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Uoz plattemoutb lournai
Entered at I'ostofTice. Platttmoutn, Neb., aa econd-clas taall matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
The Boston Transcript finds that
"it cost half again as much to live
as lit did in 1914." In the case of j A German general said that the
the fellow whose income is no Iarg- Wef reason American soldiers were
er than It was in 1914, it cost 100.Sod fighters was because they had
. ' T A A
per cent In 1914 and it costs 100.n- ueeu trained to retreat.
irencn warfare was loomed as
per cent now.
What thing3 soever ye desire,
when ye pray, believe. that ye re
ceive them. Mark 11-24.
Telephones are in more than 40
per cent of farm homes.
"What Ireland needs is an Ulster
that won't rip up the back.
"Bewaro the brides of March,"
warns the St. Joseph Gazette.
When money ds said to be close, it
really is far away. This is authentic.
That rending sound you hear
is the hog lifting the farm mort
gages. :o:
It is said outdoor sleeping makes
people beautiful, but we are trou
bled with loubt.
:o: i
God is not a man, that he should
lie; neither the son of man, that he
should repent. Num. 23:19.
:o: i
Higher a person mounts-, the less
he weighs.
First railway out of Chicago was
operated in 1843.
It seems that Lloyd George sel
dom resigns and never dies.
Disabled officers of the U. S. army
are retired on three-fourths pay.
. :o:
Australia has 24,600 returned sol
diers who have settled on farms.
) : c;
About all the writer knows about
the Ford, is a lot of naughty stories.
San Francisco mint is coining sil
ver dollars at the rate of 260,000 a
If they had to turn their own ; day.
jrrindstones fewer people would)
Jiave axes to grind.
Gray hair is now fashionable, but
that is a small consolation to the fel
low that has none at all.
To keep in the middle of the road
these days, a fellow would have to
walk about ten feet in the air.
"Fifty thousand dollars stolen in
Chicago found in Los Angeles." Mon
ey goe3 farther than it once did.
Leaky valves can Le detected by
turning the motor over with the
crank to test loss of compression.
: o:
Once they married drinking men to
reform them; now they marry drink
ing men to find wher'e they get it.
Republicans find that the hardest
Instrument to learn to play gener
ously and gracefully is the second
"Winter is like some women. Its
visit isn't "so long, bat it does uae
up a lot of time by saying goodbye
at the door.
More earthquakes oscur in Italy
and Japan than in all countries combined.
Ru--ia, prior to tUe world war was
the most extensive dominion in the
Life is jut one thing after an
other. Love is just two things after
each other.
Jud Tunkins says he loves music,
and that's why he wouldn't buy his
boy a fiddle.
Another dreadful effect, however,
that is likely to come from kissing, is
o : o
When a girl starts talking about
rents coming down it is time to give
up or go home.
The only noL-e some men make in
the world comes from their unex
ploded theories.
According to divorce figures, this-
is either the land of the freed or the
home of the brave.
Probably that story about a . New
York farmer who dug up . bar silver
worth $4,000 on his farm is just an
other attempt of eastern interests to
keep the farmers of that state from
coming to Nebraska where soil is
really productive.
The hoDeful young heir to the
Dodge millions seems to be occupied
principally in getting himself out of
scrapes that his motor car has got
him into. Evidently he has been put-
tine that "Dodge Brothers" motto
into effect too seriously.
If U isn't one thing it's another,
For a while we suffered for lack f
Turkish tobacco on account of la
bor difficulties in Virginia, and now
we find ourselves up against a sham
rock shortage on St. Patrick's day,
due to a short silk crop in Japan.
The official .announcement that
Premier Lloyd George is going to the
Genoa conference seem to settle two
points. One is that there is to be a
Genoa conference and tho other is
that the hopes of the coalition rebels
that tire premier would resign were
o : o
We read a real sad story in one
of the papers where train passen
gers were snowed in with no heat,
and all night long they listened to a
girl "play a violin with fingers
numbed with cold." A girl like that
had grit and so djd the passengers
who listened.
soon as Americans got into the world
war. It is not American nature to
sit in the mud impatiently for two
or three years.
