The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, November 14, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    MONDAY. NOVEMBER 14. 1921.
The Communities IVclfaro!
The banking business is one of more than ordi
nary interest to the community in which the institution
is located.
To make the work of the bank most effective,
there must be a confidence between the bank of its
patrons, and between in fact the whole community.
Any fear of a financial institution is immediately
reflected in the business of the whole community.
The bank which has proven its worth to the com
munity is the one which has stood the test of good and
adverse times and stands e'er ready for the service of
the whole community.
The patrons' interest and the community good is
the bank's first concern. We are here for the service
of the entire community.
Thanking you for your confidence, co-operation
and earnest work for our community, we invite your
The Bank of EV2u
Murdock, Nebraska
'The Bank where You Feel at Home"
KENI1Y A. TOOL, President J. E. GUTHMANN, Vice-Pres.
H. A. GUTEMA5N, Cashier
Dr. C. E. Trendholm. of Elmwood.
was a visitor in Murdock last v.eek
on professional business.
George K. Stuat?. of riattpmouth.
war a visitor in Murdock let Thurs
day, and a pueft of friends.
Miss C'athtrir.e Tool, who is teach
ins: in the schools at Firth, was a
visitor at the home of her parents
for over Sunder.
Notwithstanding the rush of the
farmers to get their corn out, Mr. J.
II. Buck i? Veins kept tmsy at the
blacksmith -hop.
V. E. Stroy l as two very fine scr
rel herpes which he is offering for
sale, they being four years old and
excellent worker?. tf.
Gilbert Meyers., of Louisville has
been making some changes in the
wiring for the purpose of affording
'all nistht lights in Murdock.
Mr. Frank Melvin is making very
satisfactory progress in the construc
tion of the buildings and other equip
ment of the oil and gas station.
Frank Rosenow was shelling some
of the new crop of corn last Thurs
day. Mr. W. II. RuMi doing the work,
and assisted by Tobert Crawford.
Miss Margaret Tool, who is attend
ing school at Lincoln was a visitor
at home for over Sunday, and return
ed to her studies this (Monday)
The little daughter of Mr. and
in the Selz $Six
ERE is a super-shoe for
$6. all-leather, carefullv
illj made, And of the latest
style For low price,long wear
and constant comfort, this
shoe is to be recommended
for men who seek full return
for their money
You should see it before you
buy. Compare it. You'll see
the extra value at once, and
the long wear will tell an
even more interesting story.
Mnrdock Mercanlile Company,
Murdock, Nebraska
Mrs. O. J. Pothat has been very sick
during the past week, but is report
ed as being considerable improved at
this .time.
Mr. and Mrs. John Burt and Alfred
Allagaard and wife of Omaha were
visiting for the day last Sunday at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Hush
of Murdock.
Harry Gillespie and Lacey McDon
ald were enjoying a duck hunt at
the riatte river west of Murdock
last Thursday and met with very
pleasing success.
Conrad Baumgartner has complet
ed the gathering of his corn, being
one of the fortunate ones who have
taken advantage of the excellent
west her this fall.
Harry V. McDonald, the druggist.
J took a day off last week, leaving his
' r . 1 1 ,t n :t i .
eiujr in vital jcr ul iiai I vruifpitr,
and looked after the welfare of the
ducks at the Platte river.
II. A. Tool, A. J. Tool, Lacey Mc
Donald and H. W. Tool were enjoy
ing a duck hunt along the Platte
river last "Wednesday and secured a
number of the squawking birds.
Miss Rose Auigwert and Joe Ran
ney, of Council Bluffs, were visiting
at the home of Mrs. B. Amgwert last
Saturday and Sunday, they driving
down in Mr. Ranney's car for the
Mr. E. K. Norton, who has the
i Murdock market, says that business
(is good and that he has no reason
to complain. He with the family
are liking Murdock fine as a place to
John Gakemeier, who has been
confined to his home on account of
an attack of pneumonia, is able to be
out again and iv. feeling pretty well
with -the exception of being some
what wenk as yet.
Miss Selrua Brauchle was a visitor
last Thursday to Lincoln, where she
was ri:-iting with her sister and hus
band. Edward Koenig and wife, who
are departing for Hollywood to make
their home in the future.
Win. Bonrke shipped a car of mix
ed hogs and cattle to the South Om
aha market one day last week. -At
this time there are more cattle ship
pod into the country for feeding than
there is bein sent to market.
Herman R. Schmidt was a visitor
in Elmwood last Thursday, where he
was looking after some business mat
ters for a short time, and was ac
companied by his little daughter,
Hilda, who wont for the trip.
E. W. Thimgan, Harold Tool. John
Gakeireier and A. J. Tool were tak
ing a vacation aaid enjoying the
s-.hooting or ducks at the late north
went of Ashland last Friday and bag
ged a number of the feathered tribe.
