The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, July 04, 1921, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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MONDAY, JULY ,4 1921
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Cbc plattsmoutb journal
Entered at fostolTlce, I'lattHniouth, Neb., as second-clans mall matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Everybody is
in favor of better
Middle names were illegal in En
gland 4 00 years ago.
Many a woman who is able to
swim is unable to p;et in.
At a Japanese auction people write
their bids on slips of paper.
It is said that only one man in a
hundred is physically perfect.
Pre: ideiit Harding saw "The Scar
ab Ring." starring Alice Joyce.
Alexander the Great was the first
man to have his portrait on a coin.
We must give credit for cool nights,
even if wo do have to put tip with
excruciatingly hot day.
They say a silencer for a' street
car has been invented. Hut they say
a lot of things these days.
After all. why worry? The mar
ket are filled with blackberries,
roasting ears, cantaloupes and water
melons. :o:
Now that the watermelon season
is at hand, we are not going to wor
ry so much about enforcement of the
Volstead act.
. ; o ; ,
Plan-mouth will celebrate this
year in a mild form, and everyone
will celebrate in the way that suits
them the best.
Yes. Herold. you are justified in
saying anything you please to the
nn.torist who splashes greasy niu '. on
your new I'alm neacn suit.
The world's oldest newspaper is the
Tsing-I'ao of China in England, the
I'ekin News which has been pub
lished regularly for nearly 1,100
j ears.
This auto game has us all going
to that when Gabriel toots his horn
It i; probable that nobody will pay
any attention to it except the pedes
trians. :o:
A scientist tells us that Egypt had
jiiy.z bands and honif brew ijOo years
prior to the Christian era. That is
n't much consolation for the Chris
tian era.
The merchant who expects to do
business every day in the week ought
to adverti-e every day in the week.
He can't afford to give a vacation to
hi; most valuable allv.
A young lady friend of ours says she
simply can't understand what Henip
sey and Carpenier have against
each other. Nothing at all. dearest.
They're merely partners in a half
million dollar pot, and will fight to
determine which gets the long end
of the roll.
"It don't take a man long to
bag his pants at the kneej.
and to make a finely tailored
ruif look thoroughly disrepu
table that's the man of it,"
avers Dainty Dorthy.
But he goes on to explain
that the man who is making
use of our cleaning, steaming
and pressing services is keep
ing his clothes in much more
presentable condition than
when be got acquainted with
us. And it doetn't co:;t much,
Goods Called for and Delivered
1 66
The end of nerfect day is a cool
: o :
Lake Superior is the largest lake
in the world.
A blackberry in the dish is worth
two on tho bush.
Congress can't talk peace without
getting into a fight.
Paul Kevere was the first Ameri
can bank note artist.
The eternal triangle:
and a little youngster.
Mother, dad
Tli is is the season of the year when
the housewife is busy with her can
ning. :o:
Every month nearly 1 .f.OO.OOO.OOO
telephone calls are made in the Uni
ted Stales.
The world's oldest university is the
Ashar university at Cairo, Egypt
founded in 9SS.
Pussyfoot Johnson s
to live until England
mu-it have discovered
ys he expects
goes dry. He
the secret of
denial life.
A negro preacher down in Georgia
the other day belongs to "Live and
never die" sect. He ha.s probably
(hanged his mind on the subject by
this time. He was killed.
Or, as Mr. Chesterton would put it.
the re-election of Mr. Goinpers as
President of the American Federa
tion of Labor was all the more a sur
prise because it was expected.
Congressman Paul Johnson's bill
offered in Congress to prohibit wom
en in Washington from smoking will
drive many of them into the habit
who never thought of it before.
The prohibition commisioner lift
ed all liquor restrictions for a period
of six days at Pueblo "as an emer
gency measure in combatting the
possible spread of disease in the flood
"A diplomat ought to have a well
developed sense of importance." says
a magazine writer. Tiiat geing t he
cast', the government ounht to pick
f-nly presidents of country banks for
our diplomatic posts.
There are some women in I'latts
mouth who drive their own automo
biles, and they never fail to arouse
our admiration when t'uy take the
middle of the road from a truck driv
er, and sometimes force hime to go
over in the ditch.
Members of the State board of
health, say that there is a shortage
oT physicians in the state, and point
to the small bach of licenses this year
as an example. Oh, well, what's the
difference? The doctors don't give us
precription for hootch, anyway.
j :o:
Judeing from the manner in which
he received it. tb public reprimand
for Admiral Sims didn't amount to
any more than a light slap un the
wrist. The limber-tongued seaman
jocularly remarked that he got what
was coming to him. and evidently
intends to let it go at that. It takes
something more than a reprimand to
hurt the feelings of a sailor.
