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    MONDAY. AUGUST 1, 1521,
Nehawka V Department!
Prepared in the Interests of the People of Nehawka and Surrounding Vicinity Especially
for the Journal Readers.
The Nehawka Bank will guard
v t I your best interests.
J. A. Doughty was a visitor in
Plalt.-niouth last Friday.
Carl Stone wa- a visitor in Plaits
mouth one day last week.
W. S. Lewis of iiear Murray was a
visitor in Nehawka last Friday.
August Myers of Weeping Water
was a visitor in Nehawka last l'ri
da. Frank I'. Sheldon was looking af
ter some business matters in Lincoln
la-i Friday.
V. (). Troop, who resides north of
luvtii. was a dusiness vi.-iior in the
county seat Thursday.
Lester Wunderlich and W. 1!. Hale
w r- looking after some hnsiness
matters in Lincoln Friday.
.1. G. Wumlerlicn an 1 wife were
guets at the C. A. llosenorans home
in I'lattsinouth last Friday.
Henry Feltes is finishing tlie paint
ing and decorating of the home of
lr. and Mrs. J. W. Thomas.
The Nehawka Lank is ever look
ing out for the best interests of the
commercial welfare of N'eliawka.
.Mr. and Mrs. li. (). Tucker are
Laving the modern conveniences of
a !ath room added to their home.
Keep a checking account with your
local hank. It gives you prestiue
and standing ami is a valuable asset.
John Merger came over from Mur
ray for a visit at the home of his
son. Nelson. the fore part of the
w eel; .
J. H. Steftths. wife :.lic! little so!;.
and Mtss Christiana SieflVn- visited
witn the home folks at Lorton last
The Sw itzer Pro
tiiodern conveniences
heating plant in t
Louis Loss.
D. C. We-:, cashier
Nehawka. returned
are placing
of bath and
new home of
of the P.a::k of
ion.- Thursdav
from a t.u-ine.-.- trip
to Colorado an
vv stern Nebraska.
1'. 11. Field of Plattsmoiith
l.n-ine-- visitor'in Nehawka ia
- a
-t I
The Lumberg Garage!
o ur aim the best possible service in fill lines. We
are carrying a full line of auto supplies arid accessories, as
well as Electrical Goods and Supplies. Our repair de
partment guarantees the Lest service.
The Lumberg Garage,
Lester F.
In Basement of Auditorium,
Linoleum 12-Foot Wide
Congoleum Rugs 9x12
Woolen Rugs all sizes!
Rugs lor Every Room in
the Bath
Come in and examine our stock. Our Linoleums
are of the best and latest patterns and priced so low
as to surprise you. "Make the Home Floors Smile,"
and everybody will be pleased.
14 2 Rings
day. looking after matters connect -ed
with his insurance hnsiness.
Mrs. T. K. Fulton vvrres that she
and her little granddaughter. LeotiU
Stoll. arrived safely at Oelrichs and
are enjoying theii visit there very
The new home I'aul V.'olph is
building near Avoca is hearing com
pletion. Tli'- L:-os. are in
stalling the plumhit.g in this modern
f.irm residence.
I'u' aside a lit lie for a rainy day.
Keep an account with the local hank
and you will be working for the best
interests of vourself and ihe com
munity a well.
.Mrs A it Kut lei ne ha, been vis-1
itilli: at ihe home :' her soli. Glenn,
at Clav Center. Kvorelt went out
in t he car and accomp
er home Sunday.
t n i
d his u'ot ii -
Robert L
.'.id 'ieerv. t be bridge
i.iai.. was- over from We 'ping Water
las; Friday, having some business
matters to transact with the Sheldon
Man fact urir.g company. 1
.1. M. Palmer drove
1 ' I a 1 1 smout h
Fridav aftern
and brought bad-:
ice which he dis
t hose needing it.
siippl is a seriiiis
a truck loa.l of
tributed among
Ti e matter nf ire
one h re no v .
