The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, August 01, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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Strictly High Glass Legiti
mate Banking!
This is tl'f policy you will find annniir1 all the conservative,
r liable eit v banks, and is al-o true of Hie high class banks of the
-mailer towns and villages, when? such banks really have the
their friends and customers at nean.
interests oi
Hank of Murdock to con
bank, and to confine its
It has always been the policy of the
iet tirst class hich practe lezitiinate
.usiness strictly to commercial banking, never permitting its name.
... - - ...... cr . . . i . . ,
tllowing its ohicers to assist in ine ft-mni; ui iiiij ui
Life Insurance, or like schemes.
We use our influence
1. in tu to themselves and
on our friemls only
our cumin unity.
where it may be of
The hire commissions paid for assisting in selling Slocks or
Life Insurance do not tempt us to work a hardship on our friends.
;.i 1 heir expense, ju.-t in order that we might make a bunch of
mnr MO DY." We strive for the regular, legitimate, conserva
tive i, banking business, paying
t ffei.osits.- and loaning money
n.en at reasonable ratis of interest.
concratulaie ourselves on havint limit up a li l A 1 l!..M
I'tH'i: III M'KKI AM' 1' 11 1 1 A I 1 r-r 1 r. 1 t I.6 1U.M-
a decent rate
to local tarmer
of interest on
and business
o e
bar. kin:
; i tii'-r
! I :
:-i a'.i
. in.M't
1' ours,
fairil v.
!;: r
ou s
tit pendabie. conservative. '"Live and let Live" strictly
ulloli appeals lo von, ami you are not ;iii-;tny a i-u-ve
earnestly invite you to join the I'.ANK OK Ml'K-
1 w.ii resi assured max. we win uine can
ileiua nl. and .t will not lind us tryinii
vim w;:iit. against your better judg-
L I:
.1 !'!
The Bank of Murdook
r.lurcock, Nebraska
"The B-ink where You Feel at Home"
HENRY A. TOOL. Piesidcnt J. E. GUTHMANN, Vice-Prcs.
K. A. GUTIIT.IAKN. Cashier
Ferdinand Lau and" wife and Mr.
and Mrs. Jess Landholm and child
ren visited and looked after business
matters in Omaha last Monday.
X. E. Hite. who has been spending
the past two weeks at the home of
relatives in and near Norfolk, re
turned home Saturday evening.
Miss Jennie Bauer, who has been
at Ithica. assisting in the store of
1 , 1 c . 1. ; 1 I . '
ner uiicic, Herman ivian, mic m.
was at the hospital in Omaha, re
turned homo Friday.
Much complaint is heard regard
ing the poor condition 01 ine roaus
f tl lowing the recent hard rains, but;
the county commissioners are un-
able to get around to all the places
at the same time.
Horseshoe pitching has become a j
popular sport in Murdock. Among!
the more expert hiuiers of the riuoits.
: II. H. Law ton and lv W. Thimganj
i declare their willingness to meet any-j
j one in the 1 niteu states.
' Y. O. Gillespie writes home
.Iteniiett. Colorado, whither he went
to look alter harvesting, thresh in:;
land marketing his wheat crop of sonic
! r.od acres near that place, stating the
! wli-t will make about 1 bushels to
j l he acre.
Miss Selma P.rauchle look a day
1 of!' Iron: her duties as saleslady at
j the .Murdock Mercantile company'
i store last week, and went to the home
o! her si:!er. Mrs. Martin l.orne
meier, where she assis'c.l with the
cooking lor threshers.
i'eier Lve'.and and Terry Ilapper
:.o:i. who wit" soldiers together in
ll. c Mirring days of 1 M. 1 -('.". wlo-n
tin v fought side by side in the Civil
. . . . . , . i t .. 1.
ir. isl'CU at tin- noilie 01 i-iiinn
l.MMi ins! wek. Mr. llappersoii
le; at Curlingiou. Iowa.
who were present are loud in their
praise of Mrs. Gust in as a hostess and
will look forward with pleasure to
the time of meeting there again.
