The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, July 11, 1921, Image 1

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    Nebraska frfe Histori
cal Society
If4 1? f5
no. io;;
I atj U JL B
VV. u. iUCCK. V,t:i tnown XuUIig AT-
tcrnev ci Sferrv Count v Enters
I). 0. B-.vver Lav.- Office.
Tl.e legal t"rt rnity of c - ('
1. :. - ; ' .1 : .-!: ; d i i : i r in t I.e
i'-r:.n:i i.: W. 'I. ' I . ,. . : : : i . r I ..
Spri:i' h : 1 and -.:i.'. a. w hi. Las
arriv i h-r- to n.a ke i.i home avA
to take t.j : ! ;" ! k. w in
r.;i n :. rs- f !
1 1 ; t v
Mr. K !' K will !; a p -a -: n ir a -i .1 1-
ti. ri to ( as coi!!:'- iar. as i t
a !:: l-n. a n ..f ;!:..!.; afait;
i.:. ::t- i: hi- i;:-(.-?--'U a n.o t
p.i:;al at. a .h i..-:iih r c.f t he
': Lr: Vha ' TT.ii -'r-ity "a'td ! t j e '
i t. i-'h'oti h;.v. ct;ool of iisnaha. Mr. .
la'e U,
V. v a c..-!n; it.x w.rh a! ;
! od when the call to arms (ame
. iVl. a::! he a; t.a'-.- ,a'.f-cl ' h- ,
:r. cari;. ;;' F'.rt N :
wa- a -i:':. .i to ;:.e a v ia-'
he service Stli'l rve.j
. ' -r f r'
;r; iiia.':'
f'i.;- h-; in
; v
. in .tii::f. lenc-s vit::
I i : e j: . r:a . . ; : ! ;...:; i
.T ..."
the v ar.
: r !
ii! v. courr ;.' t.tet: a::t.
w hich he !.:: ; i t e
W as ! i! '-" e. e- ed ah
Li i.i"':'
t!.e c .tii' io: a! e. .-. n f i
:; a' : !.! :.a-.i ;. ' .if 'iv.- part ::
; "i :.: 1 : ; !: of t !. ::!' : v. 1 f ; '..
i 'iiif an-! ;:!s.i one f th" ;. . u'-'-
t m- t!.te r- t iii.M!!.;.uis:ie-l
t.o.i y .
Mr. Kie'v hi be--:: vc.v- in
rio r-'.-a:- '..'-j.i- :. ei;-' !"- in S..'"pv
-.;:;' ai.d v ;o- !!.:';- ; ;.- ru ii' n la i
iii the orva t ioii of t !. e.i. ' ;.!
S:.ri hi h i.. .,r
1 ate-; .. itiit re- in t ! v. on. : r-
! !'::.. ; h . m-'.-. 1. .. a- tit. or.-.a-
: ( ;: :: :. ,.t : . ' ' -1
. e p : . .1 d : 1 . -I'd 1 ti t :
v :': -' i; ::! ::; a h r ' v
:h-'r . v. u ii 1 ' a .; :
' i.i: t !.:.: v f, -:d
' : ' i .. :. :. iio. e
'' - '
... .. ;,,
.- -it!'-.. re
AulO UUT uh,o hs
Mrs. Mary E. Jones. Widow of Late
Gcrge E. .'Ciici;. ?a."?e? Away
"There Last Niyht.
. ! V
Ii ;':.!;
!.:: -:.:
! I .
of Mr-. Mary :
: ! a o: t !: i - e
t !: o!i r r. ih
Mr.- Jo:: .-
a I
t - ;
:- her r
! . ' ' ' I , 1
' 1 . i t
: : : I.e. '
ii- n:
s..!- aha:. :o
; .. tils c: . .
a urea ; n. .1 n i .-a
; . t he ca; it . 1 ci'
The hii-bami.
pr-s..,i., 1:;. wj
.he ! .
. r e r
; or
v ;::
;.- ru.- !-; .hmes.
v. tieatt. some 1
Tvi-ive year- i.uo at.d durir," hi- iife
t oi.- hre wa.- w-i! hnov, n to a iarue
(it e'f- ; ;.;o:s 11V! r 'h- .-;.
!' : p... t are-- e .-. . ; 1 rs.
.i II-- .-as 1. .-n fa'iii ' - i i l T T - r..;-'iiiy
i.T'd ha- oe-:i ;:t ih- h ",.!":: la i.i':
( h Ti i r t:.e 1 1" : r 1 ' - i ri.e
i.i.d it was there ii .it .-!: passe!
a " i.i.
