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5I0I7DAY. OCTOBER 81. 1921.
Nehawka Department!
Prepared ia the Interests of the People of Nehawka and Surrounding Vicinity Especially
for the Journal Readers.
Fred L. Nutzman shipped a 'car ness of her mother, Mrs. J. II. Os-
load of hogs to Nebraska City last borne
J. S. Rough was over to Union
with his truck last Monday to bring
a piauo over for Mrs. Hall Pollard.
Miss Evelyn Wolph. who is teach
ing at the Plattsmouth schools, was
a visitor at her home for over Sun
day. Verner Lundberg, who is attend
ing school was a visitor at home for
Horace Griffin, the restaurant
man. has been feeling very poorly
for the past few days, taking sick
while he was in the timber chop
ping wood.
Chalmer Switzer, the plumbing
and heating man, has just sold to
Arthur Wolph a heating plant for
his home and which has arrived and
will be installed in the near future.
Walter Wunderlich departed last
over Sunday returning to his studies' Sundav evening for Kansas City
this morning. where he will attend the meeting of
Dick Steffens has had constructed the American Legion, which is meet
at his store building a nw stair- ing there in national convention,
way which is adding much conven-i At the Lundberg garage where
ience to the place. they do the best of work, there was.
W. A. Xottie was picking corn I a stlr an1 bustle last week all the
la?t Friday afternoon and did well! time tut nothing out of the ordin-
for but little practice, getting some! ar- for they do business at this m-
fifty bushels in the afternoon
Mrs. Horace Griffin was a visitor
in Union for a short time last week
calling there on account of the ill-
viu u ui -ail u3i;
Call us for quotations on grain
and for reservations for de
livery. Nehawka Farmers' Grain Co.
We are also carrying all
grades of
stitution all the time
W. C. Schlegle and family of
Fairplay. Mo., will arrive at Ne
hawka during this week and will
work for X. C. Klepser near Weep
ing Water. Mr. Schlegle is a rela
tive of Mr. Horace Griffin.
The Rev. E. O. Johnson 'was at-
i tending the distaict convention of
the ministers of the Methodist
church which was in session at Om
aha last week beng there from Wed
nesday evening until Friday.
Miss Zupha Chriswisser who is
attending school at Lincoln was a
visitor at the home of her parents.!
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Chriswisser for;
over Sunday, returning to her stu-!
dies on the early train last Monday.
Charles Atkinson, who has been
receiving treatment at the, Clark-j
son hospital at Omaha for some time
past, was able to return to his home
near Nehawka last Thursday andj
has hopes of being well again soon.!
R. Kettlehut, who has been in so
serious condition at the hospital at
Lincoln, is reported as being much
improved and hopes soon to be able
to return to his home and ultimate
ly be well again after his severe;
tussle with sickness
R. B. Chapman, the carrier of the
north route out of Nehawka, has
been doing some good missionary
work in the construction of the
road heading north from town and
which has been very bad. He is get
ting the road in shape and hopes
that it will remain so.
H. P. Sturm, who has been at the
hospital at Omaha for some time,
where he was having treatment for
blood poisoning, was able to return
home and is feeling pretty good not
withstanding the loss of one of his
fingers. He is looking after the af
fairs on the farm.
Col. W. R. Young of Plattsmouth
was in town last Friday coming to
act as auctioneer at the box supper
which was given at the auditorium
and on account of the down pour of
rain during the night remained all
night. He was accompanied by Mr.
McGinniss Churchill of Murray. I
Mrs. T. E. Fulton, who has been'
sick for some time past, is reported
as being considerable better and is
so she can be up and around. With
the better condition of Mrs. Fulton
comes a sickness of Mr. Fulton, who
was kept to his home and bod last
Friday on account of his feeling so
badly and having an attack of stom
ach trouble.
31 lis
Notice this delicious
flavor when you
smoke Lucky Strike
-it's sealed in by
the toasting process
Home After Many Weeks
Last Sunday Mrs. W. B. Dale, who
has been at the hospital in Omaha
for a number of weeks, returned
home feeling much improved from
what she has been thru during her
stay at the institution. Mrs. Dale
underwent a very severe operation
and her condition remained very
critical for some time but with her
improvement it is now thought and
hoped that she will have her health
The Lumberg Garage!
Our aim the best possible service in all lines. We
are carrying a full line of auto supplies and accessories, as
well as Electrical Goods and Supplies. Our repair de
partment guarantees the best service.
The Lumberg Garage,
Nehawka, Nebraska
For Sale
Single Comb White Leghorn hens
and pullets. English strain. ?1 each.
Phone 1831, Nehawka.
ol0-3v. A. G. CISNEY..
We have a car load to arrive, which are of the best
quality and can be placed in the cellar and will keep
until spring. All sacked, two bushel in a sack.
