The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, March 30, 1922, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Entered at Fostofflce, Plattsmoutb. Neb., as second-class mall matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Thou has well seen: For I will I am a light into the world, who-
hasten mw word to perform it. Jer.
Tomorrow may never come, but its
bills do.
Roads in the United States total
2,478,552 miles.
Economy is easy when you never
have money enough.
Nothing ruins an old czr like the
neighbors getting a new one.
If you are getting wrinkles, don't
worry. That is all the prune has.
Road Hog: A man who keeps in
the middle and leaves you both sides.
soever believeth should not abide in
darkness. John 12-46.
A man who loses his head easily
isn't out much.
Fine motto: Open your eyes and
shut your mouth.
Radium is quoted at $1,500,000
an ounce. Pay no more .
The handwriting on the wall shows
the man rents the house.
When food or people are too rich
they don't agree with one.
A highbrow is a person who wants
his Eskimo Pie a la mode.
Silver-plated can openers make an f
. . . . . . . i
excellent weaamg present.
A 13-month year, with thirteen
rent paying days, would be unlucky ;
for somebody.
A fine way to teach a small boy
to fight is make him wear a red
tie to school.
Mr. Plain Citizen candidly, if he
doesn't like the coal strike he will
have to lump it.
Bryan started running 'for the
senate early; but perhaps hp has a
long way to run.
Congressmen are sending you free
seeds and hoping that they will raise
When some people miss church
they have to make up the sleep at
:o: :
Indications are, that this spring
will be favorable for raising every
thing. :o:
Spring catalogues and backyard
mussers of the soil are getting into
Out at night, when a girl says she
has cold hands she means she hasn't
cold feet.
A man, said to be the biggest boot
legger in the world, has been caught.
He weighs 2S0.
The modern girl always gets mad
when her fellow steals a kiss un
less it is from her.
Amateur gardeners use hoes; am
ateur golfers use clubs; the results
are about the same.
Just one sentence from a woman
is going to keep a man in 20 yearn.
She is a woman judge.
:o: :
Peggy Joyce is writing a book on
"My Husbands," which probably will
tell all ahout their wife.
Being fair to the drivers, we will
pay an auto rarely goes up on the
sidewalk after its victims.
College students claim co-eds are
cave women. Some ef our boys Judge
the girls by their clothes.
Professor Courtiere says we stand
too much. Yes, yes, we stand too
much from foreign professors.
Monkeys have the most senr.e af
ter men. says a trainer. This is an
awful slam at women after men.
- :o:
Hash i.i not the port of last call!
"between the table and the garbage
can. Everything that ia left can be
put into salad.
Ex-Kaiser is writing a book on
ruins. Must be a biography.
This year is hardly three months
old and looks fine for its age.
Blessed are the poor in salary for
they shall pay no income tax.
Some singers get $1,000 a night.
but look at the risk they run.
The best thing between us and
foreign countries is two oceans.
Ireland is using her own postage
stamps. Quit licking the British.
A boy baby with a rich uncle nev
er' has any trouble getting named.
According to one who knows, jazz
is a good old tune slightly adulter
Again we ask the phone company
for a book showing the wrong num
bers to call to get the right ones.
Chorus girls in a Paris show wear
one feather only. About 10.000
Americans are wintering in Paris.
:o:- i
And 'just to show how things
change, it used to be thought it was
unconstitutional to arrest governors.
One employer is so enthusiastic
over the future he even predicts pen
ny slot machines will be working
A Texas man married a girl he
went with 30 years. After that prac
tice, he ought to be able to live with
A senator wants to raise the post
age again. Bet some Ponzis lay in a
supply of stamps while ' they are
You dbn't have to go to a medium
to have your past told. All you have
to do is to run for office.
: to:
Blanton of Texas seems to be to
the house just what Jim Reed is to
the senate whatever that is.
o : o
The proof of the pudding is in the
eating, but the proof of the bootleg
is in the undertaker's profits.
- :o:
Washington reports "the public debt
grew to $90,000,000 last month;
but what's a few millions when we
can't pay them?
Evidence cannot be measured in
terms of opinion," says a writer.
Most of it these days is measured in
pints and quarts.
A man claims he married fourteen
or fifteen times because he was hit
by a baseball bat when young. Base
ball is dangerous.
If a friend differs with you ser
iously in an opinion, don't discuss
the matter with him. What are opin
ions compared to friends.
The manifestation of interest and
determination to keep Plattsmouth
on the baseball map is highly grati
fying, but the interest and enthusi
asm should not be confined to-those
public spirited citizens who have tak
en a lead in the matter.
Cash Prices Mean Lower Prices!
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Phone 206
FRAWK I. FAPJGER, Proprietor
rtmemt S4oir
Plattsmouth, Neb.
