The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, June 06, 1921, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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V. H. Stander anil family were m
Murdock last Thursday looKJug after
some business matters.
.Mr. and Mrs. X. Sutherland of
Cock. Neb., visited at the home of A.
J. Xeitzel over last Sunday.
Sheriff C. I. Qtiinton was looking
after some ofHeial business in .Mur-do.-k
last Thursday morning.
Katherin h. Xeitzel is visiting
with her grandparents. Mrs. X. Suth
erland, during the summer vacation.
Mr. Leslie Kush cf Primrose, was a
visitor at the home of his brother.
W. H. IIu-li for a few days last week.
David Campbell from north of town
ne;ir South lUml. was looking after
nunc business matters last Friday in
( maha.
Jolin Miller was a visitor in Omaha
last Wednesday, visiting with friends
for over night, returning home In
the morning.
Win. ltikli and fiially were visa
ing with friends and also looking
after some business matters In the
county seat last Friday.
The Murdock village board met
at the Bank of Murdock last Thurs
day and looked after some routine
business for a short session.
The male chorus of the church
will meet for practice at the Calli
han church, Sunday, June 12, at
3 o'clock in the afternoon.
Albert Strcich and family were
in attendance at the commencement
exercises at Elm wood, last Thurs
day, driving over in their auto.
r. S. B. MacDiarmid and family
spent memorial day with L. Xeitzel,
CThe lumber required to build the
large Gothic stock and hay barn
shown on our calendar for the
month of June can be bought for
We have complete plans and
specifications for this building, the
exact size of which is 36'-0" by
SO'-O" and will be glad to go over
these plans- with anyone at any
Tool, Nauman & Murtey,
The Lumbermen
Free Service!
We have just installed a new Tungar Automatic
Refractor, and are prepared to look after the batteiy
question for you. We have a capacity of charging
from one to thirty batteries at the same time. We
also do repairing of batteries, as well, and our repair
shop for automobiles is of the best. Free testing and
water for batteries.
See Us for Service!
andholm Auto Co.,
Me CnAnftitiir In Wail!
v! b-jiitiuuiy wain vrf
Your buildings are depreciating to a much greater
extent from lack of paint than any gain which can pos
sibly come thru waiting for lower prices of material and
labor. Wc have come clean on this readjustment busi
ness and our prices are as low in proportion as those
prevailing on farm products today.
Ilic protection of your building (interior and ex
terior) by painting is a matter of great importance and
is your cheapest and best insurance. Then why wait
longer, when putting the matter off will cost you more
in depreciation than you can even hope to save?
Let Us Furnish You Estimates on the Cost of
Protecting Your Property.
The Dusterhoff Shops,
White Footwear Sale!
f Ladies, Men's Misses' and Children's
Shoes, Oxfords and Pumps offered at
j Season is early yet. Your opportun
ity for seasonable merchandise at great
ly reduced prices. Do not miss it!
Men's heavy bib overalls, dark blue,
fast colors, per pair
iurdock Mercantile Go.,-
Murdock, Nebraska
driving: their big Cadillac from Oma
ha. Mr. O. J. Hitchcock and family
from Havelock, Neb., spent from Sat
urday until Monday evening at the
home of L. Nfitzel.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Neitzel and their
son Alvin and family spent Sunday at
Cedar Bluffs, Neb., with J. J. Mar
tin. All went in L. Neitzel's car.
Henry Heineman, who has been
visiting in Plattsmouth for some days
last week, being the guest of friends,
returned home Thursday evening.
Mrs. H. R. Guthman has been vis
iting in the city of Murdock for the
past week and a guest at the home of
her son H. A. Guthman and family.
Mrs. Metheney of Clay Center ar
rived from her home in Clay Cen
ter and will visit for some time at
the home of Matt Thimgan and fam
ily. H. A. Guthman was looking after
some business matters in Omaha las
Thursday between trains, going on
the noon train and returning in the
Henry Bornemeier and wife, and
Henry Reike and wife departed a few
days ago for Excelsior Springs. Mo.,
where they will take treatment for
a short time for their health.
Miss Rose Amgwert of Council
Bluffs, accompanied by her little
nephew. Master Kenneth Letts, was
visiting at the home of Mrs. Amg
wert for a few days last week.
