The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, July 11, 1921, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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MGHPAY, JULY 11, 1321.
Che plattsmoutb lournal
Entered at I'ostoITice. P!attmouth, Neb., as Becond-class mall matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
da ws
dops will have their niaI
Thi new
that to the
offensive is jus
o : o
I.ahor wants
tin- unemployed
i smaller
for some
will haunt (lerman.v
to come.
I' (.usht in
hunger strike
lie easy to 'Art
in Moscow.
on a
(letting married sometimes ivc?
woman a mandate over the man.
-: o:
The instinct of gambling some
times makes matrimony possible.
The taxpayer justly thinks this
normalcy talk is sound all sound.
In these days of millions of motor
cars, people take lue easy ana niton
: o:
An optimist is the fellow who be
lieves all he ees in the catalogues.
Kverything will be done for the
taxpayer exeept to remove the bur
den. -r- o : o
As we look them oer about the tiling that can come back is
a ca t .
A grouchy man is a man who
thinks the world is against him -and
it is.
"Half of a loaf is better
none." savs the man with a
tha n
week vacation.
The beer-medicine ruling
jroha bly make a lot men pay
their doctor bills.
: o :
Wlit-tl the public quits
scandals there will be none
newspapers to print.
: o :
Charley Dawes will find plenty to
swear at. in the new budget being
prepared by Congress.
: o :
Ptrhaps these ships were wallow
ed by some of the big fish we hear
the anglers talking about.
Three great tax quesfions how
to redii'-e them, how to pay tlum
and how to dodge them?
Price cutting up to this time
been done so carefully that
scarcely notice the scars.
If automobile prices keep
dropping, it will soon be cheaper to
buy one than to steal one.
An extra rib has been found in a
Pennsylvania woman. First chance
in history to pay Adam back.
"Never spank a child on an empty
stomach." says a medical authority.
No, just turn the youngster over.
7 - ' 7
himT I H h am
"It don't take a man long to
bag his pants at the knees,
and to make a finely tailored
suit look thoroughly disrepu
table that's the man of it,"
avers Dainty Dor thy.
flut she goes on to explain
that the man who is making
use of our cleaning, steaming
and pressing services is keep
ing his clothes in much more
presentable condition than
when ho got acquainted with
us.. And it doesn't cost much,
cither, .'. . .' .
Goods. Called for and Delivered
N3i2j(ui?NAL office
The first hollies were made of skin.
business i looking: up to see if
taxes are coming: down.
: o :
House numbering was invented by
a Paris architect in 1512.
Stone cannon balls were used
4 30
years ago in a Turkish war.
Perhaps present styles are design
ed to choat railroads on the age lim
f. : o :
A suicide wave is reported in fier
lin. That's one German fad to which
we must give our cordial approval.
: o:
Germany has ;'.0 women in the
ICeichstag. No wonder they couldn't
find the indemnity money on time.
While they're making Americans
out of immigrants they'd better make
cm is rants out of a few Americans.
Henry Ford has bought a railroad.
Perhaps he is planning another at
tempt to railroad himself into the
: o :
is going to
If Pncle Sam
i n y i
retrenching it should
expense of the boys
not be at
who did
I la
the trenching. ,
; O ;
A s-cientisl says that a pin-head
contains S.OOO.OOO.OOO.iMMt atoms.
Wonder how many there are in a ?
A New Orleans boy has answered
Thomas Kdison's "Where is the
deepest, place
"The bottom.'
in the sea?" He says
The lower house of Cor.gres has
passed the peace bill. We frankly
confess that, to us. it is a peace that
passeth all understanding.
The paper says the anti-prohibi
tion paraders in New 1 ork were.
cheerful and gay. It's as we feared.
The town is not vet bone drv.
The Pennsylvania supreme court
lias ruled women juries are legal.
Of course, we knew that. The ques
tion is. are they sufficiently senti
mental? :o:
Senator IJrandegee say the senate
Ueiiate on the peace resolution was
"inconsequential, idle fruitless and
unnecessary." Quite so. It was a J
senate debate.
Jud Tunkins says he hopes that
all people will never agree entirely
in their opinions. Something seri
ous would happen if by accident the
world made the same mistake un
animously. :o:-
Here is a htlpful paragraph
ln a
New York paper, "To rid the pan
try shelves of red ants, wipe them
with denatured alcohol every few
weeks. Now. how are you going to
catcli the ant and give him that al
cohol bath? The cussed little things
just won't stand still.