Rollin Thomas
Chicago for som
cni.: pa l: ie.l his n
w no
t i me
t her.
has been in
having ac
Mrs. .1 W.
home Sun
Cam b!e u ili
! t .
I wa g rade !
Gamble the;
day morning
remain f i :
The road I
re u me
while Mr
ld::ser vi
r' ii of I ow
his' Wee)..
'J h-- a ork
all who ii
v ii
. V e
improv e it great I
a t I y ; j pre! ia ! eii I
tr:,vl ihi- high, w a
a;.d tnor
rier whi
es pef
a I i y
o v r
t he
ic mail
road e
'.. W Shrader lias a
grow ug in his arlen tli
!! -: nil:- eats, all out in
pi er ei, ' I in.e This is a
ilk o:' cor:'
t is iv, : i ur-.-ill:
a' the
ii"le more
a 1 1
1 I'r.'le
nigh b
.in h
o i
lowhn.u lor.
vari'-i w a-
I 1
We repair all
makes of
Batteries, in fact
we conduct a
Service Station.
Free Testing!
Water Service Free!
the House,
14 3 Rings
Charles Adams and family and his
mother. Mrs. 1. 1). Adams, left Thurs
day on their western trip, and ex
pect to be gone some three, weeks.
Their itinerary includes stops ai
Nehr.. Sterling. Colo., and
I lenver. . 1 roni where they will con
tinue their journey into the moun
tains for :i 'back-to-nature" outing.
The telephone erow that was here
rebuilding the lines leading from Ne
hawka completed their work Satur
day of last week and lett :for Lincoln.
TheKlonn Tuesday caused some
bh- along the lines but Ihi.-
eorrected by ihe trouble man from
Weeping Water. The telephone sys
tem is now in much better shape
than it has for a Ions;- time.
You doubtless know the old lab s Will Move to .Nehawka
of the lad who asked his father what; The house Nicholas Opp moved to
Fortune says when it knocks the Nehawka last fall and has been hav
onoe at (-very man's door, and receiv- jug overhauled and rebuilt is nearly
d this reply 'Son. Let's see your ready for occupancy. As soon as the
ban book." Never was ihe moral finishing touches are put on. C. F.
of this story more applicable than. to- chase will move his family here from
day It's ihe man who saves that 1 t'nion, where they have been com
forges ahead. What class are you pel led to reside for some time on nc
headed for? Open that account with 'count of te scarcity of houses here,
the N'ehawka Hank today. j
A goodly number of Nehawkaitesj Work with Nehawka Friends
attended the Ak-Sar-Len show inj Everyone living here should have
Omaha last Monday night, among a direct interest in Nehawka. The
them being 11. L. Thomas. Chalmers Nehawka Rank, which is the finnn-
Grover Hoback. H. 1 1 . Stoll.
.). W. Maunev.
Pollard. .1. G
Paimer. '. W.
man. O-car I!
w is.-. er. civ ile i
Krnest Knpp.
J.dii; (i.'h Tl
-:.'fs and it w
1) 1). Adams.
Shraib-r. (Ib'n
.back. C. .L
.1. J.
I. M .
w 1 1 zer,
e iriji
K. .1. Kruger.
Lnmburg and
was mad1 in
.s well into
t lie
V.- !
llO :
hull i s
a it i
ol the
I horn
morn ; s w hen
Have Moved to Nehawka
rot'. I.. V. ' r.urhee. the newly
( i i
ol the N
hool. has ;ir
inl liouseliohl
lirtiehl. where
making th-ir
haw h
ri veil
oi i s
ii rorisoluh
with his laniily
. rotnini; l'roin !'
ITllilv hll VC heell
Jnrhees will occn Jiy the.
i -siiience which has just 1-een vacated;
1 1 . i:. Ilueston fainilv. Mr. I
has accept eil a position its
Vent of Hurt county ami the'
u i'
ii. i
il! resnie at u annul.
