The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, May 12, 1921, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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    THURSDAY, MAY 12. 1021
From Monday's Daily.
. P. Heil. one of the prominent
residents of near Cedar Creek, was a
visitor 1n the city today for a few
hours looking after some business
A. A. Wetenkamp came in this af
ternoon from his home near Mynanl
and departed on the afternoon I5ur
linKton train for Omaha to attend to
tome matters of business.
Will Stohlman. who has been vis
iting: at Louisville for a short time
with relatives and friends, returned
this mcrninjr to this city where he
is enjoying a visit with relatives.
Henry Heebner, the manager of
the Cedar Creek elevator, was a vis
itor in the city for a few hours to
day enrcute from Murray where he
viiited over Sunday and returning to
his duties.
C. E. Noyes of Louisville, was in
the city for a short time today en
route home from a visit in the east
and departed on the early IHirling
ton train for Omaha, where he will
return to his home.
Do you know
you can roll
SO good
cigarettes for
lOcts frorra
one bag of
From Tuesday's Pally.
Paul II. Roberts of Cedar Creek,
was among the visitors in the city
today attending to some matters of
business. '
W. Cm. Mcisinger was among the
farmers braving the rain and mud
this morning and driving in to look
after some trading with the merchants.
Good Dragged Roads
(ansas City
Travel by Auto and Save
Money and Time.
T. H, Pollock Bridge
Removal Sale!
30 Off
and going like hot cakes.
The sooner you come the
better the selection.
William Shea. Jr.. and wife of An
tioch, Xeb.. who are here visiting at
the home of Mr. Shea's parents, were
among those going to Omaha this
morning and from there go to Ash
land to visit with the parents of Mrs.
Shea for a short time.
Miss Ruth Helps of Long Heach.
California, and Mrs. C. P. Curtis of
Chicago, are in the city guests at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. H. X. Dovey
and family. The ladies are daugh
ters of J. H. Helps, former superin
tendent of the Burlington shops in
this city.
We have just received fifty now
rugs which will be sold at specially
low prices during our reduction sale.
All entirelv new and fine patterns.
4th and Main Platlsinoutli,
Can't look well, eat well or feel
well with impure blood. Keep the
blood pure with IHirdoek Blood Bit
ters. Eat simply, take exercise, keep
clean, and good health is pretty sure
to follow. ?1.25 a bottle.
Committee Reports Read at Meeting
Last Night Show $1,629.39
Cleared on Enterprise
At t lie meeting of the members of
Hugh Kearns post last night reports
were read from the carnival commit
tees, showing the net return from
the three-day indoor fair to have
been $l.G29.:i!). Of this, amount ar
rangements have-been made to spend
approximately $4 00 in improving the
post's memorial plat in the local
cemetery, and it is expected to have
this work done by -Decoration day.
With the exception of a small ad
ditional sum. the balance of this
money will be placed on interest, a
committee having been appointed to
investigate suitable oners for the
loan of it, and report at a special
called meeting next week. This com
mittee is composed of Leonard Moi
singer, chairman, Aubrey Duxbury
and Leslie Xiel.
It was also voted to petition the
county board of supervisors to fur
nish money for the purchase of
suitable grave markers for world war
veterans buried in the Plat tPinouth
cemetery, a state law providing for
such purchase by the county being
in effect. There are some live or
six such graves in the cemetery, and
the total cost of the markers will
not exceed $30.
In view of the large number who
contributed to the success of the car
nival it was voted at the meeting to
issue a general statement of appre
ciation of such efforts ( which may be
found elsewhere in this paper) rath
er than attempt to write personal
letters to each individual.
This morning Clifford Clark was
called upon to add Z to the funds
of the city to cover his violation of
the city ordinance covering the
oepration of automobiles and other
mote r vehicles. Mr. Clark was ob
served by Chief of Police Alvin Jones
speeding up Washington avenue on
last Wednesday and was notified la
ter that he would be called upon to
explain the matter to the court and
the result is the payment of the
thirteen iron men.
We pay CASH for poultry and
ggs. IM. Ripple & Co. Fruits and
groceries. Kiley Block, phone 74.
tf d&w
J. K. and T. H. Pollock
Town. Farm Property and Automo
bile Insurance at a Reasonable Flat
Rate. One Premium and Xo Fur
ther Assessments to Pay.
We represent twelve of the largest
old line companies including the old
Telephone No. 1 Plattsmouth, Neb.
and an inspection of the line is most
I have some extra line Soudan grass
feed for sale at 5c a pound. Call
Otto Wohlfarth. phone 2822.
Auto Chain Lost
One o2x4 auto chain lost between
Xehawka and Union on "O" street
road. Xotify Ray Klaurens at Xe
hawka for reward.
