The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, April 10, 1922, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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MONDAY, APRIL 10, 1922.
Che pl&ttsrooutfo Journal j
Entered at PontofTice. Plattsmouth. Neb., as second-class raall matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
, If I go and prepare a place for
you, I will come again, and receive
you unto myself. John 14-.
Now let the pavins go on.
Soul mates often turn out
to be
not unanimous
by a
long shot.
Never put on until tomorrow what
the styles say put off today.
Three world fairs have. been held
in the United States since 1S&3.
The Persians have a different
namo for each
in the month.
The day will come when we can
--. A .nnn-i t a rl i m a V.t-I
Jazz is really a disease that ex
plains why the music is sometimes
I am hard up and confining my
self to the necessities of life. the'
Head of a common shark is full
of glue of highly valuable commer
cial quality.
. :o:
Bedtime ftories and rermons are'
being tent out by radio. Be careful
you don't get them mixed.
Talk is cheap. So is dynamite. But
In either case a little carelessness
may cause
a lot of trouble.
A Cleveland judge rules a man
may see his children twice'a month.
The kids must be movie fans.
The good rum ship Clara was
caught with $300,000 in Scotch.
That's nearly a whole barrel.
Theya re wearing bells on their
garters in Paris, but the bells won't
Tielp if the audience is fed up.
It's getting so nowadays a farmer
can't tell which party he belongs to
until he reads the market report.
The latest sensation in radio cir
cles is the transmission of a kisr. by
wireless. That's up-to-date sparking.
Some crop3 depend upon the sun,
but wild oats thrive best on moon
shine. Work, not figuring, makes
ends meet.
The theory of evolution is sound
enough, 'but you can't elevate a pe
destrian by crossing him with an 8
cylinder car.
Winston Churchill is acclaimed in
Britain a.s the man of the hour on
account of his success in bringing
about the agreement between North
and South Ireland. Too bad, too.
Heretofore Mr. Churchill's career
tiad not received a single check.
J WHg-"iJ4
"It don't take a man long to
bag his pants at the knees,
and to make a finely tailored
suit look thoroughly disrepu
table that's the man of it,"
avers Dainty Dorthy.
But she goes on to explain
that the man who is making
use of our cleaning, steaming
and pressing services is keep
ing his clothes in much more
presentable condition than
when he got acquainted with
us. And it doesn't cost much,
Goods Called for and Delivered
Journal office
omi-iU" wv OPPOSITE
j Probably the most relieving news
J from California just now is the news
that there is no news of any of its
murder trials.
Ex-Emporer Charles, who died in
exile, should not be hardv judged,
lie had no early v advantages, being
born a Hapsburg.
If you have nothing to say, say
nothing. If you have something to
say, say it, but make it snappy and
stop when It's said.
France etill wants to sell us wine
for medicinal purposes. Unfortun
ately, we have almost forgotten what
all o'ur ailments were.
Since the radio came to brighten
; up the little nome aown me lane.
the family has to go to the movies
to enjoy a dull eveningr
There is a great deal of wrangling
in the country, but not among the j
people who put in eight or ten !
hours a day at hard work. i
That Kentucky couple who . have ;
'had twelve children in five years
nrp cwtninlv nlavinsr a lot of lokes
cn the income
A dispatch says that girls' druses
are to be more sensible and that the j
flappers' wings are to be clipped, but ,
the trouble
hasn't been with the
A rich New York woman main
tained 76 different bank accounts,
each under an assumed name. She is
a first cousin of the sock-banking
It begins to look as if the Los An
geles detectives in the Taylor case
have established that they were right
in their original theory that it was a
It might not be a bad idea to buy
your winter's coal thi3 spring, so
that if the strike holds on all win
ter, you may sit by a good tire and
read about it.
They say that Jack Brittain has
been very attentive to his duties as
chairman of the cemetery committee.
That perhaps had something to do
with his re-election.
A mass meeting of 150 at Tampa
petitioned Bill Bryan to become a
candidate for the senate. Bill won't
do it. He can make much more than
?7,500 per year on the lecture plat
form. :o:
E. Ruth Tyrtle of Lincc'.n Is a
candidate for state superinter dent of
public instruction. She is abundantly
I qualified for the position and a lady
of fine personality. Then why not
elect her?
