The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, June 20, 1921, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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    MONDAY, JUNE 20. 1021
-Vt.A aT-V-W .
'. l ------ .
0 fctsy
1 have never seen her play so happily
"She always used to complain after a little while. But
since she has been wearing those Hood sandals, she romps
and plays from morning till night, and never seems to tire.
I can hardly get her to wear anything else."
Rest the growing young feet from their confinement in
stiff containers. Buy Hood Cross-Strap Sandals. Brown
duck uppers, with white binding and white lining. Dainty,,
attractive little shoes that wear quite as well as they look.
vThc extra wear come from the patented Hood Process.
cAs k any dealer or write us.
Hood Rubber Products Co., Inc.
WatertDwn, Massachusetts.
1 l a
Here is a smart summer shoe,
light and graceful as a canvjs
shoe can be. A tr:m,.woll-ftt:inft
shoe that holds its shape, easy to
clean, wears welland is unusually
comfortable. For afternoon or
evening wear. Saves the more
expensive leather shoes, too.
EDEN White Otford
I lore is a stylish, comfortable
and durable shoe designed es
pecially for the informal after
noon call, for shopping or for
the "Movies" in the evening.
Vi'ill retain their smart lines and
are quickly cleaned. Hood Can
vas Shoes arc useful, restful, at
tractive, and economical.
Berlin. June- 17. Germany's irau
Hindenl.urg. w hich during the war j
was to epitomize the German spirit,
has gone the v;iy of tile rest of war
time German things.
An advertisement in the Berlin pa
pers announces the demise simply:
"For sale, in whole or in parts,
for tin wood. Apply. Kudnlph Mosse
Berlin. V. t. Leipziger street. 10J.'
The gigantic statue a wooden
Ilnidtiiburg was erected during the
war at the end ol' Berlin's Avenue
of Victory.
It was o be covered with nails,
driven one 1 y one hy patriotic Ger
mans, who. for the privilege of put
ting a bit more iron into the
marshall. were to pay a small contri
bution to German war charities.
Tin idea flivvered. Long before tin
war et'.d.'d what was at first a popu
lar pilgrimage ha dtired Berliners,
and the statue remained, its wood
work rotting in huge uncovered
patches and its scattered rasii of nail
About a year ago. the statue, al
ways an eyesore, was removed. Xo
one was sufficiently interested to ask
about it. Its fate was not known
until Ilerr Mosse inserted his ad.
Why That Headache
When you know the cause of a
dbea.-e a cure may often be effected.
TIm's is nart icularl v true of headache.
Headache of ion. results from con
stipation or a disordered condition
of the stomach, which may be cor
rected bv taking a dose or two of
Chamberlain's Tablets. Try it. These
tablets are easy to taue anu iniiu
and gentle in effect.
F.eed & Wicker porch furniture,
just arrived at Ghrist k Christ Fur
niture Store.
on the Installment Plan!
Three pure bred Euroc pigs for
$75. A boar and two gilts, not re
lated, with pedigrees. $10 down and
$10 a month. Older gilts on the
same plan. For particulars write,
phone or call on
Albert Young,
- - w.
Gladdest Qxt
Vacation Time
is here! To you who are going in America's
great out-of-doors - you'll need good luggage,
you'll find here anything you need in the
way of suit cases and bags from fiber at $3
to $20 in the best of leather.
We can fit you out with dress up and rough
ing togs too.
Lets go "Burlington Route" and Thierolf's
HaTlf a man wears itwc have it!
Rudolph Bergman and W. J llau
were looking after some business
in Omaha last Friday, maning the
trip in his car I
Theo. Harms and . J. Itau were
looking after some business mat
ters in Louisville' last Tuesday, driv
ing over in their car.
Dan Uourke, who is an admirer ot
a good ball game, was a witness at
the game which Manley played with
Springfield last Sunday.
Heiman Da 11 lias ujst completed
the overhauling of the auto of Mr.
Herman Maun, which he has placed
in excellent condition.
Last Friday. Mr. Adolph Stein
kamp was a visitor at Shenandoah.
Ia., driving over in his car to look
after some business matters.
Miss Vera Gerlich, who has been
attending school at Omaha for the
past year, completed the school year
last week and returned to her home
in Manley.
Mrs. James Murphy, who has been
at a hospital in Omaha for the past
three weeks, where she has been re
ceiving treatment. returned home
lat Wednesday evening.
At the local grounds last Sunday
there was a spirited game between
the Manley second team and the
"Dutch Academy" team in which the
homo team won by a score of ten to
Key Warren departed last Sunday
evening for Omaha, where he will
make his home, having decided that
ho would like the metropolis better
than Manley, and so has changed
his residence.
