The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, March 16, 1922, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    THURSDAY, MARCH 16, 1822.
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
If my of the readers of the
Journal knov of any social
event or Item of luierest Id
this vicinity, and will mail
ime to this office, it will ap
pear under this heading. We
want all newslteros Editor
An Excellent Line of Cows
All the cows in and near Murray ;
who took the examination for being !
igood safe milkers without tubercu
losis, all passed with high grades,
i While the owners of some of . the ani
jmals were fearful that they would
! not get passing grades their fears
jwere groundless for all passed. Now
no one can have any fear from bad
Here to Serve You!
A bank is one of the elements of safety in a com
munity as well as one. which renders service to all of
the members of the community. .We are glad to solve
your problems when it is possible. Make this bank
your office when in town. We are pleased to give you
the best service possible. '
If you are puzzled about some financial proposi
tion, come in and we will talk it over and endeavor to
find a solution.
The Bank of Service
Jl.Fl n fl
I "i-' j .-"fassia.Ji.i'J jam
We Are Needing the
When the times were close I trusted a number of
my friends for supplies from the store. Since then the
firm has changed and the accounts should be settled.
Please call at the store of Wilson & Puis where I
will be found with the books for settlement. Do not
nesrlect to settle these accounts as I want to close the
Specials fsr Wesk-End Shoppers!
Special prices for the week-end shoppers. Here
you find quality merchandise and prices you like to pay.
Dates, fresh stock, large size pkg., 2 for $ .25
Seedless raisins in bulk, thoroughly cleaned, lb. . . .25
Dried apples, large white stock, lb 25
Prunes, 70-80, oversize in grade, fine quality, lb.. . .15
Blue ribbon dried peaches, practically peeled, lb. . .25
Jack Spratt apricots, per can, 35c, three for 1.00
J. M. peaches, per can 35c, three for 1.00
Loganberries, solid pack, gallon can size 90
Roast beef, quality like home steralizing,-2-lb- can .35
Hominy, large size cans, fine quality, 2 cans for. . .25
Bulk oatmeal. 5-lb. cloth sacks, special 25
Corn flakes, 3 packages for 25
Cream of Wheat, per pkg .25
Armour's extra quality oatmeal, per pkg 30
Cocoa in bulk, no cans to pay for, 2 lbs. for 25
Cocoanut in bulk, per lb 25
Labor Saver soap, 6 bars for .25
Swift's Pride white laundry soap, 20 bars for. . . . 1.00
Matches, sure strike kind, white tip, per box . . . .05
Here is an extra good saving in the dry goods
you need for Spring Sewing
36-inch Corona percale, light patterns, gray
checks, small plaids and stripes. Per yard. . .$ .16
36-inch percales, patterns in checks, small plaids
dots and figures. Per yard .20
36-inch Curtain scrims, pretty flowered borders,
special low price, per yard -15
36-inch bleached muslin, soft finish, no starch,
fine for underwear. Per yard. .18
36-inch India linen, very sheer and free from im
perfections. A 35c quality. Special, per yd. . . .25
1 8-inch bleached Turkish toweling, per yd. ...... .19
-Fresh Vegetables and Fruits Highest
Market Prices for Produce.
i EE Soennichsen & Go,
Telephone No. 12. Murray, Nebraska.
Frank Vallery was looking after
some business matters in Murray last
Tuesday afternoon. ' - .
M. G. Churchill was looking after
business and attending the auto show
at Omaha last Wednesday.
E. Hinkle wa3 visiting in Omaha
last Wednesday and also was in at
tendance at the Auto show.
The Richter Brothers were sawing
! wood with' their engine and saw rig
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. A.
The little ones of Raymond Henry
who have been so severely ill are all
doing nicely at this time though still
very sick.
Mr. Greeu Piggot was a visitor in
Plattsmouth last Tuesday, being in
attendance at the proceedings of the
district court. ,
Ben Dill shipped a car load of
hogs to the South Omaha market last
Monday which brought him very
satisfactory prices.
Raymond, Kenry and Edward Mur
ray were visiting in the county seat
last Thursday being in attendance
at the district court.
All the folks at the home of A. K.
Englekemeier are having a tussel
with the mumps, and are reported as
getting along nicely.
Mrs. James Hatchett. who has
ben ill at her home for the past two
weeks, is reported as being consid
erably better at this time.
J. II. Brown was looking after
some business matters in Platts
mcuth last Tuesday, driving over to
the county seat in his auto.