" tie arranu-ai.-nU; i th. funeral
v i : ! !. i"- '.:.M wi.rd is
receive. i fr'u.i tio- son r.-sidii.u in
'tie. Wa shir vt .n. i nd w !;.! . r it
wiii be :e!d in 1 'hit 1 ; ' . h or d!"i:-
v.oo.! ::ot h". . i'!. .Mrs
il. liter ha
for - s-p(,
Mrs. .lot.-
s nous a 1
To T'eCv'.
d'-li lit-aia
. 1
ci'y M r lay
cm. it ion 1!
i s :
1 .
v a- :; : con
he was :
the :n -aue
e. 'Ty ,
hoc ked
. - T" -',11;-
Toe pi.;. -ant home of Mr and Mrs.
i;.i Cans. :mr in t:i- mriii par: of
: c:: was tne scene ,d a m e-
lightiul pathennp t t younp peopa- on
Tu,-,h,y eveninu in honor of The
eiuaie..,..':, birthday anniversary of
Mi-.- Fern Ganscmer. Th, rooms of
the home w re tastefully arranged
w : n decorations of the summer flow-
.-i's and made a verv nieasinj: setting
for the enjovab'.e occasion thai fol-' Tiie ' evening was spent in
dancing and sing i"r at wV'-ha gre ;t
eal 0! .njtATin nr was derived and a:
a suitable hcur a charming two-
-.ur-e lunc i con si rved hv Mr-
Gaiisemep assisted ,v Heh.n Funter
thai added to the deli-hts of the
Ihose to enjoy the occasion were fession and he will go east to Co fourth tne next (lay. Airs. ..let aher
Missts Viola Archer. Clara Trilety. this. We will be sorry to have him ty was formerly ?diss Julia Stohlman.
i'hel-ea Swope. Pern Gansemer. Ks- leave Kim wood. Klmwood Lea.'.er- eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
ther Tritsch. Kdith Fitis-n of N't- Kcho. .Sttdilman. Louisville Courier,
havvka. Mtssrs Jack M,-Carthv. f)i'o . J
Two high grade Red Polled bulls .
r r I'Vrn i w i
""I ,
for sale
NVb., teleph
Tlione us the iievri?
fh.-ai "' h u rv!:i -'s Ii:iv I
V.stff.i;!y afterm the s.tvm,
class i.f the Cbristmn church Snide'
:r : i ; j : j T i . .
ii'o; i i '..a a? t n
h, -ii. .' a
Jjrr. (. -1 rt-
!i.-ch;r i:i the wi'M part
a i:re croud v ;.s pre
:.i:t! ui -
u a . r
! h ' i: I; ! t ra l:-d t ;.(
.a. a;.; t ::. The;- of tl
Mu.-; tr;:!.,ac:t;,i :.fter v i.ich ;!,e
ii ( : u- c:::!:i. ca ; : a! 'I H-
!:.. 1 h.'v;j.e t rails i"
. . ' 1
e.i 1 their huiiM's. i!iv,:,r.i,i Mr
, . , . , .
I -cker to he a feva ;osj-.-i
ifUV v-f;j;?KrM Ml-
t'LJ -lvilL; w
ncATM OF wtcr'
U.H ! IS UE OtO I iJl
IIIUi-I L. J 41 wi
Ml-1 D. 2rO'AT. Noticed Of Demise
c:" Mrs. Vera Ecrkliard. at
BelleEive. 111.. Tut-siav
prr.-ti 1
::rsil; v'y -u . 1 v.
da e a!": .'T-t'oe:; 'al
I I h i .- ( i recei 'd
-a L'
i !i .in:: !'. i I) ir I .he sad T'evvs of
;.t her hon,- in I :.; 1 - i i vi-
Tiiin,,;. ,.r t-- a- t..v
:.d. lihir an illness of sitae dttra-
t 1 I ! !
decea.--ed hoiv was twontv
hw- of a-e and was b..rn iu.:i1 hunured.
t -jr v. v. here she rnv to wir.iaii- ' '; (";!.v feature ot the n.11'1 r:
!..,. .1 and our:..e the v-ars of li..r'l!:i!' U':1S annoying to both the
iil'e !,e,-e won mativ war:;, am clos- ,(,rs members of the ha. 'i
frier, is w i: i!! b arn f h r d ath Tl;:'' "! ;'u' l"inp children who
r,-..test ;rrow ''! -iii- w -re cmstantly dashint: t nro:t-rh 'i:-'
".i-. M r. ;. ; i Mrs V. T. '; in. ;.. hav.- cri.wd iu:..i in :!ieir onrusiie- i'r.
hoih j.ree"- -d iht da l :. ' er ;: !e;ilh ' nueetly fot dow n iiiliu! S !h- m
For t h- ;i;:-i . v.-r.-! v,at tt:t. her.- of tn- .vu. T!:is f.-s.turi. St'-w-I.vri.:.'-;i--i
;':i:: ilv hive b. re-ih,-:; . i: : loped to eliminate a! tie
in Iii:ii"is an.i h r ii-'i." ti:' ,;:si ih- nt ; concert.
