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cal Society
NO. 81
Dicc-pc atuiiv
rAfcaJja AWAI.
From Thursdays laiiy.
Another of the old veterans who
in .the days Of the great Civil war
bared their breasts on the battle-'
neia mat tne country tney lovea
raigni iive. cas oeen cauea 10 nis
iiuo.1 icwaiu v ucu jujj ncuuci , xb
ed eighty years old, passed away last
r : i -J . v. rAnnn.
night at the nome of his daughter,
Mrs. A. It. Stokes, with whom he has
been making his home for a number J
of years past. In the last few months!
Mr. Renner has been in failing health
and continued to sink until the end
that brought relief and rest from his
The deceased was a native of 111.
where he was born Octiber 26, 1S41,
and where he resided when the
and where he resided when the
gleams of the conflict between the
north and .the south aroused his pa
triotism and he enlisted in Co. K,
57 Illinois infantry, with which he
served with bravery and distinction
throughout the war. After the war
closed Mr. Renner resided in Mis
souri. Arkansas and Kansas and from
the last named state came to Platts-
mouth In 1S9S where he has since
resided. Fifteen years ago the wife j
and helpmate was called from his,
side and he has since made his home ;
u-ith Ma mirtroTi tr mvurcr nan
of the time with the daushter. Mrs. '
Stokes, where he nassed away. He
leaves to mourn his death nine child
ren. Allen Renner. Charles Renner.
Mrs. Lois Ault. Mrs. Louise Stokes,
Nelson Renner. Orville Renner. Mrs.
Tillie Green, Mrs. Annie Richter ,'to pay a visit to the thriving andjfiftv and fifty-five years of age, of
Ted Renner. All the children reside growing metropolis of western Mills ( ordinary height, large hooked nose.
uere wnn me exception oi ;urs.
ter at Bayard, and Ted and Nelson
Renner of Ralston
April Expected to be Record-Breaking
Month in This Line Low
Price is Responsible.
Although the Ford Motor company
has been increasing the output of
Fordsons daily since the first of the
year, retail sales have maintained
even a greater advance.
April requirements necessitate the
building of four hundred Fordsons
a day, and production is being fur
ther Increased a3 rapidly as possible.
This is the Ford company's largest
output since 1919. and it is expected
that production will have'broken all
previous records before the end of
the month.
The increased buying of Fordsons
indicates that the farmer's position
Is better and also is the farmer's en
dorsement of the Fordson price-cut,
which created considerable comment
throughout the country.
Besides the Fordsons being sold
for farm use, many are being sold in
the cities as power units for hauling,
excavating, grading and other kinds
of Industrial work.
From Thursday's Dally.
Last evening the confetti ball
given by the Knights of Columbus at
their hall on Chicago avenue, drew
out a large number of the Knights
and their ladies, as well as many of
the dancing public and for several
hours the hall was the scene of much
merriment as the dancers tripped to
the measures of the dance amid the
flying confetti and the sounds of
laughter. The Elks orchestra fur
nished their usual brand cf excellent
music and which made a decided hit
with the members of the party. This
was the first after Lent dance and
was one much enjoyed by those who
have been keeping the season of de
votion. The prizes offered by the
K. of C. were won by Miss Mary
Stangle who secured the prize of f 4
and the second prize of $3 was won
by Bennie Rummerfceld.
A pretty Easter wedding occurred
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carl
AnkerFon on Sunday, April 16, when
their daughter, Birgette. was united
in marriage to Mr. Nicoli Paulson.
Rev. I. M. Hansen of Blair, pastor
of the Danish Lutheran church, read
ing the marriage lines.
The bride is a charming young
lady and has made a large circle of
warm friends since coming to Weep
in e Water.
Tho mom in a voune man of
Kterlinc character, has bought a
blacksmith business here, and has
come to make his hours in Weeping
Water, and make on of our influ
ential citizens.
There were no invited guests out
side the family excepting Oscar An
derson and wife. Mr. and Mrs. S.
Buskness and eon Carl, of
Councll .
Bluffs, were present. Mrs. Buskness
is a. sister of the bride.- Weeping
Water Republican.