The man who doesn't say "attact
ed" and "hadn't ought" is almost an
educated man. In fact a literrry man
with a great deal of finish.
"It don't take a man long to
bag his pants at the knees,
and to make a finely tailored
suit look thoroughly dwrepu
table that's the man of it,"
avers Dainty Dorthy.
But she goes on to explain
that the man who i3 making
use of our cleaning, steaming
and pressing services Is keep
ing his clothes in much more
presentable condition than
when he got acquainted with
us. And it doesn't cost much,
It is hoped the flapper feels prop-
i erly complimented when she is call
ed a national menace. Nobody seems
inclined to all the cake eater. much
of anything.
Germany is sure it can't meet the
new demands of the reparations
commission, but the commission is
open to reason. All it insists upon is
that Germany try.
Several of New York's leading
bandits have been going bankrupt
lately, indicating that a little group
of brute husbands Somewhere in the
city have put their feet down hard.
:o: :
The British view that the Ameri
can demand for the repayment of the
cost of the army in Germany is just
but Inopportune indicates where we
made our mistake. We should have
demanded something unjust but
Gaoda Called for and Delivered
We wish tires wouldn't blow out
at least we wish they wouldn't
'blow out in our "neighborhood at
night. We keep wondering all the
evening who'lias beerv shot, and are
disappointed to find next morning
that nobody was.
Marry within your own clan, says
Edith Rockefeller McCormick. or
'end your days In slavery. Edith
learned her lesson when she wan
dered from tho oil tribe and let her-
Iself be carried off by one of those
farm machinery sheiks.
Mrs. Asquith says that when she
sees the American girls with their
painted faces and .bony knees and
fat calves, she believes sae has found
the reason for the celebrated moral
ity of American men. Uh huh, and
now it occur3 -to us that the girls
LUNGARDIA is "without a rival"
in ordinary, or deep-seated Coughs
and Colds-, difficult breathing, and
for the relief of whooping cough.
The wonderful results following
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you Its life-long friend. Your
money back, if you have ever used
its equal. Danger lurks where
there Is a congh or colcL. Safe for
all ages. 60c and 1.20 per -bottle.
Manufactured by Lungardia Co.,
Dallas, Texas. For sale by -
Weyrich & Hadraba
Can You Use Some
If you want to earn some extra mon
ey in your SPARE TIME, show your
friends aud neighbors a new and
handy household article, wanted in
every home. NO MONEY REQUIRED.
I must have a representative in each
town and community. Write me TO
DAY, NOW before you forget It. A
post card will do.
miss m: K. OLSON,
Plattsmouth - : Nebraska
Jake 12651
I , A 1 Sw - V
Jake is a black jack with white
points. Was foaled May 28, 1912.
Is 15 hands high, weight 1150.
Sired by Big Jake, and his dam was
Lady Elgin. He is an excellent jack
and has a good reputation as a foal
TEDDY R., 97686
Teddy R. is a fine Percheron stal
lion, black with white hind feet and
right front foot also white. He was
foaled March 30. 1912, and weighs
1900 pounds. His sire was Morton,
67203; by Epateur, 51836. (64349);
by Uolivar, -40111 (46462); by
Arailcar (19979); by Sultan (4713);
by Bayard (9495); by Kstraba. 187
(736); by son of Jean le Blanc
Teddy R. and Jake will make the
season of 1922 at my home six miles
west of Murray and six miles east of
Manley, every day in the week.
Terms for Teddy It., $12.50 to in
sure colt to .stand and suck. Terms
for Jake. $i5.00 to insure colt to
stand and such. When parties dis
pose of mares or, remove from the
locality service fee becomes due and
must be paid Immediately. All care
will be taken to prevent accidents.
but owner will not be held respon-
lt is a hopeful augury for the bus
iness community when retail mer
chants get together and stick to
gether. They have never exercised
the dominant influence in the com
munity, to which they are entitled
because of the lack of co-operation
among them. The various distinctive
groups should combine for their
common Interest and then these
groups should amalgamate into one
general, organization of retailers.
One of the most valuable fruits of
thia co-operation has been found to
be greater efficiency of credit infor
mation. Many merchants have been
profited in the aggregate enormous
ly because of a service of this kind. ; conditions.
It is well recognized that the re-j
a. ii i a. it. n . : i . ;
i nil njei cnam lb iuo gitaiesi aiiigic
force in the commercial world be
cause he knows what the public
wants and keeps in intimate contact
with the flowing tides of humanity.