:o: .
Reports show that of the French
military class of 1921 more than 7a
per cent consists of youths 20 years
of age who are fit for military ser
vice. This is a high percentage of
effectives, arid the increase is attri
buted to a decrease in the u,e of al
cohol, the improved living conditions
on farms, and the spread of eports
in France.
Mr. Ford recently issued volume II
of tho pamphlet: "The International
Jew." This pamphlet tries to prove
that California Jews, through the
Universal Film Corporation, controls
the intellectual life of the nation.
jThis, of course, postulates that the
nas intellectual processes of a higher
type than are required to adjust a
ready made bow tie.
Senator Harrison's speech arraign
ing the Republican party for failure
o keep its pledges is being warmly
praised by the press throughout the
nation. The Huffalo Evening Times
pays that it reminds one of the classic
days of American eloquence, "deliv
ered with the characteristic fire and
vigor of Southern oratory, admirable
in its presentation, and inexorable
in its logic."
Ship and Sail under
the Stars and Stripes
More than fifty freight
and passenger services un
der the Stars and Stripes
are ready for your use
1M the harbors of 6trange lands
where the Stars and Stripes
had become but a memory, they
are now found once more on
regular schedule time. The grand
sons of a generation dead and
pone have seen the return of the
Flag to all the seven seas.
Help to keep the Stars and
Stripes in its rightful place, all
over the world, by sailing anil
shipping on American owned
and operated ships.
"We cannot sell successfully,
said President Harding, "where
we do not carry." American ships
are now available. Be sure to
use thcui whenever possible.
Operators of Passenger
Admiral Line, 17 State Street, Kcv
urk. N. Y.
Matwn Navigation Company. 6
Jv. Oiy inrcet. Baltimore. Mil.
Munson Steam iShip Line, 62 Heaver
Street, New York, N. .
New York and Porto Rico S. S. Co.,
1 1 liroad iay. New York. N. Y.
Pacific Mail S. S. Co , 45 Broadway,
New orU, N. Y.
U. S. Mail S. S. C o., 45 Broad ay.
N'cw WW. N. Y.
Ward I. inc. (New York and Cuhn Mml
iv S. Co) lrot of Wall ucet.
New Yoik, N. Y.
Free use of
Shipping Hoard films
Use of Shipping RoarJ motion r'cture
film, four reels, free on request cf any
mavnr, pastor, posimtcr, or oruani
ration. A great r-:ctuie
of ship and the yea. Write for inform
ation toil. Laue. 1 )irettor Information
Bureau, Room 911, 1114 M-'" Street,
N. W., WdihinKtn, L). C
(To American eitisrms om!y)
Steel (teamen, both oil and coal
burners. Alto wood teamers. wont
hulls and ocean-foinit tu. Further
information obtained by request.
For sailings of passenger
and freight ships to all
patts of the world and all
other information, write
any of the above lines or
Autos For Sale.
One Herg and one Metz auto for
sale cheap, or will trade. What
have you to offer. Also one spring;
"rump" wagon. James I. Latta'
Murray phone. 4w
Although Journal want-ads coat
but little the results they bring are
rnderfiil. Try them.
muih: nr iu;iti;
To all poisons intTeMfil in thp ci
tato of Kmil KniKiT, l-r ax d :
on .In no jiOli ... I . 1!J1. the peti
tion of ll.-iman 1 1 il im.i n was in
1 1 - 'utility t'onrt of l "ass ciniiilv, N"
luaka, inayinir for a linal ileoreo and
d.ii'. of (itso.iit. aiol that tin- allo-i-'ations
of i.' p.-tilion ! found and
d'To'd to lo truo: for a dorri-o lar
rinir aims of i riditois: lor tl:- fiitt v
of a d I sidia rir of i ccoi d of I ho ad
ministrator: fin- ;i lindill il llrrP'O do
I i in i n i ii u Ilif h its at law and not
of kin of tho iliTi'iisiil and for a dt
iti'c of d si oiil and a do r o assitinintr
tho litlo In tho lands of whioli lhJ
ilii-i' dit-d sojzod. to the ln'irs ji t
law of tho d- oasoil for tlioir no aiol
l. n tit and thf nso and ln-n'tit of their
sun fssors in titl.
A liaiiii'c will ho hud on said peti
tion in said t'ounty t'ourt Ixforo the
County .Inde on the LV.t li da v of .Inly,
A. I . j:L'l, at It n'llork a. in.," a t w h n h
time eaiin- may he shown, if any. why
the (.layer of the said petitioner should
not l.e era Med. If no cause is shown,
the petition will tie taken to li true
and a decree entered accord i ntil v.
liated at T'la t tsmon t h, N'ehraska, on
June 1-ytli, A. I. ir.'l.
ai.m:n .1. HMKSO.V.
