The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, October 03, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    MONDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1921.
Plenty of Them in Plattsmcrath and
Good Reason for It.
The Communities IVolf arc!
The banking business is one of more than ordi
nary interest to the community in which the institution
is located.
To make the work of the bank most effective,
there must be a confidence between the bank of its
patrons, and between in fact the whole community.
Any fear of a financial institution "is immediately
reflected in the business of the whole community.
The bank which has proven its worth to the com
munity is the one which has stood the test of good and
adverse times and stands ever ready for the service of
the whole community.
The patrons' interest and the community good is
the bank's first concern. We are here for the service
of the entire community.
Thanking you for your confidence, co-operation
and earnest work for our community, we invite your
The Bank of Murdoch
Murdock, Nebraska
"The Bank where You Feel at Home"
HENRY A. TOOL, President J. E. GUTHMAUU, Vice-Prei.
H. A. GUTHMANU, Cashier
Three Lines of Cars
We have three excellent lines of cars to choose
from and each a leader in its class. The Buick, which
cannot be beaten anywhere and no line barred.
The Dodge Brothers also one of the most reliable
and sturdy cars in the market.
The Ford, you all know its Stirling work and dur
ability. See us for these cars, and also remember we are
prepared to look .after your repairing, no matter what
the line or make of cars we are equipped for the job.
If. H
The Automobile Man
Fall Plowing Now!
The harvest is over and thrashing done- now for
the Fail plowing. We have the" facilities for this task
plows, tractors and also seasonable farming machinery.
See us for the things you are needing. You will be sur
prised at what we can show you.
Also the F.lullo-Kotor Washer!
Oils and Gasoline!
M M . 3EHC3TS,
The Implement Man
Ladies', Men's and Children's Sweater
Coats odd lots at
- Rflurdocli Mercantile Go.,-
H. V. McDonald was fishing last
Friday at Meadow.
Miss Ada Lau waB a visitor in
Omaha last Friday.
Max Dusterhoff was a visitor In
Omaha last Tuesday.
Professor Way was a visitor at
the fair last Wednesday.
Henry Ruster and family were
visiting at Eale last week.
John Amgwert and family were
visiting in Weeping Water last
Thursday at the fair.
Geo. Towle was a visitor in Mur
dock last week, at the home of his
daughter, Mrs. J. E. McHugh.
L G. Hornbeck was out last
Thursday near the station of Mea
dow having some sport with the
Mr. Henry Keelling of Ord, who
has been here visiting at the home
of Geo. Merkle, returned home last
Miss Leona Rush of Lincoln was
a visitor at the home of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Rush last
Henry Towle of Douglas was a
visitor at the home of his sister,
Mrs. J. E. McHugh for a few days
last week.
A. H. Ohlerking and son have
been busy lately repairing the crib
which was blown down in the re
cent storm.
The young people of Murdock en
Joyed a very pleasant time at the
dance given at M. W. A. hall last
Thursday evening.
Mrs. Win Rikli who underwent
an operation some time since for
appendicitis, is making good progress-
at this time.
Miss Mary McHugh of Omaha and
Morris McHugh of Falls City were
visiting at the home of Jerry Mc
Hugh last Saturday.
The Rev. A. Brauchle and wife
departed last Tuesday for Ord way,
Colorado, where they will visit for
some time with relatives.
Miss Irene Norton, who has been
111 with the sore throat since an
operation for removal of her -ton-tils,
is now improving 6teadily.
Messrs Dusterhoff andr Wutchinek
are decorating the home of Herman
Kupke, which is becoming a bower
of beauty under their apt manipula
tion. Mrs. Joe Gustin. who is at the
Lincoln hospital where she under
went an operation for appendicitis
a short time since, is getting along
Miss Bertha Merkle, who has been
off from work for some time on ac
count of a fracture of one of the
bones in her wrist, is reported as
being almost recovered.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Burt of Om
aha were visiting in Murdock last
Sunday at ' the home Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Rush, Mrs. Burt remaining
lor the kensington Thursday.
Albert Telle was a - visitor last
Tuesday at Lincoln where he went
to see his daughter, Mrs. Joseph
Gustin at the hospital, and reports
the daughter is doing nicely.