.!e."e;:-(d :' v h i- t t it: tailir.-; '
' her condiiio" i.e-ame '.'-h ! "ALLS WILL THAT EDS VTLL"
th- ' two . r h-r stst-r-'. Mr- F.
: '.t::ji" atid Mrs. Waiter !;nrr-u. ' -Oi-.ah.a.
i ad st:.rt : f-.r Fii'ic!.-. to
a--. t ii: the care- of the ssu r. !.:
v.-- th.V i..r-!vc.l th- ! th f.'.'.:,'!i-a-r
had chiiti:'rt tl:-,- bv d "lie
To 1,. :t;r:i The deatl: t ii0"e reiii ii::-
the j,ii-.iiiit:.l and four .:;ri
a - veil ;.s si: Itr-it hers a:;! sist-r.
T.,. v ;,r,. j.. t Trit-ipe. (ipinha
Viareit'-,. r.r.,v.-:-. ,.f the F. S ::rv.: . ;
, w l.o is at Jlom.l .la. tl 1.; j
' Uii.-s- Fro An as .j Miss .: .,-!., 1 F.r..v .s j
-i .-'.: '-:.;iv-. ,-n: Ma! lot: 1 Ilrowui
this c,: ;..;d Mrs Walter iv.:rr-H ;
1 1. :i-T :-. 1
arr i nuemen
a T; tou t 1 i
;i! th.
in ll'it..
ei emz nni nnsn tnii
! CLUOU C liUWl-itt UUifl ,
r - j
liir.f.i.'J VilO LOl'Hl L.'
icr Call-d to Winttrsteen Hill to
Look Into Cnse 0: Mvsterieus
V:k-y Loi'.crhig There
ri t. -': fniiv j
!.-,-! ..v.-iiinu hief of Police .Ion.-, j
.. ,1 (,;... . i 1 .aruller w-v noTili-i !.v .
.- .' ti;.. re-ide'iis -f Win'et
:i hi!! tiia' for s.-mti.I days pas.
n: letaiin o! color had he- n n.a.-.-
:.-. ;.: ' hi!:. lam over ie. the lo
caliiv l:t! own as "llappv hoilow"
;:r.ii had been seen wander aar aroiii. ;
.. . ,, ; . 1. ,r 1, , ,( j . " n- officers
..;,.,.. ! -, the .(.-.i... but afwr a '
ful search of the locality no s iu n ;
h-.' dark i-dor.-d it;. at co:ii;l
: ...::,: and he hi. 1 apparenMy d-part-.
e- for :: .re jde-ssar.t tiijrt' ;-s i
The man had been harigiiiu arn'tidj
Hat part of th" cilv since S:it urda . . ,
ii the M:-M'-r was not rtju.rfe;:
: ! last n : : Iii .
Chit f -.oi.-s a.l-o han;'"d sailinp ( au;,i nip to the Yellowstone Na
01.'. rs to two ladies w ho arrived iu 'tiocal pari;. They v.oie nccoinpar.ied
tir- city along in the hours of twi-.pv irr;t. 1-,,s; b r. of the Fnivcrsity of
ii- :. on- who- -':' was short as Nibrasha. On th-ir way. they stop
ti eir pre.-enc,. was r.. ed by th- u-lt ;if O'Neill ami they
. cei-f .ml tl.'-y were informed of the spent par: of .1 week at the beaut i
to e : f rs! train fl. r.P.l lost t:o f,,i ri, ,., in,.,,,. .,' Mr s,ti.l Mrs
,;pt. oon,,.. out nnd shook the
,U!.t , f oar p-aceful I i 1 1 ie com m 11 n i: y
,, .i,,.!,. ft.t.t
11.. '1 1. .'.1 t-'i.
I wm wee a to... w.s ...ttitt. to.,
'hy Dr. O. 11. Listen purchased the
office buin.inp liti.i practice of Dr.
V i rcn in i-m 1 nti
')r- Deerin., will rt man. litre uiin
September 1st. and in the meantime
Dr. Listen and amily will spend a
' - "1; or so ,u ('olorado. Iv List on
sold cat :i few years ago to Dr. Doug-
ms and Dr. Deering pure!: a sea ir.
Neely's practice. !
Dr. Listen spent a number of years
here and hail a nce practice. He was
well liked and will receive a wel-
erne hack to Kim wood. Dr. oeerinp
has a large practice and is a most
i net e isiul suruton. He is not leav-
ing Mimwood because he wants to.
hut because he desires to make k-rg-
tr .rf -parauons in Ins cl:oscn :ro-
K"i"i TlmrsilHV'a I4iHy.