Per sack $2.75
Per bushel 1.37V
Better get your orders in early. We will notify
you when they arrive.
14 2 Rings
14 3 Rings
Meeting of the Merry-Go-Round
The Ladies of the merry-go-round
met last Wednesday at the home of
Mrs. Peter Stoll, where they enjoy
ed the afternoon with the needie
work and other matters which they
had in hand. The afternoon was
very pleasantly spent with work and
preparations for the celebration of
Armistice day which they will cele
brate at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Cox on November 12th. the
day following the celebration in
Those present to enjoy the occas
ion were Mesdames Peter Stoil, Lou
isa Cox, Minnie Stoll. Z. V. Shra
der, J. G. Wunderlich, J. Schwartz
W. S. Stoll. August Hansen and
daughter, Doris. Charles Heebner,
Henry Schomaker. R. H. Ingwerpon.
Scphia McReynolds. Edna Stoll. Mrs.
Flamme and daughter. Maranda
Sturm. A. F. Sturm, John Corbett
and daughter. Miss Caroline Rau
meister. Miss Janet Young of Weep
ing Water and Mrs. C. A. Rosen
crans of Plattsmouth.
Father Dies in Kansas
Mrs. E. O. Johnson, who has been
away for the past more than a week
returned home last Thursday from
Topeka, Kansas. ' where she was
called a short time since by the
death of her father, Mr. C. H. Dy
al, who was stricken by paralysis
a week or more ago. and who died
at his home there the first of last
week. Mrs. Johnson remaining for
the services. There were two child
ren besides the companion of his
many years . left to mourn his de
parture. The Journal with the many
friends in Nehawka extend to Mrs.
Johnson sympathy in her loss.
room and proved a great drawing
card for the flies. They seemed to
get drunk on the mixture and in
stead of flying out. would fly into
it and get drowned.
The seventh and eighth grades
set apart this week as Good English
Week for the purpose of cleaning
out the weeds, or in other words,
getting rid of incorrect expressions.
They sang good English songs, tag
ged each other when an incorrect
word was used and ma do verses in
their language work. Following are
four of the best verses:
Slang words, slang words,
Better be going away.
four 'possums but some of the boys
report that one of the 'possums waa
sick and that they do not care tc
hunt them anymore, however, last
week County Agent L. R. Snipes and
John Hansen went out and got one
John Opp
Always ready for dales far
or near. Rates reasonable.
Satisfaction or no pay. Re
verse all calls.
Pure Bred, Spring Farrow,
to anyone in Otoe or Cass
Nehawka - Nebraska
The Cocn Hunt a Success
That is they succeeded in getting
one coon and had much sport with
that one and more with some of the
hunters. One coon was taken and
Natural Laws
'seal the concrete vault, mak
ing it imprevious to water.
This is the only burial vault,
which perfectly keeps out
water from the casket. Call
Miller & Gruber
for service on burial vaults.
Nehawka, Nebraska
School Notes
The Hampshire Pig club received
the prize money that it won in tak
ing first place in the judging at the
County Fair. The team consisted of
Earnest Pollard, Ronald Schlictie
mier and Harry Knabe.
The Sophomore class in English
have been bringing enough pictures
to school to almost start a picture
gallery; they have been studying
type qualities of truth and beauty
and the pictures help to illustrate.
The Home Economics class in Hy
giene study have been doing some
experimental work with frogs. Last
week they worked with the muscles
and this week devoted to the study
of the frog's heart and circulation.
A new method of catching flies
has been accidentally discovered by
the General Science class. An ex
periment was being started which
consisted of allowing a mixture of
the following materials to ferment:
i cake of yeast, Vz glass of water
and 1 teaspoon of sugar. This was
kept on the desk in the assembly
The "ainst" and "haints in our room
Are not going to stay.
' A grammar book once came our way
j So we invited him to stay,
j And ever since you may depend
He Las become our faithful friend.
Oh, how he loves to drive away
And make our words correct.
Indeed, he works with all his might
To keep our speech clean and right.
This is "Good English Week,"
Properly we must speak.
Don't say "aint" or "haint."
Or our language will have a taint.
Little .Mary Rhinehardt, playing in
the sun,
Have you said an incorrect word to
day? Not a single one.
Dear little Mary, do not break the
For you no it is "Good English
Week" in school.
Quinton Palmer was absent Fri
day afternoon. He, accompanied by
his mother and sister, visited in
Plattsmouth and Omaha Saturday
and Sunday.
Eloise Pollard was absent from
school Monday due to a sore throat
and cold.