Mrs. Roy Leach of Lincoln was vis
iting for a short time last week with
her many friends and relatives in
and about Murdock, coming down on
the train for a few days stay.
Miss Margaret Amgwert, who has
been teaching school at Traynor,
la., during the school year, return
ed home last week and was well
pleased with the school for her first
J. E. McHugh and family were
visiting with friends in Plattsmouth
last Sunday and Monday, coming
home via Omaha, where Mr. Mc
Hugh was looking after some busi
ness matters.
Many people of Murdock and vi
cinity were disappointed last Wed
nesday on account of the continual
down-pour of water and so render
ing the roads, making it so they
could not attend the class play of the
Elmwood schools. The' play is to be
put on again tomorrow evening and
they will then have the opportunity
to attend.
The family of C. E. Stroy drove
to Lincoln last Thursday to be pres
ent at the closing exercises of the
state university, where Miss Amanda
Stroy graduated from that institu
tion with honors. Miss Stroy has
been a very attnetive and earnest
student and well deserves the hon
or which comes to her as a graduate
of this state institution. '
Many people from Murdock were
in attendance at the commencement
exercises of the Elmwood schools,
which was held last Thursday eve
ning. Only one person from this
vicinity was among the graduating
class of the school, that being Irvan
Reichman. who passed with high
honors. Mr. and Mrs. Reichman and
family were present to witness the
exercises of the closing of the school.
The Murdock ball team is making
a pretty good record in its games,
even though they are losing some
of them. At the county seat, on
account of not having spikes in his
shoes the pitcher, Mr. Lawrence, was
not able to give the delivery that
resulted after the pitchers box had
been dried by a number of pails of
dirt. The game was a good one
anyway, and all were well satisfied.
They played a game yesterday with
the Eagle team at Eagle, but with
what results we have not learned
as yet.
of Murdock, Ncbr.
Charter No. 678 In the State of Ne
braska at the close of business
on May 23rd. n21.
Loans and discounts $ 2 J0,i;x7.7 2
Overdrafts 352. IS
Bonds, securities, judgments.
claims, etc., including all
Kovernment bonds 5,"i00.00
Banking house, furniture and
fixtures 4.750.00
Current expenses, taxes and
interest paid 727.14
Due from National
and State banks.. $ 4 1.2rj.2'.
Checks and items
of exchange -''1.7.1
Currency 2, 77". "0
Gold coin -1 7 5.00
Silver, nickels and
cents Lit;;;, i.!
Liberty loan bonds
held as cash re
nerve l.Mi'i.OO !M 7
TOTAL t 22,71 6. 1
Capital stock paid in $
Surplus fund 5.000.00
Undivided profits 2, 107.75
Individual deposits
subject to check..! S2.Mo.Ki
Time certificates of
deposit U.U:.::2
Cashier's checks
outstanding ;.!:.. on 252. 55. 21
Depositor's guaranty fund... 2.7i:.s5
TOTAL $282,716. SI
State of Nebraska 1
I ss.
County of Cass J
I. H. A. Guthmann, rashb-r of iti
above named bank do hereby swear
that the above statement is a correct
and true copy of the report made to
the State Bureau of Banking.
Attest: Cashier.
HENRY A. TOOL. Director.
J. E. GUTHMANN, Director.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 28th dav of May, 1921.
(Seal) Notary Public.
(My Commission expires Mar. 25, 1926.)
Sunday Base Ball.
Considerable agitation has been
made regarding the matter of play
ing ball on Sunday. This is a mat
ter in which the state took up the
proposition and enacted a law which
puts the matter up to the locality
where the game is to be staged.
The matters of playing or not play
ing to be decided by the majority
of the people constituting the city
or precinct where the games are to
be played. Why so much stress is
placed upon ball when there are
many places where craps are shot,
much more to the detriment of the
community, and the youth.
While base ball is a noisy game
and played as an out doors sport,
are not saying that it should be
played on Sunday, but it is sure not
attended with the harmful results as
the secret crap shooting. For at the
game of ball all Is open and above
Fishing Very Popular.