Mrs. J. E. McIIugh was a visitor
in Omaha last Wednesday evening,
where she accompanied the teachers
cf Murdock on their trip to the
teachers' convention, and with then
enjoyed the splendid play, "A Bird cf
JJiss Lillian Amgwert. who is one
of the most expert nurses, and who
is employed in Omaha, was with her
chum and room mate, Mrs. Nell
Neck, visiting for over Sunday at the
home of Mrs. B. Amgwert, returning
to their home in Omaha on Sunday
evenin g.
O. E. McDonald and family were
guests; at the heme of Mrs. Myra Mc
Donald of near Murray last Sunday,
they driving over in their car for the
day's visit. They were pleased also
that Mrs. J. li. Kelly, of Plattsmouth,
mother of Mrs. McDonald, was al&o
present for the day. this tusking it
more enjoyable.
Orville Ingwerson. who is will be
remembered w.s ibe mechanic at the
garaee cf Mr. Win. Gehrts, where he
conducted the repair department,
and who went to Alvo, where he en
gaged in tee business for himself,
hps Dld out to his partner, Mr. J. L.
Pilkington and returned to his home
at Pawnee City, where he is now
Many of the farmers, with the com
pletion of the picking of their corn
will hell and place the fame on the
market. The corn is in excellent
condition for Fhelling and marketing
and the yield was excellent, but the
price is far from what the growers
cf this cereal should have for their
work. With the marketing of the
corn in a considerable quantity, the
busiress situation will be greatly re
lieved. 0. W. Gille-pie, after a number
of ye ars at "other work, is again in
charge of the dray line In Murdock.
He has had a ni?mber of people look
ing after the work during the time
which IreTias been off from the work,
and with last week took charge of
the team and work again himself.
Mr. Gillespie is a very clever man,
and will look after the matter to the
best advantage and convenience of
all. Mr. J. A. Eauers. who has had
charge of the work for some time,
proved himself very able and looked
after the work in the bert manner
v.'Mle he was in charge.
Way, superintendent of the Murdock
nrith hir ami interest on the1 1 With Arrival 01 sSTlU&h
cause which is so near to the hearts'
of the people. There was large and
enthusiastic crowds to hear these
able speakers.
Simplicity Marks Start.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 10. The'
great powers completed their prep
arations today for the conference on
Schools Closed for a Few Days I limitation of .armaments. !
During the latter portion of last i. Tonight their representatives set
week there was no s:hool on acconnt! aside as a period of mourning for
cf the meetings of the state teachers'! America's soldier dead the hours re-j
association at Omaha, where the'maining before the conference as
teachers of the Murdock schools went
tirith the single exception of Su
perintendent Way, who was detained
cn account of his being on the pro
gram for the Disarmament and Ar
mistice day celebration, which was
held on Thursday evening.
Ford Curtains for Sale
I have a set of good Ford touring
car curtains for sale.
Will Burn Liglit All Night
The city of Murdock have ar
ranged for the burning of a portion
cf the lights all night and especially
the ones on Main street at the inter
jection of the Murdock Mercantile
coiLpany and one at the first block
ronth. The one at the intersection
of the streets at the Bank of Mur
doch and the Murdock Mercantile
company has been placed on a switch
which is located at the home of Mr.
Max DusterhoS", while the one which
is at the intersection of the street
near E. W. Thimgan's. G. Bauer's
and the bank will be placed on a
switch at the Thimgan garage. These
will be allowed to burn all night,
and will be a means of keeping the
streets lighted for protection.
JIurdock Merchants Lose Heavily
Incident to the burglary of the
two stores which was reported in
latt week's Journal, it seems as tho
this is a very prevalent thing over
the country at this time, the burg
lars have taken many chances in
their efforts to sesure the goods. At
Mercantile Company with the larg
est stock of good which they carry
sembles Saturday.
The last of the major delegations
was completed by the day's arrival (
who included A. J. Balfour, head of,
the British group until the coming,
of Lloyd George, a-nd additional dele
gates from New Zealand, Australia
and Italy.
Only the delegation from Portugal
which is to arrive tomorrow, was'
missing tonight.
Notable among the day's confer
ences among the representatives of
the individual nations was a meet
ing of the advisory committee nam
ed by President Harding to "advise
and assist" the American delegates.
The committee completed its organ
ization. The Opening Program
By exchanges among the partici
pating nations, final agreement was
reached on the program for the open- i
ing day, last minute touches were !
added to physical arrangements in "
the conference hall and every detail
of the preparations was completed.
Plans for the opening session will
start the conference with a minimum'
of frills. Secretary Hughes will bring ,
tne delegates to order, mere wia ne
a prayer. President Harding 'will
make a short speech, a chairman
will be chosen and the conference
will go to work. President Harding
will entertain the delegates at din-j
ner at'the White House Saturday
Unless all surface indications are
deceiving, the United States alone
will be ready to come forward at the
cutset with a concrete proposal for
armament limitation.
