The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, November 14, 1921, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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I-. Lauritscn has returned from'
Miss Blanche Moore spent Friday
at home.
Mr. Ella Prouty went to Lincoln
Friday ?aornin;j.
Miss Ella Vincent was a passenger
to Lincoln Friday mc-rnins.
V". S. Jordan and family autoed to
Alexandria Friday to visit relatives.
Schccd was dismissed here on
Friday on account cf Armistice day.
Lee Clark was in Lincoln Friday
attending the Armistice day program.
Mr. and Mrs. J. 1 Rouse went to
Lim-oin Friday and visited relatives
until Monday.
William Ito-cnow of Elmwood vis
ited his brother, Charles F. and fam
ily last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. "W. O. Boyles, of
Lincoln, visdtcd over Sunday with S. j
C. Boyles and ivife.
Miss Grace Wood viited her sis
ter, Mrs. Clarence Curyea and fam
ily in Li -icoln , from Monday until
Friday of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Godbey were
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Trout y last Sunday.
Dr. L. Muir and daughter Mar
guerite. Elmer Iiosenow and L. Stew
art autoed to Lincoln Friday morn-j
Mrs. Cole. Mrs. Wheeler and Mrs..
Valiery, of riattsmouth, visited Sun-'
dav with their sister, Mrs. Bina
Mrs. Nellie Garcia and children
went to Meadow Friday to visit her
tister, Mrs. Bessie Newmann and Mr.
Xewman. j
Mr.. W'zi. Tsv'or. of Kansas, vis-:
itc-d over Sunday with helatives here
and v. as acc nipanied home by her
sister. Mrs. Dell Sutton.
Mr. Mrs. Geo. I Foreman. Mr.
and M;r. John Foreman and Maryj
.... . J , n . t' I - '
with Ori-- Foreman and family.
.M'js Flrenre T;yer came up
was carried out and a report of the
delegate to the State Federation of
Woman's clubs at Seward last week
was read.
At the Bushberry school, which
is taught by Miss Katie Nickel, the
following pupils were neither tardy
nor absent during the past twoi
months: Leroy Cook. Phillip Nickel,
0:nr Marshall, Joe Marshall. June
Weichel, Evelyn Stout and Thelma
Mr. and Mrs. John Foreman and
Mrs. George P. Foreman autoed to
Lincoln Wednesday, the former visit-in-;
at the C C. Dye home and Mrs.
George P. Foreman spending the
night with Mrs. Arvilla Linch at
University Place. They returned
home Thursday.
Charles Stout and Robert Wiggs
returnei Friday evening from May
sair, Canada, where they have been
since last spring. They like it fine
up there and plan to return next
spring. They report fine wheat crops
were raised there this year: Mr. Stout
has a half section of land there. ' -
Presentation of Certificates and Mus
icale and Dance Are the On
ly Events of the Day.
Krorn Saturates I-iatiy
The passing of Armistice day.
1921. was very ouietly observed in
I '
' inininii . ii rtnniiftinn .".s.
jirfal-ju -3m9li;
Mr. ar.rW. David Mltcfcell spent
Sunday in Lincoln. ""
Mr. and Mrs. Wrill Murfia autoed
to Liucoln Thursday.
Mrs. V.. J. Eeals has been on the
sick list for the past few weeks.
Elmer Colbert : raa a Weeping
this 'city owing to the fact that the t Water passenger Friday morning,
plans for the Burlington mert 'txr fceM Mr8- C!arfije, Ohm ! 'tome again
f n V.l
:ru. whrre she is attending
school, to vf.-it relatives a few days
and left 'Friday morning for Lincoln.
Mr. ::r.d Mrs. Chris Hoffman and
two ns returned Sunday evening
via the auto rcute from California,!
i . l 1. ...a 1 . c-ir rtrt -t -1 . - In'!
v:;;o Hit iiai ic-i piiivc t-w i.