Americans, most nervous race so
far in history, want constant action.
They either go forward or are car
ried off the battlefield feet first.
The War Department now wisely
issues orders fo corps commanders,
that are to be trained primarily to
attack the enemy instead of merely
'holding their ground.
There is a success tip that you
may turn into money.
All business, all participation in
the great industrial machine of civ
ilization, is a form of warfare.
You see the law of "survival of
the fittest" working in trade associ
ations. Jobbers or manufacturers
band together together in good-na
tured fellowship to accomplish cer
tain ends. Easy to
Peace is costing France half as
much as being at war.
France's total national debt is
$.28,000,000,000 francs, an increase!
of nearly a half since the war end
Her entire national wealth is es
timated at 400,000,000,000 francs.
She is mortgaged 82 per cent of her
face value.
Cheron warns the French senate
that by 1930 France's debt will be
425,000,000,000 francs. Debt will
exceed national wealth.
France, insisting on arming to the
teeth, especially with submarines
is grasping a cast iron life preserver.
Now quit saying that you don't get
enough for your tax money. We have
just learned that any citizen can
write to his congressman and get,
free of charge, a pamphlet on "The
Economic Value cf North American
Skunks." Right now, when citizens
are so hard run that they are hun
gry for any suggestion of economic
keep together value, Jt is mighty fortunate that
when times ar trood. inis pampmet can oe ootaineu.
i- i ,
get restless soon desert the associa-
tion and begin cutting each other's Frm Monday umn
throats. This morninsr John C. York of
Every man should consider him-(this city departed for Nemaha, Ne-
self a warrior, battling to attain the braska, where he was called by the
I t. - nrn n nn i ! r or fnn rl T n rf m ' c
victory of a fair share of general "ni whi.h :
prosperity, up to the point where his occurred there on Saturday. The tie-,'
takings cut into what belongs to J ceased lady was seventy-four years
Recent statistics purport to show
that the 1921 death rate in Ireland
wasthe lowest in that island's his
tory. This evidently includes those
killed in riots and political uprisings.
Is it possible that turmoil is a good
thing for health of a people, and
that the exercise keeps them from
dying of common ailments?
They told us that it would quit U. S. Geological survey has a cam-
ihurting as soon as the income tax : era which has to be operated Dy
was paid, but that's what the den
tist always says. It wasn't his tooth
that was pulled.
. o : n
Attorney General Daugherty is
small electric cranes.
not exaggerating when he observes
that "the people are getting tired of!
industrial quarrels and strikes and
being fed on both."
: o:
President Harding, believes team
work will get us a whacking big
merchant marine. The taxpayers will
constitute the team and the ship
owners will whack up the swag.
After rolled stockings get back
women will have no trouble board
ing street cars before men.
A professor says our side of Niag
ara will be dry in 2122. Why don't
they leave prohibition alone?
There is nothing lovers enjoy more
than a moonlight night, unless if Is
a night when there is no mjon.
Egypt has a king again cfter an
interval of twenty centuries. It just
goes to show how hard it is to break
.Miss Alice Kcr.ertrTin f.ivs women h
. .x ,,,:a country of standpat habits,
should run for office, hut orohablv! J "
doesn't insist they all do their run
ning in the Oklahoma district which
she hopes to represent in a second
term next year.
j Government in Germany is a sci
ence, in America a business, in Great
j Britain a sporting proposition, and
j in Ireland a wildcat speculation.
:o: .
LUNGARDIA is "without a rival"
in ordinary or deep-seated Coughs
and Colds, difficult breathing, and
for the relief of whooping cough.
