The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, June 22, 1922, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Murray Department
Prepared In the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Reader!
If any of the redden of the
Journal knor of any aocia.1
eTent or item of Interest in
this viclrJty. ard will mall
IUM to this office. It will ap
pear under this heading. We
want all new Item Emtob
uilding Your Wealth!
A bank worhs for you night and day, week after week, adding
cents to 3-our dollars. Little by little the amounts grow till each
addition is a respectable sum.
"Where does the gain come from? Not from your pocket. Nor
from ours. It is the result cf production. Money placed in a hank
is given an opportunity to work and to produce.
Thus a bank BUILDS your wealth.
Start with a small deposit if you will. Add to it when you
can regularly if you can do so. It will not be long till you can
fairly see it grow.
Murray State Bank
Open an Account with us today NOW!
Eliza Young who has been feel
ing very poorly for Home time past is
still not feeling her best.
Floyd Rainey hauled thirty hogs to
Nebraska City last Monday and Tues
day taking thera in his truck.
Roy Chriswisser and son. James,
were in Omaha last Tuesday with a
load of cattle which' they marketed.
Mrs. Leroy Jarvis of Omaha was
visiting last Sunday with her par
ents Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Churchill.
Uncle Joe Beedle in order to cir
cumvent the fhes has been puting up
screens to his horn? on lower Main
Hans Christensen from between
Nehawka and Union was looking af
ter some business matters in Mur
ray last Tuesday.
Mrs. W. L. Kelly, cousin of Mrs. J.
E. Hatchett, is visiting in Murray for
the present and a guest at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Hatchett.
2Ir. R. A. Root wno passed his sev
entieth milestone last Sunday says he
is feeling very well, thank you, and
was picking cherries on last Tuesday.
Of org? Small of Union was a visi
tor in Murray last Tuesday while
waiting for repairs for the road
maintainer which was broken slight
ly. Postmaster Grover Hoback of Ne
hawka and family passer through
Murray for PlattsmoutL last Tuesday
where they were visiting with
Mr. G. "V. Green and Miss Leona
Gullridge of Lincoln the former a
brother of Mrs. M. Bartlett, were
spending last Sunday at the Bartlett
home in Murray.
Last week Robert Good made six
trips to the Nebraska City market
with hogs one day it being some mud
dy and he did not go hut on another
.lay made two trips.
Jack West was hauling hogs to the
Nebraska City market last Monday
for W. T. Schlictemeier and on Tues
day was trucking cattle for a num
ber cf people to Omaha.
Lee Kniss who has faithfully car
ried the mail from the Murray post
office is taking a well earned vaca
tion at this time and his brother, Ed,
is on the job doing time.
Miss Leona Davis of Lincoln who
has been visiting at the home of her
fcister,' Mrs. V. E. Milburn for the
past two weeks will remain some
time yet before returning to the cap
itol city.
L3st Sunday F. T. "Wilson and J.
E. Hatchett were visiting in Lincoln
and Kavelock and on their return
v.-cre accompanied by Miss Lorene
Hatchett who has been visiting there
for some time.
Alvador Nickles departed last
Monday afternoonfor Overton where
he goes to assist in the harvest in
Keel Kiddy Kfcfhss for Hot Days!
Athletic Style Unions Made of dimity checks,
tap 2d, drop seat, no sleeves, no waist needed. Ages 4
to 1 2. Price each, 95c.
Play Suits Made of genuine steifel cloth, three
quarter sleeve, button back, drop seat. A fine little gar
ment priced right. Each, 5c.
Ptay Oxfords Brown, soft leather, stitchdown
soles, foot form lasts. Protect their growing feet with
a pair of these
Sizes 5 to 8 $1.40
Sizes &y2 to 11 1.45
Sizes y2 to 2 1.50
Kiddy Sockc Made from the finest mercerized
3'ams, trimmed in combination colors. Also plain brown.
All sizes, at per pair, 35c
Play Hats Cloth and straws, neatly trimmed and
made for shade. 35c and 50c
A few sizes in genuine Lee unionalls we are (Jl HA
closing out at less than manuacturer's cost. . . t UU
Sunbrite Cleaner Cleans anything and every
thing. 3 cans or $ .25
One 12-oz. can, regular price 25c
One 12-oz. can, special price 5c
Two 12-oz. cans, total price 30c
jiffy Jell, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, mint 10
Good Luck jar rubbers, 3 boxes or .25
Picnic hams, boil them whole and slice cold. Lb. . . .22
Otoe brand hominy, large size cans 10
Gibraltcr peaches. Special Saturday only. 4 cans. . 1.00
Old fashioned ginger snaps, per lb 19
L 1 Soennioiisen "&
that portion of the state and where
the grain is rapidly ripening and
getting ready for the binder.
It is reported that a number of
the young boys of Murray got pret
ty boisterous with their Fourth of
July machinery last Saturday. We
like to see the boys have fun but not
do some thing which will injure
some one.