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From Thursday's Daw.
This morning Mike Mauzy, for
many years one of the residents of
this city and one of the most jovial
and genial of gentlemen, arrived on
No. 6 over the Burlington from Los
Angeles, California, wherehe has
been making his home for the past
jtwo years. Mr. Mauzy has felt that
tter a11 the years spent here that
I itSCll-fiit,IOJeirra
j than the allurements of the Pacific
f coast country and will make this
city "home" again, altho he will
'spend some of his time in traveling
an(j while here, make arrange-
ments tn locate hri ajrain. Tfc was a
Pleasure, indeed, to have this snlen -
did gentleman return back to the
old friends and his welcome was as
COrulal as
make it.
life-long friends could
Iff"! pnn f 1 HOI"
InAVrl K liAIINr
0f Youne Ladies Take Trip
Over Into Iowa and Cause Par
ents to Become Alarmed
From Thursdays Dally.
Last evening Sheriff Quinton was
called upon by an anxious parent.
who reported that his daughter had i
disappeared from home in company
with two other young ladies and he;He tad on hIm f0rty-three cent3 in
feared an elopement of the young i Ta7,nT. brush and shavlmr
people with a number of young men. J
our ine rears i)i me uartm were eii- '
tirely without foundation and the
girls only enjoyed a few hours out-
ing in the company of each other,
and the young men were not with
the party at all.
It seems that the girls had decided
mcn-.wuui), t aum. juutnuu
nee-lerted to notify their Darents oi I
' " I J2W 111 I UUgU VlUlUlUg BUVU U AS fctil-
their intention and boarding the lateerally worn by those traveling over
Burlington train were whisked overJthe country. That he had been poor
the river where they spent a few. ,y was indicated by the fact that he
nours vismug uiiu lii&iug . tu ine
sights. Word was finally sent to
the anxious parents and the- ladies
returned home none the worse for
their experience and having enjoyed
very much their outing, brief as It
was. They had not figured on their
absence causing as much stir as it
did or they would have been more
communicative as to their inten
From Thursdays Daily
The office of Miss Alpha Petersen,
the efficient county superintendent
of schools, is one of the always busy
places at the court house and this
week is especially so as the results
of the eighth grade examinations
held over the county are being check
ed up by the superintendent.
' There were 391 taking the exami
nations two weeks ago and among
whom were 117 seventh graders and.,, . . . n , -n- ,
all of these papers have to be check- Preparing to Give One of the Biggest
ed over and graded. The youth of Events of Summer Here July
the county made a fine showing the Embraces Many Cities.
superintendent states and very few
will have to take the examination One of the big athletic events of
over to qualify for the high school ; the summer season will be the turn
work. The result has more than iDg festival to ibe staged by the Cath
pleased the superintendent and it 'olic Sokols in this city from July 1
shows clearly that the pupils and : to 5 and which will include an ob-
teachers all over the county are right
on the job.
Prom Thursday Uany
The offices of Superintendent Wil
liam Tlafrfl nnrt Rtnrelrppnpr W V. i
Huneke have undergone a number of
changes as regards the personnel of,
the chief clerks in the respective of-
fices. Mr. C. R. Murphy, who has
been in the Burlington offices at
Alliance, has been sent here to as- ,us season ana ine locai tv. . -turn-sume
the position of chief clerk f or ! ers hope to secure a part of the
Mr. Baird. succeeding A. C. Davis.
who goes to Omaha to take up his
work in the office of Division Su
perintendent N. C. Allen. Mr. Mur
phy is preparing to move his family
here and become a permanent resi
dent of the city,
E. F Grenstead, who has been the i
chief clerk of Mr. Huneke, has been : time as head of the trimming depart
transferred to the store department j ment, goes to Fremont where she
at Hannibal, Missouri, and to take will be employed there at one of the
the place made vacant J. Sanderson large millinery houses in that city,
of Alliance has been sent to Platts- Mrs .Miller has been enjoying a visit
mouth and will at once enter on with her brother, J. E. Gaatin of Lit
the duties of his new position. j tie Rock, Arkansas, whom she has
The community will extend a cor-, not seen for thirty years and It is
dial welcome to the new employes of' needless to say that the visit was one
the Burlington and assure them that ' much enjoyed by the brother and
they have come to the ideal home
city of the state. .
