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Cbe plattsmouth lournal
Kotered at Postofrice. Plattsmouth. Neb., aa second-class mall matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
The blessing of tho Lord, it mak-
eth rich, and lie addeth no sorrow
with it. Prov. 10-22.
Spring is just around the corner of
the coal bin.
The real yellow peril ian't a race,
but a streak.
Any man who has a smart son be
lieves in heredity.
Modern silk hats were firt worn
in Ensl-md in 1S40.
Oregon yrc luco-s about 70.C00.000
dozen ejrgs aiinuilly.
What worries cor.gre.j is whcthD
farmers can raise a majority.
Paris collected 27,000,000 francs
in amusement taxes last year.
During the mild flu epidemic the
wise doctor puts his patient to bed
as the onlv sure way to make hini
take his medicine regularly.
Germany has paid 6,487,856,000
gold marks on account to the allies,
and that's doing pretty well for a
country that said iit simply couldn't
be done. '
The government is going to get
2', income tax returns, the treas
ury estimates. How fortunate It is
for the government that this is a
rich country.
. , :o: I
.. that the United States nas
utTfinittly declined to participate in
the Genoa conference it looks as tho
Europe would have to do its own
Mr. Lenine saj-s Russia must be
I -will turn their mourning into
joy, and will comfort them. Jer
There was a man who fancied that,
By driving good and fast,
He'd get ,his car across the tracks
Before the train came past;
He'd miss the engine by an inch,
And make the trains hands sore.
There was a man who fancied that
There isn't any more.
Red birds and (blue birds are here.
The peace of Ireland passeth all
. :o:
Come in tomorrow and" buy your
self rich in bargains.
Mary Pickford'u income for two
years was $1,123,625, according to
court testimony in New York.
The president of the United States
makes that much in fifteen years.
The average unskilled laborer in
eastern steel mills makes 24 cents an
hour, would have to toil 2265 years
to make as much as Mary gets in
two years.
Salaries of movie stars are almost
as great marvels as the actual mov
ing picture invention.
The tremendous incomes of movie
stars illustrates a point that should
be indelible in the brain of anyone
trying to 'get rich. This is the point:
If Mary Pickford, for instance, ap
peared on the stage and had only one
person or a few for an audience, her
function of the tongue?
England devotes about' 40.000 j treated as an equal at the Genoa
conference, which seems proper en
ough. Russia is broke as flat as any
body probably.
acres to the cultivation of hops.
Topaz derives its name from To
pazos, an island in the Red Sea.
Features of most Japanese wed
dings is a bonfire of the bride's toys.
Navy blue was a fashionable color
for women's clothes 2,000 years ago.
When you come out of the little
end of the horn turn around and
A diplomat is a fellow who always
remembers a woman's birthday and
forgets her age.
n : o
Some men provide the finances for
their lam Llies. while their wives pro
vide the conscience.
After making out the income tax
mo.-t f us look like accidents cciu
ing back from happenings.
An editor is one whose l.usiness it
is to separate the wheat from the
chaff and then. publish tie chaft.
With that Z 150,000 Will Hays is
drawing still on his mind, it costs
almost as much to get a cabinet
member out of Washington as it
costs ,a senator to get, in.
Our memory goe3 back to the time
when a good church member could
fall down the cellar steps and get
hurt if he wanted to without arous
ing the slightest suspicion.
If a gift from Rockefeller to some
school increases the price of gaso
line a cent a gallon, what will hap
pen when he gives his granddaugh
ter to a 'Swis3 riding master.
It is becoming a tiresome afflic
tion, to hear so frequently what the
state is doing for its citizens. By and
through the state the citizen is doing
it himself, and paying roundly for it
besides. , j
I: ' :o: - - .
Baseball fans complain that the
Why don't chatter teeth usurp the income would only be a few dollars
a day. Such performers were the pro
fessional story tellers of medieval
Bagdad or modern Japan.