The wonderful results following
its use will astonish you and make
you its life-long friend. Your
money back, if you have ever used
its equal. . Danger lurks where
there is a cough or cold. Safe for
all ages. 60c and $1.20 per bottle.
Manufactured by Lungardia Co.,
Dallas, Texas. For sale by
Weyrich & Hadraba
You Can Earn from $1.00
to $10.00 a Week.
Quick, easy just an hour or so af
ter school. Nothing to sell, and no
money required. We want two am
bitious boys in each town and com
munity. Could you use some EXTRA
MONEY? If so, send your name and
address TODAY a post card will do.
Address Box 248,
Plattsmouth -:- Nebraska
Jake 12651
The british probably don't say bo!
out loud, but privately they must
have concluded that the American!
its Horatio Bottomleys
senate has
"It don't take a man long to
bag his pants at the knees,
and to make a finely tailored
suit look thoroughly disrepu
table that's the man of it,"
avers Dainty Dorthy.
But she goes "on to explain
that the man who is making
ufe' cf our cleaning, steaming
and pressing services is keep
ing his clothes in much more
presentable condition than
when he got acquainted with
us. And it doesn't cost much,
Goods Called for and Delivered
Now is the time to sow grass seed.
It is not only the proper time from
a horticultural standpoint, but it al
so is about the only time you will
be able to spare away from the dan
delions for a whole year.
Nations are curiously human. Not
withstanding what took place at the
last international poker game, the
European countries are convinced
that the Genoa party won't be worth
going to unless Uncle Sam sits in.
The country's financial troubles
apparently all have been solved. Any
how, the big" Wall street banking
houses have quit worrying about
them and have gone to refornling
the dress notions of their girl em
ployes. j . :o:
j Two or three packing companies
' or even oil companies may merge
and the deal is announced a3 involv
ing "several million dollars." But
no theatrical merger is press agent
ed in terms less than "a million dol
lars combined."
. -o-
Tho widely traveled man under
'arrest in Indianapolis for bigamy
has recalled the names of all his
! thirteen wives eaccept two. Those
two were crowded out of his-mem-j
ory by the names and addresses of
i the contemplated fourteenth, fif-
teenth and sixteenth.
' 7 A.
7 --...-
iXJLMS li tt T Tl
2 ? a
To be successful and this is es
pesially time of salesmen you must
be constantly up on your toes, fight
ing hard by putting the very best
of yourself into what you are doing
At the end of each day, ask your
self: "Am I making progress toward
my goal or am I just standing still?"
The man who is standing still is
getting ready to go backward.
Letting well enough alone is like
holding the trenches. It wards off
defeat but doesn't bring quick vic
tory. The man who mecha'nicallj
handles the work that is shoved be
fore Jiim. and keeps yearning fo
quitting time, will never be a Na
Promotion, riches', success, the top
rung of the ladder these come to
of age and leaves a number of child
ren to mourn her passing.
Early Marquis spring seed wheat.
Roy O. Cole, phone -4003 Mynard,
neb. - 4td-2tw
Your ad will carry punch if you
write it as a plain "selling talk" in
stead of trying to fuss it np with
frills and exonerations.
for Friday and Saturday!
3 large cans Montica Pride peaches in syrup. . . .$1.00
3 large cans pineapple in-syrup. 1.00
3 jars White Bear or Housewife jam, asstd. flavors 1.00
4-lb. sack pure buckwheat flour, 35c; 3 for ;1.00
Advo Gold Medal coffee, per lb., 40c; 3 lbs. for. . 1.15
D. & S. coffee, per lb., 40c; 3 lbs. for 1.15
3 lbs. Chase & Sanborn's coffee 1.00
Frank solid pack kraut, per can .18
3 lbs. best Michigan navy beans .25
3 lbs. fancy Blue Rose rice 25
Advo wheat food, 1 24 -lb. package .18
Swift's White Ribbon soap chips, 2 lbs. for .25
Large packages Star Naptha washing powder. . . .19
Large packages Swift's Pride washing powder. . . .19
24 bars white laundry soap 1.00
7 bars Star laundry soap .25
Bulk macaroni and epaghetti, per lb ;15
2 lbs. of choice prunes for -25
10 Discount on ail goods and 5 per cent additional
discount on $10.00 or over, making $10.00 worth of
goods cost $8.55. This is a decided saving and we hope
many will take advantage of it.
on Petition for Appointment of
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, ss.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of
Matthew Gering, deceased.
