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    THURSDAY, JUNE 2, 1021
'Cbc plattsmouth lournal
Entered at Poatofflce. FUttsmouth, Neb., aa second-class mall matter
R. A. BATES, Publisher
Misfortune never come singly to
parried men.
' Think well of others if yoji would
have them think well of you.
It certainly takes a lot of fighting
to make the world safe for democ
racy. :o:
A small boy's idea, of greatness is
to be able to' lick another boy a size
There is organization for every
thing except to make Uncle Sam save
Bible characters are easy to under
stand. They were about as human
as we are.
A woman can't understand why
callers invariably drop in when she
isn't dressed to receive them.
. :o:
"Large employers of labor and
some of them justly so have been
made the footballs of muckrackets."
Today's question for Mr. Edison:
How much should a middle aged wi
dower be worth before marrying
Some fellows are so accomplished
in the art of mispronouncing Carpen-
tier they can even make it sound like
The Germans when they ask to
float a loan in the United States,
should be told to go and float the
Xearly every fellow that loclcs up
his family tree is content to draw
the curtain when he gets back about
200 years.
: o:
One of the sad sights of life i a
man getting out his whisky bottle
and rinsing them to accumulate one
farewell kick. : -
"A wife should use every wile to
keep her husband bubbling with in
terest, because if she doesn't, some
other woman will.
The house of Ilapsburg through
the recent unfortunate coup ceased
even to be the house of Perhapsburg
but it's still the house of Mishaps
burg. :o:
Business men who have over their
desks that sign. "1921 will regard
fighters" are .beginning to far that
it refers only to the Dempsey-Car-pentier
Free competition is the only assur
ance that prices will not be exorbi
tant. If it cannot be obtained any
other way the government will be
bound to take a hand in supervising
trade organizations to make sure they
are not operating to the disadvant
age of the public.
"It don't take a man long to
bag his pants at the knees,
and to make a finely tailored
suit look thoroughly disrepu
table that's the man of it,"
avers Dainty Dorthy.
,But she qoes on to explain
that the man who is making
use of our cleaning, steaming
and pressing services is keep
ing his clothes in much more
presentable condition " than
when he got acquainted with
us. And it doesn't cost much,
MO ,
Goods Called for and Delivered
, .xa oPsosi t e.
There is little probability that Un
cle Sam will be big enough fool to
disarm while there is even a remote
possibility that he will be told to hold
up his hands.
The reason why Britain s new
coinage quickly assumes a greenish
yellow tint is through constant con
tact with bar booze, according to
officials of the royal.
Judging from the number of di
vorce suits pending in the Hinds
county chancery court, modern young
couples take each other for better
or worse, not for good.
Washington tariff tinkers do not
seem to realize that there are tariff
tinkers in all the other capitals who
are not averse to doing a little tinkering-on
their own account.
One good thing about building air
castles, is that we do not have to
pay the price of cement, and later
on, income tax. But don't they come
under the blue sky law?
Write it on your heart that every
day is the be"st day in the year. No
man has ever learned anything right
ly until he knows that every day is
Doomsday. It. W. Emerson.
If you see a knot of seven or eight
women out on the walk in the morn
ing sunshine, it doesn't mean a deep
dark plot. They are only discussing
the best kinds to cook for "greens."
"A married man is the only slave
in the United States," says Dr. Ein
stein. Thanks for them kind words.
Ic. It's the first thing you've said
that we've been able to understand.
Short skirts are said to have les
sened the number of accidents to wo
men. No deceased is reported in the
number of backward-lookin men
who 'have been bumped by automo
biles. Deportation has worked fairly well
on certain classes of offenders. Why
wouldn't it work equally well on
movie producers who specialize in en
terprises like the Fifi and Clara af
fairs? :e:-
The comet the astronomers expect
to appear in June is called the I'ons-Win-Nccke
comet. It probably will
be visible all at once, in spite of its
name. Which sounds like that of a
sectional bookcase.
Xormalcy has not been altogether
restored in business and industry, but
"normalcy" seems to have been per
manently established in the working
vocabulary of Americans. Talk is
;!gain getting cheap.
Hindus believe that the cow is a
sacred animal, and consider it a grave
offense to kill one. Some of our
butchers feel the same way about it
at least, they put off killing the
cow until she reaches a ripe old age.