Tl... ... nii;.:., . . c n:,.i .Jr.. !
i 10 loioiu.i in iiJiniri iis o.ii
Judge !. S. Ramsev is somewhat .t t-'
ter today as the cool nights have had
:' n:nst ,'t'I1(ti(,il11 -fect in revi- inp.rrkes and proceeded to cut the grass
hini ai!U lie irf now showing a m rk- on the Legion's memorial plat. Those
- d gain over that of the past a- . ek. going were Emil Hild. post command-
The judge, however, is still iu a m ite
tciioui condition
SlilLL A! I Ck LI CU
- - - - -
Several alundzed People Present at'
! Court House Lawn Last Nitrkt
; rt rni,. T),, !
K,.,,m xi u rsi'm y's IaflT
'!'!. concert ?;in lar
vtiiiai; i
, . , '.i
!ali:l v.a-- ii ic oi the trrt ideas lit;!
, . . ... , , '
laii ical ei.teriaiumeiits t i:ai has een
. , . , .
-i't i:-re ;n a v.o.xi i. :;.!:" nio::!.! tit. i,:iri M.raiinu- ,,..rv.-
:-'a- o-..i o! cf d;: i t t fie ex f ei : :i t
v ork wi.ieh tiiev !iave d,,;.C in the
- '1 - - "!" "
The pn.Lritiii .as well feh-ct-.i
v ork wi.ieh tiiev have l;iO in U:e
d ( ir.lTaC -d a liiimlxr ( !' the lii-ii
i,',!:V , U-adM nmsi-h
' the world.
las yt;-nrtanl inc.'".) In.:i! the cia:-
; Tie Te.'.ad... "A u t u tn n Kct'iiitie ."
; a-- well as the more juzry seieciioj;.-.
: "Oh Slip ii Man"' and " The ;oyat
:maliond." rirew the a ;preciat ion of
1 he
u l:e::((- and i:i These hup. hers
the ham
iv. ed much skill in tin ir
!"!. sii'e of "Fr.1 n't.?-'
"CU ' ion .
!.ui!v. l.onr il" were s;s.i
I'ha-itm in the extreme to everyone
i:i the crowd which numbered vr
1 : j.t re are several young; u:
' ie::-: on.-. , - - 1 . - i : 1 - in t.ns et
are v .'ii'K-h i;: fa vc-r of an
v. ii o
a net
to compell the ch).-:'i.:.; up orj
' fll'.iii.v: o: ail ( Ul ii bando::-'! w.-iis
1 i.e of v!;:ei! well ni?h t-..n:- i..-.n-;
' the (ailse of tile downfall of i-n ..
! our it-iii; i i-v; , iciei yoan:: r.un a :--.v
: . en i:. li- ' nc.
It !'" fiat t h i.-i par: ictihir yo'.t.ii.-;
' ;t;. it1. !:a i vv ; ; h a t:;nit"'r of of
ti'e sport reekitis y -utiis been hit-a
to the scene of a.nh.n-which was '.
c a :
fit '
in 'i.e fori n
parti. u of the
and here t h- r:;r;ies enjoy -d
";'", then. stives to the utmost baskmu in ''l"!rs" 01 1 ,e cnann" oie .xenras
" s,n,s:,ine or rather moonshine of the ,.l.r,ver: 'vh'' v wou!d
1 f'-minife society which had h-en im
1 p.."e(i for t he oi'cas ioli .
t-iit !:-ti.' is v i:t re T.h p.o: thi.-i
whiie;hef.-ivi:i were at ti-,.:
: .vh. a.: t.,- in,; u-ioii. the ,f..,..
t-iit li Te is v lit f" Th- p.o: tin
: r
distant foots'eps liisnirbeft
ar.- 1
Th- mir.ioT.s- of ti.e law and
started t ret rea T . lia rt 1 r 111 c.ifer
! d i :(. ie::s. Tilt, "near victim" of t:-e
w.'.l wa-. a T t em pT i 1. s; to l'oliovv the
eoiirs- iiil- in iiv h is men'or w 11-11 h :
1 !
and discovered an di wen ami
; i: v:;s villi (i-fticui'v that !i" r.-u.iir.
ed safety and solid irround.
The worst of it was that tne e:s
turhinu iemant was n,.t the poih-
hltt Ol!" of The ('iti.-'.rns of tlie Coill-
n :!:! who was tio'r.u the Sherhe-'.;
Uali.os 0:1 t he lee s and their friends
a n;
t li
- this wns discovered'
me'l.hiT- ol the party n-Stini'1:!
1 :
t 1 V i ' les
1 l
term ina red onlv
wti.i pi, vir.K (hiwn that l-aoe the'n
frc-s of darhnt-- depart b. f. :-e t)c
' ir licht of day.
Louisville f-i.-nds of Mr. and Mrs.
