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That Interest Everyone!
What are the greatest assets cf every
community? They are the children of
the community.
There is but one way to make the most
of these assets and that is by education.
Keep them in school .and start their
economic education by opening an ac
count for them in this bank. Teach them
to save and they will have the principal
element of success ingrained in them.
We welcome Children's accounts.
ank of
progressive farmers in C''as county
shipped a car of rattle from his feed
yards last Monday fj the Smith Oma
ha market.
Mrs. H. L. Swanson and little
babe were vi.-'itins; for a number of
days at the heme of Mr. Swan sou's
.-ister. Mrs. (.'. A. Cook and family
of Palis Ci.y.
The ladies ai i society of the Meth
odist chur-h :.m this week on Wed
nesday afternoon at the home of Mr -.
L. C. Todd and tnjoed the season
very greatly.
Attorney ('. L. firavs and I). V.'.
Foster were driven to .Murray last
Monday afternoon, where They had
some business matter- to look al'tiT
for a short time.
Th Rev. ami Mrs. W. A. Taylor
and Mr-. John Lidi:-tt were vNitin-.
with friends and lookintr after s-um'
bu-dn"-s matters in Nebraska City
la.-t Friday, driving over in : :i :.v c.:r.
At the meet inn of the- ladies aid
of the U.intisT ch.ireh la-? Wednes
day, at the ;i-iri n;isc Mr. LcRoy
Milbr served lea for tile Ltd;.:'
l-reRariju" both the cake and tea him-
- J. F. M-' '.-irrell and family drove
To Hiimbura. Ia.. la-t Sunday, where
I ii ( y vi-ited for the day with r iu
i.Hi and returred honi" in the v -
James McVey of near Nehawku. 1
was a visitor in Union looking after ;
tome business matters last Monday.
Lemuel Barritt, who ha; leen at
tending the state university for the
past year, returned home for the
Frank Kesnik of Nehawka. the
realtor, was in Fnion last Monday,
looking after some bu.-itn ss matters,
for the day.
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Merritt were
visiting and looking after some busi
ness matters in Plattsmouth last Fri
day for a short time.
Carl Frans and Hllis Laliu;, who
are working at the barber business
in Omaha. vwre down t. Fnion last
week visiting friends.
Mrs. Carl Ni-kles and little son
were passengers last .Monday for
Omaha, where lliey were viitini--with
friends for the day.
(' iiiily Commissioner C. F. Hatri
r ported much damage .l.uie by the
lit ivy rains whb ii washed the
.-'reel road very badly h-.-t week.
Among the other vamos of ba'.i
palved was one at Fnion between
Ktik l'.lulTs and Seiot a. in whieli it
is not as yet determined which v.t.n.
Charles (larri 'n. o:ie of the mu-t
ning. They
visit greaMv.
Tin- la die
njorcd the trip and tin-
aid of til
Fap-i t
church at their lat meeting have
ei 1 1 -1 titled in pain? the parsonage and
we are locking in the near future
to see the !uiM of t ; - pa..tor and
his wife nicely decora ' ed.
The patronage of the in. vies in
I'niib; has been :, p or recently that
Mr. 11. K. Moore, who ha--, been I ok
ing after the shows, says that there
will not lie any more pictures screen
ed until the return of odd vveath.r.
Mr. N. Klaurvns and daughter.
,1'hn Fran--., were pa -veneer:
Battery Service Station!
I am prepared to look after your battery wants,
in the way of recharging, repairing and furnishing of
needed parts, as well as providing )ou with new bat
teries. All work has my personal care and will he given
the minutest attention.
last Saturday for Ibnaha. where they
went t,. vNit Mrs. Klaurens at the
ho-p'tal. where she is rec ;v ii n ;c af
ter having underg. Tie an operation.
With the departure of Mi's. Jen
nie Lei da!! from 1'ni.iti. g; imr ti
! -s Moine to in .. k.r home, siit
is di.-po-dn-r of !:! lo;is hold v.'- -atid
ha-; r- iit'd !u r home t i Mr. .-in. I
M--. Fred i'.ono. who w ill re -id
i here.
J. L Kohly. who i- locate.! ir
imiaha, where he K doim; a real es
tate ho-o ae. was a visitor in i'n
ion Ja-t Mnolav v. 1m re he wa-' vi-i;-ing
'lie family ami a'-o loRifg af
1- r :.!( busiaevs jj::i iters in ar.d ne.u
M :s Marv I'.ecker v. as a v
Pl.itt-mouih la-i Ti;.-d.i
si'i':! of her aiii:T. Mr-, M
lisnn. as well as . t ! n'i i n i;
ciit-n if tb. iirano l.'il"1
. iter
and :
the. IV
e I I II
Cash Tells the Story?
