The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, August 29, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Special Bargains
This Week!
Keep your eyes open for bargains in our ad space,
for we will furnish them. For this week we are of
fering Varnish, absolutely guaranteed, sold for $4.75
Bed Room Paper, per single roll, 6c
Oat Meal Paper, per single roll, 20c.
Floor Wax 50c.
i ne Dusternorr anops
Whose Journal do you read?
Henry Timra is sporting a brand
new Buick car.
H. A. Guthmann was a visitor in
Lincoln Thursday afternoon.
If you want the news, the Journal
is just what you're looking for.
Jesse Landholm was looking after
some business in Lincoln Thursday.
C. F. Hitf went to Alvo Thursday
to consult Dr. Muier in regard to his
W. H. Rush was looking after some
business matters in Lincoln on last
Fred Bronkow and family attend
ed the convention at Milford last
For good, reliable news the Journal
is southeastern Nebraska's leading
H. R. Schmidt and family attend
ed the conference in Milford one
day last week.
Fall Plowing Now!
The harvest is over and thrashing done now for
the Fail plowing. We have the facilities for this task
plows, tractors and also seasonable farming machinery.
See us for the things you are needing. You will be sur
prised at what we can show you.
Also the Uulto-Uofor Washer!
Oils and Gasoline!
The Implement Man
Why Suffer the Loss
which always comes when the machinery
is not given the best of oil?
Best Motor Oil. per gallon 90c
Best Tractor Oil, per gallon 75c
We can deliver the new car any time you desire.
Buick, Dodge Bros., and the Ford.
The best service possible in our repair shop.
The Automobile Man
9-4 Bleached Sheetingr, per yard 37c
Men's Heavy Striped Overalls
Yard wide Percales, heaviest, fast colors, darks
and lights, per yard 20c
- Murdoch Mercantile Co., -
Kenneth Tool, Carl Schneider and
Richard Tool visited in Lincoln last
Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. H. V. McDonald were
looking after business matters in
Omaha Thursday.
Wm. Bourke shipped a car of cat
tle from here to the South Omaha
market last Friday.
Harry Davis has been busy the past
week painting and redecorating the
home of O. J. Pothast.
Harry Davis and W. H. Rush were
looking after some business matters
in Ashland Wednesday.
Miss Mollie Smith of Omaha was
a guest at the Henry Gakemeier
home several days last week.
Mrs. Charles Schneider and son
Carl, and daughter, Esther, were
visiting in Lincoln last week.
Paul Schewe and family were vis
iting and looking after some business
matters in Ashland Wednesday.
Carl Schneider will leave Septem
ber 5th for Concordia, Mo., where
he will attend school this year.
Walter Stroy underwent an opera
tion last week at a hospital in Lin
coln for the removal of his tonsils.
If you are not a subscriber to the
Journal, now is a good time to have
your name added to the mailing list.
Henry A. Guthmann and family
returned home Tuesday from a visit
with relatives and friends at the
county seat.
Andy Blum, who resides north of!
town, visited the South Omaha mar
ket last week and purchased a car
load of feeders.
Dr. and Mrs. Russell Hornbeck are
home from a visit of a couple of
weeks with Dr. Carruthers and fam
ily at Mason City.
Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Pothast and
little daughter were dinner guests at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad
Reinke last Sunday.
Fred Klemrae is having new roofs
put on the buildings at his home
southwest of town, the work being
done by A. S. Dopner.
O. J. - Pothast was looking after
some business matters in Lincoln
last Thurday, being accompanied by
his wife and daughter.
John Amgwert and family visited
friends and attended the picnic at
Bennett last Tuesday, they having
formerly resided there.
Henry Bornenieier returned home
last Monday from South Dakota,
where he lisnd been looking after
some matters of business.
Jerry MpHugh of the Murdock Mer
cantile company and G. Bauer ship
ped in a carload of crockery from the
potteries in Minnesota last week.
Homer Lawton. the painter and
decorator, has been busy during the
past week repainting the buildings
on the Herman F. Schweppe farm.
J. Johansen. the truck man. made
two trips to Omaha Wednesday, tak
ing a load of hogs in the forenoon
and a load of cattle in the afternoon.