A Most Enjoyable Time
The Young People's association, an
auxiliary of the Evangelical church,
held a " pleasant gathering at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. William Yogt.
si.utii nf Wabash last Thursday even-
to attend were prevented by the
threatening weather, but even this
did not daunt the majority and a
large crowd was present to enjoy the
social good time.
Senate Committee Favors the New
Measure With War Finance
Credit Plan to be Passed
Business Getting Better
That business is on the
and fast approaching a return to
normalcy cannot help but be noted
on every hand. At the local garages
the volume of work has been rapidly
from 1 increasing until now even the bosses
1 are compeiieu to n"i
from twelve to fifteen hours a day.
The elevators is another line In which
the iticrease has been most marked.
In every line, however, there is re
newed activity and prospects look
better every day.
In some of the wholesale markets
there is a shortage of merchandise,
idue to the closed-down conditions of
ja few 111011! hs. and this means the
i wheels of industry will have to turn
with increased activity in order to
!ai;:iin catch up. The fco-caHcrt buy
I its' strike has not been without its
I fcood effects as well as its had. and
i these are reflected in a cleaning up
of the surplus market and a resump
tion of business on the basic law of
supply and demand.
! O. L.-ner v
j ." iiidav. g.utif;
; :i - la w a ad
! a ho i convalescing fro::
i'i'in for app'-ndicii i. Mr
visitor in Omaha
Up to see his brot her
iriinT. Mernian Kraft.
an opera
Kraft was
Gu S'-nk :.l.'
v. -wo--! Sa!-.:rd;'
.1. 11 Si-!, w ;ir:
1 nr..; ha !at S:;
i;ii'i A I' rwert
r: , a! Tin1 !:;..
fa mil'-" iiie
t Ve'iillU.
- v i - i t i
I 1!
.r'!a y
1 ri"i-(is
! 101 a
irpe- ;
".i ey-
i re
do i the transportation
r.d ihu.- give his eustomers
ita;-.- in incre-ised prices.
I'liil Miib-r
.ikir.c afie:
I'nioii ai
and Mail Thiin
r so:io- business
I .Murray ias:
; 1
1 hi -
i s ! 1
. -t '
1 i 1 1 . :T
! 11C'
e i :i
ii:. : . r : 1
! '.. iT et-1: .
snlii- li
aier I:
. 1!
1- ;;i
( I -a 1
Mis- Ant,
b-r i '-ii.e i
ili Miil-ioel;
I'nd Stuck an'
b their cl-.ibirei
vi-ited i:i Li:i;-oi!
ed w 1
1 i:;o-
11 a -si
:h f-ienils
ing with
of Henry
ii li.
isir e-;
a ! ursi:: y
v :is
mat ter-
t Kr'da
! and
Willi fri
11 im
!iuw en
is! Ye.::i.
l'n.k inv
ill We
! CH
for A11-
r, r;iin
Li n-!
a last
the d;
-s ma;:
f run
m ;i ies
w : 1 1
I he
i:; sda v
tra n
matrer.- i:
w ft..
liichiiii'. Tool hts b-eii assisting
win-, the work in the Murdock Mer
cantile company's store during the
pas! week.
and family drove to
TiMirsdav. where they
y looking after some
Uu.-!i re! u rii'-n lionie
Omaha, where she had
b en visiting at tin lion eof her sis
ter. Mrs. .Ldin P.urt.
.in. I H A. (.last was a visitor in
Malcolm Sunday, w here he attend-1
ed a birthday party in honor of his (
cousin. Adolph Kuehn. I
Mrs M. C. Keefer and daughter, of
near Alvo. visited at the home of Mr. j
1 Mrs. ('l.arb-s Sthaeter in Jiur-
day last week.
Hugo Normanberg. of Norfolk.
haK been working for Ernet Porne
meier. s.-oit h vvest of town, during the
harvesting and threshing.
Herman Knpke and wife visited
in Lincoln a short time last Saturday,, up to secure son e repairs for
Herman's threshing machine-.