Say, you who have been going to other towns to
make purchases, did you know that people from other
towns are coming to our store, because they can get bet
ter goods for lower prices, than in their own town.
Come and get the prices and you will see we can
serve you better than you ever dreamed of.
Shoes? Why we can beat them all in prices and
quality. A large consignment just arrived. See them.
Four cakes Crystal White Soap for 25c.
I larness which sold for $100, now are down to $60.
Our business is increasing all the time on account of
the low prices and good goods we are selling.
The danger of epidemics arc greatly lessened when
you shut the fly out of your home. Protect your health
by using screens.
f ly time is here do not delay to get those new
screen doors and windows and put 'em up.
Give us the size of your openings and we can
order any size and any number of screens you may
need. Screen doors in stock.
Haying time is here and time for a new hay shed.
Come in and get estimates and prices.
We appreciate your patronage.
Frans Bros'. Lumber Co.,
foTi-- W'l'i
ty seat.
Miss Anie M.-i Carroll, who was th
teacher ai the school at Sy e to
tile pas? year departed last Mon lu
riftr:i.on for Peru, ' -he w i li
attend the summer sch-'oi. making
hej.-elf Tuoi'i- e'heien' as an iiislt t;: ; r
in the school.
Mr.--. John 11. Pier.-on of Auburn
who ha been visiting at iii" bom" .;
her mother, .Mk M. IV AlU-ui a'
Pint i .-niout h. and accompanied by io
mother Were the S-IOtS at the holl!.
f the brother ()f Mrs. Allison. M r
A. I.. Petd-er of I'nbn.
At tiie nutting at the Hap'i-?
-hnri'h !a.-t Sunday evirCtiLT. som.
Very beautiful mu.-i'- was furni-hci!
when a Mr. Keet.i- with the violin
Mr. I.ePov Miller with the Xvb j '
and Mi-s llivi- I.aKue and Ivih
Frans presided at i:o piano.
Mrs. c. V. Clark an. I Mrs. Ve.ta
Clark departed a f-w itays
Fuiprise. where they are visiting f.:
a sliort ime wiih relailve-. an.'
"friends. liming tln ir absence. Mi-1-Oia
Clark and Miss Iaiiriu- Cris
wold are Poking after tio- hott-l.
C. I). St. John, the Nehawka mil
ler, and by the way wiio is making
some excellent Hour. a::d Frank Mc
Connell. the truck driver, who due.
a general trucking br.-incss, wer
in I'n ion last Monday morning look
ing after s me business matters for
a short time.
.Mr. leKoy Miller son of the Kev.
and Mrs. A. Miller, was a visitor a'
the parsonage last week and togethtr
with his father want to Lincoln
where they enjoyed a banquet and
conference given by the Wearever.
Alluminum company far which Le
Itoy is working.
Mrs. F. S. who has been
visiting in Omaha for a short i inu
re turned h me last week after hav
ing had an excellent time, and was
much surprised as the evidence of
he prosperity of former friends there
: 'ley ; 11 having very expensive auto
mobiles. Miss Or a Clark, who ha been at,
r! tiding the state university, and in
; he departinnt of music, at. the con
i lu.-.ion of the school year returned
home last week and was aceonipan
Ted by her friend. Miss Lahrue (!ris-
vold. who is spending some time al
he Clark home in Union.
li. W .Pitman'and family of York,
where they are making their home,
drove to Fnion last Stinday and vis
ited at the home of W. H. Porter
and also were accompanied by Mrs.
A. L. Carper and children of . Ne
hawka. They also visited at Platts
mouth for a short time on Monday.
1). V. Lynde of Dallas. Tex., who
has been confined for some time to
his bed with typhoid tever, is so far
recovered that he was able to come
home for a visit and will remain for
some time in order to recuperate his
lost strength. He fs visiting at the
home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs
M. Lynde.
Clarence Dukes and John Heike
were looking after some business
matters in Omaha last week, when
they drove the Pabu cur of Mr.
Koike to that place for sale. Thev
did not sell the car that day. but the i
party with whom thye were negotiat
ing came the following day and made
the purchase.
Durvvood Lynde. the carrier of the
luail on one of the rural routes, is
taking- his fifteen day vo.atiju and
tae business of the route : being
looked after by John Erwin during
the time Mr. Lynde is off d.ity. Mr.
