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THURSDAY, JUNE 29, 1922.
I !
Nehawka Department!
Prepared id the Interests of the People of Nehawka and Surrounding Vicinity E.peciaMy
for the Journal Readers.
Mrs. Charles Klepser of near Weep
ing Water was a visitor, with Ne
hawka friends here last Sunday.
Owen Willis began cutting his
wheat last Monday, which is of a
good quality and of which he has
some fifty-five acres.
Miss Belle Bouck. the clever sales
lady at the Sheldon department store,
was a visitor at her home in Palmyra
over Sunday of last week.
Glen Rutledge and family of
Weeping Water were visiting with
the parents of Mr. Rutledge and oth
er friends in Nehawka for over Sun
day. Benjamin Iloman, of Ava, Mo., arrived-
in this neighborhood and is a
guest at the home of his daughter,
Mrs. Joe Bowns, northeast of Ne
hawka. Mrs. I,ucile Davis, manager of the
telephone exchange at Nehawka was
a visitor which combined business
and pleasure at Weeping Water last
Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Vera Miller, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. L. Griffin of Nehawka
arrived from her home at Fairplay,
Mo., and is visiting here with the
folks for a number of days.
SherifT C. D. Quinton was an offi
cial visitor in Nehawka last Sunday
afternoon and had a visitor return
to Plattsmouth with him, to ac-
Ye. we are furnishing re
liable tires at lower prices
than the mail order houses
are putting out inferior
goods for. This good only
for a limited time, so you
had better get what you
want while they are going.
See the list of prices below!
United States & Racine Tires
Sue 30x3V2 $10.90
Size 32x3y2 13.75
Size 32x4 18.30
Size 33x4 19.25
Size 34x4 20.00
f5?There tires are guaranteed but
the prices cannot be assured for any
great length of time. Come early.
Lundbcrg Garage
Nehawka -:- Nebraska
t ---S!rpp Al
fifes! 1
Correct Footwear!
You can make the little folks comfortable during
the hot weather by giving them correct footwear.
You will find real values in the following:
Patent Strap Pump .$1.30, $2.20 and $2.50
Mohogany Kid Strap Pump $2.50 and $2.85
Barefoot Sandals $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50
Make Our Store Your Headquarters'
During Chautauqua.
Established 1888
Phone 14.
count for a missing set of harness.
C. D. St. John and family were
guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Eugene Nutzman last Sunday for
dinner as were also Mr. and Mrs,
Richard Deles Dernier and family of
Elm wood.
The pressure tank at the audi
torium blew up last week, which
caused some little damage to the
city's building, but which has been
repaired and everything Is in ship
shape again.
You do not have to worry over the
hot cook stove when an oil stove
which will give the wife and moth
er some comfort cooking these hot
days. See them listed at the Wes
sel Hardware store.
You will find listed in the ad of
the Sheldon department store some
warm weather comfort shoes, which
are very special bargains In this
line of goods. Better see them and
get yours before they are all gone.
M. R. Richardson, superintendent
of the building department of the
Lincoln telephone and telegraph com
pany for Weeping Water, was a
visitor in Nehawka last Monday and
was looking after some work here.
W. Li. Doughty and Warren Munn
were looking after some business
matters in Plattsmouth last Sunday
evening and Monday and also made
a trip to Otoe county on Tuesday,
looking after some business matters
13 Well.
Winlield Scott Norris. R. C. Pol
lard, Charles Bates, Charles Hall,
Del Switzer, Z. W. Shrader and A. F.
Starm. with others, were assisting in
erecting the tent which is to hold
the Chautauqua and got it in shape
last Monday afternoon.
Miss Loretta Flamme. who has
been attending school at Omaha, at
the Omaha university, was a visitor
at home for Monday and Tuesday.
then returning to her studies, where
she is taking a special course in
preparation for teaching.
Last Thursday a merry crowd of
young people from Nebraska City
were visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Horace Griffin, they being
Messrs Homer Osborne and Harvey
Patton and Misses Ruby Osborne
and Laverne Steele, they driving up
in their auto.
