The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, May 30, 1921, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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arOITUAY. KAY 30. 1921
i kidneys are hot g-ood and healthy.
I still have faith in Doan's and if
ever I should need a kidney remedy
Nchawka Department!
Prepared in the Interests of the People of Nehawka and Surrounding Vicinity Especially
for the Journal Readers.
again, I should certainly use them."
( eOc, at all dealers. Foster-?.Iilburn
Co., Mfrs., Euffalo. N. Y.
vour service, the Ne-
hawka bank.
J. H. Steffens and wife with their
little son are spending tcday at the
home of his parents at Lorton.
Safe, courteous, prompt in busi
ness, and ever alert, in the interest
of this community, the Nehawka
Mrs. Grover Hoback, who was re
ported as being sick last week, is
now getting along nicely and is out
again. ,
Frank P. Sheldon. Fred Nutzman
and son Eugene, were looking after
some business matters in Plattsmoutli
last Tuesday.
V. B. Dale, the painter and decor
ator is completing the changes and
the decorations of the Geo. E. Shel
don home this week.
Jcrtin Steffens and family were
looking after some business mutters
in Plattsmouth last Wednesday,
driving over in their car.
Mrs. R. R. Chapman was a visitor;
in Omaha last Tuesday, accompanying j
Mrs. Joshua Sutphen and son Barton, i
the latter going to see a specialist. j
Looking after your interests all ;
the time and safe, reliable, and al
ways ready with the best informa-1
tion on any question. The Nehawka ;
Thp bulwork of the financial sys- ;
tern is the local bank. Remember
when in need of some institution
which is reliable, see the Nehawka
A. F. Sturm received two cars of
lumber last week and with one car
of sand, kept H. II. Stoll and Wm.
Estrich pretty busy for a while un
loading and storing the lumber in the
Nick Klaurens is kept busy these
days selling a prepared hog food and
condiment which is proving a good
successs. He is working in conjunc
tion with W. II. Hessenflow of Platts
ruotith. The Switzer Brothers have just
completed th eerection and installa-
Ice Cream!
Half gallon ....
Plain dish
Cones ,
Lincoln pop
Near beer, 2 for,
. . .30c
. . .10c
1 5c
. . . 17c
. . .10c
. . .25c
Frans' Cafe,
Nehawka - Nebraska
Meat Market
JOHN 0PP, Propr.
Nehawka -:- -:- Nebraska
Busy? Yes, You Bet!
We can get to your job,
though in a short time. Re
member our work and ma
terials are the best.
Also, the 25 discount is
still in force.
Don't delay.
Nehawka -:- Nebraska
Alwavs at
Looking to Your Interests!
We are making our prices as low for the best goods
possible, we are carrying all the best makes of tires,
tubes and supplies for the auto, and accessories.
Best of workmen in our shops, give us a call when
needing anything in our line.
The Lumberg Garage,
Farm Machinery!
We can supply your wants in the line of imple
ments and farm machinery just now cheaper than later
in season, as there is a considerable price advance on
stock purchased this spring, which we can save you
through having the goods in stock. Repairs, also.
tion of two wind mills and pumps on
the farms of the Straub brothers
southwest of Nehawka, and which are
working to perfection.
Business with the Nehawka Milling
.ompahy is improving and they have
been kept pretty close to the matter
of grinding most of last week. The
output has been an excellent qual
ity of flour, and the sales of the Ne
hawka Mill are growing daily.
Earl Troop, who has been attend
ing school at Plattsmouth for the
past year has completed the school
year and is putting in the vacation
timeassisting on the farm of his
father. W. Troop, and that of Ins
brcther, Hubert Troop, north of
Vernon Lundberg has the radio
plant working nicely at this time and
is getting the markets, as well a.-:
the weather every day. and which
is a great help to those .vho wish to
know about the markets aj".dwhat
the weather is going to be in the
near future.
John Frans, who has gotten his
cafe and confectionery in good run
ning order, nays business is good
and has nothing to complain of in
that line. Seehis ad i:i this paper.
He is handling the celebrated Gra
ham ice cream, which is equal in
quality to anw made.
The girls of the Caesar ohtss of the
high school gave a delightful supper
to the hoys of the same cla.-s laj-t
Tutsday in the pasture of K. B.
Stone, where they ate their suppor on
the beautiful banks of the Weeping
Water creek and mj ed the hour
very much.
The Ilebekah-- of Nehawka wili at
tend the district meeting of the order
which is to be held at Weeping Wa
ter on June :'. Friday of tiiis ve k.
and have been asked to put tiie w.,rk
in the Memorial observance, which is
one of much btauty and which the
team here is very capable of present
ing to a nicety.
Miss Alma Switzer. who has beer
with the Buick people of Lincoln far
a number if years past, returned h
a number c.f years past, returned
home last week for a short visit at
the home of her parents. M r. and
Mrs. Delbert Sv:ier. ami to rest
the arduous work
w !i
ich has
ber's for some time past.
Mrs. Joshiia S;itphn
and littb
son Hart on. were visiting in Omaha
last Tuesday, where they went to
have the tonsils and a tnoitls which
have been troubling young Rart-n.
removed. The operation was a suc
cess and the young man is gettinv
alone nicelv. Mr. Sutohen drove the
folks to I'nion to catch the morn
ing train for Omaha.
J. W. Iwther is cutting a hedge
row from one of the farms of ('. K.
Trcop mirth of Nehawka and turn
ing the suitable wifd into fence
posts, while the remainder is to be
burned to get it out of the way. The
matter of higher land prices, and the
n--d of more of the crop prixiu-'ing
varietv is earn inn people to clear
out the corners which hav
hereto- i
fore been waste.
James Kuykendall. superintendent
at Plattsmouth of the Ntbraska (3as
and Electric company, accompanied
bv Electrician Luther Turner, were
in Nehawka last Friday looking af
ter some business matters, making
some alterations in the lines here f;ir
the betterment of the service, and
removing some of the meters which
were used for gas before the electric
system was inaugurated.
Ifev. and Mrs. A. Jacobson of trie
TTniteil Tirefhren church and '.. V
Shrader were in attendance at the
aid society at the home of (Jeo. 1.
Lloyds last Friday and report an ex
cellent crowd, where the ladies also
quilted a quilt for Mrs. Lloyd. The
aid society which has its membership
in Nehawka. met on Thursday and al
so quilted a quilt for Mrs. J. 15. Hut-j
ledge, meeting at her
ing an excellent time.
home and hav
Let All Share Alike.
When the law requires that people
operating a motor car or vehicle shall
pay a license for the same, it looks
like there should be a uniformity in
the matter of applying the law. Soma
people have cars which they slip out
when the opportunity occurs and
make a trip, and" in fact run them
much of the time, but keep out of the
sight of the officer and still do no:
pay their tax or have a permit t:
operate the gas wagon. The one wh .
operates the car without the license
is simply piling himself on and rid
ing free, as thse who do pay their
nu'o t;ix. ;ir keeping up the
tha" the others may ride. Do not
wait for an otlicc r to come round and
got your car and take i( to the coun
ty seat. In fore you tome across with
your share of the voiu which is to
keep the reads in condition.
Highly Appreciative Audience
The plav wnich was presented last
; veek by the members of the Junior
, class was well attended and one
i which provoked many a hearty laugh,
'and was well worth while. Th.- rt
, t.irns was remunerative, as Will as
I was
a 1 1 e
ood which every member received
a areat benefit to them. All vho
tided appreciated the excellent cn
Liinmeut t'iven.
f 1 1
The Come Coming' Nicely.
The home which Wm. E.tsiri'-ii is
building is coming along nieei.v and
under the dt-ft hands of the manue!
training class of i!ic Nehawka s-hool.
directed by Superintendent II. E. Hus
ton, the work is truing along nicely
and there will fce v. hxme soon f r
this man, which will be a momcnto
to the class as well as a first class
abiding place f.,r the rusting young
man of Nehawka. The members of
trie class. wih th sup-'-rin't-n dent,
who are doing 'he work, are Lu -can
'arpep. Joy Saint John. Orvil
Tr. v and " Aioer: '
K. e!hr.:. K-ilph KniHr a
The Safe Guard of Businers
Viu would not uaii: To run a steam
tngir vit i'.out a safety valve. ii.-ith.'r
would you without a uoverr.wr. it
would ii' t be sate. In financial mat
ters you need something to regulate
, ' e business and g.uge the nerd.-, o
I tne coinriMtiity. This i done by the
I' bank, who works unselfishly
for the good of all. (in.-n!! the Ban
.if Nehawka wiun in need of itit'oi
jmatii.ii on financial matters,. I
it--! y ni iu'hing and p'
! n a .1 v to : el'Ve villi.
sa ve
Celebrated Eirdiday Friday.
I r I t'aroiii "I'.omas. ;' it iu vi:
of Mr. i'ti'd Mrs 11. L. Th mns
brated her eiahth birthday la
lay at -lo'.'i where a v-ry t !i joy
time Was had. the o'her chi'd
of flu- same grade taking par
he delightful o-casioll.
t r
1 1 :
i n
Give Board a Good Feed
Tl.e Home Kconomics class of
N. 'hawka Consolidated scho !. w i.
kindly furnished a supper for
tat rahi-:'. oi tne iiaai l 01 educa: ion. hoii Hed by Frank Sheldon, wh-i
to show the appreciation of tin
l.oanl, preseim d the girls with tb-k-its
for the moving picture show. Thi.
alsi. p'easi'd the men? hers of the class.
Th.'H-e of the board to enjoy the " : -inai
.-uper were Miosis, and Mi
damts. Frank P. Sh-idon. K. A!. P I
la. rd and lltnry Sturm. Mes-r-. a;;d
Mesdames. drover Ibd a k. Fred
er and J. 'A. Alurd icii not
:ng aide to be pn.-ent
the sun-
Play Much Ball.
The Nehawks fars who are
to the real -port of playing ball,
two games at the 1. .il grounds
Slindav, the first being bet Weeli
tli VP
local team
and the Kagle team
it y. The last gjiue wa
hawka and Cedar Creek
IHl I'll N't game
good plays
were spirite.J tnnl r-i.iny
er' in a tie. all enjoving
he occasion.
Makes Attempt at Burg-lr.n
Last Tm-dav nilit or near Wed
nesday morning an attempt was made
to enter the pool hall and billiard
of Nels Anders n. alter he had
i closed the place for the niuhf. (leo.
la'e, who has hi en at V, cep:ng Water
and had returned on the midnight
train, turned on the light in front to
get to his rooms above, where he re-
j"-:des. and evidently frightened the
I marauders away. The screen wa ;
' torn from the rear window and the
I glass broken, portiens of which were
thrown nearly across the room. Dur
ing the day thre- stringers driving
' : Hudson car. had been lingering Nehawka m l tw had naaz"
' Ir. Anderson in a game of pool, while
t'le third looked about fown and prob-
iily took bearings from the attcmpt
i entrance in the night. However,
hey were not successful in securing
: n entrance aor getting any goods.
Getting Along Fairly
Airs. Carl Stone, who was taken tr,
' incrln, where she is receiving t reat-
lent is reported as making fair pro-
res.-.. An x-ray picture was taken
f her fare and throat whir-h show-
d tonsils and teeth both in a very
ad condition and whi-vh will have
:o be reraovi d. During her absenro
:ian: home, her mother. Mrs. Hum-
uirey is assisting in the care of the
otone home.
Overalls fcr $1.40
are selling the genuine
denims. No. 2'20.
There are none
with bib
Frank P
2 s-w,
Excellent Work Shirts.
e have a line of goo,-: w ell made
and good goods, -work shirts, whicl
nr egu'ng while they last
each. All sizes in stock.
at .. cents
Frank P
2 s-w
. Enjoyed Picnic at Arbor Lodge
The Junior class of the Nehawka
high school gave a picnic to all those
who by their efforts and work con
tributed to the success of the play
which was given last week. They
went to Arbor Lodge near Nebraska
Ten for 10 cents. Handy
size. Dealers carry both.
10 for 10c; 20 for 20c.
It's toasted.
a deli:
tliey enjoyed
and a genera!
;htft:l supper.
od time
The School Year is Clcsinrr.
W i Ii this week tiie sch i ,1 year ol
he Nehawka consolidated school wili
lose. L-j-t Saturday the Fmiior-i?en-
: banqitef was held at
1 1 1 1 1 and was enjoyed by
ik j to the limit. On Pt; place was held the b:
.Jre-s i-v the Kev. H. -
o uudi tortile-
.lay at the
a. la Urea it
i -'iy't ria a
w-hich was
c h iirch
First P
of Plattsmouth
a n i
masterly adJr.-'s and
i bv both the stini. n
was well
s gvadu-
a'ing and the citizens in and about
Nehawka. who ri .-ognized in this ad
dress one of much wort!:. On Wed
K -:l.:y ;' tin's w t-ek will ie ht Id tilt"
Lccmniencement at winch tae principal
u !le-s wiil be delivered iiy the Re v.
arry Huntington, pastor of one of
i. '
large churches of Lincoln
ject which Air. Hunting:-
e.e'l "Til'- Power t Over
is will bi'an exceii.-'ii : . :i -1 . 1 r
Those to graduate and n.-a
'ii has
vo di
k wili
mas t- r their excelo :,t
Mi ;.--e.-: Alpha Chri.-t w-.
Ji.iin. Ytl'iia
v. Ab -rs. Eveiet Until
or-', atui l.eiaroi Hodi:
rty C!
r wo
v. h-) has t : e lion i :
r i ri tin v.-.i rs
ir of obtaln
s a or!. t:i'
i ad oi:ly tak
n. v here a--f
"ir in that
a-iioag those
an i'1'tiT t ht
- t lie ot hers
Master Not
ullnr of li.iv
fjiree year-,
one of goad
edit", ni'd ssa ry.
of lb, em in I. at
is required ' r. have
inch and will not be
re.-ei ve ii i ; b iiias. but
te university ju-t :
thout an examination
has the ili-tinc'iv 1
i .". g d ne
I he pat
work on
si ii'.it i is
n four course u
yea v has b- en
the part oi :1t
and should bv
t eaehers
a sonrct
rati hen i ion
to the patrons of
Attend in. Body.
lie I
t he
i 1 1 g
: "' C. .1
a L-:-i
th" Al
as the
!1 ; :
ka hav
life "a -
'.. : I T'
' i.
V. I P.I
t bun
i e!l
eh .1 wk.l
I -
lev listeueil to the Metnjrial
. met at their lodge ar.d
in a body to (he Methodist
i where they listeni'd to ai
nt address ar.d then went to
'he C-J'l
t lie last
tery wtteve tliey liecorateu
r.thig of all that i.
!' the Comrades who rave
1, :o'T'' el
i-t-i v 1 i vi s
I Mat t ii .s na t ;-ui in ig ht live,
-s by the Kev. Mnor-' an!
-iiies ;i t th .-cemetery were
im pressi ve.
I ';
( el'. !:,
l vi rv
Will Hold Election June
Tli ere
iio'd iii'
m pi wed
et int
1 e held the annual
of i h-1 d ist riot w h ii h
Neb w ka consolidated
t in t
dune l:'..
en th re-t
at which tin re is
members of the
expire with thi;
t )
111 i
1. ar
1. whose tern-,
There w ill be other matters to
after as well.
One Who Shows 27o Favor
A merciless judse is Fa!
Pefore him the weak and
in:; go to the wall. Only
can stand. For vears the
he:- Time,
the wmit
the truth,
statement from a Plattsmouth resi
lient has withstood the sternest of
all tests
Theo. S! ark johan. letired farmer.
Locust and Mil streets. Plattsmouth.
-ays: "For several years Doan's Kid
ney Pills have been used in our fam
ily for kidney troubles and backache
tir.d they have proven to be all that
i ; claimed for them. Whenever my
back foels a little lame and my kid
neys are v.r-t acting as they should.
I take Difan's Kidney Pill for a few
days and they never fail to do me
good. Tioan's can't be equalled and
Bt'.yone having kidney trouble should
take them for tkoy are reliable."
Statement given Februnrv 23. 191U.
on May 12, 1920, Mr. Starkjohan
added: "The cure I had from Doan's I
Kidney Pills several years ago has
been a lasting one. It hns been a
couple of years since I used or haJ
need of a kidney medicine and ray
is working in the Soft
Parlor of
Give the boys a call when in
need of any tonsorial work.
Irvin Wetenkamp of Chicago, who
was visiting his brotiier, Henry Wet
enkamp. in Eagle la.-t week, went
ta Lincoln for a brief stay before re
taining to his home.
bun Muenchau his been laid up
the past week with pneumonia and
the neighbors got up a "corn-planting
l.-e" and planted his corn for
T!i Methodist church is being
tri ated to a new shingle root" this
vo i k, lo.ooi) shingles and the work
being donated by members . and
friends i f the church.
J. A. Wcrrall, an old-time news
paper man. was in Lagle Saturday
shaking hands with some oi" the
old-timers he formerly - k new. Air.
Worra'l came to Nebraska City 04
vears ago as a boy and has known
Judge Peterson. Anson P.urdick and
several others for mnny years.
Alrs. Jay Adams came last Satur
day from tilendo. Wyo., and will
spend a couple of w eeks w i:h her
parents. A! r. and .Mrs. Geo. Keitter
and other relatives. Jay is pretty
well tied up in business and will
hardly be able to get back this
spring for a visit.
A bis
; bunch of Kagle folks mo
to Plattsmouth, Monday,
them were George and Fred
Triuikenbolz. It. C. enzel. Wm.
Pah!. I. Willni. F. W. Kloomenkamp.
ill. K. Frantz. AI. Spahnle. Geo. Iteit
I t, r Fred Wulf. ir.. Billv Wulf. V". E.
Ewerth, Wm. Oelchlager and Fred
I., idig. Pill lilooraenkamp says that
Sheriff Quinton toid him that as the
jail was full lie would let him out
on ten thousand bail, but he does not
know how the other fellows got by.
As they came heme smiling, how
ever, we judge they were well pleased
v, ii h i he trip.
From Saturday laully.
E. II. Schultof, piano tuner.
Phon CS9-J. d&w.
Mi-'s ''.-. Uose Mae and Claire Cream
er weiv those going to Omaha
this afternoon and from there going
it D.nver. heie tiii-y will visit over
.Memorial dav.
i -
Mrs. Ear! A. Stanlield departed
; -tt-rday for li.-l!evil!e, Kansas,
win ro she w ill visit for a short time
at the home of the mother of Air.
Siaiiti-ld. who has been quite poorly
of late.
James Hunter. Jr., who has been
h.-re visiting his father, J. it. Hunt
er and o'her relatives for several
lays past, departed this afternoon for
Ins home, the co idition of the father
I., ing such as to permit his going
Itev. W. A. Taylor. John Lidgett
and Dan Lynn came up this morning
from I'liiuii and spent a few hours
!:-. re looking s- me matters of
1 esiner-s and calling on their friends
in the coiintv S'at.
Manual Training Department of the.
High School will Give Public
Opportunity to See Work
The manual training department
of the I 'la it. -im ui h high school will
hold an exhibit of their work at the
barber shop room in the Hotel Wag
n.T building tomorrow from 1 a.
m. to t; p. in., winch win give me
public an opportunity of seeing what
the schools have accomplished in
the past year that this new depart
ment of the school has been in op
erat ion.
Mr. A. D. Hell, who has had charge
of this department of the school
work as well as supervising the ath
letic department has been very suc
cessful in his work with the boys
of the school and the result of the
course can best be judged by look
ing over the rinished products that
the boys have turned out as the re
sult of their training. Many very
neat and attractive pieces of furni
ture have be?n prepared by ..the
young men of the high school that
rpeak well for-the excellence of the
Incidently this exhibit will be the
means of giving recognition to the
efforts of Mr. Hell, who is to retire
from the schools here at the close
of the present term. During his
stay here Mr. Hell has proven him-
elf a verv able instructor and with
i al one of
the most genial and clever!
I men who have been connected
with i
the school in recent years and it is
with regret that the public and the
; many friends he has made during
jhis stav here, part with him.
i " !
Chicago, May 26. May wheat ap
peared on the verge of a collapse to
dav. the price declining 12 cents un
der pressure to sell. Report-s of '
wheat shipments from many places i
served to relieve anxiety of the shorts ;
remaining out while bulls readily ac-j
cepted prices obtainable. The close
was at $1.6S in comparson with the
previous close of $1.79 3-4 and yes- i
terday's high of $1.S5, after .several'
days of spectacular rise. j
Durirg most of the session there,
was considerable support evident in'
July wheat. Toward the en how-'
ever, the pressure increased and
prices rere.ied materially, the clvse
Peine at $1.27 3-4 which was " 1-4
cents less than yesterday's cUi.-e.
Seeds that are suited for this cli
mate at Hestor & Swatek's.
The Pythian Sisters met with Mrs.
Ed Stroemer Monday afternoon.
A party was given for the young
f.dks at the home of Air. and Mrs.
E-1 Stroemer Monday evening.
Fred Clark and family of Uni
vrsity Place were Sunday guests at
the home of Airs. Mary Skinner.
Aunt IJina Kitzel enjoyed a visit
last Sunday from lor tbieo td.-ters
i-iid four brothers who called. on her.
Airs. Carlton Gullion and little
daughter, Grace Pauline, left Wed
nesday for their home in Salt Lake
The Senior class
S lpt. Kelley, went
Friday, where they
to Lincoln-
last !
had the
class j
pictures made.
Airs. E. M. Stone went to Lincoln
Saturday, where the I'll i- Katta Psi
sorority entertained their mothers at
a theatre party.
Airs. Joe Armstrong has returned
brio" from Or-'apolis. where she
helped care for her two grand child
r :i. who were ill.
Air. and Airs. Sherman Wolfe, Airs.
Alary Skinner and Levi Park autoed
to Fremont Friday morning where
they visited over Sunday.
Air. and Airs. Sherman Wolfe took
the former's parents. Air. and Airs.
William Wolfe to Alilford Tuesday,
making the trip by auto.
Alaster Robert Johnson and sister,
Yiolet, of Superior, are visiting rel
atives and friends lwre and attended
thp Commencement exercises.
Ferdinand Itosenow and wife, of
Clay ("enter, Kansas, were vi-iting
briefly with relatives here and at
Elmwood and Murdock last week.
Levi Park, of Sterling. Colorado,
is vishing relatives here and will
place a
his wife
tombstone at the grave of
ami otherwise care for the
ers" e:
Misses Clara Wills, (Jidda and
JJird. Lucile Johnson. Grace
and Opal Clark went to Elm
where they are taking teach
n minat ions.
autoed to
Ingwerson and Opal ( ook
Pawnee City Sunday after
noon, returning Tuesday evening.
Mr. Ingwerson came back with them
for a brief visit here.
Dr. and Mrs. L. Muir attended the
funeral of Dr. W. K. Laughridue. of
Omaha, which was held at Platts
mouth Mondav. Rurial was made in
the Plattsmcuth cemetery.
Mr. ami Mrs. Sam Cashner, of
University Place, who recently re
turned from .the western coast have
spent the past two Sundays with
relatives in Alvo ifnd vicinity.
The baccalaureate sermon was
preached Sunday evening. May 22nd.
by Rev. M. K. Stair, pastor of the
Church of the Hrethren. at the M.
F. church. A large crowd was pres
ent to hear his sermon to the gradu
ates. Mrs. E. M. Sone entertained "the
Women's Reading club on Thursday
afternoon. Other guests were the
Alvo teachers. the Misses Marie
Stroemer, Doris Arnold. Gladys Lew-i-,
Ethel Noltir.g. Catherine Ander
son and Franee.s Campbell, also Miss
Lois Reefer. Miss Mildred Rrowu ami
Mrs. Fred Gorder. the latter and
her husband, of Weeping Water,
being dinner guests at the Stone
home Thursday.
Friends here have received an
nouncements of the marriage of Miss
Marjorie Carr. daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Ed Carr, of Eagle, to William
J. Rutler. of Valparaiso
curred at Grand Island
1021. at the parsonage.
Waifs on ieiat ing. Mrs.
. which oc
. Mav 21st.
Rev. .1. W.
Rutler was
a former .teacher hen
high esteem by many
and i.-j held in
friend. After
a wedding trip to the Pacific coast
and then to Washington, D. C they
Buying Grain and Stock!
We always pay the highest price for Grain and
Stock. We own and run our own elevator and mix
and grade up our grain, enabling us to always pay
top prices.
Corn all in;
Sure and it will grow with this kind of weather.
The conditions look like we are going to have some
chance to make a good crop, and at better prices. Say,
are you needing one of those two-row machines to care
for the crop, or a cultivator. We can supply you, for
we have just what you need at the right price. Come
in and let us tell you how we can care for your wants
and relieve the situation.
Also anything in the machinery or hardware line.
Coalman Hardware Company,
will be at borne to their friends af
ter July 15th at Valparaiso, where
AJr. liutler is station agent.
Commencement Exercises
The tilth annual commencement
exercise., of the Alvo High school
were held "at the High school audi
torium Thursday night, the follow
ing program being given:
.March Aliss Doris Arnold
Invocation Kev. E. A. Knight
Salutation Golda Lird
Violin Solo Lillian Curyea
Prophecy Agnes Peterson
Hi.-tory Irene Friend
. . . :
i o l o Ml
( ils Grumbler Harold McKinnou
iii Lillian Curyea
Vocal Solo Mildred Prown
Pot in .Marie Pird
Ya.'eitii tory Carmen Muir
Pr a n t at ion of Diplomas
Class Song
'i he diplomas wen presented by
Harry Appleman. president of the
Hoard af Education who in well
chosen words complimented the
graduates thus far to have come in
their educational endeavor. Miss Car
men Altiir was the recipient of the
state scholarship.
i i i : 1 1 n;
Mav 1!'.
N"ti--e i- b-i.-I-v gin tin- .'in
to :i I !n--.-t ing -f mIiuuI -listli-t N'- In:',
t.f iis eiiuntv. N-l-r;isk:i. Will l,e b'-bl
ia a ufi: t hi i u 'ri of tl.e .lv-i "on -
st.liilatetl sel.o.. en the l:th tlay f
June. ll'Jl, lA eight o'eliiek p. in.
N-'tiee is ):-leliV t'llltlier 1 i V -M tbat
tl.-- -rim-;,- ..f ti.v ni--t i n j-' will l.t- lur
tli- ft 'i It i w i ror bus im-ss :
I. Tlrt- vttiii!s on the trifstiiin f
a : 1 1 - ,!' i n ir tl t-i-'l'-'i' iiMMity t:Titl:ils
tn l- vv si:-f h it-Hi mills ti-i tl.e usstsst-il
v a I u;i t i'Oi -if t;? l-i tiiit-i t y t.f s.iiil 1 j s -tli-l
tn llii.-r- siNtt-t-ii t liii;i n-l tltill:tls
i 1 t;.o--.,tto i fur ft-ii- r;il m 1 1 j.ur-
,.i.--..s '-.ii- t! - m ho-il vt-ar t.f 1 '.l J 1 -1 !' -'
1. 'I'll.- t It-it it. ri t.f tun tlUStt't-S t.f
s::i.l s. I :-.i .1 ilistrii t f-r a tt ini f tlii--
t ii i s
:;. Tlit t r:t n.-att ii 'ti of any other
l'iisiii---s wbiili "may It-ally t unit- l.t--f
u i sa iii m t-'t i n is.
Chairman Itnanl of TrnsU-fS,
St I, tml Iti.-trii t No. 1 Cas-.
Ctiuntv. Ni-br.isloi.
:. M. Ct i ATM AN.
(Heal i l':!-::w St-et t-tn rv.
The ladies aid society of the First
?.Iethidist church was very pleasant
ly entertained on Thursday after
noon at tho church parlors with
Mtsdames Henry Matizy. G. W.
Schwinniker and Perry as the hos
tesses of the occasion.
The holies enjoyed during the af
ternoon a very interesting t:ilk from
Mrs. William Baird covering her iv-
. nt visit to the southland and in
which she told of the coTidit ions and
general characteristics of the por
tion of Florida in w hich she had vis
ited and which included the cities
of Miami and Palm Reach, two of
tiie greatest winter resorts in the
country. The talk of Mrs. Ha in! was
very much enjoyed by the bidiesand
proved very interesting to all of the
party and gave them an insiaht into
a portion of the country that was
com par.-' lively unknown to them.
At a suitable hour rcl'ri"-hm-hts
were served.
I will be in the County Superin
tendent's office at Plattsmouth on
Tuesday of each week. If you wish
an office call, make it in the fore
noon, as in the afternoons I will
visit the farms where a:-ked to do
so. Make use of lhe.-e days and the
Farm will continue this. I
w ill begin this on Tuesday, May :51st.
Phone 479.
County Agr. Agt.
good shape!