Lynde departed today for a vHit of
several days at Kansas City, where
ho will spend the time vi::i rela
tives. D. W. Foster was loo-king after
some business matters in Plattsmouth
last Saturday and was also in at
tendance at the meeting of the Orand
Army of the Republic, of winch tie
is a member. Lvery year the 'lum
ber w iio iii e members of this grand
c i ganizat ion grow les in liumbers
and our reverance for rh "! increases
with each succeeding year.
Mr. Geo. John-oil of Iii!rvII, who
came down last week to return with
his daughter ?.!iss Sara!:, wiio has
I t en attending school here and mak
ing lo r home with the gr..-.-;
.Mrs. Catherine Grille, af: e;
crowded as r ear the windows as they
could in order to hear. Rev. Tay
lor was the leader of the meetings,'
which were also attended by some
from town. Among those who at
tended from Union were Frank '
Bauer and Xels Martin, who vouch
for the enthusiasm and interest man
ifested, and for the excellent meet
ings T.'hich are being held there. ;
folks he
; rami ma
1. Stine and family and
and familv det.-aited last
Imother. ,
"inc. II.
L. Stine
Will Attend Summer School.
A large number of the young la
dies of Union are attending summer
school at Peru, and will teach the
coming year." Lat Monday a num
ber departed for the city down the
river, win re they will lit gin their
studies. Among tho.-e iroi n sg from
this place are the Misses Kiiia Frans,
Eva Hathaway. Winona I)y-art. France-;
Pauc-r. Flora Garrison. Fern
D e-Denic r. Marsrarot Swan, and
Virginia C.penha vev, (if Union, Mis-;
Viola Willis of V- ping Wa! r, came
over m the morning and departed
Show Saturday Evening
Do not forget that we are giving the same good
service which was formerly furnished in the matter of
the movie.
The coming Saturday evening we have an ex
cellent show, which will be appreciated by all. 1 he
prices are the same popular figure.
Do not forget the matter. Come, bring the family
and enjoy the evening.
M. W. A. Hail -:- -:- Union, Nebr.
his hone- in the nortnwe-;.
Mr. 11. M. Jones o." i'.s Moines, j
has been visiting in I'll )V. for the;
past few daw-; and wa the guest '
of his sister. Mrs. Genevieve Ken
dall, and returned during this week
to his home in Iowa. Mr-. Kendal'
also returned home with her broth
er and will make her hnii-c then
for the p;-"-ent. liir adthc-s will
t ;,t 'J -2 2 Loyal stret. 1 -s Moines,
la., the home (;f h-r brother.
Mr. and .Mrs. K. J. Ma 'gey and
their daughter. M:-s Ivy. tV- la;t!r
wiio is intere-'ed i:i a ranch in tliej
.-.est. bu who has been vi-iting ht re '
for some time, d-parted for the wo-i
and will go direct to Cro;huni. Wy ..
where the i,;t:.!i is locat' d. Mr. and)
Mrs. .Maugey will spend s une two
lay 1 or I -w ith the oilier young ladies.
Union Wins Eall Game,
-t Sun da v the base ball
! loiij-m veil to Otoe where thev
t the North Branca bail team, w h t!-e
! n .-iilt:- that the team from thi place
j won over the Otoe county team by
! a score of t; to 1'. This game was
j played at the grounds of tre Otoe
countv team.
months there and will return
at the end of lite time, whii,
Ivy will ifial.e her home there
1. X. Hearst and family of
California, and Mrs Xa
also of the same
bv J. W. Hughes and famil
i a vei i :i v in cars from the 1
home in Omaha, visited
fritnds of tin- b.-:i-r ago.
torvville .vas awaiting
hall I lug lie.-;
a I i
f Fnion.
I. is home lie.
fi und many i
! n t heir viu't
1-irnest An
.:i litule. :k t
w i! h many
W i'O'Jl l'"ac-
t!!- arrival
Hearst fort.'ieriv toatie
! Vyomin:r. and ti-ey
their to'-ioer friends
and had an t xct llent
a :
w h
i rpei: t c r
ie famil;
, i
el's: n . w ll-
li" we-i.-rn
he i: etr.tat;
I II -'.. a. 'on,
!.. cited
of t 1 It'
itl the
mied bv
1 1
i ani: i--;
mot !u r.
,ov . ill i
hell I-
' r.)', troM t'e
isitiiliC ai tlo
Mrs. Minnie
-it her.- for a
ii;ni to their
hey ici of M'-s-r
'ahrlauder. w ho a
a t port ion t f t h
iieir - uc ; in
re to i'a
h"liie o."