On reading and filing the petition
of Mia Gering. Barbara Gering and
Rita Tlprnld nr.iviner that administra
the man who puts more than average tioll of said estate may be granted to
energy and brains and care into his Henry It. Gering, as Administrator;
immediate tasks. Ordered, that March 30th. A. D.
TTarri wnv i ta. atn9i uov tn 1 1922, at ten o clock a. m., is assigned
wealth. There are skeleton keys
windfalls but they are freaks of
A promoter was arrested in New
York the other day on the charge of
defrauding people of one million dol
lars by the sale of worthless oillnal, a semi-weekly newspaper print
stocks. The amount lost annually e.d in sa.i(I county, for three succes
through such fraudulent transac
tor hearing said petition, when all
persons interested in .said matter
may appear at a County Court to be
held in and for said county, and
show cause why the prayer of peti
tioner should not be granted; and
that notice of the pendency of said
petition and the hearing thereof be
given to all persons interested in
said ir-atter, by publishing a copy of
this order in the riattsmouth Jour-
tions reach incredible figures. In one
state the officials estimate that the
hundreds of millions thrown away
in get-rich-quick schemes in the last
few years "would be enough to put
the county on its feet financially.
sive weeks, prior to said day of hear
Dated March 3rd. 1Ji22.
m6-3w. .. County Judge.
State of Nebraska, County of Cass,
Blue sky laws and vigilant Dostallss
incntinn .in K(vmPthinpr t-3ri virtue of an execution issued
1 I 'it no IMhortcnn rMo-L- of tbo
saving the people from loses. So can nistrirt Court, ivitlii'n and for Cass
the publication or warnngs against
Jake is a black jack with white
points. Was foaled May 28, 1912.
Is 15 hands high, weight 1150.
Sired by Big Jake, and his dam was
Ladjr Elgin. He is an excellent jack
and has a good reputation as a foal
TEDDY R., 97686
Teddy R. is a fine Percheron stal
lion, black with white hind feet and
right front foot also white. He was
foaled March 30, 1912, and weighs
1900 pounds. His sire was Morton,
67203; by Epateur, 51836. (64349);
by Bolivar, 40111 (46462);' by
Amilcar (19979); by Sultan (4713);
by Bayard (9493); by Estraba. 187
(736); by son of Jean le Blanc
Teddy R. and Jake will make, the
season of 1922 at my home six miles
west of Murray and six miles east of
Manley, every day in the week.
Term3 for Teddy R., $12.50 to In
sure colt to stand and suck. Terms
for Jake. $15.00 to insure colt to
stand and such. When parties .dis
pose of mares or remove from the
locality service fee becomes due and
must be paid immediately. All care
will be taken to prevent accidents
but owner" will not be held respon
sible should any occur.
ounty, Nebraska, and to me direct-
the dangers of ine investment that ed, I will on the 3rd day of April,
promises abnormal returns. But A- p. 1922. at 10 o'clock a. m., of
., , , .. said day, at the south door of the
there still remains the inalienable t h ge , count,. selI at
instinct of the human heart to go public auction to the highest bidder
ahead and make a fool of himself I for cash the following property to-
in speculation if the person wants wit:,
' . I I nts ten Mn nn.l o ovnn 11
City of Plattsmouth, Cass coun-
Tnnted. i a hard school, but most of I tv. Nebraska
us will learn in no other and some the same being levied rrpon and taken acouu mm.