That Auto Lens Law
Th" recent law passed hy the last
let: i.-la t lire coverit.s th- ue of pre--irni"il
au" lenses ;iiid which is in-ti-iided
to make the driving of oars
at uiuht as as in daylight, was
spotisored l.y A. F. Sturm, the Ca.-s
county iepreseiiiat ive and already its
pn isior.s are proving a I n to t he
drivers of the .-.tate. Th- increasint:
iiumher of accidents rcs'tltinp from
the new h ifh nowered electric head-
lights and fa..
n."aure of reli
n-v lav seems
i i s ot her pr i:
ef imper
to fill th
-ions, is
maiie some
afivc- and the
i hill. Aniont:
one prohihi'-
i I i l-l the use of Spot I iji hi s. This is
I tiood. for the spotliuht never
used much for any lem'tiinate
ipoe. many drivers fiirnins; it
windows ;ij nij-'ht or into the
i of approaohintr auloists. Safe
w a k
sane driver of cars all over lli
I will welcome the new law in its en
itire'v. includinu the spotlivhl pro
! i- ion.
The Ice Question Vexinug
The i r ( 1 1 -1 1 1 of an adequate ice
supply for the summer season is one
that presents itx-lf most forcihly to
the people of Nehawka as well as
many other towns throughout the
country. The iieneral shortage of
this year hut serves to increase the
.rievious condition. Time was in the
not far distant past when ice houses
were filled and preparations made
for the impendinc: hot weather, hut
the advent of the artilicial ice mak
ing machinery and the comparatively
mild winters of the past few years
have made people more prone to trust
to the resources of summer.
In conversation with a local citi
zen who is in the hahit of putting
up his individual supply of ice for
the summer, he stated that one is
required to have the ice house, that
would cost in the neighborhood of
?loo. then he must pay from $40 to
.,0 each season for having it filled,
and in the summer handle the ice
from its place of store to the re
frigerator himself. His idea of re
lief is through the storing of suf
ficient to supply the needs of the
tow 11. or for a number to go together
and put up enough for their combined
As the situation now exists every
one is out of ice, the more xirgent
needs being met by importing the ar
tificial brand from either Nebraska
City or I'lattsmouth. and then only
a meagre supply can be obtained due
to the plants at both places being
taxed about to capacity in furnishing
their own patrons. In the meantime
business languishes for lack of ice.
ami on that brought in the cost be
comes almost prohibitive.
The time is ripe for a proposal
looking toward a community storage
house uu4 the forming of an arti
ficial lake near the Weeping Water,
from which adequate ice could be
cut to supply the needs of next sum
mer in this vicinity. The cost would
not be great compared with the ad
vantages, and if this course is not
pursued the next and only solution
lies in the erection of an artificial
ice plant here.
In this connection it may he said
that such a plant, with a cold stor
age room operated in connection
might prove both successful and prof
itable. Fruit from the commercial
orchards in this vicinity could be
successfully stored by the growers
right here at home, and released as
the prices warrant, thus giving the
growers the advantage sought by the
commission men when thev buv and
ship the apple crop in points where
cold storage facilities are available,
j In any event it is high time to be
' g"fn considering the ice problem
along some line thai will brinp ie
lie! iiexi year.
Ship Car Load of Mixers
The Sheldon Manufacturing com
pany last week shipped to points
over the county a car load of their
celebrated concrete mixers. In ad
dition a consignment of several went
out for Beiinos Ayres, South America.
The Sheldon mixer is one of the best
on the market ami is selling at a
price that makes it greatly jn demand
all over the country.
The Grain Proposition Here
While other places over the coun
ty have puttered on account of the
local elevators to handle the grain,
the warehouses here have been able
to accomodate all that was brought
in. although there were times when
sixteen or seventeen hours work a
day were necessary to Keep it out ol
the way. Tin- heavy run of wheat
is now over, and a general unload
ing of corn is looked for.
cial institution of Nehawka, is ever
on the alert to advance the hest in
terests of the community and you
can do no hetter than work in con
junction with them to that end. Co
operate hy keeping a cred i ta hie hal
tmce in the hank; then w hon you
ticed their assistance you will lind
the inst it in ion ready and willint: to
aid your enterprise.