Wm. Stackisky of the K. W. Thim
gan garage, was a visitor in Manley
a week ago last Sunday, cominsr over
to assis: in some work on "White
Wings", which is the car the Journal
many drives.
Henry O'Leary. who has bee,n at
tending school at St. Mary's. Kan
sas, for the past year, on the com
pletion of his school year last week
returned to his home near Manley.
Henry is looking fine, and has liked
st hool.
more than the weekly papers over
the state and contains three times
the amount of news. Have it visit
your home twice weekly and be con
W. II. - Frost and A. II. Humble
were attending the ball game be
tween Manley and Springfield at the
latter place last Sunday and were
well pleased with the results of the
contest which wa--; in favor of Man
ley, who registered to their credit
14 scores to only 1-') for the Spring
field team.
Theo. Harms and Edward Kelly
were visiting in Louisville one day
last week, gi-hig to see the try out
of Andy Schmader in his training
for the big event, which occurs to
day at Omaha and which is attract
ing much attention and in which the
Louisville boy is believed to be a
sure winner. m
W. J. Itau. the cashier of the
Manley bank, was a visitor in Oma
ha for the day last Thursday, go
ing via Murrav, where he picked up
his friend. W. G. Koedeker of the
Murray State Hank, they going via
IMattsmouth. where they had some
business matters to look after, and
from there to Omaha.
Mis Hazel York, who has been
visiting in Mnnley for the past two
weeks, the euets at the home ot ner
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar York,
and at the home of her sister. Mrs.
Herbert. 1 hacker, returned last soin-
day to Plat tsmeuth where she is em
ployed. She was accompanied by
!ht mother. Mrs. York, her sister.
Mr?.. I'M-bert Tliac:1 and her b'-jt':-l
Gb-ii York, who ".-ifod t r the
dav in the countv seat, returning
In me in the evening.
Gocd Cow For Sale.
Holstein cow, giving four gallons
of milk. John Fleischman.
Get a Good Milk Cow.
See John Fleischman if you want
to buy a good Holstein cow giving
lour gallons ot milk daily.
I5ert Mason, who has been making
his abiding place between Weeping
Water and Manley, and '-ho lias been
employed on the Missouri Pacific,
re-signed his position and departed
f r Weeping Water where he will
make his home in the future.
H. D. Richardson .Hid family and
irue'sts. Mr. and Mrs. K. X. Kichard
son of Kan-as City and Miss Thomp
son, of Omaha, who were camping
and fishing at Meadow, reached home
late Thursday ninht on account of
high water in the Platte river.
Je.-se Prown. the carpenter and
contractor of Plattsmout h, was a
visitor in Manley and near here for
a short time last week, being the
guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Bergman. where lie has
worked during the recent years.
Mrs. A. SteinkMiio departed last
Thursday for Mynard. where she is
to spend some time at the home of
her mother, Mrs. Nancy Goodman
of that, place, and will also visit
for a time at the home of her broth
er Ft. F. Cloodman, also near My
na rd.
If you want a paper with all the
;s county news tiie Semi-Weekly
Journal is that paper. Costs no
Will Play ? Hard Gimc.
Manley, who has not as yet this
season been defeated in a ball game.
played on the home grounds yester
day with the team from Wabash
ami expected to win out in the game
The game which thev are looking for
with much expectations and hope
of being successful is the game which
is to be staged at IMattsmouth with
"Barclay's Colts" on the 2Cth of this
ninth. With the excellence which
Manley has now at her command, it
looks like the "Barclay Colts" would
have to play some very good ball to
give the honor of the game to the
team from the center of the county.
b to it boys and may the best team
Tanlac Elements Come from Many
Lands Far Away from Here
Popularity Growing.
The incredients fremi which the
celebrated medicine Tanlac is made,
come from remote sections of the
earth, and are transported thousands
of miles over land and sea to the
great Tanlac laboratories at Dayton,
Ohio, and Walkerville, Canada.
The Alps, Appenines, Pyrenees,
Russian-Asia, Brazil. West Indies,
Rocky Mountains, Asia Minor, Per
sia. India, Mexico, Columbia and
I'prn are amoiisr the far away points
from which the principal properties
of this remarkable preparation are
what is said to be the largest
pharmaceutical laboratory in the
United States has been compieteu ai
na v ton. Ohio, for the manufacture
of Tanlac which, according to recent
reports, -is now having the largest
alo of anv medicine of its kind in
the world; over 20,000,000 bottles
having been sold in six years.