Some manufacturers have undertak
en to eliminate the retailer by ex
tensive advertising and .by direct
telling methods but most of these
departures have proven abortive and
have inflicted very little injury on
the man who looks after the miscel
laneous needs of millions of consum
ers. The retailer has ms- prooiems
and harrassments, which if he should
have access to a council taTle or
others who are beset with the same
sort of troublesome details, he would
find his burden lessened and the ef
ficiency of his business promoted to
an immense extent. No retailer
should allow a mistaken self interest
or petty jealousy prevent him from
joining with his brothers in business
for their mutual advantage.
the exception bf one, and in these
states the rule is that the children
must attend school a fixed period of
time each year until they are six
teen. But in many states, for exam
ple, Mississippi, the compulsory sys
tem has been in operation but a
short while. The law is not yet pro
ducing the results which the matur-j
ing effect of time should exact of it.
Manifestly such a condition as de
scribed by Dr. Tigert could not ex
ist in a country where all, or prac
tically all , children, ilad long been
required to 'attend "School annually
until they were sixteen. Of course
allowance must ibe made for dull
children who could not take an ed
ucation very well under the best of
nal, a semi-weekly newspaper print
ed in county, for three succes
sive weeks, prior to said day of hear
Dated March 3rd. 1922.
ni6-2w. County Judge
State of Nebraska, County of . Cass,
not been wearing them short jsIMe should any occur
rh In Nebraska. I A. J- Si
Dr. John J. Tigert, Federal Com
missioner of Education, declares that
the educational system of the Unit
ed States is almost at a breakdown
for these reasons: Only one pupil in
four completes instruction in the
elementary grades. In eighty cities
where school conditions are most fa
vorable, only half of the pupils s;o
thru these grades. In no state, he
says, are more than ii per cent oi
the enrolled pupils completing high
school course. In 37 states the per
centage is less than ten. Of all the
high school minils "more than half
get no further than the first year.'
Yet, says the New York American
In every school district increasing
difficulty is found in providing suf
ficient school buildings, equipment
and teachers .to accomodate the
growing elementary attendance. "In
none Is the teaching staff adequate
ly paid."
Dr. Tigert ..suggests no remedy,
but the American does, saying: It
is to change the method of grading
go that each pupil may advance as
rapidly as desirable and none be put
back, ito go over old ground. Only by
accelerating the rate of progress and
saving tremendous costs of needless
duplication and delays can the school
plant be made to produce a satisfac
tory product at a price the taxpay
ers can afford to pay."
1 There is a compulsory school at
tendance law in every state, . with
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, ss.
In the County ;ourt. .
In the matter of the estate of Wil
liam Hendricks, deceased.
To the creditors of said estate:
You are hereby notified, that I will
sit at the County Court room in
Plattsmouth in said county, on the
25th day of April, 1922. and the 25th
day of July, 1922, at ten o'clock in
the forenoon of each day, to receive
and examine all claims against said
estate with a view to their adjust
ment and allowance. The time lim
ited for the presentation of claims
against said estate is three months
from the 25th day of April, A. D.
1922, and the time limited for pay
ment of debts is one vear from said
25th day of April. 1922.
Witness my hand and the seal of
said countv court, this 25th day of
March, 1922.
(Seal) m27-4w County Judge.
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, ss.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of John
II. Becker, deceased.
To the creditors of said estate:
You are hereby notified that I will
sit at the County Court room in
Plattsmouth in said county on April
22. 1922, and July 22, 1922, at 9
o'clock a. m., on each day, to receive
and examine all claims against said
estate, with a view to their adjust
ment and allowance. The time lim
ited for the presentation of claims
against said estate is three months
from the 22nd day of April, A. D.
1922, and the time limited for pay
ment of debts is one year from said
22nd clay of April. 1922.
Witness inv hand and the seal of
said County Court, this 20th clay of
March. 1922.
Seal ni23-4w County Judge
By virtue of an execution issued
by James Robertson, Clerk of the
District Court, wMth'in and for Cass
county, Nebrarka, and to me direct
ed, I will on the 3rd day of April,
A.-D. 1922, at 10 o'clock a. m., of
said day, at the south door of the
court house in said county, sell at
public auction to the highest bidder
for cash the following property to-wit:
Lots ten T10) and eleven (11)
in Block forty-two (42) in the
-City of Plattsmouth. Cass coun
ty, Nebraska
the same being levied upon and taken
as the property of John Kinser, de
fendant, to satisfy a judgment of said
court recovered by The Immanuel
Hospital, a corporation, plaintiff,
against said defendant.
riattsmouth, Nebraska, March 2,
A. D. 1922.
Sheriff Cass County,
Five Hope to Help Make Laws. at
Washington Ashland Woman
Represents Nebraska.
