- lnt s-.mdr.v: and the ladies visited and looked af- Walter Reese, another Fister. making
1 1 L II. V' A. . . " - .
nt tbo i ri ri i nf Mr-
Font Wilson SDent the aiternoon ins: at tne iong nome auring tne
of the Fourth
Propst. ft Union, and enjoyed tne
visit very much
Mrs. Fred Haller. who is in the , father
hospital at Omaha, where she is re- i Murray. Mrs. Wilson and the child-
ceiving treatment following ner op-iren were viiinug ui iu uuiue ui
eration. is reported as doing very , B. Wilson near Otoe.
nicely at this time ' John O'Banion, who makes his
rni w P Vount otherwise Rex i home east of Murra5r- and who a few
Young. who'isYcandidSeorUn- days since pudlj.: 4 th milestone
t, cb-i TV -i napnEPr to Ween- ! reports that he has been plowing
the ball game on the Fourth. oks like .igoroas age &
Guy White was a business visitor visitor in Murray for a short time
last Saturday at Omaha, where he ,Qt R.mflav mminer to see Mrs.
was called, and during his absence KUleyt wno is visiting at the home
; Fourth at the home of his Jennie time. They all enjoyed a most
, Mr. J. A. Wilson, east of j pleasant time.
Mccracken, mother of
Rex Young plowed corn for him that
he might not lose any time with the
On account of the exceedingly
heavy rain, which occurred on last
Sunday afternoon, the Children's
day program which was to be given
Worth While Insuranco
We are offering you worth-while
insurance in whatever field you may
desire. We are agent for the follow
ing well known companies:
of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hatchett, Mrs
Hatchett being a cousin.
Robert Troop and wife, accompan
ied by Mrs. Mary Voodris and Mrs.
N. A. Liest. of Plattsmouth, were in
Murray last Sunday, coming to at
tend the celebration of the C2nd
birthday of Mr. D. C. Rhoden.
Roy Howard and family and Fred
Warner and family were spending
the Fourth at the home of W. F.
Warga, where a family reunion of
the Warner family were gathered to
visit together. A most pleasant time
was had.
Frank Good, who has been work
ing in Omaha for some time past,
came down last Saturday night and
visited for over Sunday with rela-
Equitable Life Ins. Co.. of Omaha; itjves and friends, and also remained
American Old Line Life Ins. Co., of
Lincoln; National Fire Ins. Co., of
Hartford, Conn.; Slate Farmers' Ins.
Co., of Omaha; The Home Ins. Co.. of
New York; The Underwriters, of New
York; National Automobile Ins. Co.,
of Lincoln; American Old Line Ins.
Co., of Lincoln.
We can also handle your real es
tate both in cash sales and ex
changes. B REND EL & KNLSS
Heal Estate and Insurance
to celebrate the Fourth ' with the
Murray people.
Last Tuesday in order that all
might have opportunity to enjoy the
holiday the better, the business
houses of Murray closed at ten o'
clock, having remained open until
then for the purpose of accommodat
ing those who might desire to pur
chase something.
There will be a program given at
the Sunday school at the Christian
church this coming Sunday. All the
membership especially are requested
to be in attendance, and as many
NEBRASKA' others as can make it convenient to
Brighten up your home floors with these beautiful
Art Rugs. Sizes to fit every space. They are lasting,
easy to keep clean and inexpensive.
17x24 inch Art Rugs $ .30
Congoleum Floor Coverings, 2 yards wide, per Sq. Yd.
. 1. Soennichsen & Co.,
Telephone No. 12.
Murray, Nebraska.
Mrs. J. H
our estimab'e druggist, who has been
visiting at the home of her son, in
Murray, departed a few days since
for Omaha, where she is visiting for
a while at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. G. W. Cawkins. and was accom
panied by little Elizabeth McCrack
en for a visit with relatives and to
spend the Fourth.
On account of the poor health of
Mrs. Joe Staska. they have moved
back to the station, as she could not
look after the care of the household
of Mr. C. A. Trent, where they have
been living for some time. Mr. Trent
has secured Mrs. Beulah Wagner of
near Abaline. Kansas, who with her
two daughters are keeping house for
Mr. Trent and little daughter.
Following a dinner on the Fourth
of July at the home of Mr. an?! Mrs.
Wm. Seyboldt given for the relatives
of Mrs. Seyboldt. Dr. J. F. Erendel.
Dr. B. F. Brendel and families, T. J.
Brendel and wife, they later went
to Weeping Water, where they en
joyed tbe ball game in the after
noon. The members of the family
enjoyed the occasion of the dinner
very much.