I'-,: r---rnctt end John Foreman
are 'radi.sq; the" road from Alvo to
the ix.ncus.tcr ccuniy line. They hope
to get it ri good thape before itj
The Lad;:? All society will give
their annuil sapper and bazaar in
the c'-.nrrh basement. Friday evening,
Norcn oer ISth. Price of snpper, 35c
and Z'c.
Mr. end Mrs. Key Cole of My
nard 'spent Sunday with her parents,
Mr. and Mr?. M. C. Kecfer. Miss Lcu
Kci-r of Milford also spending
dav. at home.
Mr. end Mr.-. Charles Morton of
Ch-n"v .r-P-t Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs". Cl.r.rtf - F. Rosenow. Mr. Mcrton
was f.-r: .lerly a. rural mail carrier,
l ut is farming now.
Leu Purer! went to Geneva Sat
ur:!n' lo vNit 1.!.- lnrslhcr, who had
il e ii i fortune to fall and break her
arm l.'t week. Mr. Picrson returned
lisTt! Monday afternoon.
Jc lui Skinner and his mother, Mrs.
Mary S'.. inner and niece. Miss Lela
She! tun. au'oed. to Fremont Thurs
day afternoon to attend the Armis
tice day program Friday, spending
the wei.U-i.-nd with relatives.
Woman's Reading club met Thurs
day afternoon with Mrs. H. L. Bor
nenieier. A Thanksgiving program
Best no, 1 barrel salt at
Will Save Many Fires
Joreph Armstrong, of Alvo, has
one of the best articles which will
he a prevention of fires and which
has been approved by both the fire
commission of Nebraska and Iowa.
The device clamps on the inside of
the chimney and! is secured with a
bolt and screw. The device is knon
sura is such in reality as . well as 1n
name. This is an invention of Mr.
Aimstrong arrd has the commenda
tion of the Fire commission of the
two state mentioned who see in it
tho savins on many fires and prop
erty which are caused by poor and
inadequate flue stops. Mr. Arm
strong and his son are very much in
clined to the inventive and always
give their best thought and work to
whatever devices they may have in
har.d. This device has taken-much
care in its designing and also ia the
execution of its manufacture,' Mr.
Ivan Armstrong has also invented a
rneins of "chopping food for chick
ens such rs green bone and other
vegetables' in the harm?ing of a
lavn mower to gas eagine, which
dee? the work that vould takA a
nv.mbsr of other tnaehinffs' longer , to
accomplish, and which with this de
vice is much better in the end.
II. Gerheling and
- I . t 1 . . . ..ill . A . 1 ... I
. . . iiifwn.x k ifinpv. t'ltiH (34 1 1 i lea i. ii . I
sentation df--tlr saoppers ,n uco,u ""'a tertM Tor Anv kind of kidnev ail-1
scrTice,- wWrf rm l' "y,; -intAl fc"A,hl1 'h of veara 'Q x
a had rfV?v with my back. I!
1. . ,m.-;-i- 'i- i-L- D.- . was Ihia up bo I had to have hot
,..,r from tiifp iiiitips pprf TiRf fnt I )- looks goQtl M Pee her amund again
mnlnted until within the-Ia-st'rteW ' a numueriijoni neraiionuea me
davs and left no cnaTffe'otiTOKTng ruuaijsivvc inrT,vu...aj
nrpnamt nns for an extensive ODserr-j -"" . v n i
1' - - " 1 . I . . . Ti - . . i nr .
litv n htVee"MA:rre4r -r. ami urs. ii
The pre
tlficates of
of Nebrask
which express
neotde and
to their sons who have gbne forth
in battle in the World War. w-a hwa
at 7t0 at the high school auditor
ium and attended by quite a number
of the service men as well as the
citizens of the community.
Attorney A. H. Duxbury presided
over the meeting which was opened
bv the singing- of America, the audi
ence being led by Mrs. E. II. Wes
cott in the well known patriotic
song, and as the last notes of the
song died away. Rev.- John Calvert,
pastor of the First Methodist church,
offered the' invocation and asked the
Divine, blessing on the day and also
Ihy had been for the past two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Colbert will
keep open house to all the friends
and neighbors of Mrs. Colbert's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Bosworth, ori
November 19th, from th hours of 2
to 5 p. m. In honor of ther golden
wedding anniversary.