Will Engage in Business
Truman Tysor ami Wayne Ackhy.
two .salesmen Who have heell with
the Sheldon Department store for
some time, resigned last week, and
their places haw heeii tilled hy
Messrs. Merrill Sheldon and ('hosier
Stone. Mr. Tysor is returnini; to hi
old home at Rivertoii. Iowa, where he
will cnuave in husine.-,s for himself,
while Mr. Ackley will remain in Ne
hawka tor the present at hast.
Washinntoii. I. C. July - An
cxicutive order to co-ordinate jnir
ohasinjr for the army, navy and Fhip
niiitr hoard and to hermit transfer
1 of .surplus supplie- from one svern
' ment aeti-y ! another, was i-ijrned
! unlay hy President Harding. Direc
tor Dawes of the iiudget hurean. or
! initiated the ordei-. which divides the
! couTitrv into zones oorrespontlir.K to
j ai-niy corps areas for supply purchas
i inir with a general purchasing asun
tor each area, all working under a
purchasint; sujiervisi r in Wtishinrton.
From Saturday's Daily.
This morning a hearing was had
in the county court in the eiate of
Cornelia C. Voshurg, deceased, and
the prayer of the petitioner. George
W. Voshurg. of Flint. Michigan, a
son. for the appointment of Mrs. Ger
trude .1. Andrus. of Lincoln, as ad
ministratrix was granted by the
court. Mr. Voshurg and Mr. and
Mrs. Andrus were in attendance at
the hearing.
Do You Need
a Well?
We are prepared to sink a well
for you at any time and any place.
Do not fear to call us for any size
contract, or anywhere. Phone us at
Nehawka. Nebraska.
Easfrick & Lawrenoe,
The Best Plan
Is to the safest, and the concrete
burial vault provides the best rest
ing place for the loved one's re
mains. Call
for service for burial
Busy? Yes, You Bet!
We can get to your job,
though in a short time. Re
member our work and ma
terials are the best.
70 cents per hour for work
is our new low charge.
Don't delay. -
, .
-:- Nebraska
Do you know
you can roll
SO good
cigarettes for
lOcts from
one bag of
New Time Limitation for Reinstate
ment of War Risk Insurance
Has Been Announced.
A six months' additional period of
frace is now being allowed former
holders of War l'.isk Term insurance
who have allowed their policies to
lapse. An earlier ruling allowed re
instatement only up to July 1, liu'l.
in the case of insurance which had
lapsed before July 1. 1 !!'. 1 ly the
new ruling -Treasury Heoision '.7
the reinstatement period is lengthen
ed to January 1 next.
The new decision specifies that
term insurance which has lapsed or
been cancelled may, regardless of
how long the applicant has been dis
charged, be reinstated tor reinstated
and converted) to I'niteil States Gov
ernment life insurance at any time
prior to January 1. lic'i;. under con
ditions substantially as follows:
1. In all cases the applicant must
tender with his application at least
two monthly premiums on the
amount of insurance to be reinstat
ed (or reinstated and converted, (
one of these premiums to cover t he
month of grace immediately follow
ing his lapsation and during which
he was protected and the other as the
first month's premium on the insur
ance to be reinstated.
1. The applicant must also comply
with the following requirements
with reference to health:
a) When application for rein
statement tor reinstatement and
conversion) is made within three
calendar months after the insurance
has lapsed or was cancelled, incluu
ing the calendar month for which the
unpaid premium was due. the appli
cant need only make statement in his
written application that he is in as
good health as he was when his in
suranced lapsed, and no physical ex
amination will be required.
(h) When insurance has lapsed or
been cancelled more than three
months, and yet within six calendar
months, including the month for
which the unpaid premium is due.
the reinstatement or reinstatement
and conversion may be made provid
ed the applicant is in good health
and so states in his application, and
that he substantiates this statement
hy a short medical certificate made
at the. applicant's expense by a rep
utahle physician licensed to praotice
(c After the expiration of six
calendar months from the date of
lapsation and at any time prior to
January 1. 1!22. insurance may be
reinstated provided that the appli
cant is in good health and so states
in his application and provided fur
ther that such application is sub
stantiated by a report of a full med
ical examination, made at the appli
cant's expense by a reputable physi
cian licensed to practice medicine.