And now a pastor rips with
a lurid roast of the newspapers and
the magazines because of the pic
tures they print. Well, the shoulders
of the press are broad and can stand
a whole lot of that sort of thing.!
When the reformers can think
nothing else to say about the evils of
society they blame it on the news
papers. o:o
When Woodrow Wiison visited a
Washington theater recently, he was
recognized by only a few persons.
And time was when, in the same
theater whole audiences arose to
pay him tribute. Thus passeth earth
ly glory. Most men who have had
it don't discover the hollow counter
feit it is until it has passed from
them. A sense of liimor must be
comforting to a man when he learns
bow he has been tricked.
The Parmele Theatre has become
a great place for the amusement
loving people, and why? Because
Messrs Cloidt and Moore have
brought it up to the true meaning
of amusement. They are showing
the very best pictures that can be
had, and the proprietors are genial
to everybody. Everyone goes there
when they want amusement and
they always get it. Those who fail
ed to see the "County Fair" Tues
day night will regret it the longest
day they live. The theater was crowd-!
cd to its utmost capacity for two
shows and some were unable to get
When you sail,
sail . under the Stars
and Stripes to any
part of the world
summed up the merchant
marine by saying that we know
"X'e cannot cell successfully
where we do not carry."
And now we have t preat
American Merchant Marine,
with hips sailing under the
Stars and Stripes to every port f
importance in the world.
Cettainly the American people
will never permit this merchant
marine to decline from it present
preeminent po.Mfion. Nor will it
if each one of you will ship
and sail under the Stars and
Operators of Passenger
Admiral Line, 17 Slate Street, New
Wk. N. V.
M at yon Navigation Company, 26
io. Gay direct, Baltimore. MJ.
Munton Steam Ship Line, 82 Beavar
bucct. New York, N. .
New York and Porto Rico S. S. Co..
II Broadway. New ork, N. Y.
Pacific Mail S. S. Co., 45 BroaJuay.
New York, N. Y.
U. S. Ma t S. S. Co.. 45 Broadway.
New York, N. Y .
Ward Line, (New York and Cuba Mail
S S Co.) l oot of Wall Street.
New York, N. Y.
Free use of
Shipping Board films
Use of Shipping Board motion picture
Urn., four reels, free on reirucst of arjjr
ridor, pastor, postmaster, or oiftanj
zation. A great educational putura
ft ships and the sea W rite f r inform
ation loll I.aue. lireitor Information
Hurmu. Krym "II. " 1 " Street,
N. VV , Washington, I C.
(7a American citittns only)
Steel vtenmcrs. bu:b oil and cnal
burners. Also wood ilcamrrk. wmid
hulls and ocean-gainx lots. Further
information ol'Uined bv rcquen.
For sailings of passenger
and freight ships to all
parts of the world and all
other information, writ
any of the above lines or
' .ft
Another reduction in auto prices
means a further reduction in pedes
trians. :o:
Let Harding take heart; Charlie
Chaplin couldn't satisfy some pie
hunters. j
:o: j
Some motorists think the "Stop, i
Look and Listen'
for the trains.
signs are intended
The longest word of usual occur
ence in the Knglish language is "in
comprehensibilities." miiki:
Stale i.l"
TO riti lMlotis
Xcl'iaska, Cass coun
In the Ciiimty I'ouit.
In the matter T the estate of Kli.a-
hetli I )in;li t v. 1m eased.
To tin- cicditiii's of s.-iiil estate:
Yon are lioret.y notified. That I will
sit at the County Court room in I'latts-
I mouth, in said county, on the !M!i f'ay
!of Aunns-.t. 1921. ami on the !Hh ilxi
of November, ln.'l. at in :'if o'clock a.
'in. of each of said days to receive and
enniirie all claims airalnst said estate.
with a view to their adjustment and
j allowance. The time limited for the
luesenta t ion of claims auainst faid
estate is three months from the Mtli
1ay of AiiKust, .. I . l'jl. ami the
.time limited for jiavment of ileitis is
one e-ir from said Mil day of August.
i Witness my hand and the seal of
said County Court this Mli da.y of
AM.KX .i i5i:i:.- x.
ot,Seal) Jll-lw. County Judue.
Acetylene Welding!