Then a theatre is built and Mary
can play to a couple of thousand peo
ple at each performance. Her income
increases abreast of 4he number she
The invention of the moving pic
ture has enabled Mary to appear be
fore an unlimited number of audi
ences simultaneously. Each member
contributing his mite. The total of
mites swells into an enormous sal
ary for the performer.
The principle behind all of this
Fried chicken crop is a sure thing. ls the application of mass production!
The little peepers are coming on by Q human service the performing of
tne Hundreds.
' We've had about everything by ra
dio except petting parties.
:o: : -
Scientific study of electricity be
gan in the sixteenth century.
It is far easier to rturn a compli
ment tbaji- a borrowed umbrella.
Vassar students have pledged $100
each to raise the teachers salaries.
More than 9,000,000 persons live!
within 50 miles of New York City
Men, all of whom are animated by
vanity and egotism," constantly are
covering, they have problems they
imagine are of stupendous import
They notice, especially -lately, that
women do not pay mu3h attention to
what men consider solemn problems.
(Hence, the men reason, women
must be surface thinks. The men dis
cuss" this among themselves, and nod
jrravely. "You tickle me. I tickle
Women who reason only in the
subconscious or instinct, realize that
little is Important except making 11
living tor tho family and perpetuat
ing the human race by having child
ren. That is sound thinking funda
mental. Women (.oiicltii themselves
only with tho really important.
Hence they yawn when the men be
ccme excited about nothing.
When you secure your school sup
plies, call at the Journal olficc nrtt
and examine our lin? of pencils, tab
lets and general school supplies.
They are the left on thc-markct.
A Cass county man who found twin
calves in his barn February 22 nam
ed them George and Martha.
In the County Court of Cass coun
ty, Nebraska.
State of Nebrasla, County of Casits,
To George F. MeCauloy. Charles N.
McCauley, Doris Tulisalo, James M.
Piittercon, Donald S. Patterson, and
1 in the estate
Time of Appearance in House Awaits;
Return of Speaker Gillett
Treasury Questioned.
Washington, March 14. A sol
diers bonus bill with the bank loan
provision was ordered favorably re
ported today by the houe ways and
means committee. The vote was 19
to 5. Three democrats, Kitchin, Gar
ner and Collier, and two republicans,
Treadway and Tilson, voted against
the measure.
By the same vote the committee
rejected an amendment under which
tho bonus would have been financed
by ai sides tax.
Clriirnian Fordney plans to sub
mit hi.s loinml report tomorrow or
Thursday, but ald the time of call
ing tho measure up in the house
would not 'be fixed definitely until
after the it-turn of Speaker Gillett,
who'l.-i hi Florida with President
Itt'prtveiitativM Fordney said he did
not expert Speaker Gillett to bring
Workers and Employers Adjourn and
Call Off All Proposal Made
Chicago Rule Adverse.
New York, March 13. Negotia
tions between executives of the fifty-two
eastern railroads and repre
sentatives of conductors' trainmens'
unions looking toward a new agree
ment as to wages and working ven
ditions, were broken off late today
without any settlement having been
Announcement of the breaking off
of negotiations was contained In the
following statement Issued by the bu
reau of information:
"The conferences between certain
carriers represented by the confer
ence committee of managers of east
ern railroads and conductors, and
the trainmen represented by the Or
der of Railway Conductors and the
Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen,
which have been held on various
dates beginning February 16, 1922,
were adjourned today, it (being ap-
iny mchHiijio on the bonus from the parent that a mutually satisfactory
. , to all persons interested in the eU for the greatest number of lf IlaJret A McCauley. decensesl:
The more people you assist or en
tertain, the greater your income.
Often you comment along these
lines: Einstein a super scientist of
I the Eort that appears once in cen
turies, makes less money than the in
ventor of some trifling thing like
the Eskimo Pie, ice cream cone or
safety pin.'
The answer to this is Einstein
serves only a small and limited num
iber of customers scientists while
Herbert Corey says oysters may be ; the other inventors 'serve million?.
Commission form of government is
what Plattsmouth needs a cheaper
and much betttr form of government.