The fishing grounds at and near
Meadow, where there are some lakes
that make a good fishing place, is be
ing attended by large numbers of
people. It is reported that on last
Sunday from Omaha and other places
surrounding, there were as many as
five hundred people who had come
with a rod and line for the pure sport
of catching the foxy fish, and that
they were all rewarded by a good
catch. Thursday of this week, some
dozen of the lover of this sport from
Murdock and vicinity, went and were
rewarded by a catch of 191, they be
ing Messrs. I. G. Hornbeck, Lacey
McDonald, E. W. Thimgan. John
Gakemeier. Gust Gakemeier, Ralph
Rager, J. E. McHugh. Chas. Rau, A.
J. Bauers. Harry Gillespie. H. W.
Tool and Ed Rau. With the poles
and lines swishing through the air
and this dozen young men intently
watching their corks bobbing in the
water, it would have been a sport
to see them landing the sparklers,
until with one hundred and ninety
one, they thought they had enough
sport for the day and returned home
with their immense hatch. Twenty
were given as a present to the wri
ter for the Journal, and which we
can testify made some excellent eat
ing. Thanks boys for the kindness
and the fish.
Entertained Kensington
The ladies of the Royal Neighbors
Kensington club were royally enter
tained by Mrs. J. Johansen at her
home last Thursday afternoon when
there were a large number of the
members present. The afternoon
was very profitably passed with the
work which the ladies have on hand
and a most pleasant sociable hour
which was climaxed by a very de
lightful luncheon which was served
by the accomplished hostess.
of Murdock, Nebr.
Charter No. 1536 in the State of Ne
braska at tbe Hose of business
on May 2.:rd. 1321.
Will Hold Medical Meeting.
The physicians of Cass county are
to get together in a county medical
meeting which is to be held in Weep
ing Water on June 20th, and which
much good is expected as the prac
titioners will get together and discuss
the matters which pertain to the best
Celebrates Fortieth Birthday
Sunday, May 29th, being the an
niversary of the birth of Fred Klem
me, a number of their friends and
neighbors collecetd at the Klemme
home and very appropriately cele
brated the passing of thee vent. A
most splendid time was bad and
sociability reigned supreme. The af
ternoon was spent in visiting and
exchange of view in current topics.
John Bornemeier was made orator of
the day and made an address on the
better condition of things for the
community. The large crowd were
very interested. .Those to be present
and enjoy the occasion were John
Bornemeier and family, August Klem
me and family, Henry Bornemeier
and family, Harry Davis and family.
Henry Klemme and family, besides
tbe host and hostess and family.
making some twenty-five who sat
down to the suxnptious repast which
was served.
Loans and discounts $
Ranking house, furniture and
Current expenses, taxes and
interest paid
Due from National
and State banks.. $ 19,165.15
Checks and items
of exchange
Currency 612.00
Gold coin 10.00
Silver, nickels and
2 .;.
One Way to get Big
Mileage Regularly
1 he importance of gasoline tcith a complete chain of boiling
point fractions
You wouldn't expect to light a green stick with a match.
Yet some gasolines are like green sticks. They neither
ignite quickly nor burn up completely because they lack
sufficient low boiling-point fractions for kindling, and have
too great a proportion of slow-burning elements.
Straight distilled gasoline
nmm m uvajt t muni
possesses the complete
chain of boiling points
which assures quick igni
tion and practically instant,
complete combustion.
Every bit is converted into
heat and power gives big
ger mileage per gallon than
slow-burning mixtures, or
less carefully refined gaso
line. Red Croun Gasoline has a com
plete chain of boiling point
Red Crown Gasoline is straight
distilled gasoline. It meets all
specifications required by the
United States Navy for motor
gasoline. It has a complete
chain of boiling-point fractions
-low, medium and higher boiling-point
fractions which, in
right proportion, assure big
power and big mileage. It ia
uniform and dependable wher
ever you buy it.
Hotc to get better results at less
The way to get mileage and
power economically, to escape
carbon troubles, to have a spry,
quick-starting engine, is by per
fect adjustment of the motor to
the fuel used. This can only be
secured by using gasoline that
is UNIFORM gasoline you
can get wherever you are
gasoline that gives a lean, dry,
powerful mixture under all
weather conditions. Use Red
Crown Gasoline. ,
Authorized Red Croun Dealers
Wherever you go you can al
ways get Red Crown Gasoline
from reliable, competent and
obliging dealers. The gasoline
and motor oils they sell make
motor operation more economi
cal and more dependable. They
are glad to render the little
courtesies which make motor
ing pleasanter. Drive in wher
you see the Red Crown Sign.
