The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, January 26, 1922, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Murray Department
Prepared in the Interest of the People of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
If djt of tl.e read r, of the
Jourcal knoT of aortal
efentoriwm of liitn-r-st In
this vicinity, and vui ro&il
fme to tLts office. !t m ap.
per under this heai lrtr. We
wmtallne-wsitems- Editor
Rock island
i Are you needing a gas engine? We have them
very moderate price. You cannot afford to pass
investigation of the farm labor saver.
Separators DeLaval and Lillie, both excellent
s for the purpose and they make money for the
s they save more than they cost, both in time
xtra amount of returns from the milk.
Pe V
son Hardware Co
E. L. PETERSON, Manager
V. II. Puis was looking alter some
.business matters in Weeping Water
last Tuesday.
' Robbins was shelling and de
livering earn at the Murray elevator
last Tuesday.
Henry Kircher and George Lloyd i Monday.
snirpeu a car ioaa or came to me
South Omaha market last Tuesday.
Frank Mrasek took a load of hogs
to the Nebraska City market last
Tuesday lor Mr. O. T. Leyda.
Joseph Staska -was looking after
some business matters in Pla,tts
mouth last Monday afternoon.
Mike Grant was a visitor with
friends at La Platte for a short time
during the fore part of the week.
W. S. Jean of Plattsmouth was
looking after some business matters
in Murray last - Tuesday afternoon.
The Gil more brothers shipped and
delivered eighteen hundred bushels
of corn at the Murray elevators last
W. G. Boedeker, cashier of the
Murray State Bank, was looking af
ter some business matters at Platts
mouth last Tuesday.
Farr Young and father received
a car of hay last Tuesday which
they with the assistance of neighbors
hauled to the farm home.
Augnat Stohlman from Louisville
was looking after some business in
Our January Sale
is proving the best we have ever held at our stores.
There can be but one reason the public appreciates
both the quality and the prices which we are offering.
7 large size cans tomatoes for $1.00
12 large size cans cf hominy for 1.00
Sifted peas. 2 cans for .25
Squash. 2 can-", for .25
2 cans string beans for .25
Pork and beans. 2 cans for .25
lied salmon. 2 cans for .4 9
Pink salmon. 2 cans for .25
Oil sardines. i cans for .25
Mustard sardines. large cans for .10
2 lb. cans roast beef. 35c; 3 cans for . 1.00
Gallon cans of loganberries, per can .90
Gallon cans of pears, per can z .75
Gallon cans of apples, per can .75
Gallon cans of peaches, per can .85
Gallon cans of apricots, per can. .85
Nimko peaches. No. 2 size cans, per can .25
J. M. peaches, put up in heavy syrup, per can .30
Pure fruit preserves, 15-oz. jars, per Jar .20
Genuine Santos peaberry coffee, per lb .25
Monarch fancy blend coffee, 3 lbs. for 1.00
Our special big grain coffee, 3 lbs. for 1.00
Palm Olive or I'rerue Oil toilet soap, 3 bars for .25
20 bar3 of Galvanic soap for . 1.00
f bars Labor Saver foap for .25
10 bars White Naptiia soap for .65
3 packages corn flakes for . .25
Shredded wheat biscuits, per pkg .15
Cream of Wheat, per pkg .25
rbt Toasties. 2 packages for .35
Pu fled Wheat, per pkt; .15
Large size Quaker oatmeal for .25
Horse Shoe tobacco, per lb .70
Climax tot. aero, p-r lb .70
Yefvet smoking tobacco, 2 cans for .25
A good four-tie broom for .39
LADIES' COATS A !j'S assortment of Ladies' coats that formerly
soid up to $30.00, go on sale in our Murray store, Q Cfl
while they lust at just 3lifat)U
LADIES' SWEATER COATS All wool yarns. Colors tan, navy,
maroon, peacock blue, green, etc. These are regular rto qq
$4.50 to $6.00 values. Choice for J)J70
In our Dry Goods department we are offering very
special money-saving prices on seasonable merchandise.