K :o:-
A scientist says pretty women fre
quently have brains, but even this
optimist doesn't hold out much hope
for the pretty man.
A western senator says the senate name of the Umpire-in-Chief, Kene-
ralio telephony the old
There's Music in "the Air"
talks too much. Well, is there any
thing that can be done about it?
When it conies to viewing with
alarm. La FoIIette can make Borah
look like a star-spangled optimLst.
Now with
takes on an entirely new meaning.
It's no wonder the president need
ed a vacation in Florida.' He person
ally made out his own income tax re
turn. :o:
Most folks are of the opinion that
the regular income tax blank is hard
enough, without the addd Instruc
tions. :o:
Aren't we Americans funny? It
water was as scarce as hootch we'd
be paying the same fabulous sums
for it.
I ff'(y.V-.vX-'v'''r:4v''1 I! tte rules r sanitation and kiss h
l& V-.7 I on the back of the neck. But
I c rf 'crV---' "T'y':'r ''! wou1'1 seem to a ticklish task th
I K v.' :i'i'v '", '--V, 1 1 noDocu hair days, and sneezing,
I fZ'" CT'f -;--. -? g' Know, scatters even more
-JL-KuL r.: '"LZA 8 than kissinjr
"It don't take a man long to
bag his pants at the knees.,
and to make a finely tailored
suit look thoroughly disrepu
table that's the man' of it,"
avers Dainty Dorthy.
But she goes on to explain
that the man who is making
u.e of our cleaning, steaming
and pressing services is keep
ing his clothes in much more
presentable condition than
when he got acquainted with
us. And It doesn't cost much,
Goods Called for and Delivered
saw Mountain Landis, is too hard to
say. They might appeal to the board
on geographic names and- have a
simplified form adopted.
"Other women may do as they
please about their skirts," ymark
ed one matron, "but as for me, so
long as these cute bobbei hair flap
pers are in evidence, believe me It
is self defense for yours truly."
:o: -
Oklahomans seem to have their
politics down to a point whore it re
tains all the fun cf politics in other
states, together with enoug.".i actual
personal and moral danger in it to
ma'iie it a real sporting proposition.
: :o:
Europe's earpost plea that Ameri
ca should come into its game over
there has at last been heeded. The
American government has put in a
claim for a sufficient share of the
German reparations to defray the
cost of the American army on the
A germ crank fays that if one
girl, he should observe
A feminist says, equal rights for
women are improving men. Maybe,
but even the most highly improved
husband of tho modern woman can
not work buttonholes andoverhaul
a last year's lres to make it look
like a 1922 model in addition
ing the cooking and house cleaning.
: 0:0
Lillian Russell in Europe investi
gating conditions saysN congress
should be rent to Europe to learn
the truth about things there. But'
wouldn't that put this country in
the position cf shoving our troubles
over into another country which Is
already overburdened?
The Department of Agriculture is
interesting itself in watermelon acre
age. l advises farmers in the melon
states to plant only f u-:h acreage as
they can cultivate conveniently and
which wil make a crop that can be
marketed to advantage, stressing ra
ther the staple' crops. .Last year the
melon growers over produced -with
the result that they took some severe
punishment. And so acreage reduc
tion this year should he the watch
word of those who ordinarily pro
duce melons on an extensive scale.
bought for 5 cents a dozen on the
west Mexican coast. What a para
dise for church aid societies!
Anyway, "Uncle Joe" Cannon, af
ter serving 46 years in congress and
smashing all records, is a gun that
it can never be said was premature
ly discharged.
Plattsmouth is certainly fortun
ate on the snow question. North,
east, south and west of us they are
having more snow than they want,
we have had -very little during the
entire winter. 1
:o: I
Seven or eight years ago Nebras
ka City adopted commission form of
government and have never seen the
hour they desired to change back.