I'oiinlv ,Indi;e,
j:;o-2w. Attorney.
Acetylene Welding.'
I am prepared to do all
kinds of Acetylene Welding.
Charges reasonable and work
the best.
Located at John Iverson's
Blaksmith Shop,
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
on the Installment Plan!
Three pure bred Duroc pigs for
$75. A boar and two gilts, not re
lated, with pedigrees. $10 down and
$10 a month. Older gilts on the
same plan. For particulars write,
phone or call on
Albert Young,
From Thursday's raily.
Attorney O. K. Toft't of Weeping
Water was here today for a short
time attending to some matters in
the county court.
IXive Ltrann of near Manloy was
in the city today tor a few hours
attending to some matters of busi
ness at the court house.
Willard Clapp of Elmwood was a
visitor in the rity today for a few
hours looking after some matters
of business at the court house.
M. W. Hpahnle. one of the promi
nent residents of Kagle was in the
city today for a few hours, being
called to attend to a few matters of
business at the county seal.
(ieorge Horn and mother, Mrs.
Leonard Lorn, departed this morn
ing for Oakhind. Nebraska, where
they go to attend the golden wcil-
ling of Mr. and Mrs. llans Sandell.
old friends of tho Lorn family, which
is to be held there this week.
From Friday's lally.
County Commissioner Coorge L.
Farley and wife were among those
going to Omaha ibis morning, where
they will visit for the day with
L. 1). Iliutt came up this morning
from his home at Murray and tie
parted on the early Lurlington train
for Omaha, whi ro he was called on
some mat ters ol
w ho Iihs been is
Mr. and Mrs. John
for "a short t hue.
Miss Lena Ilirz
king her parents.
liirx and family.
departed yesterday for Kirksville.
" here she will resume her studies at
the Still hospital.
John H. Kiil;h;itn departed this
afternoon for Hello Fottrcho. South
Iakota. where lie will visit for a
short time in that city with his broth
er. H. L. ami family and
spend the heated period in the cool
ness of the Illack Hills.
Secretary of Treasury 0. K's Con
struction of Five Buildings to
House World War Vets
Washington. June "0. --Approval
by the treasury department of the
construction at .soldiers" homos of
live hospitals for tin- rare of .inner
service men suflering with tubercu
losis was announced today by Secre
tary Mellon. The new buildings
will cost $::, 1 on. tout and arc cxpect-
1 to be ready by .lanuary 1.
The Hat tie- Mountain sanaloriuni
;:t Hot Springs. S. 1).. will be equip
ped for 100 palienis. and the soldiers'
home at v-n w rt ii. Kansas. for
L"0. The other projects are to ge to
Milwaukee. Dayton and Marion, In !.,
and will have a capacity of Son men.
Secretary Mellon said that it would
be possible to establish t ighlien or i
nineteen large hospital projects out j
of the $ 1 S.f.on.enn provided by con
gress for hospitalization of the vet
erans, ami that by enlarging exist-
ing institutions as opposed to new j
construction, it probably would bo,
possible to provide li.stui additional
lieds. or at least 1,M0 more than was!
The number of nurses available
for the war veterans is still about L'i
per cent below the estimated neces
sary quota, but the statement said
there were now .'I.L'fHl persons, l."n
dentists, l..".no inmes and llT aides
and dieticians employed in caring
for the men.
Chamberlain's Colic and Diarrhoea
This remedy is certain to be need
ed in many homes before the sum
mer is over. I'.uy it now and be pre
pared. II is recognized ;is ;t tiio.-t
reliable remedy for bowel complaints
and may be chtnined at any drug
Blank Books at the Journal Office.
e State nf eliialia. I'.i.s eiMiti-
I v
In Ibft County I'linrt.
In tin; tiiattfr i.r I !ie e.:tile il' .l.nnl'
;i'llt ill. ieeea;:e.l.
the ei-eilitol ; I I" -;;iil estate:
'n ate heiele. not ilieii. Tlat I v i'
sit at tlie I'oiinty ('.met iietni in I'lall--iii'itli.
in sael iiiint. 1 1 1111.-1 I.
i:''l atel N' em In r I. l'.c.'l, at :i n'elneU
It. in. eaeli ilav. In r.eej. atel eaniin
all ilaims auainst said estate, with a
view li their ail.j ii l men t ami allew
anee. The tini" hmiteil fur ti e ni -
li I a t ii ! of elainis auaiiist .-ail es
tate is thlei ni'Milli- tii-ni the l.'t ilav
of Aiiu'nst. A. I IIL'I, ami ti e time
1 ittttT ! inr iani'iit (' t t f - i. ore
ear fioiii .'it ill 1st ilav of Aimu. t.
