The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, December 22, 1921, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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    ' ' -' :r
Che plattetrtoutb lournal
Entered at I'ostoffice. Plattsmouth.
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Dare to do right and you will be
Christmas trade should be lively
all this week.
Every girl likes outdoor sports
if they are handsome.
Opportunity doesn't knock around
with other knockers.
Hearing so little from Spain's war.
It must be a bull fiht.
The finishing touches are
put on father's pocketbook.
Dear Santa: Willie a base
and mother an
Laws for auto light dimmers ought
to apply to Christmas ties.
Speaking of the mailed fist, write
a plain fist when mailing.
Nowadays they sue for divorce and
the custody of the reputation.
Cotton stocking will be cheaper
next year, but nobody cares.
"No news is good news," wasn't
said by a newspaper subscriber.
Christmas cigars are made by the
thief who was given enough rope.
If wishing were money, we would
all have a million for Christmas.
Why call them "new" resolutions
when they are old ones mads over?
Christmas com"3 on Sunday next
Sunday. Docs that mean two h'.i-
days :
The farmers are no doubt glad lo
see the first snow. It is good for the
The chess player, who male tvr
moves in seven hours, would make a
fine plumber.
Hide the children's presents with
their school books and they will nev
er find them.
The invention to take darkness out
of the movies will also take out some'
loving couples. !
The men who write these south-
ern songs never raised boll weevils
instead of cotton.
. a:-
It must make a farmer mad to re- j
turn from buving eggs and see his!
h.n. inafinp- ahnnt vri
people who have their Christmas '
presents at home are always honored
to build up their own home town, j
:o: j
Professor Roubaud figures a fly;
has 3.9S5.969.3S9.755.100 "descen-.
dents in five months. Suppose she
cackled every time she laid an egg?
"It don't take a man long to
bag hi3 pants at the knees,
and to make a finely tailored
suit look thoroughly disrepu
table that's the man of it,"
avers Dainty Dorthy.
But she goes on to explain
that the man who is making
use of our cleaning, steaming
and pressing services is keep
ing hi3 clothes In much iaore
presentable condition than
when he got acquainted with
us. And it doesn't :ost much,
Goods Called for and Delivered
i to
1 -M&sch
X4ii OC'Vmidhai orrirF II
Neb.. seoond-clasa mall matter
Cheer for
the little cnes.
A white Christmas, after all.
Swearing off time is almost here.
Everybody should be happy on the
Christmas day.
The wonder of the moment Is what
size slippers dad wears.
Aw, cheer up! Christmas turkeys
will be cheaper about the 4th of next
A Pailadelphia paper announces ,
the marriage of Miss Alice Never to
Mr. George Moore.
The Louisiana couple married
2,000 yards in an airplane came
earth quicker than most couples.
to :
Get in right at the beginning of
the New Year and maybe you will j
sail through all right to the end.
Hoover, who says we are sick eight
days of each year, forgets the first1
of the month comes twelve times. 1
! Best thing about the trains which.
' will travel 300 miles an hour is mo
torists must be quicker to hit one.
Lovely box stationery at the Jour-'
nal Stationery department, just the j
thins for a present for your bestj
I This will indeed be a dull Christ
mas to poor children of the city who
have no one to buy presents for
I Perhaps one of the reasons why
' tges are selling at 40 cents per dozen
i the hens are insisting on a
14 -hour week.
Three years ago the British said
there would be peace in Ireland by J
Christmas. They merely forgot to say j
which Christmas.
We haven't any superdread-!
noughts to contribute to world dis
armament," says Germany, "but
how would scrapping a few super
war debts do?"
More than 4,000 suicides in the
United States during the past year
are attributed to moonshine whisky
a monument the prohibitionists
eau hardly be proud of.
A gentleman, well past 39, declares
that after 40 he will eat no meat
anymore forever. But he will. Once
a steak hound, always cr.'
until rnp
Until One
dav 'ou faint in the bathroom
account of high blood p.essure.
on :
Sboe people are mating men's
shoes now without any straps to pull
them on by and without any hooks
to lace them up. Pretty soon they
.will be leaving off the uppers and.
cnlau nnrl nil Vi i ...111 Vw- luff ..-ill Ka
ocrico, uuu u. iiiav n ill u v. 11.1 , 1.111 u
the war price.