What is good for Nebraska City
would certainly prove beneficial to
This department has never lived
up north where the winters are se
vere, and we wonder if ice is in the
habit of breaking up and flowing
down the big river the night of a
big blizzard, or if that is strictly a
D. W. Griffith achievement.
A germophobiac says kiss a girl
on the nape of the neck to avoid dan
ger of pyorrhea or other infections.
Great plan for the stage lover, who
always makes love to the heroine
down the back of the neck in order
that both may face the audience.
On the heels of the discovery in
the south of "truth serum" comes
announcement from Northwestern
university of an "anti-cowardice ser
um." But how many will care to live
in a world where everybody not only
tells the truth, but tells it without
each contributing his mite to the in
ventor. In any scheme to get rich don't
forget the importance of doing some
thing that will serve a multitude.
There is infinitely more wealth in
inventing a shoe lace with a tip that
can't come off, than originating a
costly fashion or anything else that
can have only a limited number of
customers. .
Greatest profits' come ffom serv
ing the greatest numbers. Hemy
Ford found that out, years ago.
For Sale: Six room cottage. North
Sixth street. Modern except furnace.
Price $2,550. Also two fine resi
dence lots on North Eighth street.
Price S600. R. B. Windham.
LUNGARDIA is "without a rival"
in ordinary or deep-seated Coughs
and Colds, difficult breathing, and
for the relief of whooping cough.
The wonderful results following
its use will astonish you and make
you its life-long friend. Your
money back, if you have ever used
its equal. Danger lurks where
there is a cough or cold. Safe for
all ages. 60c and f 1.20 per bottle.
Manufactured by Lungardia Co.,
Dallas, Texas." For sale by
.Weyrich & Hadraba
Can You Use Some
If you want to earn some extra mon
ey in your SPARE TIME, show your
friends and neighbors a new and
handy household article, wanted in
every home. NO MONEY REQUIRED.
I must have .a representative in each
town and community. Write me TO
DAY, NOW before you forget It. A
post card will do.-
Plattsmouth . :
Building a home is the greatest
fun in the world. Anyone who ha
tried it will bear witness. There is
a unique satisfaction in making the
plans and then watching them take
shape in wood or stucco or brick
Finally, it is something to be able
to say:
"We have built ourselves a real
monument. The city has an added at
tractiveness because of what we have
done. We are city builders." For the
most satisfaction home building
ought to begin years before the ac
tual work of construction. As a fam
ily lives in rented houses its mem
bers begin to realize what features
they like and what they dislike Do
they. 'want a center hall arrange
ment? Or are they pleased with the
dining rwoin off the living room?
What height of ceiling particularly
appeals? Would they be unhappy
without a sun room? What is the
verdict as to a sleeping porch? There
ought to be a large store of clippings
accumulated in anticipation of the
time of planning; clipping from
newspapers, from magazines, notes
Jotted down from observation of oth
er houses, or from books. All sorts
of tentative plans should be sketch
ed out. or perhaps built out of blocks.
Jf possible, as the building time ap
proaches and the architect, is found,
the preliminary study he submits
should be allowed to rest for weeks
though this is a counsel of per
fection and rarely observed: the
thrill of getting to work is too great
and mulled over, Ideas are bound
to occur which may be embodied in
the scheme. Too hasty action often
brings regrets later.
- AVlw says that a negro cannot
get Justice in a southern court? Let
Lillie Taylor of Louisiana an&wer.
Lillie's claim to $15,000,000 worth
of oil lands have just been upheld
by the supreme court of her state,
with the result that, while only a
few days ago she was a scrub wo
man, she is today the richest negress
In the world.
The movie players have joined to
make a "self defense film" on the
subject of real life in Hollywood.
The first naif of the film will show
movie life as gossip has represented
it "as it really is." If movie lire is
-what the ones on the inside say it
is, perhaps the last half should bo
On reading the petition of George
F. McCauley and Charles N. McCaul
ey, praying that the instrument filed
in this court on the 21t day of
February, 192, and purporting to
be the last will and testament of the
said deceased, may be proved and
allowed, and recorded as the last will
and testament of Harriet A. McCaul
ey, deceased; that said instrument
be admitted to probate, and the ad
ministration of said estate be grant
ed to Thomas M. Patterson, as ad
ministrator, with vill annexed;
It is hereby ordered that you, and
all persons interested in said :uatter,
may, and do, appear, at the County
Court to be held in and for said coun
ty, on the 18th flay of Hiirch, A. D.