To Avoid Troublesome' Fields
This plan, relating primarily to
Three Lines of Cars!
We have three excelleht lines of cars to choose
from and each a leader in its class. The Buick, which
cannot be beaten anywhere and no line barred.
The Dodge Brothers also one of the most reliable
and sturdy cars in the market.
The Ford, you all know its Stirling work and dur
ability. See us for these cars, and also remember we are
prepared to look after your repairing, no matter what
the line or make of cars we are equipped for the job.
The Automobile Man
Edward W. Rebal of this city was
operated on Thursday at the Lincoln
Sanitarium for an affliction of t'.ie
air passages from which he has been
a sufferer since his dir.charge from
the navy in 1919. The operation was
performered by the government sur
geons and was a very severe one. the
patient being on the operating table
for an hour and one-half. The last
reports from the bedside of the young
man state that he is doing as well
as could possibly be expected hut it
will be some time before he is recov
ered from the effects of the opera
tion. It is hoped that this operation
will result in the permanent relief
of the patient who ha-? suffered so
long from this affliction.
Office supplies of all kinds han
dled at the Journal office.
The boxing match of the "Buddy
Lees" in the window of the C. E.
Wescott's Sons : tore has gone to a
knorkcut and the defeated "pug"
lies prone on the floor of the ring,
having taken the Count in the thirty-ninth
round. The fight is all over
and the "Buddies" who have orna
mented the window for the past
week are going to be" taken into the
homes of the city as the kids have
been on the warpath after their par
ents since the display was first
shown to have one of the kewpies
and as the result dad and ma are be
ginning to dip up far the dolls and
if the firm had more they could have
easily disposed of them.
An extensive line of high class
stationery on hand at al1 times at
the Journal office.
it is not an easv matter to ascertain
just- the extent of the loss. SufTic- naval problems, therefore arpears to j
if-n) tn av it tw.i thnuuTirl VI nil a rs. I fr ripctTTiP.'t tr Ipfnmp the first im-
The goods already checked up runs portant topic of negotiation, altho'
in excess of the former figure and counter proposals are expected to he
may by the time all is taken into, brought in later and the discussion j
pcroant approximate the latter. At j is believed likely to lead the confer-'
the store of Mr. Bauer the loss wasj ence quickly into a consideration of
nearly in line with the other store, j various far-flung questions of diplo- j
Just what will be done to solve this'matic policy.
qu2s-tion which is i aggravating the I As the opening hour approaches,'
merchants do not know but the bus
iness men are working on some de
vice to prevent this looting of their
houses at the will of some gang of
Ilach Interest in Foot Ball
The students of the Murdock
schools are taking a good interest injure almost as hopeful of quick ac
there is manifest a feeling of grow
ing optimism among many delegates, t
coupled with a determination not to
permit the conference to Btray into
troublesome, fields with which it has
no concern. The British delegation
is making its plans for a six weeks' ,
session, and most of the other groups
the athletic games both in basket
ball and football which is very in
teresting and clean sport. Superin
tendent Way is with the pupils much
interested in the popular sport and
is assisting in the working out of
the schedule, for the games with
Louirville, both in December and
January. And dates will be made
Fall Plowing Now!
The harvest is over and thrashing done now for
the Fail plowing. We have the facilities for this task
plows, tractors and also seasonable farming machinery.
See us for the things you are needing. You will be sur
prised at what we can show you.
ls3 the LluSio-Llotor Washer!
Oils and Gasoline!
The Implement Man
of rother towns surrounding in a : Delegates Cheered by Certainty of
short time. Superintendent Way is
not trying to effect an association
of the town near Murdock in the
forming of a league for this portion
of the county.
And Make Their Escape with $10,000
in Currency Posse Unable to
Secure Trace of Them.
Fordyce, Neb., Xov. 10. Three
armed men held up the Farmers'
State Bank at Fordyce at 10 o'clock
this morning, locked three officials
and employees in the vault and es
caped with nearly 1 10,000 in en auto
mobile. The men entered the bank with
revolvers drawn and ordered F. A.
Leise, cashier; I. F. "Lammer. assis
tant caEhier;1 and Miss Hilda Lam
mer, Imokkeeper, into the vault.
They then gathered up from ?9,00P
to $10,000 in currency and ran to
thtir automobile waiting cutside. It
is htlieved they went in the direc
tion of Sioux City.
Support Ircm Powerful Ken
of the World on Parley. j
Washington, D. C, Nov. 9. Pope
Benedict approves President Hard
ing's plcn tD bring atont the limita
tion of armament by common under
standing. The attitude of the holy
see is considered, especially by Cath
clirs. as most important, since it se
cures to the conference the support
of what is termed by many "the
greatest moral and spiritual power
in the world."