Miller and Gruber, the enterpris
ing firm of contractors completed the
placing of a new foundation under
the Norris apartments which is to be
used for a jewelry store and which
will be occupied by Mr. Lester Ken
dall as soon as the building can be
placed In condition. V
Mr. Harry Thomas, agent for the
Missouri Pacific at Falls City, was a
visitor at the home of his brother,
Bon Ami Vapor Stove!
Safe! Sure! Economical!
Burns 400 gallon air to
one gallon common kero
sene. The Kerogas Siove!
Mr. H. L. Thomas and wife, on last
Sunday and they all went to Palmyra
where they spent the day with their
mother, Mrs. Isabelle Thomas, and
where all enjoyed the occasion very
Mr. B. O. Tucker in the years that
have passed, kept almost at the same
weight as that of his father for many
years and now he and his son, Mar
ion, are making a nip and tuck race,
one weighing the father out-weighs
the son by seven ounces and again
the son is heavier by half a pound.
This is pretty close and in the end
it is an open guess who will be the
Mrs. Mathilde Johnson of Genoa
arrived some few days since at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Omar
Schlichtemeier, and will visit for
some time, after which she will go
to Casper, Wyoming, where she has
two sons and a daughter and will
visit there until about the first of
September, when she will have to be
at home again, as school will begin
at that time.
H. M. Kropp Very Poorly
Our old time and very much re
spected friend. Mr. Henry M. Kropp,
has been feeling very poorly for
some time past, and remains not the
best at this time. Mr. Kropp has
made a most heroic struggle for su
premacy over the malady which has
beset him. At the present time Mr.
Kropp is kept to his bed on account
of his sickness and we are hoping
"that he may be able to be out again
Chautauqua This Week
The people of Nehawka are
enjoying their Chautauqua this week
and have a fine array of entertain
ment. The very busy season which
Is caused by the conclusion of the
corn cultivation and the beginning
of the harvest is not productive of a
high attendance, but the people of
Nehawka will make it pay. Nebraska
City had the same company during
the p2st week and those who attend
ed from Nehawka were well pleased
with the entertainments which were
Had a Good Time
At the regular meeting of the
Knights of Pythias, which was held
last week, after the regular meeting
of the lodge was over, refreshments
were served by a committee and
some very excellent music was fur
nished by Messrs. II. H.,Stoll, Geo.
Paulos and.. Chester Waldo.
The Ball Game Sunday
The Nehawka team went to Man
ley last Sunday, where they played
an excellent game with the team of
that place, with the result that they
were victorious by a score of 8 to 3.
The game was witnessed by a num
ber of very much interested ball
Fresh Milk Cow For Sale
I have a good fresh milk cow for
sale. Chalmer Switzer. j22-3w
Visiting Here from East
Mrs. Nathan Prison of Maryland,
accompanied by her son Robert and
daughter Esther, and Miss Averda
Alliland, of Little Brittain, Pa., ar
rived in Nehawka a few days since
and are visiting at the home of their
uncle, Mr. T. E. Fulton and wife for
this week, after which they will de
part for Wayside, Nebr., and will
visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Albert Stoll for some time and on
their return will also visit with rel
atives and friends in Wisconsin and
Chicago. Mrs. Brison has not been
here for some ten years, while her
sister, Mrs. Alliland, is now making
her first trip to the west. They are
all very highly impressed with the
country and its citizens.
From Wednesday Dally.
This morning an action entitled
Fred E. Bodie, receiver of the Bank
of Cass County, vs. Will Jean, et al,
was filed jn the district court in
which the plaintiff seeks the collec
tion of the sum of $12,000 on note
covered by mortgage. W. F. Gilles
pie and C. L. Jean are made parties
to the action by the fact of their
holding a judgment against the land
Involved and a quit claim deed.
Blank books at the Journal Office.
Rib Boil, per lb
Beef Roast, per lb.
Salted Peanuts, lb.
English Walnuts. .
Bulk Cocoa, per lb.
7 barsycllow soap
6 bars Armour's
White Soap. ....
-SJott's Market-
From Monday's Dally.
