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    Lemuel Barritt who is attending Cust Hollenterg from near Mur
school at Omaha was a visitor at ray was a visitor in Union last Mon-
fciome last Sunday.
Mr. A'. P." Moore of Plattsmouth.
was a visitor in Union last Monday
driving down with his car.
J. M. Patterson and family were
visiting with friends in Plattsmouth
last Saturday and over Sunday.
M. R. James of near Shenandoah
was looking after some business
matters in Union last Monday.
W. Yonkers and son, Roy, were
looking after some business matters
in Nehawka last Friday evening.
Miss Jessie Todd was a guest at
the home of Mrs. Geo. C. Sheldon at
Nehawka on "Wednesday of last week.
H. H. Becker keeps very busy in
sawing wood and shelling corn and Is
a rustler when it comes to either
The Rev. George Warren conduct
ed services at Wyoming last Sunday
in the morning and at Union in the
Wm Burbee, A. W. Propst and Earl
some ducks for a time last Monday
morning i
Herman Shumaker from near Ne-
hawka was looking after some busi
ness matters in Union for a few hours
last Monday.
A little excitement was created
last Monday morning when the team
hitched to the dray belonging to Joe
Dare ran away.
Fred Borne. Deputy postmaster,
was looking after some business mat
ters in Nebraska City for a short
time last Monday.
iirs.Mannan lignnoot oi umana
an aunffcof Mr. Mont Robb, was a
guest at the home of the Robbs for
a few days last week.
Hall Pollard and wife of near N'e-
hawka were visiting at the home of
Mrs. Pollard's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
C. F. Harris, last Sunday.
Poland -Chinas!
25 Boars, 25 Gilts. Last winter's
farrowing, ready for service. Large
Type Poland Chinacan have pa-
iwiouu viiuur-wuj
pers on-them for ?25 per individual.
Phone 5911
Our E
Sure it is our business to please the trade, and to
do this we are doing the very best work. Auto supplies
also standard and always the best. We are here to
succeed, and we can do it only by giving the best of
service in every instance.
The Auto Man -:- " -:- Union, Neb.
And Have Money Left!
We have just received a large and well selected
shipment of Ladies, Mens and Childrens shoes from
St. Louis and New York, which we are offering at
prices which will save you money. Also overshoes,
which can also purchase to advantage and still have
money left for other things.
A. L.
Lincoln county, Colorado, farmers harvested an
excellent crop of wheat the past season.
Come, see land where in many instances one crop
will pay for the land. We are making trips every Sat- v
urday. Call and see L. R. Upton for arrangements and
particulars. The best land in the west and at a price
which anyone can afford to pay.
Bex No. 11 - - - Union, Neb.
Prepared Exclusively for The Journal.
day coming down to look after some
business matters for the aay.
Earnest Lillie and wife who have
been making their home at Union
for some time, moved to Plattsmouth
where they will make their home.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Stine and their
daughter Miss Lena, visited with
friends and looked after some busi
ness matters in Murray "Wednesday
During a portion of the week at
the Bapti3t church there was con
ducted a school for the members and
many were attending the interesting
A. R. Dowler and family were vis
iting with friends and relatives in
"Weeping Water last Sunday and re
turned home Monday after having
enjoyed a good time.
Frank Boggs Is making very fair
progress in his convlesence nd is
hoping tht he will soon entirely
be over his injury from the accident
?PP-d a few weeks s!
tie snton w
P7 towards recovery and while
hf, n? f ?I "r lb,!
seriousness of the operation under
which she went.
The Ladies Aid of the Methodist
church met last week on Thursday
at the home of Mrs. L. G. Todd and
i enjoyed the hospitality of that home
' being well pleased with Mrs. Todd
as an entertainer. '
Little MarjorieHoback daughter
.of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hoback,
I who is staying at her grandparents
home, has been uite sick for a few
virh , vrv SPVpr ftT,
"her lungs, but is fome better
R. D. Banning of Grand Island
who has been engaged in railroad
work for some time, was a visitor in
Union and at the home of his moth
er, Mrs. Kenry Bannine and is think
ing of engaging in the automobile
business in the west.
Jack McNatt of the historic town
of Kenosha, was looking after same
business matters in Union last Mon
day ard wa accompanied by anoth
er riti7ei" of that community who is
rot an old ettifr or not a pioneer,
I Mr. John "W. Sutton.