Andt i'so-i.
ii u-t t i me
heme iti
s-rs. Ma:-!
con n-e'iii.-i;;
he .vet . I
t.d l-hlwin 1-'
located iii th
' rv, a nd of
D. lco liuht plants.
i. P. I'.arton. w !i ) is
i '! Fall- City as a clerk
pres-- oiiiee of the l!.trl:n
' . vi.-i'ing with fri.tids
i;.g after soii-e busint ss Tn:i t : ers . in
iiiii la-t Monday. While here he
ot.Ked iifti-- i lie 1 1 1 : i ; : j- of bavin.".
the house fainted vvu.-rc Mr. Lr.t
!arl. 1-as his barb, r shop, as well a;
lavii''- -ome repair:- made on the
roof. Mr. I'.aii ;ti thinks i better
o have all the property ia the best
in the
on r
and loo!
-e,l '
c - .
ad. !
t.- I
t ci.ndit am.
a in t in : a
i to
u t
'.i-' es that
mce to t !-,e
a goo
Miss Golda Beil at Rest.
Last Friday witne-.-i-d the paying
of the last, sad rites over the re
mains of one of the most popular of
young,, ladnv, in the vicinity of Un
i m. when the body of Mi-s (lolda
Ib-il was eonsigned to the last resi-
i ing place, there to await the trumpet
of the Angel of tlie re -urrect ion.
Miss do'da. who was a very lov
ab'e young lady and popular, had
gone to her room where she wa -.
found a fur a short time by her moth
er with a built t wound in her breast,
and in a lying conditi.m. expiring
before anything could be done for
her. While tiie circumstances look
like they miht point to her having
taken her own life, her relatives and
close friends cannot find any grounds
to found such a b'dief, and are cer
tain the death of tills estimable
young lady was the result of an ac
(i.lent. Many ot her friends and
neighbors came to pay their love
and friend-hip in the celt-brat ing of
the last smI rights, when her f-.rm
was coii-iuiied to the tomb io await
thiil :.lorious dawn when the graves
shall give op thtir dead. The fini
cal s.-rvicfs were eoiidueted by the
Lev. W. A. Taylor, their pastor and
a very close friend of the family.
A. K. Austin Hps Had Accident
While the veteran tin smith and
tooft r. Mr. A. II. Austin, was making
:o:n-' repairs on the roof of the bank
t Union, ho in some manner slipped
end fell from the ro if to the uround
In low. a distance ;1 some sixteen
i'ttt. with the results that he suffered
a fracture of his cellar bone and a
numb r of-riiis. Mr. Austin had hi.--iajuries
dressed by the family phy
sician and while be has been sutTer
ioi; con - idem bly since, is getting
abu:-; as well as one c:nbl expect.
Th" fir-t of the wed: he was able
to move in his bed slightly, but it
was with considerable suffering.
lbert W:.i- h n iw of Ft. Morgnr
:"ob ;;n!". but fo'mKrly of m ar Wa
basii. was a vi-itor in Union fir t
lay last Monday ani i tuert at the-homr-
of Hit. and Mrs. W. A. Tay-!
Vr. he beirtr one of t'-e members of j
i':e church at Wabash, where the
Kev. Tavlor ha-; ministered for some
time past. Mr. Wal.-h moved t ." tht.'
..est about two year- ago and is t n-
gesjid in general farming in the!
si mi-dry district, but is doing v ry j
veil. lie came back here vv;tli hi
! parted w ife's M,.tb.r, to be present
af decoration dav serviees at the "a-
fa r
Makes Purchase cf Car.
K. i. Stine last week made
purchase of a car and drove as
a-' the end of the pavement at Platts
eioitlh and returned home without
an accident. It being his first at
tempt to negotiate a ear. he did not
fee! like entering into :!o city, with
the entangling rules regarding run
ning gas wagons, fiut wlil make the
aiu-mpt see the town when he has
eettep. his hand in.
ba.-.h cemtterv.
if re-
a vv a i
v. ife and
morn ing
Pessie Laitut
i trip
he went to -i
er teacher an
rerurne.; la.-r
to A rl ing top.
end t he wed -
Thursday frot.i
;ing ol her teacher ant! de ar fri"i;il
Mi-s Gladys Wliitford. who was t'nit-i
id in marriage wiih Or. f2eorgo il'i-
i'.d Misko. There was ,( large nuni-j
tier of friends and relatives pre.--;
nt iit the wedi'.ing and a most en-j
j' yai le time was had. The n -wlv-:
wedded couple will make their home .
at Arcadia, where the dc-tar
jractice hi profession.