Children's winter weight union suits, ages 2 to 14 $1.00
Misses' -outing gowns, stripes and plain colors, heavy outing.
Ape c, to 16. Price, each .89
Ladies' outing gowns, neatly trimmed and roomy .98
Cheviot shirting, fine for work shirts or children's rompers
and suits. Price, per yd .15
32-inch plain colored ginghams, per yd 1 .20
27-inch Red Seal ginghams, per yd .20.
27-inrh heavy outing flannel, per yd .18
Men's heavy wool socks. 75c values for .50
Men's medium weight army socks, made for army use .29
Men's $1.25 work shirts, big roomy kind 1.00
Items Priced Special are for Cash Your
Produce Same as Cash.
, Soennichsen & Co.,
Telephone No. 12.
Murray, Nebraska.
Murray last Tuesday coming to see
Nick Friedrich and others.
T. J. Brendel -was looking after
some business matters and visiting
with friends during the time, in both
Weeping Water and Avoca.
Dr. Gilmore was called to Manley
the first of (the week on account of
the illness of Mr. James Murphy,
who has ibeeing feeding rather poorly.
Uncle Jesse McVey, who has 'been
feeling so poorly for several weeks
past 4s now feeling much improved
and thinks 'he will tbe right In a few
Henry C. Long lis kept to his home
these clays by reason of not feeling
the be&t .but is now improving slow
ly but is still not able to be out
L. IL Puis of Plattsmouth was a
visitor in Murray last Tuesday com
ing down to look after some busi
ness matters for the Nebraska Gas
& Electric Co.
! Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Leyda, who
have been on the sick list for the
fast few days, are reported as feel-
ing much better and are able to be
around again.
j James IJoardnian from near Union
I was looking after some business mat-
tars in Murray and was a guest at
I ihet home of Mr. and Mrs. George Ed-
minston ifor .the night.
Joseph Hallas of Plattsmouth was
a visi'tor in Murray last Tuesday,
and was a guest at the home of his
son, Ludwig Hallas, assistant cash
ier of the Murray State bank.
Mrs. Morten Bartlett and daugh
ter Florence were visiting at the
home of the parents of Mrs. Bart
lett, Mr. and Mrs. John Green near
Hastings for the most of this week.
Geo. H. Schrader of near Union
was a business visitor in Murray Lust
Tuesday afternoon and- incidentally
remarked that his ice crop was all
in the house and was ready for sum
mer. Mrs. T. J. Brendel was looking af
ter the telephone exchange for a
short time Tuesday relieving Mr.
Green who has been close to the work
during the time Mrs. Bartlett was
Wm. Seyboldt made a flying trip
to Pacific Junction five miles east cf
Plattsmouth one day last week. He
went to Plattsmouth in his auto and
us" the river was open and partly'
closed he went over on the train.
Last Monday the Farmers' Elevat
or was filled and but for the arriv
al in the evening of a large car they
would have had to stop shelling.
Both the elevators are doing a nice
t.usiness and are paying 36 cents for
Mrs. J. W. Berger writes from Ok
lahoma that she .is enjoying the visit
there but finds it pretty cool, as
there the weather is so warm that
the only fire .they have is .that of which does no& make the houses
warm like the furnaces here.
.There was rejoicing at the homo
cf Mr. and Mrs. Guy Wiles last Mon
day morning on account of the, ar
rival of a son at their home by the
5 fork route. All concerned are doing
nicely and the smile is a little broad
er on the face of the happy father.
Jesse Hendricks and sister, Mrs.
A. B. Schlcigel. the former from
Creighton and the latter from Mag
rst. who were here on account of
the funeral of their father. Mr. W.
H. Hendricks, remained over Sunday
?nd Monday and returned to their
homes in the . north last Tuesday.
era Call
Murray Citizen A;.