. :o:
Denunciation of Woodrow Wilson
won't help his villifiers for the great
est president who ever occupied the
White House has retired to private
life, and nobody will listen to vitu
peration or denunciation concerning
It may be true as thi3 Helsingfors
dispatch says that a new revolt is
brewing in Russia, but there have
been so many Russian brews that
the world will not pay much atten
tion to them until one really blows
the cork out.
And it doesn't make you feel any
younger to pick up the old home pa
per and read that in the high school
chorus singing at the commencement
exercises a boy who was born the
spring you left the old town is sing
ing, and singing bass.
i'resident Wilson took the .presi
dential chair on March 4, 1921. Un
doubtedly this will be news to some
persons. However, it was the chair
he used at cabinet meetings, which
he took to his new residence when
he rety-ed. His cabinet presented it
to him.
The state department is said to be
losing patience with Panama, which
has not replied to its ultimatum of
May 9, an answer to which was re
quested "within a reasonable tim."
But the state department ought to
remember that in the latitude of Pan
ama they have a very different idea
from our own of what constitutes a
reasonable time. "
Manual Training Department of the
High Scnool Has very Pleas
ing Showing of Work.
The exhibit of the work of the
boys of the high school who have
been taking manual training during
the past year, was held Saturday at
the vacant room in the Hotel Wag
ner block and was one of the most
interesting lines of school work that
has been shown here and in a line
that was entirely new to the public,
as this department of the school has
only been in operation during the
past season.
The young men who have taken
this course certainly show great
skill in their wood working and
many handsome pieces of furniture
were constructed by the members of
the class that not only speak well
for the able instruction that they
have received at the hands of Mr. A.
D. Bell, teacher in this department,
but show great skill on the part of
members of the class.
A large writing desk, library table.
drawing tables, many hall trees, foot
stools and window seats were con
structed and many of these are
equal to any piece of manufactured
furniture that might be purchased
on the market today.
This has proven a feature of the
high school work that has held many
of the boys in school and has train
ed the hand as well as the minds
along the mechanical lines that will
be found valuable in their after
years and fits them to take up their
active work in the world with a
trained mind that can adapt itself to
the useful arts and trades.
In Mr. Bell, the department has
had a very able instructor and his
work and association with the young
men of the school has made the de
partment the great success that it
has been.
Not a Little Credit is Due Councilman
John C. Brittain, Who Took Per
sonal Supervision of Work
The residents of the city who vis
ited Oak Hill cemetery Sunday and
Monday were much impressed with
the excellent condition of the old and
new addition to Oak Hill cemetery
and the appearance was more than
usually pleasing and several of the
residents of the city who are famil
iar with the condition of the ceme
tery state that it was the best it has
been for twenty years.
The energetic work of Councilman
John C. Brittain of the fourth ward
is in a large measure responsible for
the excellent appearance of the burial
place of the city as he has devoted
a great deal of time to seeing that
it was put in the best possible shape
and he was present at the cemetery
himself Monday seeing that the last
touches were put on the grounds anl
flu streets of the beautiful city ot
tlie silent.
The placing of the crushed rock
on the driveways has done a great
deal toward making the streets pas
sible and free from the ruts and
bumps of the years gone by and in
sures that the streets will be pas
sible even in the muddiest of weath
er. This year the grass was all cut
and removed in time for the memor
ial day observances and made the
cemetery an object of beauty rather
than a reflection on the city as it has
FTeen in the past when the grass was
allowed to grow rankly over the lots
and graves.
This is a matter that should bring
much pleasure to the residents of the
city and it should be the settled pol
icy to see that this good work is kept
up in the future in the cemetery.
To Chairman Brittain and the
members of the cemetery commit
tee of the city council and Sexton
Tulene the residents of the com
munity feel very appreciative for
their good work of the last few
The publisher of the Journal is
now fully able to vouch for the fact
that Julius Pitz is not only a cap
able and efficient county commission
er, but is just as capable when it
comes to growing a high quality of
strawberry. This morning we were
presented with a quantity of this
choice berry and we pronounce them
the finest we have seen this season.
Accept our thanks, Mr. and Mrs.
From Wednesday's Dally.
Miss Lena Hirz, who has been
spending the past few months at
Kirksville, Missouri, where she has
been studying at the Still hospital in
that city and completing the course
of study in nursing, returned home
yesterday. Miss Hirz will spend her
vacation here and return in the fall
to complete her course and expects
to graduate the latter part of next
winter as she will then have com
pleted the prescribed courses of study
in the hospital which is one of the
largest in the west.