I am prepared to do all
kinds of Acetylene Welding.
Charges reasonable and work
the best.
Located at John Iverson's
Blaksmith Shop,
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
on the Installment Plan!
Three pure bred Duroc pigs for
$75. A boar and two gilts, not re
lated, with pedigrees. $10 down and
$10 a month. Older gilts on the
same plan. For particulars write,
phone or call on
Albert Young,
been sufiVrin;
from ivy puisonin,.
Oscar York and family
visited in
riattsmouth the Fourth.
Herbert Thacker and wife
in Plattsmouth a
snort ume me lore
part of the week.
Fred Fleischman, the barber, was
looking after some business matters
in Omaha last Tuesday.
Harry Doty was among those prud
ent at the Weeping YV'ater-I' ts
mouth game here July 4th.
Jacob Lohnes and family were up
from Weeping Water the Fourth re
newing old acquaintances here.
Charles Lau and Orris Schlb-fert
were threshing their wheat crops on
Thursday and Friday of last week.
Herman Dall was a visitor in Mur
dock last Wednesday, where he went
to look after some business for the
Mattic I.recken ridge has been re
leased from quarantine and Is again
enjoying the freedom of the great
out doors.
Mrs. C.
been sick
weeks, is
K. Mockenhaupt. who has
at her home the past few
reported as being greatly
Kdward Kelly
aha the Fourth,
with friends and
was a Om
where he visited
took in the boxing
match in the afternoon.
Mark Wiles and family, of Weep-
ing Water were at Manley Monday.
being in attendance at the b;ill game
between Weeping Water and IMatts
mouth. John Fleischman and family were
guests at the home of the parents of
Mrs. Fleischman. Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Taylor, of oLuisville. over the Fourth
of July.
Miss KInora O'Brien, of near Ced
ar Creek visited friends ami relatives
in and near Manley a number of days
last week, being. a guest at the How
ard Johnson home.
F. A. Hums and family, of l'latts
laouth. visited in Manley last week,
driving over in tlieir car for a short
visit with the parents of Mr. Hums,
J. L. Hums and wife.
Messrs. Adolph s'teinkamp. Fred
Fleischman. Daniel Bourke and An
drew Sehlietert drove to Plattsmouth
Friday morning to look after the
transaction of some business.
Frank Reister was the first to de
liver new wheat at Manley. the same
being sold to the Farmers elevator.
It was of good quality, but not as
well dried out as it will be later in :
the season. 1
Charles Garlach and son Will vis
it e.l in Omaha last Thursday, driving
up in their car. While there they
called on Theo Harms at the
pital where he is hecovering
his recent operation.
Theo Harms is reported as
f rmn
ting along well i t the hospital in
Omaha, w here he recently underwent
an operation for acute appendicitis,
Cliarirs ('rain" has
J. 3. Case IVIachinery!
I am making some very aitractive prices on J. I.
CASE farming machinery. Grain prices cannot go so
low but what you will find our goods in line. We are
making a specialty of furnishing repairs for any and
rll kinds of farming machinery. Call and see us.
mi i h i: or iti:ri:iti:irs
iu the I'istrict Court of th
of Cass. Nelu-nska.
Kittio C. lloheris and H
l'la.n tiffs. vs. I'aul II.
wife. Myrtle Koherts. arid
ri-n Ko'erls,
Koherts am!
Newell Uob-
erts, a minor, and J
liian of Newell Hole
.1. Kohctts. Kiiar
rts. a minor. I)e-
Notice is hereliy ;
and hy virtue of a 'I
trict Court of Cass
entered in the a hove
: i veil that u sulci- ,
ecree Ml' t he I is
outitv. NehrasUa. i
cut i t led ca use on
the L'nd day of Jul
if, 1 1 . a no a n j
oder of sale niii'ii
In- sa id con i t on j
the '2nil ilav of June, lH.'t. the un
liersinctl. sole will on the
l.'.th day of Auirust. tHlil. at 10 o'clock
a. m.. at the south front door of the
Court House, in tiie City of I'lalts
inouth, Cass county. Nehraska. sell at
j.uhlic auction to 'the highest hhhler
for cash, te following described real
estate, to-wit: Lot .". in ISIook ."ti: Lot
JO in Hlock L'U: and Lots 1. L'. I and
." in Hlock ::s. all iu the original Town
of IMattsmoulh. Nehraska, ami the
Soutlieast iiuarter a:ui the South half
of the Northeast quarter of Section
Township 12. Kane 1 :!. east of the Mh
I'. M., in the Countv of Cass, Nebraska.