Somehow the average man imag
ines that a "flu" infection caused by
germs coughed or sneezed out by a
pretty girl would be a little more
tolerable than a like infection from
some other source.
I to:
Perhaps the best way to get out
the woman's vote this fall would be
to put that person who says a work
ing girl can dress very nicely on
$87.55 a year on the ticket, but we
don't want her on ours.
; A billion dollars spent upon Amer
ican railways will give more employ-
. ment to our people, more advance
to our industry, more assistance to
our farmers than twice that sum ex
pended outside the frontiers of the
United States and there will be
greater security for the investor.
1 :o:
' New York Tribune, discussing the
soldiers bonus, asks, anxiously.
"Who's to pay for it?". There is no
; doubt about who's to pay for the
bonus and (for everything else. The
i consumer, of course. Who else is
there to pay? All sorts of efforts .will
! be made to load the burden onto
someone else, but they will mostly
:o: r
Charging that our government
functions on an "intolerant partisan
basis," WilHaiii 3. McAdoo, former
secretary of treasury, who recently
took up his tome Jn Los Angeles,
California, said: "What we should
have in the United States is a large
body of intelligent citizens who are
not affiliated wfth any party and who
could ' hoM the Ixalance of power.
Such citizens would be ' Americans
first, and thtlr cb.eck op tie big par-
: ties would 'be most valuable." 1
A stenographer who can rattle off
800 words a minute on the typewrit
r is considered fairly speedy.
At 'this speed, allowing five let
ters to the average word,' the typist
fingers hit the keys 400 times a niln
'ute, or nearly seven times a second
To accomplish this, each letter is
carried to the brain, sorted out, iden
tified, relayed over the nerves to the
finger tips and the necessary mus
cles called into play to strike the
right key.
This complicated process occurs
seven times a second! N
Thought is the fastest and mos't
powerful force. Light, which travels
186.300 miles a second, is a snail
beside thought.
In a fraction of a second, you can
run one of your thought waves out
to a star so far away that it takes
light millions of years to travel from
the star to our earth.
Few people use this enormous pow
er, though possessed by all, except
the mentally unbalanced.
Watch a fast stenographer, pound
ing the keys so rapidly that her fin
gers receive 200,000 tap shocks i
day without causing more than mild
nervous fatigue.
Apply fhose taps to any other part
of tie body and insanity would
speedily result.
One of the most terrible of medie
val tortures was allowing water to
trickle slowly, drop by drop, on the
forehead of a prisoner bound to a
bench. The victim always Went era
I zy.
The typist takes that same torture
daily many times over, because she
worns up to it graauany in learning
her trade
Behold, there, the nody s marvei-
ous powers of adapting itself to new
it is this power of adjustment
that enables men to stand the sud-
den changes brought by lost fortunes
For a moment there is anguish.
for days' grief. Then, if the victim
doesn't lose heart and commit sui
cide, the body and brain adjust
themselves to the new situation.
Things go on with the lapse of time
and soon there is as much happiness
as ever In a different way.
When life gets monotonous and
boresome, look about and examine
the first thing that catches your eye.
Everything in the world has, lock
ed up in it, as" intense an interest as
the things you learn by watching
the typist's flying fingers.
That's what Horace Greely meant
when he said that a good reporter
could write an interesting column
about a cobblestone or a pin.
o : o
What a feeling of disappointment
must have settled down upon the
militant feminine citizenry of New
York the night the board of alder
men decided not to prohibit smoking
in public by women! How many
weary hours the M. F. C. pass these
days, waiting for the men to "dare
to challenge their right to do some
thing." :o:
A member of the Russian delega
tion to the Genoa conference says
the allied governments must recog
nize the soviet authority. And France
says the soviet authority must rec
ognize the French debt. - Looks' as
though introductions all round are
Governor Small of Illinois Insists
upon baving women on the jury that
is to try him. Not that he expects
it would be of any advantage to him,
of course, but he is determined to
have the proceedings strictly consti
tutional. A stage woman testified in a dam
age suit the other day that an ac
tress's gowns go out of date in four
weeks. What the married man won
ders is 'how they manage to keep them
up to date so long.