From Thursday's Dally.
W. A. Swatek of the firm of Bes
tor & Swatek, 4s one of the most de
lighted men in the city today over
the fact that a little lady who answ
ers to the name of Swatek, arrived
this morning at the St. Joseph, thos-
pital in Omaha, where Mrs. Swatek
nas oeen ror xne pasi wees, me m-
tie lady and the mother are both do-
! ing as well as could 'he hoped for and
the event brings -much pleasure
the family.
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From Friday's Dally.
This morning shortly after ll o-
clock Chief of Police Jones was no-
1 tif ied bv a man that came in from
the vicinity of the pumping etation
of the Plattsmouth Water Co.. that a
stranger was lying ;in the ruins of
the old brewery near that place, and
liad died a few moments before. The
informant stated that he and the
dead man had stayed there last night
and that the man was quite sick and
evidently dying. This morning the
man was much worse and died short
ly after 10 o'clock. Chief Jones with
Constable Detlef, Rex Young, and
' John P. Sattler, the undertaker, vis
1 ited the scene of the death and
found the unfortunate man lying on
the ground where he had been sleep-
ing and the body was brought to the
city and taken to the undertaking
rooms of Mr. Sattler to await burial.
A search of the garments of the
dead stranger revealed a card bear
ing the name of Prank Lambert and
from Dreserintions and a number of
advertisements nf medicines.
i h prtjr -tlv had .been in nonr health.
set, a cheap silver watch, two cakes
of soap and several tickets over the
bridge at Dubuque. Iowa, which in
dicated that the man had been liv
ing there at one time, and he also
had an account book from the Far
mers' State bank of Earlham. Iowa.
The man apparently was between
small brown mustache and was dress
j ; v. i.ti,i.. i.
jthat he had evidently Just purchased
as oniy a very small amount naa oeen
To the stranger that had, met up
with him last night, Lambert had
stated that he had a sister residing
in St. Louis' and also the fact that
he had a small tumor removed a few
i months ago from his head and which
statement was borne out by the evi
dences of the wound on the top of
the head.
As the death was from apparent
natural causes there will be no in-
. quest held on the body it was stated
j this afternoon at the office of the
I county attorney.
servance of the Fourth of July at
the park in this city. During this
big three-day gathering there will
be representatives here from Weston.
Dwight. Dodge. Howells, Omaha and
South Omaha to aid in the fine pro
gram that 1s being arranged for.
To aid in the work the local so-
cietv wU1 Sive an exhibition at the
ha11 on Saturday evening, April 29
which will be followed by a social
dance general good time. This
will be a fitting opening of the turn-
funds needed to put on the big ex
hibition in July.
From Tburnday'a "Daily.
Mrs. Mable Miller, who has been
here at the Ladies Toggery for some
From Thursday Dally.
A strange freak of nature is re
ported from the vicinity of Union,
where a pig was born on the farm of
John Hanson that has two well form
ed heads with three eyes in each
head. The freak was brought to this
city and turned over to Dr. O. San
din, the veterinarian, for examina
tion. The pig lived only a few hours
and certainly is one of the most un
usual freike of its kind that has been
reported in this part of the country.
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From Friday's Dally.
The ladies of the St. John's Cath
olic church were very pleasantly en
tertained yesterday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. Herman Reichstadt.
where Mrs. Reichstadt and Mrs. O.
Sandin were the hostesses at a "cof
fee." The afternoon was enjoyed by
a very large number of the ladie3
and during the course of the after
noon Mrs. P. J- Flynn gave several
vocal numbers while readings were
given by Effa Patterson and Hazel
Clugy that added to the enjoyment
of the event. The hostesses also serv
ed a very dainty lunchein that was
much enjoyed.
Frank Urban, Former Resident of
This City, Suffers Mental
Trouble Front Service. .
From FriftaVa Daily.
