The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, August 29, 1921, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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    MONDAY, AUGUST 29, 1921.
l ' .
Cbc plattsmoutb Icurnal
r.Dtcrf'l at rivt!Tio. l'lnttsmouth. Neb., as second-class mail matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
A wvr.iau is known by the com- A wife on hand is worth two on
puny the snute. a. vacation.
GmM-huiuored lawyers often make Even a barber loses by cutting ac-
a cros txain ina-t ion. quaintances.
; 0 ; O I
Tut your best" foot foremost People who play with fire often
but no: too far ahead." get cold feet.
Q - O t 1 ' '
These pirls who pose for magazine A fool and his father's money have
covers make a bare living. a merry time.
:o: :o:-
All the world is a stage, and the The man always buzzing about
best way to act is natural. himself is a humbug.
; o: o.o
There are no hard times coming. Speaking of gluttons for trouble,
It's just the soft ones going. there is Ralph Oberchain.
:o: :o:
Picnic parties" believe Noah had That mysterious booze ship con
more than two ants in the ark. tained only pickled herring.
-r.- ' o:o
President Harding found matri
monial bonds were not below par.
:o: :
In pome restaurants you can re-ad
the menu on the waiters' ccat front.
Americans spend almost as much
for chewing gum as fur foreign mis
sion. :o:
The nlv thing that you can find
and b
fault. sure no one will claim, is
Soni ' children are naughty because
they have heard that the g(nl die
The United States Secret Service
:irrets about 400 counterfeiters an
nually. :o:
If a man is a success he knows it:
if he is a failure, all his neighbors
konw it.
covers a multitude of .- ins
anl a circus tent covers a multitude
of sinner.
Jiit now tfie weather man is mov
ing in blistcrous ways his blunders
to perform.
According to a news item, a wo
man was recently married while in a
trance. It is usually the brltfegrornn.
Tlie American embassy at Pucnos
Aires is upstairs over a mattress fac
tory. However, the mattress factory
will ?oon move to better quarters.
The talk about Lord Northtliffe
King the William II. Hearst of Great
I'riton is all tommyrot. We never
heard of Xorthedifi'e being a candi
date for king.
What would be the use of putting
Gov. I,en Small in jail when he
couM crawl out through any key
hole and turn summersaults while
he was doing so.
Will some psychologist kindly ex
plain why 11 o'clock at night as the
best time to write on a typewriter
and 7 In the morning the best time
to play on a cornet?
"It don't take a man long to
bas his pants :t the. knees.
and to make i l":ndy tailored
suit look thoroughly disrepu
table that's the man of it,"
avers Dainty Dorthy.
Put the goes on to explain
that the man who is making
use of our cleaning, steaming
and pressing services is keep
ing his clothes in much mqre
presentable condition than
when he got acquainted with
us. And it doesn't cost much,
Goods Called for and Delivered
a rd i ail
AtrcH-S opposite
In reply to "How could we do with
out jazz?" We would say better.
A Toledo man lost his wife in a
poker game. Put won his freedom.
Many a little girl who was fond
of dolls has grown up fond of dollars.
The United States is the greatest
cattlo raising country in the world.
Clocks regulated and operated by
water power are common in China.
A speedy motion picture machine
can photograph the flight cf an in-!
feet. I
International trade shows Ger
many is making her marks in the
The first newspaper in the U. S.
was the Boston News Letter, started
in 1704.
The Britisli may lack sense
humor, but they have complete scents .
or trouble.
Paris lias had a plague of house
flies tliis year for the first time in
many years.
Christopher Morley nays the -most
faocinating bouk in the world is one's
own bank book. .
Bachelors are like automobiles
girls den't want one that has been
run 10,000 miles.
A Frenchman predicts beards for
women. Then hubby can trim corns
with wife's razor.
The total area of Canada is 300,
9S0 square miles greater than that
of the United States. t
If a man doesn't iaugh when he
pees a girl trying to sh .rpen a pen
cil he is in love with her.
Ruins of an ammunition factory,
in which stone axes were made for
Warfare Six thousand years ago, have
been dug up an Wales.