Gig Meyers of Weeping Water, ac
companied by Judge Buck, were look
ing after some business matters in
Murray last Tuesday afternoon.
Dr. G. H. Gilmore reported a new
girl baby at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Earl Wolfe, and with everybody
happy over the very joyous event.
A. C. Carey and son, Samuel Carey
were visiting in Murray last Tuesday
from their home at Mynard. and were
visiting at the home of Mr. James
Otto Lutz. who is going to. farm
west of Murray this season, was as
sisting in unloading some cars of
coal for the Farmers Elevator com
pany. Messrs W. A. T-ewis and George I.
Llcyd were looking after come busi
ness matters in Plattsmouth last
Tuerday, driving over in the auto of
Mr. Lloyd.
Dr. J. F. Brendel announces a
fine young American as having ar
rived at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Al Leonard, and with all concerned
getting along nicely.
James Gilmore of near Broken
Bow, passed through Murray a few
days since on his way to the home
of his brother Wilson Gilmore, where
he is going for a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mrasek were vis
iting in Omaha last Tuesday, driving
up in their auto where they went to
look after some business as well as to
visit at the Auto show.
A. J. McNatt, who lives south of
Plattsmouth, was a visitor in Murray
last Tuesday and tells of beins trou
. bled a great deal with inflamatory
! rheumatism, which is very painful.
Jesse Domingo of Weeping Water
'was a business visitor in Murray
! last Tuesday, driving over in his
, car and looking after the interest of
'subscriptions to the Omaha Daily Bee
J and Omaha Daily News.
I "J. A. Seotten was a business visitor
:in Nehawka last Monday, driving
j over in his auto, and was a visitor
I at the Sheldon concrete mixer fac
j tory. where he went to secure a new
mixer to use in his business,
j Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wegener, who
I formerly resided in this vicinity, but
j who have been making their home at
I Franklin, Indiana, have just removed
, to Indianapolis, where they will make
i their home at 1G3C Fletcher street.
I Henry C. Long, who has been feel
; ing very poorly for a number of
i weeks past is some better at this time
J and was able to go to Plattsmouth
last Monday to look after some busi
ness, making the trip up on the bus.
G. M. Minford shipped three cars
of cattle last Sunday evening to Om
aha, having in the thre cars 63 head
of very fine steers, which while the
the price was some off neted him a
very satisfactory amount for the cat
tle he fed this spring.
Mrs. Paul Peterson, of Omaha, was
a visitor in Murray last week, the
guest of her son Edmund, and while
here enjoyed an invitation to meet
with the Missionary society at the
home of Mrs. 1). Spangler, which
she enjoyed very much.
A. L. Baker, known to everybody
in Murray, and who is now located
at Lincoln was a visitor for but a
; few hours in Murray last Friday and
' was driven by T. J. Brendel to Weep
'ing Water, where he caught the train
I for his home at Lincoln.
Messrs. Banning and Niekles have
just unloaded another car of lumber
at the yards in Murray, and find
business picking up nicely, with the
coming of spring, and like many
other people are gaining faiih in the
rapid return of prosperity.
Albert Bartlett, who recently re
turned from the south, has engaged
with W. H. Wehrbein for the eum-
:mer, and he and Mr. Wehrbein were
busy last Tuesday getting the harness
in readiness for the summer's Tjork,
which will begin iu a short time.
There is joy at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Floyd Woods, the cause be
ing the arrival of a fine young son
to this estimable couple. Floyd has
had the most to say about the house
hold here-to-fore, but he is put on
the blink by the young son now.
Frank Anderson of Union, was a
visitor in Murray last Tuesday, driv
ing up to take W. B. Banning home.
Ezra Albin. cf near Union, and!
Herbert Thacker of Plattsmouth were
locking after some business matters
in Murray last Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. O. A. Davis, who has been
making very satisfactory gains since
her return from Omaha, where she
was in the hospital for some time,
was able to make a trip with her hus
band to Plattsmouth last Monday,
suli'eiing no inconvenience from the
Phillip Lambert was painting the
B. A. Root building and getting it
ready for a restaurant which is to be
placed therein in a short time. Mr.
Fred Ilaller and wife of Omaha will
soon come to Murray to establish
: restaurant and ice cream parlor in
the building.-
Reports from the bedside of Mrs.
Glen Boedeker, who is convalescing
nt the hospital In Omaha, where some
lime since she underwent an opera
tion for appendicitis, aro to the effect
thst she i3 getting clong nicely, and
- iioping to be able to return home
in the near future.