Jack Patterson and wife of Union
wore here yesterday to enjoy the day
visiting with relatives and friends.
George Sheldon, the Lincoln capi
talist, was here today to spend a few
hours looking after some matters of
James Tecgarden of Weeping Wa
ter was here today for a few hours
looking after some business inatters
of importance.
Miss Mary E. Foster who has been
visiting with her parents at Union,
was here today for a few hours, en
route to Omaha. ,
Mrs. George Peoples of Fairplay,
lissouri, is enjoying a visit hero at
the home of Mr. N. K. Peoples and
family for a few days.
Hon. W. II. Puis, democratic can
didate for state representative, came
up this morning from Murray to
look after some matters of business.
A. J. Engelkemeier of the Murray
neighborhood was here Saturday for
a short time looking after the week
end shopping with the local mer
chants. J. G. Meisinger of near Cedar
Creek was in the city for a few hours
Saturday attending to some business
matters and meeting the voters in
liis race for treasurer.
Louis Frederieh of near Murray
wr.s among the visitors in the city
Saturday afternoon and evening
looking after some trading and vis
iting with his relatives.
Frank Stander, formerly one of
the well known residents of near
Manley, but now residing in Omaha,
was in the city today for a few hours
looking after some matters at the
court . house.
Ray Chastine, sheriff of Atchison
county, Missouri, and wife have been
1 ere visiting at the home of Mr. and
T.Irs. George Privett. Mr. Chastine
lias returned home-but the wife will
remain for a longer visit.
Charles L. Freese, wife and fam
ily, of Scoitsbluff, Nebraska, are in
the city for an extended visit here
with their relatives and friends, at
the Lome, of Mr. and ilrs. W. II.
Freese, parents of Mr. Freese.
II. W. Smith, wife and son, and
Mis3 Jeanette Oliphant, who has
l??n visiting here, departed yester
day via the auto route for Hastings,
Nebraska, where the Smith family
vill visit relatives and friends.
August Mumm and wife of Mis
soula, Moat., who have been here
visiting at the P. E. Goos and F. II.
Ilumm home and with other rela
tives and friends, departed this af
ternoon fof Omaha to spend a few
days and then to return to their
From Tuesday's Dally.
Attorney C. E. Tefft of Weeping
Water was here today for a few
hours looking after some legal mat
ters. Mrs. J. II. Becker departed this
afternoon for Omaha where she is
planning to make her home In the
Sheriff C. D. Quinton and Ben
Rainey were at Greenwood today to
look after securing two lawbreak
ers who were captured there.
W. J. O'Brien, superintendent of
the state fisheries, came In this af
ternoon in his private car to look
after some work on the car at the
local shops. '
Mrs. Herman Yost and daughter,
Phs'llis, returned yesterday to their
home at South Omaha, accompany
ing Mr. Yost back in the auto. Mr.
Yost brought down with him Miss
Margaret Sitzman, who has been
spending a short time in Omaha, and
also Miss Ruth Tuma, who spent the
dy at the W. P. Sitzman home, re
turning last evening to the metrop
The Cedar-Creek ball team which
Ii eld the Cass county record for the
number of straight victories, having
rcn every game played this season,
los-t its first one last Sunday after
noon when t&e Omaha Ramblers took
the up-river "boys into camp to the
tune or 8 td 0. The Ramblers re
cently played here, losing to the
Plattsmouth Merchants team.
The Cedar Creek players are said
to have lost the game on a lack of
nerve. The word Omaha sounded
big to them, but after the game they
saw the players of the visiting ag
gregation were no better than the
home boys. There were very few
earned runs" made, the balance bo
ing piled up through errors of tlni
home team.
The boys on the Cedar Crook team
are a very clever, hard-hitting hunch
of players and have played groat ball
during the past two months, um their
long string of winnings well proven.,
and it may have been it wan Hltttpl?
their time to blow up. At any rnlt
they are to be congratulated on t li r I r
success at playing the national kum,
and should be far from dirourtieo.
because of last Sunday's Ion.
This coming Sunday they Iinve a
game scheduled with Manley nt I
latter place and should give a good
account of themselves.