The safest way to handle the wed
ding anniversary proposition is for
all to get married on Christmas or
the Fourth of July, so the date' will
be easy to remember.
Cave Creek, Arizona, went on a
rampage Sunday and swept through
the Arizona state house. Perhaps it
was the weather man's idea of a po
litical house cleaning.
The short and ugly word has ap
peared in the house taxation debate.
I but it was expunged from the record.
lne house missed an opportunity
there. It should have put a tax on it.
They have found a new oil field in
Alaska, which reminds us that once
upon a time men went to that far
away land and thought themselves
sufficiently rewarded when they
merely found gold.
A young Greenwich Village mat
ron offers her husband for rent for
, $5,000 a year. She says he writes
; lovely poems. Thus making it evi-jde-nt
that she is not averse to doing
:a lintle profiteering now and then.
The house has declined to free
residence properties from liabilities
!of search for booze with warrants,
j and has substituted a clause empow-
erir.g officials to search moton cars.
Which after all may extend the
search power over more people.
Thore are few pleasant features'
of the new tux bill now before con-1
srtss that it were ungrateful not to
take notice of some of them. One es
pecially is the fact that Representa
tive Claude Kitchen is writing the
; minority reports on it this time.
-oliiiuieTcn nicnnccco
Rev. A. II. Sykes, former pastor
of the Watkins Park Presbyterian
church, Nashville, Tenn., says:
"After seeing what Tanlac has ac
complished in my wife's case, I am
convinced that it is a medicine of
iprrat power and extraordinary merit.
I do not think I have ever seen any
thing give such prompt results. Mrs.
, Sykes had been in delicate health for
ten months suffering from stomach
I trouble and nervous breakdown.
"I frequently sought medical ad
vice, but Tanlac is the only thing
that gave her any relief. After tak
ing the medicine only a short time,
she was able to Fit up and help with
the household duties. I think it
only a short time until her health
will be fully restored."
Tanlac is sold in Plattsmouth by
F. G. Fricke and Company; in Mur
ray by the Murray Drug company,
and the leading druggist in every
A baseball crank says it will take i
more than the bleachers to remove
stains tor the umpire's record.
The million dollar rains continue
and the only question is whether to
enter them in black or red ink.
Whiskey in England has reached
the biggest price ever known. Won
der what they blame it on over
Book publishers" in Chicago con
vention declared that next to juven
ile stories, the Bible is the best sell
er today.
Better see to your coal and weath
er strip supply. It's going to be a
hard winter because corn shucks are
thick and heavy.
Anyhow, you'll have to admire the'
courage or. Jess uiiiaru ana me.
cherry Sister in trying to come back,!
with the odds so formidably against
mcmit !ii-:icim;
VtilitMi for A Miiit iiit'iit
Atl mi ill I rnlur.
State of Nebraska, Cass eonn-
IV, ss,
III the 'Mint Court.
In tii- iuattT of lue estate of George
(!'!r, ileeeaseil.
! risnliiiir ami filinjr the t'etitioii
in ini.-t vu I ii-ii of saiil estate may he
... ,,,t,.,l .1 lirn. iv: ;i ,1 1 1 i ti i s -
irr;t lit oil to l'"reil
11 :,'JI"tr,:r((I T
iat ScT.teinher l'l. A. 1 .
'M. at 1 n rim k a. in., is assineU tor
lieiiiin saiil petition, when p-r-ns
interest, il in sail Tiiiitter lnav aj
ear at ii County Court to le iiehl in
inl for eounty, ami sliow cause
why the prayer of petitioner sl.iniii'.
rut l. irmnteil: anl that tiotieo of
the p mlency -f said petition ami the
liearin thereof l.e jfiven ti all piT
sotis ititTC-steil i:i saiil mater hy puh
llslinir a eopv of this or-ler ill the
I 'la 1 1 s riiou t h Journal. a-' semi-weekly
newspaper printel in saiil eounty for
three sii-eessive weeks prior to said
day of hearing'.
j'ateil this '5th lav of August, A.