. '. Frampton. of Lincoln. wiM be
j n t ei t 1 -.! to learn that t hey left Lin-
1 coin aho-t two weeks auo for a..
Charles Rockwell, of Valentine,
yr Rockwell spent his bovhood
,i.,..r. i ., T 1 1.-. ti :.. ...... n,
1 11.,. i.i i.iiuiv.lir. Ifrisoiltz
veteran engineers of the Hurlinptoii
':;n! f(,r --everal years lie and his w ife.
nave neen neveiofunp tnetr rancn. ii
is strictly Pioilrn and is beautifully
located with high hills at the rear
u.ul ; 1()Vt.jv vallt.v irl front with a
rjver n-)I far from "the door, to make
..(( p rt. (.on, iet e. Mrs. Rockwell
is Pit in club work in hcrorv of tl,e'aCed !adv that had b
COI,ntv :ind is Verv accomplished ' 0.. iP1i ... her l.-t lone- rest
y ,im hobbv is HtSowelf conduc
r;tm.h whk.h sl;e mana ju.r. ne'se'rvi'?es and p if rc m e te
f u,ui,vi,u. VourWr "s a V tn D eth So ShaU He L
tAs .a .:K'n , et 11 S' aU He.V,
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick St obi in an
are happy over the arrival of a fine
little ooy at u;e nome 01 tneir son-
i:i-iav anu (laupnter. .Air. ana Mrs.;';-1"- "' ' 1 1
Harry MC 'afferty. of Omaha. Thej " h hereaved members of the
youngster arrived last Sunday. July 'amily ann a.t tne concision 01 tne
?.. lfti'J. and Avas just in time to help ! 'ice t!le h'd 'as, orne to ta.k
i!ie :;imu c-eu-uraif ine Rinnous;
From Fridaveg i)any.
T ..of oroniri' i flrlo.rniirti, nf 1 1n
i...-.i uvKu.tiot .... no.
members of Hugh K earns posi drove
to the cemetery with scythes and
er. Harvey Heneper. "Tex" Wilson
and Johnnie Wichman.
From Friday' I'.afttv. j
! This e
! t )i is ciiy
evening Mrs. Tom Rates of i
departs for Minneapolis I
wiierc she wui enjoy si tew weeKs j
i iiiitnic am! rest at trie home ot her
sister. Mrs. Guy French. Miss Oct a
French, who is iVisitinsr at Omaha
v--ith relatives came down last even-
j iiiir and sj-nt a few hours here with
j her aunt. Mrs. Hft:es and aecompan
.. j ifri hr as far as Cljriaha on her journ
."!. and Mi.-s Fren'li will remain in
ihfc: cit v tor a more, extended vi
. . . , ,..
:efore returning to Minnesota.
nil. rn O. r!P Tfi nr
1 1 1 ft' ULUiiV I W UU hei-hho-
'the ve-t
j j !-uir.,ti(I
3Jur!h!rton is Having: Less Trouble
th the East Side of Mis-
SOUn Worl: Continues.
The condir ion the east side
f tlie Misso-iri river over in Mills
county, low a. yt etr" to he improving
;.s fur as the r-1 i-:at conTpany is
coitc- 1 red, a;' ;ht cuttiuR away of
t'ne river bank hts heert checked to
a vreat extent ;.pi! the resViIt i-' that
j ,h jinnu.jjIte danger to the track-
ii-e and other prf.pen y of the I'nr-iif-ion
has d "111 , nislied soniewhat.
lu'visi-.n S:ierintendenT N. Al-h--
is stii'. (.ti t'ue job h-iokinf: after
t he work i t different places alone,
the river am', is not re!axi.:i: his vig
ilance it; the :.-isH!f the iiattle w:th
'he waters of the f.;i Misso-iii.
A iarpe nt; in her u" Ita'ian labor-
! ers ha' e i.-e,i s ti' fr'uv Omah.a tr
i Pacific Juncl ior. r.n I pif ce! ' wa rk
on the rip rap aPd oti-er lines ot
-i'deavor to f'.i'cV .the carvir.p in of
t l.f river bank ;ieu ech day the
'Turiirii'o;: hits inrvie amounts of
supplies iii-it'.-d f'c'i! this citv ti
:-lv the wan is :' thf Tii.-n who are
at tii- river,
f t he w a. it iii '.: o
I f, .. ...It .-. lit. -i"r... ,,f llif
. . " ". ' , V . " .