'able to return to his home at Ithica
I'rue-dav and is doing nicely miicc hi
(arrival home.
fast Sunday Jess Landhoim and
wife and babies visited at Meadow
with the H. A. Tool and II. V-. Mc-Honal-1
families. Messrs. I!. Y. Mc
Donald. H. A. T0.1l. Lacey McDonald
and IJarry GiP.--.-pie ;ire among tho.-e
who have been at the camp and re
turned lo town Wednesday evening
after a most pleasant outing.
John Anigwert and family visited
at 'he home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Lett-- in Counii! liiuffs a week ago
Sunday. On their return they were
accompanied by their daughter. Mar
vel, who had been visiting there for
some time. Miss Margaret, another
daughter, remained for a longer vis
it and in company with Mis.s Rose
Anigwert and Joseph Kainey. drove to
Murdock Saturday evening to spend
the day yesterday.
Army Records Show Its Value. Says
Dr. Billon. State Health
' Bureau Chief.
i-i-t it?i ti: n id '
il. .eli oil
-e iii'i! tiarry.
:ry In : 1 -1 e I r. who conducts the
siauo::. vi-H'-d 111 Louisville
v and ii; Lire- -In Tuesday.
Cietiiev tool; ;i held of cattle
Scut !i Omiil.a market hist
lor ibnrv O'-'ib-rkiug.
Free Service!
We have just installed a new Tungar Automatic
Refr.vctor, and are prepared to look after the battel y
question for you. We have a capacity of charging
from one to th;r: batteries at the same time. We
also do repairing of batteries, as vell, and our repair
shop for automobiles is of the beet. Free testing and
water for batteries.
See Us for Service!
Landholm Auto Co.,
Fall Plowing Now!
Found a Bridge Out
While the Journal field man was
en route from Alvo to Murdock last
Thursday, kipping along the couu-j
iry road east of the r.ushherry school:
at the rate of ahout fifteen miles an
hour, we met up with an accident'
iliat nut our "white mule" on the
! hummer. The grass being high on!
both sides of the road as well as in j
the center, before we were aware of 1
it were were right upon up to thej
place where a bridge had been but
was no more We applied the brake
but to no avail and our "Henry"
plunged down the bank. No amount
of coaxing would induce her to come
up again, so we went down the road
afoot in search of help, coming to
the home of George Nickel, who fur
nished a spide and returned with 'is.
After moving about some dozen or
more cubic yards of dirt. we were
abb- to pet the car out. but tarried
long enough to place some posts in
the roadway so other travelers over
the highway might not have the
tame luck. We afterward learned
that three other cars bad gone into
the same hole.
The Local Cream Market
Some people are doubtless unaware
that Murdock has an exei-llenl cream
station wlore the highest market
price is paid in cash for butterfat.
All you have to do is bring your
j cream to lown and get the check for
lit no risk of shipping or waiting
for the returns. Mr. Inlo-lder. who
conducts the station, uses the latest
. electrical testing appliances and by
'shipping in large quantities i;; abb-
' .ln-t now. wlo-n lime is the farm-
1 . . ,
it s grea'esi asset. 1 ne lime consumed
in billing out the cream shipments
at the railroad station, looking afler
collecting the empty cans as they are
I relumed and waiting for his molieV.
could be made lo count lo good ad
vantage in other work ahout tlo
farm Another thing worth con
:idering is the fact that cream may
be delivered Mr. lnheUJer s late
a.- ten o'clock in the evening, while
at the Uo'-k Island station there is
a limit to the number ol hours the
railtoad cuijdovcs work.
Lincoln. July iMHh. Protection
against typhoid by means of the gen
eral use of the anti-typhoid serum
us; d to immunize the soldiers of the
world war is strongly recommended
bv Dr. L H. Dillon, chief of the
slate bureau of health.
" Kvery person in the state of Ne
braska should be inoculated with the
anti-typhoid serum." Dr. Dillon said
today. There is no need for anyone
to have typhoid if he takes the proper
precautions. Army records show that
there is no element of danger in the
use of the serum. Out of more than
4.1MM1.OHO nu-ii in the army inoculated
there was not one case of disability
as a result: There was so little ty
phoid in the army during the war.
w hen conditions generally were ideal
for it, that the value of the serum is
conclusively proven."
