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Mugray Department
Prepared is the Interest of the People
All Deposits in Our Bank 'Are Pro
tected by the State Guar
antee Law!
We Solicit Your Business
Murray State Bank,
Albert Queen and wife were vis
itinp with friends in Murray last
Tuesday afternoon.
Fred Meisinge rand son were look
ing after some business matters in
Plattsmouth last Tuesday afternoon.
Business called Dr. and Mrs. J.
F. Brendel to Plattsmouth last eve
ning, they making the trip in their
John Swartz of Nehawka. was a
visitor in Murray last Tuesday, com
ing to consult his physician, Dr. G.
11. Gilmore.
T. J. Brendel was called to Lin
arln last Tuesday, where he had
some business matters to look af
ter for a short time.
L. J. Austin has accepted a po
sition with Jarvas Lancaster s as-.-itant
in the keeping the roads in
the district in good condition.
Cecil Amick returned home last
Tuesday after having visited with
friends at Weeping Water, and at
tending memorial services there.
Luther Turner of the Nebraska
Gas and Electric company of Platts
mouth. was looking after business
matters in Murray last Tuesday.
Miss Wilma Park, who has Just
completed a year of school at Platts
mouth will in a short time commerce
a summer school at the same place.
Joseph Cook was assisting in the
garage at Murray for a portion of
this week, after the departure of L.
II. Puis, who is moving to the west.
Dr. J. F. Brendel is having Jiis
home refinished inside and varnish
ed, the veteran painter and decora
tor. Mr. Phil Lambert, is doing the
Many of the people of Murray and
vicinity attended the funeral of Mr.
Jacob Tritsch and also of Mrs. John
Beckraan which were held in Platts
mouth last Sunday.
Joe Mrasek and David Ebersole
drove to Omaha last Tuesday in their
car to look after the getting of some
repairs which has been missed in the
sii'pment of goods to the store here.
Mrs. James Jenkins and little Al
bert Griffith, who have been visit-
Buy home grown seed. You cannot expect the
best results with Texas or any southern grown seed.
This seed tests strong in germination.
Price 6V2C per lb., sack free.
Specials in
Seasonable Merchandise!
Kimona Crepes, beautiful floral patterns,
per yard
White Crepe, suitable for underwear,
per yard
Crepe Shirtings, in latest style effects,
per yard
These Prices are Special and Pre-War
as You WU1 See
Hiatt a Tutt,
of Murray and Surrounding Vicinity Especially for the Journal Readers
ink at Lyons with the family of
Earl Jenkins and family for some
days past, returned home last Mon
day. Frank Vallery has been away for
a number cf days having business to
look after out in the state. Last Sat
urday he was kept busy, as well as
all the help, as business was very
Sheriff C. D. Quinton and County
I Attorney Cole of Plattsmouth, were
passing through Murray- on their
way to Manley last Tuesday, called
there on account of the sudden death
of C. M. Andrus.'
Sam Goodman, living near Mynard.
was a visitor in Murray a few days
ago and while here purchased lum
ber of the Banning Nickles yard
for a cob house which he is erect
ing on his farm.
Philip Keil and family were vis
iting in Plattsmouth at the home of
the mother of Mrs. Keil. Mrs. J. P.
Kcil. and were at the ceme
tery as it was memorial day, driving
over in their auto.
Dr. G. H. Gilmore reports the
visit of the stork at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Kelly Rhoden last Tues
day and the arrival of a nine and a
half pound baby girl. All are hap
py over the event.
Font Wilson and family went fish
ing last Monday and brought home
with them twenty pounds of fish.
Prettv good for a .holiday. Mrs.
J. A. Wilson. Jr.. and W. W. Wilson
were also members of the party.
Messrs. and Mesdames. W. II. Puis
and Joe Mrasek and families were
visions in Plattsmouth lat Monday
evening, where they were looking
after some business matters witi 11.
B. Ebersole. and also visited the
cemetery, ft being memorial day.
Wm. Wells, the able manaser of
the Standard Oil company, is kept
busy thetse days with the excellent
business which he is doing for thf
company. Mr. Wells is an energet
ic and capable worker and we had
expected him to make good as he is
Harry Gregg and Tobe' Johnson j
are getting along in fine shape with i
the barn which they are erecting for j
the contract on the farm of Myran j
Wlies near Mynard. Mr. Scotten :
and his able asistantce J. E. Gru-'
ber and Ralph Kennedy, are rushing j
t':e new house forward oa the 1 1 nr- ,
ry Todd place on tue -talc road .