The new plant occupies GO, 000
square feet of fleior space, and has a
daily capacity of 50,000 bottles, uni
form oualitv is guaranteed by a ser
ies of careful inspections by expert
chemists from the time the roots,
herbs, bark and flowers are received
in their rough state from all parts
of the globe until their medicinal
properties have been extracted by
the most approved processes. The
finished medicine is then ooitieu,
labeled and shipped out to tens of
thousands of druggists throughout
the I'nited States and Canada to
supply a demand never before equal
led by this, or any other medicine
Excellent Milk Cow For Sale
Giving four gallons of milk, Hol
stein. John Fleischman.
Returnr; From tlie South.
Last Wednesday evening having
been away for just one week, Omar
Coon and son Rollin. and Fudge
SnavcWy returned from their trip to
Io'a. Kansas, where they were look
ing after some land matters and re
p. rt the country looking fine with
U( od crops, 1 ut that they encoun
'::ed much rain as they were com
pelled to travel for 175 miles in mud
making the trip down.
Gcod Holstcir Cow
(living four gallons of milk, for
s;i'.c. John Fleischman.
You will need it in a few weeks now, and to be
supplied with the best when you have to have it is
worth while.
We carry "INTERNATIONAL" twine the best
made. Once ysu try it you'll never use any other.
See us now and be ready for the harvest.
Don't forget we carr3' a full line of farming ma
chinery and can supply your wants.
Manley, Nebraska
Chamberlain's Colic and Diarrhoea
Every family should keep this
preparation at hand ready for in
stant use when needed. Severe at
tacks of colic and cholera morbus
often prove fatal before medicine
can b procured or a physician sum
moned. The uniform success that
has attended the use of this remedy
and the prompt cures which it has
effected have made it a staple ar
ticle of trade.
This morning our genial friend,
Mike Lutz. came into the Journal
office with a couple of mighty fine
cantcloupes. that were sent to him
by Mrs. E. M. Sieglitz. of Calexico.
Calif., and vere grown on taeir' place
out there. Mrs. Sieglitz sent Mr.
and Mrs. Lutz a case of these excel
lent mellons. with the request that
they remember a number of their
friends back at the old home with a
sample, and the Journal man was
fortunate in being among the num
ber that wero remembered. Mr.
and Mrs. Sieglitz have resided in
California for a number of years,
and are doing well in the growing
of fruits.
Come in and see the new parlor
suite among the many other goods.
Just, arrived yesterday at the Christ
& Christ Furniture Store.
Two high grade Red Tolled bulls
for sale. C. C. Barnard, Mynard,
Neb., telephone 4022.
Autos For Sale.
"One Berg and one Metz auto for
sale cheap, or will trade. What
have you to offer. Also one spring
"Fump" wagon. James P. Latta
Murras' phone. 4w.
General Pershing to Succeed Him
as Chief of Staff of the
Washington, June 17. Major Gen
eral I'evton C. March, chief of staff
of the arniv. will retire from ac
five service on November 1. He will
be succeeded by General Pershin; on
July 1 and will go on leave at that
t me until his rei'rc-nient takis ef
feet. Secretary Weeks announced tc
General March will go to Europe
after h:s i tirement, it is understood
to write on military subject sinvolved
in the world war. His leuuesi ior re
tirement was math iiv letter to Sec
retary Weeks. June !4, and approved
todav. On that div General March
concluded thirty-seven years service
in the armv, seven more than is nec
essarv under the law allowing otneers
to retire from active service.
"I can not sever my active connec
tion with the war department." th.
general wrote Secreturv Weeks
"without expressing my appreciation
of the unfailing consideration you
have accorded nio personally; and in
the performance of my duties as chief
of staff, you have given me constant
support. I wish and predict the
greatest success for your administra
tion of the affairs cf the war depart
In replv. Secretary Weeks said:
"I regret that you have decided to
take this action because I am well
aware ef your value to the service. I
appreciate fully the very important
results you have been able to accom
"I especially wish to mention your
success in directing the transporta
tion of troops to Europe during the
war. which was a service of great
magnitude and in which you accom
plished really remarkable results."
General Marsh was chief of artil
lery in France when the decision of
President Wilson to assign General
Gliss, then ehief-of-staff. to the su
premo war council, necessitated se
lection of his successor. General
March was recalled to fill the post
at the time when movement of Amer
ican troops to France was in its ini
tial stages. It was under his di
rection that troop movements were
speeded up sharply only to be vir
tually doubled in speed later after
thri last great German offensive
brought matters on the battle front
lo a crisis.