Dr. Dillon declared, however, that
there is no danger of a typhoid epi
demic in Nebraska. The records
show few cases, he declared, and are
no more than ordinary. "Nebraska is
not a lyphoid territory." he said. "In
Iowa, not 200 miles east, where the
water is obtained from shallow wells,
then? is more typhoid in a month
than we have in a year." he declared.
Washington. D. C. July 28. Di
partisan senate forces today cleared!
the way for passage, pos.sihly tomor
row or early next week, of an agri-j
cultural credit bill embodying the:
administration plan to make the war
finance corporation the adniinistra-1
tion agency, rsy a vote or iw to - me
senate agricultural committee report
ed a new substitute for the Norris,
Kellogg andother agricultural cre
dit hills.
The new measure, presented by
Senator McNary. republican. Oregon,
had the general backing of demo
crats as well as republicans, and
upgrade 1 leaders said passage of the .substi
tute was assured.
Besides adopting the plan for fnr
nishiDg of agricultural credits by the
finance corporation, the commit
tee bill would increase the author
ized bond issue to $2.(100.000.000 and
also authorize direct leans lo produc
ers and foreign governments.
Senator Norri", republican. Ne
braska, today spoke again in support
cf his original bill and in bitter criti
cism of the substitute plan which
he. with Senator Ladd. republican.
North Dakota, had opposed in coin
mil tee. The former declared that all
"sins" charged against the Norris
hill applied with equal force to the
substitute which, he said, proposed
a "rake off" for bankers and would
increase farmers' interest burdens.
Senator Lenroot. republican. Wis
consin, declared th new substitute
was "in real interest of the farm
er." He deplored the "temper" he
said Senator Norris had displayed,
adding that Mr. Norris appeared
'net in hS usual, normal frame of
Dixlosures regarding genesis of
1 he administration legislation were
made by Senator Lenroot. who said
thaj after being informed that Sen
ator Norris refused compromises, he
with Senator Kellogg, republican
Minnesota, held conferences with
Secretary Hoover and Director Mey
rr of the war finance corporal ion
which resulted in framing of the ad
ministration measure. The first sug
gestions to have the war finance cor
p .rHiion take charge of issuing ag
.icnliural credits, lie said, came from
senators, while the "principal ni'.iv
r" behind the Norris bill. Mr. Len
root said, was Carl Vrooman. former
.!"si?tant secretary of agriculture.
Deposits in this Bank are Protected by the
Dank Guarantee System of this State!
The Reason for a Bank Guarantee Law
The historv of bank failures shows that depositors seldom lose
their monev absolutely, but that they generally lose the use of it
for some time while the bank's affairs are being settled up. Under
the Guarantee law. depositors get their money when they want it.
in case of a bank failure under this law. depositors are paid
at once out of the funds held by
tc he repaid until the closed bank
Isn't the assurance that never
you be deprived of the use of your
thing to you?
depositors every
does, in addition
the state, and the stale
s aflairs arc settled up.'
under anv circumstances will
money isn't that
worth some-
We give our
conservative bank
antee law.
We pay 7'.'(
pound it annually.
accommodation that
to the protection of
a a v
intcrest on
the money you deposit and' com-
Farmers & Merchants Bank
Murdock, Nebraska
C. r.ackemeyer. President
O. J. Tot hast.
Albert Strcich, Vice
ternoon was spent in games anu
music and the young people surely
enjoyed themselves. The birthday
cake was made and presented by
John Bloom, who is I he baker pt the
Lincoln hotel. Mrs. George South
assisted Mrs. Kauiinan with Hie
Those present were Misses Harriet
and Hcrtl.a Hunter. Lucile Halt. Lu-
ciie Hridgewater. Winona and Mary
South. Dorothy McCarthy. Helen and
Lavaughn Hattinan. Pearl. Ldith and
Margaret Smith. lUar.che and Viola
Kaufman. ('craldine Jones and
George South.
The new owners assume all of lhe
underlying mortgages and obligat ions
of the road amounting to $121,000.