The Moye Produce Co. are now
located in Plattsmouth, and are pay
ing the highest market price for
your produce, eggs and cream. They
have been buying a great deal of
produce and meeting with favor
among the farmers.
Memory books as well as engraved
cards of artistic design, suitable for
the graduate can be found at the
Journal office in a large assortment.
L. C. Sharp Company of This City
bends Ice Cream Cone Machine
to Ottawa, Canada.
Plattsmouth is getting on the map,
as an exporter of high grade ma
chinery. Nwe note on the platform
at the depot today one of the large
Automatic Ice Cream Cone machines
as manufaoctured by our local con
cern the L,. C. Sharp Mfg. Co., the
same being consigned by Express
to the Capital Lake Cone Ltd at Ot
tawa, Canada, the machine weighing
over three thousand pounds and con
stituting about as large a shipment
by express as convenient for the Ex
press company to handle in one
'This is the second export shipment
of the above concern on these ma
chines one having gone recently to
Manchester, England. Orders are
also on the books for another for
Australia, it is claimed by the mak
ers of these machines that they are
the most perfect and efficient ma
chines built for the purpose, hav
ins a capacity of making thirty
thousand ice cream cones per day.
operating by city water pressure and
gas, we believe such far reaching
orders fully justifies the claim.
The L. C. Sharp Manufacturing
Company are exceptionally busy at
this time, having on hand a large or
der for their Hydraulic butter cut
ters, which are being distributed by
the Messrs. A. II. Arnold and Broth
er, a large Creamery Supply house of
This is the class of work that is
of interest to our people as it means
bringing in entirely new people and
money into the community and also
means that Plattsmouth is being ad
vertised by its excellent work as well
as nationally through the trade jour
nals in which the company adver
Mr. Sharp states that several ad
ditional lines of heavy machinery are
now in shape for manufacture all of
which would employ probably about
one hundred first class mechanics.
the trouble at present being the dif
ficulty of securing the necessary cap
ital to erect the modern manufactur
ing buildings which has been under
contemplation for some time and for
which the property has been reserved
the cost of these improvements being
estimated at $250,000.
The cash weekly disbursements of
the L. C. Sharp Mfg. Co., here have
exceeded one thousand dollars per
week for the past year this being
expended for labor and materials,
this concern does not receive any
work or money from the community
whatever, all of which is brought in
from elsewhere.
The specialties of this company
are the development and manufac
ture of labor saving tools and ma
chinery and in which capacity it has
long enjoyed a wide reuptation.
We are certain the community ex
tends its wishes that the activities
of this useful enterprise in our midst
may be able to accomplish the high
aims it has set out to attain.
From Wednesday's Dally.
The funeral of the late Mrs. John
Beckman was held Sunday afternoon
at the home of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. John Wiles south of the city.
conducted by Rev. E. II. Pontius, pas
tor of the United Brethren church
of Mynard, who spoke words of con
solation to the bereaved family and
held out to them the comforting
words of the Savior of the life to
come when partings should be 'no
The body, which had come from
the home in Phoenix. Arizona, was
laid to rest in the Horning ceme
tery amid the scenes where the de
parted lady had spent her girlhood
The sympathy and assistance that
has been given us in our hour of
sorrow at the loss of our loved one
will never be forgotten as long as
life shall last and to these kind
friends we desire to express our deep
est appreciation of their kindly acts.
We also wish to thank those who
were so generous with the beautiful
floral offerings. John Beckman and
family, John Wiles and family.
From Tuesday's Daily.
The camping season is at hand.
Sunday and yesterday large numbers
of Plattsmouth and Omaha people
hied themselves away to the cool
spots of Cass county, many going to
the Cedar Creek lakes to recreate and
enjoy themselves angling for the
elusive bass and other fish of which
the lakes are well supplied this year.
Others drove to the sand pits around
Louisville and the state fisheries a
little further up the river. There
are a number of camping parties at
Cedar Creek and the grove resembles
small tented city. An equally
large number of Omaha people drove
to the lakes on the north side of the
river near LaPlatte,' where they en-
oyed picnic lunches in the open.
Wm. Atcheson, ex-county commis
sioner, of Elmwood; Henry Miller,
who served in the same capacity, and
Mrs. Miller from Alvo; Chas. Heeb
ner, also ex-commissioner and Mrs.