Mesa. Ariz.. July 20. Out here in
the center of the great American
desert, the Mormons are to build an
other temple, second only to their
tabernacle at Salt Lake City. Presi
dent Ileber J. Grant, of the Morman
church has announced. The Mesa
temple, when finished will lie the
ninth the church has built. The
others are at Kirtland, Ohio; Nauvoo.
111.; St. George. Logan and Salt Lake
City, Utah; C'ardston. Alberta, Can
ada and Laie, Hawaiian Inlands.
Work on the temple here will start
in September, it was announced. The
building will cost approximately
$."()(). 000 and will be completed with
in a year. Many church dignitaries
will attend the ground-breaking cere
monies. ' The temple is to be built on a
tract of 40 acres in the eastern sec
tion of Mesa.
Superior. Neb.. July 27. Governor
and Mrs. Samuel R. McKelvie will
be guests of Mr. and Mrs. George
Aldrich, son of ex-Governor Aldrich.
at their home here on the night of
August 16. when they are to be the
guests of the city to witness the elec
tric historical pageant.
Ex-Mayor Ed P. Smith of Omaha,
a former Superior man is among the
invited guests of honor and will be
entertained by his old friend. Owen
Second hand farm lighting plant
wanted. Inquire of T. H. Pollock
Auto Co., Plattsmouth.
August Kreeklow was a visitor in
Omaha last week.
L A. Flurns and family were out
from Plausmouth last Wednesday
visiting with friends at Matiley.
Mrs. John liauth was a visitor in
Weeping Wnter last Thursday where
she was doing some trading and vis
iting with friends.
Dick York of I'lattsmouth was a
visitor in Manley for a short time
last week and on his return home
was accompanied by Mr. Glen York.
Miss Sue .h.-okenhaupt who has
been sick from something like the
Summer Flu. is still kepi at her home
and has not shown the improvement
which was expected.
Mr. and Mrs. 11. M . YVorley of Lin
coln have dining the past week heeii
the vnt'sts at the liouie of their
daughter. Mrs. W. H. Frost and vi.--ited
with the family for a short time.
Mrs. Win Lau, who has not been
enjoying the best of health lately
was operated on for appendicitis last
Tuesday at Omaha. She is reported
to making very satisfactory improvement-
Dan flock well w ho has been work
ing with his brother. Floyd Rock
well during the summer, arrived in
Manley a few clays sin -e and has been
visiting at the home of Cal liockwejl
for some days.
Mrs. Sarah Co: n. mother of Mr.
Omar Coon, who has been spending
some time at the home of her haiirh
ter. Mrs. Cora Suavely of Lincoln,
returned to Manley where she will
make her home for the present.
Adolph Steinkanip and family, Mrs.
John Kelly. Mis. Catherine F.arhart
and family Charles Geilicli and wife.
Kosooe Owens and wife, Mr. and Mrs.
George W. Goodman and Mrs. H J.
Livingston were in attendance at the
funeral tMrs. Nancy Goodman last
Mrs. Anton Kau of Ctica. mother
of W. J. Ran of Manley who has been
at the hospital in Omaha where she
has neen having treatment for her
eyes and an operation removing a
'atnract from her eyes has recovered
us to he able to come to Manley to
stay with her son.
A number of the prominent citi
zens of Manley went to Omaha last
Monday evening to the big den show
there. Those to go were: Herman
Dall. Joe Wolpert. Rudolph Bergman.
W. .1. Ran. Frank Stands. Walter
O'Hrien. A. 11. Humble. Frank hat
hart. Cdward Kelly. John Fleisch
man and Oris fohleifert.
Was Some Obstreperous
Fred Fleiehman and family visited
in Louisville last week in their cur.