The pupils of the fifth grade are
bringing dimes for pictures. These
will be used for picture study. In
dividual pictures leave a deeper im
pression upon the minds of the pup
ils. The pupils of the 3, 4 5 and 6
grades are planning to entertain
each other with songs, stories and
poems suitable for Hallowe'en on
the Friday afternoon after recess.
Hallowe'en fun and games will also
be included.
The Sunny Side Girls met with
Wilma Switzer, October 20th. They
held their usual business meeting
and decided that the next meeting
would be at the home of Eloise Pol
lard. The girls sewed on various ar
ticles. Marie Schaffer rendered a pi
ano solo. Miss Scott and Miss Stein
meyer sang a duet. Refreshments of
Angel Food cake and jello were
served. The girls departed about
5:30 feeling that Wilma made a de-i
lightful hostess.
The girls of the fourth grade sew-
ing club met at Mrs. R. B. Stone's.
They had an interesting time and
enjoyed the refreshments.
Some of the third and fourth
grade pupils are preparing a short
Hallowe'en program to be given Fri
day after recess.
Sarah Hicks was absent from
school Tuesday on account of sick
Mrs. Sharder visited the third and
fourth grade room Wednesday af
ternoon. Earnest Opp was absent from
school Wednesday on account of
The Evidence is at Your Door.
lumsDog Wear for A
Munsing Wear, which is the la'et word in Underwear,
for men, women and children. We have them for all
and can readily supply your wants.
1 ip:r
IHlysEsDir&g Doves
and kittens!
. We are handling the celebrated Young Man
factoring Companies goods, and are absolutely
the best which money can purchase. Try them
once and you will have no other.
ES a
Plattsmouth proof is what you
want and the statement of this high
ly respected resident will banish all
A. J. McFarland, 306 3rd street,
Plattsmouth. says: "Several years
ago I was doing some heavy lifting
which strained my back and kidneys.
This put me in such shape I had to
'walk with a cane for a number of
weeks and I couldn't straighten. It
felt as though there was a heavy
weight across my back that was just
, holding me down. I couldn't sleep
j nights and it felt as though I had
! been stuck in the back with a sharp
knife. My kidneys acted irregularly
and the secretions were highly color
ed and burned in passage. I was
told to try Doan's Kidney Pills and
after the first box my condition was
much improved. I put my cane away
and was able to walk straight. I
"used four boxes from Fricke & Co's.
drug store and they made a cure that
has lasted ten years. My back and
kidneys have never bothered me since
and I believe Doan's will do the same
for other people if they will give
them a fair trial."
60c, at all dealers. Foster-MIlburn
Co., Mfrs.. Buffalo, N. Y.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kennedy
were visiting last Sunday at the home
of J. C. Roth and wife.
John Falischman has been pick
ing corn at the home of Oris Schlie
fert during the past week.
Martin Grefe visited at the home
of Herman Stohlman and family for
the day last Wednesday.
Frank Wannemaker and wife visit
ed at the home of friends in Weep
ing Water last Wednesday.
R. Bergman and wife were look
ing after some business matters in
Omaha last Saturday, making the
! trip on the bus.
Herman Rauth and wife, accom
panied by Miss Nellie Christensen,
visited at the home of friends near
j Union last Sunday.
I Sam Goodman has completed the
moving of his goods and effects from
near Mynard to Manley and is now a
citizen of this place.
Albert Seiker and family were the
guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
C. E. Mockenhaupt last Sunday,
driving over in their car.
W. H. Frost, who is now traveling
for a lumber concern in Lincoln, was
a visitor in Manley last Wednesday,
looking after some business.
Louis Krecklow was looking after
some business matters in Omaha last
Wednesday, going on his truck and
bringing home a load of goods.
Mrs. Anna Balir, of Nebraska City,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theo
Harms, was visiting at their home
during last week for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs . Edward Seiker of
near Elmwood were visiting at the
home of the latter's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Aug Stander last Sunday.
Wm. Glaublitz and wife, with their
little son Raymond, cf Elmwood were
visiting last Sunday at the home of
J. C. Rauth, driving over in their
Daniel Bourke who has been visit
ing for some time at the home of
his sister, Mrs. Ellen Smith, of near
Elmwood for the past week, returned
home last Monday.
The Manley streets have been
placed in good condition by the
work of Arnold Schliefert and Omar
Coon, and will be when completed
in excellent condition for the winter.
The Ladies of Manley and vicinity
had a farm meeting at the home of
Theo. Harms, at which a large num
ber of the ladies attended and re
ceived instructing in the art of dress
making. Miss Nelle Christensen, who is
teaching in Omaha was a visitor at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Herman
Rauth for over Sunday, returning to
her duties in the school last Sunday
Mrs. Daniel Keiser and son. Bus
ter, from the west part of the state,
is visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Troy Wiles, Mrs. Wiles being
a daughter. They will remain for
some time.