Earl Merritt and Fred Clark have
the belt a far as shooting ducks is
concerned. They went out real early
le Qtner morning and bagged 20
ot tbe featnere(j friends, and have
bPen eating duck and giving them
I to their friends ever since.
"W. H. Tuck in accordance with
the laws touching such subjects was
in Union and tested the -milk cows
for tuberculosis and was busy all
day he had a large number to pass
on and, besides, he made tests of
, Acre
soundness of horses as well. ' visitors at the home of R. M. Tay-
Alex Eaton has been suffering with jor near Nehawka last Monday where
an ailment in the back of his neck they went to visit Howard Taylor
rhlch has caused him much suffer- Who has been ill for some time with
'.ng during the past few weeks. He is gtomache trouble. Howard is report
.till feeling very badly from its ef- e(i as being some better and it ia
reels and has had the neck lanced hoped he will soon be able to be out
a number of times in the hones of no-nin i
geiiing renei.
Mr. L. R. Upton, the hardware
merchant, who has been kept to his
aome for a number of weeks on ac
ount of an attack of rheumatism,
was able for the first time to be up
and around. Mr. Dan Lynn has been
looking after the store during the
absence of Mr. Upton.
John Becker and three men to
belp went to Nebraska City one day
not long since and brought home a
number of cattle which John had
purchased and which he is expect
ing to feed. Those to assist in driv
ing up the cattle were Henry Shep
herd and Roy and Arthur Lee.
Report has it that one of the for
mer citizens of Union but now en
gaged in business elsewhere, has suf
fered a loss of lands in the south by
some fraud practiced upon his cred
ulity. The lands which were very
valuable and now in the possession
of another looks like they had real
ly been stolen.
Miss Jessie Todd and Mrs. Jennie
Frans were enjoying the supper and
bazaar which the ladies of the Pres
byterian church at Murray gave last
... - i
Saturday night and at which there
was a large crowd of members of the
church and their friends in attend
ance. The gathering was well enjoy
ed by all who were present.
John Clarence and wife of Union
Mrs. John Clarence. Sr., of Nebras
ka City, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Clarence
of Arriba, Colo., who are visiting
with friends and relatives in Union,
were guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. H. H. Becker for dinner last
Sunday and all report Mrs. Becker
one of the most finished cooks in the
The butchers' strike prevented a
number of the farmers who were
ready to send their stock to market.
from getting them in. Two people
in the vicinity of Union were ready
to ,send their cattle forward but
when they had gotten them to the
station they learned that they could
not rorwara them and had to re
turn them to their farms.
J. P. Jay of Nebraska City was a
visitor in Union and working with
the resident minister of the Metho
dist church. Rev. Geo. Warren, and
the pastor of the same church of
Plattsmouth, the Rev. John Calvert,
looking after raising the apportion
ment which is being asked for the
assistance of the "Wesleyan Univers
ity. They were guests at the home
r.f Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Todd while in
Speaking of the ability of Mr. De
"Watt Serfage to gather corn. R. E.
Foster ra5s he is a wonder when it
"omes to getting the corn into a wa-e-on.
For twenty-eight consecutive
days Mr. Serf ace at the home of Mr.
Foster cribbed one hundred bushels
rer day. and during the time was
juct 2.S00 bushels. This looks like a
nretty good bit of work and while
Mr. Serface was at it he was surely
roing some. They then went to an
other place the corn proharlv not be
ing Quite so good and there he did
not make his former average.
Attempted Burglary Fails
While one of the prominent fam
ilies of one of the nearby towns was
away visiting, the sweetheart of the
girl who was left in charge, called
to see his "Dulcina" and as they
were talking about "what wa3 in the
future for them, a -very peculiar
noise was heard, which they thought
was someone entering the house by
the coal chute. The gallant swain
with a descretion which would not
have been supposed counting his
years, dived down town for assist
ance, while the fair one watched the
house that the burglar, if such was
the case, should not escape. When
sufficient reenforcenients had been
secured they went and searched the
premises and found in the cellar, that
the coal had slid down from where
it was piled against the wall, and
caused the frightful noises.
Conducting a Three-Days' Meeting
Last week Rev. "W. A. Taylor, ac
companied by brother Frank. Eaton,
went to Iowa and conducted a meet
ing extending over a number of days
at the Pleasant Valley school, which
is Just across the river from Union
and while there were entertained by
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Garrens. The peo
ple of that place appreciated the
kindness of the brethren coming over
to assist in carrying on the services
Rev. Tavlor is an excellent minister
and very eloquent, and withal one
of the most pleasing of speakers.