Mr. W. H. Ilendrkks for many
years a citizen of Murray answered
the call of the Angel ,r Death last
Thursday at the hon. of his son
Jesse Hendricks of n ir Creighton,
u-how Vie ?iml his wife I'l.'l mulr-
s.,r ,-iTTit i i ' .in .Lioi-i ! extensive
I ii , i 1 V. i ii . - .1 I. 1 i . iV O V i .3
born at Keokuk, Iov ... March 22, i
1846, and came to t braska with j
his parents in 1S63 .:nd has made.?..,
his home here since. .U firs.t he was '.J.
engaged in the freighting business;.?,
and later in 'farming. On Jan. 7,?.
1S70 he was married to Mrs. Ma-i.j.
hala Rakes. From thi union seven I A
children were .born. :-;me dying in!
infancy, they are: Mr. A. B. Schle-'
gal of Magnet, Mrs. V.'. H. Taylor of,j
Gordon, Neb., John Hendricks fj''"
Murray, Jesse Hendricks of ('reign-!!"
ton, Mrs. J. W. Carrol or Plainview, ';r
Mrs. C. C. Carroll of Murray. There !
was also 23 grandchildren and 17
great grandchildren. Fur thirty years ;
Mr. Hendricks was a i-i.-mbers of the I
Christian church, and as one cf the
most conscienious of men and hav- j
ing respect or au v. no Knew nim. me;
remains were brought to Murray and;
the funeral ronduc:".! from the
Christian churchtlast Sunday, by the
Rev. W. A. Taylor.
The reports' from Lincoln state
that State Fire Marshal C. E. Hart
ford may cause an investigation to
be made in regard to the causes of
the fire that occurred here at the
It. L. Propst residence on last Sun
day morning. The investigation is
t: be on the matter of the use of
pennies in place of the fuse plugs in
the electric appliances of the house
and which it is claimul may have
caused a short circuit in the lino and
led i'j the fire. It was fim thought
that the fire originated from a de
fective flue but those who have look
ed into the matter-think that the
pennies may have been at the bot
tom of the trouble that caused the
damage !to the house and
its contents.
Specialist on Swine and
Cattle Diseases
Will receive calls at Murray
hotel. Telephone number 14.
The best results are obtained from
the carefully written ad placed in
I will make all public sales in
the printer's hands in tine to permit east Cass county this winter and
of artistia "set-up." Don't neglect serve ,ullch-
Eat at the Lunch Wagon
Make dates with Col. Wr. R. Young
at Plattsmouth or see me personally.
your advertising or compose it hur
riedly if you would get the greatest
value for the money you expend.
Blank Books at the Journal Culcc.
Popular copyrights and the latest
fiction at the journal office.
Peterson Hail, Murray
A Seven, Reel picture. Beginning
at 3 o'clock
Friday Evening, February 3
Ktasis by OoSored Qrchesir
Miracles in Money
A city skyscraper seems a miracle in
steel and stone. But it is only a vast
number of girders painstakingly placed
together a vast quantity of bricks
placed end to end and one above another.
Miracles in money are seeming miracles
only. You can work miracles in your
own life.
Saving Wins Success
You can have a big prosperous farm,
own a car, or travel wherever you wish.
Men who have really suc
ceeded spell it S-A-V-E. You
can win the same success.
You do not need a lot of
money to do it. You need
no great education.
You need only the determi
nation to start now and con
tinue. Let us help you.
m a
til )A
I Siiill f m ffl v
It ill ' '!,( .Ill MTf IT' '((' T "W. -X u' f W m . .
MiiiWiT.itA'5-?-imm- i fid
To Saw
Your MrogaJ
and Make
Interest paid on time deposits.
Our deposits are protected by the State Guaranty Lav.
AU business transactions held in strict confidence
Your Personal Bank.
W. G. Boedeker, President Fred L. Nutzman, Vice Pres.
L. J. Hallas, Asst. Cashier
Plurray Repair Shop!