1222. at 10:00 o'clock a. ni., to show
cause, if any there he, why the
prayer of the petitioners should not
be granted, and that notice of the
pendency of said petition, and that
the hearing thereof be given to all
persons interested in said matter by
publishing a copy of this Order in
the Plattsmouth Journal, a semi
weekly newspaper printad in said
county, for three successive weeks
prior to said day of hearing.
Witness my band, and real of said
court, this 24th day of February, A.
D. 1922.
(Seal) f27-3w. County Judse.
on Petition for Appointment of
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
ty, ss.
" In the County Court.
In the matter of the estate of
Matthew Gering, deceased.
On reflding and riling the petition
of Mia Gering, Barbara Gering and
Eda Ilerold praying that administra
tion of said estate may be granted to
Henry R. Gering, as Administrator;
Ordered, that March 30th. A. D.
1922. at ten o'clock a. iu., is assigned! fjan
lor hearing said petition, when all
persons interested in said matter
may appear at a County Court to be
held in and for said county, and
show cause why the prayer of peti
tioner should not be granted; and
that notice, of the pendency of said
petition and the hearing thereof be
given to all persons interested in
said r:atfc-r, by publishing a copy of
this order in the Plattsmouth Jour
nal, a semi-weekly nswppaper print
ed in said county, for three succes
sive weeks, prior to said day of hear
ing. '
Dated March 3rd, 1922.
m6-3w. " County Judge.
1 xt cui ive and that the tmhject of the
cjifin-nce with the fpeaher would
bt- tho question calling up the bill
next Monday under a suspension of
the rules. Some members of the house
however, expressed the belief that
.Mr. Gillett would ibe prepared to givt
tho president's views on the com
promise bill.
The vote on the measure today
was taken ten minutes after t-cre
tary Mellon, Comptroller of the Cur
rency Crissinger and Governor Hard
ing of the federal reserve board had
been questioned for two hours in
jpen session as to their ideas of the
Lank loan adjusted certificate plan
The five members voting against
a favorable report were Gardner of
Texas, Kitchin of North Carolina,
and Collier, Mississippi, democrats,
and Treadway of Massachusetts and
T:lon of Connecticut, republicans
All members or the committee were
present with the exception of Mr.
Kitchin and Representative Chand
ler, republican, Oklahoma, whose
vet es were cast by proxy.
Provides Rediscount
Before the final vote the commit
tee rejected, 19 to 0. a proposal of
fered by Representative Bacharach,
republican, New Jersey, to impose
for a period of three years a 1 per
cent tax on wholesales, designed to
raise $500,000,000 with which to fi
nance the bonus. Those supporting
this amendment were all republicans
Longworth of Ohio Bacharach,
Mott of New York. Tilson and Wat
tcn of Pennsylvania.
Under an amendment suggested by
Governor Harding and adopted by
unanimous votev banks making or
iginal loans on the adjusted service,
certificates could have those certifl
cates rediscounted by other banks
authorized to make original loans on
the cerif icates. Governor Harding
obiected to having the certificates
rediscountable by - federal reserve
brujs saying the general economic
effect would be unfavorable.
agreement could not be arrived at,
and, as previously agreed, all propo
sitions made by either side in the
hope of a settlement are to be con
sidered as though they had not been
Hooper Favors Roads
Chicago, Marc 11 13. An attempt
to bar a number of railroad from the
present wage hearings before the
United States railroad labor board
failed today when Vice Chairman
Ben W. Hooper ruled against evi
dence presented 'by railway employes
to show that the roads had violated
the law. and therefore have no stand
ing before the board.