The Snipe Han Goes On
The "Snipe Man." as he is known
in Murray, and where he put in an
eventful half week and who was
taken to Plattsmouth by the authori
ties, has moved on to Pacific Junc
tion. Iowa.
Here is Your Eargain
Te?m of horses, good ones, wagon
and top bugery. like new. Mower and
hay rake. Will sell cheap for cash.
Henry C. Long. tf. '
Business Firm Changed Eands
The Fred Haller restaurant which
has been in operation for the past
few weeks, being conducted by Mr.
Haller and wife, has been disposed of.
Mr. B. A. Root, the owner of the
building, getting the business. Mr.
Root, who is well known in and
abcut Murray, should make a good
success of this business place.
Eeturn the Jewelry or Suffer
At the time of the death of Mrs.
C. A. Trent, one present and we
know who. took a LaValiere from my
house, and the party is known. This
was a keepsake which my beloved
wife had given to her little daughter
and if this is mailed to me within a
week no questions will be asked; but
in case it is not we will have the
guilty party arrested, for we know
who it was who took the necklace.
If you want to get in clear, better
be in a hurry about it. We are not
going to wait long.
J6-2T. Murray, Nebr.
Mr. Seyboldt Still Very Weak
Our bid time friend, Mr. J. B. Sey
boldt. who is nt the hospital in Oma
ha and where he has underwent four
very severe operations, is still feel
ing very poorly and showing much
resistance to the malady which has
enthralled him. His many friends
would greatly desire his recovery.
Good Bull For Sale
Also two good registered brood
sows'to farrow about August first.
Fred Beverage, Murray, Nebr.
Mrs. A. F. P-hoden very uniquely
managed a surprise on the father of
h?r husband. D. C. Rhoden. which
was celebrated last Punday at what
i.; known as the I. C. Rhoden rrove
on the form where his son Kelly
Rhoden li ves north v.-est of Murray.
Invitation had been bent to the rel
atives cf Mr. Rhoden notifying them
of the approaching anniversary, and
of tbe proposed ce'-.'brstion, which
v.a3 to occur on list Funday. and of
tbe grain. Counties bordering the
Missouri river and the Platte river
west to Platte and Polk counties
have the best yields. South and west
of these counties the percentage ot
shriveled grain is greater. Hail dam
age was greater than usual this
years, some of the storni3 being very
The percentage of shriveled grain
is greatest in central, south central
and southwestern Nebraska. While
some of the counties within this area
me picnic nicu u ana h air! d wheat cro othors
suggesting the bringing of wCll laden surercd sevore dama?e from the pre
fc?fois for the oecasion. . : mature ripening of the grain.
the Fhade of the large trees of the
wheat and oats, particularly early
grove, end accommodated nearly one oat in the southern half Gf the
hundred who were present. ! &tate is very severc. The northern
i.rocon ks oeen m poor half of the state fared better altho
health for some time, and this cheer- sonie irjury is evident. South cen
ed the Murray townsman greatly. 1 tral Nebraska replaced considerable
resides the snmpMous dinner that of the abandoned winter wheat with
was served m the rrove, a very 1e-,harley) oats and some spring wheat
Hghtful program v. as given at the all of wnich suffered Bevere damage,
home of Mr. and Mr-;. A. D. Rhoden j The earijest potatoes in the south
jn?t across the way. Tuere were ern nalf of the state are badly dam-ninety-cne
at the tables when the agred as tbe drouth and high temper
dinner was sarved and the following tUures canie at the critical time. The
were those wl o were present and later plantings and the crop in the
made merry on the happy event of northern half of the state are in
tbe pacing of tbe sixty-second mileifairiv god condition at present. The
store of this cstimaliie gentleman: , cariv commercial potato crop in the
D. C. Rhoden and wife. George Rhod-i p:carncv district is better than ex
en pr.d wife. C"le Rhoden and wife j ,,ecied "and mav exceed last year's
ii.:u .bu ci.nuicu, vjit-u ;w!uut!u ai:u shipments by hfty per cent.