The Cedar Creel: boys huvo only
words of praise for the Omaha team,
saying they are a nice bunch of fel
lows who came to play ball, and
play ball they did.
Five acres with three room house,
' two wells. Located south of Burling
ton shops. Inquire of Henry Klinger,
phone 391. j27-6d,2w
Hives, eczema, itch or salt rheum
set3 you crazy. Can't bear the touch
of your clothing. Doan's Ointment
is fine for skin itching. All druggists
sell it. 60c a box.
Journal want ads pay. Try them.
You. never Idaew that
Kellogg's are a revelation, not only in Corn Flakes, but in cereals!
Such delicious flavor, such crispy crunchiness never before was be
lieved possible in corn flakes! Kellogg's are a revelation to your taste!
You have a great treat awaiting you the very first time you sit
down before a generous bowlful of Kellogg's Corn Flakes and a
pitcher of milk or cream and fresh fruit, if it's handy!
It isn't fair to yourself and your family not to share in the pleasures
that Kellogg's Corn Flakes so generously spread over the nation
and the world! You are missing a taste-thrill! So, tomorrow morn
ing, serve Kellogg's Corn Flakes for breakfast, or for lunch or
for between-meals nibbles! They're wonderful and never tough or.
leathery or hard to eat!
Insist upon your grocer supplying KELLOGG'S
Also makers of KELLOGG'S
No "Short Term" for Him Is a Can
didate to Succeed Frank Eea-
vis a Real "Eoughrider"
Dunbar, Neb., June 27. Wilber
W. Anness, republican candidate for
congress from Otoe county in First
district, is not running, like most
of the other candidates, for the Rea-
vis short term vacancy that will ex
ist between November and March,
because of the recent resignation of
Congressman C. P. Reavis. Mr. An
ness is running only as a candidate
for the regular term. His name.
therefor, will appear only once oh
the primary ballot on July ISth. He
says he wants to succeed Frank Rea
vis for two years, at least, anyway.
and not for just two or three months.
So, he is a candidate only for the
regular term the same as if Mr.
Reavis had never resigned. And all
the voters will have to do will be to
vote for him once.
Mr. Anness will also deliver the
Fourth of July address at Table Rock
and while down in Pawnee county,
he says, he will harvest his crop of
congressional hay in the counties of
Pawnee, Richardson, Nemaha and
Johnson and ship direct to Lincoln
for July 18th. And Lincoln has prom
ised to take care of it for him. And
then he ships the rest from Cass and
Otoe, he will buy what Walt Ander
son has left, and take the train for
"Washington. l C. to size up the
chair that Frank Reavis has been
sitting in. Mr. Anness spent ten years
nmong the cowboys" of western
Nebraska und is some "roughrider"
Cixss nml Otoe County Pioneers Will
Meet t Union, Friday and Sat
urday, August 18, 19.
Tim H'mIcIi-iHs of Tnlon and vicin
ity n liu hnve ntno 18S!) been the
uniuml IiohIk of th pioneers of Cass
hud Olno counties nt the Old Set
tlors' Iti'UttloM, met on last Saturday
hlul fonmiliittMl the plans for the
firttlxi )u that has grown to be one
of tlit fvMH looked forward to by
Hie renldonta of this part of the
rfhl.UMila of this part of the state.
The officers for the coming year
selected are: W. B. Banning, presi
dent; J. T. Reynolds, vice president;
C. L. Craves, secretary, and D. B.
Porter, treasurer.
The dates for the reunion were
fixed on a3 Friday and Saturday, Au
gust ISth and 19th, and will be held
in the usual park southwest of the
village of Union.
It is one of the pleasures of the
year for the old residents of the com
munity to journey down to the pleas
ant little city on the banks of the
Weeping Water and there met the
gray-haired men and women whose
lives have been closely interwoven
with the making of Cass and Otoe
counties, and the only regret is that
with each passing year the. ranks of
the pioneers grows thinner as the
splendid men and women who came
I I - I I afllAO, l CJH-
Gom Hakes
coirid be
'Sav. Captain, let the enemy
on We can hold out a long, long
time with thim big box of Kellogg'm
Corn Flakes I With it was time to
eat now"
Corn Flakes the delicious kind in the RED and
GREEN package that bears the well-known signature
of W. K. Kellogg, originator of Corn Flakes. NONE
here at an early day, answer the
final summons. Those who were here
in the territorial days have practic
ally gone but the succeeding gener
ations are carrying on the work and
preserving the traditions and the
memories of the past.