Said sale will be held open for one
hou r.
Hated this !Mh dav of July. 1HJ1.
.H.lSKI'll A ( A KLL,
Jll-.'W. I leferee.
0 Til'
TO t H:iITOIt.
Nehraska. Cans coun
In the County I'ourt.
.Ill the matter of the estate of John
Sc 1 1 ia ppacussc. deceased.
To the creditors of sai'l estate:
You are herel.v notified. That I will
sit at the County Court room in J'latts
mouth. in said countv, on the tuli lay
of Almost. lliJI. and on the loth day
of November.- 1:21. at 1":00 "'(lock a.
m. of each of saiil days to receive and
examine all claims nnairist said estate,
with a view to their adjustment and
allowance. The
presentation of
estate -is three
day of AuRust,
time limited tor the
claims against said
months from the Hth
V 1). lyjl. and the
time limited for
navment or dents is
one year
from said iith iay of August,
WitnesH my haiul
sa ill Cou n t y - I 'ourt
July. ly.'L
a ml
ountv Juit;e.
A f tornev.
I Seal
Lost anything -Try
a Journal, ad.
found anything
They satisfy."
It will be some time, however, be
fore h! can return to his homo.
Mrs. Theo Harms visited in Om
aha from Saturday until Tuesday at
the hospital with .Mr. Il.irms She
j was accompanied home by her son.
Herman, who had been . visiting at
the home of .Mr. and .Mrs. George
Schafer, Jr., of Ilenson.
Miss Lottie Koup, sister of Mrs.
Kudolph liergman. who has been
visiting at the home of her sister in
Mauley for several days, returned on
last Monday to her home in Louis
ville, being accompanied by Mrs.
lUrgman who visited there for a
short time.
Sold a
Robert Mcf'lec
er. was a visitor
nesday. coining
Ford Truck
tv. of Weeping Wat
ill 'Ma nicy ,last Wed
up to get the new
lord truck he had purchased of the
local Ford dealer, ('has. Oerlaeii. Mr.
Cerlach is a rustler for business and
has built up a good trade by his
fair dealings and courteous service.
All Enjoyed the Game
Those having no particular place
to go for a vacation the Fourth
their ntertainment brought to them
in the form of a ball game between
the Weeping Water and IMatismouth
teams, which was plaved on the lo
cal diamond because of the fact that
the Flat tsmout h diamond, where the
game was to have been staged was
under water. Nothing was known
of the game at Manley until about 10
o'clock in the forenoon but the sport
ing blood of the countryside quickly
mobilized and the crowd was about
as larie as could be accommodated.
The umpire for the contest was se
lected from anion? the Manley citi
zens present and his decisions gave
satisfaction to both teams. The
game proved to be a good one and
was nicely contested save for an in
ning or two in which the Platts
mouth team went to pieces on ac
count of a number of errors in sue-J
cession. They soon pulled themselves j
together and were able to finish the
game with a very credible score. The
Weeping Water boys carried oft the
honors, however, the tinal tally be
ing 14 to S .
Manley Wi:
Yesterday at
s Over Nehawka
Man lev. before, a
fa i.s.
v i .- i t i .:
crowd of t ii t h usiasi ic baseball
tl;e home teim won over the
g team from Xehawka by a
)!' to Parts of the game
were well contested while other in
nings had a number of soft spots.
The battery for the home team
was Koop an i Mat tin. while Harold
(Irif'in pitched for Nehawka and
Rodman officiated behind the bat.
i The f.
' crow d
ante was enjoyed by a large
notwithstanding the fact that
i t he weather was exceedingly warm.
IITK i: TO ( ll I II M TOItS
Scaled bids will be received at the
office of the State I e pa i 1 1 n en t of Pub
lic Works. lt!i floor Hrownell Mlm-K.
at Lincol.n. Nebraska, until .r.:0 o'clock
p. m. on July ;js. Cijl. foi- construct
ing noil iruard rail and incidental
work on i he Nebraska Citv-Lincoln
rro.iect No. i::::-C, l-Vderal Aid road.
Lids will be opetied in the lepart-iim-nI
of IVildic- Works. Ith Floor Hrow
nell Itlock. op or near the hour of
o'clock a. m.. on the J'jtii day of July.