The war department advertises
forty-five old fort3 for sale. How
would you like to have an old fort
in your front yard? Why buy ex
pensive oil paintings of picturesque
things when you cau get a genuine
old fort dirt cheap?
The New York beau of a married
lady iu Philadelphia became piqued
at her and just for devilment sent
40 of her love letters to her unsus
pecting husband who instantly be
came deeply Interested in his domes
tic affairs. Now he wants a divorce
and $50,000.
; An elaborate newspaper advertise
ment of the screen version of "Get-
Rich-Quick Wallrngford" mentions
the name of George M. Cohan who
arranged the settings of the picture,
who directed its making and what
magazine first published the Wal
lingford serial. But George Randolph
Chester himself could not tell from
the advertisement who wrote the
An imaginative Chicago news
paper has established a department of
men's fashions. This should be pop-
Btuiar until the Sunday editor starts
printing photographs and names of
beautifully dressed men at the. auto
mobile show. That will precipitate
1 murder in high journalistic circles,
.or we are no judges of masculine
sensibilities. Apart from this, howev
er, it should be said that anything
the newspapers can do to induce men
to drers better than they commonly
do, should prove an undeniable aid
the city, beautiful ; movement.
Its easy to catch a man with vthis1
ky, if you have the whisky.
The red sled will be in demand
' now. More snow will follow.
Wouldn't it be grand if we all
made what we claim we do?
Napoleon met his Waterloo and
every shirt meets its laundry.
Clothes may not make the woman
but the lack of them makes her mad.
' Christmas cornea but once a year,
and everybody
should be of good
A Wichita thief, who stole a Bible,
didn't know much about what he was
The new leaves turned at the be
ginning of the new year soon fall
from the family trees.
Vienna is reported to be perish
ing with hunger. Why doesn't she
eat some of her famous rolls?
It Is now almost too late to do
vou Christmas shopping. Nevertheless
v.ou nad better eo ahead and do it.
That four
power agreement for.
disarmament sounds to us very much '
like the noise of a four cylinder car.
1 Only a few more days to buy your
Christmas presents. Take time by the
forelocks and don't wait till the last
Some parents don't want their
children to believe in Santa Claus
because they are gluttons for grati
tude. :o:
If football casualties keep up. It
may be necessary to hold a confer
ence and declare an indefinite foot
ball holiday.
Some Philippine bank officials
have made off with the bank mon
ey. Who said the Filipinos are not
thoroughly civilized.
:o: -
If Scotland wants to start an agi
tation forhome rule it's all right'
with us, provided the Scots do their
agitating in Scotland. J
-:o: I
A Rhode Island professor says we '
haven't enough nonsense in this na- j
tion. He evidently doesn't read the
proceedings of congress.
Nothing like Santa. Every child
in the city is looking for him. Will
he leave a present for the poor of
j :o:
j Listen college boys: The kick off
j of the football is a great thing, but
'it is the kick from the brain that
wins success in the world.
Simplest way to handle the income
tax matter is too give Uncle Sam all
you nave, ana lei mm give you luck
..... . . ... 1
the change, If there is any. J
Have you paid your state, county
and city taxes? If you have the inon-
ey ready the three governments men-
i j . , . . . ... . ,
tinnaA umnlrt la mlffhtv arloil rv trot it '
r: o-
The only good resolutions tha boyb
can adopt now on the advent of the
New Year is to cease the cigaret hab- r diplomacy far behinu.
it. But this advice will not be heeded. I There are no delicate question
D0 j left today. There are only indelicate
After a very careful reading of ones, and everybody ask3 them, sing
the letters written by Friend Daugh- ! ly and in blocs. Questionnaires are
ter to Santa Claus we have conclud-
ed that they are merely propaganda.
There is one thing you can do on
the advent of the New Year. Re
solve to be a better man or boy. That
won't hurt you and costs you noth
ing. :o:
An expert contributes a narticle
to a magazine on "The Future of
Poison Gas." It is earnestly hoped
that its future is not to be as black
as its past.
There is no use wasting any more
sympathy on Czechoslovakia. Consu
lar reports show this new nation is
producing more beer than it can con
sume or export.
You ought to think of the orphans
at least once a year, and this is the
season to remember the institution
that are caring for these fatherless
and motherless little ones.