To Whom It May Concern:
The Board of County Commission
ers of Cass county, Nebraska, has
opened a public road on the section
line between the SW'i of Section
one (1) and the NWU of Section
twelve, (12) in Township ten, (10)
north of Range thirteen, (13) east
of the sixth (6th) P. M., Cass coun
ty, Nebraska, three rods in width, the
center line of said highway being the
section line between said tracts, and
all claims for damages must be filed
iu the office of the County Clerk on
or before noon of the 11th day of
May, A. D. 1922. -
Witness my hand and seal this 8th
dav of March, A. D. 1922.
County Clerk of Cass
(Seal) ml6-4w. County.
on Petition -for Appointment of
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, ss.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of
Matthew Gering, deceased.
On reading and filing the petition
of Mia Gering, Barbara Gering ana
Eda Herold praying that administra
tion of said estate may be granted to
Henry It. Gering, as Administrator;
Ordered, that March autn, a. u.
1922. at ten o'clock a. to.. Is assigned
for hearing said petition, when all
persons interested in said matter
may appear at a County Court to be
held in and for said county, and
show cause why the prayer of peti
tioner should not be granted; ana
that notice of- the pendency of said '
petition aiJU lUW uaxiius, it
iveu to all persons interested in
said matter, by publishing a copy oi
this order in the Plattsmouth Jour-
Valentine, Neb.. March 26. A
great meeting in the interest of the
Grant highway was held recently at
the Cherry county court house in this
city under the auspices of the valen
tine good roads and community club
Malcolm MacKinnon, secretary of
the Grant highway association, who
is on his- way from Chicago to Port
land, and who had just made an in
spection of the road between Stuart
and Valentine, by way- of Cams,
Springview. Nordon and Sparks, was
present and outlined the progress be
ing made in the development of a
direct route for tourist travel from
the third city in the world to the
Pacific coast by way of Yellowstone
park, the Snake river valley in Idaho,
the old Oregon trail and the Colum
bia river highway in Oregon.
Cherry "county is the largest coun
ty in Nebraska, being about the size
of the state of Connecticut and re
ceives the largest amount of state
and federal aid under the Nebraska
At the first Grant highway meet
ing held here in 1919, no road had
beeu built. Since that time twenty
five miles of state federal road has
been constructed, all of it on the
Grant highway and a project is un
der way for the construction of an
other line of the Grant road between
this city and.Crookston.
' Altogether about S400,000 will
have been expended in' these im
provements by the end of the present
Chicago,' March 27. The follow
ing women are among those running
for congress this year: Mrs. Ellen
Duance Davis of Philadelphia, 'Mrs.
Winnifred Mason Huck of Chicago,
Mrs. Marry Belle Spencer of Hill
Top, Cook county. 111., Mrs. Irene
Cleveland Buell of Ashland Neb., and
Mrs. A. K. Gault, mayor of St. Peter
Minn. The latter two are sisters.
The Philadelphia candidate seek
ing the democratic nomination., is a
great-great-granddaughter of Benja
min Franklin, who as a boy exchang
ed argumentative letters with .a
friend defending the propriety':of
educating women and theif fitness
for education. He explained in his
autobiography, however, that he took
this advanced stand "perhaps a lit
tle for dispute's sake." Though times
have changed, the present candi
dates encounter an attitude of sur
prise sometimes, Judging from re
marks of Mrs. Buell and Mrs. Huck.
"It makes me weary to have peo
ple expect me to be a freak because I
am interested in politics," says Mrs.
Buell of Nebraska, who adds, "moth
er always said I was the most do
mestic of her four daughters."
Mrs. Huck, who is the daughter of
tne late congressman William E.
Mason, in a statement to the wo
men's press, replies to a young wo
man's remark, "The nerve of her go
ing into such a big campaign." with
the comment that "to be a good con
gressman," as she means to be, will
require even more "nerve.".
Mrs. Buell. the "most domestic"- of
her mother's fonr daughters, has
been city prosecutor of Ashland since
1918, though one mayor tried vain
ly to discharge her when she per
sisted in prosecuting his brother.
Mrs. Gault. the Minnesota candi
date, is Mrs. BuelPs. sister. The two
have filed papers in accordance with
an agreement of long standing be
tween the sisters that If one ran for
congress the other should do like
wise, Mrs. Buell safs. Mrs. Bue41 set
the example. The Nebraska woman,
who classes herself as a progressive
democrat, adds that their father was
the first mayor of the municipality
of which Mrs. Gault is now mayor,
and that politics runs In the familv.
Similly, Mrs. Huck, republican,
says that common interests with her
father and determination to contin
ue his work led her to file for con
gressman at large to fill the vacancy
created by his death. She says the
fact that she is happily married and
the mother of four healthy children
influenced party leaders to desira
her candidacy.
Fordson tractors reduced to $395.
Plattsmouth Motor Co. w
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the favor of the Eastertide.