I I . I 1 Ml. .;tJ. 13.'.. : ri run
t !i ;.it-a !:.'. -Ha :v a'hiit exf-nse
to tii.-t aire;- iv ii'curred in ii-.- Ions
hi:t be' wee::
a ; in-
:he Pn:
inerton iind the .:ovcrwr cnt to check
tiie cori.-tant AA'asHins away of the
Iowa hanks. Tin? only h-siical ain!
wV.a' would s?eni J: t least expensive
rai-tht .1 i:i t he 1..:; rv.Ti would be to
nave br-aK waters-!- :Fi mi' from the
Jowa shore that wou'd divert the
course of the channel to the Nehras
i.e apt to iio less camuiu:
liuuh Ke;:rns post of the American
1 uio:: of this city is to have a stand
of eo'.ors. consisting of a silk post
banner, lettered in uoid. b'af with the
nam ;i!i nuniber- of the post, am! a
ii'!. F. S. fhiu to match. Kach lire
frinued with i.and-kroited silk frinj:
ii!u. and carried from it-foot ash poles
.-ur.n 'iti::ed with N-irch solid brass
spread ea?'les. anei the outfit in eludes
v. a terproof cas -s. (nrryins; strap, etc..
The lo'al post is doubtless one of tne
,'irst in the state, outside of the state
department it-elf, to secure one of
thes- stands, as 'he cos; is close To
Sl.'.n. am', would have been prohihi-
tive in thi
iiistaiTce. hut for the
...i(.msiiv of r.porii. Cnis hii-Sfll
i a
member of the post, who donated
,lv, i,.im.r M-hich is .v faribe
most expensive id' the two. and costs
approximately $lt'b. a rush onler
has been placed for tie colors so
they may be used at the tuner. il ser
a ices of F.'.warti tiipple, whose body
Avii! arrive here fr;iu overseas around
the .'irs: of August.
One do::en bronze prave markers
have also Jeen ortlered anil will be
placed at the grave of each, war vet
eran buried in the local cemetery, as
well as at oLuisville. Fnion ami Mur
ray, where there are no posts to
look after the matter, exservice men
in 1 he-;? towns belonging to the post
From Saturday's- laily.
The funeral services, of the late
Mr Mary E. Jones was held yester
day afternoon at 2 o'clock from the
Christian church in this city and at
tended by a nuniber of the former
friends and acquaintances who paid
their tribute of respect to the mem-
text :
Again." holding out the assurance
that those who had died in the full-
inc. cuuse i.o .om u,.H '
ness ot a christian faith would live.
Mrs Hollowell and Mrs. Minnie
Picharkard sang a number of the old
f-" "
".,VI 7;
Tim fsmih- lot therp
Mr oiwl AIc Curl Hitler nonti oil-
and neice of the departed lady, and
with whom she has been living ac
companied the body from Lincoln
and remained for the funeral ser-
The best results are obtained lrom'tained vrv insanity by friends in j
4 .
the careiUlly wntien ad placed in
the printer S hands in time to nennit
0f artistic "set-up." Don't neglect
advertisinp- or rorrnnse it hur-
5?" a?eTOSin5 Compose It nur-
riedly if you would get the greatest
.value for the money you expend.
UltfiiV EOi f Li
From Frlnay's :"aiiy.
Some time duriim la-t ni.nh.t roh-
tiers made another descent on our
"eishhorins villap, of Greenwood, in
the v.e: t portion e.i ("ass coarty and
he business houses of that!
i.Yered as a ,v,,,l, of the
I . r"!'""rs u,( 'r e:1' ri''
:1!(1 the -xy.,ir comv-cnonary st,,re.
My forcing the rear entrances to the and therehy paininp access
to the main store rooms and the cash
registers were tapped for a small
amount of chatif-e which. howeCr.
it is staled did noT amount to a
great deal. and the loss will not
rea. h more than .at the highest
l.evre. An examination of the f toe Us
of -mods failed to disclose any other
articles taken by the visitors.
Sheriff C. Ih Quinton and County
Attorney- a. G. Cole were called there
at an early hour this mornins an!
spent the day in that city and vicin
ity, endea vorinsr to secure some trace
of the hurplsrs. who it is thouuht
were parties operating out of Lin
coln or Omaha and so far no trace
of the robbers ha- been secured by
the officers. The state agents from
Lincoln are also assisting in the case
and makintr. all possible efforts to
locate the culprits.
This is onlv on- of the n.anv
times that GrcMiwood has suflere,!
from the i fleets of visitations ,v
burglars and it seems that this is
one of the favorite sports for the
operation of the bandits as it is lo
cated in easy distance of Omaha and
Lincoln for a pood pet-awn v.
A. L. Marshall, of Weeping; Water.
Resident of U. S. for 53 Years
Alien in Si-rht of Law.
After forty-nine years residence
in "Weepinp Water and fifty-three
it: The Fnited States, our worthy
citizen. A. L. Marshall, had to take
two of our citizens. P. F. Cherry end
V.". O. Opdon. to tlie county seat last
wot-k to prove that he had been a
la w-abidinp citizen for the last live
years past.