IK l'JJl.
allkx j. i:i:i:son
(Seal) t.'ountv .Itide. I
CIIAS. K. iLi:TIX. 1
ii "Ml-" w Attorney. ! ir nmitiMi
ii ml !! on IVtitioii for Set
tlrmriit f Aeeoniit.
In the County court of Cass conn-'
ty, Nebraska. I
Stale of Xehraska. Cass cmirty, ss.
To the heirs, devisees anil leuatees
ami .ill persons inti-resteil in the es- i
tate of Stephen Joihim. deeeaseil: j
On reading the petition of (Justav (
I. Joehim, executor,, praying a final j
set t lemetit and allowance of his at - I
count tiled in this court on the lUth!
day of August, lli'Jl, and for approval i
of his account and for decree deter- I
in i n ilk' heirship, and tlistri nut mn t
the estate to such persons as are en
titled thereto;
It is herehy ordered that you and all
persons interested in said matter may.
and do. appear at the County Court to
oe neiu j ii itinx lur no. cuuin. oi im
tltli day of September, A. I . 19J1, at
10:U0 o'clock a. m., to show cause, if
any there e, why the prayer of the
petitioner should not lie granted, and
that notice of the pendency of said
petition and the lieai inc thereof be
given to till persons interested in said
matter ly publishing a copy of tlis
order in "the Plattsmouth Journal, a
.seini -weekly newspaper printed in said
county, for one week prior to said
dav of lieariiiR.
(.Seal) County Judge.
aoth i: of itr:i'i:iti:Ks sai.i:.
In the IMstrirt Court of the County
of trass, Xebraska.
Kittle C. Roberts and Helen P.oberts,
Plaintiff.", v.. l'aul Ii. Koberts and
wife. Myrtle Roberts, and Newell Rob
erts, a minor, and J. J. Roberts, guar
dian of Newell Roberts, a minor, Le
fendants. Notice is liereby given tliat under
and by virtue of a decree of the Dis
trict Court of Cass county, Nebraska,
entered in ti e above entitled cause on
the 2nd flay of June. 1021. and an
order of sale entered by said court on
the 2L'nd day of June, 191'J. the un
dersigned, sole referee, will on tho
7 tli day of September. 1921, at 10 o'clock
a. it., at the south front door of the
Court House, in the City of l'latts
mouth, Cass county. Nebraska, sell at
public auction to the highest bidder
for cash, tin following described real
estate, to-wit: Lot in RIock Sti; L.ot
10 in Block 119; and Rots 1, 2, S, 4 and
5 in Block ::s. all In the Original Town
of I'lattsniouth, Nebraska, and the
Southeast quarter and the South l.alf
of the Northeast quarter of Section ::,
Township 12, Range 1'., east of the th
I'. M., In the County of Cass, Nebraska.
Said sale will be held open for one
hour. ' i
.Dated this 9th dav of July. 1921.
a4-5w. Referee,
, . , j
on the Installment Plan!
Three pure bred Duroc pigs for
$65. A boar and two gilts, not re-
lated, With pedigrees. 1U down ana
$10 a month. Older gilts on the
same plan, lor particulars write,
phone or call on
Albert Young,
The Alvo Chautalqua opened Fri
day afternoon and will continue five
Wm Hoffman and J. Morris autoed
to Weeping Water Tuesday after
noon. Little Alice Cook returned Thurs
day fro a two-weeks vsit at Weeping
Mrs. Frank Uptegrove and son,
Edward, visited Graudma Uptegrove
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Wolfe and
children autoed to El in wood Wednes
day evening.
Pearl IHTes Dernier of Union is
spending a week with her cousin,
Edna Lewis.
Miss Lulu James of Chicago visited
recently with Mr. and Mrs. J. P.
House and other friends here.
Ralph Uhky left Wednesday for a
few days visit at Elm wood with his
parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. Uhley.
Mrs. Marjciie Carr Butler of Val
paraiso, sp.nt Thursday with Miss
Marie Straenn r and Mrs. E. M. Stone.