Misses Alice Harms and Freda Fa
lischman who are attending the high
school at Louisville, who are in a
playlet to be given there by the high
school, remained over night to prac
tice one day last week.
Edward Kelley, W. J. Rau and Dan
Bourke were visiting at Wabash on
last Thursday morning, going to see
the effects of the explosion which
was made at the wrecking of the
Wabash bank by the robbers.
Edward Pankonin and wife, of
Weeping Water, came via Manley
and were joined by Mr. Geo. Schae
fer and daughter Carrie last Sunday,
they going to Murdock. where they
visited at the home of Charles Schae
fer. Mr. and Mrs. Fay Kestard of At
chinson, Kansas, have been visiting
at the home of David Brann, of this
place, during the past week. Mr.
Brann and Mr. Kestard were looking
after some business matters in Platts
mouth last Thursday, driving over in
Mr. Brann's new car.
Uncle Charles Murphay who has
not been feeling the best, was taken
to Omaha, where he entered the
Saint Catherine hospital for treat
ment last week, being accompanied
by Mrs. Murphey and their son,
James Murphey and Mrs. Walter
Mockenhaupt, they going along to
assist in his care.
Suffered Severe Accident
A little six-year-old son of Troy
Wiles and wife, while playing in
the mow of the barn at their home,
trying with a little friends to catch
some pigeons, fell some twenty feet,
and was rendered unconscious for
about twenty-four hours, but since
gaining consciousness again is get-
Jting along nicely, though still very
The box social that was to have
been given at the school house In
district No. 9, has been postponed
until Tuesday evening, November
1st. Everyone is cordially invited to
, be present on this date.
i Ceacher.
Herman Dall's Business Burned
The blacksmith shop, plumbing es
tablishment and implement house of
Herman Dall was burned about the
noon hour last Saturday when the
exhaust from the engine charging
the battery of cells, which he had
for lighting his place of business and
which he has for sale. Mr. Dall had
gone to his dinner and left the plant
charging, which is the way which
this is done, and having left a can
of gas setting on the floor near, in
some way the exhaust throwing a
spark occasionally had ignited the
gas, and the building was consumed.
The fire was but small when Mr.
Dall returned from his dinner and
he rushed into the place to see if he
could not extinguish, when he ob
served that the can containing the
gas was just igniting, and rushed
away only in time to escape the
swish of the gas as it came from
the can.
When the alarm was given every
both men and women rushed to the
scene to render what assistance they
could, but however heroic they work
ed, they could not save the place,
though the other buildings were none
allowed, to burn by the hard "work
of the citizens. Mr. Dall surely ap
preciated the work of the people. He
is not as yet certain whether he
will build or purchase a place for his
business. -
The huilding at Murdock occu
pied by Herman Dall with his stock
of implements, gasoline engines and
machinery supplies, was destroyed
by fire the last of the week and the
loss to the owner will reach a very
stiff figure. The building was only
partially covered by insurance while
the loss to the stock will be fairly
well protected by the insurance.
Mr. Dall had been running his
lighting plant to generate Juice for
the batteries and had left for dinner
leaving the engine running as it was
of the kind that automatically stops
when sufficient current has been
generated. Attached to the engine
was an exhaust pipe and this be
come quite heated and set fire to a
part of the wood work that had
gasoline spilled on it and thus the
building was soon In flames and by
the time the owner arrived It waa
impossible to check the blaze.
People who have been helped by
Tanlac are always anxious and will
ing, to tell others about it. F. G.
Fricke & Co.
E. H. Schulhof, piano tuner. 1
Pbone 389-J. d&W.
Why Mr. N. Windsor (R. I.) Put Up
with Rats for Years
"Yean ago I got some rat poison, vrhich nearly .'
killed our fine watch dog. We put up with rat '
until a friend told me about Rat-Snap. It surely ,
kills rats, though bouse pets won't touch it." Rats
dry up and leave no smell. Prices. 35c. 65c. $1-25. '
Sold and guaranteed by (
Bestor & Swatek Weyrich & Had-
raba F. G. Fricke & Co. ;
Did Excellent Work!
We wish to express our thanks for all who work
ed so faithfully to prevent the fire at the Harman Dall
Implement House from catching our home and espec
ially the ladies, who worked as hard as the rest.
Tablets, note books, pencils, etc.,
for the school children, may be had
Please Accept Our Thanks!
When the business place of mine burned down
. last week, and on which I suffered a great loss, I wish
to thank the. people of Manley who were so earnest in
their work to save what they could and rendered such
' valuable service, for their kindly offices.
I also wish" to say that the NEBRASKA HARD
coln, made a very amacable and speedy adjustment of
the loss, which was very satisfactory.
Herman" Dall I!
1 at the Journal office.