John S. Livington and family, of
near Ashland passed through Mur
dock Thursday en route to Weeping
Water to attend the Wiles family
Henry Amgwert and mother have
been staying at the Wm. Bourke
farm home during the past two weeks
while Mr. Bourke was enjoying a
Daniel Bornenieier, living between
Murdock and Manley was among the
attendants at the Evangelical asso
ciation convention held at Milford
last week.
In the game between Murdock and
Greenwood a week ago Sunday on
the home grounds. Greenwood was
able to annex the long end of the
11 to 4 score.
Charles Ault and family and Mr.
and Mrs. Joseph R. Kelly and wife,
of Plattsmouth. visited in Murdock
Fridav. bixig guests of Mr. and Mrs.
O. E. McDonald.
H. K. Hfcnson. of Sioux City, visit
ed in Murdock over Sunday at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. O. J.
Pothast. while enroute home from a
trip to Kansas City.
Earnest Bornemeier and son, Vir
gil Ross, had the happy event of
celebrating their birthdays together
on the 24th of August, the father be
ing 4" and the son one year old.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sissins, from
Tampa, Florida, stopped off here for
a Fhort visit at the H. A. Guthmann
home while enroute from Ainsworth,
where they had been visiting, to their
home in the south.
W. M. Knaupe. residing south of
(town, netted a return of 47 bushels
l of wheat to the acre from his re
cent harvest. The grain is of the
famous "Kanred" variety, which has
prrven such a good yield producer in
this vicinity.
Rufus Brown who was busy the
past fortnight mowing weeds along
the Rock Island right-of-way. was
secured to cut those in town and last
Thursday did the job which improves
the appearance of the streets fully a
hundred per cent.
Will Buck, who has been assisting
his brother, J. H. in the blacksmith
shop during the rush of work of the
past few weeks has found time to
wire his brother's home, and the
family will now enjoy the benefits of
electric light service.
The road leading from Murdock
southwest to the highway has been
graded and will be in fine condition
for traffic as soon as it gets smooth
ed down. This will make it easy to
get in and out of Murdock on one
of the best roads in the county.
Misses Esther and Marie Schmidt
returned home Thursday evening af
ter having enjoyed a most excellent
time at the Evangelical association
convention at Milford. During their
absence the telephone exchange was
in charge of Misses Esther Rau and
Mary Rush.
Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Hartung, of
Kansas City, visited Mrs. Hartung's
parents, L. Neitzel and wife, while
en route home from a tour of "the
west. They were accompanied home
I by their daughter, Eleanor, who had
been spending several weeks here at
the hoice of her grandparents.
Henry Inhelder and Robert Craw
ford were in Lincoln last week, mak
ing arrangements for Mr. Inhelder to
move to Lincoln from Ewing soon.
Mr. Inhelder would like to come to
Murdock to reside, but as it is im
possible to secure a place here to
live, he is combpelled to go to Lin
coln. Mrs. Claude Twiss, of Louisville,
visited her parents, A. J. Bauer and
wife and other friends here Thurs
day, coming over with her husband.
who is employed with the Rock Is-!
There is a general feeling that '
more room should be provided, but
only a limited amount is available,
and at best it will be hard to provide
satisfactorily for the accommodation
of the pupils. Some have talked of
partitioning the old church; others
are opposed to this and would build
an addition to the present school
i building. Just what will be done is
a matter of conjecture, but we trust
;the board will be able to arrive at
some solution which will provide
ample room for the scholars as well
as accommodations for the teachers.
Call Ducks for Sale
I have a few call ducks for sale.
Louis Hornbeck, Murdock. 2w.
Entertained Kensington Club
The Royal Neighbors of America
land here, but is forced to make the kensington club met last Thursday
trip back and forth between here and at the country home of Mr. and Mrs.
Louisville each day on account of in-; Louis Bornemeier, a large number of'
ability to secure a suitable place in , the members being present. The ride'
which to reside here. jto the beautiful home of the hostess1
E. K. Norton has secured the lit- and the pleasant surroundings there
tie building near the Farmers and added greatly to the enjoyment of
Merchants bank and will move into the meeting. At the conclusion of,
it in a short time. This is a very the work period, the ladies were
small place for a family to reside in, ; given a watermelon feed which they
but it is the best that can be found, enjoyed very much.
due to the scarcity of houses. Half
a dozen more families would be glad
to locate here now if they could se
cure homes in which to live.