10U1. .County Hoards are hereby re
quested to be ioes.;m or represented.
J:idlers are invited to be present.
Tin- a ppr-i i ma te quantities are:
'.oi tinea; i'Pi-t wood li-uard rail.'
Certitied check for -" per lent of the
amount of the bid will be reiuire'l
with each and every bid received.
Plans and specifications for the work
r.ia- he seen and information and pro
posal forms secured at the o IT ice of
tne Cointy Clerk a" Plattsmouth. Ne
braska, or at the office of the State
liepartment of Public Works at Lin
coln. Nebraska.
The State ami County reserve the
ifl'i.t to naive all technicalities ami
reject a ii v or all bids.
o. Clerk. Cass Co.
ui:o. i-:. jmiNsoN.
Sealed bids will be received at the
office of the State I.'epartment of Pub
lic Works. 4th Floor Hrownell Block,
at Lincoln, Nebraska, until .":0o o'clock
p. in., on July JS, 1HJ1. for construct
ing wood Kiiaiil rail and incidental
work on the Ka ii le-M u ri a v Project
No. i:.;:-.. Federal Aid road.
Hid5 will he opei e.l in the Ie;iart
ment of Public Works, fth Floor Jtrow-
nell Hlock. on or near the hour ot 'J:oo
o'clock a. m., on the iiyth day of July,
lyi'l. County Hoards are hereliy re
quested to he present or representeil.
1 Mildc I'M are invited to be present.
The a pprox ima te j ua n 1 1 1 ics are:
1 :(:'." lineal feet wood Kuard rail.
Certilied check for "i per i-ent of the
Emount of the hid will be required
with each and every hid received.
Plans and specifications for the work
may be seen and information and pro
posal forms secured at the office of
ihe County Clerk a: Plattsmouth. Ne
braska, or at the office- of the Stat-1-epartment
of Public Works at Lin
coln, Nt braska.
The State and County reserve the
rif-'ht to waive all technicalities and
reject any or all bids.
Co. Clerk. Ca.-s Co.
;&&&f KLAYKORT A i"1!
STu. Oainis Player says
"Three sets
"With Klaykorts I can play a half dozen sets, and feel jt
less than I used to feel three, because my feet don't hurt in
them. I play a faster game. There isn't a better tennis shoe
Hood Klaykorts combine lightness vith strength, and
the patented Kendex insole andthick felt cushion keep the
hard court from tiring or burning the feet. No other shoe
of any kind combines equal wearing qualities with the ease
and the sense of quick, sure action of the Hood Klaykort.
Many also prefer Klaykorts for general outdoor summer
cAsk your dealer or write us.
Hood Rubber Products Co., Inc.
1 Watertown, Massachusetts. (tf3
Big men and little men want
sport trimming on their play
shoes. The Sportshu is red trim
med, red corrugated sole a
splendid shoe at a moderate
price. And how the little folks
like their looks. Ask for Hod
nu tici
State i
Xeluaka. Cass
In the County Court
In the matter of the
estate of .lac
I i i I si h. deceased.
To the creditors of said estate:
You nre heiehy notified. That I will
-it tit the County Court room in I'latts
iMcnitli. i;i said county, on .Nuust 1.
U'-'l and November . lUl'l. at t o'clock.
m. cadi day. to receive and examine
iil! claims auainst said estate, with a
view to theii' adjustment and allow
ance. The time limited for the pre
sentation of claims against said es
tate is three months from the 1st dav
of August. A. I), lll.'l. and the time
limited for payment of dehts is- one
year from said 1st dav of August.
1 1 .
Witness mv hand and the seal of
said Countv Court, this L'Tth dav of
June, l'.C'l.
. allkx j. i:i:i:son.
i Seal! Jl-Jw. Countv Judije.
Mi l it i:
State o
Nehraska, Cass
ty. ss.
In the
III the
tus I. ill;
To tin
County Court.
matter of the estate of .fus
', deceased.
creditors of sahi
Vim' mi' hereby notitieil. That I will
sit at the County Cujuf-t room in Platts
mouth in said county, on July is, j;Jl,
and October IX, PCI. at 10 o'clock a.
m. on each day. to receive and ex
amine all claims ' acainst said estate,
with a view to tlieir ml just ment ami
allowance. The time limited for the
presentation of claims against sahl
state is three months from the IMh
day ot July, A. I . ami the time
limited for payment of debts is one
year 1 rom said lth day or July, lSil'l.