Miss Whit ford, the '.rale, will be
remt inhered by numerous friends
and admirers as having taught in
Will Hold Old Settlers Meetinfr
That is there is to be a m f ling
of officers and directors of the old
"-tilers association, which will look
towards the elect ion of a corterie of
offerers for the coming year. Any
one w ho has become a member, of the
association by reason of having reg
istered on the books of the associa
tion, are eligible to attend the meet
ing whi"h will be held at the office
of the present secretary. Mr. C. L.
C. ra ves. The meeting is
i n SaMirdav evening of
June 11, 1H21.
to b held
this week.
Has '.lade Home Beautiful
The alreadv beautiful home of Mrs.
will; p.. A. Taylor and her daughter. Miss
I Klsie. has been rendered much more
j so by the recent painting which lias
been given the place by Karl Merritt
i the painter and decorator. The
the schools of Union in H 1 !. and wa - i piace. since ho has completed the
the principal at the time Miss I Jessie- j work, is indeed a most beautiful
Laltue graduated. home. The house has been painted
a snowy white with the reflection of
Held Servicer at Sciott. i the sky in the blue of the parch ceil-
, There were 1 wo -'o d services at j ings. and with the green of the trees
tiie Sc'ofa school lis. .Sunday, the surrounding the home, make it in
crowt! 1m itiLr so gi-ea that t he bu ibl-i deed a very pretty picture,
ing would not bob! it, but who' (Continued on page C)
Lincoln county, Colorado, farmers harvested an
excellent crop of wheat the past season.
Come, see land where in many instances one crop
will pay for the land. We are making trips e-ery Sat
urday. Call and see L. R. Upton for arrangements and
particulars. The best land in the west and at a price
which anyone can afford to pay.
Box No. 11 - - - Union, Nebr.
Cash Te!!s the Story!
Besides the large reductions which hnve been made
already in tires, we are ivin an exlra five per cent
olT for cash with the purchase.
We carry a larye stock of supplies, accessories and
repairs; d o acetylene welding and all kind:; of first clacs
repair work.
We .are here to solve jour auto troubles and fnve
you th best of service.
A. R. DOWLER, Proprietor
Willis Old Stand
Union, Nebr.
Meeting the lower Seals!
We arc making our prices on the basis of the
lowest existing scale and in line with the reduction of
other things. Rest assured, it is our intention al all
times to quote the bed-rock prices and to yive you the
best of service as well.
Last summer sugar sold on an average of $24 per
sack. Below we quote you goods all of which can be
boiu-ht for less than that amount, as follows:
Hot It,, yaclc r'lear f S.2T.
4S lb. : ack flour
Tack corn no-al .L'd
Hu.Iod potatoes l.."0
:: lbs. I :! 1 1 erimt offce 1.:.".
4 lb:'.. pltMies .;
:'. lbr,. rice .-"
Large p!,-. rolled oats .::
:', No. 1 t-xlra peaches .4 5
:', No. 1 cvtra apricots .4"
total Fiunii'.s run tuf. Alio vk list
1! cans pink salmon .l.'T
li cun--. eun .1'fi
1 aall.ui peaches .!(
1 talbui evtra : rup .7."
:: lb-, na . bea r. i .'.r
1 lb. cbce:.e .lid
:! can; exlra tomato--- .4:
4 loav-.- be t bread .;'
in yds. gootl l iio l.nm :'.o0
T "l.-O
This leaves $2.80, and for $2.75 of the amount
you can buy a good pair of hoys' work shoes, anil still
have a nickel left.
Farmers iereanfifs Company,
W. H. Porter, Manager
UNION -:- -:- -:- NEBRASKA
Price Reduction on
AH Ford Cars!
Sedan $760.00
Coupe 695.00
Runabout, wiih starter 440.00
Touring Car, with starter 485.00
p. o. ik DirruoiT
ll -1 , B H! ' - n
y i f --.t . ?I 'h in i. . i ii '4.'
A. I
the car of many uses, the car for Ihe vbole family. While ele
gance, refinement and comfort are dominant features, the Sedan
affords sturdy dependability on till roads in all weather
The famous Ford engine provides more than sufficient power
for every need. The sturdy, runted construct ion of the whole
chassis is a-surety of year in and year out endurance and economy.
We will round out this service in fhe car itself by keeping
your Sedan in jr'od condition. We soil Genuine Ford i'arts and
our fully equipped repair shop handles repairs promptly and well.
Let )s come and demonstrate.
Propst & B