Write or ask for m
Red Croun Road Map
755.3S 21.17
TOTAL $ 72.2s3.02
Capital stock paid in $ 16.000.00
Undivided profits l.Jbl.J
Individual deposits
subject to check..! SS.762.77
Time certificates of
deposit 12,914.83 51.707.80
TOTAL ! 72,269.02
State of Nebraska
County of Cass
I. O. J. Pothast. Cashier of
the. above, named bank, do hereby
swear that the above statement is a
correct and true copy of the report
made to the State Hureau of Bankinjr,
Attest: Cashier.
L. NEITZEL. IMrector.
A. STKEICH, Director.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 2Ssth day of May. 1921
(Seal) . " Notary Public,
(My commission expires Mar. 25, 1926.)
Will Hold Election Saturday.
The consolidated district which is
and has been in existence for the
past, year, will be voted upon at an
election which will be held in Mur
dock, Saturday evening of this week,
June 11, for the dissolution of the
Are Forming Orchestra
The church at Murdock is forming
an orchestra and chorus, which will
furnish music for the church in
their program which is to be given
at the Callihan church on Sunday,
June 19th. and will also furnish mu
sic for the picnic which is to be held
at the Callihan church on Thursday
June 30th. The orchestra is to be
composed of Chas Long, who is the
director, and will play the cornet,
Kdna Miller, pianoist. and Elmer
Miller violinist. The childrens day
program which for Thursday, June
30, will be .sriven jointly by the
church of Callihan. Louisville and
Murdock at the Callihan church.
Friends Celebrate Silver Wedding
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lenhard were
the victims of a pleasant surprise
Saturday evening, when about io
of their relatives, neighbors and
friends drove up to their home and
announced that they had come to help
celebrate their silver wedding anni-
versarv. The whole affair had been
kept secret and was as complete a
surprise as the guests could wish.
A pleasant evening-was epent in
visiting, music and games. A mock
wedding was given after which they
were showered with well wishes for
many more years of happiness anil
At 12 o clock a tine luncheon was
served and the table was graced by a
larce cake beautifully decorated.
The bride was asked to cut it anfk
found it to be made of pasteboard.
Mr. and Mrs. Lenhard received.
many pieces of silverware which
they will cherish through the future
years as a gift of love and affection.
At a late hour the guests departed
and they were all invited to a second
celebration in another 25 years.
The Best Service!
That is it, we serve the best in the matter of home
decoration, papering, painting and varnishing. No job
too small for our consideration; none too large for us
to estimate.
See us for figures and estimate of cost. We are
here for service.
June Brings Much Work!
The recent rains have insured a good crop of small
grain, which has been a little behind, and which is now
rapidly maturing. The corn also is making rapid strides.
This is bringing much work in June. The best of
machinery is needed for caring for the crops in this
busy season.
See us for what you are needing. We are able to
care for your wants. Cultivators, or any corn working
machinery, hay making machinery and what is needed
for the harvest. Binders, harvesters, twine and all that
is required to care for the harvest.
We are handling gasoline and motor oils also.
The Implement Man
Date Slightly Mixed
When we stated in last week's
Murdock news that the special elec
tion for the purpose of voting on
dissolution of the consolidated dis
trict would be held on June 12th, we
were slightly in error. It happens
that June 12th. falls on Sunday, and
of course everyone knows no election
could be held on that day. What we
should have said was June 11th
Saturday from 7 to 10 o'clock p.
m. The new plat seems agreeable to
a large majority and there is little
doubt but that the dissolution issue
will be readily carried .at the forth
coming election Saturday night. The
holding of it during the evening
hours will enable the farmers to get
in to vote if they wish, which some
couldn't do in the daytime as the
busy season in farm work is fast ap
proaching. The Move Produce Co. are now
located in Plattsmouth, and are pay
ing the highest market price for
your produce, eggs and cream. They
have been buying a great deal of
produce and meeting with favor
among the farmers.
Your ad will carry punch if you
write it as a plain "selling talk" in
stead of trying to fuss it up with
frills and exagerations.
Are You Caring for
the Cars?
You know that the autos cost when you purchased
them, are you caring for them in order that they will
last? We are doing expert repairing what is reliable,
and keep the cars from deteriating.
Our supply of accessories and auto supplies is
complete. See us for the best work and best cars.
The Automobile Man