"Will Have Christmas 'Pro prom
The committe of the Methodist
church having the matter in hand
l are making preparations for observ
ing the Tuletide in the proper wav.
They will have a Christmas which
will be appreciated by all who care
to attend. A worth while program
and of course, the tree and toys for
the younger ones.
Mffhfy?it Chrro'h. Serrires
FHMe Pfhool at 10:00 a. m.
PTeach'ncr services 11:00 a: m.
F-nworth League in the evening.
Evening service after Epworth
At the Baotist Chnreh
Morning service at 11:00
Bible school at 10:00 a. m.
Young People's in the early eve
ning. Preaching services later.
Will Held Bazaar Soon
mht dlesvf tte "ethdi9t chYch
will hold a bazaar in the near fut-
I ure and will at the same time give
Tiny program. Tae path Tin will be
held on Saturday of nevt week, De- 1
cember 17th, and the booths which
will be had and which will be one
of the attractions of the event, will
be opened at 2 o'clock. i
Howard Taylor Better
TLv- and Mrs. W. A. Tavlor were
Have an Excellent Time
Last Sunday there were gathere'd
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
Snavely a number of their friends
who enjoyed the hospitality o the
home not least among which was an
excellent dinner. Those there to
grace the occasion bseides the genial
host and hostess were W. A. Lewis
and family. "Mike" Cisney and fam
ily, Clarence Park and family, be
tween Nehawka and Murray, W. T.
Vallery and wife and their two
daughters-. Misses Bonie and Bessie.
That all had an excellent time goes
without saying.
Proposes to Follow Opinion of At
torney General New Seal Not
Yet Designed or Filed.
Regardless of what the governor's
commission proposes to put into the
proposed new state seal there will be
no new seal until another legislature
meets and authorizes. This is the as
sertion heard at the state house. It is'
based on the position taken by Sec-'
retary of State Darius M. Amsberry I
that legalley there can be no new!
seal until another legislature takes'
affirmative action. He holds with As- j
sistant Attorney General Mason
Wheeler and he act of the recent leg
islature does not authorize the adop
tion of a new seal and that the old
seal will remain the seal of the state
until the act of 1667 adopting the
present seal is repealed. Mr. Wheel- !
er called attention last September to
the absence of a repealing clause in j
the bill nassed bv the last legislature. !
The secretary of state is custodian
of the seal of Nebraska and if he re-
fuses to use a new one soon' to be de-
signed his action will settle the con-
Commends Amsberry
Mr. Amsberry has received the fol
lowing letter commending his posi -
tion. It was wr'tten by M. C. War -
rington, for twenty-five years editor
of the Mason City Transcript:
"I wish to make known my hearty
o r rvv vr o 1 rvf t Yi a of a rtrl vaii rtovo falraTi
in regard to not using the "new state
seal' recently concocted and designed
by one of Governor Sam's commis
sions. "Am glad you have taken the at
titude you have in this matter and
ate a proper regard for the splendid
sentiment of honest industry and
high regard for law and Justice;
which is so openly manifested and :
proclaimed by the pioneer fathers j
when the old state seal was selected.
"I cheerfully subscribe to all con-
structive beneficial ideas of progress
and advancement in government af
fairs, but when it comes to changing
the seal of a great state like Nebras
ka for the mere sake of keeping hospital for tuberculars were given
step with the Jazz music and spec-jpoor fooj phe state executive com
tacular stunts of our over-ambitious! mittee of the disabled American vet
givernor. well, I'm kicking." erans of the world war of Nebraska.
Governor McKelvie. mentioned by meeting at Grand Island, gave voice
Mr. Warrington, appointed a com-10 tne charges of improper food or
mission to design a new seal. The
bill authorizing this was introduced
by Representative George A. Wil
liams of Filmore county. Mr. Wil
liams alleges he is the originator of
the bill. Dr. G. E. Condra, who was
interested in having such a bill in
troduced, was appointed on the com
mission by the governor. Mrs. E. B.
Penney of Fullerton is the third ap
pointee. Attorney General's Opinion
Last September Assistant Attorney
General Mason Wheeler wrote in re
gard to the bill creating the seal
commission: "No provision is made
for the offcial approval of such de
sign. An act approved June 15. 1867,
officially adopts the present seal as
Ldoes section 5569, Revised Statutes
of 1913. These statutes officially
adopting the present seal are not re
pealed or affected by H. R. 571 and
in our opinion the present seal of the
state remains the official seal of the
state until a new seal is specifically
approved by the legislature."