1 !i .: I .
Wilm s:; my hand and ti e : (Mi 1 i f
said fount v I'niiri, this Ttii tiav of
June, ir;.'l.
ai.m-:.' .r. i : i ;i ;.- x.
(S-ali .14-lv. foiinty .I;il.".e.
mi i in:
VI iMea.-'. li':;r Hi: 1 i it v.s. ( unvlflpil
in 'ass cu?it . on I he :.'fii i'.uy of
Fet.inai ,-, 1 II i,: (!:e eiinie ff in li-
der, til s ili'sic , ha.: made a njil i'-a t em
to tl'ie noaid of i',n ;l'iii: for a (niiiiiin
tatciii. iind tlie Ri.aid of I'linl'i::. , .nr
suant to I iw l ,i i- :,et the ifotir !' 10
o'clock a. m., on tl.e 1!th day r,f Jul,-.
19'Jl, for liearin:'; on raid a pjil :u ) i o:i.
all j.eis-oiis: interest. "I in- l.erehv n"li
tied tlial they ma.- apfiir at the Stato
I'en i f en t ia ry, nt l.ineoln, N'ehra. :i, oi
said day imd i.nur iind sl fiw eiu-e. if
iiri.i thcic lie, why said a p,ii i a I ion
should or she,;;.'; he irr.inled.
i. A.M.U-:i!l:V.
See-,. !:.einl of iirdoii5.
X. T. HAU.MfiN',
j 2 w C.'iiet M. I 'i oh. :fiecr.
iiMiini in' iii:iti(;
M Irlitiii for n ( loeii t
r iliiiiiiilritlor.
Tlie State of Nchraska, Cass coun
ty, ss.
In I lie fo'inty t'ourt.
In li e matter (,f the estate of Kllzu
lielh Itoulity, deceased.
I n reading and lilinir the iietition of
Xflli" ". Tucker prayiiivr that admin
.islration of said estate may he grant
ed to Jolm .. iou !ity as adm inist i a.
tor :
Ordered. That July fth. A. TX 10J1.
nt 10:0' o'clock a. m.. Is assigned, for
hearii-.t said petition, when ail per
sons interested in sa'.d matter mav ap
pear at a County Court to be held in
and for paid county, and show cause
whv the prayer of the petitioner should
not be granted; and that notice of the
M i m
lh. t r w t
l ft
30x3-a-inch Cord
l"M i ,1' - I 1.1 I i I i' I'l ;i Mi I I i : i ' ! ie;i ,' -
I i ! -1 i -1 l" hi : i ! i I't :i 1 i i i i'.-i i n
; i .' I i! i'i : ,i i. i't.-i t 1 1 i' I . iiit,iM
.i i'i. i :' I ' . i .Ii r i 1 1 I : ..- I "i ;i t s .
.In .1-.
r t: . '
1 1 1 1.
, i. .1 - ' 111 i - V. I k ! ' l,e.'.- -
i . .i .1 i i :i I . i'"f 1 1 . i
k . i'i i": I " mi i'l ilay el'
.i.i.;:.' .1. c.':i'..s v.
' ! I U I .iMiltre.
.' t .ii.:.
I'.itiil .line
isi:ti:it of hi:iiim;
hi I'i'liltiiti lor iioi ii f ilieii t iif
iliut itll rn I ir
The State ol elu a .- U.i. I. 'ass nulli
ty. l:i the t'oiii y I'uMll.
I the m .' ; ' -r . . ! i 1 , late of
Thi'Uius .1. M, I'nil-ii h. den a'-i u.
I'll ii-.i'iiiu a nd I liuir lie 1'ititii'u of
I ;. .M'l'ullo'h i i i r ; : V I hat iotiniiii-.
tialioit of .-ah! e-iaie may l.. rantid
I !.iu: -i If - . : :u i n i s I I a t t ;
indited. Tiiat .lulv A. I. II'.'I.