One of those who have paid the
price of war in a terrible manner is
Frank Urban who was a resident of
Plattsmouth in 1916-17. and who is
now in the hospital at Prague. Cze-cho-Slavakia.
Mr. Urban was a cap
tain in the Czech army that served
with the allied troops in the world
war and was in a number of the
most vital drives of the war and dur
ing this time was wounded and suf
fered shell shock that has impaired
his health since. He was returned
to the hospital at Prague at the close
of the war and while he has grown
somewhat stronger in body, his mind
has failed to rally from the extreme
nervous shock of the service at the
front and he stead'iy has grown
worse. It is thought that the young
man will never fully regain his men
tal faculties as the result of the ex
periences through which he passed.
The government of the new re
public of Czecho-Slavakia has made
every effort to care for their, wound
ed and skk service nen and they
are being cared for io the govern
ment eptablishrajBts- iis.tad. of be
ing placed in the various insane asy
lums as has been the general prac
tice in the United States.
Ad Club Will Participate in Work
cf the American Legion in
Cleaning- up the Park.
From Friday's Dnllv.
The members of the Ad club, com
posed of fourteen of the 'business
men of the city, will lend their ef
forts to those of the American Le
gion post in getting the park on
Washington avenue in readiness so
that the Dominion" Carnival Com
pany can hold their entertainment
there on the week of May 8th and
that the city can have a suitable
place for a tourist camp and recre
ation spot later in the season when
the shows have departed. The busi
ness men recognize the good work
of the Legion members in their ef
forts to help give the city a park
that will be practical for the uses
of 'a tourist park and are putting
their shoulder to the wheel in great
shape to help put the job over in
proper shape.
This shows the proper spirit or
community co-operation and the de
sire to assist in any public movement
and one that can well be emulated
by all of the residents of the city.
While Saturday is a rather hard
day to get at this line of work the
business men will do their part and
see that there is nothing left un
done that they can do to get the
park in shape so that it can he used.
From Friday's Dally.
T. H. Pollock of this city yester
day through the Plattsmouth Motor
Co., purchased a fine new five pas
senger Lincoln touring car. This car
is the latest proiuct of the company
taken over recently by the Ford in
terests and. is a neat and attractive
car in every war and one that will
give Mr. Pollock a great deal of
pleasure during the coming summer.
The members of the Pollock family
is planning an overland trip in the
new car to the ranch of J. K. Pol
lock in the southwestern portion 'of
Colorado near Pasosa Springs, where
they will spend the heated months.
Miss Glayds Listen, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J- T. Listen of this .
city, is engaged at Lincoln in doing j
some sketch work for the Illustra-1
tions in the Nebraska Cornhusker
the official puUication of the stu
dents of the Utlversity of Nebraska
for the school year. Miss Listen is
quite gifted ir this line of work
and her artistic touch will add to the
beauty of the ftrthcoming edition of
the yearly publ tation . of the school.
receive this recog
nition is an honJr that comes to very
I AxT FlFNffJl
LHO I CvkatillU
Trouble at the Heme cf Wra. Nelson
Where Wn. Irving- Was
ported as Being Insane.
From Friday' Lily.
Last evening Sheriff C. D. Quin
ton was called out to the vicinity of
Murdock ty a message announcing
that a man named William Irving
was creating a disturbance at the
home of William Nelson, where he
has been making his home and fo
the sheriff to get to the 5cene of ac
tion as soon as possible. In despoase
to the call the sheriff arrived on the
K-ene of action and quelled the near
riot and brought the gentleman in
I question on into this city to rest up
at the count- bastile until his case
could be heard. From the reports
from the scene it seems that Mr. Irv
infi had become filled with the dis
tilled spirit of Nebraska fertile corn
or some other equally inflamable li
quid that caused him to lose his us
ual spirit of self possession and there
upon he iad indulged in a general
argument that culminated in a large
part of the family chinaware being
broken up and a general rough
house. The residents of Murdock
were notified of the matter and a
number hastened to the scene but
were unable to successfully pour oil
on the troubled waters, but the sher
iff in his usual diplomatic manne:
succeeded in getting the insurrection
under control and brought the al
leged cause of the trouble on into
our peaceful city. It was first thot
that the man was taken suddenly
insane but later it was found that
it was merely a liquid outbreak and
would subside as the effects of the
rtimulant wore off. However, it cre
ated considerable stir in the vicinity
cf the Nelson home while it lasted.