Backache Is usually kidney-ache
and makes you dull, nervous and
tireftV Ue Doan's Kidney Pills for
veak kidneys the remedy decom
ir.onded by1 'Von f friends and neigh
bors." 'Ask'yotlr neighbor!
,.. Mrs. 'T. N.t Raueri, 1109 Pearl
street, 1MtlfniOttth, says: "I believe
Mr. and MrsTlOd Vr.n Every and !GtillWiut on my back and sides
I aura McDonald spent Sunday with " relieve ins im. t vouiu uaiu.j
friends and relatives. . tl,rn "vr heel nnd was fore -all
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rlne'ti are through my back I would have
t'J( nrtM.;A narent of .a fine hnhv nov.awiuiiy uizzy epens aim tpecivs wuuiu
born October SO. 1921
Mr. and Mrs. Tlwirm Frans
family were visitors at
Water Tuesday morning.
Mr. Bosworth, Joe Lorning and
Jim Bosworth were. Weeping Water
passengers Saturday mornins.
William and Harry Denning were
railing on the streets In Weeping
"?er early Tuesday morning.
Edward Allis was passenger to
made an earnest plea for the success :TchHwka Saturday mornine. He re
of the disarmament conference at
Washington. . - - . .
, Mrs.-Wescott then-gave a special
solo number in her ltMial pleasing
father, Ollie, Sun
turned with his
diy morning.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Jackman and
fsnily spent Sunday afternoon at
come before my eyes. Many times
I would have to sit down and wait
WPoMfiir1 f,r these attacks to pass off. It was
. " t i . . ii.ii. i . . . .i
oniy a tune wniie aiier i cuiuineiiueu
to use Doan's Kidney Pills that I
began to improve. I got several
boxes from Weyrich & Iladraba's
drug store and they finally gave me
permanent relief after other kidney
remedies had failed. I always keep
Doan'a on hand and use them when
my kidneys need attention. They
keep them in a strong condition."
60c. at all dealers, Foster-MIlburn
Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
manner-and which was an inspira-! the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. Cole, of
tipn tD the meeting1 and well chosen j Weeping Water.
for an occasion of this kind. I Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Jackman and
Hon. R. B. Windham, veteran of ; ,t,U5rMer. Marv. Mrs. II. H Gerhe-
the Civil War, and pioneer legislat-. ling aI1(1 daughter, J. D.. attended the
-For. Sale '
White Rock cockreLs, $1.50 if pur
chased soon:, -y Mrst. Roy ."Stewart,
Alvo, Nebraska. , ' - ; 'S " .
at the Lumber Yard!
I am your friend,
Serious , Eesnlts fron jCoIds
Colds not only caiie a tremendous
financial loss but are also a serious
injury to every one who contracts
them as they lower the-vitality "and
prtcaxe the system for the mqre ser
ious diseases. It is not at all un
usual for people who have serious
lung trouble to say, "I had a hard
cold last winter."- Why not take
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and
cure your cold while yon-can?
From &.'itar5.-iv'B Dally.
Last evening as Frank Boggs, of
Uu ion. who conducts the lower Main
street hotel and the upper Main
ctrcct restaurant in that thriving
tillage lost- his forearm as a result
of a most peculiar accident.
The unfortunate man had been in
the rear of his restaurant shooting
rats and as he entered the building
to nut the tgun away he accidently
caught it against the counter with
the result that it was discharged, the
thut entering his arm just above the
wrist. The flesh was mangled in
tuch manner a3 to leave a gaping
wound and make necc;ssary the am
putation of his forearm.
He has been suffering much pain
today but is getting along as well as
might be expected.
How Would You Like to See What
Irvin Nerkood (Pa.) Saw?