Two girls for general work,
ply at the Perkins Hotel.
Poultry Wanted!
A car load of live poultry to be de
livered at poultry car near Burling
ton freight house on Thursday, June
23rd, one day only, for which we
will pay the following prices in cash:
Hen, per lb. 20c
Springs, per lb. 27c
Old Roosters, per lb. 7c
Remember the date. We will be
on hand rain or shine and take all
good poultry offered for sale.
Start for
MnEdisons $11
Accepting our 3 day offer. Mr.
Edison wants a phrase which will
distinguish the New Edison from
the ordinary talking-machine. Get
it by experimenting with the New
Edison in your own home! We
will lend you an instrument for
three days. No charge or obliga
tion. Act quickly. Bring or mail
Vi mnnon. The couoon also
brings you a folder of complete in
formation about ivir.
$10,000 prize offer.
00 I
' V O V . V?
v r
Decline of 4.8 Per Cent During May
While Wholesale Figure Slides
Five Per Cent.
Washington, June 17. Retail food
prices of the average family declined
4.S per cent in May as compared with
April while wholesale food prices
dropped 5 'i per cent in the same
period, according to statistics made
public today by the department of
labor. General wholesale prices, in
cluding farm products, food, build
ing materials, metals, house furnish
ings and miscellaneous commodities
declined approximately 2 per cent
during the month.
The average family expenditure for
food decreased from April 15, 1921
to May 15, 1921, in all of the cities
The greatest decrease, S per cent,
was shown in Milwaukee and St.
Paul. In Denver, the increase was
7 per cent. In Omaha and Portland,
Oregon, the decrease was 6 per cent.
In Hutte, Kansas City, Salt I-ake City
and Seattle the decrease was 5 per
cent. In San Francisco the decrease
was 3 per cent and in los Angeles
the decrease was 2 per cent.
The decline from the peak prices
of May, 1919, amounted to 33 per
cent in retail food prices and 4 4 Vz
per cent in general wholesale prices.
The drop in wholesale prices includes
a 53 per cent decline in manufac
tured food products and a 52 per cent
reduction in the prices of farm pro
ducts, the statement said.
From April 15 to May 15 the re
tail price of butter declined 2 4 per
cent; cheese, 16 per cent; sugar, 13
per cent; lard, 9 per cent; pork chops
and oleomargarine, 5 per cent. Small
er reductions were noted for many
other commodities. Retail prices of
three articles which increased dur
ing the month were onions, 4 4 per
cent; cabbage, 10 per cent and or
anges, 5 per cent.
Wholesale prices of farm product:,
reacted from the low level reached
in April, the statement said, with a
pain of 1 ner cent. With the ex
ception of metal and metal products
prices of which have remained me
same for two months, there was a
decline in all wholesale prices, food
products leading.
Given by a Plattsmouth
Doan's Kidney Pills were
they brought benefit.
The story was told to Plattt nioiif b
residents. '
Time has strengthened the evi
dence. Has proven the result lasting.
The testimony is home testimony
The proof convincing.
It can be investigated L7 IMatts
mouth residents.
Mrs. S. j. Cot ner. Marble street,
gave the following statement Febru
ary 23. 101 fi: "I am glad to recom
mend Doan's Kidney Pills Tor I know
from personal experience they are a
remedy of merit. I have taken I loan's,
on several occasions for backache
and kidney trouble and they have al
ways done me good. Doan's Iwive
been used in our family for a long
time and the results have been very
On May 13. 1920. Mrs. Cot ner
said: "The cure Doan's Kidney Pills
made for me a few years auo
lasted. I still have good f.iilh i i
Doan's and am glad to recommend
them to my friends."
Price c, at all dealers. Don't'
simply ask for a kidney remedy get.
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mrs. Cottier had. Fnstcr-Milburn
Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, X. V.
Our large white Scotch Collie
"Dan" has wandered away. Wean
willing to pay a good reward for
his return. Address. A. II. Humble.
Missouri Pacific agent, Manley. Ne
braska. 2t sw.
Sa mpson be
ov e d in odver
tisinpr. Ho tock
two columB and
brought down
the house."
At Last
an athletic union suit that
won't tear in the back.
See That Loop?
It s a little thing just a simple idea, but it marks the
difference between an ordinary
union suit and this patented
R., i-fi-1 tpei tkfcf lininn silits-"
will outwear three ordinary suits. They don't cost
any more than the kind that tears out. Prices
$1.25 and $1.:
C. E. Wescott's Sons