Residents of the City and. . County
Take Advantage of Chance to
Secure Real Barguins.
From Thursday's Dally.
With the weather conditions rath
er against the travel of many from
the farming district, owing to the
intense cold wind, the regular month
ly bargain day yesterday was a very
pleasing success and the shoppers
who were out to take advantage of
the offerings of the merchants, felt
well repaid.
The auction sale was attended by
a large number of the residents of
the adjacent territory and the large
line of articles offered for sale found
a ready market from the buyers and
cleaned up many articles that have
been lying around the. homes of the
city and county, useless to the own
ers, but which were very desirable to
From Saturday's Dally.
This afternoon at 2:30 at the rec
tory of the St. John's Catholic church
cechrred the marriage of two of the
well known yohng people of the city,
Mrs. Mary Hyde and Mr. Henry
The wedding was a very quiet ODe
and witnessed hy Albert Schwartz,
father of the bride and Agnes E.
Schwartz. The wedding was celebrat
ed by Rev. Father Haukap, rector of
St. John's Catholic church, the im
pressive ring service of the Catho-
Hc church being used in the uniting
or tne jives oi tne two young people.
The bride was gowned in, a very
pleasing costume of blue voile and
satin chermouse, and carried carna
tions. The groom wms attired in the
conventional dark suit.
Following the ceremony the young
people left for Glenwood where they
will be the guests of relatives there
for a short time.
The bride is a daughter of Mn and
Mrs. Albert Schwartz and has spent
her lifetime here where she is held
in the highest esteem by a large cir
cle of friends. The groom is the
youngest son "of Mr. and Mrs. John
Lutz and is a splendid young man
in every respect and is at the pres
ent time in the employ of the boiler
shop of the Burlington. He is also f
former service man, having served
in the engineer corps in France for
more than a year.
The many friends will join in
wishing Mr. and Mrs. Lutz a long
and very happy wedded life.
The Cedar Creek ball team will
oren the season with a game at the
home grounds and will play with
Wabash. The opening game is be
ing watched with much interest and
the team which captures the games
from the Cedar Creek bunch will
have to go some. Remember the
date of April 30th and see a ball
game worth while.
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are in need of job printing of any
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1 From Friday's ,i.-any.
! The American Legion Auxiliary
j held their regular meeting for the
month of April, yesterday afternoon,
at the Anierican Legion club rooms.
business session was held at this
, time and so the ladies devoted the
:aftsrnnnn in a crwial time Herussnn
various plans which would be a 1-eip
m the future work of this organiza
tion. Mesdames E. M. Buttery, C L.
Creamer and Edgar Creamer were
the hostesses on this occasion and
at an aDDrooriate time, they served
a lovely afternoon luncheon, which
was most thoroughly appreciated. On
their departure the ladies .expressed
their appreciation to the hostesses
for their kindness and assistance in
making this meeting so delightful
Officers of Local Chapter Hostesses
to General Membership at Close
of the Lodge Session.
From Thursday's Dally.
Last evening the members of Home
Chapter No. 189. Order of Eastern
Star, held one of the most interesting
meetings of the season at their lodge
rooms and at which a number of new
candidates were taken into the mys
teries of this auxiliary of the Masonic
fraternity, Mrs. John Calvert, Mr.
and Mrs. W. K. Krecklow and Mrs.
William Holmes being the candi
dates who were initiated in a fitting
manner by the officers and staff of
the chapter.
At the close of the lodge work the
members of the chapter were invited
to the banquet hall where the officers
of the order, who are soon to retire
irom office, had arranged a rare
treat in the form of a banquet and
which they were tendering to the
general membership of the order.