'One cH3tomfT told mc that after using one large
package of Rat-Snap, he got FORTY-EIGHT dead
rats. How many more dead he couldn't see. be
doesn't know. Remember rats breed fast and de.
etior -iollars' worth of property. " 35c, 05c. $1.25.
Sold and guaranteed by
Bestor & Swatek Weyrich & Had
raba F. G. Fricke & Co.
in Selling Grain
it is well to get the best prices and the best service.
So when having grain to cell, it is to your interest to
fee me. I guarantee you the best treatment as well as
the very best prices.
or and statesman of rsebraska. aaa
been selected for the task, of giving
out the certificate? of merit and
preceded this part of the program
with a few well chosen remarks in
which he paid a glowing tribute to'
the men who served .their . country
and a -word of sympathy for those
who had 'failed to realize the great
ness of the occasion and stand forth
as willing to. do battle for their
The certificates were then given
out as. the names -of the former serv
ice men. were called and each receiv
ed .what the state. hajL.designated
their olEcial expression- cf appree
tion jf service.
Following - the presentation the
rausicale and dancing party at the
Eagles hall AvaS' given, and the hall
crowded with a large number of the
residents of ' the --community, who
vf era-meet Wipp- with tb "former servr
ife men for the occasion. The musi
cale portion of the program was very
pleasing r;ardt ipjffared". selections
from the leading artists of the city,
MrsXK. IL-Weseptt- nd Edna IJuon
offering vocal solos -thai gave their
s frl c r'fi i cL . raices a ;Ii n v oiprtj i n ity
fcr expression,-. while; MrH. jClhrlstine
Coiighlin and Mrs. Roy Cole of My
nard, t wp .of, tb.e most tajentcd pian
olas In this city, gavo piano, selec
tions, which were received, .with
niarked iavo .rivaling the cntUusi
aEm w ith which .Jhe ocal numbers
had been received. -
AXler the 1 ant of the musical ntim-
er?. the younger set enjoyed a fine
time dancing until a late hour to the
music furnished', by the . Holly Syn
tcpators. . " . ..
The. hall was decorated very pleas
ingly in the national colors a3 wr.s
also the serving room where several
of the charming -little ladies of the
eity Ferved .punch during, the eve
ning to the thirsty audience.
funeral of Mr. John Raber Thursday
Glnn Atc'.ilson. the garage man.
j hss sold out to John Wood. Mr. Wood
cwie;i tne garage betore Mr. Atchis
cn. What Mr. Atchison is going to
do has not been learned.
Mr. and Mrs. William Glaubitz, of Klmwood, autoed to Liucoln
Funday -morning - nnd brought' Mr.
Frank Reese and .daughter. Dorthy,
home from the hospital, where Dor-
i-H -l"t "i"tl 1 1 1 1 1 1 i "I
.H l-M-M-I t 1 1 t 1 "H
Claude Seivcr and George Schoe
man have finished shucking seventy
acres of corn at the farm of C. E.
Xoyes'and say they had a fine time
and that the country beats town, any
old time. . ,
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Todd and
little son, of near Plattsmouth, drove
up Sunday to take dinner with their
cousin, C. G. Mayfield and family
and in the evening they were sup
per guests of their uncle and aunt,
Store your car in a good warm place. A few stalls left.
We do repair work cr. z.11 cars. Work guaranteed.
Batteries recharged. Frices reasonable
Draying Welding
Livery . Agents for
Hot Shot Batteries VESTA Battery
U. S. Tires, Tubes Temrne Springs
Gas, Oil and Greases
9 .
Elder and Mrs. G. W. Mayfield. They
were accompanied by the young lady
who teaches in their district and who
boards with them.
Mr. and M"3. Rudolph Ileil write
to us from Laramie, Wyoming, to
have their address changed to that
city from Kimball, Neb., where they
have been making their home. They
are enjoying the west and say the
scenery is fine around there. The
Black Hills are to the east and west
of them, and snow covered moun
tains beyond the Hills to the west.
They saw a big snow storm In the
mountains from Laramie and say it
was a wonderful sight. They send
regards to Louisville friends'.