W. O. Schewe and family were at
tending the fair at Weeping Water
a number of days last week. Mr.
Schewe having a number of his ex
cellent cattle there on exhibition
and which drew much attention.
T?rvjl Wichhnria nf America Kens
ington last Thursda yafternoon at
the home of the former. Mrs. W. O. j
Gillespie assisted in the culinary ar
rangements and the guests were de
lighted with the excellent luncheon
which was served.
Had Enjoyable Time
The revival and conference which
has been held ' at the Callihan
church closed last week with very
good results as thede was convert
ed some 26 persons. The meeting
was conducted under the combined
work of Elmwood, Callihan, Mur
dock and Louisville churches. At
the meeting Sunday when they held
their conference, there was about
600 in attendance.
' Give Entertainment
The members of the Young Peo
ples association of the churches of
Murdock and Louisville held a very
enjoyable meeting at the Murdock
last " Sunday evening, when they
held missionary meeting. A num
ber of guests were present from
Callihan and Elmwood.
Has Sporty Team
Carl Schlaphoff is the possessor
of a team whieh sometimes take a
mind to run away and if not hand
led right accomplish the purpose.
Last week they run away and en
countered some other horses and it
was sometime before things were
straightened up. ,
Makes Cattle Feeding a Success
John J. Gustin, who has been en
gaged in feeding cattle, as well as
breeding them all his life, is at this
time feeding at his farm some 170
head. During the past five years
Mr. Gustin has fed over 1,000 cat
tle and helped keep the wolf from
i the door of many a home. He has
a fine place for feeding and is mak-
mg a succes 01 il.
Wouldn't any woman be happy.
After years of backache suffering.
Days of misery, nights of unrest.
The distress of urinary troubles,
When she finds freedom?
Many readers will profit by the
Mrs. Jos. Altman, of 327 Chicago
Ave., Plattsmouth, says: "I had an
attack of the "flu" a year ago and it
left my back in a weak and tired
condition. My kidneys were weak,
too. Sometimes I could hardly bend
over while about my housework on
account of the sharp stitches In the
small of my back and through my
kidneys. I felt weak all over. I
had heard so much about Doan's
Kidney Pills helping other people
who have been troubled as I was, I
tried them with the best of results.
The one box from Fricke & Co's.
Drug store was all I had to use and
I have not had a sign of any kidney
trouble since. I think Doan's are
fine for such ailments as I had."
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mrs. Altman had. Foster-Milburn
Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
Glass for all your wants. You do not have to
bring your house, door or window to town. Just phone
us and we will come and set the glass for you.
The Dusterhoff Shops,
E. W. Thimgan Garage Robbed
Some miscreant. wh6 thought
more of pilfering for gain than for
the law of the land, broke into the
garaie of E. W. Thimgan last Mon
day and stole a top from the auto
of Miss Jessie Melvin and a tire and
motormeter from the stock and made
their getaway. The authorities were
notified but so far no trace of the
robbers has been discovered.
Kanred Wheat for Sale
I have some excellent Kanred seed
wheat for sale. This has yielded
good on my farm this year and is
worth while sowing.
Murdock, Nebr.
Some Potatoe Eaiser
Henry Meierjergen living south
west of town has a crop of some
three hundred bushels of -potatoes
this season and has been supplying
the people of this vicinity at $1.23
per bushel. Herman Schluster alsc
has a fine crop.
A Fine Demonstration
As to the beautiful effects that
can he obtained by the proper com
binations of paper, can be seen in
the deioration of the store of Max
Dusterhoff, and anyone wishing any
thing in that line will do well to
go see the plase as well as examins
the good which he has on display
Card of Thanks
Appreciating the kindness of the
many friends who sympathized with
us in our loss of my beloved wife,
and for the kind offices during her
late illness and death and for the
flowers, I desire to express my
First Number Next Week
The first number of the Lyceum
course which is to be held on next
Friday, October 7 at the Woodman
hall and which is reported as-being
well worth while. It is the Chi
cago Concert, the members of which
come well spoken of and all who at
tend are assured an evening of very
good entertainment.
Many Attend the County Fair
Many from her attended the
county fair from here among whom
were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Borne
meier, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Weddell.
Charles Long and family, L. B.