Witness my hand and seal of said
Countv Court, this 14th dav of. June,
1 1 .
Seal) jl-4w. County Judge.
MI'IK K OK lli:.ltl(i
To aU jiorsons interested in the es
tate of Kmil Kruser. dec-cased:
on June until A,. I. lfti'l. the peti
tion of Herman Jlillman was liled in
tlie Comity Court of Cass county, Ne
braska, praying for a tinal decree and
decree of descent, and that the alle
gations of the petition be found and!
decieed to be true: for a decree bar
ring claims of creditors; for the entry
of a discharge of rei ord of tin; ad
ministrator: for a lindinir a decree de
terminimr the heirs at law and m-xt
of kin of the deceased and for a de
cree of descent iind a decree assiytiinf;
the title to the lands of -which the
deceased di.-d seized, to the heirs at
law of the deceased for tlieir use and
benefit and the use and benefit of their
successors in title.
A hearing will be had on said peti
tion in said County Court before tlo
Cour.ty Jude on the L'jth day of July.
A. I . 19.1. at 1 o'clock a. m., at which
time cause may be shown, if any. why
the prayer of the said petitioner should
not be Kraut. -d. Jf n cause is shown,
the petition will be taken' to be true
fiimst mmQi
Call us when you want
OHeatj Groceries or
for your threshing dinner we will help you.
Tel. 4 or 5 day phones
nothing !
Here is the shoe for hard work
or hard play. Extra strong con
struction, heavy mail bagtdurk
uppers, gray tire-tread soles.
Hood patented pneumatic heels.
Buy them for the children and
ourself, and see how rested you
will feel at night, and how much
you save on footwear.
and a decree entered accordingly.
Iiatctl at Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
June Jiith, ,. I").
1 . W. LIVJNGSTi )N.
j30-oW. Attortie;
oui)i:it ok iikuiim;
mi I'elilimi fur iioliil meitl
f A tl itii aiiMt rn lir
The State of Nebraska, Cass coun
In the County C
In the matter of
if i:ilcu
Smith, del eased.
On reading and tiliutr the petition of
The 'Plattsmouth State Hank pray inn
that administration of said estate mav
be jrranted to Frank Cloidt, as admin
ist I ator;
Ordered. That July 19th, -. I i. lUL'L
at 10 o'clock a. in., is assigned for
hearintr sai.l petition, when all persons
interested in said matter may appear
at a County Court to be held'iu and
for said county, and show cause why
the prayer of petitioner should not In
granted: and that notice of the pen
dency of said petitioii and the hear
ing thereof he vriven to all persons
interested in said matter by publish
ing a copy of this order in the Platts
mouth Journal, a semi-week! news
paper printed in said county for three
successive weeks prior to sahi day of
liea rinij.
Hated June :.. pi'l.
(Seal) jJ7-.1w County J-.ide.
Mint i: TO 0TI 4 TOIt
Sealed bids will be received at the
office of the St a t e. I epa rt men t of Pub
lic Works. 4th Floor Hrownell Hlock.
at Lincoln. Nebraska, until ."i:on o'clock
p. m.. on July in, 1!J1. for const im-t-inif
wood srnard rail and incidental
work on the tlreenwood-Chalco Pro
ject No. 107-A, Federal Aid road.
Hids will be opened in the lepart
rnent of Public Works, 4th Floor Hrow
nell Block, on or near the hour of !l:o.i
o'clock a. m.. on the 2Hth day of July,
lfjl. County Hoards are hereby re
quested to be present or represented.
J-Milderj are invited to be present.
The approximate luantities are:
1740 lineal feet wood Runrd rail.
Certified check for ." per cent of the
amount of the bid will be rti ui rod
with each and every bid received.
Plans and specifications for the work
may lie seen and information and pi o
posal forms secured at the office of
the County Clerk at Plattsmouth. Ne
braska, or at the office of the State
Iiepattment of Public Works at Lin
coln. Nebraska.
The State and County reserve the
riyht to waive all technicalities and
reject anv or all bids.
;i-:o. ii. savlks.
, I . Clerk. Cass Co.
Phone the journal office when you
are in need of job printing of any
kind. Best equipped shop in south
eastern Nebraska.
482 night phone