The second crop of alfalfa is very
short in most of the counties. The
raspberry civp was reduced consid
erably by the drouth. Apples con
tinue promising. The cherry crop
was heavy throughout the state.
wife and tv.o children. Alec Rhoden
and wife r.nd five children. Keily
Rhoden and wife end two children,
Roy Rhoden and wife and four child
ren of Eluiwood: Mrs. Clint Morrow,
Modale, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. Kyle
Krewusoii. Council Bluffs; Mr. and
Mrs. John A. Lloyd. Council Bluffs; j LECpAfcD WHICH ESCAPED
Mr. and Mrs. George Lloyd. Omaha; j
Miss Janet Lloyd, Omha; Miss Anna
Aden. Omaha; Mr, and Mrs. Frank . , , , '
P.ead and two children, Mr. and Mrs. ! Fremont, Neb., July 2. The large
Bob Troop. Mrs. Lulu Leist, Gien-! loPard bifh escaped from a circus
wood, low.- ; Mrs. Woodrv. Mr. and : "hibitin? at Uehling Saturday and
Mrs. William Troop and 'five child-' terrorized the countryside for miles
rc-n. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Troop. Mr. ! ar?u?i!' as shot and killed less than
and Mrs. Cissncv and child. Mr. and ! a hal,f mile from the place of its es
Mr. Peck. Mrs.'Chamn'.in and three ! caPet Ia,re tfda-v by a young man. one
childr-n, Dorothv and" Troop Lewis, j of the hundreds of farmers, business
Mrs. W. L. Revnolds and daughters i nie.n and boys who had hunted the
Ardith and Merelle. of Whitefish. j ani!1 all thru the night.
Mr.-,t. -n.,. izr. !.. p,J While persons carefully remained
er. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wolf. G. W. indoors las night unless they were
the following numbers:
Voral duet. "Pacific Shore"
Ardith and Merelle Rej-nolds.
der. May and Velma Shrader. " takinir part in the chase, they ap
i? program rendered consisted cf . Parer-t had llttle f('aJ BP
Lewiston Aid Society Meets
The Lewiston Aid society met at
the home of Mrs. Perry Nickles for
an ail day meeting last Wednesday.
June 2Sth. The forenoon was silent
in quilting. At the noon hour a
very elaborate luncheon was served,
which was greatly enjoyed by the
some thirty present.
In the afternoon Miss Wilkins, the
home agent, held the table service
demonstration, in which all the la
dies were greatly interested.
Miss Wilkins will again meet with
the ladies on July 27th for short cuts
in sewing at the home of Mrs. Mary
Wiley and daughter, Mrs. George
Nebraska lands. 6 per cent inter
est. No commission. Address W. A.
C. Johnson. 20S So. 33 St., Omaha,
Neb. Phone Harney 1C47.
The day of hffrsh physics is gone.
People want mild, easy laxatives.
Doan's Regulets have satisfied thous
ands. SOc at all drug stores.
Fresh extracted honey in 5-pound
pails, 21c per pound. James E.
Warga, Tel. 3205. Jl-6td,2tw
Journal want ads pay. Try them.
J Specialist on Swine and
J Cattle Diseases
4 Veterinarian
Will receive calls at resi
J dence, Murray. Phone No. 50
Czechoslavakia is essentially an
exporting country. Its production of
sugar, textiles, glass and b'r, to
gether with its less important manu
factures, have been an important
factor in European industry and
commerce for many decades.
Appreciation of this situation has
led to marked activity in the nego
tiation of commercial treaties, and
already Bohemian products are bt ing
marketed under ngreements in Switz
erland, Jugo-Slavia, Germany, Bul
garia, France, Roumania, Italy, Aus
tria, Poland and Spain.
Similar arrangements are in the
making with Great Britain, Den
mark, Belgium, Holland, Greece,
Norway, Hungary, Sweden and Port
ugal, while there have been trade
conversations with Russia.
Czecr oslavakia can take care of
herself. The world will watch with
interest the progress of l-ss fortun
ate Bister republics toward the real
ization of their hopes.
..r.. .,....T.
Saturday evening. July 8th.
Tbe same good music from
Council Bluffs, la. Usual ad
mission. Good time for all."
Everybody Come
The most exquisite line of birth
day and rift cards to be found any
where! At Journal office.
, : beast itself evident being fright
ened by unaccustomed freedom and
Reading. "St. Peter at the Gate," w l" "7"'
I It v iianvtu ufi muic LUO.U
fourteen square miles.
by Julia Troop.
Piano solo, by Maybelle Troop
Reading, Mrs. Minnie Troop
Vocal ro'.o, Dorothy Rhoden.
New York, July 1. The lid of the
"melting pot" was tilted tonight as
pIKKnY XlAlh HAWK ithe influx cf se-cn thousand immi-
iiit'HIln I Ui (lit. Lrtl
of Murray, Nebr.
riiarter No. J7S in th-e State of Ne
braska at t!:c close of L.sim-ss
June 20th, 13.