Fred who is a little auto shv and
not a trifle skittish says that if they
expect him to keep in the middle of
the road they will have u. have the
hanks over three feet high. The Sax
on, which has a reputation for a goer
left the highway vaulted a high hank
and went through a fence before the
could stop the beast.
The public "is cordially invited to
attend the Ice Cream Social given by
the Ladies Auxiliary of St. Paul's
church at the home of Mrs. Ed
Tritsch. Sunday. August 7.
Come and bring your friends. A
good time is assured you.
J. I. Case Machinery!
- """"
I am making some very attractive prices on J. I.
CASE farming machinery. Grain prices cannot go so
low but what you will find our goods in line. We are
making a specialty of furnishing repairs for any and
all kinds of farming machinery. Call and see us.
I have to pay cash for all the coal I purchase. So
beginning September 1st, 1921, 1 will have to sell coal
for cash. Thrashing is now over and we have carried
all for this occasion. Hersafter we must sell for cash.
Frost, Curyea & Murtey,
W. H. FROST, Manager
Manley, Nebraska
Nineteen Thousand Acres to be Re
leased in September Many
Will Trv for Farms.
Mitchell. N'eii.. July 1' v - Two hun
dred and twenty-two farms will In
opened September ! lo homestead
entry by soldiers of t lit- world war.
on the North Platte litigation pro
ject, Wyominr. and one week later.
September Hi. l,f;y-seve)i farms will
be thrown open under the Sho-.hoio-nmii'il
in the same state. About 1 '. .
iiiin acres of land are included in ilo
two openings. Forsivlv day-- no one
but soldiers of the world War will be
Tierniilted lo make filings or, iln-e
North Platte project wa-; a asi
range occupied b. nomadic herd.-, ol
cattle, but national reclamation hits
wrought a ma r elous change in that
section. The hmdscape j- now dot
ted with hundreds ol prosper, m
farm homes, and a hundred Mom . ami
acres are producing valuable crops
!' alfalfa, surar heei-. corn and po
tatoes. Numerous ton- have been
established and railroads have t--leuded
their bra !i(h": to connect i he
vallev with the oountrv's great mar
kcts. Dairying has become a profit
able itidustrv. More than ? -t '".'
worth it" crop; were produced on tli-
project ill 1 !' The Sll'i-holie HI ll e
nori Ii w extern pall id' the state, lies
in a region of neat o-iiic leauiv
and has delightful and healthful cli
mate and fertile s(11 Detailed in
formation concerning the farms and
the method of obtaining them m.i ,
be secured by writing to the Project
Maiii'ger, P. S. K. S . Mitchell. N. h
Washington. D C. Ju!v US. Lor. I
Northcliffe. the liri'is'i publisher,
now in the I'nited States, in a siaie
nient issued here tonight said that
"for reasons of which he is na
aware," ions extended him to
attend a dinner there tonigii1 had
been withdrawn.
' Knowing the no-thoils in Imba of
Lord Curon. the P.ritish foreitn sec
retary." the statement declared,
"Lord Northclifie is pretty certain
that Lord Cuizon has adapted lho-e
nu t hods here."
The P.riti.-h puh.isher's stalcim-nt
conveyed the impres-ion that Ihe mai
ler involved in the r. ported Cancella
tion of invitations was an outgrowth
of the coat nivti'-y between Lord
Noi tiolifte and Lord Cur.on with i e
gard to news rights m ilm Pritc-h
foreign olli.e. So..:i after IV. .-Merit
Harding made his overture for a dis
armament confei nee, the London
Times, b-adiiig paper, published by
Notlhf li fl e. - ppo-'d 1 he i-'igg-e.-t on
that Lord Cu-zon he appointed ope
of the P,i'iii-!l delegate- to the pro
posed conference, and attacked both
the foreign secie'iiy and Premier
Lloyd George.
Tliis attack wa.- followed b sus
pension of privilege 1 rights enjoyed
foi years hy the Times in the obtain
ing of new- li'i in tio- PriM-h forei-ii
of! Ice.