The banquet hall was very beau
tifully arranged for the event, with
streamers of colored crepe paper sus
pended from the ceiling and the
Hgh Is enclosed in red. casting a very
pleasing- glow over the scene. The
tables were arranged in the form of
the star, and each table representing
a star point was arranged in the
colors of the order red, white, blue,
yellow and green, with the center of
purple. Each table was decorated
with candles of the color of that
portion of the star they represented
and with baskets of flowers that
were also in keeping with the color
scheme of the occasion, This made a
very striking picture and one that
certainly showed a great deal of
skill and originality on the part of
the ladies who had the affair in
Mrs. William Baird, worthy ma
tron of the chapter, presided over
the feast and responces were made
by the new members as well as sev
eral others of the chapter member
ship and it proved an event over
flowing with the fraternal feeling
that drew the members together in
the principles of the order.
Those who enjoyed the affair were
loud in their praise of the treat fur- Perat'on for hernia. Yesterday Mr.
nished by the officers and that it was fnd Mrs- Z- W' fTh"der'rreil,f, ?f
one of the most enjoyable affairs of the 'ou,n fa' alter J
the active season wfl th. ,,nantmn,,:a brother-in-la w. and Mrs. Troy
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old rule of "A place for everything and
everything in its place."
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ever, who have not learned that the place
for money is in the bank. The report
comes that they have been robbed or that
their savings have been destroyed by fire.
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,r.......... l,n
Mrs. Henry Miller Passed Away at
Lincoln on April 12th Fun
eral Services at Elmwood
Mrs. Henry Miller passed away at
her home in Lincoln last Wednesday
April 12th. She and her husband
were among Elmwood's oldest and
most respected citizens. The funer
al was held on Saturday afternoon
at the Christian church.
Bena Wilber was born in Germany
June 5th. 1844, and passed to her re
ward in Lincoln. Nebr., April 12th.
1922, aged 77 years, 10 months and
7 days.
At the age of eight years she came
to America with her -parents and set
tled in Buffalo. N. Y., where she
grew to womanhood.
In 1863 she was married to Henry
W. Miller. Mr. Miller going to war.
she coming west with his people, set
tling in Arago. Neb. At the close of
the war Mr. Miller returned and
their early life was spent in Nebras
ka and Iowa. Nine years were fpent
in Lincoln. In 1898 they moved to
this place where they lived for 23
years. For the past year and a half
they have lived in Lincoln, where
they might be closer to their child
ren. To this union were born 12 child
ren, 5 boys and 7 girls. Two boys
having passed in infancy. The living
are Mrs. Clara Fisher and Mrs. Lou
ise Davis of Indianola, Iowa, Mrs.
Frank Grieser of Lexington. Mo.,
Mrs. Wm. S. Harri3 of Iila. Kansas,
Mrs. Will Hoover of Toledo. Ohio.
Mrs. Frank Raker of Imperial. Mrs.
Frank Underbill, Wm. P.. George R..
and Edward O. all of Lincoln, all of
whom attended the funeral excepting
Mrs. Hoover who is keeping thin
hour in close communion.
Ma Miller or Grandma Miller as
6he was called by those who knew
her. represented a most unselfish life
with always a good word and kindly
smile for everyone. She was retiring
and timid, yet humorous and many a
happy hour has been spent listening
to ' her witty and unexpected Jokes.
Her sacrificing devotion and deep
love ha kept the tie close in her
beautiful family around which her
great heart found its supreme pleas
ure. Her passing away was o peace
ful, being only symbolic of her sim
ple life. How rich is the memory she
left us and we can truly say her lit
tle body houses as sweet and pure a
soul as ever grace dGid's earth.
On February 12th several of their
children helped them to celebrate
their 59th wedding anniversary.
The funeral services were held at
the Christian church Saturday after
noon, April 15th, conducted by J. II.
Bicknell of Bethany, assisted by ibe
local pastor. Rev. W. J. Hay. Inter
ment was in the Elmwood cemetery.
Elmwood Leader-Echo.
From Friday' Dally.
Troy Schrader of near Nehawka
is at one of the Omaha hospitals
where he underwent a very serious
Schrader were in the metropolis to
visit with the patient, passing thru
this city from their home at Ne
hawka. Everything!"
F i
:el at wove
mmini nimntm