Attorney Charley Graves, who has
been one of the hard workers in the
reunion proposition since its incep
tion, is on the job as secretary and
will give his usual effective work to
making it a success and with the
splendid corps of officers it ought to
be a great success.
Lincoln, June 26. Ira D. Wills,
Alvo, Neb., has paid a fine of $100
for killing one robin In violation of
the Nebraska game laws, and Wil
liam Metzger a $100 fine for having
in his possession a dead blackbird,
according to a list of state fines last
week, given out today by State Game
Warden George W. Koster.
Six Oshkosh men who set a seine
a nd caught twenty-four fish without
a seining license, paid $30 apiece in
fines, the report says. They were
Fred G. Smith, Jake Statler, Edward
Smith, Karl Smith, Milton Smith
and John Norton.
John Jerchow and Will F. Wort
paid $15 apiece for helping them.
There will be a meeting at the
home of Mrs. Philip Hirz, west of
this city, on Friday afternoon, June
30. at 1:30 o'clock.
Miss Ida Wilkins will be present
to demonstrate the uses of sewing
machine attachments, besides "Short
Cuts in Sewing."
Every lady in Plattsmouth pre
cinct who is interested in this work
Is invited to attend and take her
own sewing machine attachments
with her.
j26-d&w Local Leader.
For any pain, burn, scald or bruise,
apply Dr. Thomas' Eclectic Oil the
household remedy. Two sizes, 30c
and 60c at all drug stores.
The new style Dodge cars just re
ceived at the O. K. garage. Call and
look them over.
Tho Binder and "tho Twins!
Those are the things that are going to be important to the
farmer in the next few weeks, and wlTy not make provisions
for the situation, which is sure to come. Do not let the grain
ripen on you unprepared to harvest the crop.
See us early for Binders and arrangements for the very
best Binder Twine.
W. H. PULS, Proprietor
D. B. EBERSOLE, Manager
Plattsmouth -:- -:- -:. Nebraska
BRAN, cooked and krumbled
A. L. Tidd Cites Statute Relative to
, Candidates on Two Tickets at
the Primary Election.
Editor Journal:
As there appeared an article in
last evening's Journal relative to
candidates filing on more than one
ticket, and a similar article having
appeared in the state papers, and as
there is some misinterpretation of
the state in the article so printed, I
herewith quote Section 2158, Chap
ter 31, session laws of Nebraska for
1917 as follows:
"The name of any candidate may
appear on one or more of the party
tickets if the proper filings have
been made. But where a candidate
seeks nomination on two or more
tickets, if he loses the nomination of
the majority party, he shall not be
permitted to accept the nomination
of the minority party, unless the
vote received by him from such min
ority party was in excess of the vote
received by him from the majority
party. No candidate defeated at the
primary election shall be permitted
to file by petition in the general elec
tion next following."
From Wednesday's Dally. J
George II. Woods of Louisville was I
horn Incf avn i i n i' fi 1 1 pn r i n tr tbft hriT-
ing show given by the American Le- t
gioil post. 3
William Schneider of Cedar Creek
was here to take in the big boxing
exhibition last evening and visiting
with his friends.
Editor L. J. Mayfleld of the Louis
ville Courier and F. II. Nichols of
that city were among the fight en
thusiasts to be here for the Legion
boxing show.
Mrs. William Ileldman and two
children of Manola, Minn., arrived
here this morning for a visit at the
home of Mrs. Heldman's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Seiver and fam
ily. .
Atorney A. P. Moran of Nebras
ka City, who is a candidate for the
republican nomination for state sr-n-ator,
was among the visitors in the
city last evening to enjoy the Le
gion show and visit his friend3.
" T