Mrs. X'iehola.s Klaurens. who has,
not been feeling very well for some
time on account of a rupture was!
taken to vthe Fenger hospital at !
Omaha by the family physician. Dr. !
B. F. Brendel. where on 1.1st Tuesday
she underwent an operation for re-
lief. It is hoped that Mrs. Klaurens j
may find an early and permanent
recovery. j
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Reynold have
been enjoying the society of their
daughter and husband Walter Chase
anil wife of Omaha, who have been
spending some time with the folks
here. Mr. Chase reports the illness
of his nephew Carl Abbott, who is
now at Omaha, but who has been '
sick in the west for some time with 1
what is diagnosed as tuberculosis. I
Some miscreant entered the cel
lar of Mrs. Sadie Oldham a few
nights ago and helped themselves to,
the potato bin viihli was partly fill- j
ed with potatoes and which thisj
good lady has been having to eat, I
and took what they wanted, which
was about all she had. This looks
to iis like a pretty little piece of
business and the actions of a very
small man.
Two Gcod Refrigerators
I have tv-
i-Xi-elle:: r;
; ors
for sale, which
Cream station,
and j-oe them,
tf sw.
can b sr-tn at
If needing one
Mrs. C.
Mrs. C C
C. Tucker Improving;
Tucker, v.-j.o has be;:
.n a hospital at Omaha for
weeks, wher. shtvunder-.vent an nuT
ation for the I ett t of !ut health
and has bo:i receiving- treatment, is
now nicely it nvaleseing. and lwr-,
to soon be .able to come to Murray
for a short tirr.e before returning to
her home in the west.
They Kad Splendid Time.
The box
ial of the Presby
terian Missionary Society which gave
a program with the supper last Mon
day evening, the church was one
which was crowned with success.
There was realized some $50 for the
use ot the cnurcli troin the sociable
event. The program which was
import u. was one of the best which
has been heard in Murray for many
a day. Mrs. tscar Sandin and Miss
Efla Patterson were down from
Plattsmouth and faored the audience
with some special readings which
were hiirhly appreciated. Rose Mae
and Richard Freidrich pleased the
people with one of their fine duets,
while Elizabeth McCracken sang and
whistled in a way that captivated
the audience. Miss Neva Iatta give
one of her superb selections, which
always captivates the people here.
With the solo by uncle S. G. Latta.
the one by Mrs. D: k Pitman and
the two numbers, one by Charles
Howard w'.iich was nccomjiuied by
his sister. Miss Mahle Howard on the
piano, gyve those who attentled the
function a very enjoyable evening.
John Hcbscheidt was auctioneer and
sold the tilings which were left and
realized a large addition to the fund.
Mi s Leon a Farris was the winner
of the cake.
America the Best Nation.
The International Sunday school
lesson for the coming Sunday will be
the considering of the Nation sis
Christian, and will require the in
quiry a to the best nation of the
world, its duty and its destiny, as to
its relations to the world, and what
had made her the best place for peo
ple to live, and 4he most prosper
ous nation on earth. Come to the
Chris' ian Sunday school and let us
find out what we can do to make
t i: irf nation even better and the peo
ple more prosperous. A speVial in
vitation extended to all adults who
are not attending elsewhere. M. S.
Briggs. teacher.
The Way Home Lc
Two cf the young men of Murray,
who with their gas wagon last Sun
day afternoon went to call on a lady
friend at .another town, enjoyed the
visit greatly until they started for
home, and like many cars, their's
got a spell of inactivity on it and
had to be abandoned by the wayside
while the young men walked home.
Damaged by Cyclone.
A letter from Stanton, where Bert
Satchell is making his home, tells of
a cyclone while the boys were work
ing in the field. They seeing the
storm made haste to unhitch, and
get to shelter, but the storm burst
before they had gotten to the barn,
and the report says that six out of
the eight horses were killed, but the
boys were rot injured.
Murray Girl Making Good.