Gorthey, Ferdinand Bronkow and
Ed Bronkow and their families. H.
W. Tool and wife, Mrs. H. V. Mc
Donald and Harry Gillespie.
Entertained the ladies
Musdames W. H. Rubh and J. A.
Bauer entertained the ladies of the
Commission Llakea Threat of IT. S.
. Ownership as Only Remain- j
ing Alternate for Them . . j
Washington. Sept. 29. "Added
incentive" for government ownership
of rail lines will be afforded unless
the railroads agree to voluntary con-
Bolidation into a few main systems,1
the interstate commerce commission '
today warned. , '
Anticipating opposition from rail
road heads to its proposed plan of
combining all the railroads of the
country into nineteen competitive
systems, the commission held up the
alternative of government ownership:
or consolidation.
"The issue of government owner-;
ship is constantly pressing itself on
the attention of congress and the
people," the commission said in an
other report on the proposed con
solidation. "Should the policy of voluntary
consolidation not prevail after due
encouragement by government auth
ority, it seems clear that an added
incentive to government ownership
will be afforded."
The commission then states invol
untary consolidation is "the only
way out."
Emphasizing that the hope of real
reduction in railroad rates lies in
consolidation, the commission said:
"Unless consolidation is put into
effect, a positive bar to the attain
ment of uniform reasonable rates
under which all the carriers alike
may thrive, will continue to exist."
Ee Valera to Send Delegates to Lon
don Hopes to Effect a Suit
able Understanding:.
Dublin, Sept. 30. Eamann de Va
lera. on behalf of the "Irish repub
lic," today accepted Lloyd George's
invitation to a peace conference.
Sinn fein delegates will be sent to'
meet the British cabinet committee,
in London, October 11. j
The Irish leader's telegram to
Lloyd George today brought to an
end the lengthy interchange of notes
between the two countries and the
next step in Irish negotiations was to
be a direct conference.
De Valera's telegram today was in
reply to one received from Lloyd
George by the dail cabinet yesterday,
in which the British premier shunted
aside the question of recognition of
Ireland by Great Britain and invited
Irish delegates to an untrammeled
meeting next month.
"We accept the invitation. Our
delegates will meet you in London on
the date mention," de Valera's reply
"Our respective positions have
been stated and are understood, de.
Valera paid.
"We agree that a conference, and
not correspondence, is the most prac
tical and most hopeful way of reach
ing an understanding."
From Friday's Dally.
County Commissioner George L. !
Farley and Highway Commissioner ;
James B. Mckee were here Monday
surveying the state road running in
to town from the east. The section
line and Fifth street do not join
within 60 feet and it was necessary
in early days to use a lot belonging
to the late Thomas Urwin in order
to connect with the street at the en
trance of town. This lot was later
donated to the village by Mr. Ur
win and now will be used in its en
tirety, in order to grade the road in
proper 6hape. Louisville people are
jubilant over the prospects of hav
ing a rtate highway leading to the
county seat and commend the board
of county commissioners for their
efforts in giving u? a good road.
Louisville Courier.
Pigs For Sale
For sale 31 head of choice Duroc
Jersey spring pigs, weight about
100 pounds, for feeding
Murray, Neb.
An extensive line of high class
stationery on hand at all times at
the Journal office.
Des Moines, Iowa, Selected Pilcher
. Elected Commander-in-Chief
of "The Boys in Blue" j
Indianapolis. Sept. 29. At the
G. A. R. convention today both elec
tions of Dr. Pilcher as commander
and Des Moines for the convention
city were unanimous. John C. Cham
bers, of Portland, Oregon, the lead
ing other candidate for the office of
?ommander-in-chlef, withdrew in Mr.
Pilcher's favor.
Dr. Pilcher is a past department
commander of the New York state
organization and his candidacy was
indorsed by practically all eastern
Robert W. McBride, of Indianap
olis, was elected senior vice commander-in-chief
by acclamation. A
spirited contest for the junior vice
commandership between Henry A.
Johnson, of Washington and Frank
A. Jones, of Georgia, ended in the
election of Johnson.
The following elections were made
by acclamation: Marshall Ward
Wood, of Idaho, surgeon general;
Rev. G. B. Smith, chaplain-in-chief.