of us not even that. The burnt child . 1 r , iV"'
Ifendant, to satisfy a judgment of said
shims the fire. But the person who court recovered by The Immanuel
has 'been stung in oil usually is only I Hospital. a corporation, plaintiff,
waiting for the mine promoter tojagainst said defendant.
l'lattsinoutn, JseDrasKa, niarcn
A. D. 1922.
Sheriff Cass County,
What does it feel like to die? This
question aroused intense curiosity in
Thure B. Wagelius, brilliant young
chemist and psychic investigator of
Brooklyn, N. Y.
A tlaring scheme to peek behind
the mysterious curtain of death oc
curred to him.
Locked in his labratory, young
Wagelius rigged up an apparatus
that dipped an anesthetic drug into
an inhaler attached to hi3 nostrils.
This had an automatic regulator.
Each ruccessivo experiment. Wag
elius went one drop of drug nearer
to death.
Then, coming out of his stupor,
he wrote down his experiences. !
"I am on the verge of discovering
the great secret of the hereafter,"
he told his friends.
Finally the drug carried him be
yond the curtain showed him what
lies after death. But death is a one
way door. No on will ever know
what Wagelius discovered. He has
been buried.
The mystery of death has been a
matter of deep -thought by every
person 1hat ever lived.
Haller, great philosopher and
physician, watched hispulso on hi3
death bed, hoping to be able to speak
a message an instant after death
claimed him. His last words were,
"My friend3 the artery ceases to
beat." His voice was stilled before
be could impart the secret of the
Harvey, discoverer of the circula
tion of blood, also kept a close watch
on his pulse when he was dying in
1657. He knew the exact instant he
died but was unable to get a mes-
j sage back to the doctors grouped
n H t-H 1 H I I MM f H M"t
5 J
t 2
M 1 i I 1 H t "M-Hl MUM f n
T. B. Tilm
"Out of the Shadows" was shown
in school house Dist. 57, Stove Creek
precinct. The local Farmers Union
asked the Farm Bureau to bring
their moving picture machine and
show some reels. A large crowd was
present and all thought the picture
interesting as well as educational.
The films were also shown at the
Immanuel Lutheran church. A large
and appreciative audience was pres
ent. Rev. Hartman was called by
the Farm Bureau and told that two
reels of "Out of the Shadow" would
be shown in the basement of the
church, the school room and 150
came. It is a pleasing sight to see
this large audience assembled .to
watch educational films. We were
invited to come again.
come around.
Those persons who are speculat
ing when, or whether, the president! ROAD NOTICE
io rin n rnii fipno TTarvovl 1 hom It May Concern
" J I Tho r.nor1 nt Pnnnfv rommissinn-
uugut iu ue jmiexua.uu a. io of rao ,,,.., Xebraska. has
ful way of wasting time. I opened a public road on the section
It would be better, for instance, I line between the SWU of Section
to put In the time speculating when ?ne, aiattn w & l WM"
the robins are going to nest again. nonh ' f ac th!rteen (i3) east
For the robins are going to nesti0f the sixth (6th) P. M., Cass coun
aerain. while the Dresident is not go- I ty. Nebraska, three rods in width, the
i n no u,.,.,. I center line of said hifeli wasr being the i
Whv do men fear death, yet yield
without fear to its twin brother,
Probably because they go to sleep
with a conviction -that they are cer
tain to awaken in the morning,
while death closes the door on mor
tal consciousness and opens the way
into the unknown.
People have an instinctive fear of
what they do not understand. The
savage is terrified at the explorer
who can remove his glass eye. But
explain the glass eye to the savage
and he loses his fear.
Our ancestors of 500 years ago
would die of fright if they could
come to life and see our movies, elec
Treating Potatoes for Scab
The most effective method is to
treat the potato before it is cut. Uae
one pint of formaldehyde to 30 gal
lons of water and let soak for one
hour. Spread out so they will dry,
and then cut to plant.