At tha home cf Harold Hull there
arrived a young son and heir a few
days since, and there is now a great
dei'.l of joy at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Hull, grandparents of
this little American who has just
arrived. Well of course the fond
parents are rejoicing as well.
Earnest Baker, who has farmed
the place of Dr. J. H. Hall, of Platts
mouth for the past year, has moved
to nsar Weeping Water, where he is
farming for the present year. The
farm is being looked after now by
another man named John Baker, who
has rented the place from Dr. Hall.
You will note in the ad of Dr.
Taylor that he has changed his loca
tion and that his telephone is not
60. he having rented the home of
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Virgin, where
he and family are now nicely located.
Dr. Taylor says business is fine and
that he is kept busy attending calls
for his services.
Jack West has had a new walk
plated along the fide of his place of
I-.usiness and a door cut into the
room in the rear o f the business
room, where lie will serve ice cream
and have a place for the ladies who
wish to patronize an ice cream par
or nr.d will keep an excellent place
for the accommodation of the public.
W. L. Killy of Omaha, a member
-f the Noyes Killy Motor company,
was a visitor in Murray last Sunday,
being a guest at the home of Mr.
nd Mrs. James Hatchett, where
Mrx. Killy, who is a cousin of Mrs.
Hatthett. is staying for the present.
Ccn Rhoden shelled corn last Wed-"ie.-dr.y
and delivered the same at the
Fanners Elevatcr company.
Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Root were call
el to Union last Monday by the death
of Grandma Marinda Peck, who was
a relative of Mr. and Mr3. Root. They
returned home on Monday evening",
and on Tuesdajievening Mrs. Root
departed for Canton, Ohio, where
she will visit for some time at the
home of relatives. Mr. Root will look
after some business matters for a
short time.
W. B. Banning, of Union, and a
member of the firm of Banning &
Niekles of Murray, was a visitor in
Murray last Tuesday," coming to as
sist in the making of the income tax
report for the firm. Mr. Niekles
found business so good that he was
not able to find time to furnish the
report, and as the time was rapidly
slipping away, it was necessary to
have some assistance.
During the two nights of this
week, while they were the closing
ones for the meetings which have
been in progress at the Christian
church, they have bden filled with
interest and "many have been in at
tendance. Rev. E. M. Johnson, who
has conducted the meetings, is a
most able and eloquent speaker and
has drawn many to the services. It
is expected that a regular minister
will be called for the work here.
Will Preach. Sunday
The Rev. Goodell, who is a minis
ter Just completing his course at
Cotner University, will deliver the
discourse at the morning service at
the Christian church on next Sunday
morning. He comes with the idea of
becoming a minister for the church
should the congregation extend him
a call.
Fencing' for Sale
120 rods of four foot woven wire
fencing, also one iron pump, 25 feet
of pipe. All in good condition. One
mile east and one mile north of Mur
ray. Guy Murray. m9-2w.
Mother Very Sick
Mr.;. G. W. McCracken received
word of the serious illness of her
mother, Mrs. R: L. Johnson, of Ori
ent, Iowa,-and hastened to her bed
side, and was accompanied by Eliza
beth. The mother is feeling some
better and Elizabeth keeps writing
home giving instructions as to how
her father should keep house.
S. C. Rhode Island Red eggs for
hatching, $5.00 per hundred. -Mrs.
Guy Wiles, Murray. lmo-d&w
Charles Kennedy Sick
Charles Kennedy was taken some
days since with pneumonia.' and is
kept to his home, and a very sick
man. He is being given the best
medical attention and nursing, and
while he is very sick, he is Iioping
that he may soon be on the road to
health again. His many friends
here are also hoping that they may
see him out again soon.
Celebrate Passing of Anniversary
Last Saturday night, after the
closing of business at tha store, when
W. H. Puis returned to his home he
found a large number of his friends
and neighbors at his home with bas
kets of good eats galore, and as they
had taken possession of the home
the proceeded to make a most pleas
ant evening for themselves and their
host-guest. The time was spent in
games and music, cards occupying a
considerable portion of the time. On
departing they extended the wish
that the next forty-six years would
be better and more prosperous than
those which have just gone by.
You Will Save Money!
When you trade with the "Service Store" you will
save money, both when you purchase the goods which
we are selling at a very low figure and also will receive
more when you sell your produce here-
We are now carrying a full line cf Sewing Ma
chine needles and can furnish you all parts and repairs
that are needed.