Mrs. Ethel Foreman ant little son
Itichard of Lincoln visited at the
home of George Foreman over Sun
day. Mr. and Mrs. Dale S. Boyles of
McCook came in the first of the
first of the week to visit with rela
tives. Clifford Straemer and sister, Miss
Gertrude Straemer of De Witt, came
in Friday noon to visit relatives an 1
The Pythian Sisters were enter
tained at a Kensington at the home
of Mrs. Wm Kitzel last Tuseday af
ternoon. Mrs. I). Babbitt of Elpin
has been visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. P. House, since a week
ago Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Curyea and
daughter. Miss Lillian, who recently
moved to Lincoln, are here to attend
the Chautauqua.
Bert Kitzel and wife who spent ten
days at Hebron and Edgar, returned
home Tuesday accompanied by Mrs.
Kitzel's mother Mrs. Doty.
Lee Snavely and family returned
Fiiday from a motor trip to Shell
Lake, Wisconsin, where- spent ten
days with Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Hiram Snuke of Pine Grove,
Pennsylvania, who is visiting his
brother, Henry, near Eagle, spent
Tuesday and Wednesday with his
cousin, Mrs. Sam Cashner and Mr.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Bornemeier
and son. Mr. J. H. SJraemer and
Mrs. A. B. Suaemer returned Tues
day from their trip to Barneston.
A. B. Straemer remaining for a few
days longer.
Mrs. M. C. Krefer and son, Don.
have returned from Utica, where
they visited relatives. Mr. Keefer
has also returned from Litchfield,
where he hass been looking after his
farm interests.
Deaf Mr. Grain Grower!
I have purchased the elevator and good will of
the Farmers' Co-operative association of Alvo. See
us, or call phone 2420 before selling your grain.
Elbert Taylor,
Buying Grain
We always pay the highest price for Grain and
Stock. We own and run our own elevator and mix
and grade up our grain, enabling us to always pay
top prices.
lime to Seed Wheat!
We have press drills the Van Brunt and Hoosier,
two of the best makes on the market.
Corn Elevators
If you are going to need one this fall better get
your order in early.
Goaiman Hardware Company,
ALVO -:- -:- -:- NEBRASKA
Curtis Ogle and family of Pcivm
Crossing are visiting Trieiidt hero n
guests at a 0 o'clock dinner nt tit
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Itotiin
and spent the night with Mr. imhI
Mrs. O. I). Quellherst.
Mrs. Eva Crawford of Kansat (Ml y.
Missouri, and neice. Maijoiie Hum
stead and nephew, Harry llunisleiid,
cf Clay Center, Kansas, spent a few
days with the former's sister, Mrn
H. Moore and family last week.
Mrs. George Curyea received lh
sad news that her last brother, James
Smith .had passed away. In the past
five years two brothers and three
sisters have passed away, one each
year. Mrs. Curyea was not well en
ough to attend the funeral.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. House held
family reunion at their home hist
Sunday. All four of their daughters
and families were there except Geo.
Babbitt and son, who were unable
to attend. They were all entertained
Wednesday at a reunion dinner at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. D
I have three lull blood
China spring boars for
weigh 1G0 pounds each.
fine Poland
sale. Will
Price $20.
Alvo. Nebr.
owing to a very severe nervous
breakdown, Mrs. Lillian Carraher,
who has been matron at the Nebras
ka Masonic Home for some time past,
has been compelled to resign her pos
ition and has been succeeded by Mrs.
Ona Lawton. who lias heretofore
been head nurse at the home. Mrs
( arraher has been compelled to go to
the University hospital in Omaha for
treatment and will have to spend
tome time there before she can r
turn to this city. Her many friends
will regret very much to learn of
her illness and trust that it may be
only temporary.
Mrs. Lawton is one of the efficient
employes of the Masonic Home and
has been employed there tor some
time and as matron &he should make
a most worthy successor of Mrs. Car
raher. Mrs. Lawton is a daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Young of Murray
and a sister of Miss Clara Lee Young
oft his city.
Lost anything found anything
Try a Journal ad. "They satisfy."
Positions are plentiful for those who
are trained! Students may ,wcrk for
board. Tuition low. Ask for catalog C.