Nov.. not to make this story look
quite so bad for one of our citizens
who has spent most of a half century
amonp us. we will state that a r.ew
rulinp passed has left Mr. Marshall
an alien in the sight of the law. on
account of a discrepancy in his fath
er's citizenship papers upon com in p
here from Knpland to establish his
honie. Inasmuch as Mr. .Marshall is 1 ternoon and will arrive in Minneap
to prove up on the homestead which jolis the next morning. This added
was held by his son. Harold I). Mar-! service will be greatly appreciated
shall, who sacrificed his life in along the Missouri Pacific and we are
France fighting for his country, the:
father Avill have to establish his citi
zenship under the new rulinp which
makes him an alien and also deprives
his wife of citizenship, although she
is a native-born American, but be
came an alien by marriage.
While, t hese facts are somewhat
annoying, it is hoped that ere long
both husband and wife will become
citizens of the Fnited States. Weep
ing Water Republican.
Prospects are pood for nearly a
dozen Plattsmouth young men at
tendinp the civilian training camp at
Fort Sncllinp during the month of
August. As the time of closing ap
plications drexv near a goodly num
ber of lads about town decided to
avail themselves of the opportunit y
of a month's outing at government
expense and last nipht the supply of
application blanks in the hands of
local Legion officials Avas exhausted.
'while today one or two drove to Fort
Crook to pet their bid in before the
I Parents could do nothing better
ithan let their boys attend such train
ing camps. 1 he work avhi be still
enoush to develop their bodies and 1
attfm5ant enou?h pl?3FUrP,
to make the month pass quickly. At.
Fort Snelling. Avhere the Nebraska!
lapplicants Avill he trained, there is
everv convenience, coupled xvith the
. nortnern atmosphere and a1
1 wjmmintr piaPe Among the
! ari icles it is requested the men take
iwixh thenu is the ever popular liath
: 1 Slllt
From Saturday's Laity.
Mrs. F. H. Dunbar and Mrs. J. S.
c I
Liinpston of this city were enter- !
tnnana vesternav i.-emp
- Hannv Hollow club
tnnana yesierciay oeuig nie puesis ai j
in company i
w ith Father and Mrs. V S Lepte
and Madame Leete at a dinner partv j
Siven b Mr- and Mrs- A- ('- Par'- '
The adjps were also enter-,
tained al luncheon bv the Leetc fatn-
ily at the St. -Ha ma has rectory.
Fr"m Friiiay's T'aity.
us! evening the niem liers of the
jvorkin. out at.d practiee l.y 'iiie:
; Saiidin and the members are siio-.v
iajr speed at-..! skill ::i ettiiif; tlieir
I fire fiffhtiiif: at-aratus into action that
j would do crd:t to a much more sea
soned organisation. The (ire truek
!xvit!l l!e members was taken out. on
to the avenues where tire mmt rs
were iiiven workout in coupling
and nozzel work and proved thai
I they are pestinp more seaoned in
their ability.
; H ILL IllfllXI. UUUU I fill
. , . . . . . , ,
I fl I M PK V h M H W
11111 nw 1 wiikii 1 v
tiT;tt;., c,u- u.., 11 ;
vv iiiiiiu tiliciiii iia v till; tiia
Building- Fixed Up and the
Second Storv Enlarged.
The store building of William
Sohmidlmanii which he occupies as -a
harness shop is iinderiroinR a series
of improvements which will make it
a much more modern building and I"1'" '-irl ''" "' !" "' 11 ' "
one which will prove a plea-inp ad-i '"" (il !':,r,-""
dition to the attractive business i i,ls'5 '-'tier, s mi bad it.-t :- t.
houses of the ci:v. alter that, a !: 1-h his hap-
One of the chanpes will he made iti-'"' ('"'htnu w r- s'lh.iii t li
the building is the addition of a fine1'"0"' he had occap-.d and had been
new front to the huildinp that will j hept by the hot, manau. metit :..
he modern in e'verv respect. The en-j:iWi1il "' r'1 lr '- '"
trance To the store will be made inj""J'.r disposition
the center with disph.v windows on J 'r- '"' m-'"o- a vry car.-tnl m
(ither side and in the rear of thej'l"''y "w-r ,!'" 1 : ' );: !l' h-.p.-s ot
east window will be The entrance wav securiiiu some ttac- .,: ih- niis-nin
to the s'airs to the second floor of'outi)- man and reinm-d home :hi.
