The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, September 19, 1921, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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Veteran of Civil War
Still Hale and Hearty
7) r."-)'
fca G. 3VL Holcomb of his City is United
in Marriage to Miss Lillian
lawson, at Marion, la.
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a Bif n Woi nisi if?
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A very pretty and simple' wedding
that joined the lives of one of the
prominent ycung men of this city and
one of the most charming ladies of
our neighboring state of Iowa, oc
curred on Thursday, September loth,
at Marion, Iowa, when Mr. G. M. Hol
comb, of Plattsmouth and Miss Lil
lian Lawson of Marion were mar
ried. The ceremony occurred at the home
of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
S. C. Lawson and was very quiet, only
the immediate family being present
to witness the ceremony. The bridal
couple were attended by Mr. Fred
Lawson. brother of the hride and
Kjl'Miss Nadine Burke of Cedar Rapids,
Mr. and Mrs. Holcomb came direct
to Omaha from Marion and were
guests of friends for a short time,
coming last evening to this city,
3! where they are to make their home
j in the future.
i The groom is in the employe of the
firm of 1-T O T)nvpv - Son nml is wp!1
Uliknown ana very popular to a large
, circle ii v m m invuus uvei mc city.
k -1 -i ; A 1 1 , T , ?
During the world war he was in ser the United States navy and is
a member of the local post of the
t American Legion. The bride is a
.most charming and accomplished lady
land will find a cordial welcome to
j her new home in this city.
K 1
The football feson Is now at hand,
and the IMattsmouth Legion team
will be ready to meet any of the fast
elevens of the rtate. The numbe of
gridgters turning out this season for
practlc is far in excess of last year,
and prospects are good for a top
notch team.
If yuu are interested In the study
cf Theosophy or in the formation of
a Theosophical Iode;e, communicate
with Mrs. K. P. K'.dund. 4312 Parker
street, Omaha, Ncbr., and receive free
literature. - sl2-12d:
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Large Crowd at the Circu3 Last Night
Gets Soaked in Drenching Rain
that Visits the City.
From Saturday's Daily.
Last night the tents of the Camn-
bell-Bailey-IIutchinson circus were
well filled with the amusement seek
ers of the' city and in the,midst of
the performance when the main tent
had been well packed with people,
one of the heaviest rain storms of
the season broke and in a few sec
onds the tent resembled a seive as
the water poured in on the hapless
spectators and men and women alike
suffered from the effects . of the
storm. x
The tent offered but little resist
ance to the driving rain and the
spectators started out to attempt to
reach the city or other shelter. The
chaotic scenes that ensued were real
ly laughable had not it been for the
fact that no one had time to enjoy
them, everyone being Intent on try
ing to reach safety and a dry place.
'When the storm finally ceased, the
bedraggled crowd found that ' the
streets and sidewalks were a mass of
water and mud and this completed
the discomfort of those who were un
fortunate enough to be at the circus.
Aside from the discomforts of the
storm, the performance was a very
credible one and the company proved
much better than had been anticipat
ed and especially in their acrobatic
and tumbling acts.
The show people found the best
business hi this city of any they have
played to for some time and were
well pleased with the results of their
visit here in every way.
Chronic Catarrh
Our manner of living makes us
very susceptible to colds and a suc
cession of colds causes chronic ca
tarrh, a loathsome disease with which
it is estimated that ninety-fl ve per
cent of our adult population aro af
fiictd. If you would avoid chronic
catarrh, you must avoid colds, or.
having contracted a cold, get rid of
it as quickly as possible. Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy is highly recom
mended as a cure for colds and can
be depended upon.
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of all kinds. The Journal.
Prosecutor Elects to Try Arbuckle
On Charge of Murder Trial
Within Thiee Weeks
? ';
t , - t 7 - f
4 y. rf..(wi' :v
GEORGE D. SHAW, Springfield, Mass.
San Francisco, Sept. 1C. The way
wad cleared today for the trial of
Koscce (Fatty) Arbuckle. motion
picture comedian, on a charge of
murder resulting for the death of
Miss Virginia Uappe. motion picture
actress, in a sanitarium here Friday
September 9. after she is alleged to
have been attacked at a party given
by Arbuckle at his rooms in the St.
Francis Hotel, Monday, Sept. 5. The
charges against Arbuckle, two for
murder and wto for manslaughter
necessitated conferences during the
week fcetwen District Attorney Bra
dy and police otiicials as to the ex
act charge on which he shall be
tried. It was, decided today that the
charge shculd be murder, and the
police court in which Arbuckle's
case is pending was so advised.
The undertaking establishment
having the body of Miss Itappe an
nounced that it would be sent to
Los Angeles tonight for interment in
the Hollywood cemetery.
House Physician is Sought
A new development today was the
announcement that Dr. Arthur
Heardslee, house physician at the St.
Francis, and the physician who first
attended Miss Rappe. is being sought
by the authorities. Milton T. U'Ren
assistant United States district at
torney, announced today that the po
lice have been unable to locate him
and asked the newspapers to assist
in the search. Dr. Deardslee is. want
ed for giving testimony before the
grand jury regarding certain phases
of the medical attention given Miss
Rappe, Uren said.