Commander-in-Chief Pilcher an
nounced the following appointments:
Quartermaster general. Colonel R. O.
Stowitz, New York; Judge Advocate
general, Thomas S. Hopkins, Wash
ington; Inspector general, R. A. Bar
rie, California and Adjutant general,
William C. Beckham, New York.
Much interest here centers in the
forthcoming national convention of
the American Legion at Kansas City,
October 31, November 1 and 2, on ac
count of the reduced fare that will
be available. A flat rate of one cent
a mile to Legion members and their
immediate families has been secured
by the convention committee. In ad
dition Kansas City has raised $100,
000 for the entertainment of their
guests during the three day meeting.
Prominent among the features will be
the Aero congress and fliers will be
in attendance from all over the world
to. compete for the fine prizes being
offer. Marshal Foch and a score of
other high dignitaries of this and
allied countries will also be present.
Reservations for rooms and reduced
fare accomodations will be secured
through the local post of the Ameri
can Legion, and everyone who is
planning on attending the conven-1
tion Bhould get their name on the
roster now being compiled' by the
Legion post adjutant, so that ample
fare certificates and accomodations
may be arranged Tor and there will
be no last minute disappointments.
IX enough tickets are pledged it may
be possible to secure a box car, thus
permitting the party to travel a la
French "style.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Keefer of
Utica. Neb., and Mr. and Mrs. J.
W. Keefer and son, of Covina, Cal.,
were here for a few days last week
visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Roy Cole, south of the city.
They remained over Sunday and
will depart some time this week
for their western homes. Mr. and
Mrs. M. L. will spend a few days
visiting in Omaha, and Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. will make a brief stay
at Denver on their return home.
The Keefer family was one of the
early settlers of Cass county, the
parents of these two excellent
gentlemen settling here in the early
seventies, and of course have hosts
of friends in the county who are al
ways glad to see them. Of late years
they were residents of near Alvo.
i Salesman for Plattsmouth and vi
' clnity. Commission contract only,
for spare time or full time. We will
teach you to sell income protection
thruogh our free school of instruc
tion and help you build a profitable
, business. Massachusetts Bonding
A Ut That Didn't Smell After
Eeing Dead for Three Months
"I swear it was dead three months." writes Mr. J.
Sykes (N. J.. "I M this rat every day: put soma
Rat-Snap behind s barrel. Months afterwards, my
wife looked behind the barrel. There it was dead
KaUSaap sells in three sixes for 35c 65c. $1-35.
Sold and guaranteed by
Bestor & S-jratek - Weyrkh & JIad
rata . . F. G.rricke & Co.
and Insurance Company, Accident
and Health Dept. Saginaw, Michi
gan, Capital $1,000,000.
Just received, a large shipment of
the wonderful remedy, Tanlac. This
is the great medicine you have been
hearing so much about. The remedy
that's made such a wonderful repu
tation and which has accomplished
such remarkable results all over the
United States and Canada. Get your
bottle no- at F. G. Fricke &. Co't.
Yon Can Save Piloney
on Wednesday!
Reg. Price Special Price
32x4 Standard cord tires $43.85 $30.00
32x4 tubes 3.85 2.50
30x3 tubes 2.25 1.50
Also former saving on spark plugs for the day.
The Garage Man
Crib and Granary!
H 4 jft7 Pf Pavs fr a material which is
Jh lj u8e in a double crib and gran-
ary. This is a double crib, with
driveway and granary above, with tight bins. This in
cludes the lumber, sand and cement lor the same. The
building is 26x28 feet, with good shingle roof.
$A S i t i Pavs fr dUDle C"D similar to above,
Jtlf 9m vf V not having gfanary above, but provid
ing for driveway and crib room on
each side.
fk pays for a self feeding crib, caring for
V 1 e Sram ad at the same time feeding.
See us for specifications and how the
same is constructed. We have the plans.
Tool, fJauman & Wlurtey,
How is Your Battery?
We are doing battery charging and repairing. If
your battery is not doing its work, bring (it to us and we
will remedy the evil.
We carry Mitchell and Oldsmobile parts, and are
equipped to furnish the best repair services on all makes
of cars at reasonable prices.
All Work Guaranteed Satisfactory
Landholm Auto Co.,