the huildinp. The new front will be , morn in " 1: m- uci -e 1 n ; in hi- ef;,,ris
of glass and pressed brick and he! to local, or hid anv , n 1 . tin, 1 ...11 ot
made in the most modern style. i wher- he n.iht hav -ion.- on b ., v -
"f '
j w J he enlarged by an add
W1" add a larne niinibrr ol
The se-ond floor of the huildinp
ition that
rooms to
the present building: and this will be'lui that tio ir Lai- may 1- m.ioiiioi-
tnade into mi dern living: apartments : ed and. that the to m lew my- will
accordinp tf the present plan of tliejl-rin- some m-.-s.ive fr.-it; Farl or ;i
i;ivn?r. At the present time the se- : st at emen i as to hi- w h reab..iit that
cc-nd floor is unoccupied and th -
eh a 11 pes made will irive. Mr. Sfhmidt-
rnann amide opportunity to have
I portiDn.of the huildinp in use as it
I will make a most attractive jda -e t 1
On the rear of the lower pun ion
of the building a brick addition has
been made that will aid in the fa -
ciiities of the harness shop ami eive:may hav
more room for the workshop
Kailroad men in this city have
been informed that a new fast train
runninp from Minneapolis to New
Orleans will be put on in the near
future throuph this city running be
tween Minneapolis and Omaha on thej
Great AVestern tracks and from Om-,
aha to New Orleans over the Mis- j
souri Pacific tracks. This train w-i 1 1 j
run on a fast schedule and will main-!
tain an excellent service over t ! -
entire route. A train will leave Min
neapolis each evening petting into
Omaha about f o'clock anil into Au
burn about two hours later ami in
to New Orleans the next morninp.
The northbound train supposedly
will pass through this city iti the at'
hoping the officials Avill' carry out
their plan. Auburn Republican.
Blank Books at the Journal Office.
There is only one way by which greater
improvement and progress can be accomplish
ed. It is through co-operation working to
gether. The greatest good for all usually means
the greatest good for each individual. Hence
individual support to community betterment
plans is always desirable if not actually es
sential. We are working constantly for a bigger,
better and happier community. Let us all
work together. Thes facilities of this bank are
alwaj's at the service of the people of Platts
mouth and Cass county.
Tiie First national Bank
Earl R. Travis Left His Hotel in
Kansas Citv Morninsr of June
20th Not - Seen Since
The relatives in lhi it .!' Datl
m n, vi t.eme;- ,j i -trie; r..ini i-
p, hav ieeu .tr'j.-rini: .. teat.
,i,-al of anxiety to" the past few
,jHys ,,Vf.r uilirt te he t!;.- di-.-
. M I i.-:; r:. M .it L' ' " . . ' 1 1 ' t' :ft: ?" f" I . 1 1
'. u-Mk..,.,-.. i... ,:.-
! Z. ' ,:
,' . , .1..
, .
in e a , d t he t te feeetve a
1,1 .,11
111 vril i. . v ,1 . : III ii' .1 . - 1 ' .1 ' .ii 1 1
(worry nnd anxiety ai.d on 'l'ued:iv
. morttfnu Cui:::iv Attoriiev (".d--.
I brnt her-in-la w of the yoiinu man tall
ied the Oakley hoT.-l m Kan-as ;l.
! w here Mr. 'i'rav is ha I be. i: stai-ini;.
(learninc that he was not there and
'bad liol been seen f .r several davs.
j .Mr. ("ole de. ailed Ttif'-iiav toht
, for Kiil'sa- I'iti a: -! :: hi- arrival
! I here visited t he ho!
lot "I and lea me.;
1.1... . 1 1 .. .1 ... . .
! the iio-.i
The famtlv while fe.iinu r.atlv
- worried ov-r th" nati-r ..n- hop..
- may relieve them in their anxiety.
It has h-en several niol.ttis silic-
Mr. 'Iravis bit this citv and he w.t
for si :i.e time iit Mitrl.n Spr'iip-.
TeXi.s. lor his neail' . but of late has
been -t'lppiru :n ;:. a- City. and
his 'luidiu 1! 1 p.p. .1 1 i.e 'ith":i'
.in app.ifeiir reason ha- '! to 'a
fi'e -
.1! ..f :.;: r 'r;.i p." ha ps he
ii the v ie ; 1 ni of si line
foul play, but not It ing tietinite
so far been discovered that Would
verify that supposition and tn east
is one of my-t.-r to all of the fam
ily as well a.- the tr'-nds in 'his
F"rnm Friday's tmiiy
This motninu an action entitled
Arthur .1. Weideman vs. Sarah
Weidcma n was tiled in t h- ohic .,:
y Kohertson. clerk of the
ourt. in which the phiiatiff asks lor
a decree of divorce irotn the de
fendant on The
: rounds
C t'llel ! 1
anil al--o asks for the custody and
care if ii;- minor children of th
parties to th- suit The pi-ti'ion
slates that the parties to the action
w. re m;. t ried on S- j.t e.-ti her :'.. 1 !'.;.
at Council Pduff-. Iowa, and have
fiin-.' resided in Ca- - county.
We appreciate your co-operation
in helping; us to publish all the live
news of the community. Call No. G,
3 ring's.