Mrs. Fred Haller, accompanied by
her physician, were in Omaha last
Tuesday where Mrs. Haller under
went an operation for the removal of
an accumulation of water in the sys
tem caused by dropsy and underwent
the ordeal nicely.
Mrs. Flora Sans who has been very
Eick for some time is reported as be
ing some better and was able to sit
up a part of the time during the
past few days. We with the many
friends of this excellent lady are
pleased to know of her improvement.
Mrs. T. F. Jamison, mother of Mrs.
J. F. Erendel. accompanied by Mr.
and Mrs. T. "W. Boone of Lincoln,
who have been guests at the home
of Dr. and Mrs. Brendel for a num
ber of days, returned to their home
last Friday after having enjoyed a
most pleasant visit.
O. A. Davis was hauling his last
year's crop of oats to the elevator
last Tuesday preparing to begin the
threshing of the new crop of oats
and where as soon as they shall rip
en he is getting the bins cleaned out
in order that he may have some place
to store the coming harvest.
John Vantine and wife were visit
ing in Murray last Sunday with rela
tives and on their return were ac
companied by Mrs. Vantine's moth
er, Mrs. "W. A. Brown, and Mrs. C. D.
Smith of Big City, Kansas, who is
visiting here for a short time. Mrs.
Smith was formerly Miss May Laugh
rige. On account of the threatening
weather last Sunday which was
caused by the rain and bad roads
the discourse which the Rev. Lee
was to have given on religion and
business was not given and will be'
given on Sunday evening while in
the morning the subject will be
"The Value of Man,"- or what is man"
really worth.
. Mr. "W. G. Boedeker as agent of the
Columbia Fire Insurance company of
Omaha last Saturday adjusted and
paid the loss claims of Mr. Ray Mur
ray for the loss of a horse by light
ning and settled the claim of Otto
Puis for the loss of a calf by the same
way. The gentlemen were both' well
pleased the way the claims were ad
justed and for the promptness as well.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S.' Smith accom
panied by little Miss Beatrice Rawls,
who is spending the summer at the
Smith home, made a trip to Platts
mouth in the new Buick car the mis
sion to take Miss Beatrice to the
county seat in order that she might
accompany her grandfather, Mr. C. A.
Rawls, to the Presbyterian Sunday
school picnic which was held in Om
aha last Tuesday.
Mrs. J. H. McCracken of Keller
ton, Iowa, is visiting at the home!
of her son G. W. McCracken, and
' family of Murray. Mrs. McCracken
' brought with her as a present for
her son, the purse carried by the hus
band and father who recently died,
which was made in 1820, one hun
dred and two years ago. She also
presented her son for souvenirs two
notes, one dated 1723, and the other
Are Seeing the West
Uncle Samuel Latta and son James
departed a short time since in their
universal auto for a trip in the west
which shall embrace in its itinery
Kenesaw, Red Cloud and many oth
er places of the west. They are ex
pecting to be away for some time.
Mrs. Lee of North Bend mother
of Rev. Lee, is visiting with her son
and during the absence of Mr. Latta
and son are looking after the Latta
The Murray Community club will
give a program on the church lawn
Saturday evening, June 24.
Be sure to attend the community
program Saturday evening.
The publicity committee is rust
ling for an interesting program Sat
urday evening.
We will meet you Saturday eve
ning at the community "do."
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bartoneck of
Ogden, Utah, Mr. Lee Nickels and
Miss Etta Nickels were entertain
ing at Sunday dinner by Mr. and
Mrs. John Hobscheidt.
A. L. Hansen and family were
guests of Harry Vantine and family ,
Sunday of Nebraska City. j
For sale: A side delivery rake and '
a Badger cultivator. Searl S. Davis, j
Murray, Neb. J 15.22
Accident Interferes With Plans
Rev. Parke, rastor of the Chris
tian church at Greenwood with the
family had started last Tuesday for
Kansas City where they were going
to attend the National Sunday school
convention which is holding there
this week, had a mishap to their
auto near the Mrs. Rusterholtz home
ast Tuesday which prevented their
making the trip. They telephoned for
a car to come after them from their
home at Greenwood and had to fore
go the pleasure of the trip and the
genefits of the convention.
Grasshoppers are the Winners
Last Sunday at the park four miles
southwest of Murray the ball fans
were privileged to witness a very
hotly contested game of ball not
withstanding the fact that a few
errors crept into the web and worf
of the fabric of the game. The Mur
ray Coyotes were all in good trim
for the fray but the Grasshoppers
had to be re-enforced by one of the
stalwart players from the vicinity
of Rock Bluffs but with the result
that they won the game by a score
of 17 to 15 for the Coyotes.
Files For the Legislature
W. H. Puis, who served as a mem
ber of the lower house of the Ne
braska legislature several years ago
and with credit to his state and the
district which he represented, has
again become a candidate for the po
sition held before, having filed for
the place last week. Mr. Puis demon
strated his ability to secure votes and
we see no reason why he should no:
win in this contest'
Fine Musical Program
. The Murray Community club will
give a musical program on the U. P.
church lawn Saturday evening, June
24, 1922.