Omaha, Nebraska.
A fill! Jill' J.-H-I. AW?
Resident Mgr.
and Stock!
Oscur Anili iwu, one of Nor
way 'm r.-fftit fontrlhutl'nt in the
rank t.f fi'Jtoinohlh; rac" Jrlv-r.
will t-onie to IJri'oln for th- I-ab'r
Day contcKtH wlil'd will mark the
aiJcnliiK of the J'.21 Nhra;;ka
State Fair. AuUrwn Jll t1ri
a "Scandia", a lunWu ruak; of
car -that haa won many ltorl3
across the Atlantic during the last
two years. Jus-.t how much of a
9 w r ,
This Isn't an unusual sort of
doll house but a miniature sikj
mtended for exhibition at the com
ing show. Every new type of
farm machinery is to be shown.
Shortage of farm lrJjor is compell
iiLg farmers to buy and use labor
saving, machinery whenever pos
sible. ' Fanners interested in all
the new models should visit the
Nebraska State Fair, Lincoln,
Sept. 4 to 9.
The heavens will be lighted
up like a war front when the
mamrhoth fireworks display is
staged in connection with the
night show of the coming Ne
braska "Progressive" State Fair,
Lincoln, September 4th to 9th.
As a result of the war, many
new and weird color schemes
have been introduced by fire
works manufacturers, accord
ing to officials of the firm from
which the State Fair has pur
chased its fireworks. Billions
of dollars worth of fireworks
were used during the war, and
many secrets unknown to the
trade up to that time were re
vealed. "If vou want to hear a reoeat-
ed chorus of Ah's and Oh's, pay
a visit to the fireworks show
at the coming State Fair", said
one of the managers today;
"We have found that tireworKs
pleases everyone. It is the one
entertainment feature oni the
program that pleases father,
mother,' and the children, alike.
The crowd never tires of an
ticipating what wonderful piece
of fireworks will follow the one
just displayed."
A crew of experts will be sent
to prepare the set pieces and
conduct each evening's fire
works program. Many of the
"sets" and giant bombs to be
exploded, are extremely dan
gerous for anyone but a train
ed person to handle.
The entertainment and edu
cational program of the fair is
the greatest ever offered.
driver Anderson Is, cannot be as
certained aa he only has his rec
ords on for'Ifcn tracks to ehow.
That t.i xr. ay be another Dario
Ilo.ta or a De Talma, fa probable,
but his prospects for nuccess will
be more apparent aft'rr he clashes
with thft fi'.Id of American drivers
on the State Fair track on Labor
Over a million girls have been
enrolled in home canning work in
this country, under supervision of
government specialists. Canning
Is being emphasized, not only to
teach girls how to can, but pre
ventwaste of fruits and vegeta
bles. A girls' exhibit features the
Nebraska State Fair, Lincoln,
Sept. 4 to 9.
Lovers of live stock will en
joy themselves to the limit
when they attend the Nebraska
Lincoln, September t4th to 9thf
according to officials who have
been working all year to make
the liVe stock show an unusual
Students of farming all ad
mit that live stock raising is
the most important farm indus
try. Farms that have no stock,
or only poor stock, cannot ex
pect to be as profitable as those
on which lsts of good stock is
Visitors at the coming State
Fair will be surprised when
they find out how much good
stock we have here at home.
Nebraska pure bred live stock
breeders have some of the fin
est animals to be found any
where in the country. The
best of it would compete on an
even basis with the best from
any surrounding district. A
blue ribbon won at the Ne
braska State Fair will be of
wonderful value as an advertis
ing asset to the owner of tho
animal winning it.
In the belief that "All worlr
and no play makes Jack a dull
boy," Fair Officials have ar
ranged an entertainment nm.
gram that will satisfy visitor
every moment of the fair.
These features include Auto
Racing, Horse Racing, plenty
of music, fireworks and a Mam
moth Circus. It is the best
H'o"11" ji me Kina ever put
together and it is to be hoped
that the people of tha fit
will show their appreciation of
the efforts of th
by an unstinted patronage.