(on. The sale of the Denver Ai Rio
Grande railroad was affirmed la-1
Denver. July 27. The transfer of
Hie property of the Denver A: Kio
Grande railroad to the Denver. Kio
Grande & Western railroad was for
mally authorized today by United
States Judges Robert K. Lewis and
Walter H. Sanborn of the federal cir
cuit court of appeals. The authority
was granted in an order affirming
the final report of William A. Jack-
Ison, special master.
From Satu Jay's Dally.
A. L. Cox. for many years a resi
dent of Mynard. where he was in
charge of a general store, came iii
last evening for a short visit through
this portion of the state with old
time friends. Mr. Cox is now travel
ing inspector of the American Steel
Wire company, of Indiana, and has
been making a flying trip over th"
wst in the interests of his company.
He will be remembered by the older
residents of this portion of Cass coun
ty and also was for a number of
vears in business at Nebraska City.
tested and glasses
J. W. Crabill
Strong protest I being made
against the retention in the ucw rev
enue bill of the tax on soft drinks,
which is denounced as a nuisance.
All that, congress has to do i to
find some form or fax Ihat isn't a
Tlic liaivcbl ib over and lliracliiny dune now for
i ail nlovvin'' VVc liavc lhe facilities for this task
plows, ti actors and also seasonable fanning machinery.
See us for the things you arc needing. You
ptiscd at what wc can fchow you.
ill b
c sur-
Also the Kullo-Kolcr Washer!
Oils and Gasoline!
The Implement Man
Visiting; Friends in Platlsmouth
Mf. and Mrs. H. A. Guthmaiiu and
children went t'i ri.itlsnioulh last
Wednesday evening for a visit of
several das with friends and rel
atives. During their absence, I hey
turned the home over to Max Dus
lerhotT and Joe W'utehinek who have
been busy finishing lhe floors.
Three- coats of varnish and a coat of
waf are on the program and when
the work is finished the floors will
j-urely present a "slick" appearance.
Met with Mrs. Gustin
The K. N. A. Kensington club met
last week at the home of Mrs. J. J.
Gustin southwest of town. The meet
ing was held Thursday afternoon
and a most enjoyable time was had
011 lhe shadv lawn surrounding this
The Evidence is at Your Poor.
riaftsmouth proof is what you
want and the statement of this high
ly r"spcctcii resident will banhh all
don Ht ;
. J. Mcf'arland. :'.; .-,rd street.
I'oiitsmouth, says: "Several yenrs
ago I was doing some heavy lifting
which strained my back and kidneys.
This put me in such shape I had to
walk with a cane for a number of
weeks and I couldn't straighten. It
felt as iliouirht there was a heavy
.. .. ..... 1. ....I- I I, .. I .1-.. v.-
1 1 , li 1 i vi o "ii. 1 ' . j iv 1 1 1 a 1 t o- .
just holding me down. I couldn't
sleep nights and H felt as though
had been struck in the back with a
sharp knife. My kidneys acted ir
regularly and the n-cretions were
highly colored and burned in pas
sage. I was told to try I loan's Kid-
t.:ii.. .1 .. . 1. . . . t . . . . - n.
iii-i 1 ins aiiu win 1 1 nt; iiiri. in.' a. iui j
condition was iuhcii improved. 1 ptii;,!....., i. -i,v the nravt-r of
mv cane awav and was able to walk t ium-r should not be granted
The schools for the city and rural
pastors, being held at Nebraska Wes
kan. will close Friday.
,Rev. J. W. Rates of Kansas City
presided over the city pastors confer
ence Thursday morning. The subject
was "The Score Card as the Standard
or Activities of the Churches over
the Country." F. O. Beck, author of
a sc re card system for judging city
churches, was heard several times in
the discussion.
The city pastors went into a closed
ses.-ion w hile Charles C. Webber of
Kansas read the findings of his com
mittee on the program of the church
for the ensuing year.
Rev. William W. Steer of Denver
led the niucical service. at convoca
tion when the city and rural pastors
met in joint session. Rev. John T.