Blank Books at the Journal Office.
LUNGARDIA is "without a rival"
in ordinary or deep-seated Coughs
and Colds, difficult breathing, and
for the relief of whooping cough.
The wonderful results following
its use will astonish you and make
you its life-long friend. Your
.money back, if you have ever used
its equal. Danger lurks ,where
there is a cough or cold. Safe for
all ages. 60c and $1.20 per bottle.
Manufactured by Lungardia Co.,
Dallas, Texas. For sale by
Weyrich & Hadraba
Can You Use Some
If you want to earn some extra mon
ey in your SPARE TIME, show your
friends and neighbors a new and
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town and community. Write me TO
DAY, NOW before you forget it. A
post card will do.
Pl&itsaoutfc . -;- . .Nebraska
In the District Court of the County
of Cass, Nebraska.
Joseph A. Everett, Plaintiff, vs.
Rose Ann Decker et al, Defendants.
To the defendants Rose Ann Deck
er; A. S. Fowler, first real name un
known; Nancy E. Fowler; Mrs. Josh
ua Brown, first real name unknown;'
Benjamin Williams; Marthey Wil
liams; Martha Ann Williams; Sam-j
ucl Hanna; Mrs. Samuel Hanna, first'
real name unknown; Adam Davis; 1
Nancy Ann Davis; Charles-Fowler;
Ellen Fowler; the heirs, devisees,:
legatees, personal representatives and j
all other persons interested in the '
estates of. Rose Ann Decker; A. S.
Fowler, first real name unknown;
Nancy E. Fowler; , Mrs. Joshua
Brown, first real name unknown;
Benjamin Williams; Marthey Wil-
uauis; iuarma Ann wiiiiauis; nam-
uel Hanna: Mrs. Samuel Hanna, first
, . , Tl ,
real name unknown; AdamDayis;
ancy Ann Davis; Charles fowler;
Ellen Fowler; Jefferson Decker; An-
selmo B. Smith and Sylvira E. Smith,
each deceased, real names unknown,
and all persons having or claiming
interest in the west half (WVa) of
the southeast quarter (SEM) and
the southeast quarter (SE4) of the
southeast quarter (SB1,) o( Section
five (5) and Government Lot four
(4T in the southwest quarter (SWU )
of Section four (4) all in Township
ten uu; .Norm nange louneen nj
ease 01 me hiu i m., in i.ass county,
Nebraska, real names unknown:
You and each of you are hereby
notified that Joseph A. Everett asiAnrii 1099
plaintifr, filed a petition and com
menced an action in the District
Court of the County of Cass, Nebras
ka, on the 31st day of March. 1922,
against you and each of you, the ob
ject, purpose and prayer of which is
to obtain a decree of court quieting
the title to the following described
lands, to-wit: West half of the south
east quarter and the southeast quar
ter of the southeast quarter of Sec
tion 5, and Government Lot 4 in the
southwest quarter of Section 4, all
n Township 10. North Range 14,
vut of the 6th P. M.. in Cass county.
Nebraska, against you and each of
vou and for suchtother relief as may
be just and equitable.
You and each of you are further
notified that you are required to an
swer said petition on or before Mon
day, the Sth day of May, 1922, or
the allegations therein contained will
be taken as true and a decree will be
rendered In favor of the plaintiff and
against you and each of you, accord
ing to the prayer of said petition.
Dated this 31st day of March, A
D. 1922.
a3-4w. Attorney for Plaintiff.
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
, ss.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Wil
liam Hendricks,, deceased.
' To the creditors of said estate:
You are hereby notified, that I will
sit at the County Court room in
Platt?mouth in said county, on the
Sth day of April. 1922, and the 25th
day of July, 1922, at ten o'clock in
the forenoon of each day, to receive
nd examine all claims against said
state with a view to their adjust
ment and allowance. The time Uni
ted -for the presentation of claims
gainst said estate is three months
from the 25th day of April, A. D.
922. and the time limited for pay
ment of debts is one year' from said
Sth day of April. 1922.
Witness my hand and the seal of
id county court, this 25th day of
March, 1922.
(Seal) m27-4w County Judge.