Poisoning, the Gopher
Now is the time to poison the
gopher, just as he begins to work. A
small supply of gopher poisoning may
be had at the Farm Bureau office.
Use any poison that is effective,
usually strychnine in some form is
best. Some farmers have used the
gopher tablet successfully.
Sow and Litter Club
Nehawka has organized a "Sow
and Litter" club of five members,
with Harry Knabe as leader. Harry
was the champion pig raiser of the
state of Nebraska for the year" of
1921, so the boys have a fine leader.
It is true there have been some . . f damages must be filed
presidents who would have recalled I jn the office of the County Clerk on
George Harvey. It is true also there I or before noon of the 11th day of
have been some Presidents who never I Ma"'. A- D- 192-. .... ci,
.. . , . . . .,1 Witness my hand and seal this Sth
would have appointed him. But the d of March A. D. ig22.
either of those categories. County Clerk of Cass," ' . '
There may be several reasons why (Seal) ml6-4w. County.
President Harding is not going to re-1 t-nTinv
call George Harvey, but there is one ,,! Will sell at auc
ll unvivi'D"'" -
We, too, would be terrified if we
could look into the future 500 years
or beyond the grave. Progress is
slow because 'the human brain can
not stand too rapid change. Curtains
Of course, It is exciting to sup
pose that the Chicago fire was start
ed by an incendiary, but it 13 hard
ttn-ssuuicieui. reason, cut: a.u ueiuj, tJon to tne nigiiest. Dioaer ior , to prove So after scratching around
the reason why be appointed George at the south front door of the court-,
all-sufficient reason, the same being Lion to the highest, bidder for cash'
tt j s. it. .,. ji.. hnnsi in ' (ittmou in. v..a tuuni..
iieDrasKa, un munu - - w"'e"--" " r v.-, j a -
Country. t 'iorv- a:m.. salt! ODen for One na t-.n Vir nnnnunolntr that he flr
Mr. Harding knows Mr. Harvey hmir nil tho nersonal property of .... j
too well to incur his undying enmity Jthe J. H. E. Egenberger estate -which , fQcf
by recalling, him from London, jus, is located in on "
lilOCK 26. ol riilLLuJuutu, j " " "
as Mr. Harding knew Mr. Harvey too
ty, Nebraska.
well to deny his heart's desire by re- NORA L. EGENBERGER,
fusinar to send Mm to London. m9-4w. Administratrix
When will the robins nest again?
Hemstitching and picoting attach
ment; fits all sewing machines.
Price $2; checks 10c extra. Lights
Fordson tractors reduced to $395. jail Order House, Box 127, Binning
Blank Books at the Journal Office. Plattsmouth Motor Co. - w. ham, Ala.
New York, March 20. For the
first time in the country's history
more persons are employed in fac
tories than on farms, according to
statistics made public today by the
National City bank showing fluctu
ations since 15u.
Women gainfully occupied in
creased from 2.647,000 in 1880 to
8,904,000 dn 1920 or about 221 per
cent, while the percentage of males
grew only about 124 per cent from
14,745,000 in 1880 to 33,059,000.
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, S3.
In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of John
H. Becker, deceased.
To the creditors of said estate:
You are hereby notified that I will
sit at the County Court room in
I'lausmouin in said county on April
22. 1922. and July 22. 1922. at 9 r
o'clock a. m.t on each day. to recti ;
and examine all claims against said I
estate, with a view to their adjust-I
ment and allowance. Th tim n i
ited for the presentation of claim. I
against said estate is three months i
from the 22nd day of Anril A -n '
1922. and the time limited for pay-
ment of debts is one year from said :
22nd day of April, 1922. i
witness ray hand and th v
said County Court, this 20th day of
March, 1922. ' '
Seal ro.23.4w . County Judge. 5
Coates Block Second Floor