Loans and discounts
l.itn't-ty lions
Bar.kintr house, furniture and
Current exi'ent-s, taxm and
interest puitl
I uie i rom National
and StKte banks.. $ 51,413.50
Cbeik.s anu items
of -4 4 ."." 7
Currotirv H.r.M.o
Oki coin 1,010.00
Silver, nickels and
grants to the United States started
The beginning of the new immi
grant year was marked by mad races
of steamships. Under the law only
three per cent of any country's na
tionals now in the United States
may be admitted in any one month.
Lines violating the quota must pay
S2 00 for each escese immigrant, re
fund the passage charge to the Unit-
1'''.74 ! pH States anrl nrovide home riassatre
,:'"110 ! free. Ellis Island authorities admit
4 37S oo ! those who arrive first until the quota
is filled.
b . o 5 i . 0 4 j T'io cryri 1 1 ocr t5 vc, 1 t-v n-n c riit tiro An
rhips bringing Greeks. It was thot
that at least 200 Greeks would have
i to be returned.
The excellent business which has come to us, and are
assured that it has been because of the very close prices
at which we have sold our merchandise and the cour
teous treatment which we have extended to the public.
Remember we are here to serve you to the best,
and are willing to do our best in this line.
The service store that serves the best.
l7ilson S Ms
412.14 r.'3.!C1.71
TOTAL $274,S7.0i)
, . .$ ir,.nof).Hi
Capital fftoe!: paid in..
Surplus fumi
Undivided profits
lniivtiual deposits
.subject to cliet k. .$101,762.3?
Time certificates of
deposit 141.2S9.47
Cashier! checks
outstanding 1,174. 24t,227.81
Due to National and State
banks none
Ntes and biii.s rediscounied none
T'ills tiavabio none
Depositors guaranty fund.
TOTAL $274,873.09
; of Nebraska 1
nty of Cass J
I, Y O. F.oedeker, President of the
above named bank do hereby swear
tliat th.e above statement is a correct
and true copy of the report made to
the State Bureau of Banfcinsr.
Attest: 1'resident.
I'r:i:r L. NTTZMAX, Pircctor.
LEOXA EOKDEKEil, Director.
Frank M. Davis, a Chicago post
office inspector, ran across a letter
that offered "Genuine Canadian rye.
?8 a quart. Only a limted supply.;
Sent by registered mail."
of rye grain.
The two ambitious who sent the
letter in custody, charged with using
the mails to defraud, must be pray-
2,C5i'.N2 inS that the jury will have a sense
of humor.
This is the "best graft" since the
fakirs who advertised a genuine steel !
engraving of George Washington for
$u and filled orders with two-cent j
Clever brains like these could get
rich quickly in legitimate pursuits.
Unfortunately, they are too impatient.
Aid Society Will Meet
The Aid society of the Christian
church will meet at the home of
Mrs. D. A. Young, northeast of Mur
ray, on Wednesday, July 12th,
which time there w
for the society. There will also be a
program. Mrs. B
the leader. Mrs
hostess, will be ass
Guy White and A. A. Young as as-: nal OSice.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 5th dav ot July, 1922.
(Seal) Notary Public.
For croup or sore throat, use Dr.
The Same Everywhere.
The editor of Paisa Akhbar, a na
tive newspaper of Lahore, India, says.
"I have used Chamberlain's colic and
July 12th. at jThcmns-Eclectic Otl. Two oOc Diarrhoea Remed y many times among
?JL win"iliand C0C" At &11 dr"5 StrCS- I mr children and servants, for colif
!. F. Brendel being) Books! SGOks; Books! We have ' eS
. D. A. oung. the . Y
ssisted by Mesdames ' J00 can 1 ltst at tliS fiar" !
and diarrhoea and always found it
ective." Weyrich & Hadraba
Threshing Coal!
Did you ever think about your threshing coal?
You all know the coal strike makes it impossible to buy
any coal from the mines, but we were fortunate to have
our bins filled before the strike.
We handle the Franklin county nut coal, which can
not be beat for threshing coal. - Our prices are right.
Better look after your needs before it is all gone, as our
supply will not take care of all our customers.
Phone: Office, 19
Residence, 51
Farmers Elevator Company
istula-Pay When Cnrd
Blank books at the Journal Office.
Btl4 system f trtmat thai eara
ntnla ui thr HcUJ VnwMmm la i
ttm. wttbtal Tar rurelcai epratto. N
Cblorafortn. Ktbar or other ceneraJ uMUitM
A nrt rurun4 la vry ras aeeapted for treatmnt. and do mooar I aa
Pud antil rand. Write for book on RvctaJ Piaeaaea, nunn and titlniilM
af mora than 1.00 pmmlnem people who hare hca r-ermRTieTitly ruw)
Dat. JL K. TAESX, BnuXvtam, Prt-r Trot Bid. (Be B.d.). OMAHA.