FOR SALE Ford Sedan, gcort
condition, looks new. Demountable
rims, spare tire, weed chains, speed
ometer, starter. Call Searl S. Davis,
Murray, Neb. 2t-d&w
Preaching Sunday Evening 1
There will be preaching services
at the Christian church on next
Lord's day everting the Rev. Geo. E.
Stibbs will conduct the services, all
are invited to 'be present and enjoy
the services.
Will Feed Some Cattle
Last Monday V. J. Phil pot ship
ped from the South Omaha yards
two cars of cattle which he took to
his farm weit of Murray and will
feed them for returning to the mar
ket when he shall have gotten them
Here is Where You Save
Ue have an elegant Ie3ther up-i
bolstered rocker which cost $3"j.0d. j
Having shipped it here, and having
no use for it, we are offering it for
$13.00. The first one coming for
the money gets the chair.
At Murray Hotel.
Old Fashioned Dance Saturday
There will be an old fashioned
dance at the Peterson hall this Sat
urday. Jan. 2Sth. This is an oppor
tunity to have an excellent time and
they will preserve order and provide
good music.
The Murray Garage is offering the very best ser
vice in all its departments, and especially is this demon
strated in the workshop.
In the workshop the most expert workmanship is
exercised, care is taken in the doing of all work of
whatever kind.
The work price per hour has been reduced to 80
cents, and when the overhead is taken from this, it is
placed to a lower level than the prices for farm pro
ducts are now ruling.
Our combined eiTorts are being given that you
may have the very best of service.
Murray Garage
F. E. Vtdlery
C. E. Kennedy
E. O. Hinkle
am now
Havincr oDened a reoair shop in Murray, I
ready to take care of your needs in the Shoe, Harness
and Curtain repairing lines. Also will do harness oiling.
Drop in and See Me
-:- -:- -:- NEBRASKA
Getting Supply of Ice
On Wednesday of this week Frank
Mra-sek began cutting and storine
ice for the supplying of the people
'of Murray the coming summer. The!
last summer was pretty'hard on bus
iness and which needed ice for its
I proper conducting and it had to be
j hauled from Plattsmouth, where It i
.was obtained at high rate and the j
; shrink and cost of hauling made If!
, come nign to the people of Murray,
so they are hoping they will be bet
ter cerved next summer.
Little Child Very Sick ,
Mrs. James Hatchett was called to
Havelock last Monday morning on ac
count of the very serious Illness of
James Wasson grandson, who has
the diphtheria and is -very aick.
ashioned Dance!
There will be an old fashioned dance at the
Petersen tiali, flurray,
Saturday WgM3 January 20th
There will be excellent music and a general good time.
The Uaual Price Will Be Charged!
Coma Out and Enjoy Yourself!
. J. E. LANCASTER, Manager
Saturday Specials
The public appreciated the specials for last Satur
day and snowed same by their liberal buying. We sure
ly appreciate the nice business which we had and are
again offering goods at these very low prices. Remem
ber the goods are absolutely the best the market 9. (fords.
5-lb. p'kp;- oat meal for 25c
reas, per can 10c
Peaches, per can 25c
Two cans of best corn 25c
One dollar brooms for 69c
Beans, 7 lbs. for. . . 50c
Shredded Wheat, per pkg 15c
Royal Lemon cleaner, per pkg. . 21c
A good one dollar kerosene lamp for 73c
White syrup, per gallon 49c
Dark syrup, per gallon 39c
20 bars good laundry soap for $1
Prunes, per lb : 15c
Bulk raisins, per lb . .22c
Bulk cocoanut, "per lb 30c
One gallon peaches for 80c
One gallon apricots for 90c
Men's duck coats $2.50
Boys' caps for 75
Men's caps at 1.19
Many other specials at the same Low Price
ifyf-'Our overshoe prices hold good for this Saturday.
Wilson & Puis,
The Service Store
Murray, Nebraska