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This day marked the observance
of the day that is distinctly Nebras
ka's own in the annals of the holi
days of the nation Arbor Day -in
which the residents of the nation are
called upon to plant trees to replen
ish the wastages ot time in the de
struction of the forests and to pro
vide that the beautiful trees plant
ed in our state by the pioneers should
not be allowed to remain neglected
aud the spirit of these early resi
dents preserved in the planting of
new trees.
The early residents of this state
who came here when the Indians
were still dominating this gateway
to the west found the prairies of the
young territory devoid of the growth
of trees that had been so Important
in the life of the states farther east
and only in a few localities was
there to be found any growth of for
estry that could rightly be so desig
nated. This condition impressed the
mind of one of the early residents
of the territory J. Sterling Morton,
who had arrived as one of the early
territorial officers and located at Ne
braska City. Mr. Morton made the
love of nature a great study and the
fact that the new country did not
possess the beautiful trees of the old
eastern states led him to start the
agitation for the more extensive use
of tree planting to remedy the lack
of natural forests. His splendid ex
ample led to the gradual co-operation
of the people of the territory
and when the new state of Nebras
ka was born the practice received
public recognition and in 1872 was
made a legal holiday in the state
when each citizen was asked to plant
a tree of some kind that it might
grow to maturity and assist in the
Well Known Pioneer Resident of Ne
braska City and For Many
Years Police Judge.
Last night at 12:15 Judge David
J. Goff passed away at the Masonic
Home in this city at the ripe old age
of eighty-nine years and following
a lifetime of activity In the history
of this Dart of the state where he
has lived for the greater part of his
Judge Goff was born in New York
February 11. 1833. and at an early
day camo west to Nebraska City
where he entered the Masonic fra
ternity, teing a member of Western
Star lodge No. 2 cf that city ana
was the oldest member of the lodge
in years. For many years Judge. Goff
served as the police magistrate .of
Nebraska Citv and was one of the
well known figures In the life of
that place and held in deep affection
by the host of friends and associates
On April 13. 1920. Judge Goff
came to Plattsmouth to make Ills
home at the Nebraska Masonic Home
as he was in failing health and lias
spent the last two years In retire
ment from the activities of life.
The body of this old pioneer resi
dent of Nebraska was taken back to
the old home last night on the mid
night Missouri Pacific train and the
funeral service will be held tomor
Sheriff C. D. Quinton On Searching
Man Discovers $400 in Bills
Sewed in His Shirt.
Yesterday afternoon when Sheriff
C. D. Ouinton conducted the inves-
providing of the needed forestry and j tigation of the person and property
timber to this part of the west
The practice of the Nebraska resi
dents gradually spread over the land
and on this, the fiftieth anniversary
of Arbor day. President Warren G.
Harding has proclaimed the event a
national holiday. Al lover the land
there are being held today tree plant
ings and in many cases the trees
so planted are made as memorials to
. tht hero dead of the world -war.
The need of a real observance of
Arbor day is shown by the fact that
each year the destruction of the tim
ber supply is growing and no effort
made to replenish the supply that
nature gave the country. The de
struction, if continued, will within
a short space of time destroy the
wonderful forests and it is to replace
what the wanton hand of man has
destroyed that the president asks
that the day be one of real practical
worth in planting of trees and the
general beautification of the land.
The reports from the Immanuel
hospital in Omaha state that John
Kaufman of this city, who has been
there for the past two weeks, is in
very serious condition and his re
covery a matter of the gravest doubt.
Mr. Kaufman was suffering from
rupture as well as appendicitis and
two operations have already been
performed in the hope of giving him
permanent relief but without suc
cess. The wife and mother have been
at his side as the condition of the
young man has grown worse and the
sisters were at the hospital today to
be near their beloved brother in his
gravest time. The friends are hope
ful that he may be able to withstand
the crisis of the case but it is ex
tremely doubtful.
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of Frank Lambert, the dead man
found at the ruins of the old brew
ery, he discovered the fact that the
dead man had prepared a secret
pocket in one of the several shirts
that he was wearing and In which
he had secreted the sum of $400 in
bills of large denominations which
had not been located in the first ex
amination of the pockets of the cloth
ing of the man.
This amount will assure the de
ceased a first class funeral and bur
ial place and relieve the county from
the necessity of standing the expense
as had been thought would be nec
essary. No further light, could be
shed on the whereabouts of the rel
atives of the deceased and the body
will be laid to rest here.
With the funds that might have
assured a little comfort to the man
in the last moments it was most un
fortunate that he did not have the
opportunity of securing a little care
and a respectable place to spend his
last days. From the effects of the man
and the prescriptions that he car
ried it can be readily seen that "he
had been a sufferer from heart
trouble for gome time.
Lambert, who had been making
his headquarters in the vicinity of
the place where he died, tor several
days, stated to parties working
around the pumping station that his
sister resiling in St. Louis was quite
well fixed financially and also that
he had a sister residing at Kansas
City. Mr. Sattler. who is a -member
of the National Identification Bu
reau. r-a3 notified the bureau at Kan
sas City and St. Louis' as to the. death
end the matter -will be taken up with
the police departments in the two
cities to learn if possible the ad
dress of the relatives and get In
touch with them. If they are not
reached in a few days the body will
be buried here.
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Auspices of American Logion
Fairinniele TDneaftire
Wednesday and Thursday, April 26th-27th
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This afternoon Father W. S. Leete
wife and mother returned from Om
aha where for the past week Father
Leete has been at the Clarkson hos
pltal recuperating from the opera
tion for the removal of his tonsils.
The rector is feeling very much im
proved altho he has suffered the loss
of considerable weight and still feels
the effects of the few days confine
ment and the operation. Father Leete
wil conduct the services at St. Luke's
church as usual.
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Likely to Traverse Greater Part of
State as Result of Opening
Up of Naval Reserve.
Washington, April 21. The con
tract of the government with the
Mammoth Oil company opening up
the naval oil reserves in the famous
Teapot dome in Wyoming, which
was announced recently by Secre
tary Fall of the interior, probably
means a pipe line traversing the
greater part of Nebraska, according
to information received by Repre
sentative Jefferis today from the bu
reau of mines. The government offi
cials were careful to point out the
fact that the route of the line is
wholly a matter for the lessee to de
cide but "that a study o ftheir topo
graphic maps would indicate that the
logical route would lie along the
North Platte and Platte rivers as far
as Kearney and then southeast to
Kansas City, going not far from Lin
coln. The Omaha representative ask
ed whether it would not be possible
to run the line by way of this city
or at least a branch line from Kear
ney to Omaha. He was told that the
former was not logically indicated
and that the latter would depend on
the economics of the situation as
they appealed to the lessee. It might
be cheaper to ship by railroad from
Kansas City. At the latter point the
new line will tap a net work of pipe
lines which can deliver oil as far as
the naval base at Guantanamo, Cu
ba, and any place in northeastern
United States. The new pipe line will
cost about $26,000,000. It will also
tap the Salt Creek oil .field adjacent
to the Teapot dome, which is at pres
ent, owing to lack of transportation,
producting only 40 per cent of ca
pacity. Oil for the navy and the govern
ment is to have priority of shipment
and the government is to receive roy
alties ranging from 12 to 20 cents
a barrel. The lessee is to sink not
less than twenty wells and to build
the pipe line.
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