Premier Lloyd George of Great
Britain, in a message today express
ing regret that he could not attend
the opening session Saturday, de
clared the heart of Great Britain was
"deeply set on the success of the con
ference"," and promised the diligent
efforts of the United Kingdom to
ward a solution of the problem of
It became known through unoffi
cial channels that Pope Benedict
might pronounce the official sanc
tion of the noly Bee at the consistory
November 21. He has prepared to.
maintain close contact with the ne
gotiations. The Rome correspondent of the
Ar.ociated Press understands that
the rope claims a priority in the
Will Work in Omaha
Max Dusterhoff and Joe Wat
chinek will work in Omaha for bome
time to come on a job, which, tbey
hae been called to execute in tlu big
city. The work which these two
men have been doing we.s of Fisch ex
cellence that it comld not be hidun
drr a bushel. Alfred Allagaard and
wife of Omaha visited here a short
time since and while here had the
opportnnity to fee some of the work
which these gentlenaeti have been do
ing nd immediately secured them
for the refmishing ot their home in
Omaha. Tiiis is a large ted very
elegajit residence and will reiuire a
number of weeks for the execution
of ihe decoration.
Tlik iiFi man ntlil mrirl ?r!i?ntl
V .1 111V II I li LI f-, A I A V 1 V JJ1 '-''' . .
ers in the vault lor nearlv tortv- "".V " f v" . ...
or August i, urgea tne oeuig-
erent powers to agree on some funda
mental principles to end the war and
lead to just and lasting peace. It in-,
vited all countries at. war to agree
"on the simultaneous and reciprocal
decrease of armaments," limiting
tbe monly to wJiat strictly was ne
cessary Tor the "domestic -maintenance
of public order.
The certainty of nipport by two
puch powerf ul . forces struck a note
cf encouragement in all delegations
us tbey conferred.
Former Senator Sutherland of
Utah was chosen chairman of the ad
visory body, but further organiza
tion details were left in the hands of
n committee of six. Mr. Sutherland
wp placed at the head of the com
mittee - whose . other members are
Samuel Gompers. Rear Admiral
Rodrers. Willard Saulsbury," Henry.
P. Fletcher, and Mrs. Eleanor Frank
lin Egan.
five minutes. - They were released Ef
ter on? of them called the combinp
tion througn an air hole to Charles
Miller, hardware merchant, who
woil.ed for nearly half an hour be
fore, he succeeded in getting the door
Plight cf the imprisoned people
was discovered by Frank Melrose,
postmaster, whose office adjoins the
tack. His desk is against the back
wall of the vault.. He heard the
ruufiltd cries Cor help issuing from
the vault and investigated. ..7 .
.The hanJi has a capital of 25,006
and is rated as onetof the soundest
in the country.
Sheriff McFadden and a posse ar
rived l'roni HartingtGn to attempt to
pursue the robbers. Bankers from
Hartinston hurried to Fordyce to
free the prisoners in the vault, but
the three were released before help
frim Hartington arrived. ; -, .
Fordyce is eight miles north of
Hartington. It has. a population of
250. Qji
.riM .
Held Patriotic Xeetins
During last week, the people of
Murdock held some very interesting
and patriotic meetings in wtich
tfaere were a number of local ppeak
ers made worthwhile addresses. In
cident to the Armistice day. Rev. A.
Brauchle, Rev. I. Laipply and Prof.
The most pleasing novel of the year
has been that of Harold Bell Wright
in "Helen of the Old House." which
has been published by the Appleton
company and which is now on sale
a the Journal office at (2.00 each.
r .. n x c . m I
the most enjoyable pieces' of Utera-' Restores avaxue
of All Kinds!
At prices which prevailed before the war, for out
side work and inside painting and varnishing. All cizes
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We beat the work on the price. The quality and
price will surprise you. Enough to paint all Cass coun
ty. Do not forget full stock of Lowe Bros, paints.
The Dusterhoff Shops,
If it's in the stationery line, call
We only fiougtit Rat Poison
Twice, writes Jesse Smith, N. J.
"I threw thentiuBd sivay; wouldn't he bothered
mixing it with meat, cheese. Then I tried Rat-Soap.
SAYjthat's the stuff! It comes in cskes. all ready
to ose. And it sure does kCl tats." 35c. 65c. 81.25.
,vSd!d and guaranteed ty
Weyrich & Had-
ture of the present day.
rata F. G. Fricke & Co.
How is Your Battery?
We are doing battery charging and repairing. If
your battery is not doing its work, bring it to us and we
will remedy the evil.
We carry Mitchell and Oldsmobile parts, and aie
equipped to furnish the best repair services" on all makes
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All Work Guaranteed Satisfactory
Land holm Auto Co.,