Miss Nita Cook, who has been at
tending a business college at Omaha,
known as the American Institute of
Business Efficiency, has been given a
position in the offices of a real estate
company, where she works for half
the day while she puts in the re
mainder in study, as she has not
completed her course as yet. This
looks good for one not yet through
Completes Good School Year
Miss Eva Bintner. who has taught
what is known as the Amick school,
northwest of Murray, completed the
work last Friday and gave the child
ren a picnic, besides having assisted
If toy of the raiders of the
Journal knoir of any social
erent or itm of Imprest in
this vicinity, and will mail
tame to this office, it will ap
pear under ttils heading. We
want all newaltema Editor
ifl preparing rendering an excellent
program. Miss Bintner is an excel
lent teacher and very efficient in her
methods of instruction.
Arrived Home Saturday.
That is Lee who has been
visiting with friends at and near
Bloomlield, being the guest a portion
f the time at the homes of T. B.
and Peter Smith and families, and
at other times being the guest of a
dear friend, arrived home on Satur
day evening and erports the coun
try in excellent condition in that
portion of the state. He has taken
up his work on the mail route since
returning. Lee is a very chivelous
young man. and shipped over from
Bloomfield to Emerson, the city where
Miss Neva La.tta has been teaching
and accompanied 'that excellent
young lady home. Miss Neva Latta
lias just closed a very successful year
of school work.
Gave Picnic to Parents and Scholars
Miss Beulah Sans, who ha.s closed
a successful year as teacher in the
Murray schools, gave last Friday a
picnic and an excellent program for
the students in her department and
their parents in the Farris trove
near Murray. A very delightful time
was had and after returning to town
Miss San.s treated the children of her
department to ice cream at the cafe
of W. A. Scott and wife.
Murrav Shipping Much Stock
One dav last week Harry Todd
shipped from his feeding yards near
Murrav. five car loads of cattle to
the South Omaha market, while this
week on Tuesday, Otto Puis shipped
a car load of hogs, while L. H. Young
and cn Parr, also shipped a car to
ti" same market. Robert Troop
shipped a car cf cattle on the same
day ar.d this shipment was supple
mented v three cars of verv fine
cattle which were shipped by Messrs.
C. R. and W .O. Troop, they all go
irg" to the Omaha market. During
the year Murray furnishes a large
amount ef food stuffs for the world,
and are enriching their farms dur
ing the same time.
Good Shov?r of Chickens.
The chicken showers which were
inaugurated by Mrs. W. S. Smith and
Mis-- Margie Walker, resulted in the
receiving of a large number ef fowls
vlrh were brouat to Murray and
shipped by that .-lever eemieman
Jo.-s Chambers, who looked after the
receiving -and dispatching' of the gifts
. :lio t lur ch. 7te farming cmu
'nu::i:'' I tuiight th" fowls l and
Mr. Chambers looked after the ship
ment and the money was turned over
to the Presbyterian church.
Is Now Making Baskets
Wm. March, when the business be
came dull at the Vallery garage,
took up the occupation of making
baskets again and is busily at work
at his favorite jib. Mr. March is a
very handy man in this line and able
to turn out a large number of very
excellent baskets in the course of a
More Americans Are Arriving
Three new Americans have arrived
in this vicinity during the past few
days, ami have brought with them
happy breezes and a promise of more
happiness, help and comfort for the
homes where they have taken up
their abode. That the proud parents
are well satisfied, one would only
have to hear the joyful whistling
tune as warned by John Gruber of
near Factory ville. where a little boy
has come and to see the lightsome
smile light up the pleasant face of
Fred Warner, where a little miss has
brought happiness and to her the
pleasant humming of the song most
delightful when executed by Kelly
Rhoden for a pretty little brown
eyed girl has found a home with he
and wife.'
Moving to the West.
During the past few days L. H.
Puis, with the help of many of his
friends, has ibeen loading a car on the
Cement Bags!
All Ash-Grove cement bags
which have been purchased
here will be redeemed at
25c each if presented before
June 10th.
Later we cannot allow you
but- 10 cents per bag, as
the price is going down.
Better gather up your bags
and get them in while you
can still get full credit for
Banning & Nickles,
Always Ready for Sale
Dates far or near.
Telephone 428 Plattsmouth. Exchange
Burlington tracks at Plattsmouth
which he is shipping to Grant where
the Puis family are moving at this
time, and will engage in farming:.