The ruling brought out the fact
that action on cases involving three
roads, charged with violation of the
transportation act because of con
tracting shop work to outside firms,
is expected soon. The question at is
sue. Vice Chairman Hooper said, was
one of the most important the board
has faced. If such contract work
were declared legal, be added, "the
ground would be cut out from under
this board and the vitals of the
transportation act would be killed."
Cases against the Erie, the Indi-,
ana Harbor Belt and the New York
Central are now pending before the
board. All involve the subletting of
shop work to contractors, all of
whom are paying lower wages than
the scale set for railroad shopmen
by the board.
The ruling was made over the vig
orous protest of B. M. Jewell, head
of the shop crafts unions.
Hemstitching and picoting attach
ment; fits all sewing machines.
Price $2; checks 10c extra. Lights
Mail Order House, Box 127, Birming
ham, Ala. ,
Itching, bleeding, protruding or
blind piles have yielded to Doan's
Ointment. COc, at all drug stores.
State of Nebraska, County of Cass,
By virtue of an execution issued
by James Robertson, Clerk of the
District Court, within and for Cass
county, Nebraska, and to me direct
ed, I will on the 3rd day of April,
A. D. 1922, at 10 o'clock a. in., of
said day, at the south door of the
court house in said county, sell at
public auction to the highest bidder
for cash the f olio wi tig property to-wit:
Lots ten (10) and eleven (11)
in Block forty-two (42) in the
City of Plattsmouth, Cass coun
ty, Nebraska
the same being levied upon and taken
ps the property cf John Kinser, de
fendant, to satisfy a judgment ol said
court recovered by The Immanuel
Hospital, a corporation, plaintiff.
against said defendant.
Plattsmouth, Nebraska, March 2,
A. D. 1922.
Sheriff Cass County,
Books at the Journal Office.
To Whom It May Concern f -
The Board of County Commission
ers of Cass county, Nebraska, has
opened a public road on the section
line between the SW'i of Section
one (1) and the NWU of Section
twelve, (12) in Township ten, (10)
north of Range thirteen, 13) east
of the sixth (6th) P. M., Cass coun
ty, Nebraska, three rods in width, the
center line of said highway being the
section line between said tracts, and
all claims for damages must be filed
in the office of the County Clerk on
or before noon of the 11th day of
May. A. D. 1922.
Witness my hand and seal this 8th
day of March, A. D. 1922.
County Clerk of Cass
(Seal) ml6-4w. County.
W ords Up
Its Sleeve
34 J
The symbol oZ
p e r f c t writ
ine. The mark
cf Kverjh arp
Pcncl 1 and
The undersigned will sell at auc
tion to the highest bidder for caah
at the south fiont door of the court
house in Plattsmouth. Cass county,
Nebraska, on March 24th, 1922. at
nine o'clock a. m., sale open for one
hour, all the personal property 01
the J. H. E. E&enbereer estate which
is located in the building on Lot 12.
Block 2S, at Plattsmouth, Cut's coun
ty, Nebraska.
iu9-4w. Administratrix.
The pencil
with the biggest
vocabulary in the
world and . a real
point for every word.
That is theEversham.
the pencil that brines
you fullest measure of
pencil-writing joy.
Always sharp never sharp-
ened. A quarter replenishes
the lead supedy ten thousand
words fpr one cent!
There's a handy eraser under ov.
er, and a built-in pocket clip that
makes the Eversharp a bosom com
panion ior life.
"Tho Perfect Ppinted Pencil
Built with jeweler precision and beauty throughout.
A mechanical marvel and writing wonder combine
Holder contains eighteen inches of lead. . Lead ob
tainable in various degrees pf hardness.
Te Evcrsknrp . a fitting faats to the Temppint
Pen made by the pame pencyern. Jtfacjs 'for
pocket, chain, or lady's bag. Prices, $1 and up.'
Come and pick your Eversharp. Have your name
engraved ca it.
shown first, to keep the audience Fordscn tractors J educed to $295.
Nebraska from walking out.
Plattsmouth Motor Co.
; For Sale at The Journal Offico.