Hantla of Sioux City spoke at this
session on "The Preacher as a Magni
fying Glass." He said the preacher
should magnify his ministry. "The
need of the world is to have a min
ister that will get down among the
people and share their lot. Pensions
anil sufficient salaries? Yes. Rut I
bone lhe ministrv will never get to
the point where they will not. sacri
fice." Dr. Paul L. V(z. f uperintp-ndent of
rural work department of tb Meth
odist home mission hoard, addressed
th, rural pastors Thursday morning
Dr. Yogt h;is general charge of rural
pastor schools held at different places
in the l niteu states every summer.
Part of his work is the aiding in es
tablishing rural extension chairs in
universities and colleges. He also
plann to establish model pastorates
in different sections for demonstra
tive purposes.
The urual pastors are giving much
attention to the idea of recreation.
They have listed all sort of games
and sports to be given a place in rur
al church programs. Tbey have also
made a list of toys which the child
ren in a household should have for
proper training.
Waste and Decay!
are bound to follow neglect
of your property. Better
have it painted This is
insurance. See me for prices
on all kind of painting
interior or exterior.
From Saturday's Pally.
VcsterUay afternoon Mrs. Henry
Kaufman gave a surprise birfbday
partv at her home on South Tenth
street for her niece. Miss Geraldine
Jones, of T,ineoln. who is visiting for
a. fiuic with relatives here. The af-
Why is the Church
that we have just completed in Murdock another job
that yields so many comments and congratulations?
WHY 8 satisfaction so especially great on this job?
Why? Because
Jt is artistic!
It is economical!
It gives you a NEW idea of wall decoration
suggestive for the residence as well.
This is not as expensive as its character would indicate'
Ask us about it. It will be of interest lo you it
will surprise you how reasonable our prices are on this
wall decoration.
The Dusterhoff Shops,
I have a new Motor Truck and am prepared to
do all kinds of hauling at reasonable rates. See me
for truck hauling.
oi(lii;ii of- III m yii
.tlce mii !"-lltln fr
llentrnt nt r"mt
I n ih- .'unt "'irl of i.'Bi
t"te of Nelira.Tu. I'icb con 11 M
Ti- tie- ber:--. legat'-es and a U
::iis ititeres-f d in I lie estate "f
riet A. Sharp. O'-eased:
1 n reading tin- -titi'u of L-
I tStmrp prayiusr si final set to-uient
1 . . 1.: t . .1 : ..
.iiemaioe 'i in. uv'-'iiu ni-'i 111
'.ojrt on tin- 3tli 'la? of Jtjl,
uii-l f"r order of distribution:
H is ljereliy or0'.-rel lliat and all
persons interested in said matter may,
and do. appear at the County Court I"
in- held in and for sab! county, on tie
th day of Aut-'ust. A. U. IH'I, at in:""
11 clucls a. "i., in iio . eun.-'e. ii an
the petl
and that
y county,
-e ".
t lot;
straight. I used four ho&es f roiu ,
Fricke & (Vs. drus store and they
made a enre that has lasted ten
years. My back and kidneys have,
never bothered nic since and I believe
notice of the peinltiiey ot sani petition
'.and the bearing: tt-reor l. -civen to all 1
nersons Interested in said matter by 1
pulilishiiiK a eop.r of this order in the
riattsinoutli Jouirna.1. a semi-weeKiy
newspaper printed In said county; fr
...... u'uulr iti'lnr ti, KAlil ilnv nf li:lrill'
I beautiful cotrntrv home. The ladies Doan's will do the same for other, witness whereof. 1 have hereunto
Were able to do a' preat deal of work. I people if they v ill give them a fair set my Imml . and the seal or said
. , . , . A e 1 . f ' Curt this oVtli uff 01 " Jul; , 1
and were served a most delightful trial.
luncheon, which was one of the en- bc. at all ueaiers. t osier-iuouru ALL. UN J. bkeson
Why Suffer the Loss
which always comes when the machinery
is not given the best of oil?
Best Motor OH. per gallon 90c
Best Tractor Oil, per gallon 75c
We can deliver the new car any time you desire.
Buick, Dodge Bros , and the Ford.
The best service possible in our repair shop.
W. TnllM,
The Automobile Man
joyable features of the occasion. All Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y.
(Seal) al-lw.
County Judge.