Kanred Wheat for Sale
I have some excellent Kanred seed
Boosting County Fair
A crowd of Weeping Water boost
ers visited Murdock Thursday morn
ing, putting out advertising matter
for the Cass county fair and stock
show, which is to be held there on
v heat for .sale. This has yielded ; September 28th. 29th and SOth. A'
farm this year and is noteworthy feature of the fair is the
good on my
worth while sowing. .
Murdock, Nebr.
fact that admission is free, there is
to be no charge to exhibitors or rent
al for stalls or pens for the showing
of stock entries. The fair manage
ment has arranged entertainment for
all and on these three days the gen-
Enjoys Company of Guests
"M w anrl TVf ro T Tm)i a nfn Ti n VP
been enjoving the company of guests eroust hospitality of the central Cass
during the past week, they being county town will be extended to all.
John Martin Ida Schrum and Otto ; Those. here on the booster expedition
Pavson and wife, all of Manning. C. E Butler. Spencer Marshall.
Iowa. Mr. Pavson has been with aius Johnson Charles Gibson,
larse mercantile establishment in i Clarence Pool and family and L. R.
Matminf- unrl is tnVinsr his vacation. 01W"-0 a"u ianm.
at this time, being accompanied by
the others who are also relatives of
Mr. and Mrs. Johansen. Last Thurs
day the party drove to Lincoln to
spend the day.
Tor Sale
A few English call ducks.
Louis Hornbeck, Murdock, Nebr.
Were Guests in Murdock
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Rush were
enjoying the company of a number
of relatives and friends last Sunday,
among them being Mr. and Mrs.
John Burt, Misses Ethel and Alice
Allagaard. Mrs. Nellie Roco and Mr.
James Alfred, all of Omaha. and Mr.
and Mrs. Aldo Mueller, of Lincoln.
One Who Shows No Favor.
Will Hold Meeting Thursday
Miss Ida M. Wilkins. the lady
county agent, will he in Murdock on
Thursday of this week, and will
hold a meeting at the hall, giving
A merciless judge is Father Time.
Before him the weak and the want
ing go to tta'e wall. Only the truth
can stand. For years the following
statement from a Plattsmouth resi
dent has withstood this sternest of
all tests.
Theo. Starkjohn, retired farmer.
Locust and 9th streets, Plattsmouth,
says: "For several years Doan's Kid
ney Pills have been used in our fam
ily for kidney troubles and backache,
and they have proven to be all that
is claimed for them. Whenever my
back feels a little lame and my kid
neys are not acting as they should,
I take Doans Kidney Pills for a
few days, and they never fail to do
me good. Doan's can't be equalled
anyone having kidney trouble
instruction relative to the work the and
ladies of Cass county are accustomed j should take them for they are very
to do, and to encourage them to , reliable." (Statement given Febru-
make exhibits at the Cass county
fair to be held in Weeping Water on
September 28, 29 and SOth. All ladies
of the community are urged to at
tend this meeting.
The Hotel Qarstion
The matter of securing a liotel for
Murdock is one that concerns every
person who has the interest of the
town at heart. With people visiting
our town every day who are not able
to secure either meals or lodging,
Murdock is getting an unenviable
reputation and being passed up by
many who would coiue here, could
they be assured of accommodations
along this line. With either a good
hotel or restaurant here the situation
would be much different. It looks
May 12, 1920, Mr. Storkjohn added:
"The cure I had from Doan's Kidney
Pills several years ago has become a
lasting one. It has been a couple of
years since I used or had need of a
kidney medicine and my kidneys are
now1 good and healthy. I still have
faith in Doan's and if ever I should
need a kidney remedy again, I should
certainly use them."
COc. at all dealers. Foster-Milburn
Co., Mfrs.. Buffalo, N. Y.
From Friday's Dally.
Last evening quite an extensive
partv of auto tourists were camped
like a feasible thing to erect a good j at the grounds .near the Turner hall
hotel building here, as suitable lots' ana wim leais pucura maue i.:ui-
n be obtained at a reasonable price ""Jves comioriaoie ior me nigni.
good location! inere were quite a nuuioer oi iauiet
m me panics aiiu a iiuujuci ii iuc
local swains knocking the accumula
tions of the barnyard from their
toots and shining up the old cellu
loid neckpiece, hastened out to the
locality where the campers were lo
cated but without much success as
far as adding any conquests to their
The increasing number of auto
tourists e-ach season shows clearly
that there should be some suitable
place where they might camp in com
fort and in a place that would be a
credit to the city.
that would afford a good location
for an up-to-date hotel. Something
must be done to remedy the present
situation which is daily keeping peo
ple away from Murdock.