Chairman Williams of the com
mission takes the position that the
law authorizing a new seal is suffic
ient to make the design the official
seal of the state without further ac
tion after the design is filed with the
governor and is transmitted to the
secretary of state.
The commission has not completed
its design and has made no final re
port to the governor. What is to be
included in the design remains an
official secret. The details will not be
definitely known until the design is
prepared by Bertram G. Goodhue of
New York, architect for the state
capitol commission. It is reported,
however, that about all that the
seal commission will retain of the
present seal Is the anvil. The com
mission is of the opinion there is
nothing In the present seal emble
matic of Nebraska today. It proposes
to leave out whatever is historical in
the design.. It is to be based on the
rules of 'heraldry. Critics allege there ;
is nothing on earth more absolete
than heraldry. The commission de
sires to obliterate the swarthy black
smith but leave his anvil, wipe out
the steamboat, train of cars and
mountains, but leave the motto,,
Equality before the law. The river
in the oresent seal is to be changed
. , , ... .
as to course and size. It will be nar-
rOW a.8tfvK CU,"!.nt-JIe plOD"
eer's cabin is to be wiped oft the map.
The sheaf of wheat-is' to go nd In
form will be substituted. Th ittOI.JWH CTJf .
- Oar
Sixth and Main St.,
Supreme Values
in Shoes for the Family!
New lines of shoes bought at new low prices, which enables
us to sell them at a remarkable saving to you. Every pair sold
on an unlimited guarantee, or a new pair, if for any reason, they
fail to give entire satisfaction.
Women's Dross Sboos!
Black and Tan, in Vici or Calf
Women's Oxfords, Brown
SZl 90 GZS 90
Children's School Shoes,
-Clark-Gorham Shoe Co;-
: . ....... -
!, . . .
de31S?- andfi if there is room there
mar De a figure of justice.
Flight Was Prevented, nence tne
Charges of Inadequate Food
por Soldiers at Xearfcey.
"About eight tenths of the story is
false and probably two tenths may,in anmi truth " enid T.. P.. Ober-
contain some truth," said L. C. Ober
lies of the state boar dof control when
asked about the charges made by the
American Legion that ex-service men
boarded by the state at the Kearney
inadeauate food and lack of care ow-
ing to the fact that only one physic
Ian and one assistant are employed.
Chairman Katherine F. Worley
and A. E. Allyn, members of the
board of control, said . the board
would go to the institution this week
and make an investigation and that
a report of the board's findings would
be made public. All members of the
board said such a report was due the
public in view of the facf that
charges had been published by Amer
ican Legion members.
In regard to the origin of the com
plaint against the food and care of
soldiers some members of the board
are inclined to lay the blame upon
an ex-service patient.
"He tried to elope with one of the
girls at the Institution, but we pre
vented the getaway and the man in
the case has been trying to make
trouble," said a member of the board.
The board declined to give the name
of the patient leferred to. It is said
the girl was a nurse employed at the
Sydney, Dec. 5. The Sydney Sun
trtdAV ntihlifthMl the first nresff mps-:
sage by wireless direct from Eng- Party of the clergymen of the church,
land to Australia, marking an epoch . Rev- Calvert of this city. Rev. War
in th world's transmission ot news. n University Place and Rev.
The. message was dispatched fxom'WI1,cox of. Nebraska City. It is desir
the Marconi company's station at ed ot tne backers of the proposition
Carnarvon and received, practically j to see that the school is placed on a
instantly, 10,000 miles away at the
experimental, station at Koowerup,
Victoria. -
It is expected that the Australian
parliament will sanction regular and;
direct service- between Australia,
England and America at an early
Omaha" today for a few hours having
, wftv w,vrf tt in
hat city.
John Rauth and Aaron Rauth and
families of near Manley were in the
city yesterday for a short time vis
iting with friends.
. . . ,
nere tor a lew uuurs iwuay tuiuuie
tn w.u, y,a win
stock market for a few hours,
. .
t49m . f n
Calf, Brogue
Men's Work
sizes 8 1-2 to 2
Washington, Dec. 5. Approval of
50 advances for agricultural and live
stock purposes, aggregating $2,813,
000, was announced by the War Fi
nance corporation, Nebraska received
$150,000; Utah. $1,274,000; Iowa,
$217,000; Washington, $10,000 and
South Dakota, $160,000.