Heebner, and nephew, from Nehaw
ka. all spent last Sunday at the home
of Mr. - and Mrs. Julius Pitz, Just
south of the city. The day was a
very pleasant one for all.
Dyspepsia is America's curse. To
restore digestion, normal weight,
good health and purify the blood,
use Burdock's Blood Bitters. Sold
at all drug stores. Price, 11.25.
Daily Journal, 15c a week.
30x3 Standard Non-Skid Tire
30x3-inch Cord
32x4 . "
O A A 1
m:;i, o i h i:
Ernest N. Christians"!!, plain tiff, vs.
Alice M. Smith: Smith, tirst ami
-iil name unknown. her husband;
James I'luuimtr: Nancy I . I'lummi r.
his wife: Se-lwin K. I'lummer ami
Sarah I'lummer. his wife; Selwin 1 '.
I'lummer; I'lummer, fir,t ami
real name unknown, ins wile; i reu
J. I'lunimer
I'lumnuT, lirst ami
unknown, his wife: Mary
; I'lummer, lirst anil
unknown, her hushaml;
eal name
eal name
Harriet Sf.
Younf; ami O. 1. Voting.
tirst and real naiiu
unknown, her hus-
laiui; Virginia Mwatli;
feath. tirst ami real name unknown,
ler hushaml: Minnie K. Megcath:
Mcgeath. tirst and real name unknown,
ler hushaml: Mihlreil Elizabeth M
Heath: Mcgeath. tirst ami real
name unknown, her hushaml: Jennie
Megcath; Mcgeath, tirst ami
eal name unknown, her husband: Jen
nie .M. Aleg-atfi: .Megeatn. nrsi
ml real name unknown, her hushaml
lennie M. liruien ami .1. L. Druien, lirst
mil real name unknown, her hushaml;
Mihlreil E. Ives anil Frank J. Ives, her
uishaml: Samuel Addison Cochran M
th: AiMison Cochran Megiath: Ad-
lison C. Megcath: Samuel A. Megcath:
Iinlith YV. Mcgeath: Jmlie V. Megcath;
mil the heirs, devisees, legatees, per
sonal representatives anil all other
persons Interested in the estates of ti e
following named persons, to-wit: Alice
M. Smith, James I'lummer, Nancy 1 .
lummer, Selwin K. I'lummer, Selwin
. I'lummer, Fred J. Plummer. Mary
I'lummer, Harriet M. Young. Vir
ginia Megealh, Mimreii i-.ii.anein .Me
geath, Minnie E. Mcgeath, Jennie Me
gcath. Jennie M. Megeath. Samuel Ad
dison Cochran Megeath. Addison Coch
in Megeath. Addison C. Megeatji,
Samuel A. Mcgeath, Judith YV. Me
gcath. Juilie V. Megeath. whose naivjes
and residences are unknown; and the
northwest quarter of the northeast
quarter; iNW'i, XK'i) the northeast
marter or the southwest quarter:
NK'i. S U ) the southwest quarter of
he northeast quarter: 't, M.'i I
th' northwest ipiartcr of the south-
ast quarter, NYVl4, SK'4) the south
lalf of the northwest quarter Si,g,
NW',1 and the west half of the south
west quarter, YV.j. SYV U all in Sec-
ion six. (fi in Township twelve. ( 1 "
north of Kane ten, (Hi) east of the
".th I. M., in Cass county, Nebraska:
and all persons claiming any interest
of any kind in said real estate, or any
part thereof: and all persons having or
laiinin any interest in tlie tietore de
scribed real estate, real names un
known, defendants.
To each and all of the above named
and designated defendants, both non-
esident and other defendants, take
You and each of you are hereby
notified that Krnest N. Cli ristianson,
the plaintiff herein, has filed his peti
tion in the District Court of Cass conn-
y, Nebraska, which petition was rtlert
on May 20, A. I. l'.tl. against you
and each of you, the object and prayer
of which petition is to obtain a decree
quietinK and confirming the title to
the northwest quarter of t lie nortlieasi
quarter; (NV4, NKVil the northeast
quarter of the southwest quarter;
NK'i, SY'. ) the southwest quarter
of the northeast quarter: (SVV,, Nh, a )
the northwest quarter of the southeast
quarter: NW",. Si:'4) the south half
of the northwest quarter (S1, N''A)
ind the west half of the southwest
pjarter, YV. SVV'.i all in Section
ix, ti Township twelve. (!' norm
of IJanpre Ten, (10) east of tlie btn t'.