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, ss.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of John
H. Becker, deceased.
To the creditors of said estate:
You are hereby notified that I will
sit at the County Court room in
Plattsniouth in said county on April
2. 1922, and July 22, 1922, at 9
'clock a. m., on each day, to receive
and examine all claims against paid
estate, with a view to their adjust
ment and allowance. The time lim
ited for the presentation of claims
against said estate is three months
from the 22nd day of April. A. D.
1922, and the time limited for pay
ment of debts is one year from said
22nd day of April. 1922.
Witness my hand and the seal of
said County Court, this 20th day of
March, 1922.
Seal m23-4w County Judge.
To Whom It May Concern:
The Board of County Commission
ers of Cass county, Nebraska, has
opened a public road on the section
line between the SW4 of Section
one (1) and the NWU of Section
twelve, (12) in Township ten. (10)
north of Range thirteen, (13) east
of the sixth (6th) P. M., Cass coun
ty, Nebraska, three rods in width, the
center line of said highway being the
section line between said tracts, and
all claims for damages must be filed
in the office of the County Clerk on
or before noon of the 11th day of
May, A. D. 1922.
Witness my hand and seal this 8th
day of March, A. D. 1922.
County Clerk of Casa
(Seal) ml6-4w. County.
If you are going to be wanting a
washing outfit you ' cannot find a
more satisfactory or practical one
than a Dexter Twin Tub, either elec
tric or power.
Get my prices on Rock Island farm
implements, engines and cream sepa
r&tois W. T. RICHARDSON.
m21-3d,tfsw Mynard, Neb.
The most exquisite iine of birth
day and gift cards to be found any
where! At Journal office.
The following discounts will be
allowed on all purchases made at
receiver's sale of the E. G. Dovey &
Son stock of goods:
On groceries 10 per cent on $10;
over $10, 10 and 5 per cent on all
Dry Goods 10 per cent on $10;
over $10 .and up to $20, 10 and 5
per cent; on $20 and over, 10 and
10 per cent discount.
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, ss.
In the County Court
In the matter of the estate of liar-
-vw-inlov HppMSful
.',. ' , t,i cto(a.
1 1 J cuts I 1 C'liU'j 3 jl DU1U coiaic.
Y hercbv notified that I will
. -,t at tll rmintv rmiTt room in
riattsmouth, in said county, on the!h ,iin,te"tlrf welI',ls not a3 S,ck
5th dav of Mav, A. D. 1922 and on
the 5th day of August, A. D. 1922,
at 10:00 o'clock a. in., of each day,
to receive and examine all claims
against said estate, with a view to
their adjustment and allowance. The
time limited for the presentation of
claims against said estate is three
months from the 5th day of May, A.
D 1922 and the t,m,
e limited for pay-
t of d?btg ,g one ycar from Eai(i
j of ,ay 19oo
1" -ii-;;nilau . the coni nf
t00, f..llirt jt'u f
. - j
(Seal) aG-4w.
County Judge.
on Petition for Appointment of
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, PS.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of
Elisabeth Katherine Keil, deceased.
On reading and filing the petition
of .A liquet Keil praying that admin
istration of said estate nay be grant
ed to William Keil, as administrator;
Ordered, tint April 2Gth, A. D.
1922, at 10 o'clock a. m., is assigned
for hearing said petition, when all
persons interested in said matter
may appear at a County Court to be
held in and for said count', and show
caia;e why the prayer of petitioner
should not be granted; and that no
tice of the pendency of said petition
and tte hearing thereof be given to
all persons interested in s-aid matter
by publishing a copy of this order in
the Plattsniouth Journal, a semi
weekly newspaper printed in said
county, for three successive weeks,
prior to said day of hearing.
Dated April 3, 1922.
County Judge.
on Petition for Appointment of
The State of "Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, ss.
In- the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Bar
bara A. Taylor, deceased.