Hold Interesting Session on Saturday
Afternoon Three New Mem
bers Enrolled in Post.
The McConihle post. Grand Army
of the Republic, met on Saturday af
ternoon at their rooms in the court
house for the purpose of the elec
tion of the officers for the ensuing
year and the following were chosen:
Hon. R. B. Winham, commander; I.
H. Isbell, senior vice commander;
John Fight, junior vice commander;
T. W. Glenn, adjutant; Thomas
Wiles, quartermaster; W. H. Freese,
chaplain; Col. M. A. Bates, officer of
the day.
At this meeting three new mem
bers were added to the roll of the
nnRt T? Tl Smith. W. H Venner and
Thomas McCarthy, Sr., being enroll-
ed in the ranks of the old veterans
and making the organization very
close to the 100 per cent member
ship of the available timber in this
The old veterans in their order
carry on the work of patriotic ser
vice today as much as in the days of
warfare and there are few other or
ganizations that maintain as strict
a spirit of true Americanism as does
the G. A. R., composed as it is of
the men who preserved the union
from dissolution.
The" cause of the endowment of
the Wesleyan University, the great
Methodist school of the west, is be
ing boosted in this city today by a
basis that will ensure its future wel
fare and permit it to. grow and en
large as it should.
Washington, Dec. 5. American
consulates have been opened in Mun
ich, and Hamburg, the State depart
ment was advised today by Ellis Lor
ing Dree el, in charge at Berlin. They
are the first of such posts to be es
tablished in Germany.
Blank Books at the Journal Office.
mmmA. A an ruruitHd im nr mm
paid omUl ourod- Write for book on Rectal DImjh with Trye ttd
of more than l.W"J,.iron!tDm taovT watt
TAJLKT. ho note loiu. Pt'
Ub. SL ft.
Plattsmouth, Neb.
Hen's Dross Shoos!
Nearly Any Style or Leather
90 GS 90
Shoes, special for Saturday
Children's Hose for Saturday Only
50c cT 50c
Value U Pair Value
and Main St.
Government Officials Announce Text
will be Sent to Parliament and
Dail Eireann Soon.
London, Dec. 6. It is officially
announced that the government and
the representatives of the dail eir
eann have reached an agreement, the
terms of which will be submitted for '
the acceptance of parliament and of
the dail eirean.
A copy of the agreement has been
sent to Sir James Craig. Ulster pre
mier. After a session which lasted more
than three hours, from. 11: IS last
night until 2:20 this morning, the
meeting of the government minis
ters and Irish representatives fcep
arated and a member of the cabinet,
replying to a question as to how
things stood, said:
"The news isn't bad; an agree
ment in fact, has been reached, the
terms of hich will be communicat
ed to the press."
Delegates Weary and Grave
The delegates looked tired and
grave as they left the premier's rtsl
dence. Asked whether he had any-
tning to say. Michael Collins,
Sinn Fein finance minister answered
sharply: "Not a word."
Answering the question, "Are you
coming back?" Mr. Collins answer
ed hurriedly, "I don't know." and
shutting the door of his automobile,
he drove off with Mr. Griffith and
Mr. Barton.
A few minutes later Lord Birken
head and Mr. Churchill left. Their
appearance suggested that the strain
of the conference had been severe.
Questions at Issue
The big question at issue between
the British government and the rep
repentatives of the Irish republican
parliament has been:
Shall Ireland become entirely in
dependent or. If it remain within the
British empire, shall there be two
reparate governments in Ireland, one
for Ulster and one for the rest of the
country? " '
Prime Minister Lloyd George baa
refused to consider any proposal
which would put Ireland outside the
The Sinn Feiners refused to ad
mit that Ireland should be split In
two parts.
Ulster refused to unite In one par
liament with the Sinn Feiners. It
has organized a parliament of its
own under the Government of Ire
land act.
The Sinn Feiners refused to set up
a parliament for the south of Ire
land, as proposed in that act. They
adhered to their own Irish parlia
ment, called the Dail Eireann. which
the bad set up independently as the
governing body of the Irish republic.
Fictula-Psy IVta Ccrcl
mUd wrwXmm ot treatment OMit
u th.wr RctJ Ei
B outer jieciaj uwmmmmm tm m mmmrm
rat a eerere orglcoi eperoito. Me
. Btner or other aeaaroi one thotW
id for treatment, mad ao manor ta he
I D !. with "eTTyo M toraa