M.. 'in Cass county. Nebraska, in the
nlalntiff. and to remove certain clouds
and forever barrinsr and estopping the
defendants and each of them ana an
persons claiming by, through or under
them or any of them from having or
claiming any right, title, interest or
lien in or to said premises or to any
part thereof, and for such other relict
as equity may require.
You and each of you are nereoy in
quired to answer said petition on or
before tlie lltli day ot Juiy, a. u-19-1.
mCt-Sw. His Attorney.
Mr T n Petprsnn of the L. C.
Sham MfB- Co . has left for Ottawa,
Canada, where he will supervise the
installation of any up-to-date ice
cream cone manufactory for the Cap
ital Cakp rnne Ltd. of that place, it
being intended that this factory shall
be the niost modern and up-to-date
In Canada, the machines for the same
having been manufactured here in
Plattsmouth by the L. C. Sharp Mfgr.
Company. . .
With a daily ca
pacity of 16,000 tires and 20,000 tubes, this plant permits refined pro
duction on a quantity basis.
All materials used are the best obtainable. The quality is uniform.
It is the best fabric tire ever offered to the car owner at any price.
Firestone Cord Tires
Tire repairmen, who judge values best, clas3 these tires as having the
sturdiest carcass made. Forty-seven high-grade car manufacturers use
them as standard equipment. They are the quality choice of cord users.
Scaled bids will be received at the
office of the State Department of Pub
lic Works, 4th Floor. Hrownell JSlock,
at Lincoln. Nebraska, until 10:00 o'clock
a. in.. n Friday, June 3. 1!J1. for con
structing culverts and incidental work
on the (ireonwoml-OIialco Project No.
X07-A. Federal Aid Koad.
Kids will be opened at the above
mentioned office on or near the hour
of 10::io o'clock a. m., on the 3rd day
of June, 1921. County Hoards are here
by requested to be present or repre
sented. Bidders are Invited to be
The proposed work consists of con
structing culverts only.
The approximate quantities are:
12:5 cu. yds. of special excavation,
Class A.
5ti lineal feet of 18" culvert pipe.
2 lineal feet of L't" culvert pipe.
r.o.o!l cu. yds. concrete for headwalls
."'. 2 cu. yds. concrete for box cul
Certified check for TC of the amount
of ti e hid will be required with each
and every hid received.
Plans ami specifications for the work
may be seen and information and pro
posal forms secured at the office of
the County Clerk at Plattsmouth. Ne
braska, or at the office of tlie State
Department of Public Works at Lin
coin. Nebraska.
The State and County reserve tlie
right to waive all technicalities and
reject any or all bids.
County Clerk. Cass County.
Secy., Dept. of Pub. Works.
In the District Court of Cass coun-
tv. Nebraska.
Paul Pichtcr and Herman Kichter.
plaintiffs, vs. James H. Gregg et al.
To the defendants, James II. Gregg;
the unknown successors and assigns,
heirs, devisees, legatees, personal rep
resentatives and all other persons in
terested in the estate of James H.
Gregg, deceased; Samuel Kline; Mag
gie !. Kline: the unknown heirs, devi
sees, legatees, personal representa
tives and all other persons interested
in the estate of Samuel Kline, deceas
ed: the unknown heirs, devisees, lega
tees, personal representatives and all
other persons Interested In the estate
of Maggie I). Kline, deceased; Lots
one, (l) two, (J) three, (3) four, (4)
five. (5) six. (6 fifteen, (15) sixteen,
(16) seventeen, (17) eighteen, (IS)
nineteen, (19) twenty (20) and twenty
one. t-l in Klock seven (7) and Lots
three, (3) four, (4) five, (5) six, ()
seven. (7) ten, (10) eleven. (11) twelve.
(1J) thirteen, (13) fourteen, (14) fif
teen, (loi sixteen (16) and seventeen.
(17 in Klock eight. (S all in Latta's
First Addition to the rillage of Mur
ray, Cass county, Nebraska, and all
nersons having or claiming any inter
est of any kind in and to said real
estate or any part thereof:
Y'ou and each of you are hereby
notified that Paul Pichter and Her
man P.ichter as plaintiffs, filed a peti
tion and commenced an action in the
listrict Court of the County of Cass,
Nebraska, on the 11th day of May.