Wilson & Puis,
The Service Store
Murray, Nebraska
Have Unfortunate Accident
A few nights since while four of
the young men of Murray were driv
ing into Plattsmouth, they being
Mesrs Ed Peterson, Charles Green,
Morton Bartlett find T. J. Brendel,
they met a car driven by Virgil Ar
nold, and upon the running board of
his car was a young man riding by
name. Ed Fitchorn, who as he got
but a short distance in front of the
car in which the men were riding, j
alighted and his car going at a fair
rate of speed, though Mr. Arnold was
stepping it, Mr. Fitchorn was thrown
in front of the car of the Murray
hoys, which was driven by Charles
Green. Mr. Fitchorn, while not fall
ing, was not tble to get out of the
way of the coming car, and Mr. '
Green seeing the impending impact
botwen Mr. Fitchorn and their car, ;
diverted its course, running over the
curb, but not being able to prevent ,
hitting Mr. Fitchorn, who was con-'
f-fde'rably bruised and had one of
his less fractured. The young men
immediately stopped and rendered !
what assistance they could. Mr. Ar
nold said "Put him in my car and I '
will hasten to the doctor with him." ;
The accident was very unfortunate as
all wre endeavoring to prevent the
occurrance, Mr. Fitchorn himself try
ing to keep from being hit. by the car,
aD also Mr. Greene tried to prevent
hitting him.
iimisi Shoo!
We are nov; located in our new quarters and pre
pared for ail work which comes our way. Wc ave ready
to care for your needs, and will gladly meet all compe
tition in both prices and quality of work.
ftlany PepSe are Building!
More are contemplat-ng building. Don't watt to long.
Have us put in an estimate on the building -which you want
done We will be pleased to serve you.
J. fl. .SCOTTEH, Ocm'radcr
Passing the Four Score Mark
Lest Sunday being the 80th birth
day of Uncle Ben Beckman, Mr. and
Mrs. Louis Iteinackle held a family
gathering and prepared a fine big
dinner for his children and grand
children. In the afternoon a num
ber of friends called and the time
was spent very pleasantly. Towards;
evening a dainty luncheon was serv-j
ed. Mrs. B. J. Augustine made andj
presented Grandfather Beckman a
beautiful birthday cake holding 80
candles, which were blown out by
him and his two great grandchild
ren. He received many other nice
presents. Those in attendance were
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Augustine and
family; Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Augustine
and family; Mr. John Beckman and
two sons; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Itein
ackle and family; Mr. and Mrs. W.
D. Wheeler and son Percy; Mr. and t
Mrs. Wm. Sporer and sons Chester
and Charles.
Giifo the Hens a Ohanee!
Kill the mites and other vermia. We have the solution.
The Disinfectant, the White Wash and the Lice Killer.
We would like to tell all about it.
anning tickles,
S. C. White Leghorn English strain
eggs for hatching, $4.00 per 100.
Fhone 115-J.
For Sale
Single comb Rhode Island Red.
large type dark red. $1.50 each. Call
phone 16. tf-w
Murray, Neb.
Many Attend Hearing.
Last Tuesday the case where
Worth Click was the plaintiff and
ITptirr Tv"i vfVi or u4 fl o f o n rl u n t wn
attended by a number of people of
Murray and vicinity. The case wa3
one where suit was brought for
damages, and the verdict gave the
plaintiff one dollar damages.
Caught a Wolf Last Week
Willis Raton and a nninhpr nf
others who were interested in catch
insr some wolves, chased one for a
number of miles and as he was pass
ing the home of David Eaton in the
Sciota bottoms last Saturday even
ing, the dog of Mr. Eaton ran out.
being fresh and throttled the well
nigh exhausted beast.
Specialist on Swine and
Cattle Diseases
Will receive calls at resi
dence, Murray. Phone No. 50
We have a large 2-ton G. M. C. truck
which is equipped for hauling Cattle,
Hogs, Sheep, Grain, Household Goods,
and in fact anything that can be hauled
by Truck.
Our prices are reasonable One trial will p:ovc it!
Jaek We
To saw at our saw mill. Will start
sawing abouth March 20th. Logs
sawed into any dimension lumber
you request. '
Bring in your logs now. First
come, first served.
Sheldon Mfg. Go,,
Nehawka, Neb.
Spring is at Our
Sure we are ready for its coining, with all kind of
farming machinery, seeds, both for the field and the
Come see us for anything you may want. Wc can
save you money and give you the test service-
We make a specialty fcr accurate and quick serv
ice in any and all repairs.
Peterson Hardware Co.
E. L. PETERSON, Manager