Mrs. E. G. Pautsch was pleanant
ly surprised last Sunday evening
when, a few of her relatives and
friends dropped in to spend the eve
ning in.honor.of. her birthday anni
versary. A supper was served at a
late hour and the evening passed
swiftly in music and lively conver
sation. The g-uests were: Mrs.
Paulsen's brother-in-law and sister,
Mr. and Mrs. Will Schliefert. son.
Elmer, and daughter, Erna, of west
of Manley, Conrad Wehrman of Mur
dock, Mr. and Mrs. August Pautsch,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lau and two
daughters, Misses Augusta and Helena.
Clank Books :it the Journal Office.
Coates Block Second Floor
r-: hps
A Eeifable Remedy for Colds
- and Croup
It would surprise you to know the
number of people who ure and recom
mend Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
Mrs. J. X. Ro?e, Verona. Pa., writes.
"Chain tT-rlain's Cough Remedy has
been used by myself and husband for
a number of years for coughs and
cold?. I ateri. gare . it to my little
granddaughter, three and a hnlf
years of' age 'when she had croup
last winter. It broke Jip the attack
nt once. I have recommended this
remedy to many of my friends and
neighbors who have also used It with
good results."
HeatinE Stoves!
The celebrated over draft, the Great Western line.
Winter will soon be here and you will want them.
Husking Gloves and Mittens Hooks and Pegs
Soafma ardvvsro Company,
Prom Pf jr3ay taSty;
Last year a number of the Platts
mouth entertainers' rhosc splendid
talent has often contributed to the
programs and public gatherings here,
were asked to give a recital at Union,
and did so, and thi.T year they were
once more urged to Kive the good
people of that place an opportunlty
of hearing them and accordingly on
Thursday evening the visit was made
to our neighboring citv.
Mrr E. II. Wcscott. vocalist; !Mr?Mf".
II. r.esc6tt. pianist; Mrs. Wm.' i3J'A1.;
reader ard Miss Alice Lnfce "WlS-?
cctt. whistler, comprised the party ot
entertainers and tl'.eiriiJi?7t firtjpTOl
gram .was thoroughly 6joy2i2j.-ate'j
Lnioir :cjtizens. who'.fiDoJciryl fiurfeu?
natc in securing lli6m-!iiirDa:knijr-"
tainment whs held-umJar die
pices of the Epworth League of Ifiyfesh)
at the Pecker hall in thatii, afjd;
w-33 well attended by d fclfeifiod
Ta ilac Las made life worth living
for millions of people who had almost
given up hope. It will do the same
for you. F. G. Fricke & Co.
Starting Saturday a Mighty
Kinney Shoe Co. Disposes of Entire Stock to
hoe Co
Young fat geese. Phone 440-J.
Cigar clipping for sale at Herman'
Spies, 463 Wain St., Plattsmouth, !
Nebraska. 2w'-d&w
Dr. II. C Tnn.-lrl . new ' offices
Union block over Halstead market.'
P-. CIL'', Scnulhot piano tuner.
Phone 38 9-3. . -' - ' d&ff.
, Immediate action is centered on the close out of every shoe in
the house by the new owners. Prices piean nothing -values
are forgotten. Here is by long odds the most wonderful- shoe
buying opportunity yet presented to the footwear buyers of
Plattsmouth and vicinity
Piaitsmouth Has Wever Known Such Value Giving
hoes f or Cv3eoi," TO and.GhSldreini
' Tables are piled high with first quality
shoes all priced iri a manner that will aston
ish every visitor to this store.
EVIen's Shoes
Come prepared to get your full shre of
these extreme money-savings. Bring every
member of the family. You'll never regret it.
in 3 Big Lots
SO 95
Ladies' Shoes
in 4 Big Lots
$2 3 3
and 4.15
c : t . - - . ' t
Juct -received a hew line of Overshoes
Boy's and Girl's School Shoes
jP S
Infant's Shoes
$1 69
U B to
kaa u u u