Great Britain takes the lead in the
clamor for abolishment of submarine
warcraft. which is not an unbecom
ing peace time role to one who abol
ished so many in the late war.
Your Boy
Can Earn from $1.00 to
$10.00 a Week.
Nothing to sell. No money required. v1n tne negative, and we don't wonder.
Quick, easy just an hour or so af-L , . , . .
ter school. We want rood, honest. nly an. archangel could have done
industrious boys just, two in eachso truthfully. One girl wrote "yes" to
town and commounity. Write TO-! eight of the questions, but had never
DAY for further particulars, a POSt lnIIMa anvthinir tmm kr namnk
card will do.
Address Dox 246,
tfhrlr a
YOU folks who have found it hard to decide what to give, just step into this new store and you'll be
surprised how many useful gifts you can find. A pair of Shoes, Felt or Leather Slippers, Hosieiy.
Overshoes do make splendid gifts. And say, the new low prices will certainly stretch you Christmas
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In the days of manners there used
to be a thins known as the "deli-
cate question." When you wanted U
find out something very personal
from aQ intimate friend. you debat-
,i t,u P!Iif anA timpj with
your entire circle, whether it would
be possible to ask a delicate question
1 ahnnl it Rnmetimps von dfO.ide VOU
. . . . .
Ullgni. 1 IlCIl JOU yrutccucu iu uu
with an exq-uisiteness and a deter
mination to save the feelings of the
questioned, such as left the triumphs
the rage. The Income tax people De
gan it. Then the rest of the world
followed. Half the advertisements
you see ask you an Important ques
tion point blank, such as, do you
brush your teeth properly, or are you
sure that you are eating ot. wearing
proper things? And for the educa
tional institutions, if their victims
have anything left concealed, they
must be deep indeed.
About the most indelicate set of
questions' even are contained in the
questionnaire sent to the girls in the
main dormitory of a certain univers
ity. There were ten queries. Appar
ently all the cirls answered them.
Not to Lave done so, one gathers,
would have been construed as a tacit
confession of guilt on all ten counts.
These are the questions:
1. Have you ever cheated?
2. Have you ever been kissed?
: 3. Have you ever smoked?
4. Did you ever consciously tell a
. 5. Have you ever . used intoxicat
ing liquor?
- 6 Have you ever danced improp
erly? 7. Have you ever worn Improper
clothes? .
' 8. Did you ever have a "crush."
9. Were you ever at a "petting
10. Have you ever done anything
you would conceal from your , par
ents? No-eirl annwered everv nuestion
f. , .
jx syieumu imuer line iuai iui era
one's admiration. The average lady-
likeness . was sixtr ner cent.
for ILatte Slhoppers
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The weakness of this questionnaire
consists in the fact that "improper"
may mean different things to differ
ent people. To an elder of Zion, for
instance, any dancing is "improper,"
and any dress cut above the wrist
or below the collar, is wicked. To a
girl who has been accustomed to see
claret on the dinner table ery day
of her life until prohibition came
in. the occasional use of a mild glass
of wine seem3 a perfectly innocent
thing, whereas the ardent pussyfoot
would consider such sinful indul
gence a shame and a disgrace. "Tell
ing a lie."
In some uncouth guide circles in
cludes such polite fictions as "not at
home," and "sorry to find ycu out."
Petting parties and kissing without
good and sufficient cause, (such as
an engagement which is inoant to be
kept) would seem to come within
the curse. These amusements can-
not. with any probability at all. be
considered ladylike.
But one little angel declared her
self innocent of all the misdemean
ors except one. .That sounds like a
pretty good record, doesn't it? She
hadn't done anything improper,
smoked, danced, lied or kissed. She
was almost wholly innocent, but
she had cheated.
Now, to some reasonable uud 'ion
orable minds, cheating would seem
worse than all the other ciimes ex
cept perhaps the illicit kissing, put
On the whole, nobody has any
right to ask such questions. Human
nature hasn't progressed far enough
yet. They are too painful.
Cockrels for Sale
I have a number of pure bred sin
gle combed Buff Orpington cockrels
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December 1st.
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raise them." Healthy, growthy.