1921. against you and each of you, the
object, purpose and prayer of which
is to obtain a decree ot court quieting
the title to Lots one, (1) two, (2)
three, (3) four. (4) five. (5) six, (6)
fifteen, (13) sixteen, (lb) seventeen,
(17) eighteen. (18 nineteen, (19 twen
ty (20) and twenty-one, C'i) in jjiock
seven. (7) ana uois inree, vj iour.
(4 five. (5) six, (6) seven, (() ten,
(10) eleven, (11) twelve, (12) thirteen,
(lilt fourteen. (14) fifteen, (15) six
teen (16) and seventeen. (17) in Block
eight, CO oil in Latta's First Addition
to the Village ot Murray, uass coun
tv. Nebraska, as against you and eacn
of you and for such other relief as
inav he jwst and equitable.
Y"ou and each of you are further
notified that you are required to an
swer said petition on or before Mon
dav. the 27th day of June. 1921. or the
allegations therein contained will be
taken as true and a decree will be
rendered In favor of th plaintiffs and
against you and each of you accord
ing to the prayer of said petition
Dated tliis 11th dav of May, 1921.
Plaintiffs. '
ml6-4w. Atty. for Plaintiffs.
May 19. 1921.
Notice Is hereby given that the an
nual meeting of school district No. 102.
of Cass county. Nebraska, will be held
in the auditorium of the Alvo Con
solidated school on the 13th day of
June, 1921. at eight o'clock p. m.
N&tice is hereby further given that
TTi is new low price
is made possible
by strictest econ
omies and special
ized production.
Plant No. 2 was
erected for the sole
purpose of making
30x3H-inch Non
Skid fabric tires.
New Price $24.50
the purpose of the meeting will be for
the following business:
1. The voting on the question of
ant horizing tlie proper county officials
to levy sufficient mills on the assessed
valuation of the property of said dis
trict to raise sixteen thousand dollars
I $16,000,000 for general school pur
poses for the school year of 1H21-13J2.
i. The election of two trustees of
said school district for a term of three
yea rs.
3. The transaction of any other
business which may legally come be
fore said meeting.
Chairman Board of Trustees,
School District No. 102, Cuss
County, Nebraska.
(Seal) 3-:w Secretary.
Whereas, Lloyd Masnihurn. convicted
in Cass county, on the 10th day of
June, 1920, of the crime of breaking
and entering, has made application to
tlie Hoard of Pardons for a parole, and
the Hoard of Pardons, pursuant to law
have set the hour of 10 .o'clock a. m.,
on the 16th day of June, 1921. for hear
ing on sai.l application, all persons
interested are hereby notified that they
may appear at the State Penitentiary,
at Lincoln, Nebraska, on said day and
hour ami show cause, if any there be.
why said application should or should
not be granted.
Secretarv, Hoard of Pardons.
Chief State Probation Officer.
n I'fllllon fr IJetermi nation
of IleirNhip
In the County Court of Casw coun
ty, Nebraska.
In re Estate No., of James A.
Walker, deceased.
On the filing of the petition of Louie
H. Puis for a decree and finding of
heirship " filed herein on the 1st day
of June, 1921:
It Is hereby ordered that t;ie said
petition be set down for hearing be
fore said Court on the loth flay of
July, 1921. at ten o'clock a. 111., and
that notice of the time and place of
said hearing be issued, and tlMt con
structive service thereof be had upon
all persons interested in said estate.
by the publication of said notice, once
each week, for three consecutive
weeks iirfor to said hearing, in the
Plattsmouth Journal, of Plattsmoulh,
Nebraska, a newspaper printed, pub
lished and of general circulation In
said County of Cass in said state.
Dated this 1st dav of June, 1921.
(Seal) j2-3w. County Judge.
To those friends who so greatly as
sisted me by word and deed in my
great bereavement. I desire to express
iny heartfelt thanks.
When the shadow of death is pass
ing: one has need of aid and sympa
thy, and to me they have come so
generously that I feel constrained to
make acknowledgment thus publicly.
May God's richest blessings fall up
on you ail aJhundantly is my sincere
wish. Mrs. T. F. Keckler and fam
ily, Manley, Neb. :
White porcelain lined re.fjjJjEjtfrator.
Ice capacity, 125 pounds. Phone
4003. m2fi 4td 2tw
Blank Books at the Journal Office.
is working. in the Soft Drink
Parlor of
Give the boys a call when in
need of any tonsorial work;