On reading and filing the petition
of Elsie. B. Taylor praying that ad
ministration of said estate may be
granted to Calvin H. Taylor as ad
ministrator; Ordered, that May 1st, A. D. 1922,
at ten o'clock a. m., is assigned for
hearing said petition when all per
sons interested m said matter may
appear at a County Court to be held
in and "for said county, and show
cause why the prayer of petitioner
should not be granted; and that no
At. m At.. . I
nee 01 ir.e penuency 01 saia peimon , SOme time past, and where he un
and the hearing thereof be given tojderwent an operation for appendicit
all persons interested in said matter js Wjtn tfce reSult that he is getting
u iii5 w ui iui3 oruer m
the Plattsniouth Journal, a semi-
weekly newspaper printed in said
county for three successive weeks,
prior to said day of bearing.
Dated April 5th, 1922.
a6-3w. County Judge.
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, ss.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of
Matthew Gering, deceased.
To the creditors of said estate:
You are hereby notified, that I
will sit at the County Court room in j
Plattsmouth in said county, on the!
2nd day of May. A. D., 1922, and on
the 2nd day of August. A. D. 1922. at
10:00 o'clock a. m., of each day, to
receive and examine all claims
against said estate, with a view to
their adjustment and allowance. The
time limited for the presentation of
claims against said estate is three
months from the 2nd day of May, A. j
D. 1922, and the time limited for
payment of debts is one year from
said 2nd flay of May, 1922.
ltness my hand and the seal of
said County Court, this 30th day of
March, 1922.
(Seal) a3-4w. County Judge.
To A. L. Perry:
You are hereby notified that on
the first day of September, A. D.
1920, I purchased at tax sale Lot 19
in the southeast quarter of tire-southwest
quarter of Section IS. Township
12 N. in Range 14 east of the Sixth
Principal Meridian in Cass county,
Nebraska, the title to which appears
on record in your name and was as
sessed in your name fpr the years
1913, 1914, 1915, 1S16 and 1917. i
You are further notified that on
the first day of September, A. D.
1922, I will apply to the Treasurer
of Cass county, Nebraska, for a deed
to said lot. Thi3 notice is given pur
suant to Section 6542 of the Revised
Statutes of Nebraska for 1913.
Dated this 3rd day of April, A. '
D. 1923." (Signed) i
Four and six-eeveuths acres.'Sub.
iot nine (9) of original lot nine (9)
in Porter Place addition to Platts
mouth. Will take Ford or Dodge car
as part payment.
Weeping Water, Neb.
Glen York was a visitor in Platts
mouth for over Sunday, visiting with
friends and relatives.
Mrs. Rudolph Bergman was a visi
tor and also looking after some busi
ness matters in Omaha last Tuesday.
The Rev. Higgins, pastor of the
Saint Patrick's Catholic, church, was
a visitor in Omaha last Thursday for
the day.
Wm. Heebner and wife were visit
'J1 -"" un menus on iasi
Undo Peter Vogler still remains
not in the Lest of health, but, while
as he has been formerly
J Mr. and Mrs. Wrn. Otte . were
guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
J. C. Rauth last Sunday, they all en
joying an excellent time.
Mr. J. E. McHugh of Murdock was
a caller at the
and alfo with
store of Theo Harms,
.Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
Rauth last Thursday, for a short
Mrs. W. I). Higgins, who has been
sick at her home in Manley for some
time, is reported as being slightly
improved, though still not feeling
the best.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Anderson
were guests at the home of Mr. and
Mr3. Herman Rauth last Sunday, as
wore also Mr. and Mrs. Albert Snell,
they all enjoying the day very much.'
Mrs. Charles Craig, of Omaha, was
a visitor at the heme of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Burns, coming
last Tuesday and rettirning to her
heme in the metropolis on Wednes-
The eighth grade examinations
were held at Louisville and a num -
bcr of the students
of the Manley
schools went over to the town on the
river to wrestle vith the exams, as
they were given there.
Mrs. J. J. O'Leary went to Omaha
to visit with her son, who was at the
Saint Catherine hospital, and while
there was taken sick and remained
for treatment herself, hoping to be goods at prices which are approach
able to return with better health. jing the prices that prevailed some
Mrs. Fannie Sinnard, of Grand years ago. He has Just sold and de
Island, and two children were visit- livered three electric motors and a
ing in Manley for a number of days number of listers and other farm im
l?st week, being guests at the home . pltfments and finds with the new
of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Falischman.
she being a sister of Mrs. Falisch
man. Mr. Charles Craig, who suffered an
injury, having one of his ears badly
lacerated when he fell down carry
ing a timber on his shoulder, and
Which caught him cutting his ear
badly, is reported as getting along
all right.