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LOST- -Headlight on Dodge auto,
somewhere on Louisville road, Satur
day night. Finder please return to
Journal office or 'notify C. A. Gauer,
Cedar Creek. 2td-ltw
Brown Leghorn Cockrels
I have a number of brown leghorn
cockrels, pure breds, which are going
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Advertising is the life of trade.
aies for Saturday!
Andy Schmader Unable to Control
Actions in Face of Repeated At
tempts to Compromise Him
Prom Monday's Daily.
Before one of the largest crowds
that ever witnessed a boxing match
In the Omaha auditorium. Andy Sch -
uiiiuer, Louivuie usm-iiea vy iosi
the referee's decision to George Lam
son on a foul at Saturday night's
show staged by Omaha World War
The opening bout between Taylor
and Ed (Bearcat) Wright was a stem
winder from start to finish, with the
lighter dusky-hued boxer coming in
strong on Bearcat, but at the end of
the ten rounds of milling the referee
tew fit to give the contestants a draw,
r'"hich et wJth general disfavor
i T1 cpm. winillin ' hmit hffwoo
Schlnifer and Nichol was among the
best vo have ever witnessed, with
Nichol outpointing the Hebrew lad in
!)cxin; and defense work, but unable
lo slug effectively and finally going
down near the end of the tenth round
for what world hrve been the count.
Niche! was cheered by the spectators,
who do not seem to have much love
lor Schlr,ifer any more, but withal
must admit that the little Jew from
aa rt humum mm snens
utfeat to most or those against whom
he is matched. Niched is a boxer of
j-Tcat experience, served oversea.! in
the world war and carries the per
sonal recommendation of General
Excitement was keyed up to a high
pitch when it came time for the con
testants in the main event to enter
the ring. Lamson was first in, fol
lowed closely by Schmader and both
received a nearly even ovation.
At- the opening of the first rovnd,
Andy was out and quickly landed a
number of hard blows about the In
dian's cheek and jaw. Then, thru
pain or for other reasons the yellow,
skin took to- his hands and knees on
the canvas, and in that position re.
ccived a number of blows. Bud Lam.
son, brother of George, then climbed
into the ring and attempted to tell
the patrons that the referee had er
red in not calling a foul and wnvAfi
his brothers hand In the air in token
of victory. Police ejected him from'
the auditorium, and his license as a
boxer in Nebraska has since been
taken away from him. I
As the fight proceeded the Indian
camped on his hands and knees a'
number of times apparently laying
himself open to fouls, for when a'
man is knocked down he doesn't fall
to his hands and knees. - The referee
cautioned him against doing this, but
by that time, Andy had become in
furiated over such attempts to com-'
promise him, and he too lost his head I
th rowln gd iscretiotUoetaarin d v!J
Patent Leather
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Ladies' Shoes
Dress Shoes in Brown, Calf
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Here 's One More
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Sg) 49
tnoe Co,
and committing a number of fouls. .
The end came In the third round,
shortly afier the Indian had crowded
him to the ropes, struck a low blow,
and then followed with a stiff punch
to the jaw that sent the Cass county
boy through the ropes. A little later
when Lamson camped on the canvas,
Schmader dove in with a fusilade of
blows to the head, and the referee
awarded the decision to Lamson.
Charges and counter-charges were
heard pro and con of the affair, but
.the facts remain that to date Andy
and Bud Lamson have had thpfr H-
s censes suspended indefinitely, while
the state hoard is said to he consid
ering taking similar action against
George Lamson and one or more of
Schmader's seconds.
Certainly it appears to the more
reasonably minded who have no bones
to pick either way, that the same
drastic action is due one as the
Grudge fights are very apt to end
in una,entlemanly melees and it is
doubtful if any Nebraska promoter
will fail to take a leson from this
one and refrain from featuring such
bouts.- regardless of how remunera
tive they may prove from a box of
fice standpoint.
Andy's many friends here, of
whom more than a hundred were
present to witness the bout, regret
exceedingly the disagreeable outcome
and recall with pride how he took
an unmerciful beating at the hands
of Captain Bob Roper, standing up
fiii.i fighting Queensbury rules thru-
t,a uie entire ten rounds, rather than
i t:utmner ills ln.ihfiitv n r.ri
his actions when in the ring with his
Jong time enemy and rival
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Single comb Rhode Island Red
Cockrells for sale.
Office supplies of all kind ban
died at the Journal office.
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