The family will make their trip in
a car, while they will have a truck
driven, and Frank March Is going
with the car to care for the goods
which is being shipped.
Lewiston Aid Society Meets
The Lewiston Aid Society quilted
all day at the church on Thursday of
last week. Forty-four were present
for dinner. In the afternoon the
meeting was called to order for the
purpose of organizing a cemetery as
sociation. The following committee
was elected for a term of five years:
G. S. Ray, chairman; Robert Good,
vice chairman; Perry Nickels, secretary-treasurer.
New members ad
ded to the aid society roll were:
Mesdames. Peter Campbell, J. W.
Hill and Homer Campbell. fc
A cordial invitation is extended to
everyone to come, brinr something
for dinner and help quilt Thursday,
June 9th.
From Wednesday's Da My.
The death of Thomas McCulloch,
an old resident of near Murray, oc
curred at an early hour yesterday
morning following an illness of sev
eral months duration. The deceased
was seventy years of age and has
for many years been living at the
farm home where he passed away.
Mr. McCulloch leaves to mourn
his death a wife and two children,
the san living at the family home,
while the daughter resides in Lin
coln. The funeral services will be held
Thursday afternoon a.t 3:30 at the
late home.
Take your produce, eggs and cream
to the Moye Produce Co., Platts
mouth, for the highest market price
at all times. They are located just
east of the Cloidt Lumber Co., and
are buying a great deal of produce.
of Murray, Nebr.
' "1 1 li i t r- N. .r.7 in the Stuff of Xc
I'l.i.k.i h t the cliisc of lnislness
on May iV.irl. mi.
Loans a '1 tlis'otints $1??.
erlt at ts
nankins- liouse, furniture anl
I'fiirnt fpfnsfs, taxes and
interest paM
!! from National
n:n Stale l.anks. 35.T4i.S9
e'l'tks and items
of cxcliatiKe
;oii coin
Silver. nWki'fs anl
l. .. 0t
.'rt.fiS 40,3.7.:
. . 1 iy74.s;!
'aiitl sto(k imM in I l.Vmo.fin
Surplus fun.l 5.00U.OO
rti-liviU-1 profits 6.t.0.i
I in! i viilna 1 dep. sits
Mil.jeet n Hiek..$ lUi.Olil.S.'!
Time i-.-rt iln ates ...f
deposit 11 2. .";$. 13
Cashier's elierks
outstaii'liutr 1 .' 4 J.." J
I i : e to National
nmi sm- hanks. . 1 (i.ioin.dfi rJ0.4li'.4S
1 tepos i t r's guaranty fund... L'.Tril.Sy
Ji T.L
State of Nebraska 1
. J. ss.
County of Cass J
I. V.". eJ. Itiedeker. Cashier of the
al'ove named liank do hereby fwear
that the above, statement is a eorrect
arnl true copy of the report made to
the State r.ureau of Banking.
Attest: Cashier.
I.Ki i.VA r.OKKKKK!:. inreetor.
fllAS. C. l'AHMKLE, Director.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this "1st dav of Mav. 19J1.
w. a. i:ohi;i;tsi)N.
i Seal I Notary Public.
My commission expires July 17, 1S21.
Ed. Ripple pays cash for eggs
tf d&w.
Titian, or Tiziano Vecellio. was!
one of the greatest painters of the
world. In 1532 he painted in Bologna
a portrait of the emperor Charles V. (
and was created a count palatine
and knight of the Golden Spur, his
children also being made nobles of
the empire for a painter, honors of
an unexampled kind. Criticized be-j
ranse he ennobled Titian. Charles V.
looking the protesting princes square
in the eye. replied: "I know a great
number of princes and kings, but I.
believe there is onl- one Titian in
the whple world." And today many
people in the United States and
Canada say: "We know a great num
ber of remedies for stomach troubles,'
but we believe there is only one
which may be relied upon Triner's
Bitter Wine." For instance, Mr.
Frank A. Novak wrote us on May 15
from Brooks, Oregon: "Triner's Bit
ter Wine is surely a good remedy.
I have been sick for seven months,
but now, after taking Triner's Bit
ter Wine. I am feeling much better."
Therefore, when coming to your
druggist or dealer in medicines, in
sist upon Triner's. '
Dr. Jackson. D. D.. of Omaha, will
hold the preaching services at the
Presbyterian church in Murray Sun
day morning.