Mike O'Leary went to the hospital
in Omaha some time since where it
was expected that he would be com
pelled to undergo an operation for
appendicitis, but thus far he had not,
but had been receiving treatment
with the hopes of a cure without the
James Murphey. Jr., was a visitor
in Omaha last Friday, where he un-
derwent an operation for relief from
appendicitis, and which had been
giving him. some trouble for some
time, and it is hoped he Will soon
be ble to be home again and en- -. taste in mouth,, etc., Tanlac and Tan
tirely cured. hac Vegetable Pills will certainly
Last Thursday Errett Wilea was a straighten you out. F. G. Fricke &
passenger to Omaha, where he went Co.
to see Harcld Wiles, who has been 1
in the hospital at that place for
aicm- as well as could be expected
Joseph Wolpert. who looks afti
tne assessing work tor center pre
cinct, is still with the assistance of
John Falischman. working at the
diticn for the farming work. Joseph
will in a short time get after the as- '
i CA. I lli fcCLUlit, lllll. KO 11L U1ULCI tUU"
Spring Millinery Here!
Our Spring Millinery, consisting of a line of very
pretty hats, are in stock, and we would be pleased to
have those desiring anything in this line to call and
inspect them, and observe the very low prices at which
they are selling.
J. L.
Manley Farm Implement Company
We arc ready for business with a full and complete
line of entirely new stock of farming machinery.
Blacksmith in Connection!
We are handling the complete International line
of farming machinery; also Case, Lampson, Avery and
all standard makes.
v Our prices are as low as they can possibly be made
as our overhead expenses are very small.
Come see us, we can save you money.
Manley Farm Implement Company
Herman Dall, Manager
MANLEY . -:- -:- -:- NEBRASKA
sessing work and list every one who
has property which is taxable.
There is some joy at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Meisinger these
days on account of the arrival at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Thimgan of a baby girl a short time
since. It will be
remembered, mat
the daughter of
Mrs. Thimgan is
!?.Tr. and Mrs. Meisinger and the
- grandparents are greatly elated over
me arrival 01 ine juuug .auj.
(Elmwood were guests at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. August Stander last
Sunday, spending the day with the
parents of Mrs. Seiker. This was the
first time Mrs. Seiker was able to be
out since her return from the hos
pital, where she received treatment
several weeks since. Mrs. Seiker is
getting" along very nicely at this
Manley Fortunate
The people of Manley feel that
they are able to congratulate them
selves on account of the fact that
the Western Union Telegraph office
ha3 been restored to the town, and
they are now able to communicate
with the outside world.
It Looked Like Spring
It sure looked like spring last
Thursday when the scribe .of the
Journal was at Manley for every-
! "oaY heeniel" ue oul u" biuu
,r lawn and busy as a spring bee.
T.heZ were making gardens, raking
1 J J A. 1 A, AH A I. n J A
! the lawns and trimming the shrub
bery and generally getting ready tor
Hie sumer whjch 1 3 Ufhing spring
ialon at a raPId rate Into history-
Satisfactory Business
Herman Dall of the Manley Farm
Implement company says that busi
ness is very satisfactory this spring
and that the generous reduction
which has come in the prices from
former times enables him to sell
conditions that people are able to go
ahead with the work.
Very Serious Condition
Last week Earl Wiles departed for
Omaha where he underwent an op
eration for appendicitis and which
'm-nverf in he a vrv nnte ruse of
the malady. Since the operation,
! Mr wiles has not shown the im-
provement which had been desired,
and his case is considered one of
mUch' eravitv. there-beine some aD-i
prehension as to the turn which it!
might take. Last Thursday Mrs.
wiles and the children went up to
Omaha to visit the parent and hus-
I band, finding him very sick. It is
honed that he mav soon be on the
; highway to recovery.
' if you suffer from biliousness, con-
stination. headache, nervousness, sal-
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We have a piano left on our hands
a perfectly good instrument. Will
deduct amount paid by original pur
chaser. Balance can be paid in easy
payments. Write or phone A Hospe
Company, Omaha.
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