Mr. Everett Spangler, chairman
of the publicity committee, . has
charge of the program. Mr. Spang
ler has secured very talented people
for this evening entertainment and
it is honed the neoDle of Murray and
surrounding community will respond
; generously with their attendance
and thereby show appreciation of
his efforts. Those appearing on the
Helen Todd Vocal Solo
Miss and Mr. LaRue Duet
Mrs. Baird Reading
Mrs. Wescott Vocal Solo
Mr. Altman Violin Solo
Mrs. May Loughridge Smith
Vocal Solo
Miss CI u gey Reading
Miss Mable Lee Copenhaver
Piano Solo
Mr. Lee Vocal Solo
Mr. Kieck Address
Mr. ad Mrs. Savage, Mr. Miller
Mrs. Minnier Quartet
Miss Lintner Violin Solo
Mrs. Pittman Vocal Solo
Mrs. Savage, Mrs. Minnier Duet
Miss Wescott Whistling Solo
The Lcyal Neighbors
This is not an auxiliary of the M.
W. A. but a real live proposition of
true-hearted Americans living in
the vfcinity of Murray and imbued
with the proper spirit. During the
past few weeks Mr. J. B. Seyboldt
has been in the hospital and in very
critical health, no one knew wheth
er he would be able to return home
and while he is getting along as well
as could be expected, still there is a
grave danger existing. But while he
was kept there his eon, William Sey
boldt, and wife, were very attentive
to the invalid and ministered and
cared for him as best they could.
The neighbors, and we claim the
right to call them Loyal Neighbors,
at that have slipped over into the
fields of Mr. Seyboldt and son, and
cared for them in a true neighborly
way and the fields as we passed them
only Tuesday with some of the true
hearted citizens of that neighborhood
Weil Moid Auction!
Saturday Evening" a! 8:30
there will be an auction sale in front of our store, at which
time we will offer Shoes, Overalls, Boy's Sport Shirts, Alumi
num Ware, Women's Ready-to-Wear House Dresses, Play
Suits for Children and a number of other articles to the high,
est bidder. The sale will begin promptly at 8:30.
Wilson & Puis,
The Service Store
Murray, Nebraska
working looked fine and we see no
reason why they should not be a
good crop of corn because of the high
estimation in which Messrs Seyboldt
are held by their neighbors. This is
really a mannfestation of commun
ity spirit.
Kany Attended Cattle Sale
John Young son of Mr. and Mrs.
L. H. Young who makes his home at
Coldridge held a Shorthorn cattle
sale at the stock pavillion at South
Omaha last Wednesday which a num
ber of Murray people were in at
tendance. Edward Gansemer pur
chased one and L. H. Young bought
two of the fine herd which were sold.
There were in all sold about 2G
which was at for this time very good
prices. The average being J15S.00.
There were present at the sale from
Murray and vicinity: C. H. Boedeker
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Brendel & Kniss
Real Estate
and Insurance
Your Business Appreciated and
Given Careful Attention.
Murray, PJcbraska
Get Your Orders in
Our raspberries will soon be ripen
ing. Better get your orders in. Mrs.
H. C. Long. jl4-tfw
A calf 3 months old. Call
Minford, Murray, Nebr.
A. M.
Musical Program
Safurday Eve, Jans m
Everyone Invited to Enjoy the Excellent
Program Prepared.
Threshing Coal!
Did you ever think about your threshing coal?
You all know the coal strike makes it impossible to buy
any coal from the mines, but we were fortunate to have
our bins filled before the strike.
We handle the Franklin county nut coal, which can
not te beat for threshing coal. Our prices are right.
Better look after your needs before it is all gone, as our
supply will not take care of all our customers.
Phone: Office, 19 " Residence, 51
Farmers Eiouator Gompany
J. Specialist on Swine and
CattleTJiseases .J.
I DR. G. L. TfiYLOB f
t Veterinarian r
TVill receive calls at resi
dence, Murray. Phone No. 50
Harvest is Near!
Just a few davs away at most, and have you made
reservation for your BINDING TWINE? This is im
portant! Do not delay the matter of getting the neces
sary twine for your harvest, as it may be hard to get a
little later. We carry both McCormick and Deering
twine which we sell at right prices.
If you are in need of a new- binder,, see our. McCor
mick, Deering and John Deere lines.
Peterson Hardware Co.
E. L. PETERSON, Manager
1 eo lbs. i
Recommended for general farm
use. A fine even grain salt, kiln
dried to remove excess moisture
and to prevent hardening.
Packed in convenient 25 lb. and 50 lb. sacks
85 LSS. fl
A Free Running Salt
that Always Pours
The Highest Grade
for Kitchen and
Table Use
Packed in z IK Handy Caitont
50 lbs. each
Plain and Sulphurized
Made from Pure
White Evaporated
Economical for Stock
Telephone No. 12.
Murray, Nebraska.