Bigger crowds than usual greeted
Arbuckle's public appearance today.
A few moments before his case was
called in Folice Judge Sylvain J.
Lazarus' court for a preliminary
hearing bearing on one of the mur
der charges. The crowd, mostly men,
attempted to rush thru the 'doors,
They were held back by police.
Members of the women's vigilante
committee, formed for the purpose
of assisting the police and prosecut
ing officials cf the city in maintain
ing law and order, were present at
the court hearing.
'Following the court session. Dis
trict Attorney Brady gave out a
statement in which be explained the
reasons for his determination to
press the murder charge. Later in
the day he appeared before the fin
ance committee of the county board
of supervisors and asked that a spe
cial fund be provided for him with
which to nrosecute the Arbuckle
case. s j
Prosecution to Spend Money
"This defendant is reputed to be
wealthy," he said. "He has infiuen-!
tian friends. We must spend money)
li we want to prosecute uis
successfully, otherwise we may meet
with disaster. We may, have to go to
all parts of the United States for
The committee voted him an im
mcHQto $1 oon for this fund tand told
him that more would be forthcom-'
ing when it is needed.
A Grateful Letter
"To say that I feel twenty-five
years younger, twenty-five years
healthier and twenty-five years
stronger expresses what Tanlac has
done for me beter than any other
way I can put it," said George D.
Shaw, veteran of the Civil war, who
now lives at 321 Walnut street,
Springfield, Mass.
"I am now seventy-eight years old
and I don't hesitate to say I have
never known a medicine to equal
Tanlac. For fifteen years I was sub
ject to attacks of indigestion that
were so bad at times I would have
to lay up for a week or two. For a
long time I lived on crackers and
milk alone as nothing else agreed
with me.
"When I started on Tanlac I
weighed only one hundred and seven
teen pounds and my days were
thought to be numbered. I've been
so wonderfully built up, I now weigh
one hundred and forty-three pounds
and my stomach is as sound as a
dollar. In fact, I believe I could eat
the old army rations without it hurt
ing me in the least.
"I never miss a chance of saying
a good word for Tanlac and I would
like to urge the boys of ihe "Sixties"
who are not feeling right to give it a
trial, for I am sure it would put them
in line again just as it has me. For
a man of my age to have no physical
ailment, to be well and strong and
enjoy life as he did twenty-five years
ago, is. certainly something to be
thankful for and there is nothing too
good I can say for Tanlac."
Tanlac is sold in Plattsmouth by
F. G. Fricke & Cov and by leading
druggists everywhere.
Washington, Sept. 16. Coast, ar
tillery defenses are to be placed on
a reduced basis because of the re
duction of the army to 150,000 men
the war department announced to
day. The following are to be reduced
in strength of men:
Portsmouth, X. H., Newbedford,
Mass, Eastern New York, Southern
New York, Baltimore, Fort Wash
ington, Md., Fort Monroe, Va.. Cape
Fear, N. C., Charleston. S. C, Savannah-
Ga., Tampa, Fla., Mobile,
Ala. and Fort Stevens, Ore.
In this reduction cf the coast ar
tillery troops, provision is made
however, for the organization of two
anti-aircraft battalions. The second
battalion will be organized at Fcrt
Totten, New York, and the third in
the coast defenses of San Francisco.
Six-room house, barn and eleven
lots for rent or sale.
Lest You Forget
Let us remind you that Chamber
lain's Tablets not only cause a gen
tle movement of the bowels but im
prove the appetite and strengthen
the digestion.
Blank Books at the Journal Office
This morning Charles McCauley
was arraigned in police court charg
ed with the possession of Intoxicat
ing liquir and for which offense he
was given a fine of $100 and costs,
amounting to $103. The young man
was found near the circus grounds
with the liquor and it is stated
threw the bottel away but it failed
to break and the result was that the
liquor was captured by the police.
Washington, D. C, Sept. 16. An
offering of federal farm loan bonds
bearing 5 per cent interest will be
made about October 1, Secretary Mel
lon said today. The issue, expected
to be at least $40,000,000 will be in
accordance with the general plan of
financing the federal land banks, the
secretary said.
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It is in trying conditions like that
related beloSv by Mrs. Geo. L. North
of Naples. N. Y., that proves the
worth of Chamberlain'3 Colic and
Diarrhoea Remedy. "Two years ago
last summer," she says, "our little
boy had dysentary. At that time we
were living in the country eight miles
from a doctor. Our son was taken ill
suddenly and was about the sickest
child I ever saw. He was in terrible
pain all the time and passed from one
convulsion into another. I sent my
husband for a doctor and after he
was gone thought of a bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic and Diarrhoea
Remedy in the cupboard. I gave him
some of it and he began to improve
at once. By the time the doctor ar
rived, he was out of danger."
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"That Measure Will
Strehgthen Us. It Will Give
Us Character Abroad.'
So, we are told, John Adams argued tor the De
claration of Independence. v And the years that
lie between tie Declaration and this 145th An
niversary of its signing have seen the proof of
his wisdom.
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of a bank account. For proof of this see the
people who have used the right kind of banking
connection to establish their credit and their
financial strength.
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cial character.
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Established 1881
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