Has an Excellent Machine
We were much interested in a
demonstration a few days ago of the
Maytag self-contained multi-power
washing machine which Wm. Gherts
is offering to his trade just now. The
machine is so simple a child can suc
cessfully operate it and there is very
little chance of its ever getting out
of order, although if it ever should,
there is a free repair service that
goes with it, thus guaranteeing it
against any imperfections. When in
the store, ask for a demonstration of
this up-to-date washer.
The School Problem
The school situation is one
is commanding the attention and
best thought of the Board of Educa
tion and others interested in a solu
tion of the problem confronting the
consolidated district. Inadequate fa
cilities for the accommodation of
the pupils and inability of the teach
ers to secure suitable place of abode
are both matters of grave import
ance, and unless satisfactorily solved
will prove a grave menace to the
welfare of our educational institution.
Cured of Stomach Trouble and
Rachel Cribley. of Beaver Dam,
Ohio, was sick for two years with
stomach trouble and constipation,
takine one medicine after another
that I xvjth nnlv tpmnnrnrv rplief. "Mv
neighbor spoke so enthusiastically of
Chamberlain's Tablets," she says,
"that I procured a bottle of them at
our drug store to try. A few days'
treatment convinced me that they
were just what I needed. I continued
their use for several weeks and they
cured me.
Waste and Decay!
arc bound to follow neglect
of your property. Better
have it painted This is
insurance. See me for prices
on all kind of painting;
interior or exterior.
Eagle gets into the limelight with
a real burglary. Last night the safe
at the Eagle garage was broken into
and cash to the extent bf something
like $50 was taken. Checks were not
taken only cash. Paul Judkins had
his famous blood hound out as soon
as the burglary was discovered, but
the boys say the dog evinced such
a fondness for Bill Brothwell that
they could not get him to work.
George Allen, the proprietor, is hard
at work today accumulating another
bunch for them in case they return.
Eagle Beacon.
Child Cured of Bowel Trouble
A child of Floyd Osborn, Notary
Public of Duuganuon. Va., was taken
with bowel trouble. Mr. Osborn gave
it Chamberlain's Colic and Diarrhoea
Remedy and it quickly recovered. In
sneaking of this remedy he says: "It
'is the best I ever used."
This Is a Shot for You!
We are going to give bargains on Wednesday,
and you can look for it every week.
For this coming Wednesday (July 24) we are
going to sell any spark plug, no matter how much they
cost regularly, for
Auto top renewer, which sold at $2.25, now. . .$ 1.50
Special heavy spring bumpers, were $20, now. . 14.00
If we are out of any of these goods when
you come we will get them for you.
The Garage Man
Crib and Granary!
(t AWN fii Pavs fr a tne material which is
JhJ l Jl(Jll used m a double crib and gran-
' ary. This is a double crib, with
driveway and granary above, with tight bins. This in
cludes the lumber, sand and cement for the same. The
building is 26x28 feet, with good shingle roof.
pays for double crib, similar to above,
not having granary above, but providr
ing for driveway and crib room on
each side.
A 1 0 F AA pays for a self feeding crib, caring fcr
X OJlltI the grain and at the same time feeding.
See us for specifications and how the
same is constructed. We have the plans.
Tool, Nauman & EVlurtey,
How is Your Battery?
Ve are doing battery charging and repairing. If
your battery is not doing its work, bring it to us and we
will remedy the evil.
We carry Mitchell and Oldsmobile parts, and are
equipped to furnish the best repair services on all makes
of cars at reasonable prices.
All Work Guaranteed Satisfactory
Landholm Auto Co.,
I have a new Motor Truck and am prepared to
do all kinds of hauling at reasonable rates. See me
for truck hauling.
Use Pride of Elmwood
Bring your wheat to the mil! and get your year's
supply. We give 34 pounds of wheat testing 59-Ibs
per bushel or better.
Every Sack Guaranteed!
We are also in the market for all kinds of grain.
Imwood iii! and Elevator
O. M. RING, Man3ccr