;'t 1" o elm I, a. in , is a- .-ium d l.u
! ' 1 I I !i : sii : . I j .i i i I i . i'i (. In ii .. ! . j'i'l .-''it.
i : 1 1 I s I e. ! in s: ; i I I ; la I ! l ' 1 1 a a I 'I - a
: t a t 'oi. n t '..:,i t I" 1 I ! id in and
1 -aid i en ii t y, aicl s' ''U i.ii;.-i- whv
lie' t: . I' ot I I'e " i ! e ll. r should
leu I'- e i.i .; i . ,: : and i:"' i f tlie
ji'-m'en'-.- i'i' -aii! f.i titimi aud i he l;.;ir
mu tiieii of he : i.. n to all 'i-isiui in
I'l'.tid : s.u I matter hy i-i h! is I . i n
Tr- '-t ia9
siaiiaaro m
With a daily ca
pacity of 16,000 tires and 20,000 tubes, this plant permits refined pro
duction on a quantity basis.
AH materials used are the best obtainable. The quality is uniform.
It is the best fabric tire ever offered to the car owner at any price.
nrestone Cord Tires
Tire repair men, who judge values best, class these tires as having the
sturdiest carcass made. Fort3--seven high-grade car manufacturers use
them as standard equipment. They are the quality choice of cord users.
a rnpy ef this order in the IMatts
1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 Journal, a sein i - week I y neus
I'.ioei 1'iiniid in said i mintv. for three
mii i'1-s.ivi weeks, u ior to said day of
hi a I i n K.
Hat.-, this Mh ilav of June, A. J .
1 :: I. J. i:i:i:s x.
fount' .hnki1.
JL'"l-:i. Attorney.
mitm i: i i iii nnoits
State ef Xehraska, fas.s toun-
1 y. : s.
Ill tin' t'ounty Court.
In Un' matter of the estate of Jus
tus l.illie, dec-eased.
To tin- creditors of said estate:
Vim are heri-liy notified. That I will
sit al tin- ('.unity I'vurt room in I'lalts
monlh in said eounlv, on July is. lll.'l,
and i. toiler 1 l;ejl. at 10 "o'clock a.
m. mi each day, to receive and ex
amine all claims aain.-t said est-ate.
with a view to their adjustment and
allowance. The time limited for the
presentation of rlaims auainst said
estate is three months from the IMh
day of July. A. I . l'.Ul. and the time
limited for payment of dehts is oko from siiid IMh day of July. i:jl.
Witmss my band and seal of paid
unity Court, this llth flav of June,
1 ! :' I .
method of cut"
motoring costs
Low grade oil, or oil of unsuitable body,
is the direct cause of fully ninety per
cent of all overhauling, repair and re
placement costs. It is also frequently
responsible for the low mileage many
an automobilist complains of and blames
on his gasoline.
Finding just the correct lubricating oil
for your engine will save you a lot of
expense and bother.
Polarinc is the highest quality motor oil you
can buy. Its stability under high engine heat
provides a fuel-tight and gas-tight seal in the
cylinders which insures maximum power and
mileage from gasoline. Its smooth, continuous
film protects bearings and engaging parts
against wear, vibration and breakage.
Polarine is made in four grades light, me
dium heavy, heavy and extra heavy but only
one quality. Get the proper grade for your
car next time you buy clean-burning Red
Crovn Gasoline and you will start cutting
down motoring costs.
mmmw Jin ilMHia i
i i
on-Skid Tire
TI i Is new low price
is made possible
by strictest econ
omies and special
ized production.
Plant No. 2 was
erected for the sole
purpose of making
30x33 -inch Non
Skid fabric tires.
Price $24.50
.i.m:. j. Ti :i:.' x.
t Sea I ) jli-4w. Count .lude.
ohiii it of iii:kim;
"oi IVliliou for iiiiiiliin'iit
ai il mi nisi rn t or
The State of -'i luaska, Cass coun
ty, ss.
In the Cou ii t y I 'i m it .
Ill the matter of tl.e estate of Kllen
J. Smith, il. , c:e . ,1.
n leading: and lilin-. the petition of
The rial tsuiout h State Hank praying
that a' I in i n is 1 1 a I ion of said estate may
he i;iante, frank Cloidt, as ,-i.lniln'-
ist i a lor;
Order..-1. That July tilth, A. 1 . 1HJ1.
at 1" o'clock a. m.. i" ,'issi.;ii"l tor
hcaiinii said petition, when all persons
interested in said matter may appear
at a County Court to he held in and
for said count', and show cause why
the praver of petitioner should not he
: ra n I ed : ami that notice of the pen
dency of said petition and Ihe hear
ing thereof be given to all persons
interested in said matter Ly
itiar a copy of this order in tin- Clatts
moiitli .1 1 1 1 1 n a i . ;i scmi-wo kl'. news
paper printed, in said county tor three
successive weeks prior to .-aid day of
bea ring.
Mated June L1 . . f'.'l.
AI.I-I'X J. 1 : 1 : !-:: t.
iS-all jJV-.'Iw fount..- Jude.
f3 n h ra
- -j