Marriage license was issued today
in the office of County Judge Allen
J. Beeson to Alfred A. Kuster of
Hickman and Miss Myrtle Weather
hog of Greenwood. The young peo
ple are to be married at the home of
the bride's parents near Greenwood.
One new electric washer, one
power washer, one hand washer.
Terms on part. Exceptionally good
prices. Ghrist & Christ Furniture
Store, Plattsmouth.
Alfalfa and Timothy Hay.
I have a quantity of excellent al
falfa and timothy hay for sale at
$10 per ton. Call phone 4503, R. E.
Warden, Union. Neb-. 2w.
E. H. Schulhof, piano tuner.
Phone 389-J. d&w.
2 blocks north of Main St., between 7th and 8th St.
Phone 445
Prices Gone Tumbling!
The Service Store has always been noted for its
low prices, and we are maintaining the reputation of
this place of business as you will see from the offer
below. With the decline of prices, we have passed the
saving on to our customers.
Last year sugar sold at $21 and even higher. Now
we are giving you
100 lbs. of sugar $ 8.50
100 lbs. best flour 5.20
Eight cans of corn 1.00
Eight cans of peas 1.00
Eight cans tomatoes 1.00
Work suit jacket 1.75
Work suit overalls 1.75
One lb. Horseshoe tobacco 80
This Figures $20.90 Ten Cents Less than What You
Had to Pay for the Sugar Alone Last Year
You Can Save
I have recently purchased the hardware stock of
Mr. W. H. Puis, together with'the implements.
You know the excellent class of goods Mr. Puis
has always carried in stock.
The farming machinery and implements must be
sold. Even present wholesale prices of these goods
will not be considered in their sale, as we will go away
below first cost in order to close them out quickly.
It will pay you and pay you well to come from
any part of the county to make purchases if you are in
need of any of these goods.
We are offering two Titan tractors, two P. & O.
tractor plows, two John Deere tractor plows, two John
Deere plows, one John Deere spreader, one Cloverleaf
spreader, a number of Deering and McCormick mow
ers, John Deere and Case two-row machines, Keystone
loader and side rake. Case and John Deere plows, Van
Brunt and Hoosier press drills, P. & O., John Deere and
New Century cultivators, besides a large list of other
farming implements and tools.
Thcso Arc Going io Bo Sold!
They are all first class, new and up-to-date im
plements and at the prices we are going to make on
them, they will move out rapidly. Better get in early
if you don't want to be disappointed. The opportunity
you have waited for to save is here.
Our store is also filled with a most extensive hard
ware line, including stoves, ranges, shelf and heavy
hardware and many other things at attractive prices.
W. H. Puis, Manager
Drs. Mach & lY-ach.
The largest and
rr -l
FA Bi''1 I enfe Prices.
I ( I I I I I l -l A tnH4 srtan f rtnMl tht cr "V
II I I I 1 VV TV J ..A .kw iMUl DlMUH is t
. " tm, without a r urrel ortl,
Ch!orofrm. Ethr or ther tneri uuftutlt
omA. A cw rn&raxtMd in ry cut icci pted far tretmat. --! nt meny ta Im
pud naUl curd- Writ for bok en Rectal tieaa. v;tii amc aad Uiuhm.III
f mora thaa 1.098 pramlocnt pool who hi brrn rri- !1UC . , . -
EkB. X. K. XAKBY, Sanatoriim, Peter Tnut Bldf. (Bar C ;.), OMlnA, ITCH.
. Urn. K &. Jobnaton. Maritoaj DircUu.
The Royal Neighbors will hold a
food sale all day Saturday, May 28.
at the Farmers & Merchants Bank
at Murdock. Home cooked food will
be offered for sale. d&w
By electric method, will clean rugs
or carpets on floors. Hamilton-Beach
Electric Carpet Washer. Best of ser
vice and satisfaction. Call on K. C.
Sattler or Blythe Rosencrans or call
phone No. 11. tf-d lt-w.
Blank Books at the Journal Office
Money Mere!
best equipped dental office in Omaha.
C .11 t. I -J..-U . MJ
Porcelain fillin lust like tooth. Instru
ments carefully sterilized fter using.-&g -
Fistula-Pay When Cured