W. R. Young, the auctioneer, and
wife were among these going to
Omaha this morning, where they will
isit for the day with friends in that
citv and looking after tome matters
of business.
Children's dresses, 25c. . Ladies
Toggery. Fred P. Busch, Mgr.
For Every Gril
who spends time
doors, in sports,
ing or boating, a
cilia. ea.7 I ant
thaqc mark camvonr
eChis trademark appears
in every Priscilla 'Dean
Tam; it guarantee $ru
Fashion has sponsored
the Priscilla Dean Tam;
it is the vogue every
where. .No wardrobe is
complete without one.
Its fetching drape, its
pliable softness give it a
distinctive charm. . It is
becoming from every an
gle, and on every one.
in and try it
your favorite
Price $2
Ladles' Toggery
FREJ) P. BUSCH, Wanajer
Seventy Per Cent cf Deaths From
Dread Disease Could Be Pre
vented by Modern Surgery
A great part of the Tuedsay morn
ing session of the fifty-third annual
convention of the state medical soci
ety was devoted to the discussion of
cancer. At a sp-cial meeting 'he
board of councillors went o:i record
as supporting an educational cam
paign for early recognition of can
cer. It also endorsed the work of
the United States public health ser
vice campaign against venerea! disease.-.
This work has been carried
on by using notion n:oture. educa
tional meetings, and distributing lit
erature n the cure and prevention
of venereal diseases.
In the United States in 19 lft there
were lOu.000 deaths due to cancer.
70.000 of which could have been
prevented if the cancer had been
recognized while yet curable, that is.
in its early stages. One woman in
eight, and one man in thirteen, a fic
tile age of forty, (tie of cancer. At
least 70 per cent nf these deaths
ci uld he presented if the cancers
had been recognized and attacked
by surgery while in the early stag
es. Next Sptpmbr-r a week known
as cancer week will be devoted by the
American society for control of can
cer to the education of the public
in recognizing cancers whil" they are
in the early stages. One lecture for
every a.OO'i people will be delivered
publicly. The Amerhan society for
tlr prevention of cancer has back
of its effort all the local, county
and state medical associations, and
it will work through them. Dr.
Palmer Uindlev. of Omaha, is at the
hafd of the state branch of the na
t ional so-iety.
Following thf program n cancer.
Dr. P. H. Dartholr.mew. of Lincoln,
presented four reels of motion pic
tures on mctnous or c-ontrliing ven
ereal diseases. One instance of the
prevalency of this trouble was cited
when army statistics, were fjuoted.
saying that an average of one m.-n
in twenty was rejected from army
service as a result of veneral disease.
These were said to be only the obvi
ous cases, and did not include those
which might have hern discovered if
blood tests had been taken.
V. rs. Warren Richard is on the
sick li.t.
Mr. and Mrs. Kdd Van Kverv spent
Sunday with relatives.
Miss Minnie Renter was a Lincoln
parsenger Wednesdav morning.
Several attended the Junior class
play in Kim wood last FYiday evening.
.miss j. i). uerneiing na.s given up
her position in Kagle and came home
Friday evening
Maurice Standard. J. D., Alice and
Alcie Orbeling autoed to Murdoek
Tue.Mlav evening.
Mrs. Theodore Miller went to Kin-
coin Tuesday evening. where she
.vill attend a birthday party.
Mr. flii'l Mrs. Guy Lake and twins
were Sunday afternoon guests at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Will Murfin.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Jones and two
sons spent Sumlav with Mrs. Jones'
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Hosworth.
Kdward Leonard, of Lincoln, spent
Saturday and Sundav with his sis
ter and husband. Mr. and Mrs. Frank
T. Marshall.
Mrs. Ralph Keckler and daughter
went to Elm wood Tuesday evening
to attend a party. Wednesday morn
ing they went to Lincoln.
Thero have been a number of ball
games in the last few days. The rain
stopped the men from working in
the field so theycameto town and
High Wages Declared by
tative cf Carriers Chic!
cf Condition.
Yesterday in Ghicago--Today
on Our Hangers!
i fa,?
Washington. May 10. Senate in
vestigators charged with finding an
swer to the question of what is the
trouble with American railroads to
day heard as the first witness Julius
Krutsehnitt, t hairman of the board
of the Southern Racine company,
whose statement was unfinished
when the session adj;.urnod. t'hair
nn.n Cummins, of the senate inter-;-tate
commerce commission, read the
resolution authorizing the inquiry
before a laige crowd, which included
many higher railroad oflieials.
Reading consolidated earnings
statements of the railroad.? for eight
ears. each showing a progressive
increase in the expenses. Chairman
Cummins said that the "gravity of
tiie situation is apparent if our
transportation industry has become
permanently an unprofitable busi
ness." Operating expenses. consuming
normally around per cent of the
receipt:;, he said, consumed more
than 9 0 per cent o: the revenues
fcr the year ending M.:i"rh 1. though
the gross recein'.s ui" 1 7a. 00 o.oao
.re the largest on record and could
: ver be made larger.- in his opin
n. b higher rates. The c.uimiit
e, be s.1. it!. wouM therefore seek
.'.to'- have bi
.ice we inn
ndit tires f
v.b.itb.ei- "thee rev
t a tfik'iently exjieiii'.ed.
-t look to reduced -r
relief, if we cannot
b-rpe t raise revenues higher."
Mr. Kfi'tts. hniti wt:s prompt with
i ..e answer as to Tl;e cause ot disap
'i.iring ar::ings.
t :;i:o o: i;ie .vunn:"i
he said. tne bntor
--n increased by gov
n .2.J2ft.Si:R.0OO an
"Sinr:e the
'.aw in 1!1;.
costs have b.
-. ni!i( nt . acti'.'.y."
Thrc ugh out the discu-tsi n, ?Ir
Kru'ts'rhnitt r':i!p!iai;;ed his cone Jr.
.-icn tliat a roduotien of labor charg
ci was tne only method or nicrias-
icg nl earni'.us.
I lif-ie are " n !y limited held.? in
which the management can operate
if it seeks i condyles, in ether direc
tlor.s." he said.
"The labor biU in 1 r 1 1; before on
ctinent 't tne Adamson law was
'il. ICS ",7j. Olio, while in lOl'O it at $::.t;9N. 210.00 ). and 0 4
cotits out of every uoibir of opera t
ir , expense? was paid to' labor ir
As to the balance of the railroads
operating expenses. Mr. Kruttschnitt
saiil 1 ." pt r -t-nt went for "matoriab
arid supplis at priegs fixed by the
government." and that the balance
up to !i7 1-2 corns of each operating
expenditure dollar was spent on
'materials and supplies at prices
lixed by general market condition-
lie defended present standards of
freight rates, declaring they had not
appreeiamy increased anove tne rise
in otiier prices and that general busi
ntss stagnation and dellalion. rathe evtesvive transportation charg
es wire responsible for marked de
creases in traffic.
Five Remedies Suggested.
Mr. Kruttschnitt suggested fivo
remedies wnicti ne said were eas
ily applied and productive of great
economies." They are:
me use lor common carrier
purposes of highways built with pul
li-? moneys, without adequate tolls
and proper regulations.
.waive muiid watervvavs hunt or
im; rovoil u t public expense carry
thimsevles as to interest on cost and
maintenance, by regulating the com
mon carrier traffic on them and bv
imposing adequate ,tolls.
"Keep the I'nited States govrn
ment out ol t!ie business of operating
'('Miiships and stop the lavish ex
penditure (;f public money Xo provide
fo;;st to coast ocean transportation
,r) eompflition with transcontinent
al railroads. ior use oi i tie ranama ca
nal slu'uld be sufficient to pay inter
esi on us cost, operating expenses
and maintenance.
"Do not deprive transcontinental
carrier? of coast, to coast traffic by
inflexibly enf iroing a strict long
and short haul clause."
Mr. Kruttschnitt read a prepared
.'rarement wnicn opened witn tne as
sertion that freiaht rates were not
re'spom ible for business depression.
"Widespread propaganda is being
carried on to arouse public sentiment
against present freight rates." the
statement said. "The fact is that
even since the rates have been ad
vanced the cost of transporting com
modities is far less than the toll
takrn by the commission merchant
and t lit? retailer."
mi"1" Ui
That's the common occurrence in here.
You can come in most anv dav and we
can show you suits that left the tailors'
hands in Chicago the day before and others that 36 hours be
fore were bidding good-bye to tailor shops in New York City,
Rochester or Baltimore. We're merchandising a'la Parcel
Post and American Express. Dry goods boxes--no--suit pack-ages--yes-hundreds
of them. Ask the expressman or the
postmaster. That keeps us in close touch with the markets
affords our trade not only the utmost in styles and fabrics,
but the undermost in price reductions. Test us out on this.
Men's Suits $16.50 to $35
C E. Wescoit's
Don't use harsh physics. .The re
action weakens the bowels, leads to
chronic constipation. Oct Doan's Reg
ulets. They operate easily. 30c at
all stores.
For sale
or cattle, a
lion. Fine
A. O. Ault,
or will trade for horses
pure bred Percheron stal
disposition; heavy boned.
Cedar Creek. L'-4tv.
played ball.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Murfin and! Hive.;, eczema, itch or salt rheum
son. franklin, of eepmg Vv a' er. ' sets, you crazy .Cant bear the touch !
and Howard Murfin of Lincoln were of your clorhing. Doan's Ointment is i
The Intermediate Kpworth League
ct; the .Methodist church at their
s-ossion on Sunday evening at the
church hold the election of the cab
inet lor the ensuing year and the
i'( '.lowing were selected.
Miss Olive Ronge, president; Miss
Harrietts Reacock. 1st vice-president;
Miss Laura Petersen. 2nd vice-president:
Miss Alice IOtiise Wescott.
.'5rd i'-e-president ; Miss Helen Wes
cott. -1th vice-president; Miss Clara
J' iitison, secretary; Harry Foster
trca-.urer: Harriett Peacock, organ
ist: Helen Wescott. chorister.
The Senior Kpworth League will
hold their election later in the month
and the two cabinets will be induct
into service at
. pastor. Rev.
the same time by
A. V. Hunter.
The family of George W. Shrader.
who has been very poorly for some
time desire to take this, method of
thanking Miss Ktta Nickles for the
beautiful flowers that were sent to
the sick room oi Mr. Shrader and
which wore very much appreciated
by the patient as well as the family.
Through an oversight the family has
thanked the K. N". K. society for the
fb wers when they were the offering
of Miss Nickles.
Office supplies of all kinds
died at the Journal office.
Harding; Authorizes Selection cf Any
One of First Three Highest Men
on Eligible List.
vice bv
Washington, May 10. Civil
vice restrictions governing the c-h
of postmasters were modif.ed
President Harding to give the
ministration a freer hand in exer
cising its own judgment as to the
qualifications of applicants.
In an executive order affecting ap
proximately 13.000 postoft:c;s of the
first, second and third classes, the
president authorized the selection of
any one cf the first three on t'..j
eligible list as determined Ly open
competitive examinations. Under a:i
order of President Wilson, the eoxc
utive could exercise nc such choice,
but was required to appoint the ap
plicant at the head of the list.
President Harding issued a state
ment saying the new arrangement
had been decided on because it would
permit such elements as business
training and experience to figure in
selection of postmasters and wcu'.d
not stake the choice on "a cloistered
scholastic examination which might
result in a high grade in theory, but
not a guaranty of efficiency in fact."
Today's action was the first
n bv
the new ad
elleral pp!,-
purtari j-K-p fan
m ini.-t r.. i ion in
b cf i;j t ron .. and is uudrr.-tood
to hau- h' n '!-' -idi-d i n ai'trr c.n-
:-rene-s we.-n t h e prsiden'.
;i::i.-t; r Ci'ii IIa. and otlo-r
admin i--t ration o!::cia!s.
V.'anted :
for balance
Of sen-
tif -f
4 on .
Children's dresses. 6jc to $1.25.
&t the Ladies Tcgery.
Blank Becks at the Journal Office.
Acetylene Welding!
l am prepared to do all
kinds of Acetylene Welding.
Charges reasonable and work
the best.
Located t John Iverson's
Blaksmith Shop,
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
& ft..
Wednesday, ftlay I Ifh; Ending Wednesday 1 81 h
Specials from Our Dish
Genuine cut footed sugar and cream
sets, per set 69c
Complete wire reflector lamps. . . .59c
White sauce dishes, set of 6 59c
White oatmeal dishes, set of 6. . . .89c
Imported China decorated sugar and
cream sets, per set 69c
Decorated baby plates, with flange. 59c
Gold band pie plates, set of 6 59c
Toy Specials!
Children's wall telephones 49c
Toy chairs and rockers 59c
3-piece toy garden sets 17c
Boys' kite and ball of string 10c
Notion Specials!
Extra heavy 9-inch dressing comb. 49c
Human hair nets, cap shape. . . : . . .9c
Talcum powder, per can. ........ 10c
3-inch powder puff 9c
Men's Yankee Pad garters 19c
Hardware Specials!
14-qt. grey enamel high grade han
dled dish pans, eac h 69c
8-qt. grey enameled high grade lip
ped preserve kettle 59c
3-qt. grey enameled coffee pot, a
big value at 59c
No. 30 white wash basin 49c
10-inch steel skiilets 59c
Magnetic scouring mit 9c
Spring curtain rods 10c
Good furniture polish 19c
Hammers, full size 19c
Stationery Specials!
White crepe napkins, 100 15c
Toilet paper, four 5-oz. rolis. .... .25c
Paper carrying bags 10c
Wire waste baskets, each. ...... ,59c
Dry Goods Specials!
Boys blue overalls, 4 to 14 59c
Ladies black and white hose, pr. . . . 13c
Ladies union suits, size 36-38. . . .39c
Huck towels, 18x20 10c
Stamped pillow tops 15c
Popular Variety Store
Telephone 581
ROY W. KNORR, Proprietor
Mr. fine for skin itching,
sell it, 6 0c per box.
All druggists'
and Mrs. Will Murfin.
- r -